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S. No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. Title An Efficient ACDC Step-Up Converter for Low-Voltage Energy Harvesting Nonisolated Bidirectional ero-Voltage-Switc!ing DCDC Converter Efficient "osition Control of DC Servo#otor Using Bac$ propagation Ne%ral Networ$ "er#anent &agnet Sync!rono%s &otor wit! Linear '%adratic Speed Controller &odeling and Si#%lation Analysis of t!e Br%s!less DC &otor (y %sing &A)LAB Si#%lation &odeling of BLDC #otor drive and !ar#onic analysis of stator c%rrent* rotor speed and acceleration %sing Discrete +avelet )ransfor# )ec!ni,%e A Unity "ower -actor Control &et!od of "+& .ectifier Capacitive "ower )ransfer for .otor -ield C%rrent in Sync!rono%s &ac!ines Active Da#ping of /%tp%t LC -ilter .esonance for Vector-Controlled VS0-ed AC &otor Drives Hig!-Efficiency Single-0np%t &%ltiple-/%tp%t DCDC Converter B%c$-Converter "!otovoltaic Si#%lator Se#i-Bridgeless Boost "-C .ectifier for +ide Voltage 0np%t .ange Based on Voltage -eed--orward Control Novel Direct )or,%e Control Based on Space Vector &od%lation +it! Adaptive Stator -l%1 /(server for 0nd%ction &otors Energy &anage#ent and "ower Control of a Hy(rid Active +ind 2enerator for Distri(%ted "ower 2eneration and 2rid 0ntegration )ransfor#er less DCDC Converters +it! Hig! Step-Up Voltage 2ain A Novel )!ree-"!ase )!ree-Leg AC3AC Converter Using Nine 02B)s A Hy(rid +ind-Solar Energy Syste#4 A New .ectifier Stage )opology /pti#al Location of S!%nt -acts Devices for "ower -low Control Adaptive control of a sync!rono%s #otor via a sliding #ode deco#position tec!ni,%e Novel Hig! Step-Up DCDC Converter +it! Co%pled-0nd%ctor and Switc!ed-Capacitor )ec!ni,%es &atla( -(ased Si#%lation 5 Analysis of )!ree - level S"+& 0nverter 2ridConnection Control and Si#%lation of "&S2 +ind "ower Syste# Base d on )!reeLevel N"C Converter

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A Series-Connected )!ree-Level 0nverter )opology for &edi%#-Voltage S,%irrel-Cage &otor Drive Si#%lation of Distri(%ted "ower--low Controller 6D"-C7 &odeling and Si#%lation of Vector Control Syste# of Alternating C%rrent &otor Based on &atla( Single "!ase Voltage So%rce 0nverter "!otovoltaic Application A 2enerali8ed Cascaded &%ltilevel 0nverter Using Series Connection of S%(#%ltilevel 0nverters "ower ,%ality i#prove#ent %sing D"C controlled t!ree-p!ase s!%nt active filter A New &od%lar &%ltilevel Converter wit! 0ntegrated Energy Storage single-stage t!ree-p!ase grid-connected (oost inverter Dyna#ic &odeling in a Switc!ed .el%ctance &otor S.& %sing -inite Ele#ents "ower '%ality 0#prove#ent 0n Distri(%tion Syste# Using Dstatco# 0n )rans#ission Lines Si#%lation of Direct )or,%e Controlled 0nd%ction &otor Drive (y %sing Space Vector "%lse +idt! &od%lation for )or,%e .ipple .ed%ction &odeling and si#%lation for voltage Sags3swells #itigation %sing dyna#ic voltage .estorer 6DV.7 Control /f S!%nt Active -ilter Based /n 0nstantaneo%s "ower )!eory 0ndirect #atri1 converter wit! %nity voltage transfer ratio for AC to AC power conversion Design and 0#ple#entation of a New &%ltilevel 0nverter )opology Br%s!less Dc &otor Speed Control Using "roportional-0ntegral And -%88y Controller "erfor#ance Analysis of -so%rce 0nverter -ed 0nd%ction &otor Drive series connected forward fly(ac$ converter for !ig! step %p power conversion Cascade Coc$croft+alton Voltage &%ltiplier Applied to )ransfor#er less Hig! Step-Up DCDC Converter A Voltage-Controlled "-C C%$ Converter-Based "&BLDC& Drive for AirConditioners

"ower '%ality 0#prove#ent %sing -C-)C. 6SVC7 wit! -%88y Logic Controller A New 9: Level inverter wit! red%ced n%#(er of switc!es