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Curriculum Vitae

1302 Craftsman Street Johns Creek, GA 30097 678-5228521; satish.lalwani@gmail.com

Satish Lalwani
EXPERIENCE 23 years of global experience in consulting, systems integration, business process re-engineering, and full life-cycle application development. Currently a Senior Manager in Deloitte Consultings Technology Systems Integration (SI) practice. Certified Project Management professional (PMP) and proficient in PM methodologies, controls, and processes. Demonstrated strong project leadership & delivery excellence on large projects by managing the use of enabling technology to deliver total business solutions. Helped US government agencies plan, build, and renew pension systems to better serve constituents. Implemented solutions including financial services, business process workflows, enterprise content management, CRM, accounting, online services, and reporting. Provided software consultancy to insurance companies & financial institutions in Asia, Europe, and South America Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) - Electronics Mumbai University, India Deloitte - Atlanta, GA Senior Manager BearingPoint - Atlanta, GA (formerly KPMG Consulting), Senior Manager Tata Consultancy Services - Mumbai, India (formerly Tata Unisys Ltd.), Senior Lead Analyst September 1989 May 2009 - Present Mar 1998 April 2009 Jan 1990 Dec 1997



Clients & Project Locations @ Deloitte & BearingPoint

Department of Unemployment Assistance Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund Kentucky Retirement Systems North Carolina Department of State Treasurer Employees Retirement System of Georgia Teachers Retirement System of Georgia Florida Retirement Systems Boston, MA Oak Brook, IL Lexington, KY Raleigh, NC Atlanta, GA Atlanta, GA Tallahassee, FL

Clients & Project Locations @ Tata Consultancy Services

Allianz Continentale Unisys Brasil Unisys de Colombia Unisys Australia Unisys Financial Center Shenzhen Development Bank Bank of China

Zurich, Switzerland Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Bogota, Colombia Perth, Australia HongKong, China Shenzhen, China Guangzhou, China


Role Model Counselor in the Deloitte Consulting Technology Practice, 2013 Health & Human Services Certification, Deloitte Learning Center, 2012 Strategic Leadership Program, Yale University, CT, 2007 Project Management Professional (PMP), 2005 US Citizen Available on request


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Curriculum Vitae Satish Lalwani


Client: Role:

Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Senior Manager & Project Advisor, Deloitte

Boston, MA Nov 13 Present

Project Description: DUA is replacing their unemployment benefits system, which includes claims filing, eligibility determinations, payments, accounting, economic research and integrity reporting, overpayments, and appeals. This multi-phase project involves integrating several unemployment Insurance (UI) business process including Appeals, Benefits, Determinations (Monetary and Non-Monetary), and Tax into a custom comprehensive UI system for DUA. This project value is approx. $50M and has over 100 team members. Role Description: Mr. Lalwani joined the team to manage a project stream in post implementation. He is guiding a team that was previously lacking oversight and was dealing with many constituent conversion data issues in production. Getting this fixed quickly is critical for unemployed claimants, DUA, and the firm. This project stream has high exposure among stakeholders in the state legislature. Mr. Lalwani is able to apply his many years of problem solving, and project and client management skills on this short term engagement.

Client: Role:

Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS) Program Manager, Deloitte

Frankfort, KY Feb 09 Apr 13

Project Description: Replaced KRS legacy systems with a Microsoft .NET SOA architected, statewide pension administration solution. The custom solution includes comprehensive functionality related to employer reporting of contributions, managing of member accounts, benefit calculations and retiree payroll. The retirement system processes more than $1.4B in payments annually and administers $13B in assets in five pension funds. The project value was approximately $19M. The solution manages the accounts for 337,000 state and local government employees, 1400 employers, and generates over 80,000 payments per month to retirees. A self-service web portal was established for members, retirees, employers and third party providers (e.g. health insurance providers) deploying significant Internet functionality that further increased efficiencies. The program included integration with Microsoft Dynamics accounting system, IBM FileNet P8 Imaging and Workflow ECM with approx. 20 million documents and 100 business process workflows, billing and invoicing, Adobe Forms, an ILOG business rule engine for pension eligibility determination, enrollments, and SQL Server Reporting and Analysis Services. Role Description: Mr. Lalwani replaced the previous engagement project manager/director who was behind schedule, over budget, and had a strained client relationship. Mr. Lalwani was able to step into the leadership role a year after the project started, re-baseline the project schedule, reorganize the project team, and successfully negotiate and deliver the project commitments to the client and the firm. His corrective actions turned around the relationship with the client and have since provided a favorable reference for the firm leading to over $50M in additional wins. He even secured a $1M change order for additional work on KRS in post implementation. Mr Lalwani transitioned all support and closed this project in April 2013 with a write-up of $600K. On this phased implementation with a team of over 40 practitioners, Mr. Lalwani managed the execution of the systems development life cycle from initiation, requirements analysis, design, development, system testing, performance testing, acceptance testing, data conversion, reconciliation, and final cutover. Responsibilities included developing, maintaining, and controlling the project workplan and budget, communication with client executives, status reporting, team building, change management, and performance management.

