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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY + Night is an application that is available for free in Appstore, Appworld or PlayStore, which through the google

maps helps users find nightlife entertainment sites at the same time offering discounts just give a click, reason why businesses want to appear on the options offered to the consumer. The market of this proposal, is initially in the city of New York in the population between 21 and 45 years, and has as main strength be the only application of its kind existing in all cell phones. The main reason to ensure that it is an excellent business idea, is that despite those who criticize ecommerce, data available of the number of young people, numbers of cell phones and habits of nightlife in the Big Apple, show that the technologies of information and communication technology ICT already do not escape from everyday life and are a point of reference for lovers of leisure and fun.



1. +NGHT
Imagine some random Friday night, you are at one of your friends place preparing to go out; then you realize you have been going to the same club for weeksbut trying new places seems adventurous and maybe a little bit expansive, besides, you dont really know where to go. +Night is an easy way to start your party, if you have a smartphone, just download it for free. When the application is open using GPS it will find where you are or search for a specific area and just show you the way to the nearest club, restaurant or bar. When one of the clubs is chosen, all the information will appear, including description of the place, hour of attention, events, prices, menu, address with a direct link to Google maps that will indicate you how to get there and a direct link to the place official website. Ratings appear next to the name of the place, on a scale of 0 to 5 stars according to peoples reviews: 0 is the less liked place and 5 the most liked. If the place has a discount for the night, next to what appeared above, it would have a dollar sign; if there is no sign that means there is no discount. Thats the best part of +Night and what makes this app so unique. If you decided to go to that place you can just submit your email address and your name and an email with a code will be sent to your mail. Then you take that code to the place that you pick and thats it, you save money! This application is intended for young people, between 21 and 45 years, who want to go out at night, and are looking for a place that will meet their tastes and wont be expensive.


The market environment of +night, is currently an enabling environment to launch the application as the nightly entertainment in New York is in continuous growth. In some ranking as one of the best cities in the world, such as on the web site http://www.rankeen.com/Rankings/rank_usa.php, New York is listed as the largest urban agglomeration, by being the most cosmopolitan and accessed of all United States, and one of the most populated cities in the world: it is estimated that the urban area of the city, already has more than 8 million people. The mixture between natives and foreigners, is also known, since it is one of the cities that has the largest number of immigrants. For the analysis of + night, it is important to note that of the total population, half is estimated between 21 and 45 years old, and within this range of ages is the potential market of the + night application. The large number of restaurants, discos and night clubs of all kinds is highlighted in the same ranking. The following note can be read in the guide of restaurants in New York (http://new.york.diningguide.com/): "No matter what the economic climate, New York City restaurants never lose their ability to keep rich and poor alike to eat out rather than stay home SiGo ". Celebrity-chef enclaves continue to sizzle, yet restaurants for those with more modest food budgets also are opening at a rapid clip, to a point where New York City has more than 18,000 eating establishments"

The same scenario is happening with night clubs. Although the data show a decrease in what each person spends on evening entertainment, consumption remains very high because it is estimated that on average each person goes out at least two nights in the week looking for fun, and the average spending per night is greater than $50 (http://www.elmundo.es/america/2010/07/01/estados_unidos/1278016709.html); Night fun is still being sought in "The city that never sleeps". Every day more dance clubs, lounges and bars are open, and it seems that there is room for everyone. Also, there are several websites dedicated to inform residents and tourists on developments and traditions that can be found to enjoy the night life of New York city. However, the information that websites give is not sufficient or adequate because there are three factors that hinder the search for a night site, especially for foreigners: the lack of knowledge of the city, distances and costs. To overcome the first two obstacles, lack of knowledge of the city and the distances, use of GPS (Global Positioning System) in your application + night. In terms of costs, the attractiveness of the site is to show the night entertainment spots in the radius of the point conducted in which the person concerned is located, giving also special pricing, promotions, discounts options and prices to those who use the application, as explained at the beginning. Based on the above, a market analysis of the application will be + night using matrix SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), as a tool which allows both recognize the internal dimension of the Organization as your environment or external environment, and be able to generate strategies of maintenance for what is already being done well and improvement to that which is necessary to change.


P It is the only application where With the current economic O people can find nights clubs and situation, people want to spend S their discounts. less. I The relationship of enterprise There are many young people in T capacity + night with night New York. I businesses in the city. There are many foreigners who do V not know clubs or the night life of E New York. N WEAKNESSES THREATS Lack knowledge in the Some people know where to go E development of technological and always go to the same place. G applications There are those who don't care if A. there are discounts or not. Difficulty of access to platform T providers There are clubs that their image is I exclusive and do not want to V damage it with promotions. E MARKETING MIX
Price: Free for consumers. The source of income comes from the restaurants, clubs and other night places. Product: + night is an application that combines night + fun + orientation + offer Plaza: App Store, for Iphones; and in case of blackberry App World. Promotion: Every time a person find an address on google maps, an ad of + night appear. The user drew them and sends them to the App Store or App World to download it.









Although there are not competitors that has the same business in the appstore or appworld, if it is possible to find other indirect competitors as: Websites: Enter a common use as a GOOGLE search, and write words such as "new york restaurants", "new york night clubs" or similar, displays a wide array of websites that give information about the nightlife in the city. Some examples are:
www.NYC.com www.nymag.com/restaurants www.zagat.com/newyork www.timeout.com/newyork/ www.menupages.com


Hotels: In hotels is easy to find guides and people who provide detailed information about the places of amusement in the night, and even in some transport service lends itself to such places.


