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(Aryati Prasetyarini, S.Pd., M.Pd.)

3.1. Introduction
Short functional texts (referred to henceforth as SFT) are types of infor ational texts to help the infor ation recei!ers or readers "rasp the infor ation #uic$ly. Since SFTs are intended to the readers understand the texts #uic$ly, they are usually characteri%ed &y' ( ( ( The use of clear, si ple, and concise sentences. Pictures or sy &ols The use of particular )ords or letters. of notice, announce ent, prohi&ition, in!itation, e o, ad!ertise ent, a$e

SFTs can &e in the for etc.

3.*. Types of Short Functional Texts 3.*.1. Announce ent

An announce ent is a state ent addressed to pu&lic to pro!ide infor ation that so ethin" has happened or is "oin" to happen. This type of SFT is co )indo) of a shop, a city par$, etc. Announce ent co only has the follo)in" features. only found in the pu&lic place or a"a%ine, a edia, respecti!ely, such as at school (on an announce ent &oard), a ne)spaper,

a. The sentences are )ritten concisely. &. The infor ation is )ritten co pletely and clearly, so that the readers can understand it #uic$ly and easily. c. It contains type of e!ent, date and ti e, place, and contact person or address.

The follo)in" is the exa ple of an announce ent'

Source' http'++nurinuryani.)ordpress.co +functional(texts+shortfunctionaltext+announce ent+

c.*.*. Ad!ertise ent

The )ord ,ad!ertise ent- is deri!ed fro ,ad!ertise- ori"inated fro .atin ,ad!ertere-, )hich eans /infor in" so e&ody a&out so ethin"0 or /dra)in" attention to so ethin"0. The essential point is that it functions to infor and dra) attention, and it can &e stated that an ad!ertise ent is infor ation )hich functions to persuade people. Thus, ad!ertise ent can &e defined as typical infor ation used to persuade audience (readers or listeners) to do so ethin" or to ta$e so e action. This type of SFT usually contains the na e of a product or ser!ice and the explanation of ho) the product or ser!ice &enefits the audience. .an"ua"e use is !ery crucial in e!ery ad!ertise ent since it "reatly helps custo ers to identify products and re e &er the effortlessly. Althou"h it is co only ar"ued that !isual contents and desi"n play !ery po)erful roles in ad!ertise ents, the use of lan"ua"e cannot &e ne"lected. The follo)in" lan"ua"e features are co only intended to raise the audience or custo er-s interest (spdc.shnu.edu.cn+...+chenxiaoxuan.doc):



The use of simple and informal words The exa ples can &e found in the ad!ertise ent of a respecti!ely. /I couldn-t &elie!e it, until I tried it1 Itry it1 I lo!e it10 Buy one, get ore i pressed1 Ireally i pressed1 2ou-!e gotta icro)a!e o!en and an auto o&ile

b. Misspelling and Coinages 3e $no) eggsactly 4o) to sell e""s, 5i!e a Timex to all, and to all a "ood ti e (ti e and excellent) c. Frequent use of particular verbs The ost co on !er&s used in product ad!ertise ent are try, as$, "et, ta$e, let, send for,

use, call,

a$e, co e on, hurry, see, "i!e, co e, re e &er, disco!er, ser!e, introduce,

choose, and loo$ for. d. The use of positive adjectives For ad!ertise ents, )ords )ith stron" e oti!e po)er are prefera&le since they co unicate products po)erfully. Ad6ecti!es )ith positi!e connotation are co ost co only selected to influence custo er-s &eha!ior. The on ad6ecti!es found in so e

products are ne), crisp, "ood+&etter+&est, fine, free, &i", fresh, "reat, delicious, real, full, sure, easy ,&ri"ht, clean, extra, safe, special, rich, stron", stylist, etc. For exa ple, whats on the Best-Seller list in IBM personal Computer Software? (Ad!ertisin" for I7M), 8ent. Fresh Calm Mil! "8ent infor s the taste you-ll feel "ood a&out the Mild International ci"arette)


e. f.

