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2500 Keywords to Get You Hired


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Co(tri)utors I(trodu$tio( PAR! *
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W+%t Is % Keyword, #-i''s Le%d to Keywords !i/s %(d !e$+(i0ues PAR! *

3 7 11

Keywords )y Pro2essio( #cco nt $xec ti%e #cco nting Manager #cco nts )ecei%able S !er%isor & #ct ary + #dministrati%e #ssistant #irline .ilot /Commercial0.ri%ate1 #!!lication De%elo!er #rchitect ,, #rt Director ,3 , #rtist 4 #ssociation Manager , # ditor ( # tomobile .arts Manager 5ank 5ranch Managers 5ank Teller 5ene6its Coordinator 5ookkee!er & ' & ( &* ,,2 ,&


,' , * ,+

33 2 3&

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5rand Manager 5 ilding 7ns!ector 33 Call Center Director 34 Career Co nselor0Coach Certi6ied . blic #cco ntant 3 CF8 * Change0)eengineering Cons ltant Chemi st 4City Manager 42 Ci%il $ngineer 4& Ci%il Ser%ice /.olice 866icer1

3 ,

3 ' 3(


4, 4 3 4 4

College 9rad ate /#cco nting1

College 9rad ate /Comm nications1 College 9rad ate /Constr ction1 4' College 9rad ate /M:5:#:1 4(

College 9rad ate /Mechanical $ngineer1 College 9rad ate 4 /Sales1 + ' Commercial or Cor!orate .ilot ' Constr ction Foreman 2 Contracts S!ecialist '& ' Controller , Cor!orate #ttorney '3 Cor!orate )ecr iter '4 Cosmetolog ist '' Creati%e Designer '( Cr ise Director '* C stomer Ser%ice )e!resentati%e '+ Data ;areho se De%elo!er (( Dental #ssistant 2 Design $ngineer (& Director o6 (

4 *

Man 6act ring Director o6 Marketing Director o6 8!erations ( 3 ( 4 ( '

Director o6 . rchasing $ditor (( $lectrical $ngineer (* $lementary Teacher (+ $n%ironmental $ngineer *$stima tor *2 $xec ti%e Che6 *& $xec ti%e )ecr iter< $ngineering Finance Manager< 5anking *3 Financial #nalyst *4 Financial .lanner *' * Flight #ttendant ( Food05e%erage * Manager * * F ndraiser + + F neral Director 9eneral Manager=>os!itality 9o%ernment Liaison +&


+ 2

9ra!hic Designer 9 idance Co nselor >air Stylist >el! Desk #dministrator >igh School Teacher > man )eso rces Manager 7mage Cons ltant 7ns rance0Claims #d? ster 7ns rance Sales + 4

+, +3 + ' +( +* ++ 222 2&

7nterior Designer 7n%entory Control Manager 2-, "o rnal ist 2-3 Lab Technician 2-4 Librari an 2-' 2Limo sine Dri%er ( Loan 866icer 2-* Loss .re%ention Manager 2-+ Manageme nt 22Man 6act rer@s )e!resentati%e 222 Marketing Manager 22& Media 5 yer 22, Medical 5illing 22 S !er%isor 3 22 National #cco nt Sales 4 Network #rchitect 22' Network $ngineer 22( Non!ro6it .rogram Director 22* 22 N rse + N tritionist 2&

.aralegal0Legal #ssistant .eo!leSo6t Cons ltant 2& .ersonal Trainer , .harmace tical Sales )e!resentati%e .harmace tical Technician 2 & .harmacist ' .hotogra!h er 2&( .hysical Thera!ist 2&* .hysician@s #ssistant 2&+ 2 & & 2& 3 2& 4 2&2

.olice 866icer /Military Con%ersion1 .rod ction Manager 2,2 2, .ro?ect Manager & .ro!erty Manager 2,, . blic )elations 2, Director 3 2, A ality $ngineer 4 )adio Disc "ockey 2,' 2, )adiologist ( )eal $state 5roker 2,* 2, )ece!tionist + )eg latory #66airs 23 Co nsel )esta rant Manager 232 2 3 )etail Sales Manager &

2, -


)isk Management 23, Sales0Cor!orate Trainer 233 Sales=$ntry Le%el 234 Sales S !!ort /Coordinator1 23' Sales S !!ort $ngineer 23( S#. 23 #nalyst * School .rinci!al 23+ 2 4 Senior 5 siness Cons ltant Senior B. Sales 242 Social Ser%ices 24& Social 24 ;orker , So6tware $ngineer 243 S!eech Thera!ist 244 24 S!orts #gent #ttorney ' S!orts Coach 24( 24 S r%eyor * Switch $ngineer 24+ Systems 2' #dministrator Tax S!ecialist 2'2 Telecomm nications0$-Sol tions Telemarketing Manager 2', Trans!ortation0Logistics S!ecialist Tra%el #gent 2'4 TB .rod ction Manager 2'' Cnderwrit 2' er ( CN7D Manager 2'* 2' Beterinary #ssistant + Bol nteer Coordinator 2( 2' &


;areho se Manager ;eb 2( Designer & ;riter0$ditor 2(, *5 I(de4 5

2( 2



Contrib tors
Pages That Resumes Appear on 6e)or%+ Wi'e 6i), CCM, CCMC, C IP, JC!C, 7CRW, CPRW #d%antage )es mes o6 New York E $xec ti%e .ower Coach (( 5 66alo #%en e Med6ord< NY 22(', ',2-3(4-*42, 2--F!l sGad%antageres mes:com www:ad%antageres mes:com E www:exec ti%e!owercoach:com 8i3i%( 8%(Lier #d%antage Career Ser%ices '(-2 M rietta #%en e Los #ngeles /Balley 9len1< C# +23-4 *2*-++3-''44 B%anlierGaol:com www:C tting$dge)es mes:com #ue Mo(t9o:ery )es me .l s 32,- Linden #%e:< Ste: 2,4 Dayton< 8> 343,& +,(-&43-4'&( res me!l sGsiscom:net www:res me!l s:com J%(i$e Wort+i(9to( ;orthington Career Ser%ices '',' 5elleshire Street Col mb s< 8hio 3,&&+ '23-*+--2'34 "aniceGworthingtonres mes:com www:worthingtonres mes:com Mi-e ;er(%(des )es mes and More 2,2-2 .reston )oad< S ite ,-Dallas< Texas (4&3--4&&+ /+(&1 &,+-2++2 mike6ernanGaol:com ,+< 3,< 3*< 4(< 24-< 242< 2'*

&(< ,4< ,*< 3&< 3(< 4+< '+< 2''

3+< 44< (,< *3< 224< 2,-

&'< (3< **< +2< 22-< 232< 2',

,2< 2-2< 2-3< 223< 2&+< 2,&< 2,(

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Ro'%(de L. L%Poi(te, CPC, CIPC, CPRW, )8-L#N #ssociates< 7nc: (&4 Sabatt s Street Lewiston< Maine -3&3&-(1 (*3--2)la!ointeGaol:com


,-< 2,'< 2,+< 23'< 24&

A((e ;o''is (+< *+< +3< +(< 2-'< 23+< 24, CareerPro )es me Ser%ice '(,* N: Frostwood .arkway .eoria< 7llinois '2'24 /,-+1 '+2-&334 ###.ro6essional)es mesGyahoo:com or ###.ro)es mesGaol:com www:###.ro6essional)es mes:com Je%( Cu::i(9s # )es me For Today 2&, Minot )oad Concord< M# -2(3& .honeH +(*-,(2-+&'' $mailH ?cG#)es meForToday:com ;eb site www:#)es meForToday:com B%r) Poo'e >ire 7maging 2*2& )ed Fox )oad St: Clo d< MN 4',-2 /,&-1 &4,--+(4 einkGasto nd:net Peter Hi'', CPRW Distincti%e )es mes >onol l < >awaii /*-*1 ,-'-,+&distincti%eres mesGyahoo:com www:!eterhill:biI C%:i''e C%r)o(e%u, CPRW, C IP CC Com! ter Ser%ices E Training .8 5ox 4-'44 7daho Falls< 7daho *,3-4 &-*:4&&:3344 CamilleGccCom! ter:com htt!H00www:S !erior)es mes:com Ro'et% ;ow'er ;ordb sters )es me and ;riting Ser%ices 3,, A ail Co rt Fillmore< Cali6ornia +,-24-22,( /*-41 4&3-,3+, res mesGwbres mes:com htt!H00www:wbres mes:com 6e))ie ''is .hoenix Career 9ro ! Dan%ille< FY 3-3&& /*--1 *('-44-' in6oG!hoenixcareergro !:com www:!hoenixcareergro !:com 43< 4*< 2&,< 2,*< 234< 2(,

,,< ,(< 4'< 2-,< 2&'< 2'-< 2(&

'3< *(< ++< 2-(< 2,,< 24(< 2'4

,&< 4-< 4,< (&< 2&4< 243< 24*

2--< 22+< 2&(< 2,3< 23-< 233< 2'&< 2'3

,3< 3-< '(< *2< +,< 2-*< 2&2< 2'2


Contrib tors

K%t+y Re(<u''i Connectic t De!artment o6 Labor 444 Main Street #nsonia< Connectic t -'3-2 /&-,1 (,'-2-4+ Fathy:)enI lliG!o:state:ct: s www:ctdol:state:ct: s #us%( Gu%r(eri 9 arneri #ssociates 0 )es magic 22-2 Lawrence )oad Lawrence%ille< N" -*'3* /'-+1 ((2-2''+ )es magicGaol:com www:res me-magic:com ;reddie C+eeCheek E Cristantello Career Connections 3422 >arlem )oad< S ite , #mherst< New York 23&&' /(2'1 *,+-,',4 6scheekGadel!hia:net CheekandCristantello:com M. J. ; L6, M#, CPRW Careers by Choice< 7nc: &-4 $ast Main Street< S ite &-3 > ntington< NY 22(3, /',21 '(,-43,& m?6eldGbestweb:net We(dy J. !erwe'/ 8!!ort nity Fnocks o6 ;isconsin< LLC 223,2 N: .ort ;ashington )oad< Ste: 2-2-C MeJ on< ;7 4,-+& &'&:&32:3'44 cons ltantGknocks:com www:knocks:com A(( B%e+r 5est )es mes 2&& Sheridan Street 5rentwood< NY 22(2( /',21 3,4-2*(+ res mesbestGearthlink:net www:e-bestres mes:com !r%$y M. P%ris+, CPRW Career.lan< 7nc: .8 5ox ,&4 Fewanee< 7L '233, /***1 33+-&&-)es meGCareer.lan:org www:Career.lan:org

&+< 42< (*< *4< 22(< 24+

,'< 33< 3'< +'< 2&3< 2'(< 2(2

',< '4< (2< *'< 2&*< 23,< 2'+< 2(-

'&< ''< '*< (4< +*< 2-&< 2-+

32< '2< (-< 22&< 22'< 24'

*-< *&< +&< 2-4< 22*< 2&&< 23*< 244

&*< 34< ('< ((< +4< 22,< 2&-< 23&

Contrib tors i4

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7ntrod ction
Welcome to the seventh installment in our series of reference guides designed to help you in your career. Our previous guides have been focused on the structure and development of resumes and cover letters. They include:

1 2 3 4 !

101 Best Resumes

101 More Best Resumes 101 Best Cover Letters 101 Best .Com Resumes 101 Best Resumes for Grads 101 Best Tech Resumes

"ey#ords represent a subset of this matter. "ey#ords are nouns and ad$ectives that serve to describe you professionally. This guide offers a variety of tools for you. %or the top professions #e identified& you #ill find a list of at least 2' (ey#ords& an e)ample of their use in a sample resume& and their use in a sample intervie# *ues+tion. ,ot every (ey#ord is illustrated in every respective resume or sample intervie#. -nserting every (ey#ord #ould have made them too #ordy and in many cases unrealistic. These samples #ill give you some ideas& but your use really depends on your o#n e)periences and ob$ec+tives. .ach profession sho#cases the #or( of both the authors and the members of the /rofessional 0ssociation of 1esume Writers. 1eally loo( over 2Tips to 3et 4ou 5ired6 starting on 7hapter 3. They #ill provide you #ith savvy tips you #on8t find any#here else. The tips are divided into si) categories and are very tactical in nature. We al#ays try to stay a#ay from theory and instead emphasi9e hands+on tactics.

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;hat 7s a FeywordK

"ey#ords are those descriptive #ords& usually nouns& that are associ+ated #ith specific disciplines or industries. "ey#ords are important because they are considered standardi9ed for specific industries. %or e)ample& if you #ere an accountant& (ey#ords #ould include: cost accounting& budget analysis& auditing& ta)& etc. "ey#ords can be critical in the #orld of soft#are management and $ob searching. .mployers and recruiters may ta(e your resume and cover letter :especially if sent electronically; and do a computeri9ed search for (ey#ords or descrip+tors that match the profile they are see(ing. Thin( of it as a prescreen+ing process. %or e)ample& a finance director for <icrosoft hiring a staff accountant might have a scan or search of resumes and cover letters completed for the #ords listed above& and if they aren8t on your mate+rials& you could miss the first cut. "ey#ords play an integral role in t#o areas of the resume screen+ing process. One is the human element& #hen hiring and nonhiring managers are screening resumes for #ords and phrases that match the criteria they are see(ing. The second is the computer search& #here computers search the data on many different resumes to select those that match the #ords and phrases. That is ho# posted resumes on Web sites li(e <onster.com #or(.

Pres$ree(i(9 )y Perso((e'
"ey#ords can be very important outside the computer search arena. -n many cases& the initial scan of resumes is completed by either a human

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resources person or an assistant to the hiring manager. .ven the most competent people doing this function can only do a high+level $ob of resume scanning if they are not intimately a#are of the position or are not hiring for themselves. That is #hy it is important to (eep a certain amount of 2boilerplate6 in your resume. 0 client of ours named =avid 1obinson comes to mind. 5e #or(ed for >eri9on Wireless and #as curious about an advertisement he sa# for a position #ith .riccson. We updated his resume in the style that loo(s li(e that on pages !? @ from our first boo(& 101 Best Resumes. The (ey to that resume style #as the use of the left column for a list+ing of accountsAthat really becomes the core of the resume if you #or( in an account+driven environment li(e sales. The hiring manager called =avid for an intervie# and told him: 2We8ve had so many resumes that - told my assistant not to bring me any more unless they loo( li(e a per+fect fit. The #ay that you listed your accounts on the first page of the resume #as a great #ay to sho# us #ho your contacts are.6 Bo& the initial screening #as conducted by his assistant& #ho #as only scan+ning resumes for (ey items :#ords& even things li(e industry+specific terms& product names& etc.;& and his resume effectively illustrated his sales accounts. =on8t ma(e the readers #or( to learn #hat you8re all about. .ven in a four percent unemployment environment& the competition for good $obs is too stiff.

!+e O('i(e (3iro(:e(t

Today& the -nternet environment brings a ne# #ay of distributing your resume. 0s part of the 2boilerplate6 activities that people do #hen be+ginning to mar(et themselves to potential employers& using the -nter+net is no# a standard resource tool. One of the first things many peo+ple do is post their resumes on Web sites li(e <onster.com or 5eadhunter.net. 7orporate recruiters and independent recruiters do revie# resumes posted on these sites. -t #or(s best #hen the search field is very narro#. -f you #ere to do a (ey#ord search of all the re+sumes posted on <onster.com for telecommunications& for e)ample& the return #ould be in the thousands. 5o#ever& if you narro#ed the search to MMDS narrowband s ectrum mana!ement& the return #ould be sig+nificantly lo#er. Bo& you need to #hittle your s(ills do#n as much as possible to help the right people find you through these (ey#ord searches. "ey#ords ma(e your traditional resume electronically retrievable in resume databases li(e <onster.com or 5eadhunter.net. 0fter your resume is entered electronically into a resume database li(e that on <onster.com& it is ready to be searched and ran(ed. 0 hir+ing manager or recruiter then decides #hich (ey#ords best identify the s(ills needed in a candidate& and based upon those (ey#ords& has the system search the resume database. Typically& the revie#er #ill have several (ey#ords that are re*uired and others that are optional. When the search engine recogni9es a (ey#ord in your resume& it is called a 2hit.6 4our resume is ran(ed according to the number of (ey+#ord hits. Only resumes that have the re*uired (ey#ords are found. Of

;hat 7s a FeywordK

those& resumes that have more of the desired (ey#ords ran( higher& and #ill be selected first to be read by a human revie#er. Other factors that can affect search ran(ings include pro)imity to other (ey#ords and ho# close to the top of the page (ey#ord hits occur. Therefore& in addition to placing (ey#ords relevant to your field throughout your re+sume and cover letter& an e)tra 2(ey#ord summary6 should be created near the top of your resume specifically for a resume search engine. Our resume guides provide many e)amples of ho# to do this in constructing the opening part of your resume. 0 good 2Bummary of Cualifications6 provides an opportunity to in+clude listings of (ey#ords that may not fit in the rest of the #ritten part of the resume. The more (ey#ords you have& the greater the li(e+lihood of ran(ing high in the search.

Delo# is a plain+formatted resume that is representative of something that might be pasted in the application area on <onster.com. 5igh+lighted in gray are the (ey#ords. 3ranted& this resume is an e)agger+ated version of the use of (ey#ords. Btill& it #ill give you a good per+spective. 0lso& it8s no secret that the more speciali9ed a position is& the greater the role that (ey#ords #ill play. 5o#ever& even if you8re in sales or general management& (ey industry terms can be very helpful.

;hat 7s a FeywordK 5

Dan Schmitz 1234 Hereford Highway Kansas City, MO 12345 H: (913) 555-1111 W: (913) 555-1111; E-mail: danschmitz@technology.net Keyword Summary

Systems Engineer. Client Server System Architect. Systems Analysis. Systems Integration. Net-work Administration. Database Administration. Systems Administration. Software Engineering. Troubleshooting Computing Systems. DOS. Windows NT. TCP/IP. OSI. Microsoft LAN Manager. Novell Netware. Project Management. Trade Studies. Consulting. BETA Tester. Technical Presentations. Sales Presentations. Instruc-tor. BS Degree. Mathematics and Computer Science. UCLA. Air Force Institute of Technology. Computer Engineering.

Summary of Qualifications Seven years of experience in designing, installing, and troubleshooting computing systems.

Programming: C, C++, Visual BASIC, FORTRAN, Pascal, SQL, OSF/Motif, UNIX Shell Script (sh, ksh, csh), BASIC, Clipper, Algol 68, and 80X86 Assembler. Operating Systems: UNIX (bsd & SVr3/r4), MS Windows, MS DOS, MS Windows NT, Solaris, HP-UX, Ultrix, AIX, VAX/VMS, and Macintosh System 7.

Networking: TCP/IP, OSI, Microsoft LAN Manager, Novell Netware, DDN, Internet, Ethernet, Token Ring, SNA, X.25, LAN-WAN interconnection. Applications: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher, Lotus 123, Lotus Freelance, System Architect, and others.

Professional Experience Network Engineer Netcom, Dallas, Texas 1996Present

1E 2E

Provide systems engineering, software engineering, technical consulting, and marketing services as a member of the Systems Integration Division of a software engineering consult-ing company. Designed and managed the development of an enterprise-level client/server automated auditing application for a major financial management company migrating from mainframe computers, db2, and to a workgroup-oriented, client/server architecture involving Windows for Workgroups, Windows NT Advanced Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle7, and UNIX. Designed an enterprise-level, high-performance, mission-critical, client/server database sys-tem incorporating symmetric multiprocessing computers (SMP), Oracle7s Parallel Server, Tuxedos on-line transaction processing (OLTP) monitor, and redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) technology. Conducted extensive trade studies of a large number of vendors that offer leadingedge tech-nologies; these studies identified proven (low-risk) implementations of SMP and RDBMS sys-tems that met stringent performance and availability criteria.



Education University of Kansas, B.S. Software Engineering and Computer Communications GPA: 3.43 Specialized Training Database Administration, Performance Tuning, and Benchmarking with Oracle7; Oracle Corporation. Interactive UNIX System V r4 (POSIX) System Administration; ETC, Inc. Effective Briefing Techniques and Technical Presentations; William French and Associates, Inc. Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP); Technology Systems Institute. LAN Interconnection Using Bridges, Routers, and Gateways; Information Systems Institute. OSI X.400/X.500 Messaging and Directory Service Protocols; Communication Technologies, Inc.

;hat 7s a FeywordK

Skills Lead to Feywords

5ave you ever (no#n a highly successful sales professional #ho didn8t have a firm grasp and (no#ledge of his or her productF 0n a#ard+#inning professor that did not (no# his or her materialF 0s( e)peri+enced salespeople #hat the secret to success is& and they8ll say that it8s (no#ing the product& (no#ing the customer& and matching the benefits of the product to the needs of the customer. This is a po#erful success formula. The $ob search is a sales and mar(eting endeavor. There is simply no #ay around this: 4ou are the product& you are the salesperson& and you must define your customers and promote yourself to them. Bo& li(e the highly successful salesperson& the (ey to your success is to (no# your product :you; inside and out& and match the benefits of the prod+uct to the needs of your potential customers :prospective employers;. -n sales& #e call this selling features and benefits. 4ou must (no# the fea+tures of the product& (no#n as 2mar(etable s(ills&6 and determine #hat specific benefits result from those features that #ould interest a prospective employer. -n other #ords& the only reason for someone to hire you is for the benefit that you offer that person or company. -f intervie#ers #ere to as( you #hat your strengths are& #hat s(ills you bring to the table& or #hat contributions you feel you could ma(e to the company& they are actually as(ing you to identify your features and the benefit that the company #ould reali9e by hiring you.

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-n order to communicate effectively the features and benefits of the product& namely you& you must first ta(e an inventory of your s(ills. -n the simplest of terms& there are three categories of s(ills:

1 2 3

Gob+related :or academic; s(ills

Transferable s(ills Belf+management s(ills


There are four categories of $ob+related s(ills: 1; #or(ing #ith people& 2; #or(ing #ith data and information& 3; #or(ing #ith things& and 4; #or(ing #ith ideas. Though most of us #or( #ith all four categories at one time or another& #e tend to be attracted to one or t#o areas in par+ticular. Buccessful teachers& customer service representatives& and salespeople must be particularly s(illed at #or(ing #ith people. %i+nancial controllers& #eathermen& and statistical forecasters possess outstanding s(ills in #or(ing #ith data and information. .ngineers& mechanics& and computer technicians en$oy using their s(ills to #or( #ith things& and inventors& #riters& and advertising professionals must have solid creativity and idea s(ills. "or the #e$word e%ercise& lace most em hasis on wor#in! with data and information' uncover s#ills that are ob(ective and as s ecific as ossible.


Transferable s(ills are $ust thatAtransferable from one environment to another. -f you en$oy #or(ing #ith people& your specific transferable s(ills might include leadership& training& entertainment& mentoring& mediation& persuasion& public spea(ing& conflict resolution& or problem+solving s(ills. -f you en$oy #or(ing #ith data and information& your specific transferable s(ills might include research& analysis& proofread+ing& editing& arranging& budgeting& assessing& measuring& evaluating& surveying& or pricing. -f you en$oy #or(ing #ith things& your specific transferable s(ills might include (no#ledge of e*uipment& repair& main+tenance& installation& setup& troubleshooting& or building. 0nd finally& if you en$oy #or(ing #ith ideas& your specific transferable s(ills might include creating& developing& reengineering& restructuring& painting& #riting& problem solving& planning& or brainstorming. Bo ta(e 1 minutes& sit do#n #ith a pen& and paper and #rite do#n all the s(ills and abilities you possess that have value to a com+pany. Transferable s(ills are mar(etable and tangible *ualifications that #ill have value to many organi9ations. 0n accountant& human resources manager& or logistics manager at 3eneral <otors has tangi+ble transferable s(ills that are of value to many companies both in and out of the automotive industry.

? Skills Lead to Feywords

# L;&MA7AG M 7! #KILL#
Belf+management s(ills are s(ills that are personality and value ori+ented. Belf+ management s(ills are those that describe your attitude and #or( ethic. They include creativity& energy& enthusiasm& logic& resourcefulness& productive competence& persistence& adaptability& and self+confidence. One cautionary note& ho#ever: Tr$ not to be too !eneral in describin! $our self)mana!ement s#ills. When you identify a specific s(ill& al#ays be prepared to e)plain ho# that s(ill #ill benefit a prospective employer. %or e)ample& if you8re analytical& ho# does that ma(e you better prepared for a position you have designed for yourselfF When you identify and recogni9e your s(ills& you begin to (no# your product. -f you (no# your product inside and out& you #ill never be caught off guard in an intervie#. -n fact& you #ill be able to reinforce your value by emphasi9ing specific accomplishments you8ve achieved in the past& using those specific s(ills. -n summary& #riting a resume #ith good (ey#ord descriptors re*uires that you identify your mar(etable s(ills because they repre+sent the heart of the resume. 4our ability to sell yourself confidently in an intervie# despite stiff competition depends on (no#ing your s(ills and communicating the benefits of those s(ills to the intervie#er. Btrategic resume preparation begins #ith identifying #hat you have to offer based on #here you plan to mar(et yourself. -t is the foundation for developing a po#erful resume& and #ill be the foundation of suc+cessful intervie#ing as #ell.

Skills Lead to Feywords

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Ti!s and TechniJ es

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25 !IP# ;OR "#I7G !H I7! R7 ! I7 YO"R JOB # ARCH

1. When typing your resume out #ith the intent of emailing& ma(e sure it is in an 0B7-- format. 2. Hse (ey#ords heavily in the introduction of the resume& not at the end. 3. "ey#ords are almost al#ays nouns& related to s(ills& such as financial analysis& mar(et+ing&
accounting& or Web design.

4. When sending your resume via email in an 0B7-- format& attach :if you can; a nicely for+matted one
in case it does go through and the reader #ould li(e to see your creativity and preferred layout. -f you do attach it& use a common program li(e <B Word. . =on8t focus on an ob$ective in the introduction of the resume& but rather accomplish+ments& using (ey#ords to describe them. !. =on8t post your resume to your o#n Web site unless it is a very slic( page. 0 poorly e)ecuted Web page is more damaging than none at all. @. Defore you email your resume& e)periment sending it to yourself and to a friend as a test drive.

I. Joo( up the Web site of the company you are targeting to get recent ne#s information about ne#
products& etc.& and loo( for their $ob posting for ne# information.

K. Defore your intervie# or verbal contact& research the company8s Web site. 1'. Hse a font si9e bet#een 1' and 14 point& ma(e it all the same for an 0B7-- format re+sume& and don8t
create your resume for emailing #ith lines e)ceeding ! characters. 11. -n case your resume may be scanned& use #hite paper #ith no borders and no creative fonts.

12. 13. 14. 1 . 1!. 1@. 1I. 1K. 2'. 21. 22. 23. 24. 2 .

