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Emeigency Bepaitment Expeiience Napping

Merging Care with the Experience

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Emeigency Bepaitment Expeiience Napping

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LoyalLy ls won by deflnlng and dellverlng ldeal experlences. 1hls ls parLlcularly Lrue ln Lhe
Lmergency ueparLmenL (Lu), whlch serves as Lhe fronL door Lo many healLhcare organlzaLlons.
Leadlng hosplLals are recognlzlng Lhe lmporLance of Lu saLlsfacLlon, Lhus are developlng sLraLegles
Lo lmprove Lhe paLlenL experlence. Many paLlenLs vlslL Lhe Lmergency 8oom aL leasL once over Lhe
course of LreaLmenL for any glven dlagnosls and many oLhers make Lhe declslon Lo recelve (or noL
recelve) LreaLmenL aL Lhe hosplLal based on Lhelr experlence wlLh Lhe Lu.

Lu research has LradlLlonally focused on cllnlcal operaLlons, such as walLlng Llmes, quallLy of care
and paLlenL Lrlage, buL Lhere ls an lncreaslngly lmporLanL focus on how cllnlcal operaLlons merge
wlLh Lhe sofLer slde of care - facLors llke lnLerpersonal communlcaLlon and walLlng room deslgn -
Lo form overall paLlenL saLlsfacLlon. ln facL, Lhe 2009 Lmergency ueparLmenL ulse 8eporL by ress
Caney reporLed LhaL over Lhe pasL several years, average Lmergency 8oom walLlng Llmes are
hlgher (up by half an hour slnce 2002), buL overall paLlenL saLlsfacLlon scores have lncreased
desplLe Lhe longer walL Llmes. 8esearchers are flndlng LhaL Lhe blggesL medlaLlng facLor as Lo
wheLher or noL paLlenLs are saLlsfled wlLh Lhe Lu ls Lhe communlcaLlon and personal lnLeracLlons
Lhey experlence LhroughouL Lhelr [ourney. Merglng servlce excellence and cllnlcal quallLy ls noL [usL
a growlng Lrend, buL a necesslLy ln Lhls era of healLhcare reform and changlng relmbursemenL

CuallLy care and medlcal ouLcomes are lmporLanL ln all healLhcare seLLlngs - buL whaL consLlLuLes
an excepLlonal paLlenL experlence ln an Lmergency ueparLmenL? uoes your Lmergency
ueparLmenL drlve paLlenLs Lo oLher parLs of your organlzaLlon and encourage Lhem Lo recommend
you Lo oLhers? Cne way Lo flnd ouL ls Lhrough a comprehenslve research process called Lxperlence
Mapplng, whlch has proven Lo be parLlcularly lnslghLful wlLh Lmergency ueparLmenLs. ln Lhe
followlng paragraphs, we wlll revlew Lhe Lxperlence Mapplng process, explaln how lL can be used
Lo help you assess and lmprove your Lu, and provlde Llps for Lu besL pracLlces.

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Lxperlence Mapplng ls a research Lechnlque LhaL ellclLs an undersLandlng of Lhe paLlenL's
experlence, lncludlng Lhelr emoLlonal and funcLlonal needs aL each sLep of Lhelr [ourney. CfLen
Llmes, LradlLlonal paLlenL saLlsfacLlon surveys fall shorL ln provldlng boLh Lhe deLall and broad
conLexL Lo undersLand why Lhe paLlenLs were or were noL saLlsfled, and focus groups presenL Lhe
challenge of obLalnlng honesL feedback from each parLlclpanL.

Lxperlence Mapplng ls a cosL-effecLlve way Lo overcome Lhese challenges, as paLlenLs are
lnLervlewed lndlvldually Lo ensure maxlmum ln-depLh conLrlbuLlon from each parLlclpanL.
lnLervlewers have Lhe flexlblllLy Lo probe on Loplcs LhaL are parLlcularly lmporLanL Lo Lhe paLlenL
and Lo dlscuss each eplsode ln Lhelr experlence. Along wlLh quesLlons abouL each sLep of Lhelr Lu
experlence, lncluded ls an analysls of 1ouchpolnLs - how paLlenLs lnLeracL wlLh your organlzaLlon -
Emeigency Bepaitment Expeiience Napping

