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Good morning Madam , Good morning classmates. Todays debate topic is about legalization of marijuana in the Phil.

Every drugs has its side effects especially if it can cure serious illness. If marijuana will be use to cure illness such as AID s and HIV, then there is a big probability that it can cause a serious side effects. A chemotherapy that can cure cancer has its effects such as losing your hair, vomiting, etc. Not to mention that every drugs reacts differently on others. What is good to you ,might be harmful to others. Marijuana is known to increase heart rate. On evidence that marijuana has side effects is the first woman to die for it. Gemma Moss 31 years old. During the examination revealed that there were no obvious signs of abnormality on her body. Dr. Kudair Hussein said that there were moderate to heavy related chemicals in her blood. He stated that it is the effects of cannabis .It is not beneficial to legalize it just because it can cure. There are no accurate evidences for it. Remember that that drugs even prescribed can be dangerous. We also knew the facts that drugs are addictive, so as marijuana since It is a drugs . They rob the users free will, they cannot make an informed and rational decision because the use of drugs eliminate the users ability to think correctly. That is people have difficulty controlling their drug use and cannot stop. Marijuana addiction is also linked to a withdrawal syndrome, withdrawal that can make it hard to quit. By using marijuana as medicinal, addiction has a high probability. Legalizing marijuana is propose to cure illness. As Dr. Barth Wilsey MD a pain medicine specialist stated that Pain is the main reasons why people ask for prescription. As some says that medicinal marijuana can take away the pain, of course people will greatly tempt to use it as a reality that no one wants to feel pain. If ever they use it then takes its effects then users will be dependent to it. That they would think that the more marijuana, the faster the effects. A scenario of being addictive until you werent able to think clearly and behave differently. One more effect , is that legalizing marijuana will send a message that prohibited drugs are acceptable. Prohibited drugs are harmful. People know about it. But children are unaware of this. A Saying Sa mata ng bata ang gawa ng Matanda ay tama. If they saw their parents using it then they will think that it is ok since their parents are using it. They will think that it is acceptable. If ever marijuana be legal then they will think that it is acceptable. Acceptable because it is legal despite its effects just like how alcohol is legal. People may think that legality of drugs are attained thru medicinal purpose, then they will think of a way to legalized others so that they will have the freewill to use it. You can never know what thoughts are running out of their mind. You can never stop them for thinking that marijuana is the only legal not the others. Another old habits are hard to die so they will still use marijuana as the way they use to be. They might came up with the conclusion that prohibited drugs might be legal since marijuana is a legal one.(if ever but not beneficiary at all).