-nclude your email address on your resume and cover letter. =on8t email from your current employer8s -/ net#or(. =on8t circulate your #or( email address for $ob search purposes. -n the 2sub$ect6 of your email :$ust belo# the 2address to6 part;& put something more creative than 21esume .nclosed.6 Try 21esume sho#ing I years in telecommunications industry6 :if that is your chosen industry;& for e)ample. %or additional sources of online $ob searching& do a 2search6 on the Web for $ob searching& your company& and your specific discipline for additional information. De careful of your spelling on the -nternet. 4ou #ill notice more spelling errors on email e)changes than you #ill ever see in mailed letter e)changes. Try to ma(e sure your resume is scannable. This means it has a simple font& no borders& no creative lining& no bold face& no underlining& no italics& and limited if any columning. Though the practice of scanning is overestimated& it should still be a consideration. /urchase or chec( out of a library an -nternet directory listing the many lin(s to $ob op+portunities out there. There are thousands. -f you are using the email as your cover letter& (eep it brief. -f the reader is reading on screen& their tolerance for reading long information is reduced dramatically. 0l#ays bac( up #hat you can on a dis(. -f you post your resume to a ne#sgroup& first ma(e sure that this is acceptable to avoid any problems #ith other participants. 1emember that tabs and spaces are the only formatting you can do in 0B7--. <a(e sure you chec( your email every day. -f you are communicating via the -nternet& people may e)pect a prompt return. =on8t send multiple emails to ensure that one gets through. Try to send it #ith a confirmation of receipt& or (eep a loo( out for a notice from you -B/ that the message didn8t go through.
*2 Ti!s and TechniJ es

25 7 !WORKI7G !IP#
1. T#o+thirds of all $obs are secured via the net#or(ing process. ,et#or(ing is a system+atic approach 2. 3. 4. . !.
to cultivating formal and informal contacts for the purpose of gaining information& enhancing visibility in the mar(et& and obtaining referrals. .ffective net#or(ing re*uires self+confidence& poise& and personal conviction. 4ou must first (no# the companies and organi9ations you #ish to #or( for. That #ill determine the type of net#or( you #ill develop and nurture. %ocus on meeting the 2right people.6 This ta(es planning and preparation. Target close friends& family members& neighbors& social ac*uaintances& social and reli+gious group members& business contacts& teachers& and community leaders. -nclude employment professionals as an important part of your net#or(. This includes headhunters and personnel agency e)ecutives. They have a #ealth of (no#ledge about $ob and mar(et conditions. the listing so you have separated top+priority contacts from lo#er+priority ones.

@. 1emember& net#or(ing is a numbers game. Once you have a net#or( of people in place& prioriti9e I. Bometimes you may have to pay for advice and information. /aying consultants or pro+fessionals or
investing in -nternet services is part of the $ob search process today& as long as it8s legal and ethical.

K. "no# #hat you #ant from your contacts. -f you don8t (no# #hat you #ant& neither #ill your
net#or( of people. Bpecific *uestions #ill get specific ans#ers. 1'. 0s( for advice& not for a $ob. 4ou should not contact someone as(ing if they (no# of any $ob openings. The ans#er #ill invariably be no& especially at higher levels. 4ou need to as( for things li(e industry advice& advice on geographic areas& etc. The $ob insights #ill follo# but #ill be almost incidental. This positioning #ill build value for you and ma(e the contact person more comfortable about helping you. 11. Watch your attitude and demeanor at all times. .veryone you come in contact #ith is a potential member of your net#or(. =emonstrate enthusiasm and professionalism at all times.

12. "eep a file on each member of your net#or( and maintain good records at all times. 0 #ell+
organi9ed net#or( filing system or database #ill yield superior results.

13. 3et comfortable on the telephone. 3ood telephone communication s(ills are critical. 14. Travel the 2information high#ay.6 ,et#or(ing is more effective if you have email& fa)& and
computer capabilities.

1 . De #ell prepared for your conversation& #hether in person or over the phone. 4ou should have a
script in your mind of ho# to ans#er *uestions& #hat to as(& and #hat you8re try+ing to accomplish.

1!. =o not fear re$ection. -f a contact cannot help you& move on to the ne)t contact. =o not ta(e re$ection
personallyAit8s $ust part of the process.

1@. %latter the people in your net#or(. -t8s been said that the only t#o types of people #ho can be
flattered are men and #omen. Hse tact& courtesy& and flattery. 1I. -f a person in your net#or( cannot personally help& advise& or direct you& as( for refer+rals.

1K. "eep in touch #ith the ma$or contacts in your net#or( on a monthly basis. 1emember& out of sight&
out of mind.

2'. =on8t abuse the process. ,et#or(ing is a t#o+#ay street. De honest and brief and offer your contacts
something in return for their time& advice& and information. This can be as simple as a lunch& or offering your professional services in return for their cooperation.

Ti!s and TechniJ es


Bho# an interest in your contacts. 7avette 1obert& one of the founders of the ,ational Bpea(ers 0ssociation& said& 2/eople don8t care ho# much you (no#& until they (no# ho# much you care.6 Bho# ho# much you care. -t #ill get you any#here. 21. Bend than(+you notes follo#ing each net#or(ing contact. 22. Bee( out (ey net#or(ing contacts in professional and trade associations. 23. 7arry calling cards #ith you at all times to hand out to anyone and everyone you come in contact #ith. -nclude your name& address& phone number& areas of e)pertise& andLor specific s(ill areas.

24. Bociali9e and get out more than ever before. ,et#or(ing re*uires dedication and mas+sive amounts
of energy. 7onsistently #or( on e)panding your net#or(.


Ti!s and TechniJ es

25 AWHA! 6O I 6O 7OW !HA! I HA8 MY R #"M ,B !IP#

1. =evelop a team of people #ho #ill be your board of directors& advisors& and mentors. The *uality of
the people you surround yourself #ith #ill determine the *uality of your re+sults.

2. /lan a mar(eting strategy. =etermine ho# many hours a #ee( you #ill #or(& ho# you8ll divide your
time& and ho# you8ll measure your progress. Gob searching is a business in itselfAand a mar(eting strategy is your business plan. 3. -dentify 2 : ' #ould be better; companies or organi9ations that you #ould li(e to #or( for.

4. 7ontact the companies& or do some research& to identify hiring authorities. . =efine your net#or( :see 2,et#or(ing Tips6;. <a(e a list of everyone you (no# includ+ing !. @. I. K. 1'. 11.
relatives& friends& ac*uaintances& family doctors& attorneys& and 7/0s& the cleaning person& and the mail carrier. >irtually everyone is a possible net#or(ing contact. /rioriti9e your list of contacts into three categories: 1; Btrong& approachable contacts& 2; good contacts or those #ho must be approached more formally& and 3; those #ho you8d li(e to contact but can8t #ithout an introduction by another party. Bet up a filing system or database to organi9e and manage your contacts. =evelop a script or letter for the purpose of contacting the (ey people in your net#or(& as(ing for advice& information& and assistance. Then start contacting them. 0ttempt to find a person& or persons& in your net#or( #ho can ma(e an introduction into one of the 2 or ' companies you8ve noted in number 3. Bpend ! to @' percent of your time& energy& and resources net#or(ing because ! to @' percent of all $obs are secured by this method. 7onsider contacting e)ecutive recruiters or employment agencies to assist in your $ob search.

12. -f you are a recent college graduate& see( out assistance from the campus career center. 13. Bcout the classified advertisements every Bunday. 1espond to ads that interest you& and loo( at other
ads as #ell. 0 company may be advertising for a position that does not fit your bac(ground& but say in the ad they are 2e)panding in the area&6 etc. 4ou have $ust identified a gro#ing company.

14. Bee( out advertisements and $ob opportunities in specific trade $ournals and maga9ines. 1 . 0ttend as many social and professional functions as you can. The more people you meet& the better
your chances are of securing a position *uic(ly.

1!. Bend out resumes #ith customi9ed cover letters to targeted companies or organi9ations. 0ddress the 1@. 1I. 1K. 2'. 21. 22.
cover letter to a specific person. Then follo# up. Target small to medium+si9ed companies. <ost of the opportunities are coming from these organi9ations& not large corporations. 7onsider contacting temporary agencies. 0lmost 4' percent of all temporary personnel are offered permanent positions. Today& a greater percentage of middle and upper man+agement& as #ell as professionals& are #or(ing in temporary positions. Hse online services. 0merica Online& /rodigy& and 7ompuBerve have career services& em+ployment databases& bulletin boards& and online discussion and support groups& as #ell as access to the -nternet. This is the #ave of the future. -f you are #or(ing from home& be sure the room you are #or(ing from is inspiring& or+gani9ed& and private. This is your space and it must motivate youM -f your plan is not #or(ing& meet #ith members of your support team and change the plan. 4ou must remain fle)ible and adaptable to change. 1ead and observe. 1ead maga9ines and ne#spapers and listen to 7,D7& 7,,& and so on. ,otice #hich companies and organi9ations are on the move and contact them.

Ti!s and TechniJ es


Bet small& attainable& #ee(ly goals. "eep a #ee(ly progress report on all your activities. Try to do a little more each #ee( than the #ee( before. 23. Btay active. .)ercise and practice good nutrition. 0 $ob search re*uires energy. 4ou must remain in superior physical and mental condition. 24. >olunteer. 5elp those less fortunate than you. What goes around comes around.


Ti!s and TechniJ es

25 I7! R8I WI7G !IP#

1. 1ela). The employment intervie# is $ust a meeting. 0nd although you should not treat this meeting
lightly& don8t forget that the organi9ation intervie#ing you is in need of your services as much as& or perhaps more than& you are of theirs. 2. The (ey to successful intervie#ing is rapport building. <ost people spend their time preparing for intervie#s by memori9ing canned responses to anticipated *uestions. Buc+cessful intervie#ers spend most of their time practicing the art of rapport building through the use of po#erfully effective communicating techni*ues. 3. /repare a manila folder that you #ill bring to the intervie#. -nclude in the folder: 1E company information :annual reports& sales material& etc.; 2E e)tra resumes :!?12; and your letters of reference 3E 1 *uestions you8ve prepared based on your research and analysis of the company 4E a blan( legal pad& pen& and anything else you consider helpful :e.g.& college transcripts; 4. =ress appropriately. =etermine the dress code and meet it. -f their dress is business ca+sual& you still need to be dressed in business professional. /ractice proper grooming and hygiene.

. !. @. I. K. 1'. 11. 12. 13. 14. 1 .

Bhoes& of course& must be polished. Wear limited $e#elry. 7all the day before and confirm the appointmentAit #ill set you apart. De certain that you (no# e)actly #here you8re going. 0rrive in plenty of time. 4ou should be at the receptionist8s des( 1'?12 minutes before the scheduled intervie#. /rior to meeting the receptionist& chec( your appearance. 7hec( your hair& clothing& and general image. Test your smile. Becretaries& administrative assistants& and receptionists often have a say in the hiring process. <a(e a strong first impression #ith them. Joo( around the office and search for artifacts that disclose the personality and culture of the companyAand possibly the intervie#er. This information #ill be helpful in ini+tially brea(ing the ice& #hen you first begin discussions. De a#are of your body language. Bit erect& #ith confidence. When standing and #al(ing& move #ith confidenceM 4our handsha(e should be firm& made #ith a #ide+open hand& fingers stretched #ide apart. Women should feel comfortable offering their hands and firm and friendly hand+sha(es. 0 po#er handsha(e and great smile #ill get you off to a great start. .ye contact is one of the most po#erful forms of communicating. -t demonstrates confi+dence& trust& and po#er. =uring the intervie#& lean for#ard to#ard the intervie#er. Bho# enthusiasm and sincere interest.

1!. Ta(e notes during the intervie#. 4ou may #ant to refer to them later in the intervie#. -f you are
uncomfortable #ith this& as( permission first. 1@. De prepared for all *uestions& especially uncomfortable ones. Defore the intervie#& script out a one+ page response for each *uestion that poses a problem for you& and practice repeating it until you8re comfortable #ith it. 1I. 7ommunicate your s(ills& *ualifications& and credentials to the hiring manager. =escribe your mar(et value and the benefits you offer. Demonstrate how $ou will contribute to the bottom line. Bho# ho# you can 1; improve sales& 2; reduce costs& 3; improve productivi+ty& or 4; solve organi9ational problems. 1K. "ey in on s ecific accom lishments. 0ccomplishments determine hireability. They sepa+rate the #inners from the runners+up.

Ti!s and TechniJ es


Jistening s(ills are pricelessM Gob offers are made to those #ho listen #ell& find hidden meanings& and ans#er *uestions in a brief but effective manner. 2'. Jet the intervie#er bring up salary first. The purpose of an intervie# is to determine #hether there is a match. Once that is determined& salary should then be negotiated. 21. There is no substitute for planning and preparation& practice and rehearsingA absolute)l$ none.

22. /ractice intervie#ing techni*ues using video technology. 0 minimum of five hours of video practice&
preferably more& guarantees a stellar performance. 23. 7lose the sale. -f you find that you #ant the position& as( for it. 0s( directly& 2-s there anything that #ould prevent you from offering me this position no#F6 or 2=o you have any reservations or concernsF6 :if you sense that;. 0t the very least& this should flush out any ob$ections and give you the opportunity to turn them into positives. 24. 0l#ays send a than(+you note #ithin 24 hours of every employment meeting.

*? Ti!s and TechniJ es

25 #ALARY 7 GO!IA!I7G !IP#

1. %rom the moment you ma(e initial contact #ith any company or organi9ation you #ish to #or( #ith& 2. 3. 4. . !. @. I.
you are in negotiation. 4ou may not be discussing money openly& but you are ma(ing a permanent imprint on the minds of the hiring authorities. =elay all discussions of salary until there is an offer on the table. 4ou are in the strongest negotiating position as soon as the offer is made. "no# your value. 4ou must (no# ho# you can contribute to the organi9ation. .stablish this in the mind of the hiring manager. 3et employers enthusiastic about your candidacy& and they #ill become more generous. There is no substitute for preparation. -f you are #ell prepared& you8ll be confident& self+assured& and poised for success. /rior to going into employment negotiations& you must (no# the average salary paid for similar positions #ith other organi9ations in your geographical area. /rior to going into employment negotiations you must (no#& as best you can& the salary range that the company you8re intervie#ing #ith #ill pay& or #hat former employees #ere earning. and ho# they relate to numbers @ and I above.

K. /rior to going into employment negotiations& you must (no# your personal needs and re+*uirements& 1'. 1emember& fringes and per(s& such as vacation time& fle) time& health benefits& pension plans& and so
on& have value. 7onsider the 2total6 salary pac(age.

11. Balary negotiations must be #in+#in negotiations. -f they8re not& everybody loses in the end. 12. De fle)ibleN don8t get hung up on trivial issues& and al#ays see( compromise #hen pos+sible. 13. Jisten carefully and pay close attention. 4our goals #ill most li(ely be different from the goals of the
employer. %or instance& the firm8s main focus might be 2base salary.6 4ours might be 2total earning potential.6 Bo a #in+#in solution might be to negotiate a lo#er base salary but a higher commission or bonus structure. 0nticipate ob$ections and prepare effective ans#ers to these ob$ections. Try to understand the employer8s point of vie#. Then plan a strategy to meet both the employer8s concerns and your needs. =on8t be afraid to negotiate out of fear of losing the offer. <ost employers e)pect you to negotiate as long as you negotiate in a fair and reasonable manner. 0l#ays negotiate in a #ay that reflects your personality& character& and #or( ethic. 1emain #ithin your comfort 9one. ,ever lose control. 1emain enthusiastic and upbeat even if the negotiations get a little hot. This might be your first test under fire. /lay hardball only if you8re #illing to #al( a#ay from& or lose& the deal. What you lose in the negotiations #ill most li(ely never be recouped. =on8t be careless in preparing for or conducting the negotiation. De sure to get the offer and final agreement in #riting. 4ou should feel comfortable as(ing the employer for 24 to 4I hours to thin( about the deal if you need time to thin( it over. ,ever lin( salary to personal needs or problems. 7ompensation should al#ays be lin(ed to your value. Hnderstand your leverage. "no# if you are in a position of strength or #ea(ness and negotiate intelligently based on your personal situation. .nd salary negotiations on a friendly and cheerful note.

14. 1 . 1!. 1@. 1I. 1K. 2'. 21. 22. 23. 24. 2 .

Ti!s and TechniJ es


25 "7CO78 7!IO7AL ! CH7IC" # ;OR "7CO8 RI7G A76 # C"RI7G 7 W OPPOR!"7I!I #

1. -f you see a classified ad that sounds really good for you but only lists a fa) number and no company
name& try to figure out the company by trying similar numbers. %or e)am+ple& if the fa) number is +4 IK& try +4 '' or +4'''& and get the company name and contact person so you can send a more personali9ed letter and resume. Bend your resume in a /riority <ail envelope for the serious prospects. -t only costs O3& but #ill stand out and get you noticed. 7hec( the targeted company8s Web siteN they may have postings there that others #ith+out computer access haven8t seen. -f you see a classified ad for a good prospective company but for a different position& con+tact them any#ay. -f they are ne# in to#n :or even if they8re not;& they may have other nonadvertised openings. 0l#ays have a personali9ed card #ith you in the event that you meet a good net#or(ing or employment prospect. 0l#ays have a *uic( personal briefing rehearsed to spea( to someone. ,et#or( in non#or( environments& such as a happy+hour bar :a great opportunity to net#or(; or an airport. ,et#or( #ith your college alumni office. <any college graduates list their current employers #ith that office& and they may be a good source of leads& even out of state. <ost ne#spapers list all the ne# companies that have applied for business licenses. 7hec( that section and contact the ones that appear appealing to you. 7all your attorney or accountant and as( them if they can refer you to any companies or business contactsN perhaps they have a good business relationship that may be good for you to leverage.

2. 3. 4. . !. @. I. K. 1'.

11. 7ontact the 7hamber of 7ommerce for information on ne# companies moving into the local area. 12. =on8t give up if you8ve had $ust one re$ection from a company you are targeting. 4ou shouldn8t feel 13. 14. 1 . 1!. 1@. 1I. 1K. 2'.
that you have truly contacted that company until you have contacted at least three different people there. Goin net#or(ing clubs and associations that #ill e)pose you to ne# business contacts. 0s( stoc(bro(ers for tips on #hich companies they identify as fast gro#ing and good companies to gro# #ith. <a(e a list of everyone you (no# and use them as a net#or( source. /ut an endorsement portfolio together and mail out #ith targeted resumes. .mploy the hiring proposal strategy. :Bee 101 Best Cover Letters.; /ost your resume on the -nternet& selecting ne#s groups and bulletin boards that #ill readily accept it and match your industry and discipline. =on8t forget to demonstrate passion and enthusiasm #hen you are meeting #ith people& intervie#ing #ith them& and net#or(ing through them. Joo( in your industry8s trade $ournals. ,early all industries and disciplines have sever+al& and most have advertising sections in the bac( that list potential openings #ith companies and recruiters. This is a great resource in today8s lo#+unemployment envi+ronment.

21. >isit a $ob fair. %or most professionals& there #on8t be managerial positions recruited for& but there
#ill be many companies present& and you may discover a hot lead. -f they are recruiting in general& you should contact them directly for a possible fit. 22. =on8t overloo( employment agencies. They may seem li(e a #ea( possibility& but that may uncover a hidden opportunity or serve as a source to net#or( through. 20 Ti!s and TechniJ es

Joo( for companies that are promoting their products using a lot of advertising. Bales are probably going #ell& and they may be good hiring targets for you. 23. 7all a prospective company and simply as( them #ho their recruiting firm is. -f they have one& they8ll tell you& and then you can contact that firm to get in the door. 24. 7ontact every recruiter in to#n. Defriend them& and use them as net#or(ing sources if possible. 0l#ays than( them& to the point of sending them a small gift for helping you out. This #ill pay off in dividends in the future. 1ecruiters are al#ays good contacts.

;hat 7s a FeywordK 2*

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Feywords by .ro6ession

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<ar(et /enetrationL .)pansion ,egotiations



1elationship Duilding -ncentive =evelopment Territory /enetration 7ompetitive <ar(et 0nalysis /rospecting Bolution+Dased Belling 7onsultative Belling 7lient ,eeds 0nalysis Trade Bho# <anagement Jead 3eneration Bales P <ar(eting Bales /romotions
/roduct -ntroduction


<ar(et 1esearch P 0nalysis Btaff Training P =evelopment ,e#+Dusiness /lanningL =evelopment 3oal BettingL/ersonal =evelopment

Anita Cooley

234 Bhoshue Dlvd. iness Planning !evelopment " #arket $esearch % Analysis 7incinnati& Ohio 4 23@ Competitive #arket Analysis " #arket Penetration Expansion : 13; +1122 L anita!!!Qhotmail.c om Core Executive &trengths Account /roblem 1esolution G /resentations L ,egotiations 7onsultative L Bolution+Dased Belling r 1elationship Duilding 7lient ,eeds 0nalysis o -ncentive =evelopment w Territory /enetration Jead 3eneration i n Pro'essional Experience g 1KKK to 1O77O <01".T-,3 03.,74& =etroit& <ichigan 7urrent a *ccount +%ecutive n .)ercise full sales and mar(eting accountability for ma$or local account list #ith territory e)+tending from d =etroit to /hiladelphia and reaching to Toms 1iver& ,G. 7oordinate annual trade sho#s& develop and e)ecute s sales promotions& and create po#er methods to introduce ne# products. 7hallenged #ith ensuring pea( u performance of team through effective staff training and development as #ell as ambitious goal setting #hile s emphasi9ing personal development. t 1 1eceived Btellar Beller 0#ard :2'''; for generating first+*uarter ne# business. a i 2 -ncreased local sales by 1!R in 2''' over 1KKK by employing consultative sales approach. n 3 0ggressively negotiated contract #ith ma$or client& netting over O1 million 2'''. i n 4 Jead team in turning around distress territory of underperforming e)ecutive. g Education r Hniversity of 7incinnati& 7incinnati& Ohio e Bachelor o' Arts( Business % Communications) 1KK' v 1 -nterned #ith One2all 7ommunications& ,e# 4or( e n 2 3/0 3.@ u e References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest s i n h i g h l y c o m p e t i t i v e m a r k e t s . N e w B u s

hy developi shoul ng #ays I d weto attract ne# ( hire you) business t what have al#ays e are your distingui r stren shed me 3 gths) from my and colleagu i how es. e do Dased on my wyou see ability to yours conduct thorough Cel' contr mar(et G i+uti research A ng toand our analysis& comp - have " any, repeated ly been s 7onsi successf i stentl ul in ( y& - impleme nting 9 have demo creative nstrat sales& mar(etin K ed and my g e abilit promoti y y to onal meet strategie wor s that o e)cee have produce rd sales d d goals. desired results. s /lann ing 4our * and compan




-eather &hu 1234 ,orth 7olorado

Doulevard Durban(& 7alifornia K13'4 :I1I; +1234 L emailQemail.com ACC./N01NG #ANAGE$ Experienced in All Aspects o' General Accounting and 2inancial $eporting 0eam Building and 3eadership -iring) 0raining) % &upervision &trong Analytical) #athematical) and Pro+lem &olving &kills Experienced in 1ntegrated Accounting &o'tware 0ccounting manager #ith bachelor8s degree in %inance and five years8 related supervision and accounting systems e)perience. /roven ability to plan and supervise #or( of others to achieve department and organi9ational goals. .)pertise in Cuic(Doo(s /ro& 3reat /lains& /eachtree& Word& .)cel& and 0ccess. Core &trengths 3eneral 0ccounting %inancial Bystems P 1eporting Oral P Written 7ommunications 0ccounts 1eceivableL/ayable Pro'essional Experience W7 B/.7-0JT4 /1O=H7TB& -,7.& Jos 0ngeles& 70 1KK@L/rese nt


Dudget <anagement 5iring& Training P Bupervising /ayrollL.mployment Ta)es .)pense Trac(ing P 0nalysis

*ccountin! Mana!er =irect activities of accounting department for manufacturer of specialty gift items. Bupervise& train& and evaluate team of t#elve involved #ith general accounting& accounts receivableLpayable& payroll processing& data collection and analysis& ban(ing activities& and em+ployment ta) reporting. .nsure month+end closings and timely financial statement prepara+tion. /repare and manage annual budget process. 1eport to >/ %inance.

1 2 3 4

7onsolidated benefits accounting system for divisions located in four states throughout Hnited Btates. =irected implementation of state+of+the art accounting soft#areN trained staff on use.
-mproved accuracy of financial reporting systems and asset accounting procedures.

7oordinated audit process #ith outside 7/0. 7ollaborated in due diligence process on antic+ipated ac*uisition.

Education 70J-%O1,-0 BT0T. H,->.1B-T4& Jos 0ngeles& 70 D.0. in 0ccountingN 1KK!

0ccount 1econciliations
0ccounting Boft#are


Dan(ing Dudgets 7omputer B(ills =ata 7ollection P 0nalysis =ata /rocessing .)pense Trac(ing %inancial 1eporting <ergers and 0c*uisitions 3eneral 0ccounting
-nformation Bystems

<onth+.nd 7losing /ayroll

1evenue 0ccounting

.mployment Ta) 1eporting /roblem Bolving

/ro$ect <anagement

Hniform 7apitali9ation

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou r co m pa ny ,

more than five years8 e)perience in all aspects of general accounting and financial reporting. - am strong #ith all re*uired soft#are programs& including Word& .)cel& and accounting soft#are such as Cuic(Doo(s /ro& 3reat /lains& and /eachtree. %rom a management perspective& - practice team building and - leadership s(ills and have e)perience in ha hiring& training& and coaching. <y financial ve strengths include budgeting& reporting& auditing& and 3J #or(.


0ccounts 1eceivable


7ash <anagement 7ost 1eduction "ey 0ccounts %inancial 0udits -nternal 7ontrols
7redit P 7ollections

Btrategic /lanning %inancial 1eporting ,egotiate 7ollections /rofitLJoss :/PJ; 7orporate <ergers /rofit 3ains 1egulatory 7ompliance 0uditing 0udit 7ontrols 1is( <anagement 1evenue 3ain Wor( /aper %inancial 7ontrols


#ark *illiams dedicated& and highly accomplished 0ccounts 1eceivable Bupervisor #ith a proven trac( record of reducing 123 B. %ourth Btreet costs and improving collection results. .)perienced in #or(ing #ith corporate mergers. "e#an ee& -llinois !1443 :3'K; Core &trengths 0ccounts 1eceivable Btrategic /lanning +1234 L "ey 0ccounts emailQemail 7ollections 7redit P .com /rofitLJoss :/PJ; 7ollections "inancial 1eporting *udit 7ontrols Accounts 1is( <anagement $eceiva+le %inancial 7ontrols &upervisor Pro'essional Experience Proven GT .,T.1/1-B.BAJa#son& -J 1KIK to 7urrent Backgr ound *ccounts Receivable Mana!er in Cost =irect& train& and mentor a staff of four full+time accounting cler(s in managing domestic and international $educt accounts receivable operations& financial reporting& strategic planning& and cred+itLcollection activities. ion) -mplement policies& procedures& and programs to streamline operations& reduce costs& and increase Credit) efficiency. ,egotiate payment terms and serve as the main point of contact in resolving issues at all levels. and Collect ions 1 ,egotiated (ey account terms& resulting in O@&''' in annual savings. 2i na nc ial $e po rti ng

2 3 4

Bpearheaded collection methods& clearing O4 &''' in past+due accounts. Trained staff members on ne# collection techni*ues to improve profit gains. Oversa# accounts receivables during t#o corporate mergers.

H,->.1B-T4 O% -JJ-,O-B BT0T.A"no)& -llinois Bachelor o' &cience( Accounting 5677 7ertifications: Certi'ied Pu+lic Accountant 8CPA9 5676

&t ra te gi c Pl an ni ng &k ill s 2ull $ange o' P%3 4ey Account 2inancial #anagem ent Experienc e 1esults+oriented&

CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy &hould .ur Company -ire :ou,

high+level and international clients in effectively directing collections activities.