Frequent use of compounds (Chocolate-fla#ore! cereal, fresh-tasting &ul&s)

il$, /top-$uality

More simple sentences fewer comple! sentences such as It comes with a conscience (4onda cars)9 Stouffers presents %&!ays to get your life' on the right course (food)


More interrogative sentences and imperative sentences ((hats so special a)out *urpar+ ,anish )utter? -a#e a little fruit after !inner)

c.*.3. Me o
Me o, co fro only sent to collea"ues and co()or$ers, is deri!ed fro the )ord e orandu

the Middle :n"lish )ord ; e orandus;

eanin" ;to &e re e &ered;. They differ fro

letters as they are

ore infor al and do not re#uire a salutation or a closure state ent as in

for al letter. (http'++))).sa ples(help.or".u$+sa ple( e o.ht ). This type of text is used to con!ey so e &asic infor ation, particularly to persuade action, to issue a directi!e, or to pro!ide a report. <e) an (*==>) su""ests the follo)in" "eneral "uidelines to )rite a a. The purpose of the e o.

e o is clearly stated in the su&6ect line and in the first para"raph.

&. The lan"ua"e should &e professional, si ple and polite. c. Sentences are )ritten shortly. d. ?sin" &ullets if a lot of infor ation is con!eyed. e. Proofreadin" &efore sendin". f. The e o is addressed to the person(s) )ho )ill ta$e action on the su&6ect, and @@ those

)ho need to $no) a&out the action. ". Additional infor ation is attached rather than placed in the &ody of the e o.


Me os are co

only )ritten in follo)in" for at'

TA' the na e of the recei!er @@' people that the sender is copyin" the e o to FBAM' the na e of the sender CAT:' the date )hen the sender )rites the e o S?7D:@T' the su&6ect headin"

T4: M:SSA5: (infor ation "i!en to the recei!er)

SI5<AT?B: (optional)

For exa ple' MEMO

To' 4ealth E Safety @o ittee Fro ' Doe @han, @hairperson, 4ES @tte Cate' 3= Cec ;1* Su&6ect' Boo chan"e for next eetin" The eetin" on Saturday, * Fe&ruary has &een chan"ed to Boo 1=1.


In!itation .etters


An in!itation is a type of letter )hich is )ritten to in!ite a "uest to a particular e!ent or cele&ration. The present and the future tenses are used )ithin the in!itation letter. The for er con!eys infor ation a&out the e!ent and the latter ensures that the "uest is "oin" to attend. In!itation is cate"ori%ed differently. So e cate"ori%e it into a for al and infor al in!itation )hile others cate"ori%e it into a &usiness and friendly in!itation. The purposes of )ritin" the in!itation deter ine the types of the letters. For exa ple, an in!itation letter in!itin" peers or clients to an e!ent hosted &y the co pany or in!itin" persons for an i portant for al tone. In!itation letters sent to friends and fa ily etc. a. Friendl" #nvitation $etter A friendly in!itation letter usually follo)s the follo)in" for at <a e of in!itee Messa"e containin" the na e of the e!ent, the purpose, the date, !enue, and ti e Phrasin" the in!itation @losin" <a e of the sender PS (Post Script) or additional infor ation, e."., special instruction (if any) BSGP' )here to reply The follo)in" is the exa ple' eetin" is a for al letter. Those letters are cate"ori%ed as &usiness in!itation letters and are )ritten in a e &ers can &e less for al. This type of arria"e, &a&y sho)er cere onies, letter is sent for a social function such as such as &irthday,

To @arla and fa ily My &irthday falls on **nd April and I a countin" the days of happiness. I a

)aitin" for

friends and fa ily to "ather at

y ho e on **nd April and sho)er )ishes on

e. An this special

occasion, I cordially in!ite you and your fa ily to &e present )ith &elo). 2ours lo!in"ly, 7enne Cic$son

e. 2our presence )ill &e

ost ea"erly a)aited. .oo$in" for)ard to see you on that day. The details of !enue are "i!en

