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10J Oldtowne Rd. The NOVA "Case of the UFO" broadcast (see Open Letter and
Seguin, Texas 78155 Guest Editorial) is a victory for the skeptical propagandists, and an
important one because of the prestige of this public broadcasting
RICHARD HALL science series. The one-sided treatment is nothing new for TV or film
Editor "documentaries" in the U.S., but severely disppointing coming from
ANN DRUFFEL NOVA. What will it take to get the sort of documentary outlined by
Associate Editor Dr. Hynek in his editorial? TV and other media producers need to be
educated to the large middle ground between the sensational and
LEN STRINGFIELD outrageous tabloids, on the one hand, and the skeptic-debunkers on
Associate Editor the other, as to the nature of truly puzzling UFO reports. If we don't
MILDRED BIESELE do it, who will?
Contributing Editor UFO reports are not all, by any means, unexplainable in
conventional terms, but neither are they all (the skeptical position)
WALTER H. ANDRUS readily explainable. We have to start talking about and focusing
Director of MUFON attention on the some that are truly puzzling, and differentiating
sharply between categories. Otherwise, the skeptics will continue to
TED BLOECHER get away with burying the serious cases among the trivial, drowning
DAVE WEBB out the potential "signal" with the "noise."
Humanoid Study Group
In this issue
Religion and UFOs
GREG LONG By John Prytz
Staff Writer
CALIFORNIA REPORT . . . ' . . . . - 15
Landing Trace Cases
Medical Cases
DENNIS W. STACY By Lucius Parish
Staff Writer
NORMA E. SHORT By Walt Andrus
Editor/Publishers Emeritus
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September 29, 1982 Maccabee's and Alan Hendry's how farfetched their theories and
contributions. were edited in such a explanations may be when the program
To: An Open Letter to all State manner that it was made to appear that has been billed as a scientific expose. I
and Provincial Directors and they agreed with the aforementioned telephoned the WGBH Public
Board of Directors of the debunkers. Information Office, 609 Fifth Avenue,
Mutual UFO Network, When John Groom was in New York, NY 10017, telephone
Inc./MUFON Houston, Texas making the program, number (212) 759-8851 and asked for
he filmed over two reels of video tape of the Press Contact, Wilma Hill. In her
From: Walter H. Andrus, Jr., John Schuessler, discussing the absence, I talked to Cindi Jessen,
International Director Cash/Landrum case at the site that was Promotion Assistant, who was also a
also not used. During his visit, Mr. party to the News Release dated
Subject: Public Broadcasting System Groom spent considerable time at the August 26, 1982. When I asked her if
NOVA Program titled "The home of James Oberg in nearby she had screened the program before
Case of the UFOs" to be Friendswood, Texas filming sequences writing the publicity release, she replied
aired October 12, 1982 which are featured in the program. This in the affirmative. When I pointed out to
created suspicion in Mr. Schuessler's her that only the major debunkers were
After requesting a private showing mind concerning the integrity of John featured in the program, she admitted
of the program on September 20, 1982 Groom's production as a legitimate that the film would be objectionable to
via WTTW in Chicago, Dr. J. Allen UFO program. His suspicions have serious UFO researchers and possibly
Hynek called Walt Andrus to express now been confirmed. the general public. I asked her to
his displeasure with the program and to Dr. Hynek is submitting a guest arrange for an advanced private
share a proposed editorial that will editorial for publication in the MUFON showing, in San Antonio through
appear in the CUFOS monthly UFO Journal expressing his disgust KLRN-TV, the PBS outlet, as she had
publication. I have attached a copy of and contempt with this obvious UFO done for Dr. Hynek, but she refused.
the publicity release to MUFON from debunking program since only the (After having eliminated Dr. Hynek
the WGBH Public Information office in vocal minorities were featured. from the finished program, they may
New York City, which sounds exciting, MUFON in Seguin was never have felt a. little guilty.)
but does not mention the names of any contacted to provide material or Upon further quizzing Cindi
of the participants. To do so would suggestions for the filming. A telephone Jessen on how the participants were
disclose that the program is a call, after the film was completed, from selected for the filming, she said that the
"debunking e f f o r t " and would Miss Elise Katz, WGBH in Boston, list was provided by Kendrick Frazier to
automatically reduce the number of seeking publicity . photographs on the producers. As most of you know,
viewers, since the general public is August 10, 1982 to publicize the Kendrick Frazier is the Editor of "The
seeking solid information on the UFO program and for their news release kit 'Skeptical Inquirer, The Zetetic"
phenomenon. was the first time your Director had published by the Committee for the
The featured participants are heard about the program. When I Scientific Investigation of Claims of the
James E. Oberg, Philip J. Klass, quizzed her concerning who was in the Paranormal. Whether John Mansfield
M i c h a e l A. Persinger, Ph.D. film, she noted that it included Travis or John Groom (BBC) were fully aware
(Laurentian University, Sudbury, Walton, the 1978 New Zealand motion of the biased backgrounds on these
Ontario, Canada), Dr. Brian Brady picture films and the Deputy Val men I do not know, however their
(U.S. Bureau of Mines, Denver, CO), Johnson i n c i d e n t in W a r r e n , editing of the film, leaving out the
W. "Bill" Ireland (New Zealand Dept. of Minnesota. She avoided naming the people who could contribute positive
Scientific and Industrial Research) with participants, only the cases to be information was very obvious and
brief edited appearances by Dr. Bruce discussed. appeared intentional.
S. Maccabee and Alan Hendry. Dr. Needless to say, Dr. Hynek and When pressed further, Cindi
Hynek advised that four reels of film your International Director, Walt Jessen said that all complaints must be
were made about himself and the work Andrus, were more than mildly filed in writing with the Executive
of the Center for UFO Studies, by the concerned with the unfavorable Producer for NOVA, John Mansfield,
film crew, however none of this was impression that the general public will since "The Case.of the UFOs" is a
used and his name was never receive after viewing and hearing the
mentioned in the program. Both Dr. debunker's viewpoints, regardless of (continued on next page)
Open Letter, Continued
WGBH/BBC co-production, produced By J. Allen Hynek, PhD.
by John Groom (BBC/British
Broadcasting Company). '
Since any statement that your One should perhaps sympathize serious study of these mysterious
International Director could make in with the producers of the NOVA series. phenomena is very much alive, and may
the Journal or Dr. Hynek's guest They really bought a pig-in-the-poke just now be on the verge of significant
editorial could not be published and when they purchased the program discoveries." A come-on if there ever
received by our members before "The Case of the UFO" with which they was one! The actual program, however,
October 12,1 am resorting to this open opened their new TV season on Oct. gave the impression that anyone
letter to key MUFON Directors 12. One can hope that they have better spending time on broad-based
throughout the U S.A. and Canada. luck with ensuing programs, and also, investigations of the UFO phenomenon
I personally called Mr. Howard one can hope that they do not continue was not playing with a full deck of cards.
Gutin, General Manager of KLRN-TV to produce misleading 'advance I had the opportunity of previewing
in San Antonio, Texas and asked advertising. "The Case of the UFO" through the
permission to do a rebuttal immediately The program was advertised courtesy of WTTW, the PBS station in
after the PBS airing on October 12th. widely as "a rigorous, scientific Chicago, several weeks before its
He though it was a fine idea, but investigation of the fact, fiction and airing, and was shocked at the unfair
declined since their' October program hoax of unidentified flying objects," and treatment the subject was given.
schedule has already gone to press and the press release stated, "NOVA takes Having been involved, with Allan
could not be changed at this late date. a penetrating look at several famous Hendry, in several days of taping for
He has invited me to do a UFO segment UFO reports. . . .and proves that this program at the Center for UFO
for airing in November that will present Studies, I was amazed to see how much
the positive aspects of the UFO themselves to explaining away the UFO material was edited out, making for a
phenomenon and investigative phenomenon with their own very biased presentation. For example:
activities of MUFON. He was very preconceived opinions. Please address we had been asked for a "really good
receptive to my objections and felt that your letter to: case" to re-enact for taping. Hendry,
PBS should "flag" their stations if they using our criteria for good cases, (a
anticipated a program that would Mr. John Mansfield close e n c o u n t e r , c o m p l e t e l y
create complaints. Executive Producer for NOVA independent witnesses, and preferably
How can the recipients of this WGBH Educational Foundation a daytime occurrence) suggested a
letter help in neutralizing the negative 125 Western Avenue case he had carefully investigated some
opinions of the vocal debunkers in the Boston, MA 02134 years ago, the Joliet case of May 8,1977
minds of the general public and WGBH (see UFO Handbook, p. 114) in which a
in particular? Be sure to identify the program research chemist and her husband, in
1. Please contact the general date, and the PBS station where you one car, and a physician and his wife in
manager of your PBS outlet that carries viewed the program. The WGBH another car, 15 miles apart but on the
the NOVA series and volunteer to work Public Information Office in New York, same road, saw at about 2 p.m., a silver
with them as I have done in San NY has recommended this as the "straw hat" as large as the moon, fly
Antonio, expressing your dissatis- proper procedure in which to voice silently over the top of their cars
faction with the October 12th program. complaints. (moving rapidly and crgamsf the local
2. Communicate the information in The program should be more wind direction).
this letter and WGBH news release to appropriately titled "The Case Against The four witnesses were kind
not only the MUFON members in your the UFO," instead of being billed as enough to give up a day of their lives to
state, through the State Section "The Case of the UFOs." re-enact the event for NOVA in the
Directors or directly through your own This is an opportunity for everyone interests (they thought) of science and
mailing list, but also to the news media. interested in securing answers and truth. But NOVA never used this, I
3. Write and file a letter of resolving the UFO phenomenon to imagine, not because they could
complaint immediately after the take positive action by getting actively explain it, but because they couldn't!
program is aired on October 12th involved as suggested in your own Instead, they used their time on the fake
expressing your displeasure with the communities. This open letter will be pictures from Warminster, England,
fact that the NOVA series on PBS published in a future issue of the UFOs which are easily shown to be
would present such a biased program MUFON UFO JOURNAL. Soviet space shots, and on one
u t i l i z i n g only the opinions and astronaut (Conrad) downplaying
hypotheses of the members of the UFO Sincerely yours, astronaut sightings in general. (No
Sub-Committee of "The Committee for mention, of course, was made of
the Scientific Investigation'of Claims of Walter H. Andrus, Jr.
the Paranormal," who have dedicated International Director (continued on next page)
By Bill Chalker
(© 1982 - Bill Chalker)

