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Expand your players agility and soccer athleticism by continually challenging their bodies balance and proprioception with

these new Intermediate Soccer Speed Ladder Drills.

Here is one of my Intermediate Training Set Ups. I use this at all my sessions and camps.

Two Footed 'Eagle-Jumps' - in foot in each s uare - !ig!ag - Forward with a "ide Stance. #reat drill for all positions.

Two-footed-$umps - s%ip a s uare - Forward.

Two-footed-$umps in a !ig-!ag pattern - &ateral.

Two-footed-$umps - 'ou(les - Forward.

Two steps in) two steps out - &ateral. have even more challenging footwork patterns for you plus a fun shooting drill that includes the speed ladder. I Challenge You to get to this point and implement these fun patterns in your practices for a minimum of 5 session. The Challenge is On! Any takers...? En oy!

Here is a *Transitional Speed +cti,ity* that you can use in a shooting practice that's lots of fun.

Twisters- - Two-footed-$umps with a uarter

turn in each s uare.

Two-footed-$umps using the 'in-n-out' pattern in each s uare - &ateral

Two-footed-$umps in each s uare - &ateral

Two-footed-$umps in each s uare using a wide stance that straddles the rungs - &ateral

Two steps in each s uare using a repeating 'cross-o,er' step - &ateral. Intermediate Speed Ladder Training !nce you get familiar with the "asic patterns then you will want to continue to build coordination and speed in several #Soccer Effective# ways. These intermediate drills !ill help you and your players "ecome faster and more precise !ith your mo#ement on and off the "all as !ell as increase your touch !ith the "all. That$s right % don$t discount !hat I ust said in the last sentence& 'your players !ill increase their effecti#eness !ith the "all e#en though they are not training !ith the "all!' (o! does that happen? )ee the articles in 'The )cience' section of )occer)peedTraining.com fo a more in%depth e*planation. In the mean time+ En oy! && Intermediate )peed ,adder E*ercises &&

'.ross-/,ers' precisely mimic the 'Step-/,er' mo,e in soccer. This is one of the (est speed ladder drills you can do for soccer players.

The Ic%y-Shuffle is another highly effecti,e soccer specific mo,ement that e,ery player should learn.

'Eagle Jumps' forward. This is a great speed ladder drill for your #oal 0eepers-

&ateral '1ig-1ags' - two feet in each s uare. #reat for reinforcing and re-in,iting arm pumping techni ue and (alance. Face opposite direction after each run through.

'Two-Footed-Jumps' mo,ing forward using the 'In-and-/ut* se uence.

'Two-Footed-Jumps' mo,ing forward using the '1ig-1ag' se uence.

The Four-Corner Fitness Drill is a great soccer fitness drill designed to improve lateral speed and agility required in soccer. Setup: Set four cones in a grid that is 15X15 yards. Instructions: Start at cone 1 and sprint to cone 2. Shuffle to cone 3. Backpedal to cone 4. Shuffle back to cone 1. Shuffle across the grid to cone 3. Backpedal to cone 4. Then sprint past cone 2. Repeat 4 to 5 times with 1 to 2 minute rest between reps. Coaching Points: Low center of gravity when moving laterally and backwards. Focus on quick starts, fast change of direction and speed