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A700-99e1 Standard Practices for packaging, Marking, and Loading Methods for Steel Products for Domestic Shipment

!!0-9!"#00#$ Standard Practices for packaging%Packing of Aluminum and Magnesium Products 900-99 Standard Practice for packaging of &opper and &opper-Allo' Mill-Products for ()S) *o+ernment Agencies &,0-00 Standard Practice for Sampling, Sample Preparation, packaging, and Marking of Lime and Limestone Products &9!--00 Standard Specification for packaging, .dentification, Shipment, and Storage of Lock-Strip *askets D11/,-9/a Standard 0est Methods for Pallets and 1elated Structures 2mplo'ed in Materials 3andling and Shipping D1,9!-97 Standard 0est Method for D'namic Shock &ushioning &haracteristics of packaging Material D19!/-99a Standard 0erminolog' 1elating to Paper and Paper Products D197#-97"#001$ Standard Practice for *eneric Marking of Plastic Products D1974-9/ Standard Practice for Methods of &losing, Sealing, and 1einforcing 5i6er6oard o7es

D#0!--91"199/$ Standard 0est Methods for Measurement of 0or8ue 1etention for Packages 9ith &ontinuous 0hread &losures D#10--97 Standard Specification for Pol'eth'lene 5ilm and Sheeting D###1-01 Standard 0est Method for &reep Properties of Package &ushioning Materials D#,!1-9,"#001$ Standard 0est Method for 2n+ironmental Stress-&rack 1esistance of Pol'eth'lene &ontainers lo9-Molded

D#!,/-94"1999$ Standard 0est Method for Determining .nterior Dimensions of 5i6er6oard Method$ D#!7--99 Standard Specification for :riented Pol'prop'lene 5ilm

o7es " o7 *age

D#!/4-9,"#001$ Standard 0est Method for Permea6ilit' of 0hermoplastic &ontainers to Packaged 1eagents or Proprietar' Products D-07/-94 Standard 0est Method for Determination of Leaks in 5le7i6le packaging 6' u66le 2mission

D-079-94"1999$ Standard 0est Method for ;ater <apor 0ransmission of 5le7i6le 3eat-Sealed Packages for Dr' Products D-10--99 Standard 0est Method for 0hermal .nsulation =ualit' of Packages D-19/-97 Standard 0est Method for Application and 1emo+al 0or8ue of 0hreaded or Lug-St'le &losures D---#-99 Standard 0est Methods for Mechanical-Shock 5ragilit' of Products, (sing Shock Machines D-4!9-97 Standard 0est Methods for Measurement of <ertical Do9n9ard 5orces to Disengage 0'pe ..A LugSt'le &hild-1esistant &losures

