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31 August201115:05 onWednesday, Details Category: Ezsgg!flr Published are: areknown asthe "four visiors oft<igel",these reality of absolute the visionary experience and intensificationof visionary experience the increase to its firllness the ripeningof rigpa awareness of phenomena the final corsummationand exhaustion This occurswhenvision beginsto ariseandwe havedirect insight into the mture of reality' Thefirst of the four stages vision aristng the when occurs stage The second path of accumulation. erperiencecorrespondsiorealizationof the sutric is the stag The thid pathof endeavour. to the This corresponds andwe havemoreexperience. development approaches path of the and path seeing of the to corresponds and ofvision andriperungto perfectionof awareness development to the path of no moretraining, is the stageof completevision' vision, which corresponds meditation Finally, ttre fo=urth Here,on the dissolutionof i|lusory phenomen4we integratecompletelywith the vision of totaliS' When we startto practice,we More specifically,during the first stagethereare fitro liglrts, one internaland oneex1ernal rigpa of the color of glass",which the of is the light "tigle the of symbol the out of us. Here feel as if a light *"r" "oirirrg ard canvary in size: luminous very glass. The are tigles a of bottom the looking through meansonefeels asif onewe"re joined togetherin various appear can s Also many tigle bigger. much be the smallestcanbe the sizeof a pea,otherscan .thead of compassion" or the are called they case in which chaim, or ways, horizontally,vertically, ete.,formingstrands vision' possibilities of limits to the ,,silver no Therc are silver. resemble and luminous thread',asthey arewhite and the with visions reflected At times the colorsappearseparatell fint red, thenblue, white, etc., at otkr times symbolsappear we when we look at it. Sometinres insidethem.often thesevisions arefluctuating,like a lightning flash that disappears in a smalltigle. But we shouldnot an entirecountry completewith mountainscan appear can seea whole crq.; sometimes at the vision that arises, be surprised at thii sincewe can seemanybig thingswith our small eyes.At times whenwe look like in a video game.It is difficult to it disappeanimmediately,or it canremaina very shorttime andthen disappear, define or explain,we can seemanythings in manydifferent ways' remainstill in one This first stageis the foundatio4 the basis,in which the rays,lights, tigles, andthreadsof tigles never place.They arelike a waterfall pouring down from a very high mountainor like dropsof quicksilver that aremnstantly while we arepracticingin the stateof moving.Everythingmovesat this stage.Whenthe inner movementmanifests This is not like gazingat a presence, we nuryvery well beginbylooking in one directionandfinish looking in another. asbeing like a mirror andan as in zhinepractice It is described ititt obiectwith the eyesfixed on onepoint in space moving. At timesit aflow; when the movementis very fast anadifrcult to stop,it is difficult to evenundentandwhat is it is the vision that is moving, at othertimes we might think it is our eyes,or that the movementis internal,the seems the internalenergy,andin the visiorl the eyes,and inner energr of rigpa. In fact, in ttigel werything is cormected:external stablewe can is adequately that oncepresence But it is importantto understand first stage&"rytriog movestogether. through fixing the movement as "catchingthe fish in the net of darkness," This ls what is described stopthe movement. prcsence. stable pure andclear,without in a singlepoint andthe irmer erperiencebecomes colrcentrates At this point tl6 presence andthe clear rigp4 the motherandthe sonareunited andhappy.lThis movement.we remainin the union of emptiness of practicefinishes sothereis of havinglimited sessions gives rise to a particularjoy, and at this pcint our consideration to the third or fourth day of The endof the first stagecorresponds io longerany gupU"me"" practiceandnonpractice. the lunar montlLwhen the moonis startingto wax' At first we might seeclearlight in all directions,seeeverythingaslight. vision beginsto .develop. At the secondstage, even of the elements, Thenwe startto distinguishthe rigpa tigles, asnow we havea closerandmorepreciseexperience in the appears now what so arebalanced, thoughthey ars not yeiunder full control. In the secondsagetlrs elements The visions visions is completelydifferent: we seethe five lights, tigles, round rainbows,andlights in the form of tents. areYery pureand clear. way to developthesevisions is to do a dark retreat,or do practicelooking at the raysof the sun{ but Thebestand easiest not directly at the sun ) at sunriseor surset,holding the handsso that the fingersfilter the raysof light, to makea betweenthe inner light andthe outerlight. Whenwe observethe outer raysin this way while in the stateof corurection to producethe projectiors ofthe irmer lighl onto the palm ofthe hand' At the causes presence, theserays act as secondary very easyto seethe lighfs. Other ieginning we do not seemuctqbut thenvision developsandin this way it becomes looking at or ,iy, u."*to practicelooking, at the raysof light comingthroughwindow shutters, sitting on a mountainan