(In!itation .etter Sa ple. http'++))).&u%%le.co +articles+in!itation(letter(sa ple.ht l) b. %usiness #nvitation $etter A for al in!itation letter follo)s the follo)in" for at. Senders address ()ithout na e) Phone nu &er and e( ail Aur ref+2our ref Cate Becipient-s na e Becipient-s address Apenin" salutation Main infor ation @o pli entary close (usually I+3e loo$ for)ard to hearin" fro Si"nature (&y hand) Sender-s na e (typed out) Senders position in the co pany 4ere is the exa ple ta$en fro undan"an(&ahasa(in""ris.ht l. http'++))).en"lishindo.co +*=11+1*+$u pulan(contoh( you)


November 29, 2008 Mr. & Mrs. Resty Navarro Gabon, Abu ay, !ataan "ear Mr. & Mrs. Navarro# $e are %&ease' to (n)orm you t*at !A+AAN ,-R.-/ M-M.R0A1 2.11-G- (s e&ebrat(n3 *er 30t* 45ear&6 7oun'at(on Ann(versary on "e ember 7811, 2008. 7or t*e stea')ast on)('en e an' un9aver(n3 &oya&ty you an' your )am(&y *ave re%ose' to !A+AAN ,-R.-/ M-M.R0A1 2.11-G- by entrust(n3 to *er t*e e'u at(on o) at &east t*ree 436 o) your *(&'ren an' 9*o are no9 su ess)u& %ra t(t(oners (n t*e(r res%e t(ve )(e&'s, t*e o&&e3e a'm(n(strat(on 'eems (t %ro%er an' )(tt(n3 to a9ar' you 9(t* a 5&a:ue o) Re o3n(t(on. 0n t*(s re3ar', may 9e or'(a&&y (nv(te you to3et*er 9(t* your %ro)ess(ona& a&umn( *(&'ren to re e(ve your a9ar' (n a %ro3ram )or t*e a&umn( an' %arents on "e ember 7, 2008 at 3#00 %m at ;oyous Resort an' Restaurant< 45&ease %resent t*(s &etter to t*e Re3(strat(on .))( (a&s 9*en you ome to ;oyous Resort an' Restaurant on "e ember 7, 2008 at 3#00 %m6. $e *o%e to 'eserve your atten'an e. !,M2 s*a&& be 'ee%&y *onore' 9(t* your %resen e (n t*(s on e8(n8a8&()et(me a))a(r. =ery tru&y yours, WILFREDO C. AGUILA 2o&&e3e A'm(n(strator


A for al in!itation letter can &e )ritten in a si pler for at as follo)s' Mr. Dohn 7artle&y Cirector 5eneral of AE7 @o puters Inc. and Mr. DHn Po$ornI 5eneral Mana"er of AE7 @o puters Slo!a$ia re#uest the presence of

Mr. and Mrs. 8o!Hc

at the reception on the occasion of the openin" of ne) AE7 @o puters pre ises in 7ratisla!a at J p. . on Thursday > Duly *==1 at 4oliday 4otel. B.S.G.P AE7 @o puters Slo!a$ia, <o!H *K, L1F KK 7ratisla!a
4/our e# ,tt%#>>999.e&).stuba.s?>@ate'ry>@;AA>-452>$$$>Resour es>&etter.%').6

&'() or &.'.(.). is adopted from French )ord rspondez s-il vous plait )hich ans)er. The recei!er of the in!itation not.