I ( t e r 3 i e w

have e)tensive e)perience as an 0ccounts 1eceivable <anager and have been2? involved in many cor+ porate+level teams in implementing audit controls& ensuring regulatory compliance& managing corpo+rate mergers& and ensuring profit gains. - have also #or(ed #ith many




3aura 3ongev KKK 7oncourse Doulevard

<eriden& 7onnecticut '!4 ! :I!'; +1122 L emailQemail.com Actuary &ociety o' Actuaries 2ellow 3i'e and -ealth 1nsurance Employee Bene'its Pensions American &ociety o' Pension Actuaries /ensions specialist #ith a bac(ground in insurance plans. /roficient in mortality and disability table construction. B(illed in statistical analysis soft#are. Trained in latest valuation tech+ni*ues. Core &trengths /ension valuations .arnings distribution 0nnuity and /ension design Bolid communication s(ills Pro'essional Experience <il( < .nterprises& 7hicago& -llinois


7alculating employee contributions 1is( management 7omputer programs and applications =ata analysis


*ctuar$ <anaged rate and product development functions of benefits department. 7alculated rates for insurance plans. /ro$ected and reported on yields. 1ecommended e*uitable earnings distribu+tions. =esigned pension and annuity products. 1evie#ed legislation for product compliance and design. 1esearched demographic and social issues for impact on group and individual plans. 7ertified pension plans for federal and state agencies.

1 2 3 4

0cted as 7onsultant to 5ealth and 5uman Bervices 0dministration

-ntroduced a comple) lattice model for higher accuracy in valuations /rovided technical assistance to a legislative team #or(ing on health+care reforms 7reated a multitiered pension plan for a company #ith I&''' employees

Education Hniversity of /ennsylvania Bachelor o' &cience) #athematics



/i <u .psilon& <ath 5onors Bociety Hniversity of /ennsylvania& Wharton Bchool of Dusiness Asset 3ia+ility #anagement References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest


4ield -nsurance /lans /ensions 0nnuities /remiums =emographics Bocial -ssues

Jegislative 1evie#

=ata 0nalysis .arnings =istribution 1ate 7alculation =isability Jiability Denefits 3roup 7ontracts 1is( >aluation

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9
Btatistical =ata /robability Tables <ortality

K e y w

of contem porary political & social& and health issues. <y e)pertis e includes e)+ tensive research and training in current mortalit y and disabilit y trends in light of those issues as #ell as cutting+ edge interest rate theory and valuatio n constru

cts. 5aving consulted #ith both 55B and state legislatures& have (no#ledge of upcoming

le n and regulatory changes. - have e)cellent gi presentation s(ills and can translate slacomple) formulas into the vernacular. tio


0ssistant to 0dministrator

7omputer B(ills Word /rocessing =ictation Transcription Bpreadsheets 0ppointment <anagement Travel 0rrangements Jetter 7omposition ,e#sletter 7reation -tinerary <anagement <essage Ta(ing 7all Bcreening Office <anagement /etty 7ash /resentation /reparation /rofessional 0ppearance 7ommissioned ,otary /ublic Btaff Bupervision
/ro$ect <anagement

A6MI7I#!RA!I8 A##I#!A7!


3inda B. Boisvert and administrative support to the vice president of manufacturing. ,ota+ri9e documents #hen needed for entire organi9ation. 7oordinate all incoming business ne#s and create monthly ne#sletter distributed to all 123 Games Btreet 0uburn& <aine employees and clients. Htili9e the -nternet e)+tensively to research products& competitive businesses& and '421' current trends. 7ompile informa+tion for #ee(ly presentations for department heads. :2'@; + 1111 L Berve as corporate librarian for all -nternet research compiled. emailQemail 1 .com 2 7ompletely prepare ne#sletter from scratch to 2camera+ready.6 Creden tialed Admini strative Assista nt Certi'ied

3 4

Baved the company O1'&''' in printing costs in one year. -ntroduced soft#are and applications to upgrade and net#or( office.

Education <id+Btate 7ollege& 0uburn& <aine Associate !egree Computer &cience Associate !egree &ecretarial &cience 7ompleted 2 4ears

Pro'ession al &ecretary Commission ed Notary Pu+lic .''ice #anageme nt Capa+ilitie s

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, 5aving recently earned my 7/B :7ertified /rofessional Becretary; status& - feel confident that my ad+ditional five : ; years of e)perience as an e)ecutive secretary #ould *ualify me for your position. The strengths #ould bring to your position #ould be in all areas of secretarial support #ith an emphasis on administrative+ level assisting. -n particular& - have #or(ed successfully in the areas of special pro$+ ect management& presentation preparation& itinerary management& and all levels of travel scheduling and trac(ing. am also very proficient #ith all <icrosoft programs and

using a /alm /ilot.

I ( t e Hni*ue paraprofessional #ith r outstanding s(ills 3i resulting in becoming recently certified in e ad+vanced secretarial s(ills. 0bility to w totally run and C manage a small office or #or( as a team G member in a larger environment. A Core &trengths " .)ecutive 0ssistant si >aried 7omputer B(ills Jetter 7omposition ( 0ppointment <anagement 9 Pro'essional Experience K Dates <anufacturing 7o.& Je#iston& <aine *dministrative e *ssistant y /rovide secretarial


A7 #!H #IOLOGI#!


$o+erto &anche=) #.! 123 0lvarado


=allas& Te)as @ 243 + 432 L emailQemail.com

B.A$! CE$0121E! ANE&0-E&1.3.G1&0 with ;< years o' experience Cardiovascular and Emergency $esearch and Clinical &tudies /erioperative& preoperative& intraoperative& and postoperative practical e)perience in adminis+tering anesthetics& pain control& and moderate sedation& and an active participant in ongoing research. Core &trengths /rovide e)cellent medical care /rescribe pain+relieving medication 7ardiovascular and respiratory Doard certifiedA0B05C Pro'essional Experience ,O1T5 T.S0B <.=-70J 0BBO7-0T.B& =allas& Te)as 1KI2 to present


%ocused consultations #ith patients <onitor and control all situations -nfection control techni*ues Jicensed by the Btate of Te)as

Senior *nesthesiolo!ist /rovide /erioperative& /reoperative& -ntraoperative& and /ostoperative <edicare 7are for anes+thesia care& pain management& respiratory and cardiovascular disease& and emergency situa+tions. /erform medical assessments& dia!nose situations& monitor and control anesthetics& and prescribe pain+relieving medication. 0ctively participate in research and clinical studies.

1 2 3 4

Treated over 2'&''' patients in hospitals and clinics since 1KI2.

/atient satisfaction rated very high in interpersonal interactions. 7onducted more than 2 clinical studies since 1KK . 1ecogni9ed by the 0B05C as a 2Top 2 6 0nesthesiologist in 2''1. Belected as a member of the 0B05C Doard of =irectors in 2''2.

Gohns 5op(ins Hniversity Bchool of <edicine& Daltimore& <aryland !octor o' #edicine in Anesthesiology> 5675 Hniversity of 5ouston& Te)as Bachelor o' &cience !egree> #a?or( #edicine

<oderate Bedation <edical 7are 7onsultations /erioperative /reoperative -ntraoperative /ostoperative 0nesthetics
<edical 0ssessment <onitor and 7ontrol

/ain+1elieving -nterventions =iagnosis 1espiratory 7ardiovascular -nfection 7ontrol .mergency Bituations 1esearch and 7linical Btudies

our compan y, - have 2' years of e)perien ce as a Doard 7ertifie d 0nesthe siologist providin g perioper ative& preopera +tive& -ntraope rative& and postoper ative medicar e care. 0fter performi ng medical assessm ents on each patient&

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9 K

0nesthesiology /ain Doard 7ertified

- diagnose their situation& monitor and control anesthetics& and prescribe pain+relieving inter+ ventions. - have practical

e) in anesthesia& moderate sedation& pe respiratory and cardiovascular disease& rie infection control& and emergency situations. nc - believe my research and clinical studies e #ill help the practice greatly.


>isual DasicL >DBcript Gava
0ctive Berver /ages


GavaBcript ST<J S<J =5T<J 0ctiveS 7omL7O<T

.,et --B

BCJ Berver <TB 0=O Windo#s 2''' Jinu)

=esign =evelopment

-nfrastructure 7ode Testing /rogramming


@onas Gorauskas 11'2@ Boutheast 21 Doulevard 0ny#here& -daho ''''' :2'I; +'''' L emailQemail.com Application !eveloper

Expert *e+ Applicati on !eveloper Proven a+ility to trans'orm concepts into working) sta+le applications. Outstanding analytical& problem+

integrate Web sites #ith data+base servers& and code ne# programs and ne# server components. 0ddress and resolve numer+ous technical issues.

1 2 3

1eader8s 7hoice 0#ard& WebOnline& 2'''.

/ublished 2Hsing the %ileBystemOb$ect&6 /innacle /ublishing& -nc. 2''1.

/ublished 2Hser 0uthentication and <anagement Without a =atabase&6 0ctiveWeb =evel+oper&

Education Je#is+7lar( Btate 7ollege& Je#iston& -daho Bachelor o' &cience !egree in Computer &cience


1 2

Belected to lead the development of the WinDridge game client product.

"ey player selected to implement compiled server+side components to improve robustness and efficiency of client solutions.

solving and decision+ ma(ing s(ills. 0ble to solve comple) problems #ith efficient solutions. /roficient in managing multiple pro$ects. <ultilingualAflu+ ent in /ortuguese and .nglish. Core &trengths /rogramming 0bility Dusiness <anagement B(ills -nfrastructure /lanning 7ode Testing Pro'essional Experience 0"T->T.".com& Bierra& ,evada .eb * lication Develo er/0wner =evelop applications& analy9e data& plan infrastructure and deployment for Web sites. =efine and analy9e re*uirements& design& code& and implement core elements in the company8s prod+uct line. /erform ob$ect+ oriented Web application development&

words I ( t e r 3i e w C G A " si ( 9 K e y
*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, <y hands+on technical e)pertise ma(es me a great candidate for the $ob. - meet all *ualifications out+lined in the advertisement. earned a Dachelor of Bcience degree in 7omputer Bcience. - have designed& developed& and programmed a number of successful Web pro$ects& al#ays being cost+ conscious. 7om+pleting the /et.com e+commerce site re*uired dedication to the pro$ect from conception to completion. - have e)cellent communications s(ills and understand that providing superior customer service is the (ey to success.




Christopher A I@' 7levelan 0venue

Bt. /aul& <innesota 1'4 :! 1; +2 KK L emailQemail.com 3icensed Architect $egistered in #innesota) *isconsin) 1owa) and #ichigan 2luent in English) &panish) and 2rench Pro'icient with AutoCA!) 2ormA) B! &tudio) #& .''ice) Pagemaker =emonstrated success in e)ploring the relationship bet#een architecture and the environ+ment& preservation& and accessibility through the discourse of design. 0ble to enhance the un+derstanding& (no#ledge& and philosophy brought forth in *uality architecture. Core &trengths /ublic architecture /rogram definition /resentation graphics 0mericans #ith =isabilities 0ct Pro'essional Experience BT0T. O% <-,,.BOT0& Bt. /aul& <innesota 1KK to 7urrent *rchitect1 Bureau of +n!ineerin! <id#est region8s recogni9ed authority in the analysis& documentation& and restoration of his+toric log structures& completing 4 pro$ects to date. Bcope of pro$ect management encompasses manpo#er allocation& feasibility studies& site and cost analysis& estimating& and management budgets. Berved on the Technology /lanning 7ommittee& revie#ing and implementing tools and systems for the 0rchitectural Hnit. =esign& develop& and manage public par(& rural& and city pro$ects& from proposal development through ne# and restorative construction phases.


/reservation consultant =ra#ings and models 5istoric log structures TradeLcrossover s(ills

1 2 3 4

2The Dremerton .state6 featured in The Lo! 2ome Tradition maga9ine

2>olunteer of the 4ear6 a#ard recognition& The Bt. /aul 0rea 5istorical Bociety =esign %inalist& .lderly 5ousing :.)hibited at ,ational -nstitute of 5ealth; 20rchitecture 1esponds to 0mericans #ith =isabilities&6 featured in the St. 3aul Chronicle

Hniversity of <innesota& <inneapolis& <innesota #aster o' Architecture) 5666 Bachelor o' Architecture) 5676

=esign %inalist& 7ontemporary 5ealthcare %acility :.)hibited in ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or(; References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

<ultistate 0rchitect

Jicensure /rogram =efinition

0mericans #ith =isabilities 0ct 7ompliance

=ocuments 7onstruction .stimating and <anagement Bite and 7ost 0nalysis /resentation 3raphics %easibility Btudies /rogram =efinition =ra#ings and <odels /ublic 0rchitecture =esign %inalist Uoning and 7odes 5istoric Jog Btructures 7ommercial and 1esidential 0rchitecture <anpo#er 0llocation /reservation 7onsultant .)hibits <ultilingual %luency TradeL7rossover B(ills

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - am able to handle all phases of design: from program definition through design& models& and dra#+

in gn finalist and e)hibit recognition in gs academic and professional en+vironments& . including the =esign of the 4ear a#ard in < <inneapolis in 1KKK. Decause of y multilingual fluency& as #ell as historic and # public architecture e)pertise& my range of or influence is broad. <ultistate licensure and (s broad e)perience encompass commercial ha and residential& codes& 9oning& and 0=0 ve com+pliance. - have led manpo#er re allocation& feasibility studies& site and cost ce analysis& estimating and man+agement of iv pro$ects. TradeL7rossover s(ills in ed plumbing& electrical& build+out& and de renovation pro$ects have been valuable si assets to my #or(.


Jayout P =esign

H-LBite 0rchitecture Typography /re+/ressL/rint /roduction >isual <edia 7oncept =evelopment /aste+Hp /oint+of+Bale <aterials Trade /romotions =ealer Bell Bheets .vent 3raphics Dranding P 0dvertising /rint& Jogo& P -dentity Dounce+Dac(
Trade Bho# .)hibits


Dranding -dentity Drand Duilding -nterface =esign /roduct =esign 3lobal Drand Btrategy


Chris &mith Btrong >isual B(ills 7reative /roblem Bolving 1@I 3reen Btreet 1esource <anagement Dudget =evelopment L <anagement 0lbu*uer*u H-LBite 0rchitecture ,e# /roduct Jaunch e& ,e# On+Bite /romos %ormal 3raphic =esign Training <e)ico I@1'4 : ' ; Pro'essional Experience 1KK to /resent +1122 L B-7OJ0 <01T-,& 0ustin& TS emailQemai *rt Director l.com 0rt =irect ad campaigns in all divisions including Web site design& catalogs& dealer sell sheets& product graphics& pac(aging& point+of+sale materials& trade sho# promotions& and event graph+ics. Oversee all licensee Art !irection groups as -nternational 7reative =irector. <anage art department. 0s+sisted in the development and !esign presentation of global brand strategies for (ey client accounts. &peciali=in g in 1 =esigned and rendered accompanying point+of+sale materials. +randing) 2 Htili9ing illustrative talents& selected to complete product illustrations for bounce+bac( identity coupons and ad slic(s. developme 3 =irected paste+up and type+setting activities for direct mail pieces. nt) and team Education leadership $esour ce Allocati on Byracuse Hniversity& Byracuse& ,e# 4or( Bachelor o' 2ine Arts Advertising !esign) 567C

1 2

=esign of gallery graphics

3allery scheduling

3oad Balanci ng Extensive knowledge o' inter'ace design and 1nternet technologi es =ynamic& e)perienced professional #ith an eye on the bottom line. Bpecial ability to motivate teams and develop creative brand identity and advertising campaigns that consistently im+ prove mar(et position. Core &trengths


I( te r 3i e w C G A " si ( 9

value to my candidacy. With a long trac( record of success in advertising and *hy should we hire you)multimedia design& - #ill immediately add what are your strengths)value to your teamM and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - understand that you are loo(ing for a professional #ith a minimum of years of senior art direction e)perience. - have more than 1' years of hands+on direction e)perience. What ma(es me uni*ue is that have fre*uently done lettering as part of the product design pro$ects on #hich -8m #or(ing. special+i9e in typography& brand building& and identity design& #hich add collateral




#aria 3ane 1idge#ay Bherman

Oa(s& 7alifornia K134' :I1I; 2222 L emailQemail.com

133/&0$A0.$ A$01&0 !E&1GNE$ Creative Artist !esigner Experienced in !iverse #ediums. &trong &ense o' Color) !etail) Balance) and Proportion. 0alented in 1nterpreting Needs o' Clients. 7reative artistLdesigner #ho consistently e)ceeds client e)pectations. =eveloped business im+ages and design graphics& logos& illustration& murals& and te)tiles for #ide range of corporate and private clients. D.0. in art #ith strong computer s(ills including 70=& 0dobe -llustrator& /age<a(er& /hotoshop& Cuar(& etc. Wor(s #ell independently as #ell as collaboratively in a team environment. B(illed in monitoring trends and styles. Core &trengths -llustrations B(etch 0rtist Jogos Dusiness -mages 7reative =irection Pro'essional Experience 1KK L/rese nt 5.01T%.JT 310/5-7B& .ncino& 70 Te)tile 0rtist L =esigner =esign product line for multimillion manufacturer of te)tiles. <onitor fashion trends and styles to conceive ne# designs that 2#in6 accounts and meet consumer demand. 7reated sea+sonal and proprietary branded designs for retail mass mar(et. 7reate business images includ+ing logos& pac(aging& illustrations& and murals for office decor.


Te)tile =esign /ac(aging <urals 3raphic =esign =esign .lements

1 2 3 4

7onceived innovative designs that generated #idespread industry recognition for company and increased sales fourfold. 7reated designs that have become classics and bro(e all sales records.
7onsistently met critical deadlines in a fast+paced environment. =eveloped specialty pac(aging for soft+drin( product launch.

Education H,->.1B-T4 O% 70J-%O1,-0& Jos 0ngeles& 70 D.0. in 0rt and 0rt 5istory .)cellent 1ecommendations 0vailable upon 1e*uest

Dusiness -mages 7olor 7reative =irection =esigner 3raphic =esign -llustrator Jogos <urals /ac(aging /ainting /roduct =evelopment /romotional <aterial /roportion B(etch 0rtist Talent Te)tile =esign Trends

our compa ny,

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9
0rtistic Dalance Dranding

K e

- am a creative designe r #ith talent and e)perie nce across diverse medium s. possess a strong sense of color and have an innate sense of design. - have #or(ed #ith several design soft#ar e progra ms and graphic designe

rs& and li(e to interpret client needs and preferences and produce a magical end result that seems al#ays to

i s them. - have conceived innovative m designs that generated industry recog+ pr nition and increased sales. es

. 5


0dvocacy 7hapter =evelopment /rogram 0dministration =evelopment <ember+=riven Organi9ation

7ertified 0ssociation


.)ecutive :70.; ,ot+for+/rofit Jeadership <ember 1ecruitment <ember 1etention <ember Bervices Dudget 0llocation
1evenue 3eneration

<ember =evelopment .ducational /rogramming %und+1aising 3rant+Writing Bpecial .vents <anagement /ublic 1elations <ember 7ommunications


$o+ert &. ent !awson) CAE K@@ <arlboro 7ourt 7ertified 0ssociation .)ecutive :70.; and .)ecutive =irector of not+for+profit association. ,oted for Ja#rencevill leadership in member recruitment and retention& budget allocation& revenue genera+tion& and program e& ,e# e)pansion. Gersey 'I!4I :!'K; + Core &trengths 1234 L %inancialLDudget <anagement <ember =evelopment emailQemail Jegislative 0dvocacy .ducational /rogramming .com /ublicL<edia 1elations %und+1aisingL3rant Writing Btaff =evelopmentLTraining Bpecial .vents <anagement Assoc iation Pro'essional Experience #an 1KKI to ager 5H,T.1=O, T.075.1B 0BBO7-0T-O,& .#ing& ,e# Gersey 7urrent Exec utive Executive !irector !irec 1ecruited to revitali9e 2 ''+member professional association of teachers in 5unterdon 7ounty. 3uide policy tor for Doard of =irectors& provide educational programming& legislative advocacy& and member Prov communications. <anage OI''&''' annual budget along #ith O ''&''' in strate+gic funds and investments. en Jead conference planning& community outreach& and fund+raising. 1epresent 5T0 at local& state& regional& track and national events. recor d o' advo cacy and chap ter devel opm ent P ro g r a m A d m in is tr at io n ! e v el o p m e nt C o o r di n at io n #em +erdrive n orga ni=at ion man agem

1 2 3

Bpearheaded goal+based strategic visioning and planning committee& #hich has implement+ed benchmar(ed ob$ectives for member services. -ncreased membership by over 'R #ithin t#o years& #ith record+brea(ing recruitment and rene#al rates and targeted program e)pansion. 7ontrolled costs and saved O &''' through in+depth insurance revie#.

Education 1ider Hniversity& Ja#renceville& ,e# Gersey Bachelor o' Arts) &ociology and Business AdministrationD566;

1 2

7ertified 0ssociation .)ecutive& Bociety of 0ssociation .)ecutives

<anagement 7ertificate& Uenger+<iller Jeadership /rogram

u) what C are your G strength s) and A

how do you see yoursel' " scontri+ uting to i our (compan y,

0s an e)perien K ced e0ssociat yion .)ecutiv w e& my oproactiv re organi9a dtion sleadershi p has * included h (ey ele+ y ments in s the long+ h term o success u of a l member+ d driven worgani9a e tion: h viable i organi9a r tion e mission y and pol+ o icy

de vel op me nt co upl ed #it h tan gib le& hig h+ be nef it me mb er ser vic es an d rev en ue de vel op me nt act ivi + tie s. Th is co mb

ination drives member recruitment and retention& promotes positive public relations& and stimulates productive board relations. #ould li(e to do the same for you.




-unt *esley) 34 K Bummit 0 Bt. /aul&

<innesota 1'2 :! 1; emailQemail.com

+K@13 L

Auditing &pecialist 5E-:ear Career Ensuring 0ight 2inancial Controls 1nternal $evenue &ervice Pu+lic Accounting Corporate Accounting .perational Audit and Corporate !evelopment Expertise Droad career path has enhanced auditing e)pertise from the perspectives of government regu+latory and compliance auditor& public accounting auditor& and corporate controller. Btay proac+tive #ith audit techni*ues& accounting methods& and codes and regulations. Core &trengths Cost avoidance % reduction Ta) audits 0sset P liability management /rofitLloss :/PJ; analysis Pro'essional Experience -,T.1,0J 1.>.,H. B.1>-7.& Bt. /aul& <innesota 1KK to 7urrent


2inancial audits 0udit controls %inancial models 0udit management

*uditor /lanned and managed ta) and financial audits for businesses throughout <innesota& design+ing and implementing a comprehensive program of financial controls and accountability. .n+forced internal controls governing finance& accounting& capital assets& and technology ac*uisi+tions. -ntroduced proactive management techni*ues to strengthen focus on cost avoidance and reduction. Jed a team of 1' responsible for corporate ta) filings in more than !'' local& state& and federal $urisdictions.

1 2 3 4

-ntegrated audit controls that reversed the previous e)ternal audit revie# findings.
5elped client reduce debt by 2IR through improved credit and collection processes. -mplemented financial controls reversing several companies8 previous year8s losses. Jed operational audits of Balvation 0rmy& ensuring federalLorgani9ation compliance.

Hniversity of <innesota& <inneapolis& <innesota Bachelor o' Business Administration( Accounting) 567E

1 2

7./.0.& Btate of <innesota& since 1KI!

0ccounting 7lub Treasurer& 2 years

0udit <anagement

0udit 7ontrols 0sset P Jiability <anagement Ta) 0udits 7orporate =evelopment

/ublic P 7orporate

0ccounting 7ost 0voidance 7ost 1eduction 7ostLDenefit 0nalysis =ue =iligence %inancial 0udits %inancial 7ontrols %inancial <odels -nternalL.)ternal 7ontrols -nternalL.)ternal 0udit 1evie#s
Operational 0udits

-nternal 1evenue Bervice /rofitLJoss :/PJ; 0nalysis 1egulatory 7ompliance 0uditing 7omputer Bavvy

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*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, offer e)emplary

pe ue Bervice& 2Dig I6 accounting firms& and rf corpo+rate settings. - have a trac( record of or directing financial and operational audit m management programs of businesses an #orld#ide. -n doing so& - have established a ce structured process to e)pedite regulatory #i compliance auditing& reporting& and th defense. One of my strengths is in in implementing stringent audit controls to -n accommodate internal and e)ternal audit te revie#s. - can create sound financial status rn through internal and e)ternal controls al focused on due diligence. Btrong computer 1 systems e)pertise also ensures my ability to ev distinguish bet#een problems caused by en systems errors or fla#ed input.



/roducts 0uto /arts "no#ledge 0utomotive "no#ledge 7lient 1elations 7ommunications 7ustomer Bervice .ntrepreneurial =rive .)pense 7ontrol -nventory <anagement Jeadership <otivated O.< /arts Organi9ational B(ills
/PJ 1esponsibility 1etail <anagement


Bales 3ro#th

Btaff =evelopment Team Duilding Warehouse Operations


Greg 2antin productivity. !!22' <agnolia Core &trengths Doulevard .ncino& O.< P 0fter+<ar(et /arts 7lient 1elations 7alifornia K131! :I1I; .)pense 7ontrol BhippingL1eceiving +1111L emailQemail. Team Duilding P Jeadership com Pro'essional Experience A/0.#. B13E PA$0& #ANAGE $ 2ive :earsF Automotiv e 1ndustry Experienc e> 0hree :ears as #anager &trong Custome r &ervice .rientati on 0HTO H,->.1B.& Jos ngeles& 70

-nventory <anagement /PJ 1esponsibility Warehouse Operations Btaff =evelopment Organi9ational B(ills 1KK@L/rese nt

.ncino& 70

*uto 3arts Mana!er =irect day+to+day operations of leading auto parts retailer #ith full /PJ responsibility. .nsure high level of customer serviceLsupport.

1 2 3 4

-ncreased sales by average of 1 R annually through combination of e)cellent staff training and mentoring& improved merchandising efforts& and continued focus on customer service. -mplemented inventory controls that streamlined product delivery #hile concurrently re+ducing theft and loss. 1ecruited& trained& and developed V1 team out of 2 stores in Western 1egion. -nitiated mentoring program #ith local schools& culminating in recognition by local govern+ment officials for community support& and generating positive publicity for company.

Education 70J-%O1,-0 BT0T. H,->.1B-T4& Jos 0ngeles& 70 D.0. in Dusiness 0dministration

0rack $ecord o' &ales Growt h and 1ncreas ed &ta'' Produc tivity -n+depth automotive and auto parts (no#ledge. Btrong entrepreneurial drive #ith e)cellent communication& organi9ational& and problem+solving abilities. /roven ability to increase sales& reduce costs& and motivate teams to achieve high levels of

GA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e w C
*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - am familiar #ith all aspects of automotive parts operations& #ith five years direct.? e)perience includ+ing three years management level e)perience. 4ou need strong customer service s(ills since this posi+

tion deals #ith customers constantly& and - am very comfortable #or(ing #ith the public. - am also e)+perienced at managing tight inventory controls that ensured timely delivery of products #hile reducing losses and theft. %inally& at 0uto Hniverse& sales increase by about 1 R annually through combination of e)cellent staff training and improved merchandising.




@e'' 4ilpatric 1K2+3 32nd 0 %lushing& ,4


+1122 L emailQemail.com

Banking Branch #anager 2ive :earsF Pro'ita+le Branch .perations Experience !eep 4nowledge o' Bank Products) Practices) and Procedures Committed to Customer &ervice and Community $elations 5igh+energy professional #ith fast+trac( hands+on ban(ing e)perience. B(illed in the strategic planning& sales building& and local brand building needed for a branch8s visibility and viability in this competitive industry. Core &trengths Dusiness =evelopment 0ction /lansLBales 3oals 7onsumer Dan(ing /rograms Dan( 7ompliance Pro'essional Experience 0storia %ederal Bavings& Dayside& ,4


7ash <anagement DudgetsLBtaffing 1elationship <anagement Btaff 7oachingL<onitoring

1KK@ to 7urrent

Branch Mana!er& Ba$side and "lushin! <anage all ban(ing activities and 2'+member staff for t#o neighborhood branches of this lead+ing ,e# 4or( <etro retail ban(ing institution. =irect and train staff in deposit and loan pro+duction& merchant services& consumer credit and mortgage administration& -nternet and 0T< ban(ing& and customer service strategies. 0ctively develop relationships #ith local businesses and community leaders.

