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Office of the Project manager Kattakkada, Thiruvananthapuram No: DB13L P!"KTD# To The Deputy Chief Engineer Transmission Circle Tri an!rum (ir, (u): "ilot "ro#ect Katta$$a!a % Construction of &' Km of ((' K line from "TCD to KTDA %)ranting time e*tension for the +or$ an! ,o-ili.ation a! ance %Reg/" $%13"1& Date : $'"1%"$%13

*ef: +1,$-. DB1 $%13 T"/irc0e .3& dt 1."1%"13 of that office1 +$,23! K(4B $$%K5+(6T4,"("13"%1 7$7- dt $7"%'"$%13 of 2TK#L 3#L5#N684*( LTD 9ith ref to the :u)ject cited a)ove 6 ma; report the fo00o<ing 01 Appro al of profile for the +or$ The :u)ject <ork <a: a<arded on %'"11"$%%.1 The time of comp0etion of the <ork <a: 1= month: from the date of order1 #: ;ou are a<are <hi0e a<arding the <ork, out of the $7 km: , &1- km: from maruthoor to ka00a;am area <ere under di:pute and the tree cutting in the:e area: <ere not comp0eted1 >ence initia00; profi0e of on0; 2' location: <ere approved during !a; $%1% 1 Out of thi: foundation <ork in 0( 0ocation: cou0d not )e :tarted in time due to the o)jection of 0and o<ner: in the right of <a;1 There after ); the end of Decem)er $%1% profi0e of another 02 0ocation: <ere approved )ut foundation <ork in 2 0ocations cou0d not )e :tarted in time due to the o)jection of 0and o<ner: in the right of <a;1 The !aruthur area <a: c0eared during fe)ruar; $%11and profi0e: <ere approved for 22 0ocation: during ?u0; $%111 The Ka00;am area <a: c0eared during !arch$%13 and the profi0e: for the:e 0' 0ocation: <ere approved on 0&3'43('0&1 The <ork in #P =' <a: :topped due to c0earance i::ue: and #P-% , K'3 and #p1' can )e :tarted on0; after the comp0etion of :tructura0 detai0ing of narro< )a:e to<er1 Thu: at pre:ent <ork can )e e@ecuted in 1%& 0ocation: (1 Cases in the line route !uring the e*ecution of +or$1 During the e@ecution of the <ork = No: of individua0 ca:e: and & No: of ma:: ca:e: <ere pre:ent )efore #D!1 The tree cutting in &1- Km in the ma:: ca:e: route <a: comp0eted during Ae)ruar; $%11 and !arch $%131 1& No: of ca:e: in >on high court and $ No: ca:e: in >on (upreme court <ere a0:o encountered in the 0ine route during thi: period1 The ca:e in >on :upreme court <a: di:po:ed on %&11%1$%13 1 No< on0; one ca:e in 0ocation #P =7 i: pending )efore >on high /ourt 4K!1 #00 the:e ca:e: <ere a0:o contri)uted for the de0a; in e@ecution of thi: <ork1

&1 Delay in effecting "ayment to the contractor1 Aor the pa:t one ;ear the pa;ment to the contractor <a: de0a;ed due to variou: rea:on:1 The reim)ur:ement of ta@e: and dutie: , Aright and in:urance <a: a0:o de0a;ed1 Thi: ha: a0:o affected the progre:: of <ork The :upp0; of materia0: i: the mo:t crucia0 item <hich i: affecting the progre:: of the <ork1 The contractor i: arranging the materia0 through L/1 The de0a; in effecting the time0; pa;ment i: de0a;ing the :upp0; of materia01 6f <e con:ider the 0ead time for the :upp0; of materia0, minimum of & to - month: are reBuired to effect the :upp0; of comp0ete materia0: :uch a: in:u0ator:, hard<are fitting: and 3-%K! of moo:e conductor 21 A! antages in e*ecuting this +or$ +ith the present Contractor The con:truction of $$% K5 :u):tation: at kattakkada i: a0mo:t comp0eted ); inve:ting a)out &% corer:1 9e have a0:o inve:ted a)out $% corer: for the 0ine con:truction <ork ti00 date1 >ence if <e impo:e pena0t; to the contractor or terminate the contract, Litigation ma; rai:e again:t K(4B ); the contractor due to the rea:on: mentioned in item 1 to 31 6t ma; further de0a; the project 1 Thu: a00 the inve:tment: ma; )ecome id0e and the eBuipment: erected at the :u):tation :tart: deteriorate1 Thi: ma; 0ead to heav; 0o:: to K(4B1 The <ork <a: a<arded to the contractor <ith out an; price adju:tment a: per the c0au:e &3 of the 5o0 11 The price Buoted :ha00 )e firm throughout the contract e@ecution period1 >ence e@ten:ion of time of comp0etion <ithout impo:ing pena0t; to the contractor ,:ha00 not cau:e an; additiona0 financia0 )urden to the Board1 The a<ard of another contract after termination of the pre:ent contract ma; take another one ;ear1 B; the time ne< right of <a; i::ue: ma; occur and it ma; further de0a; the project1 The project <a: p0anned during $%%1"%$1 But due to de0a; in acBui:ition of 0and for the :u):tation , the 0ine <ork <a: a0:o de0a;ed and it <a: a)0e to :tart on0; in $%%. 1 >ence it i: ver; e::entia0 for comp0etion of the <ork urgent0; a: the e@i:ting 11% Kv 0ine from Pothencode to Kattakkada i: over0oaded during Peak >our:1 !oreover for the up gradation '' Kv :u):tation at 5iChinjam , Ba0aramapuram and 2p gradation of e@i:ting '' Kv T5T 0ine: , comp0etion of thi: 0ine <ork i: e::entia0 1 51 Balance +or$s for the completion of line

