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From: david greenberg <ernk1234@gmail.com> Date: Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 3:52 PM Subject: JUAN ROUDES FTB THREAT OF COLLECTION AND PUBLIC HUMILIATION OF GREENBERG RESULTING IN CARDIAC ARREST OF YOUNG DAUGHTER/ LIES DO MATTER To: 19168432050@j2send.com Cc: DOJOIG.FraudComplaints@usdoj.gov, lynleybrowning@nyt.com, Lorraine Ferrari <Lorraine.Ferrari@reuters.com>, Paul Brinkmann <pbrinkmann@bizjournals.com>, Hotline@oig.treas.gov, 12026169898@j2send.com, redeye@foxnews.com, hannity@foxnews.com, kelly@foxnews.com, americasnewsroom@foxnews.com, bullsandbears@foxnews.com, cash@foxnews.com, cavuto@foxnews.com, forbes@foxnews.com, friends@foxnews.com, fncspecials@foxnews.com, fns@foxnews.com, newswatch@foxnews.com, foxreport@foxnews.com, atlarge@foxnews.com, happeningnow@foxnews.com, huckmail@foxnews.com, jer@foxnews.com, ontherecord@foxnews.com, Bret Baier <special@foxnews.com>, studiob@foxnews.com, therealstory@foxnews.com, oreilly@foxnews.com, warstories@foxnews.com, 19544237159@j2send.com, FoxNewsFirst@foxnews.com, ashby.jones@wsj.com, brent.kendall@wsj.com Mr. Roudes: Thank you for your messages on 3-17-14 and 3-14-14 . I am having it transcribed and will send it back to you to confirm it is what you meant to say. Please confirm to me the correct spelling of your name. Please confirm to me the FTB is asserting I owe them over $400,000 notwithstanding I moved to Florida in 2002 and filed a California part year resident tax return for that year (and have had tax losses ever since in any event). Please confirm to me that notices of audit and assessment were previously sent to me and to what address. Please provide me with the names of all FTB employees involved in determining my assessments and notices of collection. Please provide a legal or procedural cite that provides I am unallowed to record our conversations upon notification to you of the recordings and your right to discontinue any such conversations. Please note I find that many times in dealing with government personnel they say things and then deny saying them and thus, find recording all conversations eliminates any unnecessary time and expense to be incurred on determining who said what. This will help to reduce costs the FTB will incur when I file claims under California RTC Sections 19033, 19717, 21013, 21021 and 21022. I have retained counsel to assist me and have spent over $50,000 on this matter thus far just getting up to speed on the rules related to the FTB assessing and advertising assessments without prior notifications. I do hereby make a request for all my administrative costs to date and estimate they could approach $250,000 by the time we are done here (of course the more lies told by the FTB the more expensive this will be.

I have not yet received the information you claim to have sent but have been out of town dealing with my young daughter who flat lined 10 times and now lays half dead after learning of your assessment of me and likely publication to the world of your assessment causing severe humiliation and distress to her. Please keep in mind every lie you tell has consequences and when you tell someone they owe over $400,000 and you are going to notify the world they are a tax criminal, the consequences are devastating to those the FTB decides to persecute but it is even worse when you decide to implement the persecution based on lies. I am having all my mail forwarded to me and hopefully I will receive what you sent to me in the next few days. Assuming my daughter does not die, I hope to begin communication with you on Friday based on the information you claim to have provided. In the meantime if there is any information I can presently provide you please advise me. If you refuse to discuss this telephonically, I will be happy to receive faxes or emails at this email address or Fax # 5614310750. Again I do hereby request the names of all parties at the FTB involved in this matter related to the illegal assessment of me as I am going to begin next week a lawsuit under the RICCO statutes, 18 U.S.C. Sections 1961 to 1968 and Civil Rights statutes, Section 1981 for the immense damages I have already incurred based on the FTBs illegal actions. If you are not going to provide me with the information I seek, please advise me and I will begin proceedings immediately. Thank You for your consideration. Regards David Greenberg Phd, MSA, CPA, EA. Tele: (561) 749-0461 Cell: (646) 705-2910 Fax: (561) 431-0750