1 2 3 4

3enerated 22R revenue increase by increasing customer retention.

<anaged turn(ey opening and staffing of ne# %lushing branch. -nitiated profitable 2,eighborhood =ays6 branch promotions. /artnered #ith merchants to raise visibility through community events.

Cueens 7ollege& The 7ity Hniversity of ,e# 4or(& %lushing& ,4 Bachelor o' Arts( Business Administration) 566G

1 2

3/0 3.@
3raduated #ith 5onors

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

Dranch Operations Dan( 7ompliance 7ash <anagement Dusiness =evelopment 1elationship <anagement
7ustomer 1elationsL

Dranch Bales 0ction

/lans Bales 3oals Btaff 7oachingL <onitoring =epositLJoan /roduction

0lternative Bystems

-nternet Dan(ing 0T< Dan(ing <erchant Bervices 7ommunity 1elations Dudgets Btaff BchedulingL <anagement 7onsumer 7reditL<ortgage 0dministration 7ustomer Bervice Btrategies 7onsumer Dan(ing /rograms

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*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

manager #ho has fast+trac(ed from teller& to 0s assistant manager& to branch manager an #ithin a fe# short years& - have a hands+on e) understanding of all facets of ban(ing at the perbranch level. -8ve used that (no#ledge to innovative customer+driven ien develop ce programs that have de+livered a 22R d revenue increase this year& despite a lagging braeconomy. 7ustomer retention rates have nc gro#n by over 2'R as #ell. Our customers h and staff are happy& our operations are lean& and our mar+gins reflect that.


Dan(ing Bafe =eposit

0T< /rocessing >ault Operations Dan( Teller %oreign 7urrency .)change 0udit .)amination Transaction 0pproval /rocessed =ata 1etrieval 0ccountability of Transactions =aily Bettlement Bheet Joc(bo) /rocessing %unds Transfer Operations Transaction Dan(ing 1econciliation /ro$ects 0ncillary Bales 1eferrals 1econnet Boft#are
Joan =ocumentation


Dac( Operations 0ccounting Dranch 0utomation Dan(ing


Patricia A. Evans transactions #ithin established guidelines. -dentify and ma(e ancillary sales referrals& recommend alternate channels& cross+sell ban( services and products for Wells %argo partners& and render consistently superior 1234 Olde /ost 1oad customer service. /rovide access to processed data retrieval for ban(ing customers. 0dditional responsibilities Jovington& include safe deposit& merchant& and vault operations& 0T< processing& bond and coupon sale& foreign ,e# <e)ico currency e)change& night shift loc(bo) processing& and funds transfer operations. II2!' : '!; +1122 L 1 ,oticed for maintaining full accountability of transactions. emailQemai 2 1ecogni9ed for computing figures #ith speed and accuracy. l.com BAN4 0E33E$ 4 0#arded 2Teller of the 4ear6 for providing continuously superior customer service. Accura cy Education !epend 7ity Hniversity of ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or( a+ility Bachelor o' &cience Accounting) 566B E''icien cy 1 ,B% Bcholarship recipient Bonded to handle large

0ble to satisfy consistently stringent audit e)aminations.

/ast /resident& 7ity Hniversity 0lumni 0ssociation

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

I( te r 3i e 5ighly *ualified Bank 0eller #ith w e)tensive e)perience as a cash handler and C customer ser+vice G representative. 7ustomer focused& A goal oriented& #ith e)cellent verbal " communication and si interpersonal s(ills. ( Core &trengths %unds Transfer Operations 9 %oreign .)change 7onversions /rocessed =ata 1etrieval K Pro'essional Experience e W.JJB %013O& Jovington& ,e# <e)ico y Teller w /rocess customer

sums $econci liation Pro?ect &peciali st Back .perati ons Account ing

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, With over five years of e)perience in transaction and branch automation ban(ing& a degree in ac+counting& and a superior record for accuracy& - offer immediate value to your team. <y biggest strengths are my mathematical ability& my enthusiasm& and my total dedication to *uality and personal and pro+fessional gro#th. - #ill al#ays do my best to provide your customers& my colleagues& and my supervi+sors #ith the level of performance they e)pect and deserve.

1 0

B 7 ;I!# COOR6I7A!OR


*ilma 2. &andstone 1K@2 ,orth I

Btreet <il#au(ee& W- 3223 :414; +1122 L emailQemail.com Bene'its Coordinator Expertise in health) dental) li'e) A!%!) 30!) &0!) and pension plans Certi'ied Employee Bene'its &pecialist Employee Education Cost-e''ective approach to +ene'its administration 0 cost+effective professional #ith e)pertise in administering health& dental& life& 0=P=& JT=& BT=& and pension plans. B(illed analy9ing e)isting plans and e)amining ne# insurance plans that meet employee and corporate goals. Core &trengths .mployee education and training 7ost+effective plan selection -nsurance billing reconciliation .mployee satisfaction survey Pro'essional Experience %1-.,=B5-/ >-JJ03.& <il#au(ee& Wisconsin 1KK' to /resent


Denefits analysis and administration ,e# plan rollout and integration "no#ledge of employment la# 7ompliance #ith standards

Benefits Coordinator 1esearch& select& and administer insurance plans and employee benefit pac(ages for appro)i+mately 4'' employees& including health& dental& life& 0=P=& JT=& BT=& and pension plans. 7o+ordinate employee surveys to assess satisfaction levels and needs. 7onduct bi#ee(ly employee benefit orientations. /rocess family and medical leave paper#or(. 1econcile insurance billings. "eep abreast of current employment la#s.

1 2 3

0s a result of an employee survey& adopted ne# dental plan that improved employee satis+faction and increased enrollment. 0naly9edLcoordinated integration of benefits for pending ac*uisition and its @3 employees.
=eveloped and administered successful on+site education program.

Education W501TO, B75OOJ O% T5. H,->.1B-T4 O% /.,,B4J>0,-0 :-nternational %oundation of Denefits;& /hiladelphia& /ennsylvania Certi'ied Employee Bene'its &pecialist 8CEB&9) 566<

Denefits =iscussion 3roup& <10 Btudent 7hapter References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

7ertified .mployee

Denefits Bpecialist
5ealth& =ental& Jife& 0=P=& JT=& BT=

0dministration 4'1" and /ension

/lan 0dministration %amily <edical Jeave

.mployee .ducation

and Training Denefits -ntegration -nsurance /lan 1esearch and Belection

Denefits 0ssessmentL

.mployee Batisfaction

Burvey 7ompliance .mployee 1elations

-ncreased .nrollment

On+site .ducational /rograms 1esolve Denefit -ssues Jiaison -nsurance Dilling 1econciliation ,e# /lan 1ollout "no#ledge of
.mployment Ja#s

Denefits Orientation =ocumentation

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou 7ertified .mployee Denefits Bpecialist r #ith more than a decade of e)perience co researching& select+ing& and administering m cost+effective health& dental& life& 0=P=& pa JT=& BT=& 4'1"& and pension plans& - am ny confident - can select and administer plans , benefiting both employee and company goals. 0s a suc+cessful liaison and 0s resource& - educate ne# and e)isting a personnel in plan benefits& #hile ensuring sat+isfaction.

1 *

0ccounts /ayable
0ccounts 1eceivable



0ccuracy 0naly9e Dan( =eposits 7lient 1elations 7ollections 7omputer B(ills .)pense 1eports .)pense Trac(ing 3eneral Jedger 3eneral Office -nvoicing Gournal .ntries <onth+.nd 7losing <ultitas(ing /ayroll 1econciliations 1esearch Trial Dalance


0risha 0hompson 1 1 >al$ean 0venue .ncino& 7alifornia K131! :I1I; +1122 L emailQemail.com 2ull Charge Bookkeeper

5E :earsF Experience in All Aspects o' Bookkeeping through 0rial Balance P roa cti ve in &tr ea mli nin g Pr oce du res Ad ept at # ult ita ski ng Ex cel

) and Peachtree =etail+oriented professional committed to efficiency and thoroughness. Wor(s #ell indepen+dently as #ell as collaboratively in a team environment. /roven ability to process high volume of #or( accurately and meet critical deadlines #ith attention to detail. Core &trengths 0ccounts /ayableL1eceivable Trial Dalance /ayroll 7ollections Pro'essional Experience BTH=-O 7-T4 D<W& Btudio 7ity& 70

Gournal .ntries P 3eneral Jedger 0ccount P Dan( 1econciliations .)pense Trac(ing P 1eports 7lient 1elations

1KK to 7urrent

"ull Char!e Boo##ee er 5andle all boo((eeping functions for busy D<W dealership& including 0ccounts 1eceivableL/ayable& /ayroll /rocessing& and -nvoicing. 0ccurately processed high volume of records in a fast+paced environment. 3enerate monthly trial balance. 1econcile ban( state+ments and (ey accounts identifying& researching& and analy9ing all variances. /rocess e)pense accounts and generate reimbursements. Tactfully follo# up on and resolve overdue receivables and collections. 7onsistently meet critical deadlines. /rovide additional general office support.

1 2 3 4

Hpon hire& organi9ed si)+month bac(log of boo((eeping and accounting documentation.

7ollected on accounts that #ere seriously delin*uent. 7reated standardi9ed forms to process more e)pense accounts on timely basis.

Transitioned boo((eeping and payroll processes to Cuic(Doo(s and 0=/ respectively in re+ sponse to increasing #or( volume.

Education Jos 0ngeles >alley 7ollege& >alley 3len& 70 0.0. in 3eneral .ducationN 1KK4 References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

len t Co mp ute r &ki lls 1nc lud ing Hu ick Bo ok s) A !P

w CGA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e

payroll processing. 4ou mentioned you have a fast+paced en+vironment& and our current operation processes a high volume *hy should we hire you)of records. - consistently meet critical what are your strengths)deadlines. Technically& - reconcile monthly and how do you seeaccounts and ban( statements& accounting yoursel' contri+uting tofor all variances& manage the 3J& and oversee all invoicing. - #or( #ell our company, independently as #ell as collaboratively in a team environment. have a thorough (no#ledge of all aspects of boo((eeping through trial balance. - am e)perienced in accounts receivable& accounts payable& and




Grace #athe K2@ The <ap /enni

ngton& ,G& 'I 34 :!'K; emailQemail.com

+1122 L

&enior Brand #anager Iice President o' Pepperidge 2arm !ivision) Camp+ell &oup Company 2i'teen :earsF Experience in Product !evelopment) 3aunch) and #arketing Cradle-to-Grave Product 3ine .versight -nspire teams to achieve& create& and bring products to mar(et& develop strategies to increase sales& develop systems to gro# productivity& reengineer processes to reduce costs& and lead business to profitability. Core &trengths 7radle+to+3rave /roduct Jife 7ycle /rofit P Joss :/PJ; <anagement /roductL<ar(et /ositioning /roductL<ar(et Jaunch Pro'essional Experience 7ampbell Boup 7ompany& 7amden& ,G


7ross+%unctional Team <anagement <ultigeneration /roduct /lans 7ompetitive -ntelligence Trend -dentificationL0nalysis

1KK2 to 7urrent

43 Mar#etin!& 3e erid!e "arm / Senior Brand Mana!er Bpearheaded revitali9ation and ne# product development for one of 7ampbell8s leading divi+sions& delivering five successful ne# products& creative pricing and service strategies& and inno+vative purchasing and cost+ reduction initiatives. <anage full product life cycle& 7+level rela+tionship building& strategic distribution partnerships& and continuous mar(et research for competitive advantage. -nitiatives have produced over O ' million in ne# sales in five years. <anage a multimillion+dollar /PJ and a staff of 1' directs.

1 2 3 4

Jed 7oo(ieL7rac(er division to O1'' million in annual sales :T3'R;.

=elivered top profit contribution of company8s three divisions :T2 R;. Baved plant from closure by developing successful ne# snac( product. ,e# product has generated O3' million in sales in first t#o years.

The Wharton Bchool& Hniversity of /ennsylvania& /hiladelphia& /0 #.B.A.( #arketing) 566< Temple Hniversity& /hiladelphia& /0 Bachelor o' Arts( Economics) 567E References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

Drand <anagement

0dvertising 7ampaign <anagement <ultigeneration /roduct /lan <ar(eting 7ommunications 7ross+%unctional /roduct Team
Trend -dentificationL

0nalysis 7ompetitive 0dvantage /ricing Btrategies Bervice Btrategies /urchasingL7ost+ 1eduction -nitiatives <ar(et Bhare
1elationship Duilding

/roductL<ar(et Jaunch /roductL<ar(et /ositioning 7ompetitive -ntelligence <ar(et 1esearch /roduct Jifecycle <anagement 7radle+to+3rave
/roduct Jife 7ycle /rofit P Joss :/PJ;


I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

Wi in the development& gro#th& or turnaround th of leading brands& - offer you a proven ov history of innovative mar(eting initiatives. er The s(ills and passion that - bring to brand 1 management& business development& and ye campaign management translate directly to ars the bottom line. <y leadership of cross+ 8 functional product teams has led ma$or pardivisions in "raft& <ars& and 7ampbell ticiBoup to ne# highs in productivity& mar(et pat share& and brand success. 4our mar(et iondomination is my goal.


3eneral Duilding -nspector


-nternational 7onference of Duilding Officials :-7DO; 7ertified -nspector

%ield -nspections 0utomated /ermitting 1esidential and 7ommercial 7onstruction Duilding Trade 7onstruction
Duilding -nspections


<aterials Btandards -nspection Ordinances 7ode 7ompliance 7ustomer Bervice Duilding 7ode 1e*uirements <aterial 0ssembly /ractices 7ode .nforcement Team Duilding 7ustomer 1elationship <anagement Duilding /lans Dlueprints 7onstruction Ja#s


0heresa #ascagni ial Construction 1@ <ercer Btreet <t. Jaurel& 7ertified -nspector :-7DO; e)perienced in building trade construction and building inspections& materials ,e# Gersey standards& inspection ordinances& and code compliance. Team player #ith e)emplary customer service 'I' 4 :I !; commitment. +4 I! L emailQemail Core &trengths Duilding 7ode 1e*uirements 0utomated /ermittingL-nspections .com Duilding <aterials Btandards 7ode and Ordinance .nforcement General <aterial 0ssembly /ractices Btate and Jocal 7onstruction Ja#s Building Team Duilding and <otivation 7ustomer 1elationship <anagement 1nspector Pro'essional Experience 1nterna tional T1.,TO, /HDJ-7 WO1"B& Trenton& ,e# Gersey 1KI to 7urrent Con'ere General Buildin! ,ns ector ,,, nce o' Buildin /erform s(illed field inspections of residential and commercial buildings under construction or renovation. g 1evie# building plans and blueprints to determine compliance #ith codes& ordi+nances& and regulations. .''icial 7ommitted to providing *uality customer service& and ensuring struc+turally sound and safe buildings. Train& s evaluate& and supervise team of si) $unior inspectors. 81CB.9 Certi'ie 1 Jead inspection team in producing up to 3'' field inspections monthly& overseeing pro$ect d coordination #ith other city and county departments. & k i l l e d 2 i e l d 1 n s p e c t i o n s A u t o m a t e d P e r m i t t i n g $esi denti al and Com merc

2 3

7aptured high level of customer satisfaction :IIR approval rating; by providing timely in+ spection #or( and responsive code enforcement. -ntroduced and maintain automated permitting and inspection soft#are& increasing depart+ment efficiency by 14@R and reducing labor costs.

Education Durlington 7ommunity 7ollege& /emberton& ,e# Gersey Associate o' &cience !egree) General EngineeringD567J

1 2

-nternational 7onference of Duilding Officials 7ertificationA1KI

<ember& 7onstruction Technology 0ssociation of ,e# Gersey

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

u) what C are your G strength s) and A

how do you see yoursel' " scontri+ uting to i our (compan y,

With training K in egeneral yengineer ing and w 1@ oyears8 r e)perien ce in ds(illed sinspecti onal * #or(& h have y gained s e)tensiv he o (no#led u ge in l building d inspecti wons& as e #ell as h state and i local r code e complia y nce o issues.

< or eo ve r& ha ve be en ab le to bu ild co he siv e ins pe cti on tea ms :# ith litt le e m pl oy ee tur no ve r;& ge ne rat e co st+

saving automated processes& and #in the trust and approval of builders& contractors& and home+ o#ners ali(e. - am ready for a ne# challengeA#hen can - beginF




Patti Coury 123 B. %ourth "e#an

ee& -llinois !1443 :3'K; emailQemail.com

+1234 L

Call Center !irector -ighly Accomplished and Glo+ally Experienced Network Administration .perational 3eadership Expertise in Huality 1mprovement and Business !evelopment 3oal+oriented& technically adept& and highly motivated call center manager #ith a proven trac( record in building& mentoring& and motivating highly effective teams and e)ceeding corporate sales goals. Core &trengths 7ontract ,egotiations Btrategic /lanning 7ost 1eduction Bupplier <anagement ,et#or( 0dministration Pro'essional Experience T.J.7O< 7O</0,4


<ultisite Operation Outsourcing >endor ,egotiations 7ost 0nalysis Total Cuality <anagement :TC<;

1KI@ to 7urrent

Call Center Director 1ecruited to turn around operations& reduce turnover& drive profits& and boost morale. =evel+oped and implemented continuous process improvement approaches& integrated technology so+lutions& reengineered internal systems& and played a (ey role in business development. Jed benchmar(ing pro$ect to achieve productivity improvement and increase customer retention on inbound callsN significantly improved customer relations and communications.

1 2 3 4

/layed a (ey role in supporting a (ey client8s global mar(et e)pansion.

7hampioned Total Cuality <anagement :TC<; programs. Bpearheaded employee recognition programs& reducing turnover by 2'R.

Oversa# net#or( administration and achieved cost reductions in hard#are by assigning a technical e*uipment manager to manage accessories.

Education -JJ-,O-B BT0T. 7OJJ.3.& <O130,& -llinois Bachelor o' Arts( Business Communications 567B


7ustomer 1elations
<ultisite Operations

<anagement Cuality -mprovement ,et#or( 0dministration 7all 7enter

Technology Bolutions

Dusiness =evelopment
Total Cuality <anagement :TC<;

0dvanced Technology 1eengineering 7ontinuous /rocess -mprovement 7ustomer Bervice /roductivity -mprovement 3lobal <ar(et .)pansion 7ost 1eduction /erformance -mprovement Jo# .mployee Turnover 7ustomer 1etention .fficiency -mprovement

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy &hould .ur Company -ire :ou, - have a successful trac( record of managing call

ce ology standpoint and per+sonnel. - have nte improved failing call centers on t#o rs& occasions in different industries& #hile bot increasing profits& boosting morale& and h reducing employee turnover. The (ey fro factors in achieving these results have been m my ability to analy9e operations *uic(ly a and spearhead numerous programs& tec policies& and procedures to reengineer hn systems and achieve the corporate mission.

1 5


7areer =evelopment Gob Bearch 7oaching



7areer 0ssessments 7areer =ecision <a(ing 3roup %acilitation

,ational 7ertified 7areer 7ounselor :,777;

7areer Bervices 7areer /lanning Dusiness ,et#or(ing Gob =evelopment >ocational 7ounseling <ultimedia /resentations
/ortfolio /reparation

7areer 7ounseling 0cademic 7ounseling Transfer 7ounseling -nta(e 7ounseling ,eeds 0ssessment 7areer 1esearch .mployment /reparation


Cathy Huigley 1ndividual and Group 2acilitation 1'4' Bha(er =rive 7olumbi 7onfident& compassionate& licensed professional counselor and ,ational 7ertified 7areer 7oun+selor #ith 1I a& <aryland years of demonstrated career services effectiveness facilitating adult career tran+sitions and $ob search s(ills. 21'4! :41'; +124 L emailQemai Core &trengths 7areer =evelopment and /lanning /rogramLWor(shop =esign l.com 7areer 0ssessments and -nterpretations 3roup %acilitationLTraining Career Dusiness ,et#or(ingLGob =evelopment <ultimedia /resentations Counselor >ocational 7ounseling and 3uidance /ortfolio /reparation Career Coach Pro'essional Experience C ".,T 7O<<H,-T4 7OJJ.3.& 7olumbia& <aryland& 1KK to 7urrent ar Senior Career Counselor ee r /rovide career& $ob search& academic and transfer counseling to diverse student population. One of three ! career counselors for 1I''+student campus. 0dminister career assessments& indi+vidual and group facilitation ev sessions& and career information #or(shops. =eliver inta(e coun+seling& needs assessment& career research el and planning& employment preparation& resume #rit+ing& and mentoring programs. Bupervise t#o career o technicians. p m 1 .)panded career services program to include -nternet+based delivery& including on+line stu+dent e support group and interactive career research. nt 2 0chieved highest student satisfaction rating :K!R; for department :as compared to other a campus departments; for the last four years. n 3 Teamed cross+departmentally to deliver highly successful career fairs. d @ Education o + The Gohns 5op(ins Hniversity& Daltimore& <aryland & #aster o' &cience) Guidance and CounselingD567E ea 1 ,ational 7ertified 7areer 7ounselor :,777; rc h 2 7ertified 7areer <anagement 7oach :77<7;

C o ac hi n g Care er Asse ssme nt 1nstr ume nts Care er !eci sion #ak ing

A "si(9 Keywords I( te r 3i e w C G

that perspective& - have developed up+to+ date de+livery of career services utili9ing Web+based tools that ensure *uality& *hy should we hire you)interactive information at lo# cost. 0s an what are your strengths)2,%6 - genuinely care about meeting each and how do you seestudent8s career counseling needs. %inally& yoursel' contri+uting toas a 2G&6 - get things doneM =o $ou need an innovative& proactive career counselorF our company, 0s a <yers+Driggs Type .,%G& - bring a 2big picture6 perspective to the career development issues of students& as #ell as to department constraints. With




Emma 0hompson) C 0manda 0 .ncino&

7alifornia K131! :I1I; emailQemail.com

+KI@ L

CPADKBig EL Experience Expertise in 0axation 2orensic Accounting Auditing 2inancial Analysis Cutting-Edge 0echnology &olutions -iring) 0raining) % &upervising Benior+Jevel 0ccounting /rofessional #ith e)cellent *ualifications in accounting& client rela+tionships management& and financialLta) reporting. -n+depth (no#ledge of generally accepted accounting principles as #ell as federal and state ta) guidelines. /roven ability to #or( #ell under pressure #ith attention to detail and meeting critical deadlines. 5ighly developed s(ills in analy9ingLinterpretingLsummari9ing data& problem solving& building client rapport& and or+gani9ational management. Core &trengths 1esearch P 0nalysis Btate P %ederal -ncome Ta)es %inancial 1eporting P /ro$ections 7ompilation P 1evie#s 7lient 1elations Pro'essional Experience GO,.B& BT.-, P W-JJ-<B& 7/0B& Deverly 5ills& 70 1KK L/rese nt


Ta) /lanning /PJ .valuation Dudget =evelopmentL<anagement Dusiness =evelopment 5iring& Training P Bupervision

C3*/Senior *ccountant /rovide full range of accounting and ta) services including audits& pro$ections& compilations and revie#& and ta) return preparation for corporations& partnerships& and individuals. =evelop and manage client relationships across diverse industries including entertainment& real estate& construction& and nonprofits& as #ell as high net #orth individuals. 1esearch comple) ta) is+sues. Train and supervise $unior staff members.

1 2 3 4

-ntroduced technology solutions that standardi9ed in+house tas(s including audit #or(ing papers& financial reports& and ta) returns. 1educed time re*uired to complete audits and ta) returns by 3'R. 0dvised real estate holding company through various comple) due diligence and financing procedures. =irected preac*uisition audit of manufacturing operation considered for purchase by ma$or client. %indings resulting in recommendation that purchase not be completed. Buccessfully negotiated -1B ta) settlements on behalf of clients.

Education H,->.1B-T4 O% 70J-%O1,-0& Jos 0ngeles& 70N D.0. in .conomics

0uditing Dan(ing P Jines of 7redit Dudgeting

7lient 1elationships

7ompilation P 1evie#s 7/0 %inancial 0nalysis %inancial 1eporting %inancial /ro$ections

%orensic 0ccounting

3enerally 0ccepted 0ccounting /rinciplesL300/ 5iring& Training& P Bupervising /PJ .valuation /roblem Bolving
1esearch P 0nalysis

Btate P %ederal -ncome Ta)es Ta) 3uidelines Ta) /lanning 300/ Training P Bupervision

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou m a senior+level accounting professional r #ith 2Dig !6 e)perience. 0bove all else& co have an impecca+ble record of managing m accounting practices consistent #ith 300/ pa and have never been involved #ith any ny improper practices. <y references #ill , echo that trait. - have an in+depth (no#ledge of federal and state ta) codes - and regulations and am s(illed in all a aspects of ta) and financial planning and bud+geting.

1 5

%inancial BtrategiesL 0nalysis


0ssetLJiability <anagement

Btrategic /lanning
/rofitability <odelingL


%orecasting /rofit P Joss :/PJ; <anagementL 0nalysis %inancial Btatement /reparation

1egulatory 7ompliance

7apitalLOperating Dudgets
7ross+%unctional Team

%inancial 1estructuring

<argin -mprovement <P0 =ue =iligenceL

<anagement 0udit <anagement /olicy =evelopment %inancial /lanningL7ontrols

1eturn+on+0ssets :1O0; 1eturn+on+.*uity :1O.;


:1O-; 7orporate Ta) /lanningLOversight 1egulatory 0ffairs



2rank 0hompson o' 10 and Business Process !2 1ancho 1io Doulevard Ten+year& cross+functional corporate and entrepreneurial finance e)perience. 7ore contributions to successful ,ort start+ups and established leaders. .)pert in <P0 due diligence and systemsLcul+ture integration. hridge& 70 K132! :I1I; +1122 L Core &trengths emailQemai %inancial BtrategiesL0nalysis 7orporate Ta) /lanningLOversight l.com 7apitalLOperating Dudgets /rofitability <odeling and %orecasting /rofit P Joss :/PJ; <anagement inancial 1estructuring !iv <P0 =ue =iligenceL<anagement 1egulatory 0ffairs Oversight ersi 'ie Pro'essional Experience d 1KKK to &en 1P= Technology 0ssociates& Jos ngeles& 70 7urrent iorChief "inance 0fficer 3e vel 1eport directly to the 7 O& maintaining full business operations authority and /PJ responsi+bility for all 2in financial strategic planning& assetLliability management& financial statement preparation& audit management& anc finance policy development& financial planningLcontrol& and regulatory compliance. 7ross+functional team e leadership as member of core management team. Bolid contributions in return+on+assets :1O0;& return+on+ &pe e*uity :1O.;& and return+on+invest+ment :1O-;. Btructured accounting& administration& and <-B areas. cial ist 1 /articipated in five ma$or corporate ac*uisitions and related integrations. &pecial Expertise in 2 1eceived L* Bi5 *ward for creating employee+o#ned subsidiary. #1& E x t e n s i v e # e r g e r s a n d A c M u i s i t i o n s E x p e r i e n c e &kille d in 2inan cial 1ntegr ation

3 4

,egotiated $oint venture #ith <alaysian firm to testLcorrect soft#are. Too( O1! million contract to O ' million& five+contract revenue stream.