eans please

ust tell the host )hether they plan to attend the e!ent or

c.*.K. .a&el
.a&el or co only called Mproduct la&elM is a ter )hich refers to printed infor ation affixed unicate product(specific on a particular article or a container of product. .a&els function to co contain na e of the food, net #uantity in instructions, na e and address of

infor ation to the consu ers and encoura"e a purchase. A food la&el, for exa ple, should etric units, date of expire, list of in"redients, stora"e anufacturer or pac$a"er, )hen the product )as

anufactured, and instruction for use. Follo)in" is the exa ple of food product la&el. Please,


o&ser!e the use of short &ut clear infor ation con!eyed &y the Monitors, http'++))).lifeclinic.co +focus+nutrition+food(la&el.asp)

anufacturer. (Sentry 4ealth

The infor ation that purchasers or consu ers can find is as follo)s. a. The ser!in" is per cup )hich contains t)o ser!in"s. &. The second part of the la&el pro!ides the calories per ser!in" and the calories are fro c. The other infor ation is the na es and #uantities of nutrient per ser!in". @onsu ers need to $no) this infor ation, especially for those )ho ha!e hi"h &lood pressure, dia&etes or are ha!in" a diet for certain nutrients. d. The la&el also lists !ita ins and inerals in the product. fat ay eans that one cup e#uals one ser!in", and the pac$a"e


e. The asteris$ si"n (N) at the &otto listed and ho)

of the la&el infor s the consu ers the $ey nutrients

uch they should ta$e dependin" on their calorie inta$e.



Postcard or postal card can be defined as a s all, usually ha!in" a picture on one side and space for a short essa"e on the other for sendin" a essa"e &y post )ithout an en!elope. It ser!es so e purposes, na ely to con"ratulate, $eep in touch, infor , express feelin", etc. People send postcards )hen they are on !acation, arri!in" at a ne) place, recei!in" a ne) post, etc. Since the space to )rite on the post card is li ited, people tend to )rite the infor ation as si ple as possi&le. Follo)in" is ten expressions often used in post card (International 4ouse 7ristol http'++))).ih&ristol.co +useful(en"lish( expressions+exa ple+phrases(for(postcards+J) 1) 3e;re ha!in" a lo!ely + "reat ti e. *) 3e;re thin$in" of you. 3) The )eather;s &een lo!ely + "or"eous. F) It;s our third day in (Ma6orca). K) 3e;re flyin" &ac$ on the (Kth). J) 3e;!e only "ot three days to "o. O) I;!e cau"ht the sun a &it. L) Con;t thin$ uch of the food.

>) Say hello to (the $ids). 1=) 3ish you )ere here


Osterland, August 20, 2012

Dear Ary, We are now safe home after the very, very long flight from Indonesia. My heart is filled with warmth from our meeting. Than you for everything you showed and gave to us during our stay in !olo. "verything was well arranged and I learn a lot a#out your s$hools and a$tivities. Than you very mu$h% &est regards, &odil and 'arin


or instruct people to do or not to do anythin". For exa ple, ust not s o$e in that place. <otice is co on in all etc. People usually use notice to eans people

<otice is a sy &ol or text to infor the notice /<o S o$in"0

pu&lic places such as hospital, airport loun"e, shoppin" notice. <otice Command ay ta$e for s of co

"i!e infor ation, instruction or )arnin". This is the reason )hy people use a si ple )ord in the and, )arnin", infor ation, and prohi&ition

The notices co and people to' a. turn off the li"hts )hene!er lea!in" the roo . &. close the door )hen enterin" or lea!in" the roo . c. super!ise children )hen they are lea!ed in a otor cycle.


*arning This type of text ainly functions to )arn people to &e careful in doin" so ethin". I"norin" the notice can cause in6ury or accidence. .

The three notices )arn people to a. dri!e slo)ly &ecause children are playin" in the area. &. )al$ carefully &ecause the floor is )et. c. dri!e slo)ly #nformation So e notices con!ey so e infor ation )hich exa ples.
a. &. c.

ay &e useful for people. Follo)in" are the

For 'taff +nl"

eans that only the staffs of the office are allo)ed to enter the roo .

&est ,rea i plies that people are allo)ed to ta$e a rest in the area. %i-e &oute infor s people the route for &i$ers.

)rohibition Prohi&ition notifies people not to do so ethin".