On Monday morning, January 11, the often unpredictable and incomplete civilian UFO groups, individuals, and
1982,1 arrived at the Russell Offices of compliance to requests, with the others, documentation searches,
the Department of Defence, in dispatch of individual reports (in which internal memorandums and minute
Canberra, to undertake a review of the the personal details of witnesses are papers, draft replies to requests, and
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) normally deleted) and/or standard miscellaneous documents.
/Department of Defence UFO files. public relation replies. The files made available to me
This was the first time that a civilian After signing in at the police desk, I during my January 1982 visit consisted
researcher had been afforded this sort was escorted from Building A to of 7 Enquiry files covering the period
of access. Building C of the Russell Offices from April 1966 to date, and 11 sighting
For almost 30 years, the RAAF has Defence complex in Canberra, by Mr. files containing reports from 1975 to
been the official body invested with the Noel Tanswell of Defence Public 1981.
responsibility of investigating reports of Relations — Research Press. In the Although the Enquiry files
UFOs or unusual aerial sighting (UAS) office of the Directorate of Public (through documentation searches to
reports in Australia and its territories1. Relations — Press Section, Mr. answer requests) and my own research
No clear and unambiguous picture has Tanswell showed me the files that had prior to this officially sanctioned review
emerged about the role the RAAF plays been made available. There were 18 all provided me with considerable
in the UFO controversy in Australia. together. Four were given to me to information on RAAF investigations
On one hand there are supporters examine first. prior to 1975, I was disappointed with
of the "cover-up" scenario. That is, the I was shown to a desk in a quiet the lack of pre-1975 sighting files.
RAAF is covering up its high level corner by a window, which looked out Squadron Leader Ian Frame, the
involvement, perhaps in concert with into the rest of the Russell Offices Air Force Liaison Officer responsible
the alleged United States Air Force complex. During that day and for the for the handling and compilation of
censorship conspiracy2. On the other next 3 (the latter in the office of the UFO sightings in Canberra,4 gave this
hand, we have the position that Director of Public Relations, the explanation of the situation, in a letter
suggests t h a t the R A A F is director being on leave), I conducted an enclosed with the files given to me for
bureaucratically locked into a exhaustive examination of the RAAF review:
responsibility it has long since decided UFO files. I was given free access to a
is a waste of time, but continues as a photocopier and was allowed to make These are all the files readily available. We
are hampered by the fact that the
service to the general public. notes, both written and with a tape Department changed from Melbourne to
The only public record of case recorder. In short, I was permitted a Canberra in the early 60s. Files prior to this
investigations by the RAAF has been completely open review of the 18 files period have been very hard to locate.
the "Summaries of Unusual Aerial made available.
Sightings." These consist of data, time, Two types of files have been I hope that you appreciate that the RAAF
examines UASs primarily for their Defence
location, very brief details of the event, maintained by the RAAF/Department content. If occurrences have no obvious
and "possible cause." Nine of these of Defence, namely: import we have very few resources
were produced, covering the years (1) "Unidentified Flying Objects - available for checks other than initial
from 1960 up to and in including 1977. Reports of Sightings," and cursory examinations. I hope that you are
However, the 1977 Summary was the (2) "UFOs — Enquiries from members not too disappointed. I'm afraid that UAS
are only a very minor secondary role for all
last to appear and it was not until 1980 of the public and Flying Saucer people involved in the chain. Best of luck
that the Department of Defence organisations." with your endeavours but these files are all
advised interested parties that: The sightings largely consist of that I have been able to recover from our
RAAF report forms (generally system.
"the practice of compiling annual containing the standard 3 part forms,
summaries of UAS reports was Of particular interest was that
namely Part 1 — Report by Observer,
discontinued in 1978. This was in line with copies of previously unavailable
Part 2 — Unit Report, and Part 3 —
the Department of Defence policy of the Department of Defence (Air Force
RAAF now investigating reports purely as a Investigating Officer's Evaluation),
Office) Unusual Aerial Sightings
"service to the general public." All reports covering memorandums, letters,
Summaries for reports in 1978, 1979
are still retained for record purposes and telexes, and communications from
are available to whoever seeks access to and 1980 (Summary Nos. 10, 11 & 12
other Government bodies (e.g.
them.3 Department of Transport, Meteor- respectively) were provided for me.
This is despite the previously
ological Bureau, and police).
However "access" did not mean The "Enquiries" mainly hold letters
direct access, but instead referred to of enquiry from the general public, (continued on next page)
RAAF, Continued

Table 1. — Breakdown of RAAF UFO Investigations

Total no. . No.
Year of reports "Unknowns"" % "Unknowns" Source of information
1960 20 0 0.0 Summary No. 1
1961 14 0 0.0 Summary No. 1
1962 25 0 0.0 Summary No. 1
1963 17 0 0.0 Summary No. 1
1964 17 1 5.9 Summary No. 1
1965 52 2 3.9 Summary No. 1
1966 74 1 1.4 Summary No. 1
1967 95 0 0.0 Summary No. 1
1968 101 0 0.0 Summary No. 1
1969 94 2 2.1 Summary No. 2
1970 37 4 ' 10.8 Summary No. 3
1971 52 6 11.5 Summary No. 3
1972 87 11 12.6 Summary No. 4
1973 193 4 2.1 Summary No. 5
1974 67 2 3.0 Summary No. 6
1975 39 4 10.2 Summary No. 7
1976 39 4 10.2 Summary No. 8
1977 25 6 24:0 Summary No. 9
1978 118 30 25.4 Summary No. 10
1979 .45 15 33.3 Summary No. 11
1980 47 10 21.3 Summary No. 12
1258 102 8.1%

*Some "unknowns" are not included due to low weight status, i.e., insufficient information or possible explanation provided was probable.

