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Prototype Application Project Title: Poochie-Peds (K-9 And Domestic Animal Foot/Wound Care) Part I.

Individual/Group Personal Information Project Lead: Dr. Joseph A. Resnick Personal Information Dr. Joseph A. Resnick See: http://drjosephresnickcurriculumvitae.weebly.com/

Part II. Project Information Poochie-Peds (Kit) is a product currently under development (and prototype testing) invented by a former NASA Scholar and Scientist, Dr. Joseph A. Resnick. The fundamental component in the new product uses microscopic-sized balls, or microencapsules, first created by NASA astronauts in experiments carried out aboard STS 41 and STS-43, as the primary adjuvant delivery system. Poochie-Peds are made using microscopic-sized balls (from .25um to 300um) with a special microencapsulation instrument invented by Dr. Resnick and are made with 100% natural Beeswax. The microspheres are filled with EPA/FDA approved antiseptics, such as Tincture of Iodine, NeoSporin, or antifungal crmes, e.g., Triple Care, or common Tea Oil, and a rapid coagulant, e.g., potassium ferrate, is placed in the secondary (outermost) matrix of the microshell. A second component in Poochie-Peds, a biopolymer, provides both a temporary covering to the pad areas of the K-9 toes and last for weeks. This assures instantaneous cessation of bleeding (via potassium ferrate), enables delivery of soothing and antibacterial adjuvants and assures sanitary healing of cuts on the K-9's paw. Dr. Resnick was careful to use only FDA-approved substances in the product assuring that animals being treated with the product are not subjected to side effects of chemicals used, so that the animal-patient does not feel any stinging sensations. This is assured through use of Beeswax, itself one of Natures best antimicrobial substances, in combination with antiseptic/antifungal compounds that help to soothe areas of injury (due to cuts from ice, snow, sharps, etc.). Part III. Project Details Project Narrative Poochi-Peds are being advanced in response to the need to develop a treatment means and method for domestic animals, such as dogs, cats, horses and other service animals. Dr. Resnick became aware that the US Army's K-9 Training School at Lackland AFB, TX (see: http://www.usmilitary.com/2785/air-force-k9-dog-handler-careers/) had

published a story about how Military Working Dogs were prone to suffer injuries to toes and paws due to deployment in rubbled urban area and rough terrain typically found in deserts, outback and war zones. Thus, being a dog-owner and supporter of several animal shelters, Dr. Resnick decided to attempt to develop a solution for the problem. Thus he began to develop a product that could be used by all animal lovers, worldwide. The result was the development of Poochi-Peds. Market Potential According to its Annual Report the American Pet Products Association (http://www.americanpetproducts.org/press_industrytrends.asp) states that sales for Supplies/OTC Medicine in the United States was 13.21 Billion Dollars. And, according to the 2013-2014 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 68% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 82.5 million homes. Thus, a realistic market for US-based potential using APPAs data sets is 82.5 million potential sales/customers. Our market estimate does not include potential international sales as available global statics are noncomprehensive in term of establishing an exact number of dog/pet owners worldwide. (see http://tinyurl.com/n82wyf3). Illustrations Poochie-Peds comes in a powder-form and is made up of a combination of pharmaceutical -grade coagulants and microspheres that are 60um in size and are made with 100% natural Beeswax containing adjuvants. The microspheres are loaded/filled with FDA approved antiseptics, such as Tincture of Iodine, NeoSporin, or antifungal cremes, e.g., Triple Care, or common Tea Oil. Rapid coagulant components in the Poochie-Peds product comprise a hydrophillic biopolymer (that binds to fluids, e.g., blood/lymph) and potassium ferrate. An additional (optional) component, a biopolymer (e.g., 2-octyl cyanoacrylate ) can be used in cases of profuse bleeding and provides both a temporary covering and analgesic effect to the injury (paw/toes) and lasts for up-to 2 weeks. These features insure both sanitary healing of cuts on the K-9's paw and the microcapsules containing antiseptic/antifungal compounds helps to soothe areas of injury (due to cuts from ice, snow, sharps, etc.). How Poochie-Peds Works Poochie-Peds comprises a powdery-matrix made with a hydrophilic polymer, potassium ferrate, and microspheres (60um) filled with an adjuvant. When the powder is poured onto a bleeding wound, the hydrophilic polymer instantly bonds to the blood by absorbing only the plasma or liquid portion of the blood stacking the blood solids beneath the powder. Simultaneously, the potassium ferrate, and some of the microspheres, dissolves, releasing iron that agglomerates (binds together) the blood solids and delivers a soothing adjuvant to the injury site. This creates an occlusive seal. As manual pressure is applied to the powder-matrix, the seal is pushed into contact with the wound, the microspheres are fractured releasing the adjuvant and creates a secondary occlusive seal

