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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - Betting411 is an online gaming watchdog that not only monitors online sportsbooks, casinos, and

poker room, but they also monitor actual sports bettors themselve and even sports handicappers. They usually get a copy from a sports handicaper's client for free. In some cases they've even been willing to pay for them, so that the public can see who is hot and who isn't. Who actually wins more than they lose and who doesn't. Basically they've monitored most of the online sports handicappers this year, so prospective clients will get to know who may actually provid best sports picks that win. I got to speak with Nicky Parola, and had the chance to ask him, "how do you have time to check every single one of these picks?" He gave me a better understanding "I don't check every sports play we get myself personally. In fact, I check probably the least amount because I'm usually busy writing articles, and various content." "So who does check all of these thousands of sports bets that you have emailed to you?" I asked him. "Well we have over 30 people that actually work for this site, believe it or not. We just hired our 38th employee because we need to actually play at the online casinos, poker rooms, and sportsbooks that we are reviewing. We need to know how their bonuses work, how their software works....how safe their software is." So there you have it, here is the complete list that they have monitored so far. HOT: Jay Sharpe As usual, this ex-Las Vegas Wiseguy, who now handicaps for iSeeWinners.com is the most consistent winner the world's ever known. He's now beeen gambling professionally since 1994, that's 20 years! He also ran a book for a brief moment in his early years. He has a lifetime winning percentage of almost 65%, that is the absolute best real number you'll ever find. So he is always a safe shot. However, Jay has a system on how he bets, he won't share it with the rest of the world, but claims this system wins him money even on some days where he's actually picked more losers than winners. Jay was #1 on this list in January, however he had a slight slide in the beginning of February that knocked him down a spot. On Thursday, Jay Sharpe went a perfect 5-0, that ended an 18-3 run for the beginning of March that put him back on top of the leaderboard. He is definitely on fire again, so LOOK OUT. It's probably the perfect time to get on his plays. We asked Jay if he'd ever sell his betting system that wins even when you lose, he said "everything's got a price." So my partner mention, "$1 Million?" He said not even close. It's almost unimaginable, winning when you're actually losing more wagers than you're winning on a particular day! This has been confirmed by several sportsbooks in Las Vegas by the way. But there's no way they want that information getting leaked out. Finally, they would go broke! Art Aronson Art was 68-47 +$14,996 in February, and that moved him up in the charts. January wasn't as impressive when he barely cleared 55%. He's also off to a hot start in March, so it may be a good time to "buy." Art provides picks in both basketball and hockey.

Ben Burns Ben was 62-46 (+$6039) in January. And cooled down a bit in February. For some reason, a lot of the top handicappers cooled down a bit in February. I bet the sportsbooks made ALL the money that month. Ben is an NHL Specialist and one of the best. Ben Burns and Jay Sharpe have been back and forth this year in NHL percentage, and winnings (due to typical moneyline plays). Jay's held the edge for most of the year, but when he slid for a bit, Ben was the top NHL handicapper for a week or so. He's usually in the Top 5 in NHL Hockey Picks. Info Plays Info Plays is the #4 Ranked Handicapper Overall for 2014! They handicap all of the major North American Sports, such as hockey, football, basketball, and baseball. WIth the last 3 being their most popular. They did not have a great 2013 season (56.8% ATS, 58.7% SU). However, they must have adjusted something, because the plays we've received of theirs (over 150) have won 63.9% of the time! Scott Spreitzer Scott has had hot and cold years of late. A few years ago, he finished as one of the best all around handicappers in the world. Last year he was cold. So cold, espeially in football, that we don't even want to go there. However, we've recorded over 100 of his plays in 2014 (mostly NBA Picks, and College Basketball Picks) and not only has he been hitting 62.6 % ATS, he's been one of the most consistent sports handicappers this year. Jack Jones Jack handicaps Basketball to perfection. He is perhaps the best basketball handicapper in the world (College and Pro). So it's no surprise that the 200 sports picks of his that we have received this season are winning ATS at a rate of 62.9%. However his hockey picks are only average, his baseball picks are barely in the black, and STAY away from his football picks (except for his College Football picks). His NFL picks have been consistently terrible. And he had one of the worst Football winning percentges we recorded last year.

