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Ron Arey, Pilot, Left and

Howard Dillinger, Police Officer, Right
Police Helicopter Case
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Radar — Visual Case Involving Police Helicopter
Investigators: P. Wayne Laporte, Henry H. Morton, Jr.,
David M. Oldham and George D. Fawcett
Edited by Walt Andrus

On the evening of December 27, Charlotte. The tower operator, Ray the tower, also verified observing the
1977, "Snoopy II", the Charlotte Police Bader age 27, with two years radar returns of the unknowns.
Department helicopter, was flying on experience as a Marine radarman at Ron Arey assumed that the
routine police patrol over Charlotte, Cherry Point, NC and four years as an unknowns were military helicopters
North Carolina. The helicopter with a air traffic controller with the F.A.A. in heading for Fort Bragg, NC, which is
crew of two was traveling northwest, Charlotte, advised he had four targets -- southeast of Charlotte. As a matter of
heading for the intersection of 9th and a Cessna 172 eastbound at 3500 feet information, the helicopter Snoopy II is
College streets to inspect a vehicle. At and three unknowns on the P.P.I, a Bell Model 206B Jetranger, with the
10:54 p.m., two lights, appearing as display scope. The Cessna had mode C following specifications: length - 30feet;
aircraft landing lights, approached from identification equipment which clearly maximum speed - 150 m.p.h.;
the northwest proceeding to the identified it on the scope. Since Snoopy maximum ceiling height - 20,000 ft.;
southeast. The lights appeared to be was not so equipped, Ron Arey turned range (max.) 400 miles at 5,000 ft.;
flying in formation. At 10:56 p.m., they his landing light on briefly so Ray Bader engine - Allison 250-C18 (317 BHP) Jet
passed to the right and over Snoopy by could visually observe the location of Turbine. Ron and his observer that
an estimated 200 ft. The helicopter was the helicopter from the tower. Ray evening, Howard Dellinger, continued
flying at an altitude of 1800 feet as couldn't see the lighted "unknowns", their northwest course in response to
indicated by the altimeter above sea but did visually spot Snoopy's landing the police call. Upon arriving at their
level or actually 1100 feet above ground light. This enabled Ray to check the destination of 9th and College streets,
in Charlotte, NC. azimuth heading to correctly identify the call was cancelled. Ron and Howard
At 10:56 p.m., Ron Arey age 38, the Snoopy on the radar scope. The two then headed southeast toward the
pilot of Snoopy with nine years of pilot unknowns were "painting" as hard Coliseum. They then spotted the two
flying experience, contacted the F.A.A. targets with about 60% of the signal lighted objects approaching them at the
Control Tower at Douglas Municipal intensity return compared to Snoopy. same altitude (1800 ft. indicated). In the
Airport by radio and asked the tower - They were moving across the screen as vicinity of the Coliseum, Snoopy
what he was "painting" (showing up on aircraft would do. Tom Carmody, encountered the two, which
radar) near the Coliseum in downtown another F.A.A. air traffic controller in appeared to be flying on a passing
course to Snoopy's left. As they
approached, one shot up at a 45 degree
angle to an estimated 4000 feet in about
three seconds. Ron advised Ray. in the
control tower of this fact and related
that the other was still approaching at
1800 feet altitude. Ron decided to
perform a "pedal turn" to the left as the
object passed by. (A "pedal turn" is a
maneuver whereby a helicopter makes
a pivoting turn, allowing the "chopper"
to fly backwards.) This would permit a
close inspection of the unknown as it
passed by.
As Ron executed the pedal turn,
the object began an estimated 200 feet
radial turn around Snoopy. At this point
Ron and Howard lost sight of it. When
Ron turned Snoopy to the right, they
saw the object on Snoopy's "tail". Ron
proceeded to turn again to get a better
Left: Ron Arey, Pilot — Right: Howard Dellinger, Police Officer view of the lighted object. It again out
(Continued on next page) 3
(Radar-Visual Case continued) At 11:02 p.m., Ray Bader advised intersection of King's Drive and
Snoopy's crew that the second Morehead in Charlotte, NC when he
maneuvered the helicopter and its unknown was over the Coliseum noticed a bright white light about one-
crew. At this point, Ron and Howard .moving toward Southpark. At 11:03 half the size of the full moon moving in
realized that they had encountered p.m., Ron and Howard reported that an easterly direction. The light was
something very unusual due to its high they could see it visually. However, a globular (like a light bulb, not a flare or
speed turns. The object behind him moment later it suddenly vanished starlike). Hanging below the light at a
appeared to be a globular white light simultaneously visually -and on the rearward angle was a transparent like
(toward .the ultraviolet end of the radar scope. In the meantime, the first mass with a hint of silver. It was
spectrum) with a surrounding glow. target that was proceeding eastward, observed for ten minutes .at an
The light seemed to reflect upwards. A had made a moderate "fade out" 5 miles estimated altitude of 300 to 600feet as it
silver parachute like object with ribs northwest of Monroe, NC Airport at passed over Providence and Randolph
was attached above the light source 11:00 p.m. Road, disappearing behind some trees.
with a transparent section between. For the records, Raymond G. A few, minutes later, he observed a
The closest object ejected something Bader, Air Traffic Control Specialist, similar light hovering over the
from the front and bottom like a big ATC Tower, Charlotte, NC has Coliseum. The first object appeared to
spark that seemed to fall away from the confirmed this information in his letter be following the easterly wind.
object as it moved eastward. Snoopy of January 11, 1978, which is on file by Another person claimed that he
and its crew gave chase to the east, but the investigators and MUFON. Taped and two other students were launching
were quickly outdistanced by the interviews with the police helicopter balloons from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. In their
objects speed. When the first object crew, Ron Arey and Howard Dellinger, testimony, .they stated that they
soon disappeared, the helicopter taken in the presence of Captain P. W. launched ten that night. After releasing
turned around and headed back toward Shever and Major E. P- Capell of the eight plastic bag balloons, they followed
the Coliseum. Ray Bader, the tower Charlotte Police Department are also the ninth and tenth from the launch
operator confirmed that the first on file. The F.A.A. Facility Chief, Mr. sight at Eastway Shopping Center. The
unknown was tracking an eastbound Gooseclose, at Douglas Municipal balloons traveled southwest to the
course. The flight crew then flew Airport has requested that the radar Coliseum where .they saw Snoopy
toward another moving light in the sky s p e c i f i c a t i o n s for the Texas "suddenly appear" and shine the
over Charlotte, but was advised by the Instruments model ASR-4B used in the helicopter spotlight on the balloons,
tower operator that this was the tower not be published, however they while Snoopy circled them. One
approach of an Eastern Air Lines Jet are also on file. balloon was whipped around and the
airliner to the Douglas Municipal As Jack Webb, producer of candles were blown out, while the other
Airport from the northeast. "Project U.F.O." the new television one was blown upward by the rotor-
series on Project Blue Book, would say; wash. They said no metal was used in
Silver "these are the facts" as documented by the balloons construction. They were
I appropriate recorded testimony. The
UFO investigators work cannot and
confident that it was a helicopter they
were viewing. The balloons at a
should not stop at this point. MUFON distance look yellow-white. The
is indebted to the following men who Snoopy encounter time with the
have collectively spent 100 hours balloons was 11:00 p.m.
investigating this case: P. Wayne In order to test the validity of hot
Laporte, MUFON State Section air balloons as the explanation for this
Ribbing Director, Matthews, NC; Henry H. report, Wayne Laporte, along with two
M o r t o n , Jr., M U F O N Field other people who have had radar,
Investigator, Wadesboro, NC; David military balloon launching and pilot
M. Oldham, MUFON Field experience, launched their own hot air
Trans- Investigator, Greensboro, NC; George laundry bag balloons. The following
parent Ultra- D. Fawcett, MUFON State Director for observations were made: (1) A balloon
violet North Carolina, Lincolnton, NC. held at eye level disclosed that the
white If this sounds like a solid radar- candles could be seen up to a distance
visual UFO sighting, a JOURNAL of 100 feet. The plastic laundry bag can
reader must continue to explore this be visually observed up to a 300 ft.
Conceptual Shape of UFO case in depth as the investigators distance. It was transparent without
proceeded to do. On December 27, any silver or milky appearance. (2) The
1977 at 9:00 p.m., Eric Moore, a radio balloon looks yellow-white until
announcer at station WRPL, was at the reaching the altitude of 800 feet, when it

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FAULT-3S AlftMlLtS fOUTH OF-^1 A ",f.KTm»
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(Continued on next page) 5

