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Group Name: Give Blood Save Life


To provide a platform to individuals who wish to make a positive difference in others life by donating blood & thus saving life. Facilitating fresh and safe blood donation to the most needy and poor patients.

Responsibilities: Promote and support national activities to celebrate and promote voluntary nonremunerated blood donation by: Encouraging existing low-risk voluntary donors to give blood regularly Encouraging new people to donate their blood on a voluntary unpaid basis Promoting low-risk behavior so that individuals protect their own health as well as being safe to donate blood. Build wider public awareness of the need for regular blood donation throughout the year in order to maintain an adequate supply of blood for all patients requiring transfusion. To promote voluntary blood donation & recipient safety. To promote quality blood banking. To remove superstitions and myths related to blood donation To encourage high ethical standards. Creating public Awareness about blood donation Organizing blood donation for the most needy and poor patients Special focus on rare blood groups

Blood Donation Basics: Donating blood is safe and simple procedure. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the blood donation process. Any healthy adult between 18 to 60 years of age can donate blood. A person can donate blood in blood donation camp or at a Blood Bank. If he/she donates blood voluntarily without expecting anything in cash or kind in return then he/she is termed as Voluntary Donor and if the donation is to replace the blood unit given to known patient/relative then the donor is a Replacement Donor. The blood collected from the regular voluntary donor is the safest for recipient. A person can donate whole blood or a component of blood. Blood components are separated by a process called apheresis. In apheresis, blood is withdrawn from a donor in anticoagulant solution

and separated into components, one (or more) component is retained and the remaining constituents are re-transfused simultaneously into the said donor. Blood donor selection is based on medical history and limited medical examination done just prior to blood donation. Donor history questionnaire is designed keeping in mind the protection of donor and recipient. The aim is to make sure that it should not harm the donor and the recipient.

Questions for Protection of Donor:

Are you feeling well and healthy today? Did you sleep well last night? When have you taken your last meal/snacks? Have you donated blood before? If yes, did you feel any inconvenience during or after donation? When was your last blood donation? In the past 12 months, have you been under a doctors care or had a major illness, surgery or received blood transfusion? Have you ever suffered from any of the following o o o o o o o Heart diseases / hypertension Diabetes Asthma Kidney disease Fainting attack / epilepsy Cancer Bleeding disorders like hemophilia

For Female Donors: Are you pregnant or are you giving breast-feeding? Did you have any abortion or miscarriage in the last six months?

To protect the recipients: In the past six months did you have malaria, dental extraction, and acupuncture, ear/nose piercing, tattoo? In the past one year did you have jaundice, typhoid or taken anti rabies vaccine? In the past six month did you have any of the following o Unexplained loss of weight (4.5 kg in a month) o Profuse night sweats (Recurring sweating at night which wets the bed) o Fever of more than 990F lasting several days or week and / or recurring frequently

o Blue / Purple spots on or under the skin or in mouth o Long lasting white spots in the mouth o Swollen lymph nodes (Lump in the neck or arm-pit or groin) lasting more than a month o Persistent diarrhea (more than a month), in spite of adequate treatment (Persisting more than a month)

Have you ever tested positive for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C or HIV? During the past three days have you taken aspirin or anything that had aspirin in it?

Donor Eligibility Criteria: The below mentioned criteria are to be followed for donor selection: Age: Between 18-60years Body Weight: Between 45kg and 115 kg. For collection of 450ml of blood, the minimum weight of donor should be 55 kg Hb level: minimum 12.5 g/dl Pulse: between 50-100/min Temperature: should not exceed 99.5 F. Blood Pressure: i. Diastolic pressure: should not exceed 100mm/Hg ii. Systolic pressure: to be decided by B.T.O keeping in minds the psychological factors of the donor and presence of other associated cardio-vascular disease, medication etc. But it should not exceed 180mm/Hg.

Terms & Conditions: This group (Give Blood Save Life) does not claim that potential donors are free from any disease or bodily conditions that prevent them from donating blood at the time when they are contacted for blood donation. This group does not guarantee that a potential donor will agree to donate blood whenever called upon to do so. It is entirely at the discretion of the individual whether or not to donate blood. By joining on this group, you have authorized the website to display your telephone number, e-mail ID and mailing address so that the needy could contact you, as and when there is an emergency. This group is not a blood bank and is not affiliated to any blood bank. This group cannot be held responsible for any disputes, losses or harm caused to the blood recipient or blood donor or any third party interested in them that arises due to any interaction* between them. * Interaction implies communication by any medium, actual blood donation or transfusion thereof.

We urge you not to make false registrations/not to register if you do not seriously wish to donate blood. It is a matter of life and death for those in need of blood in an emergency or otherwise By registering as a user of this group, you agree to the general terms and conditions. We may amend these terms of use from time to time, and the revised version will be effective when displayed here.