mentioned policy change which above marshland which was situated about configuration of the depression.
25 yards away from his position. There
discontinued the summaries in 1978. was an associated hissing noise which I summarized the controversy
These documents allow me to provide decreased as the "object" rose. The about the Tully incident in "Tully
an updated summary of the RAAF's apparent shape was described as "two (Australia) 'saucer nests'," pgs. 370-
investigation of UFOs (See Table 1). saucers, face to face," but no structural
371, The Encyclopedia of UFOs5.
detail was observed. The duration of the
observation was approximately 15 seconds Other documents in the Enquiry
Classic Case Enquiries files were requests for information on
and it disappeared in mid air whilst receding
It is interesting to see what the into the distance (not assessed). cases, which ostensibly it seems the
RAAF files say about "classic" cases. RAAF did not know about. For
The "enquiry" files contained A clearly defined near circular depression
remained in evidence in swamp grass at the
example, a 1967 enquiry related to an
information on a number of these due alleged UFO event, thought to have
to file searches undertaken to answer point from which the object was seen rising,
and measured about 32 feet long by 25 feet taken place over Butterworth RAAF
requests for information from various wide. The grass was flattened in clockwise airfield, Malaysia, back in the first week
sources. For example, the curves to water level within the circle and of July 1959, would be extraordinary if
controversial Drury film affair of 1953, the reeds had been uprooted from the mud.
There was no scorching of grass or
true. The enquiry referred to two F-86
was covered in the files with some
surrounding trees and the observer stated fighters being scrambled to investigate
surprising details, and the presence of
that there was no smell of combustion. . .. a UFO, The aircraft fired on the UFO,
several copies of frames of the film.
which exploded and ash fell to the
The RAAF files described the Although a conclusive determination could ground. The ash was allegedly retrieved
famous Tully incident in the following not be made, the most probable
and sent to Canberra for analysis.
manner: explanation was that the sighting was of a
"willy willy" or circular wind phenomenon Another UFO appeared the following
which flattened the reeds and sucked up day, apparently looking for its "lost
At about 9.00 a.m. on 19th January 1966,
debris to a height of about 30 feet, thus mate." When two F-86 fighters were
Mr. G.A. Pedley, a banana grower of Tully,
forming what appeared to be a "flying again sent up, the planes allegedly
Qld, observed a light grey non reflecting dull
saucer," before moving off and dissipating.
object, reported to be about 25 feet long
Hissing noises are known to be associated disintegrated within a mile of the UFO.
and 8 feet deep, rise vertically then climb on
with "willy willies" and the theory is also
an angle of 45° from a height of about 30 feet
substantiated by the clockwise circular (continued on next page)
RAAF, Continued related to what appear to be retrievals deposed in a coup.8
of mundane debris, but none of them With regard to RAAF UFO policy,
According to the story, the aircraft relate to the "Alien Honeycomb" affair two 1966 documents were especially
and pilots were never found. The files (e.g. "Suspect Air Vehicle Wreckage — illuminating. These were RESTRICT-
contain internal memorandums Perenjori, W.A. — 1974"). More than ED Department of Air (later
between Butterworth RAAF base and likely the key to "alien honeycomb" Department of Defence) Minute Papers
Canberra in 1967, which appear to (subsequently identified as entitled and dated, "UFOs — RAAF
indicate that they were unaware of the predominately woven fibreglass!) lies HANDLING OF PROBLEM, 16 Aug
events. My own enquiries, ably assisted not in a UFO (or UAS) file, but in files 66, and "UNIDENTIFIED FLYING
by John Prytz of Canberra, have failed related to aircraft accidents and OBJECTS - RAAF POLICY", 12 Oct
to elict any further information or to investigations. 66.
confirm whether any aircraft were lost Several surprising finds were made The first of these minute papers,
at the time. I would certainly be in the files, most notably documents arose out of a conflict between the
fascinated to hear whether anyone has which gave insights into RAAF and Intelligence and Public Relations
anything concrete on this diverting tale. Australian government policies on the Directorates of the Department of Air,
Even the book Alien Honeycomb6 UFO subject. over whether "the distribution of
had some references to it in the files. An A RESTRICTED Foreign Affairs interested members of the public of the
internal memorandum dated 1 Aug 80 document about "UNGA 33: SPECIAL 'Summary of Unidentified Aerial
f r o m DEFAIR C A N B E R R A to POLITICAL COMMITTEE: ITEM 126 Sightings Reported to Department of
HQOC — SOINT r e g a r d i n g - ESTABLISHMENT OF AN Air From I960'" was to cease. The
"Confirmation of Data in Book 'Alien AGENCY OR DEPARTMENT OF Directorate of Air Force Intelligence
Honeycomb'," stated: THE UNITED NATIONS FOR was "keen to spftpedal the UFO
UNDERTAKING, CO-ORDINATING business" and gave "the reason for this
The text of the book is sufficiently vague to AND DISSEMINATING THE cessation (as) the undesirability of
make tracing information from service RESULTS OF RESEARCH INTO whetting the interest of the public in
records a very tiring and difficult task. A UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS UFOs."
check of files held at Air Force Office has
proven negative. AND RELATED PHENOMENON"
Unfortunately, a "no comment" or "no contained a review by P.A. Jackson, for The "Summary..." grew out of a
information" response from the RAAF is the Australian UN delegation, of the requirement for certain statistical UFO
only going to encourage this type of attempts by Sir Eric Gairy to obtain UN . information to provide material for a
journalism. Accordingly, it is requested that ministerial reply to a parliamentary
concurrence for his idea of a UN UFO question. OPR (Directorate of Public
HQOC initiate a check of records
(including those at HQ AMB (Amberly - agency. The document summaries the Relations - B.C.) willingly undertook to draft
B.C.) for data which could relate to this negotiations that took place, noting an answer for the Minister (a task which
matter. that the result was "a much more entailed folio-for-folio research through
some four or five parts of the relevant file),
modest draft decision," which was because it felt that the otherwise
In a telex dated 5 Sep 80 and subsequently adopted by consensus of burdensome task had a distinct side-
categorized as "unclassified/routine," the Special Political Committee on 7 benefit, namely, the collation of an
from HQOC to DEFAIR Canberra, the December 1978. The document unclassified and innocuous summary of
following information was given: concludes: UFO "sightings" in AUSTRALIA for the
past five years.
FURTHER TO REF A THE FOLLOWING The outcome .was a satisfactory one from DPR envisaged the day when it would be
RETRANS OF INFO RECEIVED FROM our point of view and from the points of view able to reply to all public UFO enquiries by
HQ AMB. QUOTE: 1. SUMMARIES OF of those other countries who did not want the mere dispatch of the "Summary..."
UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL SIGHTINGS to accede to the demands of the Grenada covered, if thought necessary, by a letter in
PREPARED BY DEPT OF AIR BETWEEN draft resolution but at the same time did not which we explain that we are not prepared
MID 1968 AND MID 1969 HAVE BEEN want to offend the Government of to engage in any subsequent disputation
CHECKED FOR MENTION OF THE Grenada. The draft decision did not commit (i.e., take our "Summary..." or leave it; we
CASE. NO MENTION OF THAT the Outer Space Committee to do more have told you all we know). In order to keep
PARTICULAR SIGHTING APPEARS IN than receive and consider documents from this "Summary..." current, D/DAFI (Ops)
THE SUMMARIES. 2. THIS IS UNUSUAL Grenada and'permit Grenada to present its was good enough to agree to provide DPR
BECAUSE IT IS OUR UNDERSTAND- views to the Committee. This is something with the basic information which DPR
ING THAT THE SUMMARIES WERE which Grenada, or any other country could would expect to have been security cleared
COMPREHENSIVE AND NOT EDITED have done at anytime without a decision of for general release before adding the
. LISTS OF REPORTED SIGHTINGS. 3. the General Assembly, but Grenada was information to the "Summary..."
UNLESS REQUESTED BY COMMAND satisfied. Most importantly, the draft,
THIS HQ DOES NOT PROPOSE TO decision did not inscribe the item on the In this 16 Aug 66 Minute Paper,
DPR directed at DAFI (Directorate of
Air Force Intelligence), "a plea to
As it turned out it appears nothing In retrospect, it would have been remove the present restriction on the
further was done. My own opinions on far more expedient for Sir Eric Gairy to
sharing of our unclassified UFO
Alien Honeycomb are well known7. have devoted more time to domestic
The "Enquiry" files contain documents matters, for before long, he was (continued on next page)
RAAF, Continued concluded .his Minute Paper to the RAAF Bureaucracy
Director of Air Force Intelligence, by The RAAF had ostensibly become
information with the public, for the stating, "while security is. not DPR's locked into a b u r e a u c r a t i c a l l y
following reasons: affair, our relations with the general orchestrated formula for handling the
public (cranks and all) certainly is and I "UFO problem." Part of a 1980 "Brief
(a) The RAAF really has no right to act as an feel strongly, from the PR point of view, for the Minister for Defence on RAAF
arbiter of the subjects in which the public that we are handling this whole policy for reporting of UAS...",
may or may not take an interest. Those
business in an unnecessarily rigid and describes the formula:
members of the public who care to concern
themselves with UFO facts and fancies all unimaginative way." .
know that the Department of Air is the The second Minute Paper, dated - Each RAAF base in Australia has an officer
official, governmental examiner of reports 12 Oct 66, continued the same theme, responsible for the investigation of UAS.
of sightings in this country and any attempt but confirms that uncertainty and/or Under present arrangements, anyone who
by us to suppress public interest (however sees, (or thinks they have seen) an aerial
misguided we may think that interest to be)
confusion were keynotes in RAAF object which cannot be identified should
only helps to support the general UFO policy during 1966 — hallmarks contact the nearest RAAF base, or if this is
impression that we are sitting on fat files of that would continue, albeit waxing and not possible, the nearest Police Station.
information, vital to our security. This, I waning, right up to today. It stated, in Reports received at RAAF bases are
submit, is the last thing we want to happen. part, that: thoroughly investigated and the results
onforwarded to Department of Defence
(b) The USAF is believed not to be adverse (Air Force Office) where they are checked
to making public its unclassified. UFO There appears . to be some confusion and filed. The person making the original
findings, which it does in sheer self defence concerning Department policy over report is'advised by the appropriate RAAF
and, while it is true we do not have to defend UFOs...On file...there is a ministerial : base of the findings of the investigation if so
ourselves against the same sort of pressure statement to the effect: "Anyone who is requested.
for information as that applied to the interested in sightings of UFOs can apply to
American air force, it seems self evident the Department of Air'for information on
the subject and is .welcome to a synopsis of Ali hough the UAS files are unclassified they
that we should, in our defence, devise are not made available to the general public
some simple piece of administrative UFO sightings which includes a very brief
assessment of the probable causes." This in their complete form as many of the
machinery to cope with that steady flow of people submitting reports wish to remain
UFO enquiries, anti-authority (RAAF?) statement was made in answer to
ministerial representation. It would appear anonymous. However, a summary of the
press innuendos and statements verging on - findings of any particular case can be made
public accusations of duplicity which we will however that the policy represented by this
statement may hot have reflected the view 'available.
never ( be able to dodge, as long as we
continue to play our unclassified UFO of ;DAFI, despite earlier, although
cards too close to our chests. inconclusive evidence of his'xpncurrence. In'summary, the RAAF does not conceal
facts about UAS and are quite prepared to
(c) DPR, which bears the brunt of the ...DAFI has proposed to DGPP who in turn release details of particular reported
current pressure by replying to most of the referred to DCAS that our approach to sightings to the general public on request.
public UFO enquiries, feels that unless we UFO reports be liberalised. It does not This assumes that the case has been
come out into the open we always will be the appear that either DGPP or DCAS were reported and investigated by the RAAF in
subject of occasional (and unnecessary) aware of the Minister's'statement. In my the first instance.
adverse publicity. opinion we must either comply with the
terms of that statement or inform the Variations upon this recent
(d) The cat is already out of the bag (a minister of our "new" approach, if it is not expression of the RAAF UFO formula
reference to the situation that the existence intended to provide the synopsis of
of the "Summary..." was not widely known, sightings and on this I am not at all together
has led to an amplification of the
but that a AFSRS (Australian Flying Saucer clear from reading the files.... „ problems noted in the 1966 Minute
Research Society — a civilian group) Papers already discussed. The RAAF
representative had written, asking for a interest in UFOs vacillated around a
As it turned out, in addition to the
"brief assessment of sightings," implying publicly stated low priority base.
that the existence of the "Summary..." was p e r e n n i a l press r e l e a s e , t h e
becoming common knowledge - B.C.). "Summary..." did become the public While the RAAF investigations
front of the RAAF involvement in the remain the only known official study of
In sum: by continuing with the old policy of Australian UFO controversy. By the UFOs, ' w i t h all its p e r h a p s
playing our UFO cards close to the chest, end of the sixties, the Summary understandable bureaucratic and
we only foster the incorrect (but crystallised as a .largely annual affair. military trappings, the scientific
nevertheless widely held) belief that we investigation of UFOs takes second
have much vital information to hide. On the
No. 1 covered reports from 1960 to
other hand, by maintaining a current 1968. No. 2 covered the 1969 accounts, place to the resolution of any defence
"Summary..." (which OPR is prepared to while 1970 and 1971 reports appeared and/or political implications. Since
do, with your continued help) we dispose in in Summary No. 3. From 1972 up to nearly three decades of involvement
one blow, of the UFO enthusiasts belief that 1977 inclusive, the Summaries have probably confirmed for the RAAF
(a) he is not being taken into the RAAF's that there is a limited defence content
confidence; and (b) the RAAF is
appeared somewhat erratically, but
desperately determined to suppress UFO covering each year separately (namely and that the majority of reports are
information to prevent national panic... Summaries Nos. 4. to 9). m i s i d e n t i f i c a t i o n s of p r o s a i c
phenomena, such investigations have
The Director of Public Relations (continued on next page)
RAAF, Continued

taken on a low priority.