WARM (And Close To Hot)

John Ryan An all-around handicapper that actually lost last year, so he's hard to trust. He's handicapping well this year, hitting 62% of his college basketball picks, 60% of his NBA plays, and 59.8% in NHL action (but with a lot of underdog plays! So he's been hot in 2014, but you wonder when he's going to crash. Stephen Nover Stephen is another great NFL handicapper. He claims that he's only had one losing season. Remember, from what we've seen and heard, Jay Sharpe is the only one better as he has NEVER lost an NFL season. But for the rest of his sports he's mediocre. Hitting 55.7% from what we've seen in 2014 (NCAA, NBA, and NHL)

Rocky Atkinson Rocketman actually wins more than he loses just about every year. However in 6 weeks of following his plays in 2014, Rocky is only breaking 50% by a hair. We'd recommend waiting until he get's back on track. Steve Merril Steve Merril claims he is "making BIG $$$ AWESOME 95-56 in 2014." And he's an "INSANE 113-69 last 77 days!" He also says in the NBA he's "on a MONSTER 51-26 (66% ATS) run!" And in NBA, he won +$24,000 last year. Well he've had his plays over the last 77 days, thanks to an unhappy customer that is forwarding all of his plays. He's hitting more like 56% ATS, not 66%. Maybe it's a typo. Yeah right Johnny Banks This guy claims he is the **2011 & 2013 WORLD HANDICAPPING CHAMPION** CLIENTS ARE UP OVER +$82,000 FOR 2013-14! Get Johnny's 3 DAY ALL PICKS Package and watch your bankroll grow today! HUGE 39-25 NBA SIDES RUN! #2 NHL HANDICAPPER! Well we've had approximately half of all his releases this year, even though he has a winning percentage in his NHL picks. He's down moneywise due to the large prices he's playing. Tom Freese Freese has had good years, so we're not going to put him under cold. but he is cold this year at 52.3% ATS and just over 47% moneyline plays in NHL. This might not be Tom's year. But than again, sometime those who start of slow finish the strongest! Ryan James Ryan James is on an 87-63 (58%) run in all sports, this is true. He is also riding a 32-13 (71%) NBA run coming into the day! We've had about 75% of Ryan's picks this year, and he is 59% ATS in basketball and 57% in hockey (breaking about even with the price of his hockey picks. Black Widow Black Widow at one time was one of the best sports handicappers in the world. There were times it seemed like he could not lose, period. He was like a Jay Sharpe. But for some reason or another the Black Widow has nearly fell off the world of the internet. It's hard to find his plays. He no longer owns his own site. Also, this year he is hitting 58% ATS in basketball and about 60% in NHL action, betting mostly favorites. We are almost wondering if someone bought him out. Last year, and this year, he hasn't seemed like the same sports handicapper. Who knows? Also, just a side note, his free plays aren't nearly as good as they used to be. Bryan Leonard Bryan is pretty straight forward. He may overclaim his winnings a tad, but not much. He's almost hitting 60% in basketball this year (in both NBA and NCAA). We expect him to pick up during March Madness and the NBA Playoffs. Basketball is Leonard's sport. We've seen him do better than he's doing this year. But he is consistent