(Radar-Visual Case continued) The nearest possibilities could jamming device.that could absorb radar
becomes a medium orange in color. (3) have been simultaneous mirage -- waves 100%, complete disintegration,
The balloons have a life span of 13 to 15 "angel targets" due to air inversion or going to a quick hover. Since MTI
minutes and travel one to two miles at layers. The investigators considered radar was being used, a hovering target
about a 2000 ft. altitude. (4) When they that the radar waves may have been would appear to vanish. (The purpose
burn out, they "flare up", then the light bent by trapped layers of warm air and of MTI is to eliminate ground clutter
goes out. (5) The burning plastic straws were picking up moving ground targets. and stationary targets.) However, the
only appear as "dropping balls" on Simultaneously, the observers were first unknown was moving at speeds
occasion and fall only about 50 ft: viewing lights from automobiles. These faster than military helicopters. A
before extinguishing. possibilities are untenable due to the conventional airplane cannot hover. If
On January 14, 1978, the three following: (1) no indications of inversion the object went into a hover mode, it
prime investigators met with'a group of targets (angels) were showing up on remained for some time. The moment
people who had previous military radar, radar before or after the encounter. (2) an object moves, the MTI radar picks it
balloon launching, helicopter, and jet Targets were well defined, not up. The target never did reappear after
interceptor experience to review the nebulous. (3) Angel targets "shimmy", the abrupt fade-out. The radar .
findings on this case. The hoax or dart about, appear, vanish, then indicated that Snoopy and one
balloon explanation was refuted on the reappear. These did not. (4) Angels do unknown were "painting" as one target
following points: (1) Balloons should not track for a distance of 10 miles. on the scope.. This indicates that
have . traveled easternly. (2) The Again, could they have been hot air Snoopy was very close to the
students couldn't identify helicopter plastic .laundry bags or weather unknowns. If it was an aircraft with only
lighting when questioned. (3) Distant balloons? It is possible to create radar a landing light on, Ron and Howard
hot air balloons are orange, not yellow- returns from plastic and weather would have seen an airplane shape, not
white. (4) A helicopter could get within balloons by creating a wire frame or the shape described.
75 feet of a hot air balloon for visual using strips of foil. (Editors note: foil cut Of possible interest to people who
identification. If it got any closer, the into one half wavelength pieces at the have constructed UFO magnetic
balloons would be sucked into the rotor radar transmitting frequency, when detectors, the following is related.
blades and not whipped around. (6) Air dropped from aircraft or fired from a Wayne Laporte lives in the area over
flow is linear through the blades and gun or cannon is used as a technique which the first object would have
downward. The altitude was too high known as "jamming". The ability of a passed moving toward Monroe, NC
for the rotor blast to deflect off the radar to detect aircraft behind such a Airport. His UFO detector utilizes a
ground to affect the objects. (7) The reflective screen is ineffective.) very sensitive compass and a
police did not use the spotlight during The pilot reported that one object photoelectric eye. If the compass
the encounter. (Editors note: The ascended to 4000 ft. while the second needle deviates more than a few
landing light was turned on briefly so continued coming toward him at 1800 degrees, the alarm activates and a clock
the F.A.A. tower operators could ft. If they were balloons and had drifted stops in order to register the time the
identify the position of Snoopy over the into a thermal current (uprising air device was tripped. The detector range
Coliseum.) (8) Since no metal was used column), both objects would have is based on an estimate of a two million
in the balloons construction, it would ascended as they encountered the gauss field strength at two miles
not show up on radar. (Weather thermal current. It is difficult to imagine distance. The detector was not tripped
balloons being tracked by radar, how a balloon could "outfly" and out- that evening.
require a transponder like device or maneauver a helicopter. The panel of investigators and
have to be wired with copper in a Were the unknow targets aircraft? solicited advisors, after hearing all .
prescribed manner.) (9) A hot air The 200 to 230 m.p.h. estimated speed testimony, have concluded the Snoopy
balloon does not move at 230 m.p.h. of the radar target eliminates military II and its crew of two had encountered
For the sake of being objective, the helicopters. It is within the capability of an Unidentified Flying Object or UFO.
investigators elected to disregard the some twin turboprop observation craft All witnesses have volunteered to
pilot's estimate of speeds and altitudes such as the Mohawk and Bronco. The undergo polygraph tests if necessary.
of the objects. They could not disregard moderate radar target fade out would Even though JOURNAL readers have
the radar andings of an operator with indicate a descent below the radar not had the opportunity of interviewing
six years experience. The radar contact antenna beam. However, the abrupt the witnesses, sharing in the thorough
rules out hallucinations, visions, and disappearance of the second target investigations, hearing the interviews
planets. The radar estimated tracking over Charlotte is difficult to explain in on tape, this is an example of the effort
speed of 200 m.p.h. or more rules out terms of aircraft. This implies fantastic, expended and techniques used to
birds, insects and radio controlled rapid vertical acceleration beyond identify a UFO. What do you think Ron
model aircraft. present spacecraft ability, quick Arey and Howard Dellinger saw at
vertical descent to tree top level, close range-a hot air laundry bag
activation of some sophisticated radar balloon or a UFO?
By Alvin H. Lawson
Professor of English California State University, Long Beach
(Copyright by Alvin H. Lawson, May 1977)
Supplement to the 1977 MUFON UFO Symposium Proceedings
Part II

6. VERBAL PHENOMENA work at Stanford Research Institute "alien voices", the banal "messages",
ASSOCIATED WITH HYPNOTIC and by others* has supported the long- and other verbal phenomena, all of
REGRESSION held hypothesis of distinct which may be evidence of the mind's
hemispherical specialization, and has largely futile attempt to express the
Verbal phenomena which have also led to a tentative suggestion that if ineffable. The verbal responses may
emerged in regressions of both "real" paranormal functioning does involve thus not relate at all to the truth or
and imaginary abductees may or may the brain at all that the neurological falsity of the content of the witness's
not have a common origin, though centers of any paranormal activities are narrative. Note that other non-
recent research into brain hemisphere located in the brains's r i g h t analytical (right hemisphere) details of
specialization for verbal and non-verbal hemisphere. If this idea is valid, it may shape, color, etc., are normally part of
functioning is suggestive. One witness have great significance for UFO any good CE-III report; such functions
stuttered markedly whenever he tried researchers who are studying the can be considered of potentially high
to repeat what an alien entity allegedly paranormal component of UFO reliability.
said to him, though he did not normally reports: since a paranormal experience Knowing that the verbal component
stutter and though he narrated the (right hemisphere) may be separated of abductions may be the weakest link
remainder of his encounter with no from both verbalization and analytical in the credibility chain, investigators
trace of stuttering. Another witness activities (left hemisphere), it is no who can employ hypnosis should utilize
used three or four different "voices" for wonder that witnesses to paranormal non-verbal techniques such as
as many aliens, whose cryptic experiences find themselves under real sketching, finger-motion, yes-and-no
communications seemed to erupt from difficulty both in articulating their responses, pendulum, and other "silent
him involuntarily. Also, "verbal blocks" experiences and analyzing them with witness" methods of dealing with UFO
were demonstrated by both "real" and any precision. reports. It is painfully obvious that the
imaginary regressees, during which This difficulty with articulation and verbal matter in most abduction cases
they were unable to articulate anything analysis became obvious during the SRI is unsatisfactory, but if it is ever to be
for periods ranging from seconds to "remote viewing" or clairvoyance more than what most observers have
several minutes in response to experiments where a S would often long considered an embarrassing
particular questions about their UFO draw a target accurately but identify it absurdity, it will have to be analyzed
experience. (This seemed unusual to inaccurately: a tennis court's squared more carefully by knowledgeable
the hypnotist present, though it may screen fence was sketched correctly researchers.
well be more common in clinical but was mistakenly labeled "windows";
hypnosis experience than we are and a playground merry-go-round was
aware.) Finally, and this has been noted drawn well but described as the cupola
widely by experienced investigators, of a building.* *Scc Puthoff and Targ, "A Perceptual Channel
the so-called "messages" which If there is a paranormal component for Information Transfer over Kilometer
Distances: Historical Perspective and Recent
abductees allege have been given to to UFO encounters, then, one Research," in PROCEEDINGS OF THE IEEE
them by their alien captors have in indication of its presence might be the Vol. 64, No. 3 (March, 1976), pp. 329-354.
common at least this: a tediously unsatisfactory nature of verbal (Includes a fine bibliography of recent brain
hemisphere and related research.) Dr. Puthoff
narrow range of subject matter and an phenomena such as we have been
discussed some of the ufological implications of
unrelieved banality of content. discussing. Under this view, if the the SRI work at an informative meeting at
As was indicated above, studies have witness has contact with "something" Foothill College, Los Altos, Calif., in April of 1976.
shown that the brain's left hemisphere which involves to some degree a
is specialized for language and paranormal event such as telepathy,
analytical functions, while the right the witness may have a tough time •Sec Puthoff and Targ, pp. 339 and 341
hemisphere governs separate and even analyzing and articulating the telepathic respectively.
opposite functions such as intuition, the communication in verbal terms-and
emotions, and spatial concepts. Recent thus we have the verbal "blocks", the (Continued on next page)
(Abductees continued) where 7B shows an entity ("weird "remote viewed" individual words and
guy"). (Even'the fact that the imaginary concepts rather than derived them
S failed to include any alien entities in ::frbm the investigators' minds. (All three
her drawing may have significance. The researchers, remember, were studying
SRI sketches and accompanying tape the interrogation forms and its
As we saw in part HI .of this study, narratives only rarely included figures sugestions during the imaginary
• investigators found what seemed to be of humans at remote target locations, sessions.) Thus there may have been
a telepathic component in the verbal and.moving objects also were almost two paranormal modes in effect during
responses of imaginary S's. A pair of never noted.* An alien entity in motion the hypnosis regressions of imaginary
drawings by two subjects, however, thus might be expected to have a poor UFO abductees: telepathy and
suggest that there may have been chance of being "seen" in .a "remote clairvoyance or "remote viewing".
telepathic communication of data viewing" situation.) These matters are speculative, but
visually as well. The drawings (see together with the data on possible ESP
Figures 7A and 7B)* are both top views effects from part III above, they provide
of a UFO interior. The imaginary S's sufficient reason to believe that during
sketch is remarkably similar to one by a hypnosis Ss may somehow, "lift"
"real" witness whose case had been significant amounts of data . from
investigated two .months previously by investigators present, and that the
the same three individuals who were reliability of information gained through
conducting the imaginary session, and use of hypnosis in allegedly real cases
who .were, thoroughly familiar with .the must not be taken for granted.
"real" witness's drawings. Some This study has provided evidence
significant similarities between the two: showing that imaginary Ss. under
hypnosis report UFO experiences
1. G E N E R A L O C T A G O N A L which seem identical to those of "real"
SHAPE OF EACH ROOM witnesses. However, my assumption-
'2. THE WORD "ME", ASSOCI- and it is a major one-is that abductions
ATED WITH A CIRCLE, are "real" in some sense to witnesses,
APPEARS IN EACH arid so the central question to serious
3. THE WORD "LIGHT" IN ONE study of abduction reports is this: what
AND "LIGHTS" IN THE OTHER is the nature of the "stimulus" which
4. "INSTRUMENTS" USED ON triggers in witnesses the-sequence of
THE .S's ARE ON THE LEFT events which they describe as an
SIDE IN EACH abduction experience? We cannot
5. A CONTROL BOARD OR answer. this question^ and it may be
OPERATING AREA IS AT THE simplistic to adopt either a "nuts-and-
TOP OF EACH bolts" or "psychic" hypothesis.
Because the research indicates that
Along with the similarities there are -FIG. 7B. "REflL- HTBESS'S DRAWDC the imaginations of individual witneses
obvious differences in the drawings, but may be the source of much if not all the
these are interesting and may be If, however, the imaginary S has data we have about alleged abductions,
explainable. The "remote viewing" somehow reproduced the "real" I feel that these experiments represent
experiments at SRI again may have drawing through paranormal means, a significant challenge to the "nuts-and-
something to teach us. For instance, the primary mode must have been bolts" interpretation of the UFO
there are three tables in sketch 7A, two telepathic rather than through "remote mystery. It has long been supposed that
in 7B; but there are three circles in the viewing" in the SRI pattern. There was any non-physical hypothesis would fall
center of the "real" drawing no copy of the "real" drawing in the short of explaining physical "evidence"
(representing "aliens"). It is possible room; the memories of the hypnotist such as disturbed vegetation and soil,
that the three geometric shapes were and two investigators were the only and photographs. Yet there are recent
"picked up" telepathically by the S's immediate conceivable source. It was a experiments at SRI which provide
right hemisphere and then analyzed different situation, obviously, when the
*Fig. 7A was drawn by the same S who sketched
incorrectly as rectangular tables by the imaginary Ss were, as was theorized, Figs. 5 and 6, and whose narrative appears as
left hemisphere. A similar concision is "lifting" i n f o r m a t i o n from the Appendix #2. Fig. 78 was drawn by the "real" S of
suggested by the "ladder" in drawing interrogation form during their Appendix #1.
7A which is located in the same area regressions: they -may well have *Puthoff and Targ, p. 346.