The aspect to suffer first is the By John Prytz
effort to establish whether something
really interesting is at the heart of the
small residue of cases referred to as The modern UFO phenomena part and parcel of the public
"unknown" or "unidentified." Instead, flowered, indeed exploded, into public consciousness, one has to go back to
for the RAAF they remain just that — awareness, world-wide, in the late that beginning. (In addition, the earlier
"unknown." In fact one gets the 1940's. What's new you ask? Nothing, cases are valuable in weeding out
impression from the files that the RAAF But what I want to know is why? Was it various physical explanations such as
simply does not know what to do with an almost inevitable fad (a "fad" which satellites, etc.1) It's too easy today to
the really provocative reports it just will not go away, which in itself tells say that people have UFOs/space
receives. The fact that these us something about the nature of the flight/ETI, etc. on the brain, hence state
"unknowns" are few in number is phenomena) given the climate of the that X% of today's UFOs are internally
probably convincing enough evidence times, which needed only the smallest generated by the mind. But was that,
for the RAAF that perhaps such cases of triggering mechanisms to set the could that have been, true in the late
are ultimately resolvable, but the train of events in motion, or, was this 1940's?
problem of possible nil return for effort ultra-flap (of world-wide, decades -long Of course, there was the airship
expended argues against their detailed duration) something which no mystery near the turn of the century
investigation. historian, sociologist, or psychologist but:
However, the q u a l i t y of would or could have predicted in
investigations in both prosaic and advance, even in their wildest dreams, Disappointing as it may seem, there is little
significant reports has drawn criticism nor can retrospectively find a solid and doubt that the airship waves of 1896-97
were a product of hoaxes, wishful thinking,
from many sources, perhaps none definable cause for? and downright fake journalism.2
more pointed than that of Dr. Claude To answer this question would go a
Poher, as expressed in a letter located long way toward defining whether the
And of course the foo-fighter
in the RAAF UFO Enquiries files. Poher bulk of the hard-core, bona fide, UFO
mystery of WWII and the "ghost-
led France's first major official UFO case histories, at least at that time (the
rocket" phenomena of 1946 predated
research group — Group d'Etude des late 1940's), were the products of the "modern" UFO era, not to mention
Phenomenes Aerospatiaux Non internal or external intelligence. I say an every now and again isolated UFO
Identifies (GEPAN) — under the "at that time" because in order to find sighting scattered throughout the first
auspices of the French equivalent to socially, historically, culturally, and half of the 20th Century. None of these
NASA. In 1976 he addressed this psychologically unpolluted UFO cases,
reponse to the RAAF's UFO an environment where UFOs were not (continued on next page)
investigation, after the Department of
Defence had sent him some of their Department of Defence up to ridicule. Force Office), dated 6 August 1980.
Annual Summaries: 4. Sqd. Ldr. Frame explained to me that his "UFO
duties" were only a part of his duties. He had 3
. Such "impossibilities" are all too basic duties, one of them being co-ordinating
May I suggest, for transmission to
personnel responsible for this work, that familiar to observers of RAAF UFO UFO sighting (handling & compilation), and this
some of the "possible causes" mentioned in investigations, e.g. Cressy (1961) — was the most minor of these. His UFO duties in
these summaries are not acceptable.... "Astronomical"; near Moe (1963) — fact were fill-in activities during other duties. The
"Tornado like meteorological position, normally in the domain of Air Force
Intelligence, is assigned generally on a more or
Dr. Poher gave an example of an manifestations"; and Vaucluse Beach, less 3 year duty.
innocuous observation at Wickham, Sydney (1965) — "tornado." (UFO 5. Story, Ronald D. The Encyclopedia of UFOs,
NSW, on 4th April, 1975, of a "silver sightings from RAAF files will be Doubleday, 1980 & New English Library, 1980.
object about the size of a cricket ball," included in Part II.) 6. Pinkney, John & Ryzman, Leonard, Alien
which the "Summary" lists as Venus for Honeycomb - the First Sold Evidence of UFOs,
Pan Books, 1980.
the "possible cause." Poher concluded: REFERENCES & NOTES 7. See "The Great UFO Debate (on "Alien
1. Chalker, W.C., "The Royal Australian Air Honeycomb") "The Case Against" by Bill
....for the 4th April, 75, the planet was under Force (RAAF) Investigation of UFOs,"A.C.O.S. Chalker and "The Case For" by John Pinkney &
the horizon so the cause Venus is Bulletin (now the Journal of the Australian Leonard Ryzman, People Magazine, January 21
ridiculous. There are many other Centre for UFO Studies) No. 20., August, 1979, & 28, 1981. See also "Not so 'Alien
impossibilities like this in the papers you pgs. 3-8, and MUFON UFO Journal, No. 143, Honeycomb'?" by Bill Chalker (including Stop
sent me. I think one should avoid January, 1980, pgs. 3-6. Press), UFO Research Australia Newsletter
publication of these documents without a 2. See for example the books of Donald Keyhoe (UFORAN), Vol. 2, No. l,Jan.-Feb. 1981, pgs. 12-
careful check by specialists of the different and The UFO Controversy in America by David 15.
scientific disciplines involved, so as not to M. Jacobs, Signet, 1976. 8. See for example: Bowen, Charles, "UFOs
have, one day a journalist or a scientist 3. Letter to B.C. from L.A. Lavers, Director of Debated at United Nations", Hying Saucer
holding the Services of the Australian Public Relations, Department of Defence (Air Reuieu;, pgs. 5-11, Vol. 24, No. 6, 1979.

UFO Genesis, Continued me have suggested — but possibly for U.S. IS ENCOURAGED OVER PARIS
another unknown reason(s) which only MEETING
triggered the exponential upswing in the ETI are privileged to know? This I TENEMENT CRASHES AS BOYS'
UFO sightings around the world personally hold as the most likely. It at 20,000 HALT WORK IN SHIPYARDS
starting mid-year or psychological least fits the facts as we know and HERE
conditons to internally generate UFOs, understand them, and no credible HIGH COURT CURBS PETRILLO
or for ETI to invade and undertake objection which is ironclad and POWERS
reconnaissance of Earth on a large unassailable has yet been lodged SOVIET WELCOMED TO PARLEY ON
scale, depending upon your point of against it. ANALYSIS OF THE LABOR ACT
view. The final alternative, the social, SHOWS CHANGED ERA AT HAND FOR
Something very special happened cultural, psychological climate of the INDUSTRY .
in the mid-year of 1947 in general and to times being ripe to produce an NAM ASKS INDUSTRY TO HELP
Kenneth Arnold on 24 June in imaginary (internal intelligence) LABOR LAW WORK SMOOTHLY
particular, a particular case which phenomena does not hold much
neutral researchers still list as a bona credibility as we shall soon see. In a word, "boring" as this was to
fide unidentified. The Arnold UFO Unfortunately, there are very few be the day which saw the ultimate
(if any) UFOlogists who have extensive reason for you readers reading this
... .was an exciting story in 1947 and the one qualifications and/or experience in now! We shall return to this issue of the
that triggered public interest and official sociology, psychology, etc. and who are New York Times shortly for more
U.S. Air Force involvement in the UFO students of history (including the insights, but thus far things don't look
controversy. It is also a sighting that must too hopeful to those looking towards
remain perhaps forever in the category of indepth knowledge of the scientific,
UFO reports that have never been science fictional, and astronomical internal intelligence.
satisfactorily explained.3 aspects), knowledgeable about mass What about space/ETI oriented
media influences, and who themselves science fiction films? Alas, not a single
It is satisfying that the UFO lived through the late .1940's as mature motion picture with any science
sighting which triggered off the modern adults. fictional theme was playing in the New
era is still an unknown, but what Was the overall public York City cinemas on 24 June 1947
triggered off that sighting (and until consciousness saturated with thoughts according to the amusements section
such time as UFOs became a part of of and exposure to the concepts of of the Times. Now of course by that
our image of the world, those UFO space travel and ETI in the latter period motion pictures, including those
cases immediately following the Arnold 1940's? Based on what data I've with space/ETI content, were all
one)? uncovered, I'd conclude it most established. An analysis does show that
Was that happening due to some unlikely. there was an exponential increase
physical environmental quirk which But first of all, it would be most experienced in space/ETI science
resulted in the rapid production of instructive and enlightening to go back fiction films over time.
some unknown and unknowable in to the press of that time, just to get a feel In fact, according to the essay from
advance natural phenomenon? There is for the times. Time and space don't which I took this data5 the space/ETI
no evidence for this. The only new permit an exhaustive reading of every sci-fi film closest in time to, yet
environmental factor at that time was newspaper for every day in the 2 or 3 preceding the genesis of the modern
the introduction of nuclear weapons years prior to June 1947, but, as a UFO era, was the 1945 film The Purple
testing in the atmosphere, but hardly on random example 24 June 1947? I Monster Strikes! I somehow doubt that
a large enough scale to alter the checked the microfilm. I didn't expect this was the internal intelligence trigger!
physical and chemical properties of the to find any stories about mysterious That essay also states:
atmosphere to a degree large enough to atmospheric objects, space flights, trips
produce the then "flying saucers." No, to the moon, NASA, satellites, bug- After (my emphasis) the Kenneth Arnold
•atmospheric testing of N-bombs eyed monsters sending radio waves in sighting in the State of Washington and
subsequent flying saucer wave of 1947,
doesn't seem a likely physical, hence our direction, and SETI programs saucers shared the stage with rocketships
environmental, candidate for massive awaiting the arrival of same. And guess (in motion pictures)6
UFO production. But perhaps an what? I didn't! Those sorts of stories
'atmospheric physicist would like to were not to be for another entire Thus, prior to June 1947, with one
comment on what, if any, changes our decade! The major stories were:4 1930's Flash Gordon exception, space
atmosphere underwent in the latter flight/ETI was associated with
1940's. BILL CURBING LABOR BECOMES LAW traditional rocketships and not oval,
Was that happening due to a rapid AS SENATE OVERRIDES VETO, 68-25;
cigar-shaped (with no fins), saucer-like,
step up in Extraterrestrial Intelligence etc. objects. Therefore, UFOs, if
(ETI) surveillance of Earth and MARSHALL AND PATERSON APPEAL internally generated yet associated with
Earthlings, perhaps due to that very FOR SPEEDY ARMS AID TO AMERICAS space travel/ETI, should have reflected
quantum leap in terrestrial technology ASCAP SUED BY U.S. AS A WORLD
— the atomic bomb as so many before TRUST (continued on next page)
UFO Genesis, Continued Table1. — Space/ETI Motion Pictures as a Function of Time

