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Time is a very important thing to everyone. This is the quantity we can never get back. Time is gold, a very generic saying that represents what we have right now. Do things at the same time, do not waste time, for time is a precious thing in life. It is the time that has been wasted for something that made that thing so important and worthy. Another thing aside form time, is effort. Effort is the thing you exert in such thing you consider as valuable. Effort will just release its reward, if and only if, one refuses to quit. Procrastination is the main antagonist in the story of time and effort. It is the act of taking other things for granted for the completion of one. This practice is seen anywhere. People are getting lazier as time goes by. And that is why robots are being made and manufactured, to help human beings. People made machines to make life easier. Big thanks to the inventors of the past and the present for giving us a brighter future. Factories make use of machines and other equipments in making certain kinds of product. These things contribute a lot in the success of human life. A conveyor is just an example of these beautiful things invented and implemented to do human works. A conveyor is a machine that moves materials from one place to another. The proponents have decided to make a machine that will deliver a certain thing to its destination by the utilization of PLC. PLC is the acronym for Programmable Logic Controller. It is designed to withstand vibrations, humidity and noise. It has interface for inputs and outputs already inside the controller. Its easy-to-understand programming language makes it more

convenient to use. PLC is used in the industries for the automation of electromechanical operations. With the aid of the LOGO Software, the proponents were able to make the prototype work.

OBJECTIVES General Objective The objectives of the proponents in making this project : Automated Delivery Machine is for them to apply the knowledge they had learned through lectures and laboratories in the course Industrial Electronics ( EC483L1) specifically about Programmable Logic Controller and its application in the humanity . Specific Objectives To be able to utilize the Programmable Logic Controller as a means of timing device for Automated Delivery Machine and explore the software LOGO soft! Comfort. To build a working prototype that will automate the functions of delivering and choosing a destination. To implement knowledge in logic circuits in providing outputs using LOGO! Soft Comfort that will be used in operation of prototype. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The PLC based Automated Delivery Machine had made for the following reason :

To the consumers, this project is functional for it will lessen the waiting time of the consumers to let the pancakes be cooked.

Tothe business industry, this project is functional for them for it may lessen the working time and effort of the worker.

To the educators, for they may share the application of PLC to the students for additional knowledge.

To the future proponents, for them to have reference in making such project related to this and may innovate and improve the project.