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1.We are holding a presentation today, to encourage your thoughts about reality.

So we give you some points to think about what is real and what is not? 2. First of all, the physical materia. Is everything what you see is real? But if, whats with the atoms? If you look at this table, for example, you dont see any atoms, you see a table made of wood or plastic. But nowadays we know that its not just a block, but the item contains billions and trillions of small particles, called atoms. So what is real now? The atoms?, which can be described with chemistry? Or is it the thing you see, described with physics or logical thinking? If you say reality is, what Ive experienced, you say atoms are not real. Have you once experienced atoms? Have you seen / touched / felt them? If you describe the atoms with our understanding of physical objects it would simply not work. Why are things solid? Why dont you go through them with your hand if you try to touch them? The next step is quantum physics and gravity. What is gravity? Is it real? There are no atoms or physical subjects involved in gravity so how can we say that gravity is real? We dont see it. We dont touch it. Or do we? 3. How can we distinguish if something is real or not? Lets take an optical illusion as an example. Whats with hypnosis? Ive never been under hypnosis but it seems like the persons mind is totally controlled by the one illusionist, so what are the controlled persons thinking? Are they dreaming? And what about schlafwandler? Are they dreaming? Or are they awake and just think its a dream when they walk around. Which brings us to the next point: dreams. What is a dream? While you are dreaming, can you distinguish if you are dreaming or awake?, because I cant. {} Okay, so if you take me as an example, I completely lose my reality- orientation while dreaming. I have no idea whether its a dream or not. And if it was an intense dream, I have even no idea if it was a dream AFTER I WOKE UP. So just a few weeks ago, I even dreamed that I woke up, and thought it was real, but in fact I was still sleeping. And I was very scared about that. Have you made experience with things like that? I think you all heard about Dja vus right? Do you know what they are? Do you know where they are coming from? Have you made experience with them? 4. Another interesting things is, whether our minds thoughts are real. Can the mind be described scientifically? No, it cannot be described how we make up, develop and think thoughts. So how can thoughts be real if we cannot describe them? Can you describe a color? How do we know everyone perceives the reality the same way you do? How do we know that I see the same colors as you? How does red look like? There is no way to describe or compare colors so I dont know if my red is the same as your red is. The next big point connected is religion. I by myself believe in god, but not in the church but how can we describe religion? Is it just thoughts and a lifestyle or more? Is religion real? 5. How do we experience time? The time in class often feels longer then free time does. But what is if you would travel with light speed through the universe? According to Einstein, the time would stop. So what time is real now? The time on your watch? Or the time you feel?