the popular and traditional concept. It 5-Year Time Periods No. of Space/ETI Sci-Fi Films
didn't! '. '' ' - 1900- 1904 . 2
Perhaps based on the data in Table 1905- 1909 8
1, one could make a stronger case for 1910 - 1914 2
UFOs being the trigger for the increase 1915- 1919 2
in space/ETI sci-fi films; vis:a-vis what 1920 - 1924 2
pro-Imagery advocates would desire! 1925- 1929 1
What about science fiction on 1920- 1934 1
television? Television did exist (barely) . . 1935- 1939 6
in 1947, and a brief history of this major 1940 - 1944 2
influence upon our lives is in order. 1945 - 1949 5
Many scientists contributed to the 1950 - 1954 34
development of television, and no one 1955- 1959 53
person can be called its inventor. 1960- 1964 31
However, Vladimir K. Zworykin
probably made the most important
contribution to television as we know it box at that time (June 1947) to even influence for shaping the public's image
today and he first demonstrated the contribute in a minor way? According of the world; And from the 1930's on, in
first completely electronic,, practical to the New York Times for the 24th of both the U.S. and Britain, sci-fi, and
television system in". 1929.; Many June 1947, N.Y. City had only 3 TV thrillers incorporating sci-fi and
experimental telecasts took place in the stations (as compared to today's 9 or supernatural elements were • fairly
late 1920s and early 1930 s', of which more) and (as an aside) over 20 AM common on the radio (the best known
the BBC in London and CBS and NBC radio stations and 9 FM stations. On example probably being the Orson
in New York were the leaders. The first the day two TV stations had "no Welles broadcast of the H.G. Wells
American telecasts on anything like" a programs scheduled" and the third classic War of the Worlds on 30 October
regular basis began in July 1936 started to broadcast at 6:15 p.m. with 1938). Thus, it could be said that radio
following the installation - of. 150 TV "News from Washington," "Movies for was what finally triggered off the UFO
receivers in homes in ..-N,,Y. City. Small Fry," "Cash and Carry," "Film: fad. Although this would be a theory
However, WWII quickly killed off TV Serving Through Science," "Sports worthy of intense (but difficult)
experiments and broadcasting in-both Names to Remember," and finally at research, a final proof of cause and
Britain and New York in America. 8:40 p.m. "Baseball: Yankees vs effect (radio: UFOs) an interesting
Following the War's end in 1945, Cleveland at Yankee Standium." End of result, my immediate reaction and
the American national networks, all broadcast.7 objection would be the time lag of
based in N.Y. C i t y , resumed Needless to say, Arnold did not nearly two decades between the start of
broadcasting. At first, their telecasts watch any TV in the period prior to that the cause (radio) and the start of the
reached only the area between Boston flight as there was no TV to view in his effect (UFOs). Anyway, I'll leave this
and Washington, D.C.; but .by 1951, geographical location. But even if there ball for someone else to kick around.
this was extended coast-to-co'ast. At had been, would or could there have Having (to my satisfaction at least)
the time of the Arnold UFO sighting, been anything of a nature that would eliminated 2 of 3 mass media influences
then, there was no television in that have triggered off visions of "flying (motion pictures and television) as
area or anywhere in the American west saucers" zipping through the air? In triggers for the genesis of the UFO
where the first UFO flap was short, was there any sci-fi on the box in phenomena, let me turn briefly to the
experienced. In 1945, there.were fewer 1947? print media. Firstly, non-fiction.
than 10,000 TV sets in the United As with sci-fi motion pictures,
States, which soared to about 6 million ' The first sf series to appear on American articles, and books about ETI and
by about 1950, and to almost 60 million TV, Captain Video....began in 1948 (my space flight existed well before the
by 1960. Thus, at the time of the UFO emphasis)8 modern UFO. era, and as with sci-fi
genesis, there were only about 2 to 3 films, thesa articles and books
million TV sets in the country, which So, there were no Little Green underwent an 'explosion by the
may seem like a lot, but not relative to Men, rocketships, Space Shuttle numbers. However, and also parallel to
America's population, and the TV set launches being broadcast live at. sci-fi motion pictures, this explosion or
density of today. Thus, if TV did have anytime prior to the genesis of the UFO exponential increase, happened after
an influence in triggering off the UFO mystery, via what today must be the and not before UFOs appeared on the
.phenomena, it would have been quite means for shaping the public scene (and screen).
minor — too minor in fact to be able to consciousness. Scratch television too Perhaps the UFO phenomena
explain it all. as a possible trigger! helped to stimulate interest in space
But what could have been on the From the 1920's through the early
1950's, radio was the major mass media (continued on next page)
UFO Genesis, Continued Table 2. — Space/ETI Non-Fiction References as a Function of Time9

