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Report Title: Re-launch of Igloo Ice-Cream

Submitted By: 1. Seher Khan. (022-10-14826)

2. Syeda Mahwish Hassan Zaidi. (022-10-14823) 3. Syed Muzammil Ali. 4. Mohammad Ali. 5. Anas Farooqui. (022-10-14824) (022-10-14999) (022-10-14594)

Date of Submission: 8th May, 2012.



8th May, 2012. Mr Khalid Rafiq, Course lecturer & Project Supervisor, Iqra Gulshan Campus Subject: Re-launching Igloo Ice-cream: Dear Sir, We feel immense pleasure in presenting this report as the part of our course requirement. We have thoroughly enjoyed working on this report and it is a great experience for us. We are submitting the entitled report Re-launching Igloo Ice-cream. We have tried our level best to complete this report with respect to the desired requirements. Kindly accept it; we hope this report will prove to be satisfactory. University

Seher Khan (4826) Syed Muzammil Ali. (4824) Anas Farooqui. (4594)

Syeda Mahwish Hassan Zaidi (4823) Mohammad Ali. (4999)


Firstly we would thank Allah for giving us the opportunity and the resources to be able to do something productive with our lives. Without His blessings we would not have been able to come as far as we have.

Then our sincere thanks to Mr Khalid Rafiq, for helping us throughout this report. His guidelines have been very useful for us in preparing this report. He helped us find new ways of being innovative and creative. This report would not have been possible without his cooperation and continuous directions.






We think its something that brings the best of us. Its sort of platform for us to express ourselves. We imagine its not easily achievable task by some guy-next-door. We seem it is essential that reports be creative, artistic, a little colorful and something thats totally eyecatching. We believe it takes guts to be hold and daring to break the rules and therefore we tried our hands at this time. Fearing it might appear cocky, we still humbly state, for us sky is no more the limit. This report is the partially requirement of our course BRAND MANAGEMENT. In this we have chosen IGLOO ICECREAM as a product that we think its not working good in market. Therefore we have proposed some of the new strategies to RELAUNCH IGLOO in the market to increase our sale and market share. SWOT analysis has been done to see the weaknesses; we also analyze what things the competitors are doing in which IGLOO is lacking behind, we proposed new marketing strategies. At last conclusion and recommendations has been given.





Pakistan Dairy Products, Igloo Ice Cream, is the pioneer ice cream manufacturer in Pakistan & operating since 1974. As a nationwide premium ice cream manufacturer, our emphasis has always been on providing consumers with quality ice cream with a vast variety that guarantees consumer satisfaction. The Company operates from Karachi; however its distribution network covers a vast area of Sind and Baluchistan. Igloos product portfolio is continuously spreading & promises to provide consumers with unmatched flavors & shapes. Out of a largely consumed range of Scrumptious products, the Supreme Ice Cream range is a market winner with its multitude of exceptional and unmatched flavors such as Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies N Cream, and lots more mouth watering flavors.

Igloo is providing ice cream to its valuable consumers through three different channels, which are tricycles, retail outlets & igloo parlors. These channels ensure efficient delivery & maximum fun & satisfaction to our consumers. The price range of the products is also very reasonable & easily affordable for the masses.

Igloo has & will fulfill its promise to provide international quality ice cream made with the

choicest ingredients to its consumers & come up to their expectations at all costs.



Brand recall is high. Brand image. Entered Pakistani market with an aim to capture all segments with novel ice cream.


Primary weakness is low marketing strategy. Not proper positioning in the mind of consumers. Low brand equity. Fewer resources for R & D. Weak Distribution network Unattractive packaging. Lack of focus due to multiple brands. Direct competition from Walls and Yummy. Igloo must concentrate on heavy promotional advertising in order to hold market share.

More enthusiastic efforts need to be carried out.


Ice cream parlors with range of flavors and variety. Can introduce Sugar free or low calories ice cream. Improve its distribution channels. An open avenue exists in the area of event sponsorships. There is large untapped market to grow its business an ice cream eating culture has been developed here. Walls campaign about winters was successful now you can offer good marketing campaign as in winter to improve your sales.


Major threads are Walls and Omore they both are offering good and new ice cream flavors and variety. Also a threat of new entrant in the market is Nestle. Instability of Pakistans Political system. Threads from different ice cream parlors in market like Gelato Affairs, Move n pick etc.


Our brand will be positioned as most convenient ice cream because it offers the best selection. There is a sense of reliability, comfort and confidence in knowing that ice cream full of fun will always be there to cheer you up, and provide you the best taste.

Note: position statement is focus on fun , reliability and comfort but unfortunately igloo logo and color scheme is not match with it and its very successful product king cone is not only product of igloo because under the name of king cone most of the ice cream manufacturer offering it Ice cream is a product which have no age limits any one and every one can eat it and like it or infect most of the people like ice cream in different occasion mean ice cream is now a day replaced our traditional deserts like rabbri, kheer, methai and different halwa.

