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Gang Beasts pre-alpha 0.0.

2 [INFORMATION / WARNINGS] - please do not map inputs in the default Unity launch settings window (please use the in-game input configuration window, which can be invoked with Tab key). - punching and grabbing will intermittently fail if PUNCH or GRAB are mapped to analogue triggers (we suggest mapping the left and right bumpers for punching and grabbing). - custom input bindings should save automatically - currently their is no support for plug and play (please connect controllers before running Gang Beasts if input is not detected) - currently the menu screen does no support controller or keyboard input (please use a mouse) [NOT IMPLEMENTED] - a fix for the falling state (for situations where Gang Beasts shouldnt be rigid but are, for example hanging from ropes or falling from elevated platforms to make it easier to swing on ropes and to make falling more consistent) - make menu work with keyboard and controller input - no kicking move (for kicking prostrate / supine enemies) - no elbowing move (for elbowing players immediately behind) - no climbing implementation (for getting back onto the gondola / truck / world) - no stamina system (for suspending grapples and limiting the success of punch spamming) - no health bar shown above characters head when taking damage - characters receive insufficient damage when colliding with objects / surfaces - falling state is not triggered when characters are lifted or run off elevated platforms - characters will die if associated controller is not connected - occasionally a character will get knocked out permanently - characters looking at specific targets have their capacity to turn quickly reduced - no mobs / AI for single player mode - no team mode - no tournament mode - no draw state [CHANGE LOG] [0.0.2] fixed a knockout bug that could make characters stay permanently unconscious fixed an issue that made some characters more prone to knockouts fixed clipping issues in the Sandbox stage modified Truck stability to make Truck suspension less erratic optimised the lighting on the Grind stage to improve performance added "Incinerator" stage added "Wheel" stage added "Street" co-op test stage added AI enemies to "Sandbox" and "Street" stage

- added ince ! grimace character animation "e#g# Gang $easts% eyes close briefly hen hurt& - added health bars "green!red bar to sho current health immediately after in'ury& - additional sounds [0.0.1] - added keyboard support - added support for generic USB controllers - added support for custom input bindings (can be invoked with the Tabkey in-game) - added character hurt and death sounds - added wincing and blinking - significantly reduced build size