2u14 Enueavoi Nanagement. All Rights Reseiveu.
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such as Lhrough wrlLLen or elecLronlc communlcaLlons, Lhe faclllLy, personal lnLeracLlons or
Lelephone calls.

lrlends and famlly members are also lnvlLed Lo parLlclpaLe ln Lhe lnLervlews, whlch ls parLlcularly
helpful when assesslng Lhe Lu experlence, as paLlenLs are ofLen unaware of cerLaln parLs of Lhe
experlence LhaL famlly members managed (such as provldlng LransporLaLlon Lo Lhe faclllLy,
compleLlng paperwork or managlng dlscharge lnsLrucLlons). 1here are mulLlple ways ln whlch Lu
paLlenLs and Lhelr famllles can be lnLervlewed. ln-cllnlc lnLervlews are ldeal ln LhaL Lhey provlde
vlsual cues for recall, whlle phone lnLervlews or asklng paLlenLs Lo reLurn for Lhelr lnLervlew aL a
laLer Llme allows Lhem Lo also answer quesLlons abouL Lhe end of Lhelr experlence, such as follow-
up phone calls or supporL. We Lyplcally recommend a mlxLure of lnLervlew Lechnlques Lo allow for a
varleLy of feedback and Lo ldenLlfy dlfferences. lor example, paLlenLs lnLervlewed aL a laLer Llme
may have more poslLlve percepLlons Lhan paLlenLs lnLervlewed ln-cllnlc lf Lhey recelve a follow-up
phone call afLer Lhelr reLurn home.

lf paLlenLs and Lhelr famllles are lnLervlewed ln cllnlc, a nurse or oLher sLaff member can ldenLlfy
lnLervlew candldaLes upon Lhelr dlscharge. aLlenLs are Lyplcally offered an honorarlum Lo show
appreclaLlon for Lhelr Llme, and we flnd LhaL Lhey are usually enLhuslasLlc Lo be lnLervlewed, as Lhey
are able Lo be parL of Lhe lmprovemenL process.

8elow ls a sample Lmergency ueparLmenL Lxperlence Map, whlch ls used durlng lnLervlews.

Emeigency Bepaitment Expeiience Napping

2u14 Enueavoi Nanagement. All Rights Reseiveu.
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AlLhough Lhe paLlenL experlence ls Lhe prlmary focus of Lxperlence Mapplng, lL ls ofLen beneflclal
Lo lnclude oLhers who lnfluence and lnLeracL wlLh paLlenLs LhroughouL Lhe [ourney. lor example,
lnLervlewlng Lu faculLy and sLaff ellclLs feedback on barrlers lnhlblLlng Lhelr ablllLy Lo dellver Lhe
ldeal experlence, offers Lhelr suggesLlons for lmprovemenL, and helps Lo bulld Lhelr supporL for
change. LMS personnel also play an lmporLanL role ln Lmergency ueparLmenLs, so undersLandlng
Lhelr experlence and how/when Lhey choose you wlll provlde lnslghLs lnLo how Lo make Lhem your

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An Lxperlence Mapplng assessmenL Lyplcally reveals many poslLlves as well as many opporLunlLles
for lmprovemenL. Lach Lu has unlque nuances LhaL wlll be revealed, buL here are some common
Lxperlence Mapplng dlscusslon polnLs LhaL you should conslder lf you would llke Lo embark on Lhls
Lype of research.