No doubt, mobile telephony is the business that more can take advantage of the ICT boom due that the usage of mobile phones is increasingly high. According to the data, there are more than 6 thousand million cell phones worldwide, which correspond to 87% of the world's population. Published data show that in United States there are over 180 mobile operators, although only 4 of them operate in all the country: Verizon, AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile. The other mobile operators can be divided among regional, local and virtual (http://www.kolmee.com). If the urban population in New York already exceeds the $ 8 million, the number of mobile phones according to the global percentage is more than 6.5 million. To this is added that despite the drop in consumption given the economic crisis, leisure and night recreation remain a habit among both residents and visitors of New York. As already stated in a previous point, it is estimated that each person between 21 and 50 years go at least twice in the week in search of nightlife, which includes finding places to eat, and then drink, dance, converse, listen to music, among other amusements. Being a cosmopolitan city and high tourist mobility, makes that many customers that need to find an entertainment site, not able to locate it, either by ignorance of the city, either because the distances that separate them between your point of stay and places that offer night programs are too big in time and distance. Another problem, is that some famous sites no longer have availability to receive costumers and the people just notice that when they arrive to the place, after having walked long distance.

Security is also a deciding factor at the time of the deciding. Be able to reach a site directly without getting lost in the journey, access to places that the consumer may have some prior information, choose the geographic area of the place where you want to be able to eat and drink quiet, able to control the journey towards the site of arrival, are among other rational factors to consider in a place where to stay in overnight. Have some images that give the idea about the environment, the target of the business, they are also aspects that help to guide the consumer to choose a program that fits their tastes and preferences. But without a doubt, the pocket of the consumer plays a important roll on the decision: "consumers are acting cautiously in relation to their intentions of spending", said Dr. Venkatesh Bala, Chief Economist of The Cambridge Group, which is part of Nielsen. "Consumer confidence lost strength in the second quarter of 2012 due to world events, including the worsening of the crisis in the Euro area, together with the rates of slowdown of the growth in China and India, they impact financial markets and sentiment of consumers in many parts of the world. With the return of volatility in global markets, consumers stopped spending and intentions to purchase. According to the Nielsen survey, non-essential expenses and savings declined worldwide in the second quarter of 2012 across all sectors studied. 28% Of respondents indicated to spend extra money on entertainment outside the home, decreasing 4 points compared to the previous quarter (a point below the report of the previous year). Holidays decreased 3 points placing in 30% (the percentage of the previous year was 32%) and the intentions of saving was reduced from 50% to 47% (45% in the previous year) " (http://www.nielsen.com )") The above description is justification for thinking about a business idea based on EBusiness and E-Commerce that integrates a solution to overcome the difficulties of those

who want to look for a night of fun in the city of New York: orientation, proximity, safety, availability, preferences and, above all, saving. Discounts, promotions, and other marketing tools wishing to use nightlife, especially restaurants, bars and nightclubs, businesses may join the application that integrates the previous services. This is why + night. To take advantage of the circumstances not only of market and technological development, but social and personal aspects that are at stake when deciding where to spend a night of fun in the metropolis of the world. Applications that uses mobile telephony are the tool that will allow + night to position itself as the alternative improvement of information and communication in the world of leisure in New York recognized for being the most dense in the world. GPS technology is another technology that makes it possible to imagine that it will not be a problem for both foreigners and residents, find a place to take the best memories of his stay, which meets three requirements demanded by the vast majority of consumers today which is effectively directed + night: GOOD, NICE AND CHEAP



All Industries from science to art, from education to sports, by more human that they are, had been affected by this wave of technology that is emerging from a little more than one decade ago. Although some had adapted to this new E-world and have managed to use it for their benefit, there are others who see the technology as an enemy that day after day makes more difficult staying in the market. The reasons for the adverse attitude against electronic commerce may be associated with the trust levels that generate the information and communication technologies on consumers. Some of them do not believe in the security of virtual sites and the purchases that are made through them. Others consider that the information offered is inaccurate and that then when it comes to pricing and discounts, there is possibility of deception at the time of any transaction. Another reason adverse to the technological world is that there are those who see it as a privileged world for some few, in which the large companies are . This is the case of the night entertainment, because only the "big" nocturne places have taken the big step to the E-world. This is done by creating a website, where published its history, events, pricing menus or posting events on social networks, so in that way be closer of their consumers. Only large establishments are the ones that realize that the world already this fully connected and that there are few situations where the market is a local market, they have to think in a global market. The competition is now not only the neighboring establishments, because everything changed.


But although this was a major step, the technology advances more quick than they, now consumers want mobility, practicality and speed. The world is becoming increasingly faster; people don't already spend much time in their homes and when arrive to it what more they want is to rest. This is why thousands of young and adults are using a smartphone daily to be connected and in which communication becomes so easy and fast. It is a device that lets you do many tasks at the same time, and not only focus on one thing as the desktop computers do. It is the link more direct with the costumer and is the more effective way to be on service at any time. This work contains an idea that will revolutionize the night entertainment, which is the only platform that allows those places of night entertainment to be closer possible to the constumer and be at the service of it when the desired. Trusting in +night, customers and sales are assured and you will have more than gain!


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