flight and ETI. That would be a more Time Periods No. of References (5-year average)
logical conclusion from the data above 1900 - 1919 3.5
than to suggest the reverse! 1920-1929 11-
Moving along to sci-fi and the print 1930 - 1939 lS
media doesn't give the Imagery 1940 - 1945 11
advocates much room to maneuver 1945 - 1949 15
either. All throughout the "golden age 1950 - 1954 63
of science fiction" (which parallelled the 1955 - 1959 174
golden age of sci-fi on radio), the means 1960 - 1964 539
of delivery to what readers there were
were via the pulp magazines. The lists....Through the 1960's and 1970's sf accompanied by massive publicity.
circulation of these weren't high; continued to grow in strength as a That wasn't to be. The initial theory, gut
display on the newstands was not published category. The last of the
important specialist sf publishers, Gnome
reaction, was the UFOs were no doubt
prominent; writers weren't paid very Press, died in the early 1960s....11 a logical extension of weapons
well (in those days not even Isaac development following WWII — the
Asimov could make a living by writing The point is this. It wasn't until "secret weapons" theory — and many
sci-fi); the slick journals wouldn't touch after the era which saw the genesis of popular articles followed that line in the
the subject with a 10-meter pole; what the UFO had come and gone, that early years13 14. It wasn't until January
books were published were usually science fiction in any sort of large-scale 1950 that the idea that "UFOs=ETI"
published by small speciality publishing commercial and profitable form was given prominent public exposure,
houses and never made the top 10 best emerged. The hardcore, but small in starting with Donald Keyhoe's True
seller lists. To the masses, science number, readers of sci-fi prior to 1947 article, quickly followed by his book of
fiction was not the "in thing" to read and could not have been of high enough the same title, The Flying Saucers Are
no bookstore ever had a separate quantity with massive enough influence Real, and a host of other articles and
section devoted to the subject. to trigger off the UFO phenomena, books by other authors which followed
Bui all of this is well-known and even if that sci-fi had reflected what we the initial Keyhoe theory.
well-worn history to today's sci-fi buffs. now view UFOs to be. As a form of From about that time, the "what"
It is hard to contrast this era just before prophesy, pre-1947, sci-fi did not overall of UFOs was polluted as far as any
and during the 1940's with today's view many, indeed most, of the subsequent reports and investigations
intense interest in, and the marketing modern-day UFO facets, with any were concerned. From that point
and packaging of, science fiction — degree of accuracy — and why should maybe all UFO reports, as equated with
now an "in thing." But again, that they have reflected what UFO ETI, were internally generated. But
transition took place after UFOs were characteristics have been documented before? From mid-1947 through 1949,
an established facet of our society, not today, way back then, given that UFOs UFOs did not equal ETI for all practical
before. are a product of external intelligence? purposes, but secret weapons. As there
But a problem exists if UFOs are were no secret weapons, and no likely
The sf magazine world reached a publishing internally generated ETI UFOs during
peak in 1953 when 34 different magazines internally generated and yet their traits
do not (with rare exceptions12) parallel that period, what were the mysterious
were being issued in the United States
alone.. ..By the mid-1950's however, the the internally - generated fictional objects sighted? Internally generated
death-knell was sounding for many concepts which existed prior to the secret weapons? Or, perhaps
magazines, especially the pulps. A UFO era. externally generated ETI UFOs!
combination of causes such as television, What was so special, in a cultural,
the slick magazines and a blossoming In short, with respect to items
paperback field, made the pulp magazine relating to space flight, ETI, etc. as social, and/or psychological sense in
seem outdated, and, almost as one, they expressed through fiction or nonfiction, the years and months leading up to
died.. ..Alas, all good things come to an end, there is no evidence on which to base a June 1947? Nothing! What was so
and by the early 1960's paperbacks were conclusion that these sorts of concepts special about the latter 1940's that all of
making their presence felt on the magazine a sudden the citizens of the United
market.10 were common enough in pre-1947 days
to be day-in, day-out part and parcel States (and Canada, Europe, Australia,
images for the public. etc.) would by the hundreds emulate
Another point of view: the experience of one man (Arnold)
But that's not quite the end of the
story. Some further observations on who nobody had ever heard of before?
By the early 1920's, however, a number of
established publishers had become aware this issue are in order. It wasn't as if the President of the
of the comrnercia/ (my emphasis) potential The UFOs as ETI manifestations, if United States had reported the very
of sf.... Where paperback sf remained, with internally generated, should have been first "flying saucer"! The entire genesis
certain exceptions, largely worthless apparent immediately — that is, of the UFO "fad," given the climate of
ephemera in Britain until-the late 1950's, in
the USA it more quickly became an including occupant sightings and
e s t a b l i s h e d p a r t of p u b l i s h e r s ' abduction cases by the end of 1947, (continued on next page)
UFO Genesis, Continued the concept of intelligent life on Mars NEBRASKA FORTEAN
peaked; when Percival Lowell CONFERENCE
those times, I suggest was therefore popularized the . "canals" of Mars
externally generated. And, as a through numerous books and popular Ray W. Boeche, a MUFON State
complement to. that, I further suggest articles; when Marconi was searching Section Director in Nebraska, has
that if there ever was an ideal time to for Martian radio broadcasts; when a provided the following information
imagine alien spaceships, one would reward was offered for the first proof of about a conference on unexplained
make a more convincing case for one of the existence of intelligent alien life — phenomena (including UFOs and other
two non-1940's historical periods. excepting Mars as that was too obvious Fortean phenomena as reported by
If there was an ideal time for. the and easy! Further, it was the era when Charles Fort, chronicler of borderline •
public to have mass, hallucinations the H.G. Wells novels such as War of science events) in Lincoln, Nebraska,
about extraterrestrial spaceships, it the Worlds and First Men in the Moon on November 13-14, 1982.
would have been in the late 1950's and were all the'rage, whether in hardback Spreakers include Dr. J. Allen
early 1960's. That 5-year period of 1957 for the elite, or the pulp magazine Hynek, director of the Center for UFO
through 1961 saw the birth of NASA, reprints for the others. But where were Studies; Dr. Roy P. Mackal on
the start of the space race, Sputnik, the innate, instinctive, internally "cryptozoology". ( u n i d e n t i f i e d
Ranger, Project M e r c u r y , the generated UFOs? These are facts biological creatures); Linda Howe on
announcement of Project Apollo, which advocates of internal intelligence cattle mutilations, including her award-
Mariner 2 launched to Venus, and just cannot ignore or gloss over. w i n n i n g documentary "Strange
Project Ozma (the first attempt at In summary then, we see that there Harvest"; and Ray Boeche.
SETI). The press, journals, electronic was nothing overly special about the Sessions will be Saturday,
media, and books were full of space era which saw the genesis of UFOs and November 13, 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.,
news, a n n o u n c e m e n t s , . and in fact other time periods would have and Sunday, November 14,1:00 to 5:00
achievements. The "canals" of Mars been better placed to produce p.m.
were still viable as Mariner 4 had yet to imaginary alien spaceships; there were Registration (including Saturday
be launched. Science and science few, if any, influencing factors of the luncheon and refreshments) is $30 per
education exploded upon the American sort that would mirror the UFO person, $50 per couple, $25 each for
scene mainly out of fear of the Russian characteristics before the fact, and in groups of three or more, and $20 for
space achievements. The introduction fact a strong case could be made for the students and senior citizens.
of the mass market paperback book, UFO genesis having something.to do Registration: Terry Mahlman,
not only in science fiction but in with the growth and interest in sci-fi, University of Nebraska-Lincoln,
presenting science for the masses, was ETI, and space travel instead of the Division of Continuing Studies,
off and running. None of the above reverse. Department of Conferences and
(with the exception of the Martian The timing of the genesis of the Institutes, 33rd and Holdredge Sts,,
"canals") was true on and shortly modern UFO phenomena, which Lincoln, NE 68583;. phone: 402-472-
before "flying saucers" entered our cannot be logically accounted for, is yet 2844 between 8-5 Monday through
culture: But of course the flowering of another forceful argument for the Friday, Central time.
space, ETI, even science iri 1957-1961 external nature of, an external
could not have produced ETI UFOs as intelligence behind, the UFO, and yet FUND FOR U.FO RESEARCH
they were already ingrained in our another nail in the coffin of the pro • . K. •
minds. So, that's all just academic! internal intelligence advocates. The Fund for-UFO Research (Box
. But that wasn't so if we go back to REFERENCES 277, Mt. Rainier, MD 20712) is mounting
the first decade or two of this century, 1. Prytz, John. "Significance of early sightings," a Fall fund-raising campaign featuring
in my opinion another ideal period for . ACUFOS Journal, Feb. 1980, p. 9-10. sales of more than 200 government
2. Story, R.D. UFOs and the Limits of Science agency documents on UFOs for a
UFOs to have been produced by the (William Morrow, N.Y., 1981, p. 42).
collective human mind. 3. Ibid. p. 52-53.
minimum contribution of $30 ($15 of
Some have suggested that it was 4. New York Times, 24 June 1947, p. 1. which is tax deductible). Straight
the emotional ' conditions shortly 5. Simon, A. "Zeitgeist of the UFO Phenomenon" contributions without document sales
following WWII which contributed, in Haines, R.F. (editor), UFO Phenomena and are 100% tax deductible by American
the Behauorial Scientist (Scarecrow Press, citizens. The Fund has supported
. indeed was responsible for, the bloom Metuchen, N.J., 1979, p. 52-56.)
of internally generated UFOs. But why 6. Ibid, p. 47.
research on "abduction" reports,
didn't it happen following WWI, which I 7. New York Times, 24 June 1947, p. 46. crash/retrieval cases, the 1896-97
would have thought to have been more 8. Nicholls, P. (editor) Encyclopedia oj Science "airship mystery," and educational
of an emotional shock to the world than Fiction (Granada, London, 1979, P. 595). projects.
9. NASA Scientific and Technical Information
round two, two decades away? WWII at Facility - Extraterrestrial Life: A Bibliography: 11. Nicholls, P. op. cif., p. 484.
least had a precedent! • Part II: Published Literature: 1900-1964, NASA 12. Simon, A. op. cif., p. 47.
Above and beyond that, the early (SP-7015), Washington, D.C., Dec. 1965, 335 p. 13. Morehouse, F.G. '"Case of the Flying
years of this century witnessed the birth 10. Holdstock, R. (editor) - Encyclopedia of Saucers," - Argosy, July 1949, p. 22-24, 92.
of manned powered flight. It was when Science Fiction (Octopus, London, 1978, p. 61, 14. Taylor, H.J. '"Flying saucer' is good news,"
•65). Reader's Digest (U.S. ed), July 1950, p. 14-16.

By Ann Druffel

Resolving the Issue of Hypnosis

By John DcHerrera
(© 1982, John DeHerrera)

(Note: The experiments with hypnosis events are "repressed" from conscious person to relax and focus intensly on
involving imaginary abductees are memory. the event.
widely referred to as the Defense lawyers and researchers, At this point it is appropriate to ask
Lawson/McCall study. Those who are rejecting the claim that hypnosis is the question; is there anything that
familiar with the study know that John reliable, either testified before the UFOlogists can learn from the
De Herrera, a researcher-writer, was Supreme Court or filed Friend of the evaluation of hypnosis by various
also involved with these experiments— Court depositions documenting their supreme courts? Is our use of hypnosis
in fact, he made the initial proposal. views. They succeeded in proving, to based on sound knowledge and skills of
Somehow he has not been given proper the satisfaction of the court, that this controversial tool? These and other
credit. Hopefully, this article will hypnosis is inherently unreliable and questions must be addressed soon.
correct this situation and reveal what that police investigators are unaware of Otherwise, the credibility of UFO
he feels about the use of hypnosis. - this. research will sink even further than it is
A.D.) Proponents of the use of hypnosis today.
The California Supreme Court has can point to specific cases where this In 1977, I was invited to observe
handed down a monumental decision in tool helped solve some very difficult some hypnosis regressions conducted
March of this year. This court decision criminal cases. Without it, these would by Dr. W.A. McCall and Professor
involves the use of hypnosis by police never have been solved, they say. Alvin H. Lawson. As a researcher of
investigators. No longer will anyone Opponents also cite cases where an UFO phenomenon and hypnosis, I was
who has been questioned under individual lied or "recalled" events that interested in their hypnosis
hypnosis be allowed to testify in a later were proven false. Too often regressions. After observing some
California court-of-law. hypnosis results in memory distortions regressions that revealed a great deal of
"Hypnosis-induced testimony or hallucinations, they say. i n f o r m a t i o n on possible UFO
failed to meet a long-established legal For over 20 years, police abductions, there were still many
standard requiring that scientific hypnotists had waged a battle to have questions remaining. "How reliable is
evidence be based on techniques hypnosis accepted in courts-of-law. hypnosis," I asked. "What would
generally accepted in the scientific They claimed a very high success rate happen if we hypnotized someone who
community in which they were with hypnosis. "The mind is like a had never seen a UFO? Could they be
developed," said the justices. (Arizona videotape, recording everything you encouraged to describe a UFO
and Minnesota Supreme courts also see," said Dr. Reiser of the Los Angeles abduction also?"
have barred h y p n o s i s - i n d u c e d Police Department, who has trained Dr. McCall decided that this was a
testimony and in Maryland a police from almost every state on the good idea and passed the suggestion on
reevaluation of the practice has been techniques of hypnosis. "We are the Professor Lawson. Together, the
ordered.) realizing that hypnosis is just a clinical three of us planned and conducted our
Statewide, the ruling is expected to way of interviewing, a deeper way of "imaginary encounters study." We
weaken or destroy 59 criminal getting at the truth," Dr. Patrick were enthusiastic but we did not expect
prosecutions! This situation is Mullany, psychologist at the FBI much would come of this effort. Our
considered by many to be a disaster. In Academy, was quoted as saying. volunteers would need a great deal of
the act of exonerating some who may Researchers now know that our h e l p in d e s c r i b i n g a UFO
have been falsely accused, many brutal mind does not record everything, as a encounter/abduction we thought.
murderers could be freed. Prosecutors videorecorder would do. Memory is Our first volunteer, after being
had relied heavily on the use of highly selective and we only record hypnotized, was told that he was taken
hypnosis and felt that it was reliable, things that are important to us. aboard a UFO. Then we asked him to
especially in rape cases where the Hypnosis is held up by many as a magic describe how he was taken aboard and
victim is the only witness to the crime. cure for getting at deeply buried what he could see inside? To our
They felt that the experience could be memories. This isn't necessarily the amazement, the volunteer gave a
so traumatic that details or entire case. Hypnosis simply encourages a (continued on next page)
By Rick Hilberg •• '^o/^'^imJ- J