D-470-97 Standard 0est Method for Measurement of 1emo+al Lug Strippage of 0'pe ..A &hild-1esistant &losures D-47#-97 Standard 0est Method for 1e+erse-1atchet 0or8ue of 0'pe .A &hild-1esistant &losures D-474-90"1997$ Standard Practice for 0he &ali6ration and (se of 0or8ue Meters (sed in packaging Applications D-47,-00e1 Standard &lassification of &hild-1esistant Packages D-4/1-97 Standard 0est Method for Shelling 09o-Piece &hild-1esistant &losures 0hat Are Acti+ated 6' 09o Simultaneous Dissimilar Motions D-,/0-9,"1999$ Standard 0est Methods for <i6ration "<ertical Linear Motion$ 0est of Products D-!11-/9"199/$ Standard Practice for Accelerated Aging of Pressure-Sensiti+e 0apes D-!,4%D-!,4M-00e1 Standard 0est Methods for Shear Adhesion of Pressure-Sensiti+e 0apes D-/10-97 Standard 0est Method for Minimum Application 0or8ue of 0'pe .A &hild-1esistant &losures D-/90-01 Standard 0est Method for >um6er of Strokes to Prime a Mechanical Pump Dispenser D-/9#-9-"199/$ Standard Practice for packaging%Packing of Plastics D-9,1-9/ Standard Practice for &ommercial packaging D-9!/-97 Standard 0est Method for Monitoring of 1otational 0or8ue of 0'pe ...A &hild-1esistant &losures D-9/1-9, Standard Specification for Pol'eth'lene 5ilms Made from Medium-Densit' Pol'eth'lene for *eneral (se and packaging Applications D400--9/ Standard 0est Methods for Programma6le 3ori?ontal .mpact 0est for Shipping &ontainers and S'stems D4041-97 Standard 0est Method for Determining Spra' Patterns of Manuall' :perated Pump Dispensers D4101-0# Standard Specification for Pol'prop'lene .n@ection and 27trusion Materials D4144-94"1999$ Standard 0est Method for 2stimating Package Sta6ilit' of &oatings for (ltra+iolet &uring D41!/-9, Standard 0est Methods for 0ransmitted Shock &haracteristics of 5oam-in-Place &ushioning Materials D41!9-01e1 Standard Practice for Performance 0esting of Shipping &ontainers and S'stems D4#79-9, Standard 0est Methods for ;ater <apor 0ransmission of Shipping &ontainers-&onstant and &'cle Methods D4-#1-99 Standard 0est Method for Package Aield of Plastic 5ilm D4--#-01e1 Standard Practice for &onditioning &ontainers, Packages, or packaging &omponents for 0esting D4477-9!a Standard Specification for 1igid "(nplastici?ed$ Pol'"<in'l &hloride$ "P<&$ Soffit D4,49-00 Standard Specification for Pol'st'rene and 1u66er-Modified Pol'st'rene Molding and 27trusion Materials "PS$

D4,77-00 Standard 0est Method for &ompression 1esistance of a &ontainer (nder &onstant Load D4!-,-01 Standard Specification for Pol'eth'lene 5ilms Made from Lo9-Densit' Pol'eth'lene for *eneral (se and packaging Applications D4!49-00 Standard *uide for Selection and (se of Stretch ;rap 5ilms D4!7,-00 Standard *uide for Selection and (se of 5lat Strapping Materials D47#/-01 Standard 0est Method for 1andom <i6ration 0esting of Shipping &ontainers D4/01-9,"#001$ Standard Specification for Pol'eth'lene Sheeting in 0hickness of 0)#, mm "0)010 in)$ and *reater D4919-/9"1997$ Standard Specification for 0esting of 3a?ardous Materials packagings D4991-94"1999$ Standard 0est Method for Leakage 0esting of 2mpt' 1igid &ontainers 6' <acuum Method D,047-9, Standard Specification for Pol'eth'lene 0erephthalate 5ilm and Sheeting D,077-90"1997$ Standard 0erminolog' 1elating to 2lectrostatic Discharge "2SD$ packaging Materials D,11#-9/ Standard 0est Method for <i6ration "3ori?ontal Linear Sinusoidal Motion$ 0est of Products D,11/%D,11/M-9,"#001$ Standard Practice for 5a6rication of 5i6er6oard Shipping o7es

D,1!/-9/ Standard Practice for 5a6rication and &losure of 0riple-;all &orrugated 5i6er6oard &ontainers D,#0--9/ Standard Specification for Pol'eth'lene Plastics Molding and 27trusion Materials from 1ec'cled Post-&onsumer "3DP2$ Sources D,#!4-9/ Standard 0est Method for A6rasion 1esistance of Printed Materials 6' the Sutherland 1u6 0ester D,#!,-9#"199/$e1 Standard 0est Method for ridge .mpact 0esting

