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Killer Race v 1.

How to win the game? Eliminate the Bot players before the time runs out o Bot Players has the possibility to die on track traps o If the Bots died even if he has a higher score than the player The score will not be counted to generate the winner. Highest score after the game ins the game o !core can be obtain by hitting your enemy with any pro"ectile you have o !core can be obtain on lootable items

#ou $oose the game when.. The Bot player has a higher score and is alive after the time ended. #ou died in game. Core scripts you need to familiarize Usually scripts inside the folder Assets\scripts %ttack&ules."s Bullet."s 'ame'(I."s 'ameTimer."s )ain'(I."s *ar."s Item$ootEffect."s Power%ndTraps."s Power%ndTrapsTriggers."s !ettings."s rongway."s outofTrack."s

Important Tip+

Use the project search box to navigate to the said scripts easier. Some of the scripts inside the Scripts folder doesnt do anything now and most of the code has been moved and organize to the new created scripts. I just dont have time for now to fully clean those unused scripts. Just remember the scripts above and your good to go.

Some bu fi!es made since version 1." Health deduction when hit %ccurate !coring Timer bug, this bug occurs on pro"ectile allowable firing timer !cores on loots Bullets hitting even wrongway triggers, this bug causes so much lag on android devices &andomi-e starting position for %I and player, properly initiali-e player at starting point *ountdown before !tart + car r sometimes don.t move after the countdown %dded mu--le flash on weapons when firing /i0 inconsistent collision ignored by pro"ectiles %dded minimap view. %ccelerometer turn control &eorgani-e controls for easy car controls, &educed car triangles for performance reason. &educed te0ture si-es to 1230123 for performance. #ou can tweak performance by reducing those mentioned above. &educes draw calls from 45 cars 6 loot items 6 effects 6 gui graphics7 which produces a total of 89:;99 draw calls overall to 19:59 draw calls for mobile.
Below shows the new organi-ed set of control and '(I <esign for %ndroid )obile

.evel + /ime + Score

%ause + ,inimap + -eset *ar



'cceleration and deceleration control

!nemy "ots # $% and "ot &ame 'ttac( and )irection *ontrol

!ome minor fi0es particularly on car physics. !ometimes car passes through walls due to

*ollision loss when collided on trapbo0 then through wall.. physics cause by the e0plosion forces the car to loose collision on road side. /i0ed by only allowing vector.up collision effect send by the trapbo0. This makes the car move about ;2 feet above the ground when it hits any trapbo0 from the track. Update 1.1 # 1.$ Some %i!es made from v1.1 &1.$ Timer *heck ins : done Player *ontrols : done Player timer count down :done Player eapon script : done Player loot script : done clips and %mmo *heck : done switch weapon : done randomi-ed loot timer and respawner : done volume settings :done level game preloader :done reset=car button to reset players car position when flipped or when the car was unable to move : change %I color names when died> : done &andomly select named B?Ts @ done hp=bars health 6 $ife bug : done car resetter outside the track @ done organi-e camera layers for different views + 4minimap A maincam A gui 7 converted accelerometer turn control to direction buttons which makes the car easier to control on turning left and right. %dded custom timer which resets every 2 secs after touch phase ended, this causes the car to decelerate on time after a player removes his finger touched status %dded multi touch on buttons so the player can simultaneously touch 1 or more control buttons at the same time. E0. The %rrow (P4acceleration7 6 $eft or &ight button for turning. %nd braking while turning too. %dded effects after looting any ob"ect. %dded machine gun trail effect. %dded crosshair for easy tracking of pro"ectiles. %dded background music loops and sound effects for loots and pro"ectiles. %dded 'ame $evel selection. ?n )ain menu %dded scripted )ain )enu scene that loops forever +< Bots and Player now uses the same scripts on %ttack and $oot checking. Bots has been improved and added obstacle avoidance feature. Bots now checks if there is enemy on field of sight before attacking, instead of attacking even when no players in view. Bots now attacks each other when in sight.

%dding B?T Bames 4&andomly picked on runtime7

"attle /imer in minutes

Battle Per &ound 'ame Timer

'I and %layer current $%

%layer and 'I ,ax $%

*onfiguring Player and B?T HP 4make sure to configure ma0 HP too7

*onfigure Traps <amage

*onfigure pro"ectile damage4bullet=test1 for machine gun ammo damage, bullet=test for rocket propelled grenade C&P'D7

(se Pro"ect !earch function if you are having difficulties finding prepab transforms like the e0amples above

Chan in 'eveloper details on (ain (enu

?pen )ain'(I."s on any te0t editor or the (nity editor and change those line above.

Screenshots )he (ain (enu

Players with %ctive levels

Bew Player *reation

Eolume *onfig




$oot Effects



1 Bots <ead <emo 4Botice the Bot Bame color7


?n 'ame E0it *onfirmation

Item $oots in @ placed with triggers

)*+ ,U-

$oot Items and Bomb Trap 4&P' %mmo, Health, Bomb, )achine 'un %mmo7


ith !ensor and )inimap $ocation Tracker 4&ed for Bots, Blue for Player7

aypoint and Item !pawn point4'reen for waypoint, Blue for spawn points7

?bstacles 4&oad barriers7

(nity *ar + )ain Player 4*ar optimi-ed for mobile7

.evels $evel;

Enemy HP 199 Player HP 199 HP $oots 12F *hance of 'eneration Traps 12F *hance )' 4)achine 'un7 12F &P'4&ocket $auncher7 12F !core )ultiplier 0 2


Enemy HP G99 Player HP 199 HP $oots 19F *hance of 'eneration Traps 59F *hance )' 4)achine 'un7 19F &P'4&ocket $auncher7 19F !core )ultiplier 0 H


Enemy HP 599 Player HP 199 HP $oots ;9F *hance of 'eneration Traps 39F *hance )' 4)achine 'un7 ;2F &P'4&ocket $auncher7 ;2F !core )ultiplier 0 ;9

/in 0 .oose Screens .oose