Education Doston 7ollege& 7arroll 3raduate Bchool of <anagement& 7hestnut 5ill& <0 #aster o' &cience( 2inance) -ighest -onors) 566G <assachusetts -nstitute of Technology& Bloan Bchool of <anagement& 7ambridge& <0 Bachelor o' &cience( #anagement &cience) concentration in 2inance) 566E References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9 K e y w o r d s
* h y

sh ou ld w e hi re yo u) w ha t ar e yo ur st re ng th s) an d ho w do yo u se e yo ur sel ' co nt ri +u ti ng to ou r co

mpa ny, 0s a s(ille d and acces sible mana ger& can run large orga ni9at ions yet do a sprea dshe et #hen need ed& can see 2the big pictu re6 yet redu ce a com ple) probl em to a simp ler e)pla natio n&

a n d c a n m a

nage the details of multimillion+dollar organi9ation. <y financial bac(ground is very sound& #ith an em+ phasis on audit management& policy controls& and #hen necessary& financial1?

restructuring. Hnder my direction my current corporation manages the best ratio of B3P0 e)penses to revenues in our indus+ try.




RI7G CO7#"L!A7!


-enry 3. Cra 2@ .lm 7ircle <iamis burg& Ohio

4 34@ :K3@; +1 @3 L emailQemail.com Change $eengineering Consultant Experience Building &tart-/p) 0urnaround) % -igh-Growth Companies 2acilitate Corporate Cultural Change % Build &trategic Partnerships &killed $elationship #anager Customer-!riven #anagement &tyle .ntrepreneurial spirit and multiindustry e)perience. %acilitate business development and profit gro#th through emphasi9ing continuous process improvement and cost containment. Core &trengths Dusiness 7onsulting 7orporate -mage /roblem Bolving /roduct P Bervice /ricing Pro'essional Experience 710W%O1= P B.0JB& -,7.& <iamisburg& Ohio 7ontract ,egotiations Bales <anagement Teaming P Jeadership Training P =evelopment


1KI to 7urrent

Business Consultant Buccessful leading start+up and underperforming organi9ations to industry leadership posi+tions and profitability through analy9ing operations& identifying problems& and restructuring processes. .)pert in competitive mar(et positioning and (ey customer relationship manage+ment. =eliver strong and sustainable financial gains in challenging mar(ets through decisive leadership.

1 2 3 4

=irected start+up of multimillion+dollar real estate investment firm.

<anaged chain of 4'' health clubs from loss to O < annual profit. Btreamlined manufacturing plant to cut costs O ''" per month. ,egotiated merger bet#een t#o ma$or medical facilities.

Education Wright Btate Hniversity& =ayton& Ohio #.B.A.) 566E

1 2

D.B.& %inance P 0ccounting& 1KI4

3raduate 3/0: 4.'

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

1eengineering 7onsultant Btrategic /artnership

7ompetitive <ar(et

/ositioning 7ost 7ontainment /rofit 3ro#th 1elationship <anagement 7ross+7ultural 7ommunication Dusiness =evelopment <ultiindustry .)perience 7ustomer+=riven <anagement Btart+Hp Turnaround
7ontinuous /rocess

-mprovement 7orporate 7ultural 7hange 7ontract ,egotiations 7orporate -mage Bales <anagement Dusiness 1eengineering .fficiency -mprovement /roblem Bolving

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

- and significant achievements #or(ing #ith ha start+up& turnaround& and high+gro#th ve businesses. have comprehensive cromanagement e)perience& and have been ss+ successful in re+structuring sales& indmar(eting& strategic and business planning& ust and information technology. - am a tough ry but fair negotiator #ho can create #inL#in e) outcomes. - am a s(illed public spea(er #ho peris com+fortable communicating cross+ ien culturally and across management and ce functional lines.


Bcience Organic 1esearch =evelopment 7omposition Btructure .lements


<odeling Bimulation <easure -ndependent 7hemistry <eticulous <athematics 0nalytical 7orrosion 1eaction "inetics Bpectrographic


#ary Beth Brissette 234 Bpyglass 7ircle Waterford& <ichigan ''''' :2'I; +'''' L emailQemail.com Chemist

results and analy9e those results to im+prove e)isting theories or develop ne# test methods. Exper tise in Chemi cal Corro sion $esea rch Btrong science& inorganic& and organic chemistry

1 2

=eveloped a ne# process to reduce costs in mi)ing chemical compounds resulting in a O2 '&''' cost savings per year. 7hairperson of a 1egional 7onference of 7hemists and <aterial Bcientists on 7orrosion 1e+ search.

Education <ichigan Btate Hniversity& .ast Jansing& <ichigan #aster o' &cience !egree in Chemistry 566G

1 2

7ontributor to the G0,0% Thermochemical Tables

=ean8s Jist& %our 4ears

I ( - am accurate& pay attention to detail& and have the t ability to focus. - am curious Core &trengths e and thrive on research and Organic 7hemistry r e)periments. - rely on /roficient 7omputer B(ills =ata 0naly9ation collaboration #ith other 3 Cuality 7ontrol professionals and #or( #ell Pro'essional Experience i #ith or #ithout su+ Chemist 75.<-70J <0,H%07TH1.1& 7ascade& e <ichigan pervision. - en$oy #or(ing /repare instructions #ith my hands building for plant #or(ers w scientific apparatus& that specify
ingredients& mi)ing times& and tempera+ tures for each stage in the process. <onitor automated processes to ensure proper product yield& and test samples of ra# materials or finished products to ensure that they meet industry and government standards. 1eport and document test

bac(ground. .)ceptional (no#ledge of chem+istry speciali9ing in research and development of polymer compounds and the effects of chemi+cal corrosion on super alloy metals.

9 Keywords
*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

C G A " s i (

performing laboratory e)peri+ments& and computer modeling. - value the integrity of my #or(. - am a meticulous and organi9ed record (eeper. - have a #ell+ established net#or( of professional chemists #ith #hom - collaborate reg+ ularly.




!ana /r+an @2n street Omaha

,ebras(a !I1'2


+1122 L emailQemail.com City #anager

Economic !evelopment Business 3iaison #em+er 1nternational City County #anagement Association 3oal+oriented administrator #ith vision and s(ills to bring municipalities into the t#enty+first century. B(illed in cost+saving strategies and planning that bring initiatives to life #hile main+taining the integrity of e)isting communities. Core &trengths .conomic =evelopment 1egional 7ollaboration Uoning 1egulations Dudget 0dministration Pro'essional Experience 7ity of =es <oines& =es <oines& -o#a


/ro$ect <anagement 7ommunity 1elations 7ontract ,egotiations Btrategic /lanning

1KK Lpresent

Cit$ Mana!er /repared and administered O12'<< annual municipal budget. 0ttended 7ouncil meetings and implemented policy of elected officials. <anaged 5uman 1esources #ith final decision on hiring and firing (ey personnel. =eveloped positive relationships #ith local media& businesses and community. ,egotiated contracts and revie#ed proposals for development pro$ects. 1eport+ed progress of 7ity departments in reaching goals.

1 2 3 4

Jeveraged services through regional collaboration saving O!.2<< annually

=esigned 4outh Jeadership /ro$ect under -o#a state rene#able grant 7oordinated five+year neighborhood revitali9ation pro$ect =es <oines named in 1'' best places to live in 0merica 1KKK

7reighton Hniversity& Omaha& ,ebras(a Dachelor of 0rtsL/olitical Bcience 1KI@ <aster of 0rtsL HrbanLBuburban 0dministration 1KK2

/lanning Uoning 1egulations Jocal Ordinances /ublic Bervices .conomic =evelopment 0nnual Dudget 7ommunity 1elations /olicy <unicipal Operations 7ontracts 7ity 7ouncil <edia 1elations 5uman 1esources
/ro$ect <anagement

Dudget 0dministration -nfrastructure Dusiness Jiaison ,eighborhood 1evitali9ation Btatutes and Jegislation 1egional 7ollaboration

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou c(ground in economic development& - am r able to attract businesses appropriate to co commu+nities and consistent #ith their m future plans. 7oordinating infrastructure pa pro$ects by leading a team of civil engineers ny and public #or(s specialists has yielded , positive results& meeting deadlines and e)+ ceeding e)pectations. - am able to design Wi and implement program initiatives. - have e)peri+ence in regional th e)tensive collaborations that increase services #hile my trimming the cost of delivery and main+ ba taining *uality.


-ndustry "no#ledge

7onceptual "no#ledge 5ands+on .)perience /ro$ect Oriented Bcientific -nstrumentation 0uto7ad 3eneric7ad 3/BL3-B >-B-O .)cel Jicensed /rofessional 7ivil .ngineer Belf+-nsured Duilding 7onstruction 1esults Oriented Transit Technical <athematics .aglepoint Boft=es( =esign Jogic



4endall 4oplin Pro'essional Experience 11'2@ Boutheast 21 JP0 .,3-,..1-,3& -daho %alls& -daho 1KII to /resent Doulevard Civil +n!ineer 0ny#h Oversee and conduct daily operations of a O3.!< se#er renovation pro$ect. /lan and oversee a variety of ere& -daho ''''' :2'I; field pro$ects& including ma(ing recommendations for design of par(ing and mainte+nance facilities. +'''' L emailQemail .com

1 2 3

Buccessfully completed a O1.2< 7ity 3reenbelt renovation pro$ect& on time and #ithin bud+get.

Civil Engineer

Buccessfully completed a O .!< street and landscape redesign pro$ect saving the company O 1&'''. -mproved record+(eeping database by redesigning input logic.

Accompl ished #ultilin gual Enginee r &ucce

-daho Btate Hniversity& /ocatello& -daho Bachelor o' &cience !egree in Civil Engineering> 5677

1 2

=ean8s Jist& 4 4ears.

Gunior and Benior -nternship& JP0 .ngineeringN only offered to top t#o students.

ss'ul Pro?e ct #ana geme nt and &uper visory Exper ience 7ompetent in building construction& local transit& pipelines& electric& gas& and sanitary services. .ffective problem+solving and decision+ma(ing s(ills. /roficient in managing multiple pro$ects. %luent in .nglish& Bpanish& and /ortuguese. Core &trengths Bolid <anagement 7apabilities Team /layer Bchematics =esign

(9 Keywords
*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - meet all *ualifications outlined in the $ob posting including a Dachelor8s degree. - have designed and managed several multimillion+dollar pro$ects in the Doise area. - have the dedication it ta(es to visu+ ali9e the pro$ect& start the pro$ect& and see it to completion. <y proficient use of computer soft#are ma(es me most productive& reducing any training time& and - can assist in training other co#or(ers. - have successfully coordinated a number of pro$ect

professionals. - am available immediately and have directly related e)perience.

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i




#ichael 3endl 113 Dartlett Btr Je#isto n& <aine

'424' :2'@; +@@@@ L emailQemail.com Police .''icer Crime &cene 1nvestigator Crime &cene 3a+ 2ingerprinting &pecialist Certi'ied in the /se o' Iaried &urveillance EMuipment 3aw en'orcement pro'essional #ith active involvement in all areas of police #or( including numerous court appearances as a #itness& volunteer participation in self+defense programs& and monitoring& revie#ing& and ma(ing recommendations for loc(+up and $ail security proce+dures. Core &trengths %ingerprint 0nalysis 7rime -nvestigations -nterrogations Pro'essional Experience Je#iston /olice =epartment& Je#iston& <aine 1KK@L/rese nt


Hndercover Operations Burveillance Witness Cuestioning

3olice 0fficer <onitor a specified geographic area for unla#ful or suspicious activities& and in some cases providing and dispatching assistance to those re*uiring medical assistance. /erform duties on a rotation basis #hile either #al(ing a beat #ith a fello# officer& driving a cruiser& or operating a motorcycle. Bpeciali9ed #or( involving crime scene investigations and undercover #or( is scheduled as needed.

1 2 3 4

1ecogni9ed as the department8s fingerprinting e)pert.

/roficient at operating an into)ily9erN train other officers. >olunteer& labor relations liaison assisting union ste#ard. <ember& Gail Becurity 7ommittee.

Hniversity of <aine :JL0 7enter;& Je#iston& <aine Bachelors !egree( Criminal @ustice) 566C

1 2

0ttended& Waterville /olice 0cademy& Waterville& <aine

3raduated& /olice Training /rogram& 1KK@

-nvestigations =oppler Traffic 1adar -nto)ily9er Operation =ispatching Belf+=efense Traffic 7ontrol 7ourt Bystem Jabor 1elations Gail Becurity <anagement Hndercover Witness Buspect >ictim Jineup %inger /rinting %irearms

compa ny, - am a police academ y graduat e #ith speciali 9ed training in fingerpr inting and analysis and crime scene investig ations. With five years of e)perie nce as a police officer& - have had many opportu nities to put to use

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9 K

Ja# .nforcement Burveillance 7riminal Ja#

much of my training and e)pertise on the $ob. =uties have also included #al(ing a beat& driving a cruiser& and

op a motorcycle. /rior formal education in er criminal $ustice has prepared me for ati management andLor supervisory roles& as ng become eligible.



0ccounts /ayable
0ccounts 1eceivable


3eneral Jedger 0ccount 1econciliations .)pense 1eports 7ollections %inance 3/0 0ccounting <a$orL=egree 0uditing 7ost 0ccounting 300/ Oral and Written 7ommunication B(ills /ayroll Denefits %inancial functions
<icrosoft .)cel and

Word Cuic(en& Cuic(Doo(s& /eachtree Doo((eeping

Dachelor of Bcience

in 0ccounting


&usan Huinn g accounting processes 3everaging technology to increase e''iciency and accuracy 3 <emorial Doulevard ,e#ar(& ,G '@1'4 <otivated college graduate #ith a Dachelor of Bcience degree in 0ccounting. Btrong academic :K@3; + performance. %our years of part+time e)perience performing basic boo((eepingLaccounting functions. 1212 L emailQemail .com Core &trengths Organi9ational s(ills Entry-3evel <ultitas(ing Accountant =etail oriented $ ,umerically accurate ec or d o' co st re d uc ti on an d co lle cti on s i m pr ov e m Education Hniversity of Byracuse& Byracuse& ,4 Bachelor o' &cience( Accounting) ;<<5 <inor: 7omputer Bcience

7omputer proficient Talented in basic accounting Btrong #or( ethic -ntegrity

3.@ 3/0 in <a$or Pro'essional Experience 1..= 0,-<0J 5OB/-T0J& ,e#ar(& ,G /art+time 1KKKL/resent *dministrative *ssistant& Rece tion& Boo##ee in! 5andle all front+des( duties at a busy small+animal practice. Bchedule appointments& ta(e or+ders for medicines& field *uestions& and solve problems. Doo((eepingLaccounting activities in+clude maintaining computeri9ed records using Cuic(en& and reconciling accounts.

1 2 3 4

7reated an .)cel spreadsheet to trac( past+due invoices

=ecreased aging reports and increased monies collected by over 4'R Baved O2''' annually by negotiating a bul(+buying agreement 5elped automate 0/ and 01 Btreamlined staff payroll operations by creating an electronic form

en t & el 'st a rt e r & tr e a m li ni n

w CGA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e

soft#are applications to improve the speed and accuracy of accounting operations. <y organi9ational& communication& and problem+solving s(ills are e*ually strong. *hy should we hire you) am able to benefit a company significantly what are your strengths) and how do you seeby accurately performing basic accounting yoursel' contri+uting tofunctions as #ell as introducing efficiencies that reduce costs. our company, 0s a ne# 0ccounting graduate& - stand out in t#o #ays. %irst& - offer a record of improving accounting processes in a small office. Becond& - (no# ho# to use




Glenna -a=e 11!@ %rederic( >alley /i(e

5uber 5eights& Ohio 4 42I :K3@; @3@@ L emailQemail.com

College GraduateDCommunications &eeking Entry-3evel Position in Communications #ultimedia 0raining( Advertising Communications) Broadcast % Electronic #edia) 0rade &how Presentations) % Pu+lic $elations Btrong combination of classroom training and hands+on e)perience. .nthusiastic and energetic top performer graduating in top five percent of class. -nternships completed #ith ma$or adver+tising agencies and corporations. Core &trengths /lanning P Organi9ation 7reative /roblem Bolving <ultitas(ing Team Jeadership Pro'essional Experience %J4,,+D1O=.1-7"& -,7.& 7incinnati& Ohio 1KK to 7urrent


Belf+<otivated 0ttention to =etail 7omputer /roficiency 7oncept =evelopment

,ntern 0ssisted #ith campaign planning and management. 7onducted mar(et research& #rote direct mail letters and press releases& and designed electronic media :home page;. /roduced corporate identity through creating letterhead and logo. 7ontracted for creative services. 5elped develop publications& i.e.& ne#sletters and training manuals. /lanned and managed conferences and special eventsN coordinated comple) logistics.

1 2 3 4

.)panded 0-=B 0#areness effort to community outreach programs.

Becured corporate sponsorship for 7ommunications 7ollege scholarship. Bpearheaded fund raising campaign that produced O1'" for food pantry. Jed grassroots campaign that defeated proposed teen center closing.

Wright Btate Hniversity& =ayton& Ohio Bachelor o' &cience) .rgani=ational Communication) ;<<;

1 2

3/0: 3.!
/resident of Bpanish 7lubN <ember of 7ampus 0ctors 3uild

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

0dvertising 7ommunications Droadcast <edia 7ampaign <anagement

7onference /lanning

.vent <anagement Jogistics 7orporate -dentity =irect mail 7ampaign <ar(et 1esearch <ultimedia 0dvertising /ress 1elease /ublic 1elations /ublications 3rassroots 7ampaign %und+1aising 7ommunity Outreach 7orporate Bponsorship Trade Bho#s .lectronic <edia 7reative Bervices

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

- held part+time and summer $obs for W companies that ranged from Web+based hil businesses to the performing arts& e advertising communications& and radio. att This& together #ith intern+ships my $unior en and senior years& gave me hands+on di e)perience in multimedia& public relations& ng and cre+ative services. This combination of col broad+based e)perience and formal leg education #ill help me *uic(ly come up to e& speed in your company& and enable me to ma(e valuable contributions from day one.


1eal+World .)perience


D.B.& 7onstruction <anagement Time and 7ost /arameters

Duilding 7onstruction
and 7ode 7ompliance


7ommercial and 1esidential 7onstruction /lanned Hse

=evelopment :/H=;

/ro$ect Bcheduling
through 7ompletion

.ngineering and 7onstruction Technology

7onstruction Cuality
7ontrol <anagement

Bpecifications and 7ontracts

Boils and %oundations

7ost .stimating and

7ompetitive Didding

7onstruction Bafety
<echanics of .ngineering

and <aterials
7re# and Bubcontractor

Bupervision Burveying 7oncrete and Bteel =esign 0rticulate 7ommunications Jand =evelopment Jabor /roductivity


@ason Pertowski alents Blend 0echnology) 0echniMues) and Communications I21 5arriet 0venue .)perience in the planning& development& and management of construction operations& #ith a record of Bouth consistent achievement in improving *uality& accountability& and efficiency. /roficient at managing <inneapolis simultaneous pro$ects to meet costsLdeadlines successfully. & <innesota 4'! :! 1; Core &trengths /lanned Hse =evelopment :/H=; +34'K L Bupervision and labor productivity Jand development and surveying <echanics and materials emailQemai 7ompetitive estimating and bidding Duilding construction and codes l.com Bpecifications and contracts Bafety and *uality control Construction Pro'essional Experience #anager B. &.) Co nst ru cti on # an ag em en t 5< :e ar sF Ex pe rie nc e 0 al en te d B ui ld er o' P hy si ca l 2 ac ili tie s B en e'i ci al to &o ci et y E cl ec tic 0 G/ D01TJ.TT 7O</0,-.B& <inneapolis& <innesota 1KK to 7urrent

Construction Mana!er Bupervise and coordinate construction management contract services for 1iverto#n& a 4 '&'''+s*uare+foot facility. =irect monthly safety meetings. 7oordinate layout and design& communi+cate #ith engineers and (ey personnel. /erform on+site inspection during all phases of con+struction pro$ects& including commercial& single and multifamily& #ater to#ers& plants and #aste#ater treatment facilities& barrac(s& fire stations& and other facilities. -nterpret specifica+tions& revie# bids& and prepare concise activity reports. <anage budget process and financial e)penditures.

1 2 3 4

-mplemented program for in+house precast concrete that reduced materials costs by 24R
<ember of senior management team leading <inneapolis8s first /H= pro$ects =irected construction affairs for the mall renovation& a five+year& O2.I billion pro$ect

7oordinated O2 million in mi)ed+use property development pro$ect& as part of revitali9a+tion

,orth =a(ota Btate Hniversity& %argo& ,orth =a(ota Bachelor o' &cience( Construction #anagement) #ay ;<<;

1 2

/eer 0ssistant& 7onstruction <anagement <entoring /rogram& 2''1L2''2

5ome Duilders 7are %oundation Bcholarship 1ecipient& 2''2

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

hat are G your A strength s) and how do " you see syoursel' i contri+u ting to (our 9compan y, Buccess K ein construct yion manage w ment oprompte r d me to denhance my real+ s#orld e)perien * h ce #ith a y related s D.B. h degree. o have u supervis l ed 2 to d 1''+ wperson e cre#sA h staff and irsubcontr e actors& y #ith o high u producti ) vity& wthrough

all ph ase s of pro $ec ts. Do th pro fes sor s an d sup erv iso rs ha ve co m me nd ed my abi lity to co me in or ahe ad of tim e #it h dea

dlines& #ithin or belo# costs. 23round+up6 #or( #ith a ma$or contractor and de+ veloper has e)posed me to commercial and residential construction. <y concentrated studies in land de+velopment and soilsLfoundations help me balance environmental and economic issues. - have significant cost estimating and competitive bidding e)perience on concrete and steel design structures. <y scope of abilities ranges from technical specifications and contracts& to articulate communications at all levels.




-anna 0hom 212+3@ 7orporal

"ennedy Btreet Dayside& ,4 113!' :@1I; +1122 L emailQemail.com Experienced 2inance and #arketing Pro'essional $ecent #.B.A. $ecipientDColum+ia /niversity 0hree :earsF Background with Ernst % :oung Committed to Achieving and &upporting Corporate .+?ectives 7ontribute to cross+functional success by facilitating communication across individual account teamsN supporting the sales processN interfacing #ith partners& clients& and support staffN and crafting value propositions. Core &trengths <ar(etingL/ositioning Btrategies <ar(eting 7ommunications Bpeed+to+<ar(et Bupport 1elationship <anagement Pro'essional Experience .rnst P 4oung& JJ/& ,e# 4or(& ,4


,iche <ar(eting Btrategic 0nalysis .vent /lanning /resentation 0bilities

1KK@ to 7urrent

MarCom S ecialist& Mar#etin! Su ort Wor( closely #ith sales and mar(eting e)ecutives in support of .P4 partners in the <etro ,e# 4or( Ta) /ractice. Hsing e)perience and education in finance and mar(eting& provide a #ide array of mar(eting communications including pursuit pac(s& collateral pieces& and ne#sletters. Hsing technology abilities& produce multimedia presentationsLcommunications. 5andle public relations initiatives and seminar creation.

1 2 3 4

/roduced unplanned& speed+to+mar(et seminar for managing partner.

7reated /ractice8s first standardi9ed& area+specific collateral pieces. Buggested and supported development of /ractice8s first intranet site. 7ontributed ideas and content for Ta) /ractice8s yearly mar(eting plan.

7olumbia Hniversity& ,e# 4or(& ,4 #.B.A.( 2inance) ;<<; %ordham Hniversity& ,e# 4or(& ,4 Bachelor o' Arts( Business) 5666 References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

<.D.0. 5igh 3/0 /resentation 0bilities /ositioning Btrategies %inance Btrategic 0nalysis <ar(eting 7ommunications /ublic 1elations .vent /lanning Bales Bupport /artner Bupport <ar(eting Btrategy
Technology 0bilities

<ultimedia 7ommunications
Bales and <ar(eting

Bpeed+to+<ar(et Bupport Beminar 7reation 1elationship <anagement 7ross+%unctional Teaming 7ollateral <aterial /roduction

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

three years8 bac(ground in finance& 0s mar(eting& and sales support #ith .rnst P a 4oung& - offer hands+on e)perience in an recarray of business functions in several entindustries& in+cluding health care& retail& < and hospitality. .P4 is a great training D ground and - have learned much in my time 0 there& fast trac(ing from entry+level support recpositions to managing team leader. -t has ipi been my practice to learn everything entpossible in every department& and - have #i done so #hile completing a rigorous <D0 th program at 7olumbia.



DB<. 0nalytical =etail+Oriented 0uto70= ,umerical aptitude .ngineering <echanical .ngineering =esign <athematics -nternship =ocumentation Team /layer
/arts =esignL1epairL


/ro$ect =evelopment

Jife 7ycle BpreadsheetsA

.)cel& Jotus 1+2+3

/ro$ect 7osting /ro$ect /lanning Cuality 0ssurance

<echanically 0dept

=etailed =ra#ings


3ouise B. Brown ect Contri+utions 0eam Player AutoCA! Pro'icient 22 0cton 1oad 0cton& <0 '24@I :K@I; + Technically+s(illed& highly motivated DB<. #ith hands+on mechanical engineering e)perience. -ntensive co+ 1212 L op e)perience assisting #ith the development of an alternative energy pro$ect. emailQemail.c om Core &trengths #echani cal Enginee rD College Graduat e Com +inin g soun d acad emic train ing with hand s-on expe rienc e # e c h <ath and technical s(ills =esign and documentation s(ills 7ommunication s(ills Wor(ing (no#ledge of #elding Education ,ortheastern Hniversity& Doston& assachusetts Bachelor o' &cience( #echanical Engineering ;<<5 Organi9ational s(ills =etail+oriented /arts repairLreplacement 0uto70= layouts


3.4 3/0

/roficient in 0uto70=& )cel& and Jotus 1+2+3 /art+time 2''1L2''2

Pro'essional Experience <-JJ=0< 54=1O& 3ardner& <0

Co)o 3osition /erformed duties in support of day+to+day operations at a lo#+head hydropo#er generating sta+tion. =eveloped .)cel spreadsheets and entered line+items to assist #ith pro$ect costing. .val+uated engineering problems and made recommendations. =eveloped 0uto70= layouts. 1e+sponded to %.17 :%ederal .nergy 1egulatory 7ommission; correspondence. Bpecified materials. /erformed cost estimating and price comparisons.

1 2 3 4

/erformed preventative maintenance on parts of hydraulic turbines

5elped design an eel+#ay to maintain the %ish and Wildlife license Baved O2''' by negotiating more advantageous sheet metal contracts 7ontributed to e)ecuting endangered mussels recovery program

a ni c al ly A d e p t # a ki n g & ol id P r o?

ew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, <y co+op placement gave me an opportunity to participate in the design& development& and implemen+tation of5? several engineering

I ( t e r 3 i

pro$ects. On the $ob& - supported the <echanical .ngineer at various stages of the pro$ect life cycle. - identified opportunities to reduce costs& recommended engineering so+lutions& and solved pro$ect problems. <y 0uto70= s(ills are e)cellent. -n the role of entry+level me+chanical engineer& - am ready to 2hit the ground running6 and ma(e valuable pro$ect contributions to a company.