:xa ple' The notices a&o!e con!ey the follo)in" infor ation. a. The first notice pass in the area. c. People are not allo)ed to ta$e picture in that area. eans don-t s o$e, )hich eans people ust not s o$e in the place. otorcycles are not allo)ed to &. The second notice i plies that people ridin" &icycles and




a. Short functional text is a type of text of )hich pri ary function is to con!ey particular infor ation to readers+hearers. &. This type of text is characteri%ed &y the use of si ple, concise sentences, particular )ords, expressions, and sy &ols to re e &ered &y the readers+hearers. c. This chapter only co!ers so e types of short functional texts, such as announce ent, ad!ertise ent (includin" &rochure and poster), e o, in!itation, post card, and notice. a$e the infor ation easily understood or


4o) to Teach Short Functional Text

There are strate"ies to teach short functional texts. 3hat follo)s are so e of the 1. Teaching how to write an invitation letter In "eneral, the ethod applied in this teachin" is In#uiry(7ased .earnin" )here the

procedures can &e di!ided into three sections' exploration, ela&oration, and confir ation. a. .!ploration


1. As$ students to discuss a )eddin" party in!itation to find out the infor ation a&out the date, and the place, na es of the "roo infor ation. *. Cistri&ute copies of an in!itation letter to the students and as$ the phrases or sentences used in the text. 3. Teach the !oca&ulary ite s )hich )ill &e used in the lesson. to identify the and &ride, and other additional

b. .laboration 1. As$ the students to )or$ in "roups (e.". "roup A and 7) and tell the to do in the acti!ity. *. Cistri&ute texts )ith a "ap fillin" exercise to students in "roup A and 7. The text "i!en to the students in "roup A is different fro "roup 7, and !ice !ersa. 3. As$ the students to start the acti!ity. A&ser!e the class to "i!e so e help if needed. F. As the students finish their tas$, as$ so e pairs to practice in front of the class. K. Ciscuss the results of the presentation to the class. J. As$ the students to )rite a si ple in!itation letter indi!idually. O. Students exchan"e the )or$ sheet )ith their friends. As$ the partner-s )or$. to chec$ their that "i!en to the students in "roup those in 7. The students in "roup A can fill in the "ap &y as$in" for infor ation fro )hat they ha!e

c. Confirmation 1. 5i!e feed&ac$ to the students *. As$ the students if they ha!e #uestions.

3. Su

ari%e the lesson. http'++))).letter(sa ples.co +in!itation(letter.ht l)

(.esson is adapted fro

Te!t ,
Cear Mr. Moriarity' An &ehalf of the 7oard of Cirectors, I )ould li$e to extend a for al in!itation9 )e )ould li$e you to &e PPPPPP at the upco in" *==> <::BI @onference. The the e of this conference is PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. The conference )ill &e held at the Aceanfront @onference @enter, in San Antonio, Cece &er PPPPP *=1*. For your infor ation, PPPPPPPPPP.)ill &e the openin" $eynote spea$er. The pro!isional title of her presentation is MFactors That @ontri&ute to 5lo&al 3ar in".M I )ill for)ard a co plete draft of the pro"ra to you in a fe) )ee$s so that you can $no) )hat specific su&6ects )ill &e co!ered &y the other spea$ers. 3e expect attendance this year to hi"her than it has e!er &een u==e*u==L=u==>3 approxi ately *,=== dele"ates and PP.. spea$ers. This includes a lar"e contin"ent fro our ne) :uropean chapter, )hich is &ased in 5ene!a. 3e )ould &e pleased and honored if you )ould &e our closin" spea$er at the *==> <::BI @onference. I )ill call you next )ee$ to discuss this. 2ours sincerely, Beinhart Dosephson