laboratory evidence that both physical
and physiological effects can be caused
through non-physical or paranormal
means. While this evidence offers a
possible solution to the current
physical/psychic UFO dilemma, most
ufologists seem unaware of its
existence, let alone its significance.
But the findings of the present study
support the view that the real hope lies
in current, research on consciousness
and the brain, and in the new
seriousness evident in research into the
paranormal. Whether or not these lines
of study will lead soon to a "nuts-and-
bolts", "psychis", or any conclusion we
(166 pages)
Some physical effects emerged in one cannot know. Against the immense Thomas M. Gates, Sunnyvale, CAIIf. MUFON
experiment with the psychic Ingo UFO mystery, the only certainty is our Consultant in Astronomy
Swann which involved five separate stark ignorance.
perturbations of a magnetometer which FURTHER EVIDENCE OF UFO RADIATION
was designed to be perfectly shielded */n QUANTUM PHYSICS AND PARA- BY James M. McCampbell, Belmont, Calif.,
from any normal external electro- PSYCHOLOGY, ed Laura Oteri (New York, MUFON Director of Research and Author of
1975), pp. 129-150.
magnetic radiation. Swann "placed his **/n Puthoff and Jars, "Information

attention" (apparently via "remote Transmission Under Conditions of Sensory

viewing") on the internal workings of Shieldina," NATURE, vol. 252, pp. 602-607 (Oct. UFO INVESTIGATIONS by Bill Pitts, Fort
18, 1974). Smith, Ark. MUFON State Director for
the instrument and as he did so obvious
variations were noted in the
magnetometer's output recordings,
proving that physical changes were I Mark R. Herbstritt WHY THE COVER-UP? by Richard Gottlieb,
Phbehlx, Arizona Member of Ground Saucer
caused through seemingly paranormal
mental phenomena.* Again at SRI,
stronomy Watch (GSW, Inc.) Research Board

a n o t h e r e x p e r i m e n t * * showed
physiological modifications in EEC Notes THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD OF INVESTIGA-
TING UFOs by John L. Warren, Ph.D. Los
readings of .a "receiver" S when a Alamos, New Mexico. MUFON Consultant
telepathic "sender" S in another room THE SKY FOR in Physics and State Director for New Mexico

was stimulated with a flashing light.

Further, the "receiver" S was pot FEBRUARY 1978 FUTURE PHYSICS AND ANTI-GRAVITY by

conscious of the incoming paranormal William F. Hassel, Ph.D., Woodland Hills,

Mercury - Early in the month it may be
Calif., MUFON Consultant and State Section
stimulus; rather, the entire seen very low in the south-east before
physiological response was effected sunrise, but by the end of the month it is
below the cognitive level of awareness. too close to the sun for observation,
This is clearly analogous to UFO being in superior conjunction on the THE GREAT FALLS, MONTANA AND
witnesses like Barney Hill who manifest 26th. TREMONTON, UTAH MOVIES by William
physiological effects in the absence of a H. Spauldlng, Phoenix, Ariz., Director of GSW,
conscious memory of a causative Venus - It is too close to the sun for Inc., MUFON State Director for Arizona and
event. observation. Photographic Consultant
Thus one of the most challenging
aspects of the UFO enigma, the Mars - Moving from Cancer into WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM HYPNOSIS

seeming psychic/physical dualism of Gemini, it is about 30 degrees above the OF IMAGINARY ABDUCTEES? by Alvin

the phenomenon and its effects, may eastern horizon at sunset and sets H. Lawson, Ph.D., . Garden Grove, CAIif.

have a v i a b l e - - i . e . , c u r r e n t l y shortly before sunrise. MUFON State Section Director for Orange
demonstrable-theoretical "expla-
nation". UFO's have always invited Jupiter - In Taurus, it is high in the east
exotic speculations--Jung's UFO- at sunset and sets about 4 hours before
Stanton T. Friedman, Nuclear Physicist, UFO
collective conscious link has lately been sunrise.
Lecturer, and MUFON Consultant In Nuclear
g i v e n new e m p a s i s — but the Physics
hypotheses, like the questions, have a Saturn - It rises at about sunset and is
way of getting curiouser, too! UFO's above the horizon all night, being at Price: $5.00 Poat Paid From:
will be understood only when human opposition on the 15th in the MUFON
ingenuity is equal to the task. An Constellation Leo. 103 OLDTOWNE ROAD
obviously increasing professionalism in SEQUIN, TEXAS 78135 U.S.A.
UFO investigators worldwide is giving The alpha Aurigid Meteor shower
us better data and will help significantly. occurs February 5-10.
By Bruce S. Maccabcc
MUFON State Director for Maryland
(Copyright Bruce S. Maccabee, 1977)

Part III (Continued from November numerous baloons as a cooperative and have more facilities for handling
issue of the MUFON UFO Journal) measure for the Army and that after material which it is necessary to
considerable work had been done, the examine as a result of its being reported
It is interesting to note the Army then informed that these were as a remnant of a flying disc. It is
comments within the preceeding military weapons and that they would believed that the Bureau is merely
document about the apparent lack of take over handling of these completely. playing bird-dog for the Army by using
interest of the "high brass", as This they did and in an extremely short our manpower to run out these ,
expressed by Col. Garrett, apparently time issued a big press release as to the complaints on flying discs."
with the concurrence of Gen Schulgen. splendid work of the Army in locating Despite the eminently reasonable
This information obtained from the these Japanese baloons. From the argument put forth by Mr, Coyne, the '«
intelligence services associated with air information available thus far, it does Bureau continued it's investigation
force flying saucer "research" provides not appear that these discs should be through August and into September.
an interesting contrast to Ruppelt's treated as other than as a military Then the Bureau received the following
claim21,22 that the "top brass" wanted weapon. Certainly the Bureau has no letter from its Special Agent in Charge
the problem solved quickly and that this way to determine what experiments the in San Francisco:24
desire resulted in pressure and "frantic Army and Navy are conducting and "I am transmitting herewith copies
attempts to find answers"22. whether such might be arising out of of a 'restricted' letter dated September
Thus far I have presented experiments being conducted by them 3, 1947, which was furnished to me by...
information which shows that (a) many nor do we have any way of determining (name not given) . . . which letter is
UFO reports were non-trivial, (b) the how far the Russians have progressed designated to certain Commanding
AAF took the flying disc reports in certain experiments and whether Generals of the Army Air Forces from
seriously, and (c) the AAF was certain such might be the results of Col. R. H. Smith, Assistant Chief of
that no U.S. Government project experiments by the Russian Army. It Staff - Intelligence, Headquarters Air
resulted in flying disc reports. This (sic) short, it would certainly appear Defense Command, Mitchel Field, New
information by itself was sufficient to that this is a military situation and. York, concerning the Cooperation of
suggest that the discs were real objects should be handled strictly by military FBIwith AAF on Investigations of
and were therefore a military authorities." 'Flying Disc' Incidents".
intelligence problem, not a domestic "In this connection it might be "It is my understanding from
intelligence problem. Thus from this pointed out that our present Portland recent Bureau instructions that we are
information alone the FBI could have case arose out of the fact that two Army to assist the Air Force Intelligence
concluded that its investigations were Intelligence officers were returning personnel in the investigation of flying ,
not necessary. That such a conclusion from an interview of two individuals disc incidents. However, it will be noted
had already been reached in early who reportedly had seen flying discs." from the attached letter that it is Army
August by at least one agent is (This refers to the FBI investigation of interpretation that it was their intent S
illustrated by the following the circumstances surrounding the that the Bureau would investigate those
memorandum to Mr. Ladd from Mr. plane crash after two Army officers incidents of the so-called 'discs' being
Coyne:22 investigated the Maury Island report - found on the ground and apparently not
"It is felt that the situation note by present author.) "If the Army those which are observed only in flight.
regarding these flying saucers and flying Intelligence officers are handling some Further, the attention of the Bureau is
discs is very similar to the situation of these interviews, it is believed that respectfully called to paragraph two of
which was previously encountered by they should be handling all of these this letter and to the last sentence
the Bureau during the past war in interviews, and it is not believed that the therein which states, 'The services of
handling complaints arising out of the Bureau should be expending its the FBI were enlisted in order to relieve
sighting of Japanese baloons (sic). You precious manpower on these the numbered Air Forces of the task of
will recall that at the inception of these complaints which have thus far no tracking down all the many instances
complaints the Bureau conducted connection with our Russian espionage which turned out to be ash can covers,
considerable investigation and located program. The military authorities toilet seats and whatnot."
certainly are better equipped to know "In the first place, the instructions
10 what they are looking for than we are issued by the Army Air Forces in this
letter appear to limit the type of and points out that "This letter states in flying discs, and am instructing them to
investigations which the Bureau will be substance that it was the original intent refer all complaints received to the
asked to handle and secondly it appears of the AC/AS2, Headquarters, Army appropriate Air Force representative in
to me the wording of the last sentence Air Forces that whereas the ADC their area."
in the second paragraph mentioned would interview (underlining in Ladd's (signed) John Edgar Hoover, Director
above is cloaked in entirely uncalled for letter) responsible observers", the FBI
language tending to indicate the Bureau would investigate incidents of discs on On October 1,1947, in Bulletin #57
will be asked to conduct investigations the ground. The memorandum to of that year, the FBI published the
only in those cases which are not Hoover concluded with the following single sentence directive, "All future
important and which are almost, in fact, recommendations: reports connected with flying discs
ridiculous." "It is recommended that the should be referred to the Air Forces
"The thought has occurred to me Bureau protest vigorously to the and no investigative action should be
the Bureau might desire to discuss this Assistant Chief of Air Staff-2. It is also taken by Bureau agents."27
matter further with the Army Air recommended that the Bureau The explicit reference by Hoover
Forces both as to the types of discontinue all activity in this field and to the wording in the restricted Army
investigations which we will conduct that the Bureau Field Offices be advised letter shows that Hoover wanted the
and also to object to the scurrilous to discontinue all investigations and to Army to know his agent had
wordage which, to say the least, is refer all complaints received to the Air "penetrated" its secrecy. This, then
insulting to the Bureau in the last Forces." was the intelligence "scandal" referred
sentence of paragraph two." Apparently the fact that no to in Part I; the "last straw" that caused
The above letter was sent to Ass't. subversion had been found, when the abrupt end of the official FBI
Director D. M. Ladd, who, about a coupled with the fact that the AAF was investigations into UFO reports.
week later, provided a sort of summary carrying out their own interviews and However, this did not end the FBI
of the situation regarding "flying discs" restricting the FBI to useless cases, involvement with "discs". As I have
to the director, H. Hoover. The Ladd created a rather emotional response on mentioned previously, agents
memorandum to Hoover was as the part of the FBI, for only two days continued to file brief reports aind to
follows:25 later Hoover wrote to Major General interview Air Force officers and to
"The Bureau was requested by the George C. McDonald, Ass't. Chief Air collect UFO related information for
Air Forces Intelligence to assist in Staff - 2 at the Pentagon the following about 16 years after this directive.
attempting to arrive at an explanation letter:26 Moreover, the information collected by .
of the (flying discs). The Air Forces "The Federal B u r e a u of the FBI in the following years is at least
indicated that the alleged sightings of Investigation has been requested by as important, if not more important, to
flying discs might have been made by your office to assist in the investigation the understanding of the governmental
individuals of Communist sympathies of reported sightings of flying discs." involvement with UFO reports as is the
for the purpose of causing mass "My attention has been called to information collected during the period
hysteria in the United States over the instructions disseminated by the Air up to October 1, 1947. Information
fear of a secret Russian weapon. The Forces relative to this matter. I have collected after October 1, 1947 will be
Bureau agreed to assist in the been advised that these instructions presented in subsequent papers.
investigation of the reported sightings, indicate that the Air Forces would However, before ending this part, I
and the Field was advised in Bureau interview responsible observers while would like to present some of the
Bulletin No. 42, Series 1947, dated July the FBI would investigate incidents of interesting information contained in the
' 30, 1947, that they should investigate discs found on the ground, thereby FBI file that was obtained before
each instance which was brought to relieving the Air Forces of running October 1947 and also a listing of the
their attention of the sighting of a flying down incidents which in many cases cases filed during that period.
disc in order to ascertain whether or turned out to be 'ash can covers, toilet On July 18,1947, the special agent
not it was a bona fide sighting, an seats and whatnot'." in New Haven, Conn, wrote the
imaginary one, or a prank. The results "In view of the apparent following letter to the Director of the
of the investigation conducted by the understanding by the Air Forces of the FBI:2*
Bureau Field Offices in this matter have position of the Federal Bureau of "For the information of the Bureau
failed to reveal and indications of Investigation in this matter, I cannot this is to advise that on July 7,1947 Mr.
subversive individuals being involved in permit the personnel and time of this . . ., Stamford, Conn, appeared at the
any of the reported sightings. organization to be dissipated in this Stamford Resident Agent's Office and
matter." furnished the following information:
(Underlining by present author.)"
"I am advising the Field Divisions •Mr prefaced his remarks by
The Ladd memorandum then of the Federal Bureau of Investigation stating that he is a scientist by
describes the "restricted" army letter to discontinue all investigative activity
obtained by the agent in San Francisco, regarding the reported sightings of (continued on next page)
(FBI Files, Continued)
occupation and is currently employed they immediately died but as public Conn., and had been informed by ....
at the American Cyanamid Research interest. Mr.. .... stated that it is quite that his company is making a large
Laboratories on West Main Street in possible that actually .' the "flying powerful telescope to be used in
Stamford, Conn., in the Physics saucers" could be radio controlled searching the stratosphere for atom
Division. Mr further indicated that germ bombs or atom bombs which are bombs."
during the war he was employed at circling the orbit of the earth and which The opinion expressed in the
MIT, Cambridge, Mass., in the could be controlled by radio and above letter is very interesting when
Radiation Laboratory which is the directed to land on any desired target at contrasted with public statements of
Laboratory connected with the the specific desire of the agency or scientists and others who apparently
Manhattan Project. Mr advised that country operating the bombs. He thought the discs were imaginary,
he is thirty years of age and is a stated that one of the items of interest illusions, misidentifications, hoaxes,
graduate of the University of Arizona." which he personally has observed is the etc., anything but real objects that
Mr stated that the topic of fact that the saucers have been shoulc have concerned the scientific
"flying saucers" had caused observed in Mexico City, New Orleans, community. It also contains an allusion
considerable comment and concern to Philadelphia, New York, Boston, to what might have been a significant
the present day scientists and indicated Halifax, Newfoundland, Paris, Milan, pre-Arnold sighting in Italy.
that he himself had a personal theory Bologna, and Yugoslavia as well as A listing of the good cases in the
concerning the "flying saucers". Prior Albania. By placing a string around the FBI files up to October 1947 follows. A
to advancing his own theory, Mr globe of the earth it would be noticed comparable listing could be made for
remarked that immediately after the that all of the above mentioned cities historical or sociological purposes of
conclusion of World War II, a friend of form a direct orbit or circle around the the hoax cases. However, I have
his, Mr , allegedly obseved the earth and would be more or less in line chosen not to present such a list since it
"flying saucers" from an observatory in of any path in which the saucers could would contain none of the cases that
Milan and Bologna, Italy. He stated that be circling." the Air Force considered important for
apparently at the time the "flying Mr further stated that he had the understanding of "flying discs",
saucers" had caused a little comment in recently talked with .... one of the although it would contain many of the
Italy but that after some little publicity owners of (....) company in Glenbrook, cases investigated by the FBI.

