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Source: Bishop Martin Sunsets to Sunrises
First scene taking place in the Beyond:
(Borem): "This one is already saved, and with him quite a crowd of others. But let us
continue and see what the Jesuits are doing."
They both move behind the file of Jesuits and look at the backs of their heads. And what
do they see? About thirty of them are fighting each other for a whole legion of harlots,
lusting for then-flesh. The stronger ones grab the more voluptuous harlots, leaving the
others to the weaker Jesuits. The latter are extremely annoyed about this and begin to
withdraw to some distance, with the intention of organizing a revenge party to attack and
cruelly punish their colleagues. And the weaker and less voluptuous harlots herd
together against the others, intending to belabor and scratch them with their sharp nails.
Bishop Martin watches this scene without a word, astonished, but also secretly
annoyed, and does not know what to say.
(Borem has noticed this too, and says to Martin): "Brother, what do you think of this
(Bishop Martin): "Oh, my dearest friend and brother, really, I would never have expected
this of these hypocritical scoundrels. They are behaving worse than you would expect
dogs or monkeys on earth to behave. If I had your power and wisdom, with what I am
feeling at present, I would send a million flashes of lightning into this crowd.
(Borem): "Speak as you please - that is all I can say. But beware of passing judgment,
for that is solely up to the Lord!"
(Bishop Martin, quite satisfied, begins to look again at the back of the head of one of the
ladies of the Sacred Heart, and says): "Oh dear, oh dear! This is in all earnest a rather
savage and evil
scene. Those ladies are now quite naked and their flesh is glowing like melting ore. The
more it glows, the wilder they run around in confusion.
They are not exactly fat, these female salamanders, but they have still retained a rather
human appearance. Their figures are not too bad - some have even quite good bosoms,
- but their faces
are awfully distorted! On earth I have seen similar faces only on monkeys. Ah, how
savage and horribly ugly their faces are! Oh dear, look at that one standing near us! Oh
Lord, what a face! Her nose is hanging down almost to her belly, her ears resemble
those of an elephant, her mouth looks rather like the arse of an old cow, and her neck is
full of goiters The eyes, of irregular shape, resemble a dog's arse, and her hair looks like
reptiles. How peculiar - the body would be quite normal but the head, really - I could not
imagine anything more abominable!
Oh look, another one is approaching and she looks really terrifying! She has the head of
a boa constrictor, only her long ass's ears have a somewhat mitigating effect. Those
staring eyes and that constant snake's hiss; and with every breath she emits dark brown
fumes through her mouth, eyes and nostrils! How disgusting! Here again, her body is
quite in order and, except for the glow, could be called well developed. Only her head is
so abominable! For God's sake, what unutterable ugliness!
Ah, now they are once more running around in confusion like crazy fowls. I wonder what
all this means?"

(Borem): "I can tell you: nothing very unusual. That they are glowing is due to their
furious zeal on behalf of their order. Their activity in running that order expresses itself
by their racing around. That these ladies' bodies look quite normal is due to their rather
chaste minds, but the peculiar appearance of their heads is due solely to their utter
stupidity. When their understanding grows, their heads will improve. However, while they
stick to their folly, there is not much hope for any improvement of their heads.
Now you know the corresponding cause of such manifestation. But go on looking, for
what you have seen so far is only the prelude. The actual drama is still to come."
(Bishop Martin): "That will really be something! If the actual drama is yet to commence, I
am most anxious to see what it will be like."