Pow are we communlcaLlng wlLh paLlenLs and
Lhelr famllles LhroughouL Lhe [ourney? 1hey are
more undersLandlng of walL Llmes or oLher
challenges lf Lhey know whaL ls golng on ln Lhe
uo we seL reallsLlc expecLaLlons? Managlng
paLlenL expecLaLlons regardlng Lhe emergency
care process ls lmporLanL, fronL offlce sLaff can
dlsLrlbuLe wrlLLen maLerlals LhaL explaln Lhe
process or use scrlpLlng (messaglng sLandards Lo
make sure everyone ls relaylng a conslsLenL
message) Lo keep paLlenLs updaLed.
uo we prepare Lhem for on-golng care
managemenL? upon dlscharge, emphaslzlng Lhe
beneflL of prlmary care physlclans (and slgnlng
Lhem up on-slLe wlLh a C) can help paLlenLs
manage on-golng care and undersLand when
Lhey should come back Lo Lhe L8 versus when
Lhey should seek LreaLmenL wlLh a C.
uo we have servlce sLandards - and do we acLually follow Lhem? Lu servlce sLandards
should be lncorporaLed ln Lo each sLep of Lhe process and regularly re-vlslLed Lo revlew how
and lf Lhey are belng enacLed ln everyday behavlors.
Pow do we LreaL oLhers who lnLeracL wlLh and lnfluence paLlenLs? Along wlLh servlce
sLandards for lnLeracLlng wlLh paLlenLs and Lhelr famllles, you should also lnclude sLandards
for lnLeracLlng wlLh LMS personnel and referrlng physlclans as Lhey also play a role ln
formlng your paLlenLs' experlence.

Emeigency Bepaitment Expeiience Napping

2u14 Enueavoi Nanagement. All Rights Reseiveu.
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ln order Lo creaLe acLlonable lnslghLs, lnLervlew feedback should be analyzed aL Lwo levels:
SLraLeglc conLexL and LacLlcal qulck hlLs." 1he sLraLeglc conLexL refers Lo Lhe relaLlonshlp of Lhe
eplsodes durlng Lhe experlence and how the patient views theii expeiience as a whole. Insights
shoulu be oiganizeu into bioauei categoiies such as planning, expectations, infoimation neeus, oi
saLlsflers/dlssaLlsflers. 1he qulck hlLs are speclflc recommendaLlons for a parLlcular parL of Lhe
[ourney. ?our Leam should revlew and evaluaLe Lhese for feaslblllLy and prlorlLlzaLlon so Lhe
recommendaLlons LhaL come ouL of Lhe process are clear Lo all lnvolved.

Aslde from Lhe lnLervlews Lhemselves, we have found some useful Lools for galnlng LracLlon on Lhe
research resulLs wlLhln your organlzaLlon. Pere are some examples:

Audlo record paLlenL lnLervlews (wlLh Lhelr permlsslon) and lnclude shorL,
anonymous audlo cllps along wlLh Lhe resulLs, Lhere ls noLhlng as
powerful as hearlng lL sLralghL from Lhe volce of your paLlenLs.
1ake plcLures of Lhe faclllLy, focuslng on Lhe paLlenL's vlewpolnL. lor
example, employees mlghL be Lhere every day, buL have Lhey
experlenced slLLlng ln Lhe walLlng room for an exLended amounL of Llme?
lncorporaLe your exlsLlng paLlenL saLlsfacLlon research and markeLlng
collaLeral lnLo Lhe research resulLs, Lhls wlll glve you a more hollsLlc
plcLure of Lhe experlence. lor example, do we dellver upon whaL we
promlse? Pow can Lhe research help us undersLand why paLlenL
saLlsfacLlon scores are low ln a parLlcular area?

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Lxperlence Mapplng bullds momenLum for change and enLhuslasm for Lhe paLlenL experlence.
lnLernal sLakeholders may be aware of saLlsfacLlon scores and goals, buL undersLandlng Lhe hollsLlc
paLlenL experlence - and hearlng lL ln Lhe words of paLlenLs Lhemselves - ls parLlcularly powerful.
1hus, you should begln Lhls Lype of research wlLh Lhe end ln mlnd, how wlll you bulld upon Lhe
momenLum Lo creaLe lasLlng change? llrsL, we suggesL lncludlng as many sLakeholders as posslble
ln Lhe lnlLlal process and presenLaLlon of resulLs. lollowlng Lhe presenLaLlon of Lhe resulLs, many
organlzaLlons flnd lL helpful Lo allow Llme for Lhe aLLendees Lo break lnLo work groups wlLh Lhe
purpose of dlscusslng resulLs and bralnsLormlng soluLlons.