First off, I sincerely believe that the sources of financial (as well as personal) patterned after a trade or professional
various organizations that participated support, but given the skeptics ample group would suit our needs. The
in the MUFON-sponsored "UFO reason to loudly proclaim that the UFO American Medical Association is
Summit Meeting" in Toronto have movement is not worthy of attention by probably the foremost example of an
come to realize the need for better established scientific disciplines. organization that promotes standards
relations and communication within the Not to mention our losses through for its members, as well as speaks as
UFO movement. Although similar poor public relations methods, we one voice for the huge and diverse
proposals made throughout the years suffer from a lack of established medical profession. In this way no
unfortunately died aborning, the standards regarding' our basic organization would have to give up its
intellectual and, however distasteful we investigation and data gathering. As basic autonomy, but would subscribe
may find it, the political climate within many brought up during the Monday to the basic goals and standards of the
the field have shifted considerably in afternoon "rap session" in Toronto, we coordinating organization, and allow
recent years to the point where the need such basic things as a uniform that organization to handle public
proposed federation may indeed terminology for the field, a standard affairs on a national scale.
become reality. method of training field investigators, I realize that our task of actually
Perhaps Dr. Hynek's talk about coordination regarding data processing organizing the proposed federation,
how we should all plan for the next procedures and software; the list could whatever its basic structure and •
major media-reported flap hit home for go on from here to probably fill several function, will be a difficult task. That is
many, because in past instances of pages! In other words we are why I feel that it is essential that we all
massive media attention to the subject squandering our collective time and physically meet at a central location
we lost much in the way of worthwhile r e s o u r c e s because of poor sometime in the not too distant future
reports and public support because communication within the field (just to begin the "give and take" process
there is no one coordinated voice that imagine all the money wasted when that will be required to complete our
speaks for the UFO movement. While it several UFO groups each send an goals and desires. I am confident that by
is only human nature to desire our own investigator to a well publicized UFO reasoning together, asL.B.J. was found
little place in the sun when it comes to sighting!). of saying, we will not fail in our task.
radio, television, and newspaper These are but a few examples of Many have questioned how such a
interviews, the c o n f l i c t i n g and why I feel we should have some sort of federation could be financed, and let us
confusing statements made in past flaps coordinating body for the field. I would face facts, that will be a difficult detail to
have only served to turn off potential think that some sort of organization work out. However, since those of us on
the steering committee are donating
California Report, Continued police interrogation technique and our time and expenses to this project, I
works very well. I have observed that don't see why the proposed federation
saying that "the imagery and events in the subject cannot repeat the account couldn't operate on a similar basis.
abduction reports are nearly identical in the same order of events. Some Expenses to cover telephone,
to those in revivified birth trauma reveal an entirely new and different stationery, postage, and printing could
narratives." I have found, and other abduction event for the time period! be met by a nominal yearly fee to be
researchers agree, that "fetal-state Finally we must say that paid by participating organizations. In a
memories" and " b i r t h - t r a u m a reseachers confirm that hypnosis, as a sense, with all of the waste and
memories" are no more reliable than tool for interrogation, is unreliable. We duplication going on in the field today
other information revealed through have not found a safe way to use it. we can hardly afford not to have such
hypnosis. There are other ways of improving an organization.
How can we fesf an abduction memory recall, though. Skillful use of
account revealed under hypnosis? This mnemonics, free-association
is a good question and there may be a techniques, or memory enhancement
reasonable answer. In the first drugs (coline, vasopressin, etc.) can be
regression of a possible witness, get as useful. And let us remember that some MUFON
much detailed information as possible. abduction accounts (e.g., Hickson and
Then later on, days or weeks later, go Parker) were revealed without the use 1030LDTOWNERD.
back and question the witness again of hypnosis. Is it possible that there SEGUIN,TX 78155
under hypnosis. This is a standard really are UFO abductions? •••^•••••ri

Contributions of cancelled foreign Marge Christensen (a MUFON Due to the inclusion of information
stamps, in any quantity, are "sold" to a Massachusetts State Section Director) on the NOVA program, space did not
collector and the proceeds used to and Linda Seal (field investigator) have permit publishing the Critic's Corner
finance international exchange of UFO successfully taught courses on the column in this issue. It will resume next
information. We thank the following UFO phenomenon to adults and gifted month.
international colleagues for recent and talented youngsters. They now In order to expedite editing and
contributions: offer copies of the syllabus for each typesetting of articles for the Journal,
Keith Basterfield, Wynn Vale, S. course for $7.50 each to other teachers authors are requested to submit typed,
Australia. or lecturers who may wish to make use double-spaced manuscripts.
Larry Fenwick, Willowdale, Ont., of them. Newsnotes and photographs on the
Canada. Adult Course: "The UFO acitivties of MUFON State chapters,
Michael Sinclair (our International Phenomenon." Introduction, lessons including personal biographies of active
Director), presently residing in London, for 8 meetings (2 hours each), activities members, would be welcome. Please
England. and projects, and reading list. share your projects and insights with
Children's Course: "Space other MUFON members across the
g . Close encounters Invaders." Lessons for 15 sessions (1 hr country and around the world.
and 45 min each), activities and Short articles in the form of
.•1 of projects, worksheets, answer sheets, "Comments" or "Notes" (up to about
| ^ theflipperedkind and suggested reading list. 2,000 words) and letters to the editor
*• A Bavarian man who claims
.J £5
•' to The authors are, respectively, a (up to about 400 words) are invited
*> have had a dose encounter with alien
*N space beings may have just been suffer- former and a present English teacher. from the readers. The Journal is your
M * ing from an overdose of television, The material includes information on forum for exchange of information,
p *~ After being hypnotized to aid his recall
*-* _* of the exact details of the extraterrestri- investigation techniques, field work, ideas, and critical discussion.
als' appearance, the man described a analyzing data, hoaxes, and research
v creature identical in every way to ...
' Kermit the Frog, the flippered host of methods.
TV's "Muppet Show." Investigators Make checks or money orders them to 2 Cherry Road, Beverly, MA
have concluded the incident was
"hallucinatory," but • what do they payable to either author and address 01915.

Director's Message, from p. 20 perpetuate their personal UFO files by "he hoped that some of the other
bequeathing it to MUFON in their will. groups and individuals who were not
Mother Lode Country (Sonora) Mr. Mensching has instructed his present in Toronto (for the Summit
seeking historical lore, the National attorney to revise his will to donate his Meeting) will take notice and offer their
Geographic crew interviewed Marvin entire collection of books and articles to support." Your. Diector definitely feels
Taylor and photographed his UFO MUFON upon his death. His file now that Mr. Hilberg's message should be
exhibit for an upcoming issue of their includes 39 hardcover books, 47 shared with all interested parties.
prestigious magazine. Mr. Taylor's paperback books, and 145 file folders When we are speaking of
exhibit has already been featured in classified by subject. Please advise cooperation in UFOlogy in the United
articles and photographs . in the MUFON if you have made this States, the name of Robert J. Gribble
Sacramento Union newspaper and the provision in your will, so that we may be automatically comes to your Director's
Sonora Union Democrat. If any of our prepared to pack the file and assume mind. Bob's dedicated service to the
readers think that the UFO issue is the shipping charges. We are grateful to operation and communicating his UFO
dead, they should try following the Mr. Mensching for his generous gift. Hotline telephone number l-(206)-722-
footprints of Tom Gates, Marvin The Steering Committee for the 3000 of the National UFO Reporting
Taylor, and Paul Cerny. These three proposed North American UFO Center, P.O. Box 1807, Seattle, WA
gentlemen are to be heartily Federation promised to communicate 98111 to airports and police agencies is
commended for their fantastic work in their progress to all interested people. growing in giant strides. This is now our
helping to educate the public to the The MUFON UFO Journal is one of the most vital source of UFO reports from
UFO phenomenon, which simply will media devices selected for this the public, since the Center for UFO
not go away in spite of government- purpose. In this issue of the Journal, I Studies has discontinued their 24-hour
backed attempts to eradicate this so- have taken the liberty of publishing the hotline service.
called "fad." proposals and recommendations A recent example of the
Mr. Walter Mensching, State s u b m i t t e d by R i c k Hilberg, expediency of this service was
Section Director for Fond du Lac representing the Northern Ohio UFO demonstrated when a potential
County in Wisconsin and a veteran in Groups on the Steering Committee in a b d u c t i o n case, witness f r o m
UFOlogy, has been the first member to an article titled "The Proposed Woodridge, III., called the National
respond to your Director's invitation to Federation of UFO Groups." Rick said (continuea on next page)