@ohn @ustin


1'231 Jinden J Jos 0ngeles& 7alifornia K''4K :31';

+1111L emailQemail.com $ECEN0 C.33EGE G$A!/A0E *10- B.A. 1N ENG31&0rack $ecord o' Pro'essional Accomplishments in $etail &ales Excels in Customer &ervice 0enacious #otivated -igh Energy 5ard #or(ing and highly motivated #ith a strong #or( ethic. 7onsistently goes beyond the re+*uirements of the $ob to achieve company goals. Jearns *uic(ly& en$oys challenges and #or(s #ell independently as #ell as collaboratively in a team setting. Trac( record of accomplish+ments in retail sales positions. Core &trengths Organi9ational 0bilities 7lient 1elations Time <anagement /roblem Bolving 1elationship Duilding 7omputer B(ills Education Hniversity of 7alifornia at Jos 0ngelesN 2''2 D.0. in .nglish Pro'essional Experience %0B5-O, WO1J=& Jos 0ngeles& 70 3art)Time and Seasonal 3ositions Assistant #anager :2'''L/resent; &ales Associate :1KK@L2'''; /romoted to 0ssistant <anager of O2. million location of national retailer. Oversee smooth functioning of day+to+day operations& consistently meeting or e)ceeding sales goals #hile maintaining stable payroll e)pense. .nsure high level of customer satisfaction. 5ire& train& schedule& and motivate team of 1 L2' sales associates. 1KK@L/resent


Team Duilding P Jeadership Oral P Written 7ommunications /resentations Bales .)perience /resentation =elivery 1eport /reparation

1 2 3

-ncreased sales in men8s department by more than 'R.

=eveloped reputation for s(illed merchandising.

-mplemented #ee(ly coaching meetings that enhanced staff morale& fostered team building& and reduced absenteeism.

<a$or: <ar(eting /rospecting 0ccount 1elationship Jeadership <otivation Organi9ational B(ills /resentations /roblem Bolving
/rofessional -mage

1elationship Duilding
1eport /reparation

Bales .)perience Team Duilding

Time <anagement

Well Organi9ed Wor( .thic Wor( .)perience

our compan y,

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9
7ollege 3raduate 3/0 7omputer B(ills

K e

- am a recent college graduat e #ith previou s part+ time and seasona l e)perie nce in a retail sales envi+ ronment . <y achieve ments in school represe nt a strong #or( ethic and sense of responsi bility&

having graduated #ith a 3.4 3/0 #hile #or(ing all four years at H7J0. - achieved

to ore sales on several occasions and #as p promoted to 0ssistant <anager. st

5 @


0ircre# Training /ilot 7harter %light 0viation 0ir Traffic 7ontrol 0ltitude 0irport 7ommercial %light 7orporate Travel
7lose 7oordination #ith <aintenance


and Operations 7ost 7ontrol 7re# 7oordination 7ustomer %ocus %le)ible Training
<anaging 7omple)

-n+%light .mergencies <entoring 7re# <embers Bafety+%irst Orientation Bimulator -nstruction Hpgrading B(ills


Charles $. #iller w Coordination % #ission Planning &kills Expert Am+assador 14'' West Btreet <ontgome ry& 0labama 0 team+oriented& safety+driven pilot #ho can balance operational needs #ith reliable& *uality flight 3!1'' :334; operations. 1egularly tested on my ability to upgrade across types *uic(ly and capably. +1212 L emailQemail. Core &trengths %le)ible mission planning ,atural instructor s(ills com Bolid %01 (no#ledge 7onfidence+inspiring appearance Corporate 7re# coordination s(ills <anaging multiple emergencies or Commercial Pro'essional Experience and Huali'ications Pilot 7ommercial /ilot& <ulti .ngine& Jand& -nstrument G %00 7lass - <edical 7ertification& ,o restrictions& Guly 2''3 E Total time: 1'& '' /-7 @ '' -nstrument I!'' <ulti+engine @ '' -/ 4''' < < Dlue B(y 0irlines 2''' to 7urrent P 1 "irst 0fficer romoted to Ca tain C 1esponsible for safe flight operations of D@2@+2'' series passenger service. -nsure full compli+ance #ith ) corporate and flying safety regulations. /ro$ect a positive image to our passengers. Bub$ect to no+notice& in+ a c flight evaluations. c 1 Belected as simulator instructor over three more e)perienced captains i d 2 <et or e)ceeded %ederal on+time departure standards every *uarter for the last eight *uar+ters e n tEducation a 0uburn Hniversity& 0uburn& 0labama n Bachelor o' Business Administration& 1KI d i References "urnished ,mmediatel$ 6 on Re-uest

n c i d e n t' r e e 'l y i n g h o u r s Cre

w CGA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e

flight proceeds under my command. - can bring that same dedication to every cre#member because - en$oy mentoring *hy should we hire you)aviation professionals. %inally& you might what are your strengths)consider the cost savings - can offer you as and how do you seea simulator instructor. yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - bring a combination of flying s(ills and business acumen that can serve all your customersAinternal and e)ternalAvery #ell. (no# that our company #ill be $udged by ho# smoothly& efficiently& and safe+ly a

= 0

CO7#!R"C!IO7 ;OR MA7


@oseph A. &m 121 7arpente <e*uon

& Wisconsin 3'K2 :2!2; emailQemail.com

+11I! L

Construction 2oreman Proven track record o' meeting time) la+or) and pro?ect goals Pro?ect @o+ site management Estimating time) la+or) materials Cost containment 1esults+oriented& *uality+focused 7onstruction %oreman #ith a consistent trac( record of meet+ing pro$ect timelines and budgetary constraints. B(illed managing general contractorLsubcon+tractor cre#s and other trades. Core &trengths /ro$ect management 1oughLfinish carpentry >endor sourcing 7ode compliance Pro'essional Experience 1-TU4 DH-J=.1B& /e#au(ee& Wisconsin


Team leadership /lumbing& 5>07& electrical Time& labor& materials estimating Cuality commitment

1KK to /resent

Construction "oreman -nteract #ith general and subcontractors& architects& cre#s& and other trades to coordinate pro$ects on site from blueprints to completion& #hile meeting time& labor& material estimates& and pro$ect specifications. Bource and negotiate terms #ith suppliers& ensuring materials meet *uality specifications and delivery timelines.

1 2 3

Duilt eight 32'&'''+s*uare+foot& O1' million supermalls.

1estored O1.2 million >ictorian mansion to its original specifications.

-nstituted use of proprietary construction management system to produce estimates& ta(e+offs& and bids.

Education <il#au(ee 0rea Technical 7ollege Carpentry !iploma) 566;

1 2

<ember of the ,ational >ocational 5onor Bociety

1ecipient of Bcholastic 0chievement 0#ard

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

/ro$ect <anagement

Gob Bite
7re#LB(illed Trades

7ost .stimating Time& Jabor& <aterials 1esidentialL 7ommercial 1oughL%inish 7arpentry /lumbing& 5>07& .lectrical -nteriorL.)terior /ainting 0rchitect 3eneral 7ontractor Bubcontractors Ta(eoffs& Dids Duilding 7odes 7ompliance Team Jeadership 1emodelingLDuild+ Outs 1estoration 1enovation ,e# 7onstruction

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

ruction %oreman& - am consistently on time 0s and under budget #ith my pro$+ects& a #hether our company is serving as the res general contractor or the subcontractor. ult have e)perience #ith commercial and s+ residential properties including ne# ori construction& remodeling& and renovation. en /ro$ects range from O1''&''' to more than te O1' million. <y team leadership s(ills also d enable me to co+ordinate the efforts of 7o multiple trades including plumbing& 5>07& nst electrical& painting& and roughLfinish carpentry.



Bignature 0uthority =ocumentation /urchase 0greements Jetters of -ntent /romissory ,otes %inance Terms 1eimbursements -n*uiries
,egotiation of Terms


=eliverables Dreech of 7ontract <ilestones Jease 0greements 7ontractual =eadlines .)port 1egulations /roposal Bubmissions 7ontract Janguage 7redit#orthiness 7redit 0uthori9ations /urchase Orders


!avid $o+inson credit#orthiness of international companies by verifying commercial credit authori9ations. <onitor the progress of contracts trac(ing purchase orders& deliverables& and milestones. 5old signature authority up to 3 Dradford =rive Dristol& 7T '!'1' O3<.

+1212 L email Qema il.com Contracts &pecialist "our $ears of ro!res

1 2

Buccessfully negotiated lease agreements #ith favorable finance terms.

1esolved technical and logistical matters in advance of contractual deadlines& avoiding a potential breech of contract on the company8s largest sale in history. 3 7onsidered the company e)pert on e)port regulations. Education Hniversity of 7alifornia& Bacramento Bachelor o' &cience) Business Administration& 1KK@

1 2

Bumma 7um Jaude graduate

5onors /rogram

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

I( te %ull accountability negotiating and r overseeing the contracts process 3i #ith our customers. e .)+cellent s(ills in e)pediting the entire w purchasing process from in*uiry to C delivery. G Areas o' Expertise A 7ontract Janguage Jetters of -ntent " /urchase 0greements si =ocumentation ( Pro'essional Experience 9 70 104T5.O, 7O</0,4& .l Begundo& Contracts &pecialist :1KKKL/resent;K Contracts Associate :1KK@L1KKK; e Bubmit proposals and y negotiate sales terms #ith purchasers of w 1aytheon goods.
>alidate the

sive res ons ibilities facilita tin! contrac tual sales

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - believe that #hat - do has a substantial impact on the bottom line of my organi9ation& and - ta(e that responsibility very seriously. 4ou mentioned you are loo(ing for a self+ starter& and - am pleased to be able to say that since became a contracts specialist& my management has commented on my ability to handle the $ob more effectively than my predecessors. -n particular& my ability to evaluate credit#or+thiness& (no#ledge of contract language& and commitment to ma(ing sure contractual deadlines are met& are #hat sets me apart.




#ichael A. &chenker @22 Woodbrid

1oad Williamsville& ,e# 4or( 14221 :@1!; +1'2K L emailQemail.com Controller Private &ector and Pu+lic Accounting Pro'it .riented Cost Conscious with &uccess'ul $ecord as Change Agent) 1ntroducing New 0echnologies and Progressive Business #odels Benior e)ecutive #ith complete financial management of all accounting and finance activities. 1esearched and designed comprehensible road map for lucrative ac*uisitions and mergers. Core &trengths /rofit %orecasting 7ontingency /lanning =ebt 7onsolidation Pro'essional Experience O/., 1O0=& -,7.& Jac(a#anna& ,e# 4or( 1KK3 to /resent


7ash %lo# 0nalysis %easibility Btudy Bystems -ntegration

Controller/Director of "inance /rovide fiscal leadership for manufacturer of automotive aftermar(et products #ith O2!.@ mil+lion in annual sales. /rotect business and financial assets through internal controls& indepen+dent audits& and aggressive insurance management. /repare annual budgets and strategic plans.

1 2 4

,egotiated insurance settlement that reali9ed O22'&''' in incremental loss recovery.

%acilitated ac*uisition of four small companies& consolidating production lines and #are+house space #ith significant e)pense reduction. 3 1educed audited ad$ustments from 4' to 4 by standardi9ing accounting practices. Baved over O!''&''' in property and sales ta) reduction and discovered OKI&''' in double+paid charges on utility ta)es.

Education 7anisius 7ollege& Duffalo& ,e# 4or( #aster o' Business Administration) 567G Certi'ied Pu+lic AccountantDNew :ork References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

%inancial JeadershipL <anagement 0udit 0d$ustments and -nternal 7ontrols 0sset /rotection 1eport 7reation Ta) 1eduction Dudgeting and Btrategic /lanning Joss 1ecovery 7ost 7ontainmentL
.)pense 1eduction

7hange 0gent Bystems -ntegration /rofit %orecasting

Dusiness 0c*uisition

%easibility Btudy 7ash %lo# 0nalysis %iscal -ntegrity /ublic and /rivate
Bector 0ccounting

=ebt 7onsolidation 0sset and Jiability <anagement 7ontingency /lanning -nsurance and 1is( <anagement

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

nt gro#th through ac*uisition #as to your 4o future& and - have facilitated the ac*uisition u and integration of four small companies& m consolidating production lines and en #arehouse space #ith significant e)pense tio reduction. 1ecently - negotiated an ne insurance settlement that reali9ed O22'&''' d in incremental loss recovery. We have ho reduced audited ad$ustments from 4' to 4 # by stan+dardi9ing accounting practices. <y im team also saved over O!''&''' in property po and sales ta) reduction and discovered rta OKI&''' in double+paid charges on utility ta)es.



7orporate Ja# -n+5ouse 7ounsel 7orporate /olicy <anuals <ergers and 0c*uisitions :< P 0; Goint >entures >enture 7apital Btart+Hp Operations 1egulatory 7ompliance .mployment Ja# .mployee Denefit /lans Dusiness 7ontracts 7ontract ,egotiations Trade 1egulations 0dvertising and /romotional Ja# %ood and =rug Ja# /roduct Jiability >endor 0greements 7ustomer Bervice 0greements Trademar( 1ights Guris =octor :G.=.;



Al'red @ones advising senior management on trade regulations and implications of their business decisions. KIK3 >alleyvie# Core &trengths 1oad 0dvertising Ja# %ood and =rug Ja# Ban 7ontract ,egotiations /roduct Jiability =iego& Trademar( 1ights .mployee Denefit /lans 7alifornia 7orporate /olicy <anuals K21'K :!1K; >endor 0greements +3 IK L emailQemail Pro'essional Experience GH</BT01T& -,7.& Ban =iego& 7alifornia 1KK to /resent .com *ssistant to General Counsel Corporate /rimary duties include revie#ing& negotiating& and drafting business contracts. 0lso #rite all customer Attorney service agreements. 0dvise company management on matters of trade regulations& advertising and 1npromotional la#& employment la#& food and drug la#& product liability& and other areas of legal compliance. -o 0ssist #ith $oint venture and < P 0 initiatives. 1egularly con+sulted on matters of corporate policy planning. use Co un sel 'or 2o rtu ne E< < Co mp ani

1 2 3

7ompletely re#rote firm8s corporate policy manual.

Belected to spearhead multimillion+dollar venture capital negotiations. Oversa# legal aspects of ne# start+up operations for .astern Beaboard.

<ar*uette Hniversity Ja# Bchool& <il#au(ee& Wisconsin @uris !octor) 567B

1 2

3raduated 7um Jaude

-nternship& Wisconsin Bupreme 7ourt

es #erg ers and AcMu isitio ns @oint Ient ures $egulator y Complian ce &pecialist =edicated legal professional #ith 1 T years of broad+ based e)perience in multimillion+dollar corporate environments. >erifiable trac( record of effectively

"si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3i e w C G A

prevented millions of dol+lars in unnecessary direct and indirect costs related to product liability. 0dditionally& *hy should we hire you)am particularly s(illed at ensuring what are your strengths)regulatory compliance #hen pursuing $oint and how do you seeventure and merger opportunities. yoursel' contri+uting to our company, 0s in+house counsel to several large corporations& have e)celled in the corporate la# setting. - have a demonstrated record of successfully advising senior management of three %ortune '' companies on aspects of employment la#& food and drug la#& and advertising la#& and have




Christine Pa 1@3 Bheridan 0venue

Duffalo& ,e# 4or( 1421! :@1!; +1@14 L emailQemail.com Corporate $ecruiter &even :earsF Experience Aggressively &olving &ta''ing Needs Campus Iisits @o+ 2air Participation 1nternet $ecruitment 1nternship Program =ynamic human resource professional #ith solid trac( record of finding *ualified and talented technical and business personnel. Core &trengths Gob Tas( 0nalysis Offer ,egotiation Buccession /lanning Pro'essional Experience 5.J%.1 <.T0JB& -,7.& =epe#& ,e# 4or( 1KK2 to /resent


7apability 0ssessment 0pplicant Trac(ing 7andidate Bcreening

Technical/+%ecutive Recruiter Oversee the full range of corporate recruitment& #ith emphasis on -T and management person+nel. 0nticipate staffing needs and forge strategic alliances #ith traditional and nontraditional candidate sources& including employment agencies and professional affiliations. Htili9e con+tract and temporary personnel to eliminate overtime costs. Oversee diversity management pro+gram to insure affirmative actionL..O compliance.

1 2

Bignificantly reduced turnover rate by careful and thorough reference chec(ing.

=esigned 0ccess database of technical and business candidates #ith (ey#ords matched to company#ide $ob descriptions.

Education <illard %illmore 7ollege& Duffalo& ,e# 4or( Certi'icate in Personnel Administration) 566C .rie 7ommunity 7ollege& Williamsville& ,e# 4or( Associate in Applied &cience( Business &tudies) 566;

7oncentration in 5uman 1esources References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

7andidate Bcreening

Btandardi9ed -ntervie# %orms Gob =escriptions =iversity <anagement Turnover 1eduction 7ampus >isits -nternship /rogram Gob %air /articipation 5uman 1esources Gob Tas( 0nalysis 7apability 0ssessment Offer ,egotiation 0pplicant Trac(ing "ey#ord <atching 0ffirmative 0ctionL..O -nternet 1ecruitment 7orporate 1ecruiter Jabor 7ost 1eduction 7ontract and Temporary Btaffing
Buccession /lanning

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

nt costs as high as they are& hiring and Wi retaining the best employees is one of the th most critical business practices. Our traiemployee churn is the lo#est these t#o nin years it has ever been. We streamlined g recruiting process by 2IR through an standardi9ed client intervie# forms and de+ d signed an 0ccess database of technical and de business candidates #ith (ey#ords matched vel to company+#ide $ob descriptions. To cut op fi)ed costs& - also utili9ed contract and me temporary personnel to eliminate overtime costs.


7onsultations =ay Bpa Bcrubs /eels B(in 7are <a(eovers
=eep /ore 7leansing


1egimens =ermatological "no#ledge 5ydration 7osmetics Hp+Belling %acials 7olor 0nalysis <oisturi9ers
3lycolic 7ompounds

7lient %ollo#ing <icroni9ed Uinc O)ide Bcar <inimi9ation 1efle)ology


Carolyn Celly/rovide customi9ed ma(eovers incorporating color analysis. 7ross+sell other spa services. 4 Bmith and 5ale =rive 1 -ncreased cosmetology sales by 2''R from 1KKI to present. 5untingto n& ,e# 4or( 2 7ultivated relationships #ith local dermatologists #ho no# refer several individuals a month for scar minimi9ation ma(eovers. 11@43 :!31; 0dded ne# services to the spa including glycolic peels& refle)ology& deep pore cleansing& and +1212 L 3 scrubs. emailQemail .com 4 =eveloped a microni9ed 9inc o)ide sunscreen that #as patented and is sold e)clusively through the spa. 3icensed Cosmetologist Education 3icensure 1ollers -nstitute 7osmetology Bchool& ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or( 4'' .)cellent hours of clinical #or( business and sales s(ills Btrong client The =ermal -nstitute& ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or( follo#ing Certi'ied $e'lexologist -ntuitive and creative cosmetologist and 3icensed Cosmetologist> 3icensed in &kin Care 0herapy References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

I ( t Expertis e e 7onsultations r B(in 7are 1egimens Bcar <inimi9ation 3i %acials e Pro'essional Experience w The =ay Bpa of Jong -sland& 5untington& ,e# 4or( C Cosmetolo!ist G 7onduct consultations and A provide advice on ma(e+up application " and s(in care regimens in this si upscale day spa. ( Htili9e e)tensive dermatological 9 (no#ledge to select and sell the best K
products to clients.

s(in care therapist s(illed in #or(ing #ith #omen of all ages. 1egional reputation for e)pertise #ith facial scar minimi9ation.

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, Desides having e)cellent cosmetology s(ills and the ability to ma(e #omen feel their best& - am also *uite good at selling. 0fter having had a ma(eover #ith me& it is not uncommon for a #oman to leave the spa #ith O1'' #orth of glycolic compounds& cosmetics& and moisturi9ers in addition to t#o future appointments for facials and refle)ology sessions. -t is this ability to cross+sell and up+sell that distin+guishes me from other cosmetologists.

= =

CR A!I8 6 #IG7 R


!an &chickm !@ Bacred Wo Jane

5olly 3rove& 7alifornia K4'@I :I1I; +1122 L emailQemail.com Creative !esigner Pro?ect #anager Consultant &peciali=ing in Iisual Communication and Iirtual $eality !esign Advertising #arketing Corporate 1dentity -igh-1mpact !esign #edia Placement Branding and Positioning 0 creative professional #ith 2' years of e)perience as a #riter& designer& producer& pro$ect man+ager& and creative director in all media. 1ecogni9ed for improving consumer perception and global mar(et position. Core &trengths =igital /ublishing Technology 1esearch P 7opyrighting <ar(eting 7onsultant -dentity =evelopment Pro'essional Experience TO/ -,T.1,.T BT10T.3-.B 7O.& %resno& 70 1KKI to 7urrent


7reative =irection /roduction 7oordination <ultimedia -nteractivity 7ollateral =esign

Creative Director Oversee the creative end of all pro$ects. <anage and direct teams to develop solutions using technology #ith a user+centered approach to interface design and content& creating meaningful connections bet#een people& ideas& art& and technology. /rovide direction to designers and pro+duction staffN liaise #ith sales and clients on presentations that bring technology and art to+gether.

1 2 3

1eorgani9ed in+house advertising agency to achieve 1 R savings on ad costs.

Hpgraded and managed all advertising& promotion& pac(aging& and cooperative programs. -ncreased sales by 2''R& reduced costs by 4'R.

0he Cooper /nion 'or the Advancement o' &cience and Art) N:C Bachelor o' 2ine Arts !esign and #arketing) 567BL567G

1 2

>isual -nterface =esign& <-T& Doston& <0 1KKI

Bpeciali9ed Technology& 0rt -nstitute of /0& /hiladelphia& /0 1KK1

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

=esign <ethodology

-nformatics >irtual 1eality =esign 3raphical Hser -nterface 7reative Bystems =evelopment
/ro$ect <anagement

>isual 7ommunication 7ollateral =esign <edia /lacement Jogo -dentity Dranding P /ositioning -dentity =evelopment -mage 7onsumer /erception 7orporate -dentity <ultimedia -nteractivity -nteractive %unctionality
5igh+-mpact =esign

.merging <edia Technology =igital /ublishing

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

es cover all areas relating to the < development of successful t#enty+first y century businesses& and differentiate my pe value from other advertising& creative& rs mar(eting& financial& and busi+ness on consultants. 0 specialist using emerging al media technology& - #ill bring synergy& ca harmony& and in+teractive functionality to pa pro$ects company#ide that #ill increase bil productivity& improve communica+tions& iti and significantly increase the organi9ation8s profitability.



Themed 0ctivities
Bpecial events /lanning


.)cursions .ntertainment Travel

.vent 7oordination

5ospitality .vent /lanning /assengers Dudgeting Dig Three 7ruise Jines Bafety .mergency /reparedness <aster of 7eremonies /orts+of+7all -tineraries 7ruise .vening Bho#s /ublic Bpea(ing
%oreign Janguages


Gracie -olmes 23 4 <ystic Btreet& %ive years in increasingly responsible positions #ith a 2big three6 cruise line. .)tensive ship e)perience V2 spanning @ different #orld itineraries and K ports+of+call. /alo 0lto& 7alifornia Core &trengths K43'3 :41 ; Bpecial events planning .mergency preparedness +!I K L .)cursions Dudgeting emailQemail. Themed activities ife enhancement programs com /ublic spea(ing Training and supervision Cruise !irector Pro'essional Experience 1KK! to / P O /1-,7.BB 71H-B.B& Jondon& .ngland /resent Offering a combination of Cruise !irector :2''1L/resent; h Assistant Cruise !irector :1KK@L2'''; o Cruise Associate :1KK!L1KK@; s pi =evelop and coordinate daily activities and entertainment planning for all passengers. Orches+trate safety and ta emergency preparedness drills for passengers and staff& ensuring procedures are carried out to e)act li specifications. Htili9e public spea(ing s(ills #hile serving as <aster of 7eremonies at evening sho#s. 5ire& ty train& and supervise a staff of five associates. & e v e nt pl a n ni n g&

-n 1KKK& conceptuali9ed& initiated& and brought to fruition 2life enhancement programming.6 Jife enhancement programming focuses on activities #ith a learning component such as onboard dance and coo(ing classes. This initiative #as so #ell received it has become a standard offering on /rincess cruises and has also been copied by other cruise lines.

Education 7al Btate Hniversity& Bacramento& 7alifornia Bachelor o' Arts) 2oreign 3anguages& 1KK References *vailable u on Re-uest

a n d st af f m a n a g e m e nt e ) p er ie n c e

w CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, 0s a cruise director& believe my role is to see that each and every passenger onboard our =? vessel has a pleasurable and memorable e)perience. To

I ( t e r 3 i e

accomplish that re*uires a great deal of e)pertise& since there is so much happening on any given sailing. To be a great cruise director means& for e)ample& that you have to (no# ho# to put on great entertainment& create themed activities& and above all& be the *uintessential host or hostess. - am that person.


C"#!OM R # R8IC R PR # 7!A!I8


Carol Pappas 1''2 >ictory Doulevard >an ,uys&

7alifornia K14' :I1I; emailQemail.com

+4444 L

Customer &ervice $epresentative -ighly $elia+le &el'-&tarter with Excellent Phone &kills Computer 3iterate... *ell .rgani=ed... Attention to !etail %ive years8 e)perience in customer service including order entry& client relations& and general office support. /rofessional in #or( habits and appearance. 1eliable #ith a verifiable record of punctuality and lo# absenteeism. Core &trengths 7lient 1elations =etail Oriented 3eneral Office /roblem Bolving Pro'essional Experience O1-O, -,BH10,7. B.1>-7.& 5olly#ood& 70 1KKK to /resent

7ommunication B(ills Organi9ational 0bilities 7omputer Jiterate Word /rocessing

Customer Service Re resentative /rovide customer service to insurance policy holders on phone and in person. =ocument con+versations using <icrosoft WordN maintain accurate and detailed files. 1esearch and resolve various problems involving billing& benefits& and reimbursement issues. 0ssist in general office procedures as re*uested.

1 2 3

1eceived numerous a#ards for Top 7ustomer Bervice 1epresentative.

1eorgani9ed filing system enabling staff to more easily retrieve information.

1ecogni9ed by management for positive attitude and #illingness to go beyond the re*uire+ments of the $ob.

T1-0= =-BT1-DHT-,3& 7anoga /ar(& 70 1KK@ to 1KKK Customer Service/0rder +ntr$ Re resentative 5andled busy inbound phone in*uiries regarding products sold via infomercials. /rocessed high volume of orders. Education ,orth 5olly#ood 5igh Bchool& ,orth 5olly#ood& 70 3raduated in 1KKK References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

7omputer Jiterate
7ustomer 1elations

=etail Oriented %iling 7all 7enter -ndependence <ultitas(ing Order =es( Organi9ational B(ills /hone B(ills /roblem Bolving 1esearch Belf+Btarter Word /rocessing

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9 K e y w o r

our compan y, - have e)cellen t telepho ne s(ills #ith all (inds of custome rs and li(e interacti ng #ith custome rs both in person and in a call+ center environ ment. have strong general office abilities includin g filing& orga+ ni9ing and #ord processi ng. 4ou #ill need a

0naly9e 7lient 1elations 7ommunication B(ills

self+starter that #or(s #ell independently and is able to

u derstand effectively and resolve customer n problems.