D,#7!-9/ Standard 0est Method for Drop 0est of Loaded &ontainers 6' 5ree 5all D,#77-9#"1997$ Standard 0est Method for Performing Programmed 3ori?ontal .mpacts (sing an .nclined .mpact 0ester D,--0%D,--0M-01 Standard Specification for Pressure-Sensiti+e 0ape for packaging, 5ilament- 1einforced D,414-9,"#001$ Standard 0est Method for 2+aluation of 3ori?ontal .mpact Performance of Load (niti?ing Stretch ;rap 5ilms D,41,-9,"#001$ Standard 0est Method for 2+aluating Load &ontainment Performance of Stretch ;rap 5ilms 6' <i6ration 0esting D,41!-9,"#001$ Standard 0est Method for 2+aluating A6rasion 1esistance of Stretch ;rap 5ilms 6' <i6ration 0esting D,4--9,"#001$ Standard Practices for 2+aluating the 1esistance of Plastics to &hemical 1eagents D,44,-01 Standard Practice for Pictorial Markings for 3andling of *oods D,4,/-9,"#001$ Standard 0est Method for Peel &ling of Stretch ;rap 5ilm

D,4,9-9,"#001$ Standard 0est Method for Machine Direction 2lastic 1eco+er' and Permanent Deformation and Stress 1etention of Stretch ;rap 5ilm D,4/!%D,4/!M-99ae1 Standard Specification for Pressure-Sensiti+e 0ape for packaging, Sealing o7 &losure, and

D,4/7-9/ Standard 0est Method for Simulated Drop of Loaded &ontainers 6' Shock Machines D,4//-94de1 Standard 0erminolog' of 2n+ironmental La6eling of packaging Materials and Packages D,491-9/ Standard &lassification for 1ec'cled Post-&onsumer Pol'eth'lene 5ilm Sources for Molding and 27trusion Materials D,,70-94"1999$ Standard 0est Method for ;ater 1esistance of 0ape and Adhesi+es (sed as a o7 &losure o7

D,!-9%D,!-9M-9,"#000$e1 Standard Practice for Selection of &orrugated 5i6er6oard Materials and &onstruction ased on Performance 1e8uirements D,!!--97 Standard *uide for <alidating 1ec'cled &ontent in packaging Paper and Paper6oard D,74/-9,"#001$ Standard 0est Method for Protrusion Puncture 1esistance of Stretch ;rap 5ilm D,749-01 Standard Specification for 1einforced and Plain *ummed 0ape for Sealing and Securing

D,/-4-9, Standard *uide for Source 1eduction 1euse, 1ec'cling, and Disposal of Solid and &orrugated 5i6er6oard "&ard6oard$ D,99/-9! Standard Specification for Molded Pol'eth'lene Shipping and Storage Drums D!0,,-9! Standard 0est Methods for Mechanical 3andling of (niti?ed Loads and Large Shipping &ases and &rates D!1#-%D!1#-M-97 Standard Specification for Pressure-Sensiti+e 0ape for Light-Dut' packaging and *eneral Purpose Masking D!149-97 Standard Specification for >e9sprint .ncluding >e9sprint Manufactured from 1ec'cled 5i6er D!179-97 Standard 0est Methods for 1ough 3andling of (tli?ed Loads and Large Shipping &ases and &rates D!19/-01 Standard *uide for 0ransport packaging Design D!199-97e1 Standard Practice for =ualit' of ;ood Mem6ers of &ontainers and Pallets D!#,1%D!#,1M-01 Standard Specification for ;ood-&leated Panel6oard Shipping D!#,--9/ Standard Practice for Marking of Pallets D!#,4%D!#,4M-99 Standard Specification for ;ire6ound Pallet-0'pe ;ood D!#,!%D!#,!M-99 Standard Specification for ;ood-&leated Shipping ases o7es o7es

o7es and Skidded, Load- earing

D!-44-9/ Standard 0est Method for &oncentrated .mpacts to 0ransport Packages D!-4!-9/ Standard *uide for Accepting, Segregating and packaging Materials &ollected 0hrough 3ousehold 3a?ardous ;aste Programs