- Chapter
(Bishop Martin): "Now I see these disgusting tatters of Ladies of the Sacred Heart of
Jesus (what a pity about that wonderful name!) hurriedly withdrawing into their convent.
What could they be suspecting now? Ah, there I see camped outside the garden a
number of very sad and miserable old men and women. I wonder what they want and
who they are?"
(Borem): "They are the parents of some of these ladies, and they are seeking help from
them, for after much seeking and entreating, they have been told that their blessed
daughters are in this celestial convent, constantly praying for their salvation."
(Bishop Martin): "Oh what a situation! I am already sorry for those poor, good-natured but ignorant - parents.
Right, there an old man is already ringing at the gate, but no one answers. He rings
again and a third time, but in vain. Now the old people start to beg and pray and lament.
They even begin to worship those ninnies with loud prayers. This is really going too far!
But still not one of the female salamanders is showing herself.
Now I can hear loud weeping and sobbing from the old people, and they cry: 'Oh you,
our beloved, holy daughters, look mercifully upon your poor parents from your celestial
thrones! Let us be your lowest servants! Oh, do grant our request, you holy virgins and
brides of God!'
Friend, brother, I never expected people - I mean Roman Catholic people - to be that
stupid! Although I was a bishop myself and thought the world of some pious looking
follies, I would not have put up with anything like this in my diocese. I pity these poor
people - or rather, spirits - with all my heart! I am really curious to see what will happen
now. None of the objects of worship is visible. Probably they know by now what they
look like and are terribly ashamed of letting their parents see them like that. Therefore,
all the pleas and prayers will be in vain.
Listen to how the poor things are crying and lamenting! Ah, look, a new phenomenon! In
the many windows of the convent flashes of lightning are appearing, and it is beginning
to thunder, though not very loud. It must be a monastic, theatrical house-thunder, but the
lightning looks very much like the real thing. Listen, it sounds as if the thunder were
articulating actual words. Indeed, the thunder is now speaking clearly! It says: 'Back with
you, cursed spirits, withdraw from this sanctuary of God or the ground will open up and
you will be swallowed by hell for having dared set your wicked feet on it! Flee forever
from before our holy presence!
Ah, how vile they are! Being almost of the devil themselves and ashamed to face their
much better parents, they scare them away with this masquerade. And the poor things
are now leaving this place, weeping and sobbing.
What a hellish beginning for this drama! I am now anxious to see its further
Not far beyond the garden, towards the south, the poor parents have reached a heavily
laden fruit tree. They are resting under it, facing the convent - which still seems to be
holding false hope and consolation for them, although that shabby, deceptive
demonstration should have convinced them that they have nothing to hope for from their
presumedly blessed daughters, except maybe a worse demonstration. I wonder what
our ladies are going to do now? Flashes of lightning are still coming from the windows of
the convent, and a weak thunder is still audible.

The old people under the tree have now discovered the fruit and some of them are
beginning to eat and really enjoy it. They are eagerly picking more fruit and passing
some to those who do not seem to have the courage to pick their own. But now I can
see something like a megaphone being pushed out one of the convent windows. It is
directed towards the tree under which our old people are resting to enjoy the 'celestial'
sight of the convent, or maybe for some other reason. I wonder what will develop from
this megaphone, which might be a sort of Pandora's box?
Oh dear, look at that! A great number of owls are emerging from the megaphone, flying
straight to the tree, under which our poor, cheated, old people are resting. Those owls
are whirring around the tree and shooting down at the people beneath, and those poor
old people are getting rather frightened.
Now flames, intermingled with words, are coming from the megaphone, in the direction
of the
tree. The words appear like glowing serpents; they seem to be carried along by the
flames and are full of the most terrifying threats. This is something quite different - for a
change! It is a well-known fact that words can be written down with certain signs called
letters. But I did not know that words can also be expressed through such abominable
Now the old people are rising to their feet and fleeing as fast as they can, followed by the
owls. They are heading for a stream, which I have only just noticed. There I can see two
white-robed men, the same whom the heartless ladies intended to stab to death. These
men beckon to the fleeing old people to come to them, whilst the owls, on seeing the
men, turn around and hurriedly fly back to the convent, where they shoot like lightning
into the megaphone. Also, the serpent-words and flames are quickly withdrawing.
The old people are gathering around the two men and they, too, appear to move in the
direction of the convent. This is really getting most exciting, and I am curious to know
what will happen next."
(Borem): "Dearest brother, you must guard your heart against excessive curiosity, which
is always associated with some malicious pleasure. Just be a wise observer for the
benefit of your own spirit, free from curiosity. As these scenes will contain a hellish
element, it is most important that we are very moderate. Now go on watching without
curiosity and tell me all you see."