Date Place Time Brief Description
1945? Germany evening armed forces witness saw object that approached, descended with
oscillating motion
1/16/47 North Sea, England 2230 RAF Mosquito vectored and chased unidenitified aircraft for 50 miles
at 22,000 ft.
April, '47 Virginia meteorologists' reports of pre-May sightings of disc through theodolite
5/5/47 Washington State 1530 three witnesses saw silver object do "nose dive" and disintegrate
leaving a pillar of smoke
5/19/47 Colorado 1215 three railroad employees saw silver object traveling fast; was fuzzy
even with binoculars
5/17-21/47 Oklahoma City 2030 Byron Savage's report; white disc-like object seen for 15-20 seconds
6/2/47 Rehoboth, Delaware Forest Wenyon's report; air observation of a rapidly moving "jar-like"
object (also Sept. 1946 sighting referred to)***
6/14/47 Bakersfield, Calif. 1200 Richard Rankin's report; many discs sighted flying in groups
6/22/47 Greenfield, Mass. 1130 Rapidly moving, round, silvery-white object
6/24/47 Kenneth Arnold's report
6/24/47 Cascade Mountains daytime prospector Johnson's report of object that affected his compass***
6/28/47 Nevada 1400 Lt. Armstrong from the air saw object traveling toward him
6/28/47 Alabama 2120 Maxwell AFB sighting, by AAF personnel; "cold sober" pilots and air
' intelligence officers saw object travel in zig-zag course for 5 minutes
6/29/47 White Sands 1300 Zohn and Kauke report of object traveling rapidly near V-2 proving
6/30/47 Grand Canyon 0910 Lt. McGinty in aircraft reported two round grey objects traveling
- straight down
Date Place Time Brief Description
7/3/47 Maine 1430 Astronomer Cole saw many objects cross sky rapidly
7/4/47 Emmet, Idaho 2015 United Airlines Pilot Smith and co-pilots - objects from the air
7/4/47 Oregon 1305 Portland police officers and many others saw three discs flying east
and two flying south
7/6/47 Alabama 2045 Staff Sergeant Livingston and many others saw rapidly moving lights;
photos obtained
7/6/47 Hollywood, Calif. several objects reported
7/6/47 Kansas City 1345 Major A. B. Browning AC/A3, Pentagon, saw bright, silver,
disc-shaped object while flying at 10,000 ft. in a B-52 in CAVU weather.
7/6/47 Fairfield, Calif. day Capt. Bumiston(?) of the AAF and wife saw rapidly traveling object
oscillating side-to-side
7/7/47 Arlington, Va. 2300 someone in the Office of fhe Air Inspector saw a rapidly moving object
from his home
7/7/47 Phoenix 1700 former Naval Ordnance Laboratory employee photographed object
making circles in the sky***
7/7/47 Koshkonong, Wisconsin 1145 airplane instructor and student in aircraft saw object descend and
fly horizontally at a speed estimated to be 6000 MPH
7/7/47 East Troy, Wisconsin 1430 AAF captain and passenger in aircraft saw object travel horizontally
at a speed estimated to have been 3690 MPH
7/8/47 Hamilton Field, Calif. Staff Sgt. Baker reported he and several others saw three round rolling
objects traveling faster than F80*s
7/8/47 Muroc, Calif. 1010 many military personnel sighted two silvery discs followed by a third
7/8/47 Norfolk, Va. afternoon B. Turrentine saw and photographed object rocking and spinning like
a football*** '
7/8/47 Mt. Baldy, Calif. 1550 A. E. Morman(?), 1st Lt. in fighter squadron while flying at 20,000 ft.
reported flat object with no wings or vertical fin at about 35,000 ft.
7/9/47 Grand Falls, 2330 discs reported by police officials
7/9/47 Boise, Idaho 1215 newsman Johnson after three days of air search saw a "flying disc"
7/10/47 St. John's, 2315 Several people reported to the police glowing, round objects
7/10/47 Harmon Field, 1700 Airline representatives saw disc-like wagon wheel cut through clouds
Newfoundland at 10,000 ft; photos of trail taken
7/11/47 .Codroy, Newfoundland 0030 several people reported rapidly moving glowing object with a trail
7/12/47 Elmendorf Field, Alaska 1830 several officers observed grey object following land contours for
several minutes
7/20/47 steamship near 2015 silvery reddish flashes seen as object apparently traveled and changed
Newfoundland course numerous times
7/20/47 Frostburg, Maryland 0915 circular whitish object flying above broken clouds making a noise
7/23/47 Harmon Field, 2345 flashing reddish light traveling rapidly at high altitude for 3 minutes
7/29/47 Canyon Ferry, Montana 1205 bright disc traveling rapidly, then hovering and fluttering and finally
"melting into thin air"
7/29/47 Hamilton Field, Calif. 1200 AAF officers observed two objects traveling faster than P-80 aircraft;
milky white; second zig-zagged behind first
7/?/47 Ft. Richardson, Alaska Two Army officers reported to the Intelligence Director seeing round
rapidly*** moving silver object under clouds for 20 seconds
8/?/47 near Los Angeles 1000 while hiking in mountains; observer reported a small object on the
ground that took off and "knocked him to the ground"
(letter to the FBI)
8/3/47 Hakensack, N.J. 1945 observers saw round black object moving "too rapidly to be a
(continued on next page) 13
(FBI Files Continued) Local
Date Place Time Brief Description
8/4/47 Near Boston 1600 Air Line Captain and Navigator saw bright orange cylindrical object
blunt at both ends
8/4/47 Bethel, Alaska 2200 pilot and co-pilot saw object like flying wing but no propellers
(daylight or jet exhaust***
in Alaska
8/6/47 Philadelphia 2230 many observers saw object like a "giant firecracker" travel at an
apparent speed of several hundred mph***
8/6/47 Myrtle Creek, Oregon 1815 former Navy pilot and student saw round aluminum-like object from
their aircraft on two occasions about 10 minutes apart***
8/7/47 Ocean Lake, Oregon 2330 bright disc sighted
8/13/47 Redmond, Washington 0900 Brummett and Decker reported two bright objects traveling very fast;
seen eight seconds
8/13/47 near Twin Falls, Idaho 0930 county commissioner and ex-sheriff reported two discs and great
height and a roaring noise***
8/13/47 Snake River Canyon, 1300 A. C. Urie and sons reported structured disc-like object flying
Idaho within the canyon***
8/14/47 Placerville, Calif. 1600 object seen that traveled rapidly and disappeared in a puff of smoke
8/14/47 Guam 1040 enlisted men saw crescent shaped objects on a zig-zag course twice
as fast as plane
8/19/47 Twin Falls, Idaho 2130 residents and police officers reported groups of objects flying over
city under overcast sky; very fast and glowing***
9/3/47 Oswego, Oregon 1215 lady and children saw "two dozen" round silver objects; platter
9/6/47 Shouns, Tenn. two observers reported football shaped object turning end over end
in air; seen against overcast sky***
9/8/47 Logan, Utah 2240 three flights of "saucers" seen by several people; yellowish-white
objects circled city rapidly; seen against overcast***
9/11/47 Portland, Oregon 1715 Portland police and many others saw silvery object travel rapidly
and circle city***