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Curriculum Vitae Satish Lalwani As a direct result of solid client references from engagements Mr. Lalwani managed, he generated further revenue for the firm by pursuing, proposing, demonstrating, and selling Deloittes Pension Administration Solution (DPAS) to the following clients: Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF), approx. $25M Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS), approx. $28M West Virginia Retirement System

During his time on KRS, Mr. Lalwani also served as project advisor on both the IMRF and TCRS engagements where he mentored the team and helped them with Requirements Confirmation, System Design, and Testing. Mr. Lalwani also managed a project stream of 15 professionals in global delivery centers in the US and India to modernize DPAS. This included a complete redesign of the systems user interface. The project value was approximately $1M.

Client: Role:

North Carolina Department of State Treasurer (NCDST) Project Advisor, BearingPoint

Raleigh, NC Apr 08 Nov 08

Project Description: Modernize the NCDST Retirement Systems Divisions legacy systems into an integrated, rule driven, and service oriented solution. The $17M solution included custom application and package components for accounting, business process workflows, system integration, rules management, reporting and analysis services, and content management. The integrated solution was designed and built as an adaptable and reusable product that was subsequently sold to three other state retirement systems (LA, KY, and TN). Technologies used for the implementation include Microsoft .NET, Microsoft Dynamics, SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting and Analysis Services, EMC Application Xtender Content Management and Workflow, and Adobe Forms. The system processes more than $4.2B in payments annually and administers $74B in assets in five pension funds Role Description: Mr. Lalwani served as Project Advisor, providing input and guidance to the Deloitte and client project leadership teams. He managed a staff of 10 team members and was responsible for resolving critical problems with the employer reporting and invoicing modules in production. He was also responsible for planning and managing the transition of support responsibilities to NCDST. Mr. Lalwani received many accolades from the director of NCDST for his success on the engagement.

Client: Role:

Employees Retirement System of Georgia (ERSGA) Project Manager, BearingPoint

Atlanta, GA Jul 05 Feb 08

Project Description: ERSGAs legacy mainframe system was unable to administer benefits to 200,000 members in 9 plans for the $13 billion fund. There were many labor intensive processes to access member records and respond to requests. ESRGA sought to design, develop and implement a new solution that included functionality related to employer reporting of member contributions, benefit calculations and benefit payroll. A selfservice web portal was established for members, retirees, and employers. The solution was integrated with FileNet for document and workflow management and the Microsoft Dynamics accounting system. Within 6 months of implementation of the new system, 95% of the employer reports and payments were processed automatically on self service with no manual intervention. ERSGA was able to collect, reconcile, and disburse contributions automatically for a better and more productive user experience.

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Curriculum Vitae Satish Lalwani Role Description: Mr. Lalwani served as the Project Manager on this multi phase project. He provided project leadership to over 25 consultants executing all functional and technical aspects of design, development, testing, conversion, end-user training, deployment and post-implementation support. He managed all phases of the project including planning, executing, controlling and closing. He was responsible for scope and risk management, requirements, stakeholder management, staffing, project scheduling, status reporting, assigning and prioritizing project-related work. Mr Lalwani delivered this project successfully on time with a write-up of $1M. He secured a $1.7M change order for additional work at this client. He also secured an excellent client reference directly resulting in a new $20M win at Kentucky Retirement System.