TARGET MARKET: Introduction:

The consumers of today are highly informed due to the development in communication. TV, radio, newspapers, media and specially the internet has provided the consumers with whatever information they are seeking. Therefore the manufacturers cannot just blindly make their products. They need to know the insights of their consumers who want to and are willing to buy their products. However, increase in globalization has also limited the choices, consumers have. And therefore, nowadays, especially the production of consumer goods is consumer driven. And the manufacturers are required to focus on these factors in order to maintain growth and stability in the company. O u r t a r g e t m a r k e t i s mostly young and energetic people and oldies as well who are fun loving, family loving and extrovert. This group is both male and female, age 6 50. Members of this group purchase ice cream for different occasions; they want that type of ice cream that gives them enough opportunity to indulge their feelings and emotions in an unusual and special way.


Personal characteristics:

Age All age groups Gender - male, female Marital status single, married Social class upper middles, middles and upper class Occupation students, professionals, career people etc Psychographics:

Interest family having fun, friends and good time Opinion: under western influence, considers top of the line products

friendlier and want unique things Personality independent, extrovert, friendly, expressive, fun loving, innovators Behavioral:

Occasions Eids, birthdays, anniversaries, special days, regular occasions. Benefits convenience, positive feelings, creation of bond, relationships Usage rate light to medium users Attitude towards product enthusiastic, positive Readiness toward product interested, intending to buy Geographical:

Region all


City concentrated in Density urban

Product: Igloos product portfolio is continuously spreading & promises to provide consumers with unmatched flavors & shapes. Out of a largely consumed range of delicious products, the Supreme Ice Cream range is a market winner with its multitude of exceptional and unmatched flavors such as Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies N Cream, and lots more mouth watering flavors. Igloo is providing ice cream to its valuable consumers through three different channels, which are tricycles, retail outlets & igloo parlors. These channels ensure efficient delivery & maximum fun & satisfaction to our consumers. The price range of the products is also very reasonable & easily affordable for the masses. We will offer new products in the market. Some of them are given below:

Choc Bar:



Fruity Lollys:


Premium Ice creams for Parlors:

Price: Setting the price is very important yet sensitive factor in apparel industry. The objective of pricing is to create a distinctive edge within optimal quality among other products available in market. Initially we are using Cost-plus pricing method for existing products only, as we have only 15% share in the industry and with the progress in sales we intent to switch to Valuebased pricing for our premium products.

Promotion: To make awareness about our product we have allocated budget for advertisements. At first we will promote our children-attire range through print media, every Weekends and Sunday through persuasive advertisement in popular kids magazines. Second, we wil use Push-Strategy and will convince all leading retailers to stock our domestic finest quality product in their stores. Place: Initially our entire product range is available in Karachi after capturing Karachi market we will go to further cities.


Regarding distribution we will have our own distribution vans which will distribute our products to the designated parlor as per demand. We also make direct channel with retailers; we try to make our distribution channel very short.


1. WALLS: Strength: Financially strong Wide distribution due to establish distribution channel Good n high quality Aggressive promotional schemes Powerful image in customers mind

Weaknesses: Not pure milk is used in ice cream No taste variation


2. OMORE: Strength: Engro foods do a lot of research before and after launching their products and they did so with Omore. This resulted in their ice cream being a huge success. Omore have the only plant in Pakistan that uses Bactofuge. Technology to eliminate bacteria and ensure. Provide much better ice cream and that too at a lower price than their competitors.

Weaknesses: Only available in Punjab as compared to Walls which is available throughout Pakistan Most of their advertisements have stirred controversy e.g. their advertisement of there recently launched Nutty Choc bar does not go along with our cultural and religious values Although Omore have a great range of ice cream flavors they are no match for Walls who have a huge range of flavors and products. No rigorous publicity of their products as compared to Walls e.g. Walls have huge campaigns when they launch new products.


3. HICO: Strength: Small distribution and marketing network guarantees consumer satisfaction and brand loyalty Hico offers diet ice creams Hico has a fully automatic ice cream manufacturing facility Hico Ice Cream is one of the few brands in Pakistan which manufacture 100% pure dairy ice cream.

Weaknesses: Weak distribution, weak marketing and limited resources Become out of stock on peak season of summer Offer limited varieties as compared to competitors Hico faced the problem of non availability at each and every store as it only available at major retail stores.



Strong brands are important. The challenge is to build a brand that is strong, unique and favourable a brand that evokes positive, emotional feelings. A brand where customers react and experience positively to the brands product/services/ideas/people. We need to create a brand that evokes the desired positive knowledge structures: thoughts, feelings, images, perceptions, attitudes. But how do we build one? Building a brand isnt as easy as it sounds, but there is a marketing model providing guidance for brand building, called the customer-based brand equity model (CBBE model). The basic premise of the CBBE model is that the power of a brand resides in the minds of its customers. The CBBE model acts as a branding ladder, or building blocks to guide a firms marketing programs. We will create a pyramid as follows: Step 1: Salience - talks about Brand Awareness (depth and breadth)


Step 2a. Performance - Establish meaning to the brand so that when customers think of the brand, they strategically link both tangible and intangible brand associations with the brand. Step 2b. Imagery-User profiles, purchase and usage situations, personality and values, history, heritage and experiences Step 3a. Judgment- Responses Gauge customer responses to the brand identification and brand meaning. Step 3b. Feelings (strong and favorable) - Feelings dimensions: warmth, fun, excitement, security, social approval, self-respect Step 4. Resonance (intense and active) - Relationships Convert the brand response to create intense, active loyalty relationship between the customer and the brand.