- Chapter
(Bishop Martin once more glances at the back of the head of the lady, and says after a
"Yes, that is right, the two white-robed men are now really moving towards the convent,
accompanied by the old people. The closer they get, the more flashes of lightning are
coming from the many windows, but they are not reaching far enough. Also, the thunder
inside is only
scarcely audible.
The party has now reached the wall around the garden. One of the white-robed men
quickly opens the gate, and they all enter the garden and draw close to the convent
There, the two men in white post themselves in front of the group of old people, they pull
long trumpets from under their robes, and are now sounding them with great force.
What a strong, majestic sound it is!
But what do I see? The convent building is collapsing like the walls of Jericho, and our
ladies are crawling out from under the debris, like worms from a swamp, lamenting and
cursing. They
now look like the giant frogs that are found on earth in Lower Egypt. Only their heads
are more like those of boa constrictors than those of frogs. I also notice that they have
scorpion tails. The situation now looks rather ominous.
The old people are terrified at this sight. The strange frogs have stopped cursing, but are
croaking horribly. However, their croaking is quite senseless and has not the least effect,
as the
two men are now driving them towards the west, whilst the old people follow, greatly
At the site of the convent, there now stands a disgusting, gloomy pool. I find this most
frightening! One thing is very strange: I see the frogs and the party behind them as they
all hurry
towards the west, yet they are still quite as big and clear as before, although they are
already at a considerable distance from us."
(Borem): "Distances in space have no effect on the eyesight of a spirit. A spirit is
independent of
space and time. Only the different states of the mind represent true spiritual distances,
and influence the eyesight of the spirit, often blinding it completely. If the two men in
white were not present at the flight of the frogs, you would not be able to see them at all,
for the state of mind of those frogs is too different from ours. But as the minds of the two
are closely related to ours, we would still see them the same, even if they were at a
great distance from us! We could have a close look at hell also. However, that would not
be accomplished through an association of minds, but only through the Lord's
miraculous mediation, which you will get to know in due course. Now you know the
reason for this appearance, which rightly seems strange, but will become quite clear to
you at a later time. Now go on watching the scene before you, which is most
Concentrating on the scene once more, Bishop Martin sees how the frogs, already deep
in the dark evening, have reached the shore of a vast sea and have stopped. Here they
are beginning to croak pitifully, refusing to enter the water. The two white-robed men do
not force them in, but give them free choice.

(Seeing this, Bishop Martin says): "Look at those ugly frogs! They do not want to enter
the element for which they seem to have been created. I am beginning to suspect the
reason why this is so. There must still be something of a better nature in them which
does not belong to that element, and which most likely is going to keep them on dry
(Borem): "That may be so! But go on watching, for the development of the first act will
soon be apparent!"
(Bishop Martin watches the scene attentively, and says after a while): "Ah, ah, look, how
strange! The frogs are now inflating themselves to the frightening size of huge
elephants, facing
the two white-robed men and the party of old people, who are getting more and more
scared. The frogs are still swelling, as if blown up with bellows.
They look as if they could attack the whole party, but the two men do not retreat a single
step, although the old people seem ready to fly more than run away.
Now the two men order silence, and one of them addresses the old people: 'Do not be
afraid of these inflated things! It is only the wicked skin that seems so frightening, but the
being inside is weaker than that of a mite! We could blow them away with a single
breath, these beings whom
you worshipped as blessed, but we shall not be as merciless as they - the would-be
brides of God - were to us and to you, although we are true Protestants and zealously
protest against everything that is not of the Lord. 'And if you want to know exactly who
these inflated frogs are, then know that they are your daughters whom your utter
foolishness has practically sent to their damnation, driving them into the convent of the
Ladies of the Sacred Heart together with considerable fortunes. How do you like them in
their celestial garb?'
The old people throw up their arms, tear their hair, and scream: 'But for heaven's sake,
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, help us! How is this possible? They were said to have led such
pure lives and
have at all times obeyed the strict rules of the order and their father confessor! And now
we find them here in this terrible state! Oh, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what has become
of them?'
Says one of the white-robed men: 'Calm yourselves and do not worry about these
unworthy ones. We have been sent here by the Lord to seek and recover, in His most
holy name, what was lost, and we shall eventually straighten out these frogs. But in
order that you may be cured of
your folly, you have to be present when we do this, and patiently accept all that might
befall you. But first, make sure that you awaken your love of the one God, Lord and
Father, Jesus, and the path you will have to follow will be much easier!'
Now the old people are beginning to weep at the misfortune of their supposedly blessed
daughters. But the latter are inflating themselves even more so."