(Note: the next "good" report in the portion of the FBI file that I have is in early 1948, and then reports "picked up" again in 1949.)
(***: denotes cases in which the FBI interviewed one or more of the people who reported UFOs)

Although in a few of the above 8/13/47, Redmond, Washington; and others saw two flights of objects,
cases the brevity of the description 8/14/47, Guam; 9/6/47, Shouns, Tenn.; the first being of a pair of silver round or
mirrors the brevity of the report, in and 9/11/47, Portland, Ore. (Note: the disc-like objects, and the second being
most cases the above descriptions do absence of a listing at the beginning of the flight of a single roundish object.
not do justice to the amounts of the Blue Book file does not necessarily Unfortunately the Air Force
information furnished by the mean that a case does not exist within investigation was typically brief so that
witness(es). the microfilm record at the National a lot of potential information was lost
Most of the above cases are in the Archives; cases could be contained (e.g., observers at different places on
Project Blue Book listing ('Table of within the Office of Special the air base should have been asked to
Contents") in the National Archives. Investigations - OSI - section of the give accurate direction and elevation
However, I have not found the following microfilm record. The OSI section has angles so that the altitudes of the
cases listed: 1945(?), Germany; no "table of contents".) objects could have been estimated).
1/16/47, North Sea; April '47, Virginia; Most of the 59 cases listed above The portion of the FBI file that I
5/5/47, Washington State; 5/19/47, were sufficiently detailed and reported have obtained contains only a couple of
Colorado; 5/17-21/47, Oklahoma City; by sufficiently reliable witnesses that it entries for the year 1948, showing that
7/8/47, Norfolk, Va.; 7/8/47, Mt Baldy, would be difficult to conclude from Hoover's effort to extricate the FBI
C a l i f . ; 7/10/47, St. J o h n ' s , them that nothing unusual was being from the UFO scene was initially
Newfoundland; 8/6/47, Myrtle Creek, seen. Especially impressive, for successful. However, the FBI began
Ore.; 8/7/47, Ocean Lake, Ore.; example, were the 7/8/47 sightings at receiving information from the Air
Muroc AFB in which several military Force again in 1949, some of which was
14 observers signed statements that they (Continued on page 16)
By Ann Druffel

Many writers' ideas stream from other "objective" researchers at the hidden in the recesses of witnesses'
the subconscious in the middle of the time were not quite ready to accept the minds and only now are coming to light.
night. They inevitably disappear if facts of this terrorizing visitation. So The types of witnesses (reliable) and
ignored and vanish like ghosts never to unprepared were ufologists in general the kinds of statements (coherent)
return. And so writers have learned to that total publication of the entire presented by these older hidden cases
scribble down the precious fragments Hopkinsville publication was not ' are similar in all ways to the modern-day
as soon as they perceived—in the planned until very recently. In the "abductions" reported weekly around
dark. 1950's, also, all "contactees" who the world.
The following are "thoughts in the claimed to have been inside UFOs and Why does the phenomenon work
dark", not only because they occurred to have been given messages regarding in this fashion? Were there no cases of
to me in the above fashion, but also the UFO occupants' motives and frightening abductions, consciously
because they concern a subject which purposes were, without exception, remembered, in the 1950's? Were all
has been "in the dark" for the past thirty regarded as deluded or as hoaxers. the CE-III abduction witnesses
years--i.e. what is the nature of the UFO Faced with contradictory and consciously made to "disremember"
phenomenon? often unacceptable evidence, the occurrence? And why are there
Perhaps the most perplexing facet therefore, the researchers of the 1950's both conscious-memory cases and
of the UFO phenomenon is its seeming slipped and sloshed in a sea of data. The cases of "amnesia" occurring now in
ability to prance just ahead of objectives failed in their attempts to the 1970's?.
researchers seeking its solution. prove UFOs as physical craft because For what it is worth, a peculiar fact
Twenty-five years ago, the "objectives", of their inability to analyze the data needs pointing out. In several cases
as those persons favoring the efficiently, and the ETH hypothesis, as currently being investigated in the
extraterrestrial hypothesis were called, the only explanation for UFOs, died Southland, I have noted that occupants
were teased by "hard" data which withering on the vine. of an abducting UFO often resemble
seemed beyond their ability to analyze In the late 1960's and early 1970°s, what would be logical projections
satisfactorily. For instance, in the scientists began entering the UFO field from the witnesses' own mind. To
classic case known as the Florida in considerable numbers, and scientific illustrate, in a case occurring in August
Scoutmaster report (August 19, 1952), laboratories gradually became ready 1971 at Palos Verdes Peninsula, two of
we were presented with seeming and willing to analyze data. "Hard data" the entities were described as
evidence of a propulsion system which cases—landing traces, affected "brain-like". The reliable, careful
could produce charred roots in vegetation, etc.—still occur today, and witness drew sketches of viable
vegetation over which the UFO scientist eagerly pursue the slender creatures resembling brains, complete
hovered, while leaving the outer threads of evidence left behind. But with two hemispheres, a medulla
vegetation intact and unharmed. surprisingly, the main point of oblongata, and thread-like "con-
Though this could have been physical ufological interest seems to be CE-in volutions". In this particular case, the
proof of a nuts and bolts craft, no use and "abduction" cases involving witness is a bright individual who has,
was ever made of this information. communications between humans and for one reason or another, been for
Would adequate analysis have UFO entities. Today, seemingly reliable most of his life overshadowed by an
uncovered the possibility that persons of good reputation report also-bright sibling.
microwave radiation had damaged experiences inside UFOs, whose Another example concerns a
them? Unfortunately, the science of the occupants are often disturbingly ugly. matter of much delicacy. In a 1953 case,
time was not sufficiently curious or At the same time, the old-style a young girl, troubled with problems of
competent to provide the answer. "contactees" who met and discussed sexual indentifications, was allegedly
In contrast, on August 21, 1955, philosophy with beautiful human-like abducted by ufonauts who were man-
the Sutton family of Hopkinsville, individuals from other worlds have like, slim, masked and ostensibly
Kentucky, was plagued for hours by slipped silently into the background. differing from one another only by size.
intent, persevering "robots", after a Like numerous other researchers, After her experience, had been
glowing light had descended from the I have been currently swamped with uncovered by hypnosis decades later,
sky near their farmhouse. In spite of reported abduction cases which the witness also remembered a slight
competent investigations by several allegedly occurred in the early 1950's added difference. The creatures
researchers, notably Isabel Davis, the but without exception, these have lain (continued on next page) 15
(Cal. Report Continued) the field in great numbers, intent on interested in the phenomenon from the
seemed to be both male and female— discovering the truth about CE-DIs? very beginning, as well as a few
the "females" distinguishable only by a When they do, will the phenomenon psychologists and psychiatrists. Even a
very subtle difference in facial features, once again switch its appearance? Will few courageous religious leaders have
as compared to the faces of their "male" it then start to present a facet of definite displayed some curiosity throughout
counterparts. philosophical and/or religious interest? the 30-year history of modern ufology.
What I am getting at is this—was We will pause here to define terms, But what is being discussed here is a
the 1971 "brain entity" of Palos Verdes since the word "philosophy" has many quanitative matter rather than
a projection of/into a mind assailed by definitions, and the word "religion" qualitative.
the importance of "intelligence" and causes backs to bristle. I define General patterns are evident,
"brains"? Were the slim and dainty philosophy as the study of being, of its such as "lay ufologists" in the 1950's
males and females in the 1953 case reasons, causes and principles attained and early 1960's attempting to deal
projections of/into a mind troubled with by the aid of human reason alone. And unsuccessfully with the "hard data"
problems of sexuality? religion as defined here is man's connected with the extraterrestrial
It is my earnest suggestion that relationship to, and possible duties hypothesis; then physical scientists in
researchers will, during investigations toward, a Final Cause. the 1960's and early 1970's attempting
of abduction cases, look for logical links There may be readers who wonder to deal with an "intradimensional"
between the UFO occupant being what progressions exists between hypothesis with its accompanying
described and the mind of the person physical, psychological, psychic, psychic components. In other words,
describing it. philosophical, and religious elements in the phenomenon dances ahead of each
I point out these psychological human existence. To my mind, the successive, large group which attempts
problems because they have a bearing physical aspect of nature is material and to unlock its secret.
on the main subject of this article. At therefore most easily experienced. The Some researchers see this
the present time, when physical psychological aspect involves the mind, inexplicable, teasing behavior of UFOs
scientists are very much involved in which exists in both the material realm as "evil", foreboding harm for mankind.
UFO research, it is strange that the field and another higher realm which is I do not agree. I personally welcome
has now taken a turn from "hard data" sometimes termed spiritual, vital force, each apparent change of direction
cases to cases of definite psychological life principle, or what you will. The which the UFOs present. It seems to
and psychic interest. The phenomenon psychic element in man seems almost suggest that the pheonomenon is
seems to be dancing ahead of us. totally divorced from the material and, carrying on a learning process for the
In the 1950"s and into the early indeed, seems capable of independent human mind.
years of the 1960's, parapsychological existence outside our normal space- If, and when, the UFOs advance
research was having rough sledding. In time continuum. from psychic manifestations to those of
the late 1960's, it began to gain favor, The progression from psychic to philosophical and/or religious content,
and now in the late 1970*5, seems to philosophical elements of man's nature perhaps the understanding of each
have come into its own as a logical field seems logical. Philosophy is totally man's relationship to other men and to
of scientific study. The question is, how outside man's control. It is not part of the universe will be advanced.
much has UFO r e s e a r c h him, but explains his existence.
contributed to this? Progressing up still another step, the
There are, of course, many .religious factor, as defined above, (FBI continued from page 14)
parapsychologists who decry UFOs, concerns an ultimate Cause of
and many UFO researchers who ignore everything, known and unknown to very interesting and provided a rather
the parapsychological elements in UFO man. unusual insight into the workings of the
reports; but there are also many Suppose that after para- Air Force UFO investigation. This and
reseachers interested in both psychologists start entering the UFO other information from the FBI file will
parapsychology and UFOs. You do not research field in large numbers, the be presented in the next part of this
need to go far to find competent phenomenon does prance ahead, paper.
scientists and other researchers who presenting a philosophical aspect, and
admit that their interest and after that, a religious aspect. Will our REFERENCES
acceptance of parapsychology started philosophy, and our religous thinking, 21. E.J. Ruppelt, The Report on Un-~
identified F/yi'ng Objects, (New York;
or was spurred on by their interest in ever be equal to the task? Or does the Doubleday 1956)
UFOs—and vice versa. phenomenon teach us as it goes? 22. D. Jacobs, op cit., pg. 43
What will the UFO phenomenon This attempt at suggesting 24. FBI document written 9/19/47
25. FBI document written 9/25/47
present us next? Will psychic possible patterns in UFO behavior is 26. FBI document written 9/27/47
researchers and psychologists enter necessarily simplistic. A few scientists, 27. FBI document filed 10/1/47
along with other ufologists, have been 28. FBI document written 7/18/47
Lucius Parish