La)our portion
Sl 6o Description of +or$s Balance +or$s ,inimum time for the completion Amount for the +or$ 7in la$hs8

1 $ 3 &

/on:truction of foundation D :tu) :etting D Profi0e 4rection of to<er: (tringing of earth <ire and po<er conductor: /on:truction fi00ing earth of *evetment and

11 No: &- No: $7K! $& 0ocation:

3 month: & month: ' month: & month:

11%1%% &'1%% -11%% 3=1%% (251'' La$hs

Total amount for the -alance +or$s la-our

!ateria0 portion
Sl 6o Description of ,aterials 9uantity to -e supplie! E*pecte! time for the completion of supply Amount for the +or$ 7in la$hs8

1 $ 3 & -

6n:u0ator: >ard<are fitting: 4arth <ire !oo:e conductor: (upp0; of to<er:

-%E 7-E $= K! 3-% K! 33No:

$month: 3month: 1 month 'month: 3month:

1=.1%% 1.%1%% 1$1%% =-%1%% &&71%% 04::1'' La$hs

Total amount for the -alance material to -e supplie!

21 Time e*tension +ithout imposing penalty an! )i ing mo-ili.ation A! ance to the contractor B; con:idering a00 the a)ove a:pect: another :even to 4ight month: are e::entia0 for the comp0etion of the <ork1 The e@tended time of comp0etion of the <ork e@pire: on 3111%1$%13 No< ! : 2TK#L 3#L5#N684*( reBue:ted mo)i0iCation advance for time0; comp0etion of )a0ance <ork 1 Aor the comp0etion of )a0ance <ork ); inve:ting *:1 $% /rore in 7 to = month: i: ver; cha00enging ta:k for the compan;1 >ence mo)i0iCation advance can con:idered the Board1 Ao00o<ing term: and condition: are a0:o propo:ed for giving mo)i0iCation advance1 for e@ecuting the )a0ance <ork if the firm comp0ete: the <ork according to the time frame fi@ed );

11#dvance #mount

: The amount recommended i: $%E of the )a0ance <ork inc0uding

0a)our and :upp0; of !ateria0: 1 ie *:1 317- /rore:

$16ntere:t rate" Prevai0ing intere:t rate :ha00 )e charged for the

:ha00 )e fina0iCed in concurrence <ith finance dept1

advance amount 1 The rate

31 Bank 3uarantee F Airm ha: to furni:h )ank guarantee for

eBuiva0ent advance amount )ank p0u: intere:t for one ;ear1 The )ank guarantee :ha00 )e va0id for one ;ear

&1#greement F #n agreement :ha00 )e e@ecuted ); the firm <ith a00 term: -1!ateria0 :upp0; :chedu0e

condition: of materia0 :upp0; :chedu0e and :tringing 1 The materia0 de0iver; :chedu0e and target date comp0etion of <ho0e <ork <i00 a0:o )e part of the agreement1

#00 the )a0ance materia0: for the comp0etion of thi: project :ha00 )e :upp0ied <ithin ' month: from the date of re0ea:e of advance amount a: per the :chedu0e
!onth 1 $ 3 & ' !ateria0 De:cription !oo:e conductor 4arth <ire To<er >ard <are fitting: 6n:u0ator: !oo:e conductor >ard <are fitting: 6n:u0ator: To<er !oo:e conductor !oo:e conductor To<er Guantit; 1%% Km: $= Km: 11 No: $-E of Ba0ance Guantit;
$-E of Ba0ance Guantit;

#ppro@imate #mount $1-- /rore+$1&3H%11$, $17&/rore+11&.H11$-, $1&3 /rore &11& /rore+11=.H%1'3H11'$, $1&3 /rore $1-7 /rore+11$$H113-,

1%% Km: -%E of Ba0ance Guantit; $-E 1$ No: 1%% Km: -% Km: 1% No:

'1(tringing :chedu0e
$nd !onth $ Km 3rd !onth 3 K! &th month - K! -th month - Km 'th month - K! 7th month - K! =th !onth 3K!

71Pena0 intere:t for non :upp0; of materia0: again:t the :upp0; :chedu0e
6f the firm fai0: to effect the :upp0; according to the agreed :chedu0e , K(4B :ha00 enca:h the )ank guarantee and recover the out:tanding )a0ance of advance amount <ith pena0 intere:t 1 The pena0 intere:t rate :ha00 )e fina0iCed 1

=1 *ecover; of #dvance amount1 F

The advance amount :ha00 )e recovered from each )i00 <ith accrued intere:t1

.1 Pa;ment of Bi00: :

The pa;ment of )i00: :ha00 )e a: per the term: and condition: in the

origina0 agreement1 6n an; ca:e the a)ove materia0 :upp0; :chedu0e :ha00 not )e 0inked <ith the pa;ment of )i00: for the materia0: :upp0ied1

Iour: faithfu00;, "ro#ect ,anager1 Katta$$a!a