Doc's Sports Sorry but Doc's is overrated. They're expensive because of their name. Joseph D'Amico Today we make money. I have 4 plays that will get you paid in my NBA BEST BET & my NCAAB 100% EARLY BIRD WINNER, UNLV/NEVADA WINNER, & my 100% LV STRIP MOVE. Wanna go 3-0? Then follow me. Jim Feist Jim Feist has been around for a long time, maybe longer than Jay Sharpe! We'll list Jim's handicapping abilities, and percentages over the last year (we've received an email with )containg his picks for over a year now. Jim's top sports is Basketball (62%), then Baseball (he hits about the same, 62% but with slightly bigger prices on the wagers). So he earns more in Basketball. Jim did ok in Football last year, College and Pro Football (just under 61%). But unfortunately, he lost money with his hockey picks (even though he won almost 55%, the juice kept his hockey picks from being profitable. However, Jim is off to a fine start in 2014 (winning 63.8% in mostly basketball picks. Scott Rickenbach Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach handicaps more NHL than basketball! He's currently riding a 21-11 (70%) NHL STREAK and is burning the books with a 11-4 (73%) NBA TOTALS RUN! But before this late February, early March streak he was keeping around the 58% Brandon Lee ***2012 NFLX PRESEASON CHAMPION & NO. 4 RANKED NFL HANDICAPPER REGULAR SEASON*** Now is the time to purchase your season packages and GET EVERY SINGLE PLAY UP TO THE SUPER BOWL! Freddy Wills You are only as good as your last day! Jordan Haimowitz #2 Ranked Overall Handicapper In 2012. Two Time Top 5 Ranked NCAAB Handicapper. Top 5 Ranked NHL Handicapper. SWEEP! 3-0 Tuesday card. Wednesdays plays for sale by 9 am EDT. Jimmy Boyd Jimmy Boyd's epic 153-124 (55%) all sports run in 2014 continues on Sunday! Don't miss his 4* Total Annihilator and a No Doubt Rout as Boyd adds to his 53-36 (60%) NBA run! Also on tap is an Oddsmakers Error in CBB! Jack Jones No. 1 Ranked Basketball Handicapper from 2012-13! Jack Jones is riding a 108-74 Hoops TEAR L47 Days to add to his MASSIVE 744-584 Hoops Run that has seen his $1,000/game players win $116,320!

WARM: Jeff Alexander Here's Jeff's Claims: 5* Wiseguy Top Plays are an UNMATCHED 106-61 (63%) the L98 days and have profited $1,000/game bettors $39,330. From what we've witnessed this is pretty true, but not this year. We've received over 3/4 of his plays this year and he is only winning 60.8% ATS Bobby Conn Bobby Conn is one of the sharpest handicappers in the industry. The Winning Continues today! Don't miss out on your opportunity to follow a proven winner! Join Bobby Conn and watch your bankroll grow! He had a slow start, but has been hot in the last 5 weeks. If he keeps it up, he's moving up for sure. Steve Janus 4x Top 20 NBA Handicapper, Top 20 NCAAB Capper 2012-13, 2x Top 5 Football (Former NCAAF Champ). We've received almost 9 out of 10 of his plays this year and he is winning 60.% ATS. He is doning slightly better than that in NBA and slightly worse in College Hoops Jesse Schule Truly a pioneer in the handicapping industry, Jesse Schule was the first in his field to give his clients full access 24/7 via Facebook. He's given his followers plenty to be happy about - SIZZLIN' 29-8 L11 Days. He should be in the hot list this year but he had a BAD streak just before this new winning streak. We are confident Jesse will move back up soon! Trev Rogers Hahahaha.....come on. Trev claims: ** #1 RANKED FOOTBALL HANDICAPPER - 2nd Year in a Row! ** 66-40 NFL Record YTD, SEATTLE & OVER win SB48! NFL "GOY" picks went 7-1-2 YTD! College football finished 84-52 YTD! CBB Dog of Year wins w/Pepperdine 2/8/14. ALL Lies. What he does do for his clients is hit almost 58% ATS (57.9%). Another twister of the truther. Patrick Webb Claims to win 63% in football seasons, with steady NHL and College Basketball selections with some situational NBA picks sprinkled in. From what we have received, not much, he hits just over 60% ATS. If you have more info, please let us know. We can't move him up or down without more info. Ray Monohan Ray is much more than just a sports handicapper. He is a business man. In fact, we've heard rumors that Ray actually owns most of the top sports handicapping sites. We don't have any proof to back that up. But it makes sense. Right after the New Years, Ray Monohon had one of his worst starts to a year. BUT, ray has been winning consistenty over 60% since then. Don't be surprised to see him moved up to the hot list soon. However, if he does own multiple handicapping sites, we don't like that. It's an old sports handicapper trick.

