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Contract with Perry Village Residents

VOTE YES IN ISSUE 4 May 6, 2014

Your NEW council for Perry Village has agreed and PROMISES in whole to fulfill the following items if issue 4 passes on May 6, 2014. Explanation of each PROMISE is on the reverse side of the page. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Reinstate funding for your Police Dept to once again 24/7 coverage and prevent additional scheduled cuts. Reinstate funding for your Road/Maintenance Dept and prevent additional scheduled cuts. Re-open your village park and ensure it remains open throughout the future. Form a comprehensive plan to repair/replace all blacktop roads throughout your village. Reinstate the plan that was in place to set aside funds each year toward police car and plow truck replacement. Reinstate fall leaf pick-up. Remain focused and fiscally conservative to keep village expenses under control. Continue to be totally open and transparent with your villages budget.

Phil Cassella

Jim Gessic

Mike Glover

Josh Lagania

Becky Shimko

Rick Walker

What will ISSUE 4 cost you if it passes? Social Security recipients - not a cent! Retirement plans that are non-taxable - zero! Workers that pay 2% or more income tax where they work - nothing at all!!!


Explanation of promises from front: 1) Due to a 25% cut in income the Police Dept has had to reduce staffing. Right now, there are no officers on duty 49 hours a week! That will increase to 89 hours per week January 1, 2015. Issue 4 passage will not only prevent future cuts but once again fund 24/7 coverage. 2) The Road Dept was cut by 35% in 2014 which resulted in reduced salting and plowing over this winter. The Road Dept will be losing 50% of its full-time staff on June 1, 2014. This means we will be heading into next winter with less ability to plow and maintain roads than currently exists. Issue 4 passage will fund the Road Dept to once again be able to maintain the roads to the standards we all wish to have again. 3) The village park has temporarily been re-opened for 2014 through a volunteer maintenance program. 2015 remains unsure at this time. Passage of Issue 4 will fund park maintenance indefinitely and ensure it remains open and an asset to this community. 4) Our main roads are falling into disrepair and need repair/replacement. Without revenues, these roads will only get worse over time and cost more to repair. At this time, patching potholes is the only option due to cost of road replacement/repaving and current budget constraints. We will put together a plan to replace/resurface the most necessary roads ASAP. We understand auto repairs are costly and wish to reduce that possibility. 5) In 2013, Council started setting aside money for future replacement of high cost items such as snowplow trucks ($80,000.00 each) and police cars ($30,000.00 each). Due to the loss of 25% of general fund income we could no longer do this. Eventually we will be in the position of being unable to replace essential safety equipment. Passing Issue 4 will allow us to again set funds aside for essential equipment which is fiscally responsible. 6) While leaf pick-up may seem unimportant to some, it was a vital program that kept the storm drains and creeks free of debris. Lower water tables decrease the risk of flooding not only to houses along the creeks but to all village residents. 7) Perry Village Council recognizes that past practices had dwindled cash reserves. Your new Perry Village Administration consists of a new mayor, 4 out of 6 new members, a new Police Chief and a new Maintenance Dept Commissioner all since December 2009. We all have been totally focused on reducing costs and interdepartmental efforts to spend wisely. From 2010-2013, the Police and Maintenance Depts reduced costs by more than $151,500.00 combined and provided even better services than before. We constantly look for ways to decrease costs while providing the best service possible and are devoted to continue that! 8) Since January 2010, the budget has been the administrations main focus. Quarterly Finance Meetings are held in open forum at the Village Hall and we invite public attendance and participation. Monthly financial reports are posted on the website after theyve been approved so you can see where every one of your dollars are going. The current year budget is also available on the village website for your viewing.

If you have any further questions as to how this affects you personally, please call Village Hall @ 440-259-2671 or any of your Councilmembers or Mayor. Our personal numbers are all listed under the officials tab on the village website. WWW.PERRYVILLAGE.INFO


This has been created, paid for and distributed at no cost to the village. Paid for by A Solid Future For Your Perry Village.