Lucius Farish

In Others' Words
A black, saucer-shaped UFO was Keith Basterfield, $2.00. A REPORT booklet, as well as the other writings by
seen over Brindisi, Italy, by an airliner ON OBSERVATIONS OF UFOs Stringfield, some of which are still
crew and two passengers, according to FROM AIRCRAFT CREW MEMBERS available from him. The price for Status
the August 17 issue of NATIONAL IN AUSTRALIA compiled by Keith Report III is $10.00 plus $1.00 postage &
ENQUIRER. The object was visible for Basterfield, $3.00. AN IN-DEPTH handling. For overseas orders, the
about one minute before shooting off at REVIEW OF AUSTRALIAN UFO- charge for airmail postage is $5.50;
a very high rate of speed. The August 31 RELATED ENTITY REPORTS by surface mail, $1.50. All foreign orders
ENQUIRER reports the case of an K e i t h B a s t e r f i e l d , $12.50. A should be in U.S. funds, checks drawn
Arizona couple who claim to be aliens REFERENCE CATALOGUE OF on U.S. banks or International Money
from another world, reincarnated on INTERESTING CASES REPORTED Orders. Leonard Stringfield's address
Earth. TO THE CENTRE IN 1979 & AN is 4412 Grove Avenue, Cincinnati, OH
THE STAR for August 31 features ANALYSIS OF AUSTRALIAN-WIDE 45227.
a report on a 4-year period of UFO REPORTS 1979 by Keith Basterfield &
activity in the Hudson Highlands area of David Seargent, $3.50. THE UFO-
upstate New York. The incidents ANTHROPOID CATALOGUE by Director's Message, from p. 18
include sightings of various types of Mark Moravec, $4.50. ABSTRACTS
objects, as well as car chases and one OF PAPERS PRESENTED AT UFO Reporting Center to report his
apparent landing, with large footprints ACUFOS UFO CONFERENCE 5 experience. Bob Gribble immediately
found in the area. compiled by Keith Basterfield & Harry called MUFON in Seguin, Texas. A
The "Anti-Matter/UFO Update" Griesberg, $2.50. Additional postage long-distance call to our MUFON State
section in September OMNI has a good and handling fees are 85<f for the first Section Director in Woodridge (who
summary of December 1981 sightings item and 35<F for each additional item. lived only seven blocks from the
in the vicinity of Reserve, New Mexico. Nine additional ACUFOS publications witness) resulted in an interview in less
This issue also has an interesting article will be reprinted by Arcturus in the near than 30 minutes from the time of the
on what the late Ivan T. Sanderson future. The address for Arcturus Book initial report. Needless to say, the
called "OOPARTS" (Out Of Place Service is: 263 North Ballston Avenue, witness was impressed with our
ARTfacts.) There is little here which Scotia, NY 12302. promptness. After a thorough
has not already been covered in the Those who have followed Leonard investigation, we hope that this case
many writings on the "ancient Stringfield's pioneering efforts in may be published in the Journal.
astronauts" subject, but it is refreshing gathering evidence of UFO crashes and "The C a t a l o g u e of UFO
to see OMNI devote space to such retrievals by government agencies will Periodicals" by Tom Lind, a SAID OF
topics. be pleased to know that this latest work SAUCERS Research Publication, is
An article by Hilary Evans and is now available. UFO CRASH/ now available directly from the author
Michel Piccin in the October issue of RETRIEVALS: AMASSING THE for $12.50 plus 75C postage and
FATE examines the UFO abduction EVIDENCE (Status Report III) is a 53- handling. For orders outside of the
claim of Frank Fontaine, which page soft cover booklet (8l/2" x 11" U.S.A. and Canada please add $2.00.
allegedly took place in France on format), presenting 12 new first-person Tom calls the 280-page book the first
November 26, 1979. Evans and Piccin reports and 15 new "intermediary" extensive English language
conclude that the episode began as a reports, as well as several of what bibliography of UFO periodicals. The
practical joke on the part of Jean-Pierre Stringfield calls "interminable" cases book may be ordered from: Tom Lind,
Prevost, a friend of Fontaine's, but got (i.e. "friend of a friend of a friend"). Also P.O. Box 711, Hobe Sound, FL 33455
out of hand following extinsive included are updates on two previously- U.S.A.
discussed cases and commentaries on Plans are now being formulated to
out of hand following extensive various aspects of the Crash/Retrieval hold a UFO meeting in Corpus Christi,
publicity. subject. Texas, for MUFON members and
A series of booklets compiled by This is a fascinating and important friends during the Thanksgiving
members of the Australian Centre for document by a researcher who has, in weekend. Friday November 26, 1982 is
UFO Studies has now been reprinted some instances, been maligned and a tentative date, however, the location
by Robert Girard of Arcturus Book ridiculed by those who should know will be announced later after the
Service. The six volumes are: A better. Stringfield deserves the full arrangements have been formalized.
R E F E R E N C E CATALOG OF support of anyone who dares to Everyone who contacted MUFON
INTERESTING CASES REPORTED consider himself open-minded and after last years public appeal will receive
TO THE CENTRE IN 1978 compiled by objective. I highly recommend this letters of invitation.

Michael Sinclair, International education program by members of

Coordinator now residing in London, MUFON of Northern California may
England, has jointly announced the spark ideas for other groups around the
appointment of Dr. Roberto Pinotti as United States if they are shared with
MUFON Representative for Italy. Dr. our members. Key people in this
Pinotti is the President of Centro valuable public relations program are
Ufologico Nazionale and one of the Paul C. Cerny, Western Regional
foremost UFO researchers in Italy. His Director; Tom Gates, Astronomy
mailing address is Via Odorico Da Consultant; and Marvin E. Taylor,
Pordenone 36, 50127 Firenze Assistant State Director for Northern
(Florence), ITALY and telephone California. The following chronological
367718. This appointment culminates events are typical of their continued
negotiations initiated during the activities: August 21 — Tom Gates, 1 —
CUFOS UFO Conference in Chicago hour program on KGO-FM San
in September 1981 when your Director Francisco; August 23 through August
met with Roberto. Walt Andrus with Dr. Roberto 29 — Tom Gates, Paul Cerny, and
James E. Miller has accepted the Pinotti, MUFON representative Marvin Taylor were speakers and
position of State Section Director for for Italy installed UFO exhibit at Redding's
the southwestern Ohio counties of Space Fair 1982 with the theme "Fact,
Butler, Hamilton, Warren, and Pasadena, California on July 1,2, and3, Fantasy and Future"; September 10,
Clermon, replacing Charles J. Wilhelm. hosted by MUFON of Southern 8:00 p.m. — KPK-TV Channel 5 in San
Jim and his wife live at 6916 Millikin California. Tom Gates will handle the Francisco aired their TV Documentary
Road, Middletown.OH 45042, speaker introductions as Master of on UFOs f e a t u r i n g MUFON
telephone (513) 777-3555. Mr. Miller Ceremonies. Bill Hassel, Chairman for representatives and including the
has worked with Leonard Stringfield for the symposium, and his program Cash/Landrum Case near Huffman,
many years and ranks CEIII cases high committee are preparing a list of Texas. September 7 — Tom Gates,
on his interest priorities. potential featured speakers and will be Marvin Taylor, and Paul Cerny were
Mrs. Dorothy I. Lewis has been extending invitations in the near future. guests on a 1-hour TV program from
appointed Provincial Section Director Based upon the success of the Channel 13 in Stockton-Sacramento
for Lambton County in Ontario by program on Sunday in Toronto, where titled "Good Morning California."
Henry H. McKay. Mrs. Lewis, a former most of the speakers had volunteered Paul Cerny has been asked to
section head for UFO Investigations their expertise, Mr. Hassel and his negotiate the inclusion of a MUFON
Canada, may be contacted at 1064 program committee are hereby UFO Exhibit and display with a large
Brenchley St., Apt. 210, Sarnia, extending invitations to interested NASA and Confederate Air Force
Ontario N7S 1R5, Canada; telephone people in the UFO field who would like traveling exhibit to be part of four
(519) 344-8248. Dorothy comes highly to share their specialized research with upcoming County Fairs in Idaho,
recommended to MUFON by Dan the symposium attendees. Please Washington, and California by a private
Wright, State Director for Michigan, submit an abstract of your proposed production firm. Tom Gates and Dr.
and Joseph C. Stewart, State Section paper and contents to William F. Richard Haines were recently
Director. Mr. McKay, Provincial Hassel, Jr., 4217 Minnecota Drive, interviewed by a Los Angeles TV crew
Director for Ontario, plans to appoint Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 with a copy that are producing a TV documentary
other Provincial Section Directors to MUFON at 103 Oldtowne Road, to be titled "ETI-The Search" to be
utilizing the talent in present UFO Seguin TX 78155 if you are seriously shown in the Los Angeles area.
groups throughout Ontario that interested in speaking or desire to have Marvin Taylor's recently acquired
responded so enthusiastically at the your paper published in the and MUFON expanded UFO
recent 1982 MUFON UFO Symposium , proceedings. Your abstract or paper Exhibit/Display, now installed on the
in Toronto. i. must be received by December 1,1982 second floor of his real estate office for
"UFOs: A Scientific Challenge" is so that it may be evaluated within our the public, got a real boost when the
the theme selected for the 1983 publication time frame and program National Geographic magazine team
MUFON UFO Symposium at the planning schedule. heard about it. Touring the California
H u n t i n g t o n - S h e r a t o n Hotel in The outstanding ongoing public (continued on page 18)