In Others'Words

The"green fireballs", which organization Ralph has formed, Private appears in the January issue of the
mystified New Mexico observers in UFO Investigations. The subscription magazine and, frankly, was not worth
1948-49 are re-examined in the rate is $4.00 for 4 issues or $7.50 for 8 the wait. The panel discussion features
• November 22 issue of National issues. The first issue contains some Hynek, Sprinkle, Harder, Salisbury and
Enquirer. The objects, seen over Los interesting material on Iowa sightings, Vallee on the "pro" side, with Philip
Alamos, White Sanda and other as well as reports from other areas of Klass and Ernest Taves representing
locations, have never been identified. the country, and foreign sightings. The the skeptics. In essence, it's the same
The November 29 Enquirer reported Examiner is very nicely done, old stuff we've heard and read
on Britain's recent UFO flap, including reproduced by photo-offset, 20 pages numerous times before. A selection of
reports of UFO occupants seen in per issue. It is well worth your attention. UFO photos and a summary of three
various locations. More reports of Another new publication, this one abduction cases accompany the
UFOs over atomic installations are a tabloid newspaper, is The Hefley discussion.
featured in the Enquirer for December Report (P.O. Box 7242, Burbank, CA The January issue of Fate has a
6. Several 1950-51 sightings over Oak 91510). It contains material on UFOs, good article by Ted Bloecher on UFO
Ridge, Tennessee are detailed: In the Fortean subjects, psychic phenomena, occupant cases, plus a report on
December 13 issue, reports of UFOs etc. The first issue (designated various Texas UFO sightings by Van
over nuclear bomb storage areas and "Preview 78") is now available at 50<For Smith.
missile sites are presented,.taken from subscriptions are available at $3.99 for UFO Report for January features
official Air Force documents. These 10 issues. UFO material in the first issue articles by John A. Keel, Maurice
. sightings occurred in 1975. includes a lengthy interview with Chatelain, Jay Gourley, Walter N.
The December 6 issue of The Star contactee George Van Tassel and a Webb and others. Jerome Clark's
carried an article on the recent publicity short item on a mysterious "cylinder" interview with Betty Hill is of
surrounding NASA's^ review of the from the sky by yours truly. considerable interest, especially in view
UFO evidence. NASA's skeptical and Still another new entry is Ideal's of the publicity Mrs. Hill has received in
biased attitude toward the subject has UFO Magazine, published quarterly at recent weeks.
been clearly displayed in recent press $1.25 per issue. Although the contents Two new paperbacks of interest
releases, so if a full-scale investigation is of the No. 1 issue are largely rehash, the are The Hynek UFO Report by Dr. J.
(grudgingly) launched, no one need material seems to be handled Allen Hynek (Dell Books) and
expect anything but a repeat of the responsibly. Considering the fiction Encounter Cases From Flying Saucer
Condon fiasco. being represented as fact by some of Review edited by Charles Bowen (New
The new film, "Close Encounters the other UFO magazines, this is a American Library). A new paperback
of the Third Kind," has been receiving a refreshing and welcome change. If you by Coral and Jim Lorenzen of APRO,
lot of advance publicity recently, with can't find this new magazine on your Abducted: Close Encounters Of A
large articles in The Star, Newsweek, stands, you may order copies from Fourth Kind, should be available in a
Time, U.S. and various other Ideal Publishing Corp., 2 Park Avenue, Berkley paperback shortly.
magazines. There are simply too many New .York, NY 10016. January will see the publication of
such articles to mention, so I won't A very good article on CIA three hardcover books of interest:
attempt it. The novelizationof the film is involvement in the UFO subject may be Cauldron of Hell: Tunguska by Jack
also available in a paperback edition found in the December issue of Stoneley (Simon & Schuster) - Our
from Dell Books. Crawdaddy magazine. This one is Ancestors Came From Outer Space by-
A new quarterly UFO magazine definitely recommended reading. Maurice G. Chatelain (Doubleday) -
which shows promise is The UFO You may recall that I've previously The Murmurs of Earth by Carl Sagan
Examiner edited by Ralph C. DeGraw mentioned (several times) a Playboy (Random House).
(Route 1, Hazleton, Iowa 50641). It is feature on UFOs which has been
published in conjunction with the postponed for a year or so. It finally
By Paul Cerny
Western Regional Director, MUFON

A series of UFO sightings and one or two who we felt had natural quite familiar with various types of
other strange happenings plagued the tendencies to exaggerate or embellish. aircraft, especially private planes, as
Happy Camp, California vicinity from As the stories unraveled, these there is an active airport just a mile
about late October 1975 through April characteristics were taken into above the community in the area
of 1976. The number and quality of the account. With all the variances, it made northwest of town on a plateau. Military
observations has since dwindled down these series of sightings extremely aircraft and helicopters are a common
considerably to mostly nocturnal lights difficult to interpret. What did help was sight. Helicopters, particularly, are
seen occasionally by the few interested the number of persons involved in quite used by the Forest Service and the
local people. At the height of the flap in a few of the encounters. Adding to this logging.operations in the area. Most of
this remote forested and low was the gratifying experience of Tom the closer objects seen by the
mountainous region, some of the Gates and myself being blessed with a observers were described as disc-
reports were so bizarre as to be spectacular observation ourselves. shaped and usually glowing orange. At
unbelievable. I hesitate to even mention Tom is the head of the Space Science accelerations the UFO's would change
them except for the absolute insistance Center at Foothill College in the San color to red, yellow, then white and on
of several of the main witnesses that Francisco Bay area and West Coast into blue.
these incidents did occur. I wish to Astronomy Consultant for MUFON. The first sighting of any
emphasize the lack of actual evidence We are both Special Investigators for consequence was by Steve Harris and
in the way of any photographs or other Dr. Hynek's Center for UFO Studies as Stan G a y e r , two l u m b e r m i l l
material with the exception of one well. electricians, on October 25, 1975.
photo shown to me which shows a wide The events leading up to this series These two men are young, 24 and 19
streak of light with a blunt stop and a of sightings was first called to our years old, respectively. They do a lot of
vague flat object at the stop end. Both attention by William Murphy, MUFON hunting and back road exploring in the
the streak and the vague object are so State Section Director for Shasta area, so are completely familiar with the
faint as to be undesirable for County at Redding, California, who surrounding environment.
publication. Faint, but possible, alerted our bay area group and did On the night of October 25, Steve
imprints were found in one landing some of the investigation. and Stan were on the flat-topped area
spot, but these were not substantial During the approximate six-month called the "saddle" by the local people.
enough for verification due to the hard period from November 1975 .through The saddle is a rather large flat parking
and rocky ground. No unusual April 1976, almost every night at least area about 110 feet wide by 350 feet
radiation was detected in any of the something was seen by the active long. It was about an hour after dark
areas visited. observer participants that frequented when they spotted a large red "star" in
Since we are dealing strictly with the mountain location near Happy the sky to the northeast of their
the verbal dissertation of the witnesses Camp where the observations were position. Then another in the opposite
themselves relating to this series of made. These were mixed in with an direction. Looking back again at the
sightings, we are presenting these occasional close encounter of either one in the northeast, they discovered it
encounters to the readers in this "alien craft" or humanoid figures being had disappeared. Disregarding the
manner to formulate their own seen. It began to be a novelty to the second big red "star" they observed a
hypothesis as to sincerity and participants, varying in numbers up to reddish-orange light pass over a low
evaluation. about twelve to fourteen devoted ridge about five miles away and
There was only one outstanding Happy Camp observers frequenting disappear. As they started to drive
daylight sighting and a couple of lesser this mountaintop observing area. At down the mountainside from the
ones near dusk, so almost 100% were least two to five persons, sometimes saddle, a large orange light took off
nighttime encounters. Character more, would be on the mountain nightly from an area below them and to the
reference checks were made locally on just to observe what could be seen. right. It rose straight up and out of sight
most of the sighting participants, most There were nights when nothing was in a few seconds—a rather startling
of whom checked out quite well, and observed but an occasional aircraft or sight in the eerie darkness of the
meteor, weather permitting. It is best at mountain terrain. Steve related, "We
18 this point to indicate these people were were pretty shook up about that thing,
whatever it was." The spot where this this material analyzed for us at a along with a wow-wow-wow variance in
object took off is down off the narrow, laboratory available to him for such amplitude. Carl Jackson exclaimed,
winding mountain road to the right and purposes. An Energy Dispersive "My God, what was that?' He made a
about 600 feet down to a rather large Analysis of X-rays instrument, model grab for a .30 caliber carbine that was
level area approximately a quarter of a 608, was used in the tests. Comparison resting on the hood of the Ford Bronco.
mile square. The area is sparsely tests were run on mica, another known The loud screeching sound came from
covered with brush, occasional trees vermiculite, and the unknown material. just over the embankment down
and old logs. A few clear spots are also Printout and photographs of graph toward the canyon below and seemed
present and a narrow jeep trail runs element distribution were also supplied only forty to fifty feet away. Steve
down to the clear areas from the main and are in MUFON Western Division described the noise as sounding
road. At a distance of about a quarter of files. Conclusion of the tests indicated it electronic, similar to microphone
a mile away and as fast as the orange is just another form of vermiculite, feedback. All three men were standing
lighted object moved, it was difficult to somewhat chunkier and thicker close to the car there in the darkness
determine any size. Nothing could be particles than common vermiculite. examining the imprints and vermiculite
seen other than the bright orange light How it got there, of course, remains a pile by flashlight. Stan was back near
making its rapid departure up and out mystery. Dropped or abandoned there the rear of the car and was using a
of sight. by a UFO seems unlikely; more likely powerful Quartz-Iodine hand spotlight.
by other hunters. However, the He was lighting up the area and turned
material is not common to the area. the spotlight right where the sound
The next evening after complete appeared to be coming from. Suddenly
darkness, Steve, Stan and Carl he screamed, "There's eyes, there's
Jackson, a foreman at the mill who is eyes, big eyes!" Strangely, nothing else
about 35 years old, came up to the was visible but the large eyes even in
landing spot to look at the vermiculite that extremely bright spotlight. The
pile and inspect the general area. Not distance to the eyes was estimated at 30
having a radiation counter as was to 40 feet away. The eyes appeared to
desired, they brought along a metal be silver in color and slightly pale blue;
detector just to see if anything could be about 21/£" in diameter and roughly 8"
detected with it. It was at this time that apart. What astounded them most was
Steve claimed he found three large the fact that no body or shape was
Landing site area from the "Saddle" shallow but discernible imprints in the visible even in that powerful light at that
actually down about 600ft. and l/2 mile rocky ground (soil and rock mixed). close range. A sort of black outline was
distant. They were roughly twenty feet apart in detected, very vaguely, below the eyes
a definite triangle pattern, varying up to which were about five feet above the
After calming down to some about an inch deep. Each imprint, ground level. It was as if whatever
extent, the two decided to drive their according to Steve, was about 18"x24". object was there was blocking out or
four-wheel-drive Ford Bronco down to It should be pointed out that it was absorbing the powerful light in some
the spot where they saw the orange approximately two months later that manner as to render it invisible except
light take off. This spot became known MUFON investigators first heard of for the eyes. Background of trees and
later as "the landing site". Several other these sightings and arrived on the scene brush were brightly illuminated around
experiences were to happen at this January 2. By this time, several rains and above the object, or creature, but
location. Arriving at the spot where the and snow coverage had destroyed any nothing directly behind it showed up. It
orange light was seen to make its hasty recognition of these prints. was an if there were a blank spot there
departure, the two men searched the Steve also claimed the metal in the light's glare except for the very
close area with flashlights and presently detector indicated metal or at least a obvious large eyes.
came across a pile of what looked like reaction in the detector when passed This all took place for about a
mica or vermiculite, normally a type of over the imprints. At this time (two minute, then the eyes appeared to turn
packing material. It was about a foot in months prior) it was not determined sideways and then away as if whatever
diameter and four to six inches high, as exactly what caused this, since there it was went retreating back down the
if someone had poured it out of a pail. was no obvious metal present to be embankment, still not visible. Only a
The two men were certain this material seen. blank area in the light beam! When the
was left there by the orange object. At this same time when the print eyes were moving, no up and down
They stated it had not been there the areas resulted in the detector giving off motion was observed as in walking. The
day before when they were hunting its characteristic "squeaking," another motion was steady as if floating. These
through that same spot. loud sound was heard. This was men are familiar with all kinds of
Dr. Richard F. Haines, a physicist described as high pitched, perhaps in 19
from Los Altos, California, later had the vicinity of 10,000 to 12,000 cycles (Continued on page 20)
animals in the area, even at night; As the creature disappeared down throwing rock and dirt. It was as if they
especially deer,' bear, coyote, etc. the embankment and the trio was were partially suspended above the
Never had they seen anything getting over its initial shock, they ground with just enough weight to
resembling this oddity. All three were decided it was time to get out of there! throw ground material with the
about equal distances from this Hastily piling into the Bronco, they spinning wheels, but being held back
creature, machine, or whatever it was! started up on flat ground but found they from forward movement. This lasted 15
The eyes seemed highly reflective, had could not move the car! All four wheels or 20 seconds, then suddenly the car
no pupils or other recognizable eye (four-wheel drive) were spinning and bolted forward as if being released and
features. one wheel went into a ditch. The
They had the distinct impression resulting jolt damaged the rear
the "creature" (for lack of anything else universal joint, which later had to be
to call it), had come up the slope and repaired. Backing out of the ditch they
was watching them as they inspected headed out' of the area and back to
the ground at the site. They considered £-'v^V-: r town at a fast rate.
firing the rifle at the creature but *., (The next issue will cover more
thought better of it. Steve commented humanoid and creature encounters as
they could not see anything within five well as close vehicle encounters in the
feet around and below the eyes. The Happy Camp area. Tape transcripts by
light was simply blanked out in this a
Eleanor Sanini, typing by Carol Wells.
area, as powerful as it was. These Other MUFON investigators involved
particular spotlights are 200,000 candle Landing site and area where Bronco in these sightings were Tom Gates, Ken
power. got "stuck". Tice, Carrol Minnis and Joe DuBois.)