= @

.+7ommerce .1/ <odels


<ove from Jogical to /hysical <odels

=ata Warehouse

/rocessing& /erformance& and <anagement

-dentify& =ocument& and

6A!A WAR HO"# 6 8 LOP R

=esign -nterfaces OJ0/L.TJ <-B& -T

Jogical and /hysical 5ard#areLBoft#are

-dentify 3aps and 1is(s 2Bingle Bource of Truth6

0rchitecture 7riteria

B0/ Dusiness
Warehouse& BCJ& and

Oracle =atabases

=evelopment and -mplementation Web <anagement D2D D27 71<

/ro$ect <anagement

-nternet Bource Bystems

Jimitations and Datch

/rocessing Windo#s .nd+Hser =ata 0ccess

/erformance .)pectations


ure strategist with the a+ilit y to anal y=e +usi ness and tech nical reMui reme nts at any level

Chip N. Glass ) and .racle data+ases KI@1 ,orth I1st Btreet Dig+picture strategist #ith the ability to analy9e business and technical re*uirements at any level& to Wau#atosa develop D2D and D27 data #arehouses via B0/& BCJ& and Oracle. & Wisconsin 3213 :414; Core &trengths +244@ L /ro$ect management Jogical to physical modeling emailQemail. 3apLris( identification B0/ Dusiness Warehouse com 2Bingle source of truth6 architecture D0/-L=7O<L0D0/L>D BCJ and Oracle databases 5ard#areLsoft#are topology !ata *arehouse Pro'essional Experience !eveloper =0T0 BTO103. -,7.& <il#au(ee& Wisconsin 1KKI to /resent Data .arehouse Develo er -nteract #ith management teams to analy9e business and technical re*uirements for creating 2single source of truth6 architecture used in data #arehouse. =evelop and implement D0/-L=7O<L0D0/L>D. -dentify& document& and design interfaces #ith e)isting systems. =e+sign standard and Web+based management reporting capabilities. =ocument information man+agement processes& resources& and tools.

=esigned and developed data #arehouse :B0/ Dusiness Warehouse; to identify 2single source of truth6 architecture for retailer that specified consumer trends for mar(eting pur+poses. -ncluded OJ0/ strategies and components.

Education <ar*uette Hniversity& <il#au(ee& Wisconsin Bachelor o' &cience) Electrical Engineering) 5667

1 2

3/0: 3.@
<ember of Tau Deta /i .ngineering 5onor Bociety

& A P B u s i n e s s * a r e h o u s e ) & H 3

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G

A "si(9 Keywords

B0/ Dusiness Warehouse& BCJ& and Oracle databases& and D0/-L=7O<L0D0/L>D development and implementation& and *hy should we hire you)creating 2single source of truth6 archi+ what are your strengths)tecture for retail environments. and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, 0s a big picture strategist #ith the ability to analy9e business and technical re*uirements at any level& am confident - can develop a data #arehouse that #ill aid your company in analy9ing D2D and D27 information. <y technical s(ills include:

5 0

6 7!AL A##I#!A7!


Claire @ames 2 <ichelle 0ve "enmore&

,e# 4or( 1421@ :@1!; emailQemail.com

+I342 L

!ental Assistant Extensive Background in .ral &urgery and $estorative Care Chair-&ide Assistance 'or Busy !ental Practice .rthodontic and Periodontal Experience /atient+focused dental professional #ith superior s(ills in providing pre+ and post+operative care to adults and children. .arned patients8 trust and confidence and contributed to e)pand+ing practice. Core &trengths /reventive 7are .mergency Treatment -nsurance /rocessing Teeth Whitening Pro'essional Experience 0<5.1BT =.,T0J 31OH/& 0mherst& ,e# 4or( Bealant 0pplication /atient .ducation 7ommunity Outreach -nfection 7ontrol


1KIK to 7urrent

Dental *ssistant /rovide surgical and general dentistry assistance for 3 dentists in a busy general practice han+dling over 3''' patients of all ages. Ta(e& develop& and interpret diagnostic )+rays and perform oral e)aminations. Ta(e casts and impressions for prosthetics and restorations.

1 2 4

0ssist in oral surgery& periodontal surgery& advanced clinical surgery& and e)tractions.

-nsure safe and sanitary conditions through autoclave& ultrasound& and dry heat instru+ment sterili9ation. 3 Htili9e .asy+=ental ,et#or( for accurate and timely health record management.
/resent #ellness lectures to area schools to promote oral hygiene and pla*ue control.

Education <onroe 7ommunity 7ollege& 1ochester& ,e# 4or( Certi'icate in !ental Assisting) 5676

1 2

Beligman Bcholarship
=ean8s Jist

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

=ental 0ssistant Oral .)amination /atient .ducation /re+ and /ost+ Operative 7are 0ppointment Bcheduling -nstrument Bterili9ation =iagnostic S+1ays .mergency Treatment 5ealth 1ecord <anagement -nsurance /rocessing 7asts and -mpressions Oral 5ygiene and /la*ue 7ontrol Teeth Whitening .asy+=ental ,et#or( -nfection 7ontrol /reventive 7are
Bealant 0pplication

Oral Burgery and .)tractions /rosthetics and 1estorations OrthodonticsL /eriodontics

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

< oral surgery& periodontal surgery& advanced y clinical surgery& and e)trac+tions. - utili9e e) the .asy+=ental ,et#or( for accurate and pe timely health record management. Of rie course& good medical practices are nc important to you& and - insure safe and e sanitary conditions through auto+clave& is ultrasound& and dry heat instrument in sterili9ation. - have also presented #ellness as lectures to area schools to promote oral sis hygiene and pla*ue control. Technically& tin can ta(e& develop& and interpret di+agnostic g )+rays and perform oral e)aminations.



Onboard .lectrical <odules Wireless -nterfaces 0nalog =igital

7ellular I'2.11

6 #IG7 7GI7

-T -nfrastructures 0rchitecture Btandards 5ard#are 0nalytical 7omputer+0ided =ata 3athering Team /layer .ngineering
7omple) Telematics

Bervice /lans Organi9ed Belf+=irected .valuate 1esolve 7oordinate


#ichael &mith /resent !234 Ja 7osta Jane Senior Desi!n +n!ineer70nTwin#le Develo ment 0ny#h =irect the activities of a medium+si9ed group of engineers in defining& e)ecuting& and analy9ing the highest ere& -daho ''''' :2'I; level of e)perimental test scenarios and programs. 7ontribute to the continual im+provement of product and component designs through e)tensive understanding of program ob+$ectives. +'''' L emailQemail. com 1 =eveloped and implemented a 377 enterprise#ide telematics strategy that replaced out+dated systems. !esign Engineer 5< :ears o' !emanding Engineering 0esting and !evelopment Experience !emonst rated Creativit

2 3

-mproved component design in the OnT#in(le technology.

/articipated in national development of technology road maps and business models for global telematics initiatives.

Education Hniversity of <ichigan& 0nn 0rbor& <ichigan #aster o' &cience !egree in Engineering> 5665

1 2

.ngineering Btudent of the 4ear& 1KKK

7ontributor& Btudent .ngineering ,e#sletter

y) Percepti on) and 1ndepen dent @udgme nt .)pert in all aspects of e)perimental test techni*ues& including analytical& physical& and sub+ $ective evaluation of components under investigation. 5igh level of competence in computer+aided data gathering systems. Core &trengths <ethodical 1ational 0nalytical Wireless 0ir -nterfaces

si(9 Keywords

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A "

onboard vehicle elec+trical modules& #ireless air interfaces& and #or(ing *hy should we hire you)(no#ledge of -T infrastructures. what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, have a thorough understanding of relationship design& build& and test cycles. - have the ability to man+age& plan& and evaluate the #or( of others in team situations. - am highly analytical and have demon+strated technical and professional s(ills. - (eep abreast of current product development and trends. While #or(ing for 3eneral in =etroit& - #as the lead corporate representative #or(ing #ith communi+ cations vendors to design our ne# W0, technology. have e)cellent (no#ledge of

Pro'essional Experience 3.,.10J 701 7O</0,4& 7lar(ston& <ichigan




!arren C. &tevenson 1!32 Tu)edo Bpring

boro& Ohio 4 4 I : 13; emailQemail.com

+' '1 L

!irector o' #anu'acturing $ecogni=ed Expert in E''iciency % Productivity 1mprovement #ultisite .perations @ust-in-0ime 1nventory Control 3ean #anu'acturing Continuous 1mprovement =irect staff and operations of union and nonunion World+7lass <anufacturing facilities. 0stute management of operating budgets& emphasi9ing outsourcing& to achieve ma)imum profit P loss performance Core &trengths %acilities 7onsolidation 7ost 1eductions 0utomated <anufacturing Hnion ,egotiations Pro'essional Experience =.J/5- 0HTO<OT->.& =ayton& Ohio


Technology -ntegration Total Cuality <anagement -BO 7ertification Training P Jeadership

1KK3 to 7urrent

Director of Manufacturin! <anage multiple sites and shifts for fully automated manufacturing of shoe and bra(e lines for 3eneral <otors vehicles. <ember of e)ecutive team guiding development and monitoring of strategic& financial& and operational plans. -ntroduced lean manufacturing& value+added processes& and other cost+reduction measures pro$ected to raise plant8s profitability to O1'< in 2''2. -ncreased efficiency through establishing Cuality 7ircles.

1 2 3 4

-ncreased production output to " pieces per line.

Jed completion of company8s largest capital pro$ect. 1estructured scheduling processes to cut production lead time 2IR. <et O '" added labor cost #ithout e)ceeding operating budget.

The Ohio Btate Hniversity& 7olumbus& Ohio #aster o' &cience) 1ndustrial Engineering) 566<

1 2

Dachelor of Bcience& 3eneral .ngineering

3raduate 3/0: 3.IN Hndergraduate 3/0: 3.!

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

%acilities 7onsolidation Technology -ntegration 7ost 1eductions /roduction Output >alue+0dded /rocesses /roduction Jead Time /rofit P Joss
<ultisite Operations

7apital /ro$ect 0utomated <anufacturing 7ontinuous -mprovement Operation Dudget Outsourcing .fficiency -mprovement /roductivity -mprovement Cuality 7ircles Gust+in+Time -nventory 7ontrol Hnion ,egotiations World+7lass <anufacturing

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

evolve to World+7lass <anufacturing status - through strengthening (ey areas such as manufacturing& inventory ca automated control& technology integration& facilities n consolidation& and profit P loss hel performance. have been successful in p union and nonunion companies& am an yo ur e)pert in facilitating efficiency and co productivity improvements& and am top+ mp notch in contract negotiations. Other an professional strengths that can add value to y your operations are staff training and relationship management.



Drand <anagement /roduct Jaunch D2D and D27 /ublic Bpea(ingL

/re sen tati ons /rod uct =e vel op me

nt Bpecial .vents /lanning Btrategic <ar(eting 7ampaigns <ar(et and /roduct 1esearch 7ollateral <aterial

Bupport %ocus 3roups /romotional /rograms 7orporate -dentityL

Jogo =evelopment

=irect <ail and =atabase <ar(eting 7o+Op 7ampaign =evelopment 7reative 7oncepts BignageL/ac(ageL Bupport <aterial =esign DudgetingL 7ost 1eduction 7lient P >endor 1elations <ar(eting Btrategy
P 7ommunications

R es u : e

e)ecutive #ith nine years8 e)perience building mar(et presence and driving revenue gro#th #ithin competitive product settings. 1ecogni9ed as s(illed public spea(er and presenter. Core &trengths Drand <anagement /roduct Jaunch D2D and D27 Patrick !udash /roduct =evelopment 4!3 =ovelet Jane /o#ell& Ohio 43'! Pro'essional Experience :!14; II +1122 L Bol 1ise 7onsultants& Droo(sville& <innesota emailQemail.com Director of Mar#etin! !irector o' #arketing =irect all strategic initiatives to#ard !rivi increasing company visibility as top ng provider of mar(et+ing services. 7harged &ales #ith planning and implementing special and events& conceiving and design+ing creative !evel mar(eting concepts& and guiding concept oping to#ard actuality. /rovide design direc+tion #ark for signage& pac(aging and collateral ets materials. =emonstrate e)pertise in direct withi n mail and database mar(etingN develop Comp strategic mar(eting plans used on focus etitive groups. Ienue 1 <aintained 1''R customer s retention rate by creating customer focused initiatives. #arketing &trategy Communications 2million dollars 3enerated unprecedented O during employment period. #arket % 3material =eveloped innovative WebLprinted mar(eting plans. Product 40ce /erformance6 5onored #ith coveted 2Bol 1ise $esearch a#ard for three consecutive years. " Co-.p Campaig Education n <iami Hniversity& <iami& Ohio !evelop Bachelor o' Arts( Business #arketing) ment 567G

7orporate Jogo P -dentity /romotional /rograms P7ampaign DudgetingL7ost 1eduction 7lient P >endor 1elations

1KK3 to 7urrent

5igh ly moti vate d mar( eting

,ational 5onors Bociety Bigma /hi .psilon %raternity References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9

b a *hy should we hirec you) what are your( strengths) and how dog you see yoursel'r contri+uting to ouro company, u n -n our industry&d competition is fierceM <y e)tensivei n


mar(eting strategybalanced bet#een developing and communi+long+term strategies and cations& shorter+term tactics that are mar(etLproduct easily trac(ed for effectiveness. research& and my- offer the abili+ty to #or( ability to increaseeffectively under e)tremely corporate identitystressful environments. Whether through creativecoordinating special events for con+cepts #illclients or building relationships bring significant#ith vendors& my contributions toprofessionalism and your company. -performance remain consistent am also #ell+and uncompromised.




Elliot 8E. @.9 !arrow 3 Windmill =

Oyster Day& ,e# 4or( 11@@1 : 1!; +4!IK L emailQemail.com !irector o' .perations Ten years8 e)perience in 7ross+%unctional 3eneral <anagement and 0dministration >ersatile business professional adept at running a nonprofit operation. /roven talent in trim+ming budgets through better fiscal management. %acility in establishing e)cellent relation+ships #ith community representatives and outside vendors. Core &trengths Btrategic Dusiness /lanning Treasury %unctions 5uman 1esource <anagement /olicies and /rocedures Pro'essional Experience >-JJ03. O% O4BT.1 D04& Oyster Day& ,e# 4or( 1KK2 to /resent


-nformation Bystems /urchasing %acilities <anagement Operational .fficiencies

Director of 0 erations Oversee all facets of to#n government in support of service delivery for the ''' residents and 1'' business o#ners #ithin this community. <anage a O2< general budget #ith allocations for special pro$ects. 7ultivate public and private partnerships to ma)imi9e village8s ability to provide services in a cost+effective manner. Wor( closely #ith Doard of Trustees on matters ef+fecting capital e)penditures and financial management. Bupervise a staff of 12 civil service employees.

1 2

-nstrumental in saving the village O3''&''' in #aste removal fees through the adoption of a more stringent bid revie# process for carting companies. -n collaboration #ith to#n attorney& successfully handled several legal challenges to the vil+lage8s policies on 9oning regulations.

Education Droo(lyn 7ollege& Droo(lyn& ,e# 4or( Bachelor o' Arts) Economics& 1KK2 +%cellent References on Re-uest

-nformation Bystems

%inancial <anagement 5uman 1esource <anagement 0dministration 7apital .)penditures Did 1evie#s /olicies and /rocedures Doard of Trustees %acilities <anagement Operational .fficiencies Bervice =elivery 7ivil Bervice Jegal 7hallenges Treasury %unctions 7ross+%unctional 3eneral <anagement /urchasing Btrategic Dusiness /lanning 7ost+.ffective /ublic and /rivate /artnerships Dudget

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou #ishing to appear immodest& - am proud to r be able to say that in my present position as co di+rector of operations& - have turned m around a village government that #as pa headed for fiscal disaster. Dy implementing ny a traditional business model to this , nonprofit arena& - #as able to pull in the reins on spending& reduce #aste& and Wi perhaps most importantly institute a policy th of accountability. Our opera+tion is no# a ou model for other local municipalities. t


7ontract ,egotiations
7ompetitive Didding

0c*uisition <anagement 7ontract 0dministration %i)ed+/rice 7ontracts <aterials 1eplenishment Ordering 7ontract 7hange Orders 1%/ 7ontract TermsL7onditions -nternational /urchasing G-T /urchasing 7urrent ,egotiation Outsourcing /rice ,egotiations /rocurement /roposal 1evie# 7ost 0nalysis /urchasing /roposal 1evie# Bupplier <anagement



@ohn -. #c4inley 123 B. %ourth Btreet "e#anee& -llinois !1443 :3'K; +1234 L emailQemail.com !irector o' Purchasing &r. Buyer

5;-:ear &uccess'ul 0rack $ecord o' 1nternational Procurement &ervices

Core &trengths 7ontract ,egotiations Btrategic /lanning 7ost 1eduction 7ost 0nalysis G-T /urchasing Pro'essional Experience S4U 7O</0,4

<ultisite Operation Outsourcing >endor ,egotiations Bupplier <anagement <aterials 1eplenishment Ordering :<1O; 1KK to /resent

Price Negot iation s Contr act Admi nistra tion Procu reme nt Ex pe rti se in -i gh -

3urchasin! Mana!er Bupervise& train& and mentor a staff of eight purchasing analysts in all aspects of international corporate procurement operations for a multisite company. =irect contract negotiations for all vendor services and oversee cost analysis functions. Oversee supplier management& ensure the procurement of *uality materials L supplies& and secure e)tended terms on select items. Train and direct ne# purchasing agents. =irect outsourcing activities.

1 2 3 4

,egotiated (ey vendor contracts& resulting in a O ''&''' annual savings.

-mplemented cost analysis policies& saving O22'' in internal annual costs. /ioneered G-T /urchasing for national and international purchasing. 7reated and integrated a successful supplier management model.

H,->.1B-T4 O% -JJ-,O-B& 7ollinsville& -llinois Bachelor o' Arts( Business #anagement Accounting 567G

3e ve l C on tr ac t Ne go tia tio ns 1esults+oriented& visionary purchasingLmanagem ent professional #ith e)tensive e)perience in <1O /urchasing& international procurement& cost analysis& and contract conditionsLterms ne+ gotiations.

si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3i e w C G A "

*hy &hould .ur Company -ire :ou, - have a proven trac( record of streamlining purchasing procedures for both domestic and internation+al procurement& resulting in a significant annual cost savings. - have managed the 1%/ process #ith+out outside consultant support in most cases& and have implemented a #ide range of effective pur+chasing operational procedures and programs including G-T /urchasing functions& competitive bidding& and fi)ed+price contracts.

5 =



#adison 4. 123 B. %ourth "e#an

ee& -llinois !1443 :3'K; emailQemail.com

+1234 L

Pro'essional Editor Extensive 0rack $ecord o' &uccess'ul Editorial #anagement #edia $elations Corporate Communications Pu+lic $elations #ultimedia and Electronic Advertising Expertise 5ighly accomplished& detail+oriented& and personable editorial professional s(illed in mar(et+ing communication& direct mail campaign& and electronic advertising strategies to support the corporate vision. Core &trengths 0dvertising 7ommunications Btrategic /lanning /ublications .diting 7reative Bervices <ultimedia 0dvertising Pro'essional Experience BT10T%O1= 7O</0,4


<edia 1elations .lectronic 0dvertising 7ustomer 7ommunications Btrategic /ositioning

1KK@ to 7urrent

+ditorial Mana!er =irect all aspects of corporate editing operations in collaborating #ith the mar(etingLpublic relations staff. Oversee a #ide range of editing functions for multimedia advertising and superviseLtrain a staff of seven editors and three proofreading assistants. .nsure solid cor+porate& >-/& client& and management communications to reach corporate goals and deliver 1''R customer satisfaction. Berve as the central point of contact in resolving editing issues.

1 2 3 4

,egotiated effective third+party creative services contracts for graphics.

-mplemented policies to improve mar(etingLmedia relations. Bpearheaded procedures for accurate editing of multimedia materials. -ncreased managementLdepartment communications.

H,->.1B-T4 O% -OW0& Btatesville& -o#a Bachelor o' Arts( Corporate Communications 567E

0dvertising 7ommunications 7orporate 7ommunications .lectronic <edia 7orporate >ision 7reative Bervices 7ustomer 7ommunications =irect <ail 7ampaign .lectronic 0dvertising <anagement 7ommunications <ar(eting 7ommunications /ublic 1elations <edia 1elations <ultimedia 0dvertising /ublications .diting /ublicity Btrategic 7ommunications >-/ 1elations Btrategic /lanning Tactical 7ampaign
Btrategic /ositioning

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy &hould .ur

C - have a #ide range of e)perience in not o only editing& but also media relations and m mar(eting commu+nications. This allo#s pa me to communicate valuable input ny throughout the various stages of media de+ -i velopment. - have #or(ed on many re different (inds of #or(& including :oconsumer products8 mar(eting campaigns& u, fiction& and nonfiction business #riting.


7omponents =esign 1esearch Test /rocedures 7ontrols /rotocols <anufacturing /roduction .*uipment Troubleshooting 0nalog 7ircuits <icroprocessor /rototypes 0uto70= 14 7ost .stimates -nstallations -BO K''' Jayout
/o#er Wire supply 5arness


2'. 7alibration


#ark *att 0uto70= 14. =eveloped test protocols and procedures for installations. /rovided technical support& troubleshooting& and calibration for maintenance. /erformed research on proposed pro$ects creating ! 42 <ain Btreet <iddlef prototypes and supplying cost estimates. .valuated e)isting po#er supply and recommended upgrades as re*uired. ield& 7T '!4 :I!'; +1122 1 /atent holder for design of ne# #ire harness in 7,7 machine L =ocumented and #rote procedures as part of -BO K''' team emailQemail.c 2 om 3 0ssisted in design of avionics components using analog circuits Electrical Engineer Education #anu'ac turing Hniversity of 7onnecticut& Btorrs& 7onnecticut and Bachelor o' &cience Electrical Engineering 566B !e'ense 1 1esearch fello# 1enssalaer /olytechnic -nstitute 1KK3L1KK4 1ndustrie s 2 4.' 3rade /oint 0verage

/roduced technical manual for testing protocols& reducing test time 3 R

-igh &ecurity Clearance Patent -older .lectrical .ngineer #ith bac(ground in design and testing. .)perienced in manufacturing in+ cluding military specifications. 0ble to build prototypes and develop protocols and procedures. B(illed in soft#are applications. Core &trengths =esign /rotocols 7ost .stimates 1esearch Pro'essional Experience Bi(ors(y& Btratford& 7onnecticut +lectrical +n!ineer =esigned electrical system for production e*uipment including controls& layout and compo+ nents using

Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9
*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our5? company, - have (no#ledge of the latest technology as #ell as solid s(ills in design and applications of electrical theory. - am able to coordinate machine and e*uipment installations& providing troubleshooting and other technical assistance. <y strengths are in research and testing& developing protocols and proce+dures that streamline the process and accelerate product release #hile cutting production time and





!e+orah !av 1oute 11@& 0v /rincevil

le& -llinois !1111 :3'K; 123+4 !@ L emailQemail.com Elementary 0eacher %our years8 e)perience #or(ing #ith children of various academic P socioeconomic levels -ntensive /honics L <anipulatives L Jiterature+Dased 1eading -nternet P 7omputer+Jearning 3ames 1esourceful and energetic teacher #ith a history of developing creative& hands+on activities and lessons to encourage a love of learning in students. -ncorporate singing& dancing& puppets& learning centers& computer learning games& and cooperative learning groups #ithin an inclu+sive classroom& and develop multiple themes across the curriculum. 7ommended for imple+menting effective discipline and class management techni*ues. 0pproach is student oriented and performance based. Core &trengths Btudent 0dvocate 7reative Jearning 7enters Jiterature Dased 1eading 0ssertive =iscipline Pro'essional Experience 301=,.1 B75OOJ& /rinceton& -llinois ILK@ to /resent


0fter+Bchool Tutoring %ostering Btudent Belf+.steem /ositive 1einforcement The Hse of Drain+7ompatible Techni*ues

"ourth Grade Teacher =esign and teach units in spelling& cursive& math& social studies& science& and language arts& in+corporating character and ethics across the curriculum in a cooperative learning environment. -mplement e)tensive role playing& conflict resolution& -nternet research& and hands+onLinterac+tive learning pro$ects. 7ollaborate #ith another teacher to develop stations among t#o rooms for various units.

1 2 3 4

%or a thematic unit on ,ative 0mericans: taught students ,ative 0merican dances& demon+strated aerodynamics through the flight of an arro# for match and science& and read a short novel on ,ative 0mericans. 5ad students create a 2Dill of 1ights6 in cooperative learning groups for social studies. 5ad students select a famous 0merican& conduct research& #rite and memori9e reports& and give presentations to invited guests& including community representatives& political figures& school board officials& and parents. 7ompleted training and implemented 2Buccess for 0ll&6 a guided reading program to target students at all learning levels.

Education ,O1T5.1, -JJ-,O-B H,->.1B-T4& =e"alb& -llinois Bachelor o' &cience in Education& LK@

.ducation .lementary Teaching Btudent 0dvocate Team Teaching Belf+.steem <anipulatives -ntensive /honics Jiterature+Dased 1eading -nternet L7omputer Jearning 3ames 7ooperative Jearning 5ands+on Jearning
=eveloping Themes

across the 7urriculum 7urriculum =evelopment Drain+7ompatible Techni*ues /erformance Dased /ositive 1einforcement
0ssertive =iscipline -nclusive 7lassroom

Belf+7ontained 7lassroom Tutoring Jearning 7enters

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, -8m a great believer in

ha ped a number of creative learning centers nd #ith themes ranging from dinosaurs and s+ ,ative 0merican to music& art& math& on reading& and dance. -n addi+tion& - use lea positive reinforcement to foster self+esteem rni in children at all academic levels& and my ng approach is student oriented and . performance based. 7ontinuing education is -8v also important to me. -8ve attended a e number of seminars to stay up+to+date on de various teaching strategies& including ve cooperative learning& assertive discipline& lo and the use of brain+compatible techni*ues.


0sbestos 0batement

Dids and ,egotiations

7ap P 7ell 7onstruction 7omputer+0ided =ra#ing =rilled Bhaft %oundation .nvironmental Bolutions %easibility Btudies 3round+Hp %acade -nspection Jand Burveys P <apping Jocal Ja# 11 -nspection Bpeciali9ed .*uipment /etroleum 7leanup
/ro$ect <anagement

78IRO7M 7!AL 7GI7

/roposal =evelopment Cuality 7ontrol 1egulatory 7ompliance 1is( 0ssessment Boil 7lassification >endor Belection Waste <anagement


Brian #. 4eith l Construction 3ocal 3aw 55 1nspection 12 /ine 0ire =rive =eer /ar(& ,e# Droadly e)perienced environmental engineer #ith a bac(ground providing pro$ect manage+ment and 4or( 11@2K compliance support on a permanentLcontract basis for ma$or industrial& commercial& and governmental :!31; + clients. 2'KK L emailQemail Core &trengths /ro$ect <anagement Jand Burveys P <apping .com %easibility Btudies Boil 7lassification Environmental =rilled Bhaft %oundation 3round+Hp %acade -nspection Engineer /roposal =evelopment Dids and ,egotiations ;E years o' experienc e in environm ental constructi on managem ent G e o t e c h n i c a l ) Pro'essional Experience .nviro+Bervices& -nc.& ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or( 1KI4 to 7urrent

+nvironmental +n!ineer /rovide first and third+party services to ensure the environmental integrity of construction sites in the areas of earth#or(& electrical& concrete& drainage systems& geosynthetic material in+stallation& petroleum cleanup& asbestos abatement& #aste management& inspections& contractor relations& vendor selection& cost control& cre# supervision& proposal revie#& regulatory compli+ance& and agency reporting.

1 2 3 4

/erform 0JT0& topographical& boundary& and environmental surveys.

Bupervise the 3round+Hp %acade -nspection of ,e# 4or( landmar(s. Jed negotiations on run#ay& tunnel& and bridge renovation pro$ects. =irect indoor air *uality testing and drainage systems of train stations.

