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Well Delivery NERC Compliance Project Management

At Sigma Flow, we are all about Process Management standardized methods that enable projects to excel along with support for the People who drive those projects to success. Weve applied our passion for Process Management to the Energy/Utilities Industry in two distinct areas, Upstream Oil & Gas from Well creation to tie-in and NERC Compliance for both CIP and 693. Both areas require domain-specific standardized process management and data & document management to efficiently reduce time-to-oil or to ensure regulatory compliance. Drilling & Rig Scheduling - Drilling schedule prioritizes tasks and provides alerts for insufficient permit approval process, no drilling stipulations and permit expiration. Standardized Process Execution - Procedure tasks enable consistent work execution with task specific guidance, data collection, documents and self-audit checklists. Ad-hoc tasks enable agile work assignments. Data & Document Management - Well Master view and data management provide ability to automatically produce data-centric documents such as AFE, regulatory, and Geo Prognosis. Surveys and Plats can be added to workflow and inherited to the appropriate well. Dashboard & Reporting - Dashboards and analytical reporting deliver actionable business intelligence for effective management and decision-making. Integration - Integrates with other enterprise solutions through business entity APIs. Preloaded Well Information - The Well Delivery solution is 80% ready from the start with pre-loaded domain specific knowledge, processes, engineering documents, templates, informal tasks, and best practices. We work with your team to configure the solution to fit your business goals. NERC Compliance Software - Sigma Flow Compliance Manager (CM) is a real-time, evidentiary NERC compliance management software solution solving the challenges of CIP & 693 Compliance unmet by traditional GRC approaches. Solution is preconfigured with: over 30 NERC CIP data-driven evidence reports; PRC-005 and PER-005 Reports for 693, and oversight and issue management dashboards (CIP and 693) Dramatically reduce the time spent on compliance with advanced automation, work simplification, and best practice compliance processes.

Built-in Document Management handles all evidence file types and relates them to all relevant NERC Requirements without creating copies; ensuring a single source of truth for all evidence. Sigma Flows Closed-Loop Control Framework validates critical compliance data; including Ports and Services, Patches, Security Controls, Local Accounts, Logical Access Rights and Physical Access Rights. One-Click RSAW and Audit Package generation streamlines the audit readiness process and ensures compliance packages are properly completed with all supporting evidence built into each package generated. In less than 1 day, reliability assurance controls identify Reliability and Cyber Security Risks, facilitate assessment and correction, and return the compliance practice to a state of audit readiness. Compliance Manager CIP - A closed-loop approach to NERC CIP compliance management that enforces policies, validates compliance, and provides the evidence necessary for audit readiness. Compliance Manager693 - An integrated approach to NERC 693 compliance management that organizes simplifies and integrates compliance for real-time Audit Readiness. Investing in CIP Compliance - CIP Compliance is expensive. It involves capital expenditures, project costs, and ongoing operational expenses. Many utilities have limited intelligence available to accurately judge the cost of CIP compliance to their organization. However, large or small, there is one thing that can be taken to the bank CIP Compliance is costing you $millions. Closed Loop Controls Video Series - Closed-loop controls are the hottest thing in NERC compliance. Designed specifically to drive proactive compliance assurance, closed-loop controls combine compliance enforcement, validation, and audit readiness to achieve a new level of reliability assurance.

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