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Leucoderma and Eczema

A Health Astrology Examination


Leucoderma and Eczema - A Health Astrology Examination

Sagittarius native suffering from skin based diseases like Leucoderma,

Eczema, and Itching from long time. A Medical Astrology Examination.

DOB: 3-01-1982 at 07:35 AM IST LAT30N42 LONG76E54


Leucoderma is not just a skin disease. It is the external appearance of the

internal derangement of the body. Thus, the treatment at curing this internal
problem only would provide permanent relief from white patches. It is a
chronic disease and may take considerable time to heal even with the best
remedy. You should keep this in mind and should be ready to co-operate
with your doctor.

Astrology Birth Chart

Capricorn in an astrology chart governs the skin and the knees, Hence
afflictions in Capricorn sign produce Eczema, Leucoderma and Itch and other
eruptive or inflammatory skin diseases. Libra rules the kidneys, the lumbar
region of the spine, and the skin, hence afflictions in Libra produce eczema
and other skin diseases etc. Jupiter afflicted in Libra in astrology chart gives
a tendency to melancholy due to diminished adrenal secretion, skin
eruptions due to sluggish action of kidneys. Swathy star rules skin, kidney ,
Uretar and Bladder. Mercury rules disease of the mouth and skin disease,
Leucoderma, itches etc. Uthrashada 2,3,4 padas represent eczema, skin
disease, leprosy etc. Sravana represents Filaria, eczema, skin disease etc.

For a Sagittarius ascendant in an Horoscope, Mars and Sun are benefics.

Venus, Saturn and Mercury are evil. Jupiter and Moon are neutrals. Mercury
is severely afflicted here by Rahu, Saturn and Mars and Sun. Capricorn is
afflicted by Mercury and Venus. Mercury is placed in Uthrashada star and
Venus is placed in Sravana star. Capricorn is also afflicted in Navamsa[D-9],
Drekkana[D-3] and Dwadasamsa[D-12] by the placement of Mercury.
Jupiter is also afflicted by Ketu, Moon and Sun and ascendant involved in
RKA in the astrology chart.

Moon in 4th house aspected by Mars in an astrological birth chart cause

Leukoderma. Jupiter is afflicted here by Rahu and Mars cause one of the
reason for Leukoderma. Moon in Pisces[watery sign] aspected by Mars and
Saturn in an astrology chart will produce skin disease. Libra is also afflicted
by the placement of Jupiter and placed in swathy star. The affliction of Moon
by Saturn, Mercury or Rahu(Node) in astrology birth chart cause eczema.
Moon is aspected by Saturn and Mars in personal astrology chart will give
mental worries too. Saturn rules over skin. Moon rules disease of the skin.
So affliction to these planets by malefic planets and Mars and a connection
with Virgo sign in an Horoscope produce skin disease and itching.

According to Prasna Marga, the leading astrology text, Stealing the wealth of
the Deities and Brahmins and eating forbidden foods give rise to
Leucoderma. Performance of Kushmanda homa and gifting of gold are the
astrological remedies.

Yoga cures Leucoderma, if proper yogic therapy is given by Experts, in a

natural way like Ayurveda, without side effects. Your faith on the treatment,
diet, lifestyle etc plays a vital role to overcome this disease.

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