by Ted Peters
(Atlanta: John Knox Press, 1977), 192 pp., $7.95
Reviewed by Barry H. Downing.

This is the first book by Ted tend to see UFOs as what he calls Descartes, assumes that truth is
Peters, MUFON State Director for Model I: "The Interstellar Diplomat." primarily in philosophy, and in the
.Louisiana, and a very welcome addition On the other hand, those who think mind. "I think, therefore I am."
to the: more specialized field of UFOs UFOs are like our moon walkers here - Newton, however, assumed that
and religion. Peters is Associate to pick up rocks see them as "Model II: truth was something discovered
.Professor of Religious Studies at Loyola The Research Scientist". Those of a through experience, and therefore,
University in:.New Orleans, is an religious orientation are responsible for through examination of data and
ordained Lutheran minister, and holds "Model III: The Celestial Savior". experiments.
a Ph.D. degree from the University of Peters, to be fair, should have Peters understands God to be the
Chicago. listed his own view as "Model IV: The "prime mover" of Aristotle and
The subtitle for his book is "Flying Psychic Savior". His approach is not far Thomistic philosophy. He is invisible,
Saucers in politics, science and in spirit from that of Jacques Vallee in infinite, totally other than man. I
religion", and it could also have The Invisible College, although for basically believe that I can understand
included "psychology", so that we can reasons I do not understand Peters God if he gives me some scientific
see Peters is attempting a very difficult does not seem to know of the parallel. evidence to go on. For me, the Bible
synthesis. Vallee argues that UFOs serve a represents a religious laboratory in
Peters stands in a religious psychic symbolic function in guiding which the evidence concerning the
philosophical tradition that includes human destiny, and that finally is also nature and purpose of God is
Aristotle, Aquinas (in spite of his being the conclusion of Peters, although explained. The Bible explains that God
Lutheran), and more recently Paul stated in terms of liberal Christian is invisible, as Peters also believes, but
Tillich. His psychological views are philosophy rather than secular science, that God nevertheless makes himself
heavily influenced by Jung, as are his. as does Vallee. visible through angels, quasi-spiritual
definitions of human religious needs. Peters reviews many UFO cases beings. Jesus represents the height of
His task is to link his idea of God which and stories, and also spends quite a bit divine visibility. Thus, the reports in the
he derives from Tillich and his of time reviewing various UFO cults Bible of "The pillar of cloud and of fire"
forefathers with the phenomenology of and their psychological implications, as and the "chariot of fire" of Elijah take on
the human UFO experience in light of well as the more popular "religious" importance for me because they
man's unconscious religious needs. If UFO material such as that of Erich von r e p r e s e n t r e p o r t s of h u m a n
this task sounds difficult, it is. Peters Daniken and myself. He does some experience, and the modem UFO
has made his journey through the UFO good work discussing the way in which reports take on religious meaning for
wilderness, and whether one can finally "beliefs" have set scientist against me because they are similar to Biblical
agree with his view of the trip, and the scientist in the UFO. struggle. His UFO reports.
slides he took along the way, it is religious background serves well to give Peters objects that I have made
important for all truly interested in the him an outsider's view of how scientists God too concrete, maybe even making
UFO problem to share this trip with act religious in the name of science. UFOs into an idol. Perhaps he is right.
: him. MUFON Journal readers may But I object that Peters does not take
Peters comes at the UFO problem notice that while Peters respects my seriously enough the view that the in-
with the knowledge of someone who UFO theology more than that of others, visible God of his own free will chooses
has investigated UFOs first hand, and like that of von Daniken, he to make himself visible to us through
therefore, believes that UFOs are more nevertheless thinks I have missed the visible mediators, and UFOs may be a
than pure imagination. But what, he mark by quite a bit. How is it that Peters modern form of divine revelation.
does not know. He is a student of and I differ? Peters does conclude that UFOs are a
psychology, and knows that we tend to Our basic differences, as Peters kind of divine revelation, but perhaps
project our inner needs onto an has proven by his own thesis, have only in the sense that the human
external reality in a way that may be more to do with our own views of how unconscious has projected our basic
deceiving. He notes that your truth is discovered than with the data human religious values into a myth
understanding of the nature and we find in the UFO story. acceptable to the space age.
purpose of UFOs depends as much on I would see the difference between This is a brief, and incomplete,
who you are as what UFOs are. Thus, Peters and me as like that between contrast of our views, but to those
those whose main orientation is politics Descartes and.Newton. Peters, like (Continued on page 22) 21
New Editorial Staff For The MUFON UFO Journal
Starting officially with the January
1978 issue, Richard Hall of Brentwood,
concerted effort by all concerned, we
hope to continue developing .the
Maryland, assumes the role of Editor. Journal into a first-rate publication. Are they really close
New Associate Editors are Ann Druffel encounters of the
of Pasadena, California, and Leonard fourth kind —
H. Stringfield of Cincinnati, Ohio. PSYCHO-RELIGIOUS?
This new editorial line-up provides (UFOs: God's Chariots? continued .from
not only a good geographical page 21)
distribution in the U.S. -- east cost,
midwest, and west coast -- but also an unfamiliar with theology, it will help
impressive amount of combined explain our differences. This book will
experience in both UFO research and be helpful to all UFO investigators as a
editorial work. tool to help them understand the "point
Hall currently is a Technical Editor of view" taken by UFO reporters.
in Washington, D.C., and has 20 years Likewise, for those interested in the
experience overall as an editor-writer. interaction of science and religion, this
He was Assistant Director of NICAP is a good general survey of the problem
(1958-1967) and has served as in the light of the UFO mystery.
International Coordinator of MUFON
for the past several years. He was editor At last, under one cover, the
of NICAFs The UFO Evidence pros and cons of the mean-
(1964) and a consultant to the ing of UFOs — politically,
scientifically, and religious-
University of Colorado UFO Project UFO NEWSCLIPPING ly. A fascinating and sound
(1966-1967). SERVICE theory, by a widely recog-
Druffel has been active in UFO nized UFO expert and the-
research since 1957 with NICAP, The UFO NEWSCLIPPING,SERVICE ologian.
LANS, Data-Net, MUFON and will keep you informed of all the latest
CUFOS, as well as Coordinator of the United States and World-Wide UFO Here's how to get your own
activity, as it happens! Our service was original, hardback edition
SKYNET UFO-reporting system, and started in 1969, at which time we of UFOs - GOD'S CHARI-
has participated in innumerable field contracted with a reputable OTS? by Ted Peters.
investigations. She is an accomplished international newspaper-clipping
report writer and freelance author, and bureau to obtain for us, those hard to
find UFO reports (i.e., little known Please send me UFOs — GOD'S
will continue her excellent feature photographic cases, close encounter CHARIOTS? by Ted Peters. I
"California Report" while assuming and landing reports, occupant cases) enclose $7.95 plus $1.15 ship-
additional responsibilities for MUFON. and all other UFO reports, many of ping and handling charges (a
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Stringfield, a public relations which are carried only in small town or
check/money order to:
official for a large corporation, has foreign newspapers.
"Our UFO • Newsclipping Service SERVICE
served in several capacities for issues are 20-page monthly reports,
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our foreign section carrying the latest
as author of Inside Saucer Post...3.0 British, Australian, New Zealand and
Blue (1957) and Siruarion Red: The other foreign press reports. Also
UFO Siege (1977). Stringfield will included is a 3-5 page section of CITY
continue as a commentator for "Fortean" clippings (i.e. Bigfoot and
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High School Gym in Carlyle, Ilii-iois on
Director's Message Saturday night June 24th. The Barney
and Betty Hill incident is probably the
By Walt Andrus MUFON Director for Research, has best known of all UFO cases as far as
been sending a copy of his book the general public is concerned. It is one
A more appropriate sub-title for "UFOLOGY" to all new Consultants of the first abductee cases in which
this month's message might be "What's when he receives their processed hypnotic regression was utilized to
Going On Around the Network?". Joe membership form from the MUFON reconstruct the events occuring during
Santangelo, State Director for office. the unexplained time lapse.
Massachusetts, was the first to submit Budd and April Hopkins in New Rosetta Holmes has received
his 1977 Annual Report of activities. His York City were the hosts for the recent confirmations from other well known
report to all members listsjwenty-one monthly meeting of their UFO Study abductees who plan to attend the picnic
active investigators and consultants, Group. Ted Bloecher presented a talk on Sunday, June 25th, starting at noon.
the UFO sighting reports investigated, on the ever-increasing number of Charles Hickson is coming from