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- TheFourTdgelVisiors

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any of the dalk{etreat is t'at we canpracticewithout meet.one advantage mountainand space lL poirr, *t integrate' to fiom the outsideworld' so it is easier "r. ( suchas*V, of ,it" sun ) or distractions requirements morc' Whenthe movementstops,we must Ey to concentlate body may or they mny move.Different syllablesor partsof the In the third stagethe visions may be stableand sti[, and visions external between arise'Thereis no longer any difference appe6 andvisions of B;dh* u"d mandalas feahty' in this empty samsara internal expriences, sJject anaoUject,nirvanaard


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gel?tmp gchen/64-toe "' com/index'php/en/dzo trttp:llwww.kuntuzangpo'

31 AugustZAfi 0:26 on Wednesday' ilzagehc- Published Category: :) how these the clgl lisht andnaturally arisingvisiors, aswell as inthe ztwrgzrnngNyan Gyud describe T6gel teachings of light andof websof visions,which are of luminouspoints or seeds ariseand how thesearebrougtrtinto the patlr-rhese the inherentstrucfi,'eof light' the enerry of Buidhas, *-autu* and sofortb re formed from light in configurations time the dark retreat in which we spend include practices of the clarity of tln primordial ,rut". sp"rnc togel expression to areused All thesetechniques ot gazingatthe-run, atlhe moon' or into the sky' practicingin completedarkness, these' with tlren work we mind' our within the rccesses makeit possiblefor visions spontaneousfto arisefrom IN T6GEL: FIYE GAZES ARE USED TO ENHANCE ITSION usefrrlif we arefeeling drowsy . the wrathfrrl gaze,with the eyesturrd upwards, is is too agitated with the *y., tu*"d cownwards, is useful if our mind . the peacefirlgaze" .thebodhisattvug*r,withtheeyeslookingstraightforward'isusedwhenthemindiscalm method develops . thegazeof metho4 with the eyesturned-tothe right' wisdom develops , the late of wisdorrqwith the eyesturnedto the left' wheelgaze,the lion gaze'the secretgaze' Threefirrther typesof gazersed in ttigel practiceare:&e of Buddhas'deities'andBuddha rainbows,images tigles (pointsof luminouslight), white points, circ'lar Mandalas, arisethroughthe wisdom of our sambhogak'ayaand dimersionsall may manifest.They aretlre naturalmanifestations sunseentlrough clouds: the like the practiceis intermittent' channelthat liriks our heartwith our eyes.when thesearise practicrng,at other we at othertimeswe follow the ligtrts. At tims it seems are at timeswe arc in the stateof plesence, timesno!Sollumydoubtscanarisethatwehavetoclearupwithourmaster. that arethe baseor origin of purevisions,which arelike directty andknow the seeds In this way we cometo experience is moreintense'It is like unveiling a multicolored when we startto practicetogel, the movement the srarsin space. is the mainvisio4 thebaseof like seeingrainbowseverywhere'This chinese silk: suddenlywe seemanycolors ln space, give rise to niwana and which of the five lights, five coloredlights, from which all visions arise.This is th importance sarnsafiL we tl,an working with the solid objectswe seeand sounds Working with the movementof light in togel practiceis easier outer the as arise visicns fife, things *lti *nicn *e are alreadyfamiliar. The t6gel hearnormally io "rr"ryauy of irurerexperiences' manifestation rays in movement" refersto the arc given to the different visions.For example,the 'fish of the Different names in wavesof water' The text moYes fish a way visions asmoving in the same movsmentof thevisions anddescribes the "dart" state anddescribes ,,catch darkness" net of in the fish of the rays in movement the explainsthat we mustt{y to instrumerfi the dart; the and fish is the Vision that we must shootat the taet, which in this caseis the fish. of presence forcapturingitisPresence. -

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- Trekchd and Togel

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31 August 20ll 10:37 Category:UEpgSlgePublishedonWe.dnesday, asone,it is many. Notbeing many"it dwells as is not ascertained distillation of the essence, This GreatCompleterress, andthis is beyondsaying"nonexistence." of one andmarrydoesnot exist. Even its nonexistence one.The separation by shenrab. *r,u"otion of saying"beyond" was nevermentioned -u.ry andconsistsin remainingin the natural Trekchii means,,cutting loose".It is the practiceof singlepointedcontemplation $ate. but Tiigel means,'working',or exertingoneselffor direct realization.We do notjust remainin the stateof contemplation Fundamentally vision light and form of in the of energr wort on integration Jontemplation with the movement of light. involvesthe contemplation betweenthe subfledimensionand its solid andconnection the differences Throughsuchpracticewe canunderstand our karmic vision. physicalrepresentation, J otherwiseour contemplation It is very importantto makeTrekchd stablebefore embarkingon Togel practicebecause T<igel Many develop in orderto it arises it withvisionwhen integrate will notbe strongenoughforusto be ableto Tdgel evenif on teachings receive to it is usefirl but certainly to apply, masters saythat tfrerogef practicesaredifiicult we are not yet ableto practicethem.


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