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Charlottesville, VA 22903 804-212-9124 dheimark@icloud.com

Versatile, highly skilled analytical chemist with 30+ years of experience performing pharmacological and biochemical research within demanding laboratory environments. Exceptional eye for detail; strong track record of leveraging critical thinking skills to resolve problems requiring in-depth knowledge of scientific techniques and methods. Repairs and maintains laboratory equipment and inventory to optimize workplace productivity and efficiency and reduce operating costs. Excels both independently and in team-oriented work environments. Areas of Expertise: Product / Sample Testing Inventory Control Records / Document Maintenance Biochemistry Pharmacology Project Management Laboratory Management Research / Analysis Cross-Functional Collaboration Equipment Maintenance Efficiency / Productivity

ALLOMED LLC, Charlottesville, VA Senior Consultant, 2006 Present Manage all daily aspects of the laboratory to cultivate an efficient, productive workplace, including inventory management, reagent solution preparation, and data collection/recording. Prepare manuscripts, symposium posters, and grant applications for submittal. Perform column/TLC chromatography and protein/carbohydrate analysis to analyze and comprehend biochemical, enzymatic, and genetic mechanisms of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes to assist in the development of effective pharmaceuticals. Troubleshoot analytical instruments to ensure proper functionality and operation. INSMED, Inc., Glen Allen, VA Research Associate, 2000 2006 Carried out routine maintenance and repair of HPLC instruments. Instrumental in chromatographic isolation and analysis of insulin second messenger by LC/MS, GC/MS, TLC and ion chromatography; subsequent biologic activity was followed enzymatically. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF PHARMACOLOGY, Charlottesville, VA Laboratory Specialist C, 1984 2000 Provided crucial support in isolating natural compounds associated with Type 2 diabetes by utilizing multiple chromatographic techniques. Facilitated enzymatic analysis and detection by GC/MS and ion chromatography. Supervised students/junior employees in second messenger isolation, chromatography, and various analyses. Additional position as Laboratory Specialist A at University of Virginia (1980 1984).


Bachelor of Science Medical Technology, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA Bachelor of Arts Chemistry, Windham College, Putney, VT GC/MS Theory, Operation, Maintenance, and Repair, Varian Company, Blue Ash, OH HPLC Theory, Operation, Maintenance, and Repair, Waters, Boston, MA

HPLC, GC/MS, Electrophoresis, Column Chromatography, TLC Instrument Repair/Maintenance Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel, GraphPad Prism, Endnote

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