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The Santan Gopal Yantra is one of the most signicant Yantra in the enclosure of Yantra as it helps the human emerge out of most prominent problem of their life that is the impediment of childlessness.ThisisthedivineYantraofLordGopaljiorLord Shri Krishna who blesses the person with healthy and obedient childrenand bringshappinessin human lives. Lord Krishna is believed to be the most so hearted, loving and benevolent deity who is very easy to please and when it comes to his child image that is of Gopal ji, he possess lots of the love for his children and solve all the problems ofhis devotees. The Yantra of Lord Gopal is the bringer of immense happiness and peace in the lives and makes the worshiper lead a hurdle free life. Females are believed to worship Santan Gopal Yantra for preven ng miscarriagesand tobeblessed withgoodchildren. Santan Gopal Yantra provides sincere and obedient children who would make their parents proud of them later in life and would never brings problems to their parents besides which they would stay as a reason of happiness and smiles at home throughout life. Children blessed with Gopal ji Yantra would hold the a ributes of Lord Krishna and would be respec ul and noble personali es whentheywillgrowup. SantanGopalMantra Om Shreeng Hreeng Kleeng Glaung Devakisut Govind Vasudev JagatpateDehiMeTanayamKrishnTvaamahamSharanamGatah SantanPrap Mantra OmNamoBhagavateJagatprasutayeNamah ShriKrishnaMantraforSantanPrap OmKleengGopalveshadhaaraayVaasudevaayHumPhatSwahaa

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