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(See Rule 47) Form of Application for Registration of a Motor Vehicle To. The Registration Authority, 1. Full name of person to be registered as registered owner son / wife / daughter of Age of the person to be registered as registered owner (Proof of age to be attached) Permanent address of the person to be registered as registered owner (Evidence to be produced) Temporary address of the person to be registered as registered. Name and address of the Dealer of manufacturer from whom the vehicle was purchased. (Sales certificate and certificate of road worthiness issued by the manufacturer to be enclosed) 6. ..




.. ..





If ex-army vehicle or imported vehicle enclose proof. If locally manufactured Trailer / semitrailer enclose the approval Of design by the State Transport Authority and note the proceedings number and date of approval. .. Class of Vehicle (If motor cycle, whether with or without gear) ... The motor vehicle is (a) a new vehicle (b) (c) Ex-army vehicle imported vehicle .. .. .. ..




Type of body

2 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Type of vehicle Makers name Month and year of manufacture Number of cylinders Horse power Cubic capacity Makers classification or if not know wheel-base Chassis number (Suffix pencil print) Engine number Seating capacity (including driver) Fuel used in the engine Unladed weight Particulars of previous registration and registered number (if any) Colour or colours body, wings and front end .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.


I hereby declare that the vehicle has not been registered in any State in India. Additional particulars to be completed only in the case of transport vehicles other than motor cab. 24. Number, description and size of types, (a) Front axle (b) (c) (d) 25. Rear axle Any other axle Tandem axle .. .. .. .. kgms. kgms.

Gross Vehicle weight (a) as certified by the manufacturer (b) to be registered

3 26. Maximum axle weight (a) Front axle (b) (c) (d) 27. (a) (b) (c) (d) Rear axle Any other axle Tandem axle Overall length Overall width Overall height Over hang ....kgms. ....kgms. kgms. kgms. .. .. .. ..

The above particulars are to be filled in for a rigid frame motor vehicle of two or more axle for an articulated vehicles of three or more axles, or, to the extent applicable, for trailer, where a second semitrailer or additional semi-trailer are to be registered with an articulated motor vehicle. The following particulars are to be furnished for each such semi-trailer. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. Type of body Unladen weight Number, description and size of types on each axle. Maximum axle weight in respect of each axle. The vehicle is covered by a valid certificate of insurance under Chapter XI of the Act. Insurance Certificate or over note No .. dt of . Name of company 33. The vehicle is exempted from insurance. The relevant order is enclosed. I have paid the prescribed fee of rupees Valid from to .. .


Date:- .

Signature of the person to be registered as Registered Owner :-

Note-- The motor Vehicle above describe

(i) Subject to hire purchase agreement / lease agreement with .. (ii) (iii) Subject to hypothecation in favour of . Not held under hire purchase agreement, or lease agreement or subject to hypothecation.

4 Strike out whatever is not applicable. If the vehicle is subject to any such agreement the signature of the person with whom such agreement has been entered into be obtained. Signature of the Owner Signature of the person with whom an agreement of hire purchase, lease or hypothecation has been entered into.

Specimen signature of the person to be registered as Registered owner. 1. 2.

Inspected the vehicle Certified that the particulars contained in the application are true and that the vehicle complies with the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1998 and the Rules made there under.

Signature of Inspecting Authority

Name Designation ... (For Office endorsement)

Ref. number

Office of the . .. Date ..

The bearing chassis number ....... .. and engine number has been assigned the registration number and registered in the name of .. and the vehicle is subject to an agreement of hire purchase / lease / hypothecation .. ..

Registering authority To (Name and address of the financer) By registered post of Deliver under proper acknowledgement