D!-9/-01e1 Standard Practice to 2nhance .dentification of Drug >ames on La6els D!400-99e1 Standard Specification for &omposta6le Plastics D!4#-00 Standard 0est Method for Determining &ompressi+e 1esistance of Shipping &ontainers, &omponents, and (nit Loads D!,-7-00 Standard Practice for .nstrumented Package Shock 0esting for Determination of Package Performance D!!,--01 Standard 0est Methods for Determining the 2ffects of 3igh Altitude on packaging S'stems 6' <acuum Method D//0-9#"1997$ Standard 0est Method for .mpact 0esting for Shipping &ontainers and S'stems D91/-99 Standard 0est Method for locking 1esistance of Paper and Paper6oard

D99!-99 Standard 0erminolog' of packaging and Distri6ution 2n+ironments D999-01 Standard Methods for <i6ration 0esting of Shipping &ontainers 214,9-9#"199/$ Standard *uide for Ph'sical 2+idence La6eling and 1elated Documentation 21,1!-9/ Standard *uide for packaging of Silicon &ar6ide ;hiskers and 5i6ers 21/70-9/ Standard 0est Method for :dor and 0aste 0ransfer from Pol'meric packaging 5ilm 24!0-//"199,$ Standard Practice for Determining 2ffect of packaging on 5ood and During Storage 2!19-/4"199,$ Standard Practice for 2+aluating 5oreign :dors in Paper packaging 29,4-94 Standard Practice for packaging and Shipping of La6orator' Samples of 1efuse-Deri+ed 5uel 5111,-9,"#001$ Standard 0est Method for Determining the &ar6on Dio7ide Loss of e+erage &ontainers e+erage Products

51140-00 Standard 0est Methods for .nternal Pressuri?ation 5ailure 1esistance of (nrestrained Packages for Medical Applications 51-0!-90"199/$ Standard 0est Method for Slo9 1ate Penetration 1esistance of 5le7i6le Laminates 51-#7-9/ Standard 0erminolog' 1elating to arrier Materials for Medical packaging arrier 5ilms and

51479-9/ Standard 0erminolog' 1elating to Micro9a+e 5ood packaging 51,/,-00 Standard *uide for .ntegrit' 0esting of Porous arrier Medical Packages

51!0/-00 Standard 0est Method for Micro6ial 1anking of Porous packaging Materials "27posure &ham6er Method$ 51!40-9,"#001$ Standard *uide for packaging Materials for 5oods to e .rradiated

51//4-9/ Standard 0est Method for Determining 1esidual Sol+ents in packaging Materials 51//!-9/ Standard 0est Method for Determining .ntegrit' of Seals for Medical packaging 6' <isual .nspection

519#9-9/ Standard 0est Method for Detecting Seal Leaks in Porous Medical packaging 6' D'e Penetration 519/0-0# Standard *uide for Accelerated Aging of Sterile Medical De+ice Packages 5#00--00 Standard *uide for Accelerated Aging of (ltra-3igh Molecular ;eight Pol'eth'lene 5#0#9-00 Standard Practices for Making 3eatseals for Determination of 3eatseala6ilit' of 5le7i6le ;e6s as Measured 6' Seal Strength 5#0,4-00 Standard 0est Method for ;ithin 1estraining Plates urst 0esting of 5le7i6le Package Seals (sing .nternal Air Pressuri?ation

5#09,-01 Standard 0est Methods for Pressure Deca' Leak 0est for >onporous 5le7i6le Packages ;ith and ;ithout 1estraining Plates 5#09!-01e1 Standard 0est Method for Detecting *ross Leaks in Porous Medical packaging 6' .nternal Pressuri?ation " u66le 0est$ 5#097-01 Standard *uide for Design and 2+aluation of Primar' packaging for Medical Products 5/1!-/-"199/$e1 Standard 0est Method for &om6ined 5ine and *ross Leaks for Large 3'6rid Microcircuit Packages 5997-9/ae1 Standard Specification for Pol'car6onate 1esin for Medical Applications .S:%AS0M ,1,-9-#00#"2$ Standard *uide for (se of 1adiation-Sensiti+e .ndicators 10019- Drum 0est for 5i6er6oard Shipping &ontainers "0his is not an AS0M standardB a+aila6le as PD5, onl'$