- Chapter
(Bishop Martin): "A very old-looking father of one of these ladies comes forward now and
addresses the white-robed men in a lamenting voice: 'Oh, you mighty messengers of
God, how is it possible that my daughter is also among these unfortunates? As far as I
know, my daughter lived in strict obedience of her order's rules, and thus fully in the spirit
of the only true church the Roman Catholic, whose spirit must obviously be the Holy
Ghost. In view of such a life and the assurances of the church, my daughter should have
gone straight to heaven. For, in addition to her conscientiously holy life, she was
awarded by the Pope himself not just one, but a whole dozen, of plenary indulgences,
privileged by the Laurentian Mary, absolving her completely from purgatory. How can it
be that here such a life has no value before God? Yes, I can assure you, upon my life,
that my daughter was truly and unmistakably nominated by heaven as a bride of Christ
through a vision received by a most godly and strict-living Jesuit.
This pious man admitted humbly to having had the following dream: Mary and St.
Joseph came to him in a celestial light and said, ' Listen you pure brother of the angels.
Go to N.N. who has a dear young daughter who has found favor with Jesus, and HE
wants to make her His most favored bride. Go on behalf of God, your Lord, and procure
this bride for Him, or you will never have a part in the Kingdom of God!'
Upon waking, he pondered this dream and after he had had the same dream three
times, he
informed the convent, which then passed it on to the general in Rome. And how
surprised the
whole convent was when the word came from the general that he had had the same
dream, and
when he did not believe it, Mary had appeared to him even a fourth time and said sadly:
'Oh, you wretched worm in the dust, since you do not believe, you will be smitten with a
illness until the dear maiden is in the convent of the Ladies of the Sacred Heart as a
bride for my
son! As a confirmation of the truth, for three days in succession all the bells in Rome
shall ring
of their own accord at midnight for an hour!' All this had miraculously taken place, and
the general secretly ordered special prayers in all the convents. He had also particularly
urged the Jesuit, who had had the dream about my daughter, to keep praying night and
day for her to join the convent.
I myself did not want to part with her, especially as I was very rich and of high nobility.
My daughter was very beautiful, gentle and good, and could have married well.
However, eventually I gave in to the pleas of the pious Jesuit, and as my daughter also
preferred Christ to any other bridegroom, she took the veil and became a bride of Christ.
Oh, you unhappy bride! 'You mighty messengers of the Lord, tell me, poor unhappy
father that I am, in what way did my daughter sin that she is now among these
unfortunate, truly hellish, beings? Did she have any secret vices, or was she simply a
hypocrite? Or is, perhaps, the Roman church a fake? Do tell me why this terrible thing
has happened to my daughter!'
Says one of the two white-robed men: 'Friend, have you never read the Gospel of the
Replies the old man: 'Only as a schoolboy, but never after that, for I used to attend mass
Sunday and on all holidays and listened to the sermons. Besides, we laymen were
forbidden by
the church to read the Bible, and I believe I did the right thing in obeying the church in

Says the messenger again: 'Well, if the church was more important to you than the pure
Word of God, you will have to ask the church to account for what has happened to your
daughter - not us, who as true Protestants, unlike the Roman church, have never
adhered to anything but what
Christ Himself taught. But in the Gospel there is nothing mentioned about an only true
Catholic church, nor about a pope, Jesuits, or Ladies of the Sacred Heart. It simply says:
shalt love the Lord, thy God, with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy
mind . . .
and thy neighbor as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the laws and all the
prophets!' Whoever works only for the sake of the reward is an idle servant and not
worthy of the reward, even less of the Lord, Who says: ' He that loveth father or mother,
son or daughter, more than Me is not of Me. When ye shall have done all those things
which are commanded you, say, we are unprofitable servants.'
Behold, those are words of God! Ask yourself whether you knew them and whether you
or your spiritually arrogant daughter have ever observed them.'
Says the old man: 'If they are really the words of God, which I do not doubt, especially
the commandments of love, I am beginning to understand why this has happened to my
daughter. However, she is a victim of deception and entitled to forbearance and the
Lord's mercy.'
Says the messenger again: 'Friend, if the Lord were not better than you and your
daughter imagine, both of you would be in hell by now! But, because the Lord is
endlessly better and wiser, you are now, instead of in hell, only in a most essential state
of correction of your thinking, in a bath of mercy for the healing of your whole being. Let
me tell you that the dream of the Jesuit was an invention because of your beautiful and
rich daughter.
The Lord allowed this to happen in view of the fact that you wanted nothing less than a
prince for your daughter. This was all the more wrong of you for, contrary to the Christian
teaching that all men are equal, you withheld your daughter from a poor but otherwise
righteous man, and even had him punished for his boldness! Such an attitude is
accursed before God! In the end it was not a prince who got your daughter, but a sly
Jesuit, who deceived both of you!
In view of all this, can you call God to account for the unfortunate state your daughter is
in now - God Who is the essence of love, humility, and meekness?
Besides, my friend, your daughter was arrogant and harsh towards her subordinates,
having soon become a prioress of this new order, because she was the richest. She
considered herself a saint in view of her miraculous calling, and even more so because
at night a masked Lord Jesus
visited her personally, to whom she, as his bride, naturally granted all he asked, after the
so-called heavenly veil had been raised.
Of course, she did not tell you about this, except that her Jesus demanded that you
bequeath your entire great fortune to the holy order, which you also did in your blind
faith! This is how things are with you and your daughter and how they will be with your
wife, who is still living on earth. How do you imagine that a human being can expect
heaven with such a life next to God's teaching, especially since your daughter knew very
soon who her would-be Lord Jesus really was? Is this now clear to you, my dear friend?'
The old man is quite nonplussed, and several others with him. He now feels like cursing
but the two white-robed men forbid him to do so, pointing out to him that the Lord alone
condemn, and that all men must forgive if they want to be forgiven themselves. This
pacifies our old man, and I can see that one of the frogs is beginning to shrink. It is

probably the aforesaid 'bride of Christ.' Now things are beginning to move in the right
direction, brother!"