and the weekly log of amateur radio humanoid reports and his progress in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Elaine Thomas
stations "checking in" on the forty computerizing 1500 such reports dating and one of the other ladies involved in
meter net each Saturday morning at from 1896 to the present. Ted and the Stanford, Kentucky case will
0700 Central time or 1300 (U.T.) on David Webb are Co-Chairmen of attend. (For details on this fantastic
7237 KHZ. Some of the regulars on the MUFON's Humanoid Study Group. case, see the January 1977 issue of THE
net besides Joe (N1JS) were W0NC, Ted will share his work on HUMCAT to MUFON UFO JOURNAL.) Elaine was
WA4RPU, WB4YDD, WB0FDA, the folks attending MUFON's Ninth delighted when she received her
WA80PR, W3JQ, WA5CTJ, K8NQN, Annual UFO Symposium in Dayton, invitation and the opportunity to meet
WA0TEQ/8, WB4ZEK, WA1SWA/4, Ohio. (See announcement in this issue Betty Hill in person. Carlyle, IL is about
WA9ARG, W4ABF, WB9UAY, of the JOURNAL) 50 miles east of St. Louis, MO on
K9PAW, WB3BVZ, WA4TDE/8, Joseph A. Blake, State Section highway U.S. 50, which is adjacent to
WB8RGQ, K3ROJ, K4TD, K9FR, Director for the Virginia counties of the park. Regretfully, your Director will
K4HXC, WB2GKB, K0IQA, W8RUF, Montgomery, Craig, Giles, Pulaski, be unable to attend this year after
and W4VAH. Roanoke and Floyd has been having been present for six picnics in
The physical size of the State of organizing a UFO Study Group past years.
Massachusetts is an asset, whereby centered around Virginia Polytechnic On January 28th, John F.
they may have state meetings on a Institute and State University at Schuessler, MUFON Deputy Director
monthly basis. This is not a luxury that Blacksburg, VA. He has received fine of Administration was host for an
states like California, Illinois, public relations exposure in the Daily informal but important weekend
Pennsylvania, New York, and Texas Bulletin (Dec. 2), the "On Campus", a meeting in Clear Lake, Texas.
enjoy. faculty-staff newsletter (Dec. 9, 1977), Attending were Thomas H. Nicholl,
In this same vain, a committee The Blacksburg Sun newspaper (Dec. Deputy Director for Business
composed of Ray Rhein, Nolie Bell, Dan 14, 1977), The Blacksburg Sunday Sun Management from Leawood, KS,
Duke, and David Oldham has initiated (Dec. 18), and the Roanoke Times and Howard M. Sussman, M.D.,
an organization and planning letter for World News (Dec. 26). The news media Consultant in Internal Medicine from
their "Second Annual Training has become very conscious of the UFO Houston, TX, Richard C. Niemtzow,
Conference of the North Carolina phenomenon through the release of the M.D., Consultant in Radiation from
Mutual UFO Network, Inc." to be held motion picture "Close Encounters of Galveston, TX, and your Director from
this summer on a date and location to the Third Kind", therefore we want to Seguin, TX. Future planning as it
be determined. stress that all members should increase related to research projects
In order to bridge the distance their local publicity at this particular consummed the majority of the
involved, Leonard Sturm, State time. discussion. It is an honor to be
Director for Illinois, has been writing a "The Tenth Annual UFO Picnic" is associated with such talented
personal letter to each new member in scheduled for Sunday, June 25,1978 at gentlemen, who are applying their
his state, welcoming them and making the Fish Hatchery Park in Carlyle, knowledge and experience to resolving
some very positive suggestions to help Illinois. This fine event is sponsored by the UFO phenomenon. However, the
make them more e f f e c t i v e the UFO Study Group of Greater St. most gratifying portion of the big UFO
investigators. As all members know, Louis with Rosetta and Dick Holmes as picture is that this experience can be
the State Section Director and State the local hosts. They are also repeated whenever groups of MUFON
Director receive a copy of the sponsoring Mrs. Betty Hill, who will be people gather in Boston, New York, St.
completed and processed membership speaking at Forrest Park Community Louis, Detroit, H'ouston, San
application of each new member in their College in St. Louis, MO on Friday
area of responsibility. Jim McCampbell, night, June 23, 1978 and at the Carlyle (Continued on back cover) 23
1978 MUFON UFO SYMPOSIUM "blocked" at Stouffer's for people
attending the symposium, so please
The "Ninth Annual MUFON UFO Reality - A Progress Report on UFOs". advise the management when making
Sympsoium" will be held Saturday and This speakers agenda is especially your advance reservations so that you
Sunday, July 29 and 30, 1978 at the significant in that never before has such will be assigned to one of these rooms.
Dayton Convention Center in Dayton, a distinguished group of pioneers in the The price of the admission for the
Ohio. Speakers scheduled for field of UFOlogy been on the same sessions and the cost of the banquet
Saturday, July 29th are Ted Bloecher, program, each with over twenty-five Saturday evening will be forthcoming in
New York, NY, Co-Chairman of years of experience. Plan your vacation the JOURNAL.
MUFON's Humonoid Study Group; now to attend MUFON's Ninth Annual Richard L. Hoffman, MUFON
Richard H. Hall, Brentwood, MD, UFO Symposium. For your State Section Director, will serve as
Editor of THE MUFON UFO consideration, this is a list of convenient Master of Ceremony for the speaking
JOURNAL, MUFON International downtown hotels and motels. Stouffer's program. The host organization for this
Coordinator, and Assistant Director of Dayton Plaza Hotel, 5th and Jefferson years symposium is The Ohio UFO
NICAP (1958-1967); Leonard H. Streets, has enclosed passageways to Investigators League, Inc. (OUFOIL).
Stringfield, Cincinnati, OH, MUFON the Dayton Convention Center and the Charles J. Wilhelm is Executive
Director of Public Relations, author of Dayton Transportation Center for your Director, Geri Wilhelm handles Public
"Inside Saucer Post.. 3.0Blue" (1957) convenience. Other downtown motels Relations, Richard Hoffman is
and "Sifuafion Red: The UFO Siege" are Mall Motor Inn, 4th and Jefferson; Investigations Director and Dayton
(1977) and Associate Editor of THE The Dayton Inn, Third and Ludlow; Chairman, and Jack Rockel heads up
MUFON UFO JOURNAL. Holiday Inn/Downtown, West First at I- the Springfield area group. Leonard
Featured speaker for the 75; Ramada Inn/Downtown, 330 West Stringfield serves as an advisor. Larry
afternoon session will be Major Donald First St.; and the Biltmore Towers Moyers, MUFON State Director for
E. Keyhoe (USMC Ret.), Luray, VA, Hotel, 210 North Main. Ohio, again extends a welcome to the
Former Director of NICAP and author The Dayton International Airport Buckeye State, since the 1974
of numerous UFO books such as is within 90 minutes flying time of 62% of Symposium was also held in Ohio.
"The Flying Saucers are Real" (1950, the nation's population. 4.1 million Larry was the host for the meeting in
"Flying Saucers From Outer Space" people live within 90 minutes driving Akron.
(1953), "The Flying Saucer time of Dayton, Ohio, which makes it
Conspiracy" (1955), "Flying Saucers: an ideal location for the symposium.
Top Secret" (I960), and "Aliens from When you plan your vacation, plan to
Space" (1973). Major Keyhoe presently take advantage of the many sightseeing (Director's Message continued from pg. 23)
serves on NICAP's Board of points of interest in Dayton. The finest
Governors. attraction is the Air Force Museum Francisco, Toronto, Chicago, Los
The locale for this year's where 110 aircraft and missiles, Angeles, Kansas City, and Dallas.
symposium, Dayton, Ohio, was including the XB-70, World War I and D Since leadership is a key to the
appropriately selected as the former fighters, plus three presidential planes effectivenss of MUFON, I would like to
home of Project Blue Book at the Air are on display. Huffman Field marks the announce the appointment or
Technical Intelligence Center, location where the Wright Brothers reassignment of the following State
U.S.A.F., Wright-Patterson AFB. It is continued their research and made Section Directors: James J. Ferritto,
thus fitting that the featured speaker for experimental flights following their first 2444 Westbury Drive, Saginaw, MI
the evening session should be Dr. J. successful flight of December 17, 1903 48603, has been reassigned as State
Allen Hynek, Scientific Consultant to at Kitty Hawk, NC. Other points of Section Director for Saginaw County in
the U.S. Air Force on Unidentified interest include Wright-Patterson Air Michigan, having formerly served in this
Flying Objects for over twenty years. In Force Base, Neil Armstrong Air and capacity in Texas. Robert E. Engberg,
1973, Dr. Hynek founded and became Space Museum and Carillon Park. At 529 No. Cleveland Ave., St. Paul, MN
the Director of The Center for UFO the Convention Center, visitors may 55114, is the new State Section
Studies (CUFOS) in Evanston, Dlinois. view the Aviation Hall of Fame, First Director, for the Minnesota counties of
He is the immediate past Chairman of Flight Mosaic, and the First Flight Ramsey, Dakota, Washington, Anoka,
the Astronomy Department at Pylons. Isanti and Chicago. Both Jim and Bob
Northwestern University. In addition to Hotel rates at Stouffer's Dayton are engineers by profession. Forrest
his books on astronomy, he has Plaza Hotel are $26.00 for a single and Lundberg, Co-State Director for Iowa,
authored several UFO books, the most $33.00 for a double per night. Rates at has appointed Mrs. Ann P. Repp, Rural
notable being "The UFO Experience - the other hotels may be secured Route 1, Perry, Iowa 50220, as the State
A Scientific Inquiry" (1972 Henry directly from the establishment, or Section Director for Dallas and Guthrie
Regnery Co.). In 1975, he and Jacques through your local travel agent. A counties, replacing Verne R. Winter
Vallee co-authored "The Edge of designated number of rooms will be who moved out of this area.