Text 7
Cear Mr. Moriarity' An &ehalf of the 7oard of Cirectors, I )ould li$e to extend a for al in!itation9 )e )ould li$e you to &e the closin" $eynote spea$er at the upco in"PPPPPPPPPPPPP The the e of this conference is M5lo&al 3ar in"' A Ma6or :n!iron ental Pro&le .M The conference )ill &e held at PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, Cece &er 3 ( K, *=1*. For your infor ation, Susan Mc.een )ill &e thePPPPPPPPPP. The pro!isional title of her presentation is PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP I )ill for)ard a co plete draft of the pro"ra to you in a fe) )ee$s so that you can $no) )hat specific su&6ects )ill &e co!ered &y the other spea$ers. 3e expect attendance this year to hi"her than it has e!er &een u==e*u==L=u==>3 approxi ately PPPPdele"ates


and 1K= spea$ers. This includes a lar"e contin"ent fro

our ne) :uropean chapter, )hich is &ased in 5ene!a.

3e )ould &e pleased and honored if you )ould &e our closin" spea$er at the *==> <::BI @onference. I )ill call you next )ee$ to discuss this. 2ours sincerely, Beinhart Dosephson

2. Teaching /ow to *rite a )ostcard In the follo)in" procedures, the i ple ented strate"ies are #uestion and ans)er, paper thro)in", and pair )or$. a. .!ploration 1. Sho) so e sa ples of postcard. Presentin" the texts of postcards on the .@C can &e the alternati!e. *. As$ students to identify the "eneral for at, the infor ation "i!en, and the sentences )ritten on the text. 3. Teach students ho) to )rite a post card.

b. .laboration 1. Ci!ide the class in t)o "roups (let say "roup A and 7). As$ the students in "roup A to i a"ine that they are in a particular occasion (holiday or "oin" &ac$ ho e after !isitin" a friend) and as$ the )here, ho), etc) *. After co pletin" their )ritin", they thro) the a$e their paper &eco in" paper &alls and to narrate the occasion on a piece of paper ()hat,

to the students in "roup 7.



:ach student in "roup 7 )ho catches a paper &all opens it and )ill find the infor ation )ritten on it. Then each student )rites a post card &ased on the infor ation "i!en.

F. K. J.

The students )ho thro) the &alls help those )ho are )ritin" post cards. As$ so e pairs to read the post cards. In!ite the rest of the class to as$ #uestions or "i!e co ent on the result.

c. Confirmation 1. *. 3. 5i!e feed&ac$ to the students As$ the to a$e reflection on )hat they learnt that day to a$e a post card indi!idually.

Assi"n the



A. M?.TIP.: @4AI@: Choose the correct answer. 1. A notice 8::P AFF T4: 5BASS eansP.

a. People are allo)ed to cut the "rass. &. People are allo)ed pic$ up the "rass. c. People d. People ust )al$ on the "rass. ust not )al$ on the "rass.


*. Bead the follo)in" la&el. 3hat infor ation does the la&el containQ

a. &. c. d.

The ser!in" si%es. The dosa"e and ho) people should ta$e. The su&stance in the edicine.

3hen to stop usin" it and the side effect.


3. 7ased on the la&el, )hat should people do if they are &reastfeedin" or pre"nantQ a. They should not ta$e the edicine

&. They should consult the doctor. c. They can contact poison control centre d. They should &e careful. F. Bead the follo)in" notice carefully C,0T#+1222 (olcanic fumes are ha3ardous to "our health and can be life4threatening. (isitors with breathing and heart problems pregnant women and "oung children should avoid this area.

3hat is the )arnin" a&outQ a. The !olcanoes and their effects. &. The dan"er of !olcanic fu es. c. The )o en and their children-s health. d. The pre"nant !isitors of the K. For P.. only. <oPPPPPPP.. 8eep the roo PPP. ountain.

The correct )ords for to fill in the "ap are PP a. .i it, litterin", lady

&. 5ents, litterin", tidy c. .ady, clean, li it. d. 5o ahead, clean, tidy

%. .'',5 T.'T *. A&ser!e the follo)in" ad!ertise ent. Identify the lan"ua"e features. 3hat do they i plyQ

3. Arran"e the follo)in"

e o in the correct order.

I attach the doctor-s note Messa"e' Than$ you Please confir that the cost of the edicine is co!ered &y the co pany health sche e.