Lxperlence Mapplng Workshops are also a useful Lool because Lhey lncorporaLe each elemenL of
Lhe ldeal experlence lnLo Lhe everyday behavlors of Lhose who lnLeracL wlLh and lnfluence paLlenLs.
lnlLlally, a cross-funcLlonal Leam works LogeLher Lo creaLe Lhe ldeal experlence based on Lhe
research resulLs, bulldlng Lhls from Lhe ground-up wlll help bulld consensus and provlde an
opporLunlLy Lo solve problems LogeLher. 1he workshops are Lhen rolled ouL Lo oLhers ln Lhe
deparLmenL, and lnclude personal acLlon plannlng sesslons LhaL help parLlclpanLs LranslaLe and acL
upon Lhe ldeal behavlors. ersonal acLlon plans are revlslLed LhroughouL Lhe year and lncluded ln
performance goals of sLakeholders and work Leams.
Emeigency Bepaitment Expeiience Napping

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?ou can also use onllne dashboards as an on-golng Lool Lo monlLor your paLlenL's experlences wlLh
Lhe Lu. uashboard Lechnology allows Lhe deparLmenL Lo seL saLlsfacLlon performance goals and
monlLor success ln real Llme, provldlng Lhe ablllLy Lo provlde lmmedlaLe servlce recovery when
problems arrlve. lf a paLlenL's response ls deemed aL-rlsk (for unsaLlsfacLory lssues), hls or her
response ls escalaLed Lo a deslgnee Lo Lrack resoluLlon of Lhe lssue. Slnce dashboard Lechnology ls
web-based, paLlenLs can raLe saLlsfacLlon aL any sLage ln Lhelr [ourney and Lhrough a varleLy of
plaLforms LhaL are convenlenL ln-cllnlc (such as klosks, lapLops or lads) or afLer Lhey go home
(Lhrough shorL onllne or Lelephone surveys).

8egardless of Lhe parLlcular challenges LhaL your Lmergency ueparLmenL ls faclng, Lxperlence
Mapplng ls a Lechnlque LhaL ls cosL-effecLlve, flexlble, and lnslghLful for obLalnlng a clear, hollsLlc
undersLandlng of Lhe currenL experlence LhaL you provlde. 1hls Lechnlque may also be applled ln a
varleLy of servlces llnes and slLuaLlons, lncludlng paLlenL educaLlon, Web slLe deslgn, referral
managemenL, schedullng, and concepL developmenL for new servlce offerlngs.

Emeigency Bepaitment Expeiience Napping

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7<4=% +*>&(?4.
Lndeavor ManagemenL ls an lnLernaLlonal managemenL consulLlng flrm LhaL collaboraLlvely works
wlLh Lhelr cllenLs Lo achleve greaLer value from Lhelr LransformaLlonal buslness lnlLlaLlves. Lndeavor
serves as a caLalysL by provldlng pragmaLlc meLhodologles and lndusLry experLlse ln
1ransformaLlonal SLraLegles, CperaLlonal Lxcellence, CrganlzaLlonal LffecLlveness, and
1ransformaLlonal Leadershlp.
Cur cllenLs lnclude Lhose responslble for:
8uslness SLraLegy
MarkeLlng and 8rand SLraLegy
1echnology ueploymenL
SLraLeglc Puman CaplLal
CorporaLe llnance

1he flrm's 40 year herlLage has produced a subsLanLlal porLfollo of proven meLhodologles, deep
operaLlonal lnslghL and broad lndusLry experlence. 1hls experlence enables our Leam Lo qulckly
undersLand Lhe dynamlcs of cllenL companles and markeLs. Lndeavor's cllenLs span Lhe globe and
are Lyplcally leaders ln Lhelr lndusLry.
Celb ConsulLlng Croup, a wholly owned subsldlary, monlLors organlzaLlonal performance and
deslgns wlnnlng markeLlng sLraLegles. Celb helps organlzaLlons focus Lhelr markeLlng lnlLlaLlves by
fully undersLandlng cusLomer needs Lhrough proven sLraLeglc frameworks Lo gulde markeLlng
sLraLegles, bulld LrusLed brands, dellver excepLlonal experlences and launch new producLs. Celb
can help you Lo develop and lmplemenL Lhe rlghL sLraLegles. uslng advanced research Lechnlques,
Celb can help you Lo undersLand Lhe complexlLles of your markeL, Lo develop your sLraLeglc
declslon frameworks and Lo deLermlne Lhe besL deploymenL of your resources and Lechnology Lo
monlLor your successes.
lor over 40 years, Celb has worked wlLh markeLlng leaders on:
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