Sell one team on half of your sites and the other team on the other half. That way you ALWAYS WIN! Ray seems like a good guy so we're not accusing him of this. Sean Higgs Sean is promoted by so many websites now, look around for yourself. You'll find different numbers for him everywhere. I don't know why he claims to be a basketball capper, his hockey picks have been way more profitable. You'll find that Sean is hitting anywhere from 65% to 70% around the web. However, we have received more than half of his picks, and unless he's doing much better on the days we're not receiving him. He is truly only hitting 61%. He is getting hot however and might get moved up to the "hot list". Until then we need to see more proof. Johnny Wynn Currently claimed #7 OVERALL in NBA Picks. He might be telling the truth. We've followed a lot of Johnny's picks lately and over the last 2 months he's hit almost 62%. However, his College Hoops picks have only won 53.5% ATS. So if you're going to try Wynns picks, stick with his NBA plays! He has release a few NHL picks, I don't know why. From what we've received from our clients is just 4-11 betting mostly favorites. It doesn't get much worse than that. Chris Duncan Pair of Winners on Saturday! Sunday have 2 more NCAA HOOPS plays. Also we have just posted our NCAA + NIT Tournament Package. Get it now for just $250 This also includes NBA thru the Finals Pure Lock "Pure Lock?" Bad name. You know how we feel about cappers using the word lock (or even worse "inside information"). This guy, or company uses a lot of "play of the year," "lock of the month" and "play of the season" type titles to their picks. Well, I have some bad news, they actually have a losing record on these picks. However, overall, they're winning over 60% on the year! That is why you don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you played their picks evenly, or close to even, you'd be up. But they put on average 30* to 50* on their big plays and just 10* on the other picks that actually win! Bill O'Brien Known as the next Billy of Vegas, There is no capper more consistent than Bill OBrien currently running an 139-96 streak in the NBA, Dime players have cleared over $30,000 in gains this season. Well, that's what's been said by affiliates close to Bill. The truth is he is not consistent at all. His players give up on him when he's in a losing streak and THEN he'll go on a nice long winning streak. The problem with handicappers that go on long losing streaks, they'll usually break their clients bankrolls before they start winnin again. The 139-96 streak he claimed, it was the absolute truth. Following a 48-91 run! R&R Totals Their latest claims: *27-16 63% Last 43 TOP PLAYS* R&R TOTALS has FIVE Over-Unders going on SATURDAY. (1 TOP) 301-223 Last 524 & 216-149 Last 365 TOP PLAYS! 64-45 Last 109 NHL TOPS! 56-36 61% L92 & 102-68 60% L170 Overall TOPS! Pretty close to the truth, but stretched a little. They've won (mostly NCAA