or layer of protection. The natural glue-like nature of drying blood, along with release of the adjuvant from the microspheres bonds the seal to the wound and surrounding tissues. The occlusive seal that forms in just a few seconds stops further bleeding or oozing while the adjuvant in the microspheres delivers the antiseptic/analgesic. Blood solids in combination with the polymer, potassium ferrate and microspheres continue to stack beneath and above the seal, strengthening it. The natural clotting process occurs below the seal and hastens the healing process. In cases of profuse bleeding or if desired the biopolymer is applied to the area of the injury resulting in creation of a biopolymericcovering being created over the wound area that last for about 2 weeks. How to Use Poochie-Peds Poochie-Peds is simple and easy to use and contains enough product to enable as many as 10 treatments (2 oz). The product is dispensed in a simple process that involves either sprinkling the product directly into the wound or simply by 'dipping' the K-9's paw into the 1containers shown below (Marked, "A", "B") which have a wide opening sufficient to accommodate placement of the K-9's paw directly into the container (eliminating waste, spillage, and protecting un-used product from contamination).

Poochie-Peds Kit How to Use Poochie-Peds Secure K-9 in safe/comfortable position with access to affected paw Locate Lid marked "A" on cap of product container Remove container lid exposing product component "A" (See Fig. 1) <*Sprinkle as needed> Place K-9 paw into product in gentle, 'dipping' motion (See Fig. 2) Close Container "A" by replacing lid on container (See Fig. 1) Invert Container to upright position giving access to Lid marked, "B" Locate Lid marked "B" on cap of Poochie-Peds product container (See Fig. 3) Remove container lid exposing product component "B" (See Fig. 3)

The containers shown in the illustrations are presented in prototype form. The containers are the 4oz. resealable storage container manufactured by the Glad Products Company (see: http://www.glad.com/food-storage/containers/ )

Place K-9 paw into product making sure that affected area(s) contact with solution. Do this in a gentle, 'dipping' motion (See Fig 4) Close Container "A" by replacing lid on container (See Fig. 3) Keep K-9 calm and at rest for a period of at least two minutes (2 min.) which will allow components to air-dry forming protective barrier to affected areas on K-9 toe-pad(s) or wound site. Replace container lids and store unused product in a cool/dry place. *Components in Poochie-Peds are highly reliable and effective and bind with bodily fluids within seconds resulting in cessation of perfusion (bleeding).

FIG 1.

FIG 2.

FIG. 3.

FIG 4.

A Healthy 2Dog...is a Happy Dog! ("Boo")

Contents: Beeswax; Potassium Ferrate USP Grade; Tea Tree Oil; 2-octyl Cyanoacrylate USP Grade

FTK-9 and Poochie-Peds Are Trademarks and Service Marks, Copyright, 2012, Dr. Joseph A. Resnick and RMANNCO, Inc., All Rights Reserved Globally and Universally under UCC 1-207, Inclusive

The photograph at the conclusion of this presentation shows Dr. Resnicks K-9, Boo, who graciously volunteered to participate in the Poochi-Peds experiments and photos contained herein.

POC Dr. Joseph A Resnick, CEO RMANNCO, Inc. The Green Mountain Laboratory 1016 North Carolina Highway 268 Lenoir, NC 28645 Lab Phone: 828-572-1175 Cell: 724-719-0737 Skype: drjoeresnick Email: rmannco.president@gmail.com

Part IV. Certification and Release I, Dr. Joseph A. Resnick, hereby certify my agreement to understanding the Official Rules for the SPARK Competition as set forth at http://www.societyforscience.org/ and hereby make this submission in full agreement with said terms and Rules and have set forth my hand at seal this __________ Day of January 2014. ________________________________ Dr. Joseph A. Resnick ________________________________ Joyce Mann-Simmons, Witnesseth