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The Anunnaki (also known as: Anunna, Anunnaku, Ananaki) are a group of Sumerian, Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian


Akkadian Epic of Gilgamesh, 5th king of the 1st Dynasty of Erech after the Flood Sumerian ritual cup

Anakeim, Nefilim, Elohim, Egyptian Neter

Ancient Aliens Fallen Gods

Ancient Anunnaki Sumerian Gods Sacred Pine Cone Fertilization Pineal Gland Cave of Brahma

Ancient Hybrid DNA Gods

Ancient Sumerian Aliens

Ancient Sumerian Annunaki Tree of Life

ancient sumerian city of eridu Reptilian

Ancient Sumerian Gilgamesh Ishtar

Ancient Sumerian Stone Artifacts

Ancient Sumerian Texts King List Sumerian Gods Descended from the Sky Anunnaki

Ancient Sumerians Anunnaki 4,000 BC

Ancient Sumerians The Anunnaki

Anunnaki Gods from the Sky heavens Wings

Anunnaki ancestors Transfiguration Pine Cone Enlightenment

Anunnaki Annunaki Flying Gods Lightbody Merkabah

Anunnaki Bird Flying Being Consciousness Merkabah

Anunnaki pine cone cave of brahma spiritual awakening illumination enlightenment

Anunnaki Reptilian Aliens Genetic Hybrids Reptilian DNA parallel dimension

Anunnaki Reptilian Aliens Genetic Hybrids Worshiped as Gods

Anunnaki Sumerian Planets Astrology 2012 Galactic Alignment

Anunnaki Sumerian tablet Return of the Gods

Anunnaki Tall Head Elongated Skull Alien DNA Hybrid Species

Anunnaki Watch Water Offering Water Sumerian Gods

Assur, Ashur, or Assyria Assyrian Empire anciently called The Land of Subarum

Bronze Head of Ancient Akkadian Ancient Sumeria

Double Helix DNA Ancient Aliens Hybrids

Egyptian Gods Resembling Sumerian Gods

Etana and Sumukan Gods

Extraterrestrial Chariots of Fire Fallen Angles Sumerian Anunnaki

Golden Ark

Gryphons dating from before 2000 BCE, two of them shown in company with the Sumerian deity Ningishzida Meso Tree of Life

Inanna Sumerian God Annunaki

lamassu man, Lord of Creation

Mesopatmian Gods gilgamesh

Mesopotamia Sumerian Gods

Mesopotamian Sumerian and Akkadian Assyrian -Babylonian myths Fallen Gods Ancient Astronauts Anunnaki

Nibiru 2012 Annunaki Reptilian Figure

Nibiru 2012 Sumerian Planets Gods

Nibiru Annunaki Sumerian Statues Reptilian Hybrids

Nimrud Assyrian kings


Normal Looking Sumerian Statues compare to reptilian statues

Reptilian Hybrid Sumerian Gods DNA Genetic Manipulation

Reptilian Nephilim Anunnaki Pine Cone Spiritual Awakening Consciouness

Sacred Anunnaki Planets 2012 Enlightenment

Sacred Tree Pine Cone Fertilization Anunnaki Reptilian Hybrid DNA 12 Strand Genetic Mesopotamia

Sobek the crocodile god with reptilian head

Stele of Ur-nammu 2100 BCE

Stele of Vultures 13,000 BC

Sumerian Anunnaki sculptures Hybrid Aliens DNA Reptilian Statues

sumerian artifact Anunnaki 2012 nibiru planetary alignment galactic center

Sumerian Artifacts Wings Flying Machine Vehicle Vimana UFO

sumerian cosmology God of War

Sumerian Gods Anunnaki Awakened Lightbody Merkabah UFO

Sumerian Gods Anunnaki Hybrids Fish DNA Genetic Material

Sumerian Hybrid Winged Sphinx Sacred Symbols

Sumerian Jomon Statue Ancient Astronaut

Sumerian lama, in Akkadian translated as lamassu protective female god. aka urmahlullu Hybrids

Sumerians and the Anunnaki Cuneiform Granger

the Anunnaki of Sumerian Mythology Giant Wheel

The Ashurai people of Bet Nahrein Mesopotamia

Tree of Knowledge The Great Flood Enki Sumerian Anunnaki

Ufo Extraterrestrial Hieroglyphs -Sumerian Ancient Aliens Anunnaki Annunaki

Ur-Nammu (seated) bestows governorship on aamer, patesi (high priest) of Ikun-Sin ca. 2100 BC

Ur-Nammu enthroned in Ur . Terah moves to Ur to liaison with royal court Watering Plant