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TS Moly Specialty Lubricants for the Offshore Industry

Riser & BOP Bolts, Mud Pumps, Top Drives, Jacking System, Skidding, Gate Valves, Sheaves and Wire Ropes
TS-70 Moly Paste is a thread compound with 70% molybdenum disulphide, NLGI No.2, especially suitable for wet or corrosive conditions, including subsea applications. It has highly consistent torque values for makeup and breakout. TS-70 is a general purpose moly paste with many uses. It has proven to be an outstanding lubricant for a saltwater environment, above and below the surface: subsea riser, BOP, flange equipment and structural bolts. TS-90 Moly Gear Concentrate is an additive for all types of gear oils to lower friction and improve the film-forming capabilities of the oil. (Mix 1:10).TS-90 is made from a blend of high-quality polymers and moly. When added to finished oil, it coats all surfaces with a tough, slippery film. The polymers help the oil to withstand higher loads than normal. Friction is reduced, allowing moving surfaces to operate smoother and quieter under varying load conditions. Lower friction reduces operating temperatures. TS-90 Moly Gear Concentrate is very resistant to degradation by high shear. The moly also substantially reduces friction and improves the extreme pressure, load carrying and anti-wear capabilities of gear oils. TS-115 Corrosion Control Grease is a multipurpose, high temperature bearing and machinery grease for industrial applications where salt water, acid vapors, or chemicals cause corrosion. It has a high melting point, over 500 degrees F, and resists water washout. TS-209-0 O.G.L. Outside Gear Lubricant is an inorganic thickened, heavy duty, extreme pressure grease designed for spur and bull or rack and pinion gears with heavily loaded slow moving gears. Resistant to water wash-out, TS-209-0 is a multi-purpose grease for open gears that are heavily loaded and exposed to wind, rain, snow, sun, etc. Excellent in a salt water environment. TS-65 Multi Purpose Moly Grease is a multipurpose, semi-synthetic inorganic wheel bearing and chassis grease with moly. It is water insoluble and withstands high temperatures. TS-65 is an extreme pressure grease making it suitable for heavy duty industrial uses. Available in NLGI#2. TS Moly products are available for lubrication of various components in Offshore Jack-ups, Drill Ships, FPSOs, Lay & Derrick Barges & Dredges including Blower Assembly, Exciter Generator Bearings, AC Generator, Spud Racks and Pinions, Spud Guides and Ways, Final Drive In-board Bearings, Final Drive Out-board Bearings, Final Drive Gear Teeth, Intermediate Out-board Bearings, Spud Motor Bearings, Intermediate Gear Unit, Skidder Ways, Spud Primary Gear Box, Air Compressors (Piston Type), Anchor Lines & Cables, etc Exclusively marketed in India under an arrangement with TS Moly Inc., USA. Ready Stocks available at Kakinada and Visakhapatnam. Also sold through all major offshore resellers in India.

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