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The SBS Executive MBA

Unforgettable experience



SBS is among the rst Business Schools in Europe to adapt its Executive MBA program towards the new demands of leading organizations and companies within the knowledge economy. We need people who can lead interdisciplinary and multi-cultural groups. Individuals who can combine knowledge across disciplines and who understand the role of the organization in the society. In order to meet these demands, we have reworked our Executive MBA program, with major in international management to give participants a set of tools to identify and creatively solve problems, add value and contribute in ways that are not routine. We welcome you to the Modular Executive MBA!

Why select the SBS Executive MBA ?

You want: A world-class EMBA while you continue to work A program that combines academic theory with real world application, you can use at work. To improve your leadership and strategy skills To improve your career prospects and international network The 16-month program is designed to be compatible with the work pressures and the demanding travel schedules of our participants. The Executive MBA unites experienced executives and faculty from around the world, to build a global view of business, develop a strategic mindset and gain an understanding of the newest management tools required in todays fast moving emerging markets. The goal of SBS is: to help you reach your goals by professional learning, life drawn from experienced classmates, international case studies and expert faculty from around the globe.

After a bachelor of sciences in Business administration and Engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in United States, I have been working as commodity manager for a major global Tier 1 automotive supplier in Germany. My aspiration towards global leadership opportunities has led me to join the executive MBA at SBS Swiss Business School in Switzerland. I have found the program being dynamic, shaping and empowering in term of improving skills that are enablers to face and to rise to the global markets challenges. I am convinced that those ve semesters at SBS of intensive learning from classmates, instructors and professors will become an essential asset for my future professional and entrepreneurial ventures. Thierry Kebila, Ngouessi Executive-MBA My studies at the SBS Swiss Business School were outstanding. The school offers limitless education possibilities; their executive MBA program helped me to adjust my business point of view and to have a more structured and strategically thinking process. I believe the program conrmed the best of what I have learned from experience, knowledge and business skills, and gave me opportunities to discover and develop my full potential. The curriculum of the EMBA program is very dynamic and diverse, adapting to the changes of todays changing business environment. The different courses were carried out by excellent professors with high academic and practical knowledge and contact with both teaching staff and administration was always a positive experience. The executive MBA program has denitely added value to my marketability and has been a great experience Vivien Grajz, Executive MBA

An emphasis on teamwork and study groups are an essential part of the Executive MBA experience to prepare our students for future career prospects. A mix of techniques, focused strongly on the case study methodology, allows students to work in interdisciplinary groups and, in turn, discuss, debate and solve real-life business problems. A mix of additional methods is used to draw on the participants own professional experience, creating an interactive learning environment and promoting an exchange of ideas between students and faculty. What makes our program special is the action learning concept and its dual focus on personal and organizational development. The SBS Executive MBA consists of 8 modules which are offered with an interval of 2 months.

Sample Schedule of a Module

Saturday 10H-13H 14H-20H Sunday 9H-13H 14H-18H Monday 9H-13H 14H-18H Tuesday Free morning Leadership Speakers Series Wednesday 9H-13H 14h-18H Thursday 9H-13H 14H-18H Friday 9H-13H 14H-18H

8 Modules:
Module 1: Financial Accounting-Marketing Management Module 2: Managerial Economics- Organizational Behavior and Leadership Module 3: Communication and Negotiation Skills- Financial Management Module 4: Managerial Accounting- Human Resources Management Module 5: Operations and Project Management International Marketing and Research Module 6: Business Policy and Strategy International Finance and Banking Module 7: Management Information Systems - Research Methods Module 8: Business Values and Ethics International Law and Business Each participant must write a thesis. Personal development and career coaching are one of the essential elements of the program. Special tools like the 360 degree Leadership review, personal coaching sessions MRFI and other tools are used on an individual basis.

Partial Faculty List
Prof. R. Beswick Marketing Management Dr. J. Nilsen Managerial Economics Dr. C-G. Malmstroem Financial Management G. Holmann Managerial Accounting Dr. H. Furrer Communication Skills Col. C. Olsen Leadership Dr. P. Wild Business Policy and Strategy Dr. F. Fluck HRM

Students and Alumni

Executive MBA participants are on average 37 years old, have 12 years of work experience and speak several languages. We have a large community of EMBA Alumni who interact on a regular basis. Sponsors: A list of companies can be found on our website

Admission requirements
A bachelors degree from a recognized university or a degree equivalent professional qualication Professional achievement: career progression, with at least 5-10 years of management experience Fluency in English at a TOEFL level of minimum 90 or the SBS Admissions Test A GMAT score of minimum 550, or SBS admission exam Successful completion of a personal interview with our Admissions Ofcer, either in person or by phone

Application documents
Completed and duly signed application form Complete Curriculum Vitae indicating professional experiences Certied copy of bachelors degree Ofcial academic transcripts Two recommendation letters Two passport-sized photographs Non-refundable application fee of 150 CHF. You will nd all forms online at www.sbs.edu/programs/graduate/emba

All fees are in Swiss francs: Application fee: 150.-Payment upon acceptance: 3500.-Per module: 4000.-- ( 8 modules) Total tuition fee: 35 500.--


Our Executive MBA program is fully accredited by ACBSP and IACBE. For more details: www.sbs.edu/discover/information/accreditation
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For information about rankings, visit www.sbs.edu/discover/information/rankings

For more information, contact our Admissions Ofce: SBS Swiss Business School Balz Zimmermann str 34 8302 Zurich-Kloten Switzerland Tel: 0041 44 880 00 88 Fax: 0041 44 274 27 65 info@sbs.edu www.sbs.edu

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