Client: Role:

Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRSGA) Deputy Project Manager, BearingPoint

Atlanta, GA Jan 02 Sept 05

Project Description: The purpose of this large multi-phased project was to replace the legacy mainframe-based retirement solution with a client server solution on an n-tier architecture that offers reusability, scalability and better service for the client base. The solution includes comprehensive functionality related to employer reporting of member contributions, benefit calculations and benefit payroll. A self-service web portal was established for members, retirees, and employers. The solution is integrated with FileNet for document and workflow management for a better and more productive user experience. The solution is also integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics accounting system. Role Description: Served as the Deputy Project Manager for Pension Administration Services Solution (PASS) project to modernize TRSGAs pension administration systems. Served as the project manager during the post implementation phase of the Pension Administration Services Solution (PASS) project. Supervised approximately 12 consultants, managed project financials, and provided stakeholder management.

Client: Role:

Florida Retirement System (FRS) Manager, BearingPoint

Tallahassee, FL Jan 98 Dec 01

Project Description: The purpose of the project was to bring about process and technological improvements so that the program could provide more timely services to retirement system members and employing agencies and avoid costs by slowing the growth in program staff. Prior to this initiative, the program staff were using antiquated technologies (paper records, microfilm, microfiche) and labor intensive manual processes to access member records and respond to information requests. The new $15M system is a fully integrated, imaging/workflow-enabled application designed to improve the quality and scope of the retirement services the Division provides to Floridas public employees and agencies. It includes an electronic document management and workflow component that is integrated with the business application software. The self-service web portal provided information and services directly to the Division of Retirements customers: members, employers, and retirees. Role Description: Served as Manager and Application Architect on the Re-engineering, Improvement, and Modernization (RIM) project to improve FRSs efficiency and effectiveness. Responsible for the design, development, implementation, and deployment of the self-service web portal. The custom developed system benefited the Division by allowing constituents to perform many self-service functions, which resulted in greater accuracy and a reduced workload for the division. Mr. Lalwani led the design and development efforts for the Contribution and Enrollment modules. He assisted in the design and development of the Retired Payroll and Active Member modules.
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Curriculum Vitae Satish Lalwani

Client: Role:

Allianz Continentale, UNISYS Schweiz Senior Lead Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services

Zurich, Switzerland Jan 95 Dec 97

Project Description: A notebook-capable sales and marketing tool (Insurance2000) was developed for insurance agents. It maintained partner, prospect, and relationship information using a dynamic multi-lingual user interface. The application collected information and printed offers and proposals for insurance policies. It displayed sales and marketing opportunities for a given customer. Role Description: Mr. Lalwani served as Lead architect of Insurance2000, built on an object-oriented application framework using PowerBuilder 4.0. Conceived and developed premium and interest calculation objects for vehicle insurance. He assisted in the development of PHOENIX, a private and investment banking application based on LINC Development Assistant. He developed the GUI using VB 5.0. and assisted in developing a terminal emulator that enabled client PCs to communicate with a Unisys A/V Series mainframe.

Client: Role:

UNISYS Brazil Lead Analyst, Tata Consultancy Services

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Jan 94 Dec 94

Project Description: Customize the FINESSE banking solution for inter-agency and inter-bank online transactions. Role Description: Mr. Lalwani was responsible for development, system testing, deployment, and installation of FINESSE at a few banks in Brazil. He developed back-office utilities, device drivers for peripheral devices connected to teller workstations in a network, and developed end-user reports. Clients: Bank of China, UNISYS Financial Center HongKong Shenzhen Development Bank Role: Technical Advisor, Tata Consultancy Services Guangzhou, China Shenzhen, China Aug 93 Oct 93

Project Description: Development and installation of a banking solution at Shenzhen Development Bank Role Description: Mr. Lalwani completed a feasibility study of communication protocol between IBM AS/400 and CTOS workstations at the Bank of China in Guangzhou. He served as an advisor to the development team. Clients: UNISYS de Colombia UNISYS Australia Role: Team Lead, Tata Consultancy Services Bogota, Colombia Perth, Australia Jan 92 Jul 93

Project Description: FINESSE automated the daily teller, customer service, and administrative functions of a financial branch. FINESSE was developed on CTOS III, a multi-tasking, message-based client/server Unisys OS Role Description: Mr. Lalwani served as team member in implementation of FINESSE, a comprehensive software system developed in Pascal. This solution was installed in many banks and financial institutions worldwide. Prior to his deployment to UNISYS clients worldwide starting Jan 92, Satish was a FINESSE development team member at Tata Unisys Ltd. in Mumbai from Jan 90 thru Dec 91
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