Basketball, some NBA Basketball) 58% from what we've seen in 2014. And yes, they are primarily into totals, nothing else. Jamie Tursini 2-1 Saturday! The "Syndicate" has the MSU/OSU & an NBA WINNER Sunday! $$$ CBB Rest Of Season & Tourney Subscription ONLY $249.95! $$$ The syndacate had some great years but we're not sure if they switched cappers or not because they've stunk it up at the end of February and the beginning of March so far. No wonder why they're bragging about a 2-1 day. Getting about 70% of their sports picks forwarded to us, they've hit just over 50%. Yes they had a good January. But this losing streak they are on might put them down to cold. Mark Franco Off a split last night but my run continues at 17-9 L26 65% (+752) Top Plays in the NBA. On Saturday I have one hidden gem on the card where the Lines Makers are way off on their number! Get this one game and cash! GamePlan Finished #8 Overall in 2013 (All-Sports) and #1 in baseball. Baseball #1 ranked EARLY BIRD SEASON SPECIAL is available right now. He claims: Documented #1 last 30 Days! On Fire! BUT, that hasn't been the case all year, where he's only 59.7% in mostly college basketball picks. Will Rogers "The Coach" is 108-85 +$13,000 with all college basketball YTD! He's 285-222 +$27,000 with All sports over the past 91 days, and he's earned his clients a STAGGERING +$63,000 the past 10 months! However, he got bumped down due to his current losing streak. He is literally only 3 for 19 in his last 22 picks. Red Dog Sports Red Dog Sports is known for their detailed writeups and finding value in every sport they handicap. When you follow the plays of Red Dog Sports you can count on winning! Our 93 plays from Red Dog Sports yielded a 58.8% winning percentage. Not bad, but not great. However we have to admit they have been pretty consistent all year. Not going on any really long losing streaks that will break your bankroll. If you're looking to safely make money long term, Red Dog may be an option. We actually expect them to improve because their lifetime percentage is almost 60%! Carolina Sports Carolina claims March Madness is their specialty, so we'll wait on that one. However what our observation provided was 54% in mostly College Basketball this year. However, Carolina Sports is so out of the loop when it comes to betting on sports, their own website is outdated. If they hit 54% in March Madness this year again, so what. We know for sure about 15 handicappers that do better than that consistently. And YES, because I know you're wondering, they consistently lose in all other sports other that last year when the had a slightly winning baseball season.

Vic Duke Top Tier NFL and NCAA Football for the third year in a row! In 2012 and 2013 football was outstanding, and now in 2014, Ended NFL season on 19-4-1 NFL tear! Oh, strongest play of year on Seahawks (+3) in Super Bowl Carlo Campanella Carlo Campanella has only bet on, or picked basketball this year. So if basketball is your thing, and that's all you're looking for well that's what you expect from Carlo. In fact we haven't seen him pick one hockey game, and we have received a copy of his pick every day this year except 6. Unfortunately for a "specialty" he went 54% ATS in alll of those basketball picks (both NCAA and NBA). He has done slightly better in College Basketball Handicapping, hitting 59.8 percent. For all of you folks that really believe there are handicappers hitting 70, 80, and 90%, you are too green. It's absolutely impossible. Tony George Here's Tony's recent claims: HOT run in the NBA with Premiums and Bonus Plays. Big 12 and Mo Valley Specialty conf - Over 65% ATS in Both YTD! Daily Hoops by 11 CST - Great $350 NBA - NCAA - all plays with March Madness - Good thru July. 65%??? We've received every day of his picks this year an he has only won 57.6%. This is a perfect example of the lying that goes on among sports handicappers. Rocky's Lock Club Rocky's Lock Club (lookout for anyone who constantly uses the word "lock" only releases their plays right before game time. They claim that the reason behind this is based on late information, thus picks will not be posted until 15 minutes prior to the start of the first game. Players receive his picks over the phone. We've sampled him 19 times this year, and he's either hot, or extremely cold. Overall, through 34 picks he's hit 57%. But his losing streaks will probably break your bankroll. Please note that from what we saw at the end of last year their sport picks didn't even hit 50% ATS. Dennis Macklin Dennis claims to be a College Basketball Specialist. We've received his picks through several purchasers on more than half of the days so far this year. What we witnessed was an ATS winning percentage of just over 56% Michael Alexander Michael just claimed another MONSTER Day as he posted a stellar 11-5-1 mark and making his $100 per unit players OVER $1,200! We weren't on those plays. Michael always claims another HUGE Full Card on tap that is loaded with more PROFITS! We've sampled him 23 times, all sigular days, as he usually has so many plays per day (how somebody can find value in that many games every day, is anybody's guess). What we got when we sampled him was an ATS winning percentage of almost 55%. So we don't have the best read on him COLD:

