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1.1 Major Departments of hotel. Hotels are run by four major departments that are front office, housekeeping, food production, food and beverage. Its like give and take process let me explain you briefly the front office sell the rooms to the guest and housekeeping prepare the room for front office to sell. In the same way food production prepare food and food and beverage department sell the dishes to the guest. here are some of the minor departments also in the hotel like purchase department, security etc.

Hotel !epartments he descriptions of the major departments are" 1.1.1 House eep!n"" It is also known as accommodation operations. he main aim of

housekeeping department is to keep hotel clean and maintain the property. Housekeeping department plays a very important role for guest satisfaction by keeping the property clean, comfortable and hygienic. he housekeeping department takes pride to create #home away

from home$. %s we all know hotels margins comes from rooms sales and up&keeping of rooms i.e. by maintaining rooms during guests stay and preparing room after they check out 1

etc. %part from rooms housekeeping is also responsible for public area cleaning, swimming pool cleaning, lobby, gardens, floors, cloak rooms, restaurants, kitchen, shopping arcade, cabanas etc.

Housekeeping department includes"

'ost and found department. Horticulture department. 'inen and (niform room. 'aundry department. ailor room.

1.1.# Front off!$e" his is the department which is responsible for the sale of hotel rooms. Here sale means the use of hotel rooms for some time by paying a particular price for it by the guest. his is the only department which generates maximum revenue. his department holds )

the prime importance as it builds the image of the hotel by giving warm welcome to the guest. If guests need anything they will contact at the reception only, so front office department has the maximum interaction with guests. It does the reservation of the rooms and then as the guests check in to the hotel, registration process takes place and after this room is assigned to the guest. he front office takes the onus to ensure that the guests have the pleasant time during their stay and also takes care of the departure procedure. he entire billing and auditing process takes place in this department.

*ront office department have"

+eception. +eservation. ,usiness center. -oncierge. Information department. -ashier and foreign currency exchange. -loak rooms and bell desk. elephone exchange. .

1.1.% Foo& an& 'e(era"e Ser(!$e) is the department which serves food and beverage to the guests. his is the second most revenue producing department of the hotels. /henever guests want to enjoy meal or drinks with great ambiance they visit restaurants and bars. here are so many restaurants with different cuisines, some with live kitchen, pubs, bars and cafe which even operates )0 hours. ama1ing experience. hese restaurants are based on different themes, giving guests an

here are different types of services offered in the restaurant such as

buffet service, table of the host and al a cart menu i.e. according to the card. he waiters follow all the rules of service and serve food, drinks in the finest cutlery and crockery to the guest.

*ood and beverage department includes"

Inside and outdoor catering. 2ubs and bars. +estaurants -afes +oom service

1.1.* Foo& pro&u$t!on" in this department chef prepares the world class food. %ll the types of cuisines are made here with different styles of cooking. he chefs prepare delicious food and 0

put their creativity into it. 3ou can even ask chef to prepare the food according to your taste in case of any medical reasons. hese chefs work in back area so its not so visible department, though in some of the live kitchen you can see how your meal is being prepared. !ifferent cuisines have different kitchen and each one has its own speciali1ed chefs. It has a very important section as gardemanger where all the cold preparations takes place like salads, cold dressings etc and also has pre preparation kitchen where basic preparation of food is done. *or 4itchen hygiene and cleanliness, hotel has kitchen stewarding department which clean the kitchen as well as washes the utensils and in small hotel housekeeping takes care of cleanliness.

*ood production department includes

,akery 5arde manger or cold storage room. 2re preparation kitchens andoor section 4itchen stewarding