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OPERATION FUGA Required 3x Motorola Radios on same frequency At least 3 x Maps, each marked for intended team/briefing Watches,

with similar set times, for both teams Medical bandages, Borderwar Airsoft type Instruction envelopes Red or yellow BBs A dummy can be substituted for a living prisoner if the player numbers are small. Teams One team of insurgents One team of SADF/SWATF soldiers Kit/Ammo Rules Standard Milsim ammo rules, with 400BBs per soldier player and 1200BBs per support gunner. Only period correct uniforms and guns will be accepted. Medic Rules Medic bandages as per Borderwar games will apply, with individual instructions, to application. These can only be applied by your team mates or other players. If not applied within 10 minutes then bleed out will occur. Bleed out rules will be discussed in each mission phase. THE MISSION PHASE 1 (suggested one hour time limit) The mission will start with SADF leaving one team of two at their TB (Tydelike Basis) and the rest patrolling in a group up and down the road, in one or two organised proper patrols, and radio comms between either the TB or the patrols. In this time the insurgent will have be required to slip across in maximum groups of 2 players, undetected, whilst the SADF soldiers patrol the road. This will only be in the area between where the patrol ends and the SADF TB. NOTE at Hobby Park-this will be the road from the Kraal and for about 1000m. The Kraal will be the SADF TB (base). The insurgents start point will be near the cliff in a decided point. Their rally point will be inland in the bush. They insurgents will do this till all their members are across safely and meet at the rally point. SADF members may only move 100m to chase seen insurgents otherwise may patrol the road, up to 10m off the road. If shot, standard medic rules apply, and the SADF/SWATF if and once bled out will fall back to the TB for a further 10minutes recuperation. The Insurgents if and once bled out will fall back to their start point for a further 10 minutes recuperation.

Once the time has lapsed it is expected all the insurgents will have crossed. If not all, for each insurgent remaining and not yet at their rally point a penalty will occur in the next phase. For this to occur an honest approach is needed. The penalty will not be explained except that a type of penalty will occur. PHASE 2 (Suggested time 1 hour) All bandages used in phase are back in play and reissued. This simulates what happened to Johan van Mescht in SWA During this phase, the SADF members are to leave one or two members at the TB, at all times, and will patrol back and forth in one single coherent group. For the penalty above for each insurgent not making it to the rally point in one hour in phase 1, an extra SADF member will be stationed at the TB. A radio is to be kept at the TB and one with the patrol. The SADF patrol is to be briefed the insurgents will try lay land mines and cross the road etc. (Disinformation). The SADF team is allowed to rotate duties with a different solider/s taking TB duty. At no time will the guard soldiers be increased. The patrol may only rest at the other side of its journey, besides stopping at the TB only to check and rotate. The intent is the TB is to be attacked once the patrol is at its furthest point. NB this must not be briefed to the SADF members, see disinformation above. They are to be quickly overpowered (killed/wounded) and one SADF member from the TB chosen as a captive. It is important that the SADF radio stays at the TB. This chosen SADF member will be handed a briefing letter which will explain he must cooperate and not shoot his captives or escape. Their must always be more than one insurgent, within or 10m, or with the SADF soldier or he will be allowed to escape, i.e. if there is only one insurgent left in the game the SADF soldier may return to the patrol. The medic rule will apply for the insurgents and any bleeding out will remain at the base. This may occur if the bandages have been used up. It is important that the insurgents do the attack properly and co-ordinated. During this time the SADF members may still not move more than 100m from the road when seeing an insurgent. Once the attack takes place and is successful, the captured soldier may radio the patrol and explain that the SPECIAL brief letter is to be produced, the patrol is to then stop and form a protective ring wherever it is. It is important for the TB base to be quick and effective. The briefing letter for this will be produced for both the SADF and the insurgents. The SADF letter will explain that they may immediately send out a stopper group to the marked insurgent exit point. This will consist of the most of 2 soldiers only. They will take a radio with them. The rest of the SADF patrol will remain put for 30 minutes minimum????, before engaging phase 3. If wounded in phase 3 and bled out they must return to the SADF Platoon Commander(including stopper group). This means during that time the Platoon commander and his radio operator stay put. Any bled out

insurgents will become turned (this will only come as a surprise at this point for both teams) The insurgent letter will explain that; 1) Any bled out insurgents will remain at the base (they will become turned terrorist/trackers) 2) The remaining terrorists will take their captured one prisoner and move with him in a dogleg path, i.e. a wide arc as laid out on the map (this arc is unknown by the SADF) 3) There may be a stopper group coming to meet them and they must be wary of it. 4) The medic rules will apply except with when bled out must surrender to the SADF patrol to become active tracker/turned terrorists.

PHASE 3-The Tracking Phase (2 hours) Here the insurgents must move on the arced route leaving a trail of clearly seen arrows, or coloured BBs every 10 meters for the SADF patrol to follow, through SWA. They may ambush the SADF patrol. The captured prisoner must accompany and as long as there are two healthy insurgents (not dead or bleeding out), within 10m of him, he may not escape. The SADF patrol may only set off once the time limit (30 minutes???)has lapsed. The stopper group may set off immediately to wait at the vicinity of the exit. They may also close in on the insurgents and ambush if they can. If both are wounded or bled out they have to fall back to the Platoon commander of the SADF patrol. Any insurgent bleeding out will fall back to the SADF patrol to join their ranks, as per a bled out SADF member. The SADF patrol has to track insurgents using the tracks left by them. It is important that the insurgents leave tracks that are easily seen in open areas. The insurgents goal is to try reach the exit alive and hopefully with the captured prisoner.