Matt Fargo Matt never seems to win when we check his plays, but recently he's been on a winning streak that put him up to the warm section and out of the cold. Guess what, that didn't last long. He hit 29 of 44 baskteball picks ATS to move up. He immediately wen't on a horrible losing streak to bounce back down. His claims are alway incorrect. They are almost always way higher than what we receive from him. There's been years that you'd be rich if you faded every play from Matt Fargo! Craig Trapp Another so-called College Basketball Specialist. He claims NCAA Men's Basketball is his bread and butter. I hope he has an alternative to making money because we've had his plays sent to us well over half of the days so far this year and he's not even close to a 50% ATS mark. What we've witnessed is just over 433% Lee Williams56 Lee is currently claiming a 23-13 overall run ATS. And that he's 56% ATS in basketball this year. We've monitored well over 80% of his picks in 2014, and what we've witnessed was more like 46%. Well it's just over that at 47.6%. From what we say, approximately 80% of his pics last year, he hit about the exact same at 47.9%. He's not good to play on or fade, so stay away. Chip Chirimbes Chip Chirimbes, Las Vegas Hilton Handicapping Champion (once), now uses that to lie about his true winning percentages. His picks are sold on many sites, some claiming as high as 80% Winning Percentages. Every once in awhile, a player buys that lie and he actually goes 4-1 on the day (80%). So guess what happens? The player actually believes this guys lies and buys a LONG term contract. So far every client we know that forwards their plays from Chip winds up losing a lot of money over time. "He's going to turn it around", "This is only temporary" is what they tell themselves as they continue to lose everyday. We've had his plays forwarded to us almost every day this year. While he does go on big winning streaks, he also goes on bigger losing streaks. He is the streakiest handicapper out there. But what he's claiming on VegasInsider etc is far from the truth. He's another handicapper just breaking 51% overall. That is no Mikey Sports Mikey is another one to stay far away from. (He Claimes To Be The #1 Handicapper Overall, and In The TOP 5* in NBA) Here's his latest claims: 229-163 58% Last 392 & 180-126 59% Last 306 OVERALL Plays! 83-63 IN NBA TY! 169-96 64% Last 265 & 122-63 66% Last 185 TOPS! 46-22 68% Last 68 TOPS! 15-6 71% L21 FB! However, in the 30 days we monitored his plays, plus one week on a seperate occasion, his overall winning percentage was just over 48%. That included some high priced money-plays. You would've lost your house if you backed Mikey Sports. TJ Pemberton On Friday, TJ had a "Game of the Month." It los. It was during a 3-Day All Access Pass, Discounted for a Limited Time! That's not the only time we've witness him lose, our company has sampled him several times, and he's yet to win more than he lost (all samples were roughly for One Week, one was for Two weeks)

Rob Vinciletti Rob is one of the best handicappers to fade. No one Uses the UNPRECEDENTED Material + DATA Rob Uses, and there's a reason why - it never seems to work! CASH BIG DAILY IN ALL SPORTS with Powerful Systems you wont see any where else by fading Rob Vinciletti. What his symstems really are really about, is strange trends. This is what he bets off. Remember the Trend is not always your friend! Welcome! If you are looking for someone to help you win more betting on sports, or you are just looking for an expert who can help you learn more about what it takes to win money consistently, you have come to the right place! We do not just let anyone onto our handicapping roster. Our cappers are either veterans in the industry, or young handicappers who have proven themselves by winning and providing excellent analysis on their recommended wagers. There are several reasons why most people end up losing when betting on sports. One of those reasons is simply that they dont have the time or inclination to scour through all of the statistical data that is available out there. Our handicappers are full-time bettors, meaning they spend the time you dont have to uncover the best possible bets on any given day. Another reason bettors lose is simply poor money management. The handicappers at Betfirm narrow down their picks so that you know you are getting top-quality picks instead of just guessing on every game on the board. We recognize that it is not easy to win by betting on sports and we will be the first to tell you that you are not going to win every single pick you follow on this site. There is just no such thing as a handicapper that hits 100% of their bets. Anyone who says differently is trying to scam you out of your hard earned money! With that being said, our handicappers do show their clients a profit over the long haul and we are confident in their ability to do the same for you!