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Fair Play for

Fair Trade 09
Sponsor Brief
Fair Play for Fair T
Elevyn is a social enterprise that enables marginalized and
indigenous communities to sell their craft online at www.
elevyn.com. This online platform supports Fair Trade principles - artisans
will receive a fair price for their products, proceeds are dedicated
to eliminating poverty and improving the quality of life of the local

Elevyn has been recognized on an international level for its efforts in

empowering communities through trade. It is the only Malaysian fellow
for the Youth Social Entreprise Initiative 2008 (YSEI). It is also used as
an exemplary model for the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) ‘Senang
dengan ICT’ campaign.

Why Fair Play for Fair Trade?

‘Fair trade’ has gained widespread awareness in UK and Europe where socially-conscious shoppers look out for
‘Fair Trade’ branded items in making their purchasing decisions. In Malaysia, however, Fair Trade is still not a
very well-understood term. We want to use a fun sport like futsal as a platform to bring people together and
spread awareness about fair trade. The event would, of course, also raise funds for the artisans in poverty.

What is Fair Trade?

“Fair Trade is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect, that seeks greater equity in
international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to, and
securing the rights of, marginalized producers and workers - especially in the South.”

Definition by FINE an informal Association of the four main Fair Trade networks (Fairtrade Labelling
Organizations International, International Fair Trade Association, Network of European Worldshops and
European Fair Trade Association):

Join us in support of fair trade for workers and artisans worldwide for a better tomorrow.

Fair Play for Fair Trade 2009

Day : Sunday, 29th November 2009
time : 9am-5pm
location: tba (within Klang Valley)
Besides corporate teams, teams from other non-government organizations working with marginalize groups as
well as sport clubs from universities and religious organisations will be invited. This would bring together a great
mix of people from all backgrounds in the name of good sportsmanship and in support of Fair Trade.
Trade 09

Sponsoring Fair Play Sponsorship

for Fair Trade Opportunities
By coming on board as a sponsor, your organization As a Fair Play for Fair Trade sponsor, you may select a
will be able to: variety of opportunities to enhance your brand:

Shape your customers perceptions of your brand Event venue – the entire event may carry a
by sponsoring an event targeting your market’s sponsor’s name, making it For eg, Elevyn Fair Play
interest for Fair Trade sponsored by (insert company name)

Use the event for publicity to create additional Teams – Team will be named after sponsor.
visibility, increase awareness and highlight your Sponsored teams may wear sponsor’s t-shirt/
organisation’s efforts in supporting and/or taking jersey (provided by the sponsor)
steps to incorporate fair trade values into your
organisation. Operations (event day coordination: referees,
judges, etc) – Operations team may wear
Use the event as an opportunity for employees sponsors’ cap/ t-shirt (provided by sponsor) during
team-building efforts by sending a team the event

Scoreboard – whereby company logos are

included on the scoreboard

Sponsorship Benefits Award/Prizes – may be named after sponsors

Event Schedule – may carry sponsor identification

Benefits will be given to sponsors for their support
to ensure maximum exposure with Fair Play for Fair Press Conference & Publicity – inclusion in any
Trade. These may include, and of course are not press coverage and publicity for Fair Play for Fair
limited to: Trade

Exposure in advertising campaign Buntings/ Posters – logos will be included on

the Fair Play for Fair Trade buntings and other
Logos included on marketing materials including collaterals put up around the race sites
Broadcasts – sponsors may access valuable
Corporate materials may be hung/distributed at national and international airtime with their logo
the event and sponsorship coverage, as well as potential ad
Booth for promotional purposes
Other – areas for sponsorship that best suit your
On-site promotional giveaways, sampling, organization’s requirement may be identified and
activities and demonstrations adapted to Fair Play for Fair Trade.
Online visibility with links to company website

Included in publicity and press coverage

We look forward to working with you to make this a

successful and memorable event for Malaysia!
For more information, please contact:
Elevyn Sdn Bhd

Mike Tee (co-founder)

Mobile: +6012-3231968
Email: mike@elevyn.com

Khing Su Li (field coordinator)

Mobile: +6012-3628496
Email: suli@elevyn.com