(Bishop Martin): "The old man once more addresses the messenger, saying: 'I now
what you have told me and do not doubt that you are right. However, if things are as you
describe, I would like to know why the Lord puts up with Rome at all. For in this case,
Rome must be an abomination and not a church of the Lord at all. Where then is Peter,
the rock, not to be prevailed over by the gates of hell? Rome claims this for itself, and
the Pope, as the so-called deputy of Christ on earth, is allegedly sitting on that rock,
constantly inspired by the Holy Ghost. Such a claim must be an abomination before
God! Do explain to me how it is possible that the Lord tolerates this. He must have a
thousand ways of controlling such an evil.'
Says the messenger: 'That is true, my friend, the Lord can do absolutely anything He
wants to. But what would you say of a father of many children if he immediately
executed those who disobeyed him? Would not everybody say: What a shame. We
have never seen such a devil of a
father! What would you say to a ruler who had his subjects immediately put to death for
non compliance with his laws? Wouldn't you cry: Oh, look, what a terrible tyrant, what an
inhuman fiend!
Such an inhuman ly severe father the children might resist quite successfully, and the
subjects of such a tyrant could rise in rebellion and kill him.
If the Almighty Father were to treat His children like that, what would you think of such
on the part of God?
If the Almighty Father would do to His powerless creatures what bloodthirsty villains at
time did to the people in France, would not that be indescribably cruel?
The Lord is well aware what a harlot Rome is, just as He knew all about the adulteress,
Mary Magdalen, and the woman of Samaria at Jacob's well. But the same forbearance
He showed those three women, He is also showing Rome, and He welcomes everyone
of her lost sons if he
is truly penitent, however much he may have wooed the harlot Rome.
As for the rock of Peter, which prevails over the gates of hell, the Lord has referred to
this in a
number of texts in His Gospel.
So, for instance, it says: 'He that believeth on the son hath everlasting life.' - Behold, that
is already a rock!
It is also written: ' The kingdom of God cometh not with observation ... it is within you.' There, too, the true, unconquerable rock of Peter has been erected!
And again it is written: 'He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that
me; and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will
manifest myself to him.' That, too, is Peter, the unconquerable, in the heart of man. That
alone is the true, living church of the Lord, if He, through living faith which is love, has
come to dwell in the
heart of man. Now you know about Peter and where he is. So stop asking about silly idle
things of the world, but seek first the true Kingdom of God within you and its
righteousness, and everything else shall be given you.'

The old man now bows deeply before this messenger of the Lord, and so do all the
others. However, the frogs are still frogs; they only seem to be somewhat less inflated.
One of them has become quite small, and is now approaching the two white-robed men.
The closer it gets, the smaller it becomes. This seems to be a good sign. By the way, I
must confess honestly and with gratitude to the Lord that I have learned a lot from this
scene and am now, no doubt, considerably wiser than before. But the scene is becoming
more interesting and stranger all the time. I must say that the description of the Jesuit in
this case is excellent. It truly requires more than divine patience not to punish such types
who are worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. It is as well that I am not equipped with the
Lord's might at this stage or things would be really bad for these deceivers of the world!
However, the Lord's will be done!"
- Chapter
(Borem): "That is right! The Lord's best and wisest will be done! Apparently, the thistles
are inferior to the wheat, which is more or less the same all over the world. However, if
you examine all the different kinds of thistles, you will find the delicious pineapple, the
medicinal aloe, and the fig-thistle in Africa, rich in sugar content.
How foolish it would therefore be to condemn the entire genus of thistles since nature
shows how they can be improved. Wheat stays wheat, but a thistle, ennobled, can
become a pineapple. Thus a Peter, a James, an Andrew, and so on, remained what they
were from the beginning - a pure wheat in the Lord's barn! But among this wheat there
was also a very prickly wild thistle.
Its name was Saul. And behold, the Lord made a pineapple out of it, the most delicious
fruit on
And what the Lord has done then, he is still doing now, and we can only say from the
depths of
our hearts: 'O Father, Thy most holy will be done!'"
(Bishop Martin, moved to tears, says): "Yes, my dear brother, His holiest will be done in
eternity! If I had Him here now, I could press Him to my heart in my overwhelming love.
Oh, my good Lord Jesus, do come to both of us!"