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Committee: Bill No: Principal Author: Delegation:

Title o Bill: An Act to Re!uce Go"ernment Su#$i!% Spen!ing BE IT ENACTED BY THE PRINCETON MODEL CONGRESS & ' ( ) * + , . &/ && &' &( &) &* &+ &, &&. '/ '& '' '( ') '* '+ ', ''. (/ (& (' (( () Preamble: Whereas $114 !"4 "#$ %4& b'll'() has bee) a**r(*r'a+e, +( +he -.S. De*ar+me)+ (/ A0r'12l+2re 3-SDA4 (5er +he *as+ se5e) 6ears /(r s2bs','es a), s')1e 1!7 (/ +he +(+al -SDA s2bs',6 *a6me)+ re1'*'e)+s 8ere *a', #$7 (/ +he +(+al -SDA s2bs','es ') "!!" a), s')1e s2bs','9e, /arm (*era+'()s ,r(5e small /armers (// +he'r la), +( 1a2se a 1$7 ,e1l')e ') +he )2mber (/ /armers /r(m 1:;% +( 1::% a), s')1e +he 1::4 -r202a6 R(2), A0reeme)+ () A0r'12l+2re es+abl'she, *arame+ers /(r /reer 8(rl,8',e +ra,e SECTION 1: Th's a1+ ma6 be 1'+e, as <=ree,(m +( =arm b'll.> SECTION ": I),'5',2al /armers /arm')0 1(r*(ra+'()s (r 1(r*(ra+e e)+'+'es shall )(+ re1e'5e s2bs','es '/ +ha+ *ers() (r e)+'+6 ma?es less +ha) ;!7 (/ +he'r ')1(me /r(m a0r'12l+2ral (*era+'()s SECTION &: There shall be a l'm'+ (/ +(+al s2bs','es *er *ers() *er 6ear (/ $1$! !!!. SECTION 4: A /arm')0 1(mm'ss'() shall be 1rea+e, b6 +he -SDA +( assess@@ S2b@SECTION A: The 1()1e)+ra+'() (/ +he s2bs',6 *a6me)+s. S2b@SECTION B: H(8 s2bs','es ')/l2e)1e *r(,21+'5'+6. S2b@SECTION C: The ')/l2e)1e (/ s2bs','es ()@@ 3A4 R2ral P(5er+6 3B4 A0r'12l+2ral Gr(8+h 3C4 =(re'0) +ra,e SECTION $: There shall be a) eA*a)s'() (/ +he B2(+a b26@(2+ *r(0ram se+ b6 +he "!!" =arm B'll. S2b@SECTION A: The '),2s+r'es s2bCe1+ +( +he B2(+a b26@(2+ *r(0ram are +he 1(r) 8hea+ r'1e a), s20ar '),2s+r'es. S2b@SECTION B: The -SDA 8'll 1rea+e a), 'm*leme)+ a b26@(2+ *r(0ram +ha+ 8'll 1(m*le+el6 ab(l'sh B2(+as ') +hese '),2s+r'es (5er +he $ 6ears /(ll(8')0 +he *assa0e (/ +h's b'll. SECTION #: Th's b'll shall 0( ')+( e//e1+ :1 ,a6s a/+er *assa0e.

Title your bill, beginning with the words "A Bill to ...": for instance, "A Bill

to Ban Texting While Driving" or "A Bill to Mandate Eighth-Graders Receive HPV Vaccinations." Center your title in the middle of the page.
2 Number each line of your bill. Count each line of the bill, not each

sentence. Add a few spaces or a tab between the number and the text.
3 Begin Line 1 with the phrase, "Be it enacted by the student congress

here assembled that . . . " and finish that sentence with a few words summarizing your proposed law. Do not type any part of this sentence in all capital letters or in bold print.
4 Follow this sentence with a succinct explanation of what your bill would

5 Include any of the four sections listed below to improve understanding

or debate of the bill. A concluding statement is not necessary or desirable.

Writing the Four Sections

1 Type "Section 1:" on the next new line. After the colon, begin stipulating

exactly what your law will do and require. Section 1 may include a subsection explaining vocabulary or special terms and a subsection listing additional requirements for your law. Each subsection should be labeled "Subsection 1a," "Subsection 1b" and so forth.
2 Type "Section 2:" on a new line. After the colon, carefully explain who

will enforce your law and how. Additional subsections can explain whether multiple agencies will enforce different aspects of the law. For example, a law requiring a vaccine may require one agency to purchase the vaccine and another organization to administer it.
3 Type "Section 3:" on a new line. After the colon, describe the funding for

your law. Every bill needs start-up funds. Criminal laws and other prohibitive bills might have consequences such as jail or fines, which you can include as an additional funding source for the bill. Include multiple subsections for penalties.

4 Type "Section 4: This bill will be enacted on . . . " and whatever future

date you deem appropriate on the next new line. Laws are often enacted on Jan. 1; at the start of a fiscal year on July 1; and occasionally at the start of the school year on Aug. 1 or Sept. 1.