As we all know that IGLOO is well known or very popular ice cream product in the market. This company has been started operations after ten year of partition. At the start, there are only two local companies which operated in Pakistan and captured more than 75% market share which are Polka and Igloo. Then polka merge with walls but IGLOO still stand alone as a local brand of Pakistan. Now days, walls is a market leader it capture 75% of market share but igloo have only 15% of market. IGLOO is well known Brand so the marketers can easily grab more market share by implementing right strategies on right time. Now, as a Brand Manager, we are proposing seven main strategies: four long term and 3 short term strategies. These strategies is only implementing on initial level at Karachi.


1. IGLOO World (Winter never ends here): For promoting brand awareness, we are going to build an ice-cream parlor at the well known place of Karachi. This parlor is built in a shape of IGLOO with the real igloo decorum which excites consumers to experience the IGLOO world. In this IGLOO world parlor, only premium ice-cream will be available. 2. Digital Marketing Integrated with Experimental Marketing: A wall projection game at Karachis hottest spot sea view. Four players at a time will be able to play the game through their cell phones which are connected with the wall projected system. The game will allow to players to collect in the game and the game points will be redeemable for free ice-creams on the spots. 3. IGLOO Freezers: For capture the consumers attention, we designed our freezer different from our competitors. The design is based on brands logo (igloo). The two types of freezer should launch: O Freezers for local shops and Happy Freezer for malls. 4. Redesign Website: Recent website is totally against the positioning, the color theme and the idea. 5. Seasonal Fruit Flavor (ice lolly): Different fruits flavor ice-creams are available in the market with seasonal fruits. The flavors are depending on seasonal fruits. 6. Mobile parlor: We promote our consumer product with different sauces and topping. Secondly we offer ice-cream shakes and fresh fruits with different ice-creams. These mobile parlors are circulating around the public places. 7. Fiber Models: With the collaboration of government, IGLOO can place its Igloo and polar bear models at different round about streets, parking areas and malls to create awareness.



SYMBOL: Slogan Kyun Ke Dil Chahta Hai King Cone Once a king, always a king Choc bar Raise the bar Ice-cream parlor (IGLOO World): Where Winter never ends.


Igloos communication strategy is divided into seven steps: Objectives Audiences Messages Tolls and activities Resources Timescales Evaluation and amendment

Objectives: To redefine and reinvent the taste of igloo ice cream and to introduce a range of premium ice creams from the house of igloo. Audiences: Simply everyone!! Messages: Igloo being the Pakistans oldest and most celebrated ice cream brands, intends to re-launch its brand by introducing 3 categories of ice creams with all new range i.e Milk, fruit and premium ice cream. The range of igloos premium ice creams will be launched at its own shop the igloo. Tools and activities: On ground activation at (universities, colleges and schools) Digital billboards. Websites Social network profiles


Experiential marketing integrated with digital marketing: A wall projection game at Karachis hottest spot Sea view. 5 players at a time will be able to play the game through their cell phones that will be connected with the wall projection system. The game will allow players to collect king cones in the game, and the game points gained will be redeemable for free ice creams and that too on the spot.

Resources: Marketing firm marksman advertising and digital marketing firm symmetry digital will be hired for the promotion of new igloo products both conventionally and digitally. Moreover a media plan to broadcast the ads of new igloo has also been prepared: Media Facebook(web) Youtube (web) Geo Ent. (TV) Category social entertainment entertainment Visitors/Viewers 5 million/week 500 mill. On avg. 6.6% of 100% Days/Time 1 month 1 month 5 days, 2pm11pm Geo News Info-tainment 11.4% of 100% 5 days,2pm10pm ARY One entertainment 9.2% of 100% 7days,2pm11pm HUM TV Entertainment 7.4% of 100% 7days,2pm11pm Rs.48000/add Rs.35000/add Rs.45000/add Budget Rs. 102000 Rs.135000 Rs.50000/add


Timescale: The ATL marketing campaigns will be carried out over a period of one month, and the digital marketing campaign mentioned above will be carried over a period of 3 days i.e Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Evaluation and amendment: The KPIs: for the digital marketing campaign the number of customers playing the game over 3 days is vital to ascertain the success rate of the campaign, moreover igloos own shop the igloo will be a vital KPI. The sales will be analyzed on weekly basis and the quantity (in liters) of each flavor of ice cream sold will be monitored to measure the popularity.



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