I )as sic$ yesterday and therefore I couldn-t co e to )or$. To' Dulia 3on", 4u an Besources Cate' 3= Cece &er *=1* Su&6ect' Sic$ lea!e certificate In order to recei!e sic$ pay, I need to send Fro ' 8. 8. 3on", Sales ('ource6 http677www8.elc.pol"u.edu.h-7cill7eiw7memos.htm9 F. 3rite an in!itation letter a&out an e ployee )ho is in!itin" his superior to co e and ta$e part in the cere ony for inau"uration of his ne) apart ent. The letter tells the in!itee that tra!elin" &ac$ and forth cannot &e a reason for not co in" as he has arran"ed pic$(ups for all the "uests. (http'++))).letters.or"+in!itation(letter+official(in!itation(letter.ht l y doctor-s note.

K. Match the expressions in &old(face (left) )ith their use (ri"ht)' .an"ua"e 1. You are invited to attend a receptionP *. A reception to mark the arri!al of our ne) ar$etin" ana"er. 3. The reception will take place in the teachersroo at 1p on Friday. F. Crin$s will be served. K. If you are able to attend, please respond to this e ail. J. I look forward to seeing you on Friday. O. Kind regards Meanin" and use a. 4o) to respond to the in!itation. &. :xpresses hope that the person you are in!itin" )ill co e. c. 5i!es further infor ation a&out the e!ent (note use of passi!e). d. In!itation. e. 5i!es details of the !enue and ti e (note prepositions). f. <eutral+friendly si"n off often used in &usiness letters. ". :xplains the purpose of the e!ent.


J. A&ser!e the text &elo). 3hat type of text is itQ 3hat does the text infor

the readersQ

We welcome with love

:aren and Tom

8aren Alfredson May 11, *=1* 1='*= a. . *1 inches To y Alfredson May 11, *=1* 1='*1 a. . *1 inches

Proud Parents 8ate and Bo&ert

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.'',5 ;. The language features found in the te!t. a. Ad6ecti!es' si ple, uni#ue, friendly (&oo$in" the hotel is si ple, it is uni#ue+different fro the others, and the people ser!in" are friendly)

&. I perati!e' en6oy year end pac$a"e (please en6oy the pac$a"e offered )hich is ) 8. Memo To' Dulia 3on", 4u an Besources Fro ' 8. 8. 3on", Sales Cate' 3= Cece &er *=1* Su&6ect' Sic$ lea!e certificate

Messa"e I )as sic$ yesterday and therefore I couldn-t co e to )or$. In order to recei!e sic$ pay, I need to send y doctor-s note. I attach the doctor-s note. Please confir that the cost of the

edicine is co!ered &y the co pany health sche e.

Than$ you >. #nvitation letter Mr. 8ausi$ 5os)a i Senior Mar$etin" Mana"er

Si plex Technolo"ies .td 8ol$ata Ci!ision 8ol$ata

1=th Acto&er *=1=

Su&6ect' In!itation for a house )ar in" party, on *= Acto&er *=1=

Cear Sir,

This is to in!ite you to y house )ar in" party at y ne) apart ent on 3ednesday, *=th of Acto&er *=1=. In the ornin" at around L AM, a ho e(&lessin" ritual )ill start )hich is expected to &e o!er &y noon.

Thereafter arran"e ents for lunch ha!e &een ade in the pre ises of the apart ent itself. It )ill &e an honor if you could a$e out so e ti e fro your &usy schedule to "race the occasion.

3e ea"erly loo$ for)ard to your presence on the occasion. 3e ha!e ade arran"e ent for pic$(up and drop(off ser!ice for you and rest of the "uests and hope there )ill &e no trou&le in findin" the address. 3e sincerely hope you )ill find ti e to "race the occasion.

Than$s and re"ards,

Ramanand. S


Ba anand Sa"ar

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?. This is an exa ple of an announce ent. It announces the &irth of 8ate and Bo&ert-s t)in


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