Btony Droo( Hniversity& Btony Droo(& ,e# 4or( Bachelor o' &cience( Civil Engineering) 567G

1 2

Estimating and Blueprint $eading !evelopment

Certi'ied 0ester( &oil Pressures and Properties> 2oundations

2 o u n d a t i o n ) C a p % C e l

I ( t e r 3i e w C

GA "si(9 Keywords

ris( assessment. -8m confident that my e)perience in Cuality 7ontrol& Jocal Ja# 11 inspection& architectural and computer+ *hy should we hire you)aided dra#ing& construction methods& and what are your strengths)speciali9ed e*uip+ment& combined #ith my and how do you seeability to e)pedite the cost+effective resolve yoursel' contri+uting toof problems and schedule delays #ould guide your firm in achieving its five+year our company, plan to build si) ne# malls across ,e# Gersey and 7on+necticut. 0s an environmental engineer& - am *ualified to deliver environmental solutions in areas of construc+tion support and




!onald !. Bu 4'2 .ast <au 0venue

0rlington 5eights& -llinois !'''4 :I4@; +@'3 L emailQemail.com &EN1.$ E&01#A0.$ GENE$A3 #ANAGE$ Improving Corporate Profits by Unifying Project Management, Estimating, and Construction 1N!/&0$: ENPE$0 #ith 1! years of successful pro$ect management e)perience at the se+nior level for federal& commercial& retail& and multi+unit residential renovation and construc+tion pro$ects. Core &trengths %easibility Btudies Technology Burveys /ay 0pplications 1%-s :1e*uest for -nformation; Pro'essional Experience 7OO/.1 7O,BT1H7T-O,& /hoeni)& 0ri9ona 1KK to /resent


7ontract ,egotiations Bubcontractor 0ssessmentLBelection Overvie# 1eporting BO>s :Bchedule of >alue;

Senior 3ro(ect Mana!er/+stimator 1eporting directly to the 7.O& singly responsible for overseeing management of all pro$ects& building estimates& and developing accurate and realistic schedules for a broad range of con+struction pro$ects including a four+story 5oliday -nn .)press& Goy <edical Office Duilding& commercial restaurants& and multimillion+dollar renovation pro$ects for hurricane+damaged lu)ury condo developments.

1 2

Bourced and installed the innovative Cuest =igital .stimating BystemN recruited& hired& and provided comprehensive training for t#o additional estimators. Belected by <.G. 0nderson& -nc. to rescue pro$ects #orth O4.3 million in danger of degener+ating into li*uidated damages. 1esult: 1e#or(ed contracts& reversed do#n#ard trends& and completed pro$ects profitably.

Education Hniversity of Te)as& 0rlington& Te)as Bachelor o' &cience 1ndustrial Engineering) 567E

1 2

,ational <erit %inalist

7ollege of 0rts and Bciences =ean8s 0#ard for .ngineering

/ro$ect Bpecifications Bite 0ssessment <aterial /rocurement Troubleshooting P Turnaround

7ompetitive Didding

>alue .ngineering =ata 0c*uisition /roposals Dudgeting 7ostingL/ricing /rofit /lanning 7hange Orders %easibility Btudies
Technology Burveys

Bubcontractor 0ssessment P Belection BO>s :Bchedule of >alue; 7ontract ,egotiations /ay 0pplications
1%-s :1e*uest for -nformation; Overvie# 1eporting

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou ng - have accomplished during my 1! years r in business demonstrates my ability to add co effi+ciency and profitability along the entire m length of the construction industry value pa chain. - speciali9e in budgeting& costing and ny pricing& change orders& and profit planning. , With a nation#ide net#or( of over K'' contractors and managers that #ill commit .v to my pro$ects& - can ensure *uality& value+ er driven engi+neering #ith minimum lead yt time preparation. hi

? *

Dudget 7ontrol 1estaurant 7ulinary =esigns 7ultivate 1elationships 7ustomer 1elations =iet and ,utrition
%at+%ree 3eneration

D C"!I8 CH ;

%ood 7ost 0nalysis 5ealth+7onscious 5ospitality "itchen Operations <ultiethnic /ublic 0#areness Cuality 7ontrol
1ecipe =evelopment

Bignature+Btyle =ishes Teach and -nspire Team Jeadership >endor Belection World+1eno#ned


@e''rey Bernard visually+stimulating culinary designs and signature+style dishes. /ersonable #ith (een business management 7ircle ! Dlac( s(ills& and a desire to teach and inspire ne# chefs. Dird 1oad 5untington Btation& Core &trengths ,e# 4or( "itchen Operations 1ecipe =evelopment 11@4! 7ulinary Btaff <anagement %ood 7ost 0nalysis :!31; + 7ustomerL/ublic 1elations Cuality 7ontrol I'13 L -nnovative /resentations >endor Belection emailQemail .com Pro'essional Experience 1KKI to Executive Che' Ja Toro 1estaurant& ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or( 7urrent 57 +%ecutive Chef ye 1ecruited by this 4 '+seat five+star restaurant& located in ,e# 4or(8s theatre district& to #het the appetite of ars o' high+profile stars and tourists #ith an eclectic menu inspired by the city8s multiethnic landscape. Oversee aw all aspects of (itchen operations in areas of culinary staff management& menu planning& purchasing& (itchen ar safety& customerLpublic relations& catering& and special events coordination& reali9ing annual profits of O2.@ dmillion. wi 1 0chieved five+star status for Ja Toro four years consecutively. nn ing 2 =eveloped trademar( techni*ues used in leading culinary institutes. cul ina 3 7ultivate relationships #ith food critics to enhance public a#areness. ry 4 Travel globally to discover cultural+based foods and traditional recipes. ex Education cel len -nstitute of 0merica& 5yde /ar(& ,e# 4or( ce Bachelor o' Pro'essional &tudies( Culinary Arts) 566B 2ive&tar $esta urant

1 2

#em+er) National $estaurant Association) 566ELcurrent

#etro $estaurant Association) Best New $estaurant) 5667

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

s) 3and mark -otel s Exclu sive $esor ts Ameri can) Europ ean) and Asian Cuisin e 7elebrated& #orld+ traveled chef #ith a flair for creating

CGA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e w

understand your organi9ation is planning a national launch of 2healthy eating6 restaurants and food products. 0s a #orld+ *hy should we hire you)reno#ned chef #ith 1I years managing what are your strengths)a#ard+#inning restaurants& - believe my and how do you seeculinary talents and business management yoursel' contri+uting to(no#+ho# #ould drive this venture to commercial success. our company, -n the recent decade& changes in diet and nutrition have inspired a health+ conscious& 2fat+free6 genera+tion& creating ne# challenges for the foodservice industry. -

? 2

D C"!I8 R CR"I! R, 7GI7



3ori -arding KKKK ,orth 1 Dedford& <assachuset

ts '1@3' :@I1; +1122 L emailQemail.com Executive $ecruiter #echanical) Civil) Electrical) and Computer Engineering 2ortune 5<<< Companies !e'ense) Aerospace) and 0elecommunications 1ndustries 5igh+energy recruiter #ith proven success in placing /ro$ect <anagers and Benior .ngineers in =efense& <anufacturing& and Telecommunications -ndustries. B(illed in /eoplesoft and other soft#are applications. Core &trengths ,et#or(ing 7andidate Bourcing -nternational /lacements 7ommunication B(ills Pro'essional Experience Tech 1ecruiters /lus& Waltham& <assachusetts 1KKIL2' '2


Bales Bcreening JaborLHnemployment Ja# 1ecruitment

Technical Recruiter -dentified and contacted candidates for positions in engineering. 0ttended $ob fairs and trade sho#s for recruitment and sales. .stablished contacts #ith colleges& military& and professional groups to create talent ban(. =etermined needs of company and successfully matched candi+dates to positions. <onitored recruitmentLretention statistics for select classifications. ,et+#or(ed in target industries to generate ne# business.

1 2 3 4

7reated Web site for national recruitment& increasing talent ban( 1 R

-ncreased sales 2 R by delivering presentations at trade sho#s Trac(ed recruitments and hires demonstrating K2R retention rate Janded accounts in .ngland opening first of many international mar(ets

Doston Hniversity& Doston& <assachusetts Bachelor o' Arts -uman $esource #anagement) 566C

1 2

3raduated Ma!na Cum Laude

-nternship in 5uman 1esources at /eabody .ngineering 3roup

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

=omestic -nternational 7onfidentiality =iscretion


.merging Technology <anufacturing Bales B(ills =efense -ndustry -ntervie#ing

Technical 1ecruiting

,et#or( /eoplesoft Bcreening 7olleges Gob %airs Jabor Ja#

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9
Btaffing 7andidate Bourcing /ro$ect /ositions

yoursel' contri+ uting to our compan y, - utili9e creative strategie s in sales and candidat e sourcing . "eenly a#are of the need to develop ne# business continua lly& have establish ed contacts in hundred s of compani es. - am (no#led geable in the

K e y

needs of industry and can anticipate staffing re*uirements of companies

#i merging technologies. - have a reputation th of professionalism& handling issues #ith e discretion& and maintaining confidentiality.

? .


7ommercial Jending

1elationship <anagement -nvestment <anagement 0sset <anagement /ortfolio <anagement 1etail Jending 7ommercial Dan(ing 7onsumer Dan(ing 7redit 0dministration 1egulatory 0ffairs Dranch Operations Becurities <anagement Becured Jending Joan /rocessing 1eturn on 0ssets :1O0; 3lobal Dan(ing %oreign .)change Hnsecured Jending
1eturn on -nvestment :1O-;


1eturn on .*uity :1O.;


Anthony @. Burton ment #anagement &ales % #arketing I2@ Warminster 0venue =eliver strong and sustainable gains in revenue& fee income& and asset management. %acilitate change and =ayton& Ohio 4 4@2 revitali9e organi9ational performance. .)perience #ith start+up& turnaround& merger& ac*uisition& and gro#th. :K3@; + 2'12 L emailQemail Core &trengths .com /ortfolio <anagement 1etail Jending 2inance #anagerD Banking /ro ve n Bu cce ss in .) pa ndi ng Bc op e P /ro fita bili ty C o m m e r c i a l 3 e n d i n g $ e l a t i o n s h i p # a n a g e m e n t 1nv est Dranch Operations 1egulatory 0ffairs /roblem 0nalysis P 1esolution Pro'essional Experience ,.-35DO18B D0,"& Bpringfield& Ohio 7ommercial Dan(ing 7redit 0dministration Organi9ational 1eengineering

1KK4 to 7urrent

4ice 3resident <anage 1@ branch operations in tristate area #ith focus on building relationship management programs #ith commercial ban(ing customers. 1esponsible for e)panding H.B. mar(et reach and establishing global ban(ing division. .nsure profitability through creating and managing strategic& financial& and operational plans. ,amed fourth in nation for secured lending perfor+mance and a Top 1' security investment professional.

1 2 3 4

-ncreased consumer ban(ing sales O4. < in si) months.

1estructured operations to improve 1O0 12R& 1O. 2'R& and 1O- 24R. Buccessfully added unsecured lending to loan processing operations. <anaged foreign e)change and regulatory affairsLcompliance programs.

Education Hniversity of =ayton& =ayton& Ohio Bachelor o' &cience( Accounting) 566B

1 2

3/0 3.K
Top 2R of graduates

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

at A

are your strength s) and " do show you see i yoursel' (contri+u ting to 9our compan y,

K e- have ycompreh ensive w e)perien oce in finance r and dban(ing sthat includes
branch * h operatio y ns& s global h ban(+ o ing& and u investme l nt and d portfolio wmanage e ment. h Hnderlyi irng this e success y are (ey o strengths u & primary ) of #hich ware the h abilities

to rec og ni9 e op por tun itie s& ant ici pat e cha ng e& an d cre ate an d sus tai n sol id cus + to me r rel ati ons hip s. =r a# ing up on

these and my broad+based e)perience& - can help your ban( e)pand its mar(et reach& increase its commercial lending& and drive profitability to ne# heights.



Ben A. Coun 12@ <aple Bt Wethersfiel

d& 7onnecticut '!1'2 :I!'; emailQemail.com

+1212 L

2inancial Analyst Planning and Budget &pecialist Budgeting 2orecasting .perations &trategist 0nalytical& organi9ed finance professional recogni9ed for achievement in budget controls& fi+nancial reporting& and cost savings. Btrong in management and operations analysis and in+creasing profitability. Core &trengths 7ost 0nalysis %i)ed 0ssets -nvestment analysis %orecasting Pro'essional Experience ,e# .ngland 7orporation& 5artford& 7onnecticut 1KIKL2' '1


Btrategic /lanning Dudget /rocess and -mplementation /ricing structures =ivestitures

"inancial *nal$st 7oordinated all financial reporting and budget functions for all 1 departments of a ma$or cor+poration. Oversa# month+end closings for sales and operations. /repared and implemented an+nual budget #ith cost controls and process improvement. 1ecommended capital purchases and technology to trim costs and streamline operations.

1 2 3 4

Baved O2.3<< annually through cost pro$ections and pricing structures

-ncreased profitability by 12R by streamlining operations 1eceived recognition for creating e)pense variance reports =esigned financial matri) for chargebac(s& reducing errors and labor

Education Hniversity of 7onnecticut& Btorrs& 7onnecticut #aster o' Business Administration) 2inance Bachelor o' &cience) Business Administration

567C 567;

0nnual Dudget %orecasting 0ccruals .)pense Trac(ing .)pense >ariances 7ostL/ricing 0nalysis 0udit <anagement 7ash <anagement
-nvestment 0nalysis

Technology -ntegration /rofitability =ivestitures 0sset Htili9ation Btrategic /lanning %inancial <odels Dudget -mplementation %iscal 7ontrols

our compan y, - have a proven trac( record of increasin g profitabi lity through sound manage ment& financial analysis& and budget process improve ment. have had substanti al results in capital areas includin g purchase recomm endation s& fi)ed

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9

%inancial /lanning %inancial 1eporting 7apital /ro$ections

asset management& and asset redeployment resulting in significant cost sav+ings. have implemented cost and

bu dg et co

ntrols resulting in& measurable decreases in e)penditures. <y e)pertise also includes long+term and short+term planning& as #ell as the ability to streamline op+erations.


0c*uisition -nvestigation


7ontingency /lanning

0sset <anagement Goint >enture 0nalysis 1eturn on -nvestment

%inancial 1eporting


Dusiness =evelopment 0sset /urchase Becurities and -nvestment Dan(ing %easibility Btudy /o#er/oint /resentation 7ost+Denefit 0nalysis %inancial <odels .*uity %inancing Bales %orecasting 1is( 0nalysis <ar(etL7onsumer 1esearch 7apital .)pense Gustification 7ost 7ontrolsL7ost 0voidance Dusiness 0dvisement


*arren &. #ichaels increase profitability. =evelop financial models to situate company for aggressive e)pansion. 1 Beventh Btreet 7larence& ,e# Core &trengths 4or( 14'31 7ontingency /lanning 7ost+Denefit 0nalysis %easibility Btudy 0sset /urchase :@1!; 7apital .)pense Gustification +K2I' L Goint >enture 0nalysis -nvestment Dan(ing email %inancial 1eporting 1KK@ to 5.0JT5 1.BOH17.B& -,7.& Duffalo& ,e# 4or( 7urrent 2inancial Planner 4ice 3resident7"inancial 3lannin! P /rovide strategic counsel to corporate e)ecutives in financial planning& ne# business develop+ment& and e investments. 1esearch and evaluate consumers& sales history& pricing& emerging competition& pac(aging& and r' mar(et trends to forecast sales and profits accurately. o r 1 1ecommended ac*uisition of primary competitor& reali9ing I@R of mar(et share. m 2 -nitiated cost controls in production& #arehouse operations& and purchasing that resulted in over $ O23'&''' in savings. is 3 /rovided business advisement on divestiture of poor+performing subsidiary and investment in k start+up company& earning significant increase in revenues. A n Education al Hniversity of Duffalo Bchool of <anagement& ,e# 4or( y #aster o' Business Administration) 567J si s 1 /hi Deta "appa & e c Qemai l.com Pro'essional Experience

<agna 7um Jaude

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

u r e E M ui ty 2 in a n ci n g $esearch 3aunch o' Product 3ines Bolid trac( record of implementing creative solutions to enhance mar(et share and

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G

A "si(9 Keywords

environment is so critical& - initiated cost controls in production& #arehouse op+ erations& and purchasing that resulted in *hy should we hire you)over O23'&''' in savings. - also provided what are your strengths)business advisement on divestiture of a and how do you seepoor+performing subsidiary and investment yoursel' contri+uting toin a start+up company& earning signifi+cant increase in revenues. our company, 0s standard practice& perform ris( analysis and secured e*uity financing for the launch of ne# prod+uct lines. - also recommended ac*uisition of primary competitor& reali9ing I@R of mar(et share. Bince cost control in today8s


;LIGH! A!! 76A7!


Phillip B. -a 4 4 7oconu 5onol

ulu& 5a#aii K!I1I :I'I; emailQemail.com

+ !K3 L

Pro'essional 2light Attendant 5<O :ears o' &a'e 2lying and &uperior Customer &ervice Ca+in 3eadership Passenger $elations 1nternational and !omestic Experience 0 friendly& fle)ible& and reliable cabin safety professional. 1eputation for complaint resolution techni*ues. 0s a trainer& appreciate the value of -nflight /olicies and /rocedures& and BO/s. Dilingual spea(er of Gapanese. Core &trengths 7abin Bafety .vacuation /rocedures .mergency .*uipment 7ustomer Bervice Pro'essional Experience 0JJ /07-%-7 0-1J-,.B& 5onolulu& 5a#aii


%01s -n+flight .mergencies 7re# 1esource <anagement 7omplaint 1esolution

1KK' to /resent

"li!ht *ttendant <aintain clear sense of responsibility for safety of passengers and fello# cre#members #hile providing outstanding customer service aboard international flights throughout the /acific and 0sia. Gointly charged #ith recurrent training curriculum planning& including revie# of land and #ater evacuation procedures& #ater survival& first aid& emergency e*uipment location and use& and hi$ac(ing procedures.

1 2 3 4

1eorgani9ed /olicies and /rocedures section of flight attendant manual.

0ssisted in selecting cabin location of automatic e)ternal defibrillator. 0chieved record O3 '' in duty+free sales on single transpacific flight. %light 0ttendant of the 4ear 0#ard for superior passenger relations.

Hniversity of 5a#aii& 5onolulu& 5a#aii Bachelor o' Arts 0ravel and 0ourism #anagement) 5677

1 2

.ditor of campus travel and tourism ne#sletter

%ront des( internshipA1oyal 5a#aiian 5otel

7abin Bafety .vacuation /rocedures %light 0ttendant .mergency .*uipment 5i$ac(ing /rocedures %irst 0id 0utomatic .)ternal
=efibrillator :0.=;

%ederal 0viation
1egulations :%01s;

7re# 1esource <anagement :71<;

7abin Jeadership 1ecurrent Training -n+%light /olicies and /rocedures Btandard Operating
/rocedures :BO/s;

0ir Travel /assenger 1elations 7omplaint 1esolution Dilingual Gapanese Bpea(er -nternational 1outes =omestic 1outes =uty %ree Bales

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*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

nce #ith a ma$or air carrier flying both - international and domestic routes& and am a ha bilingual spea(er of Gapanese. - am a highly ve s(illed cabin leader #ith particular 1' e)pertise in customer service& complaint ye resolution& and cre# resource management. ars 4our airline #ill soon e*uip its fleet #ith of automatic e)ternal defibrillatorsN - have e) already been trained in the use of the 0.=& pe and am *ualified to teach the module rie during flight attendant recurrent training.


1evenue <anagement


7atering Dar P Deverage

"itchen Operations


5ospitality Dan*ueting and 7onferences %ood /roduction Technology 7ustomer Bervice Team Duilding P Jeadership /lanning and Organi9ation 5077/ Btandards
/urchasing >endor

1elations -nventory 7ost 7ontrol

<enu =evelopment

%ood /roduction Btandards and 7ontrols 1oom Bervice Btaff 5iring P Training /erformance <anagement %inance P Dudgeting 1estaurant


Paul Garvey IK34 Drighton Dlvd. Core &trengths 7olumbus& Ohio 1evenue <anagement 7ustomer BerviceL1oom Bervice 4322K 7ontract ,egotiations Team Duilding P Jeadership :!14; @1!+4233 "itchen Operations /lanning and Organi9ation /roduct "no#ledge 5077/ Btandards 2ood and Beverage Pro'essional Experience #anager Expert 1umford 5otels& 7olumbus& Ohio 1KK@ to /resent ise in "ood and Bevera!e Mana!er &pecia 7ollaborate #ith manager in maintaining inventory cost control& finance P budgeting& staff hiring P l development& and overall performance management. 0ccountable for security of as+sets& supervision of Events and daily operations& and ensuring guest satisfaction through e)cellent cus+tomer service& #hile increasing I1P sales through creative menu development. Galas.. 1 0chieved R company#ide food and beverage service improvement to prior year. . 2ood Production &tandards and Controls " BanMuets % Con'erence s Bar % Beverage .perations " 2ood

2 3 4

Trained associates in highly important 0lcohol -ntervention and Jife safety. 0ssisted in development and e)ecution of highly successful sales strategy. 0#arded annual bonus based on service and profitability.

Education The Ohio Btate Hniversity& 7olumbus& Ohio Dachelor of 0rts& 5ospitality P Tourism <anagement& =ecember 2'''

1 2

3/0 3.I
Bocial =irector for 1esidence 5all& t#o years

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

Production 0echnology " Purchasing Iendor $elations Cualified %ood and Deverage <anager #ith demonstrated history in empo#ering individuals to achieve restaurant goals. -mplement cost+ saving measures #hile utili9ing resources #ith ma)imum efficiency.

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G

A "si(9 Keywords
*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, <y *ualities as a %ood and Deverage <anager have been identified in areas including room service operations& ban*uetsLconferences& and special events. The profit+centered pro$ects upon #hich -8ve focused

this past year have provided the opportunity to prove my s(ills in revenue management& bud+geting& and cash flo#& and #ill prove useful as a part of your management team.

Team-Fly ??

;"76&RAI# R


@esse Eli?ah '4 4Kth 0ven West

.d#ards& -llinois !1 2I :3'K; 243+1111 L emailQemail.com 2und-$aiser Bpecial .vent <anagement L /ublic 1elations L 7apital 7ampaigns B(illed in %orging /artnerships #ith =iverse 1evenue Bources 14+4ear Trac( 1ecord of Organi9ational =evelopment 0ccomplished %und+1aising .)ecutive #ith e)perience managing relationships #ith financial contributors& boards of directors& staff& and volunteers. Trac( record of increasing revenues and fostering positive public and media relations. Droad base of e)perience in fund raising includ+ing grant #riting& direct mail& annual campaigns& ma$or gifts& telephone solicitations& and spe+cial events. Core &trengths Bpecial .vent <anagement 7apital 3iving 7ampaigns Btrategic /lanning /olicy =evelopment Pro'essional Experience 5.01T O% -JJ-,O-B J.H".<-0 %OH,=0T-O,& /eoria& -llinois 1KK@ to /resent


/ublic 1elationsL<edia 1elations Dudgeting 3rant Writing Team Jeadership

Director of "und)Raisin! and 3ublic Relations 7onceive and direct all fund+raising activities and serve as liaison to staff& volunteers& board members& the community& and the media. 1esponsible for strategic planning& budgeting& and reporting. Write and edit promotional materials and press releases for various events and ser+vices and give presentations to local service organi9ations. 1ecruit& schedule& motivate& train& and supervise 1 'T volunteers.

1 2 3

1esearched and launched a grant solicitation campaign& resulting in additional revenues of appro)imately O1''&'''. -nitiated a direct mail campaign resulting in O1'&''' profit #ithin $ust si) months and 1''' ne# contributors. /ioneered a fashion sho# at an upscale area hotel& using parents and children affiliated #ith the foundation as models. /lanned the entire event& including securing approval& re+cruiting and scheduling volunteers& calling on stores for donations& and selling tables to cor+porations. Dy all accounts the event #as a huge success& earning a one+night O2 &''' profit.

Education W.BT.1, -JJ-,O-B H,->.1B-T4& <acomb& -llinois Bachelor o' Arts in Communications& 1KK@

Bpecial .vent <anagement /ublic 1elations <edia 1elations %inancial 7ontributors 7apital 3iving 7ampaign >olunteer 1ecruitment ,onprofit -nstitutions Organi9ational =evelopment %und+1aising 1evenue Bources =irect <ail 7ampaign Oral and Written 7ommunication B(ills %inancial 7ontributors Doard of =irectors
/olicy =evelopment

7ampaign =evelopment Dudgeting 3rant Writing Team Jeadership /artnerships

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, <y bac(ground includes the management of fund+raising

op 9ation of 1 ''T members. -n that capacity& er ans#er directly to the Doard of =irectors& ati #ith broad responsibility for volunteer on recruitment& budgeting& strategic planning& s and staff supervision. -n addition to serving fo as liaison to staff& volunteers& board r amembers& and the community& - am charged no #ith fostering a posi+tive relationship #ith np the media& identifying revenue sources& and ro conceiving and coordinating direct mail and fit capital giving campaigns. 0s a result of my or efforts in the past five years& the ga organi9ation8s revenues have nearly ni doubled.


0dvice and 7ounseling %uneral =irector =eath Jife -nsurance 7laims Dereavement 7emeterian
%amily Bervice Bales

;"7 RAL 6IR C!OR

%uture /lanning 5uman Bervice /rofession Jegal =ocumentation ,ational Doard 7ertification /reneed /rograms
/sychology of 3rief

and Dereavement 7ounseling >ie#ings >isitations


Clinton *orthy share through customer support second to none. 2'' Bpringvie# Preneed planning specialist Caring) comprehensive advice and counseling Complete Jane Ja#rencev +ereavement services &ales and management expertise ille& 3eorgia 3''4' :@@'; 0ccomplished funeral professional #ith an <D0 and 12 years8 e)perience in funeral service. 0 results+ +1212 L oriented& success+driven leader and director #ith strong operational s(ills in finance& sales& and mar(eting. emailQemail -nitiated many strategies and programs that repeatedly added value& in+creased customer service .com performance& gre# mar(et share& and enhanced public image of the firm #hile meeting profit goals. 2uneral Pro'essional Core &trengths Buil /reneed and family service sales d <ar(eting P promotion to enhance our industry Operational management i n Pro'essional Experience g Bhady 1est %uneral 5ome& Ja#renceville& 3eorgia a n d h o l d i n g

.mpathetic grief and needs counseling 0ttention to detail to deliver fla#less service Btrong ethical standards

1KK' to 7urrent

Director /rovide advice and counseling& legal documentation& assistance #ith administrative tas(s& and the logistical management of human remains. 7ounsel and advise people prior to death as #ell as during and after bereavement. Bensitive to re*uirements of la#& custom& and the accepted practices of the individuals and communities. <eet sales and revenue goals. Education Hniversity of Jo#ell& Jo#ell& <assachusetts Dachelor of Bcience in Dusiness& 1KI@

Summa cum laude References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

a n i n c r e a s i n g m a r k e t

w CGA "si(9 Keywords

I ( t e r 3i e

caring& empathetic& comprehensive service that positions my organi9ations as the provider of choice in times of grief and *hy should we hire you)sorro#. While - am an embalmer as #ell as what are your strengths)a director and cemeterian& my greatest and how do you seestrength is in anticipating and filling final yoursel' contri+uting toarrangement needs. What pleases me most is that most of my sales are referrals. our company, While some $oin the funeral industry because they thin( it is 2recession proof&6 -8ve dedicated my entire career to serving communities and building mar(et share. The t#o are related& not opposed. <y strength is in providing




$o+erta Alexander 2'I Tallo#oo Dlvd.

Westerville& O5 43'I1 :!14; +4 !2 L emailQemail.com General #anager( -ospitality A+le to develop strategies and 'ollow through to impressive outcomes. .perations #anagement " -uman $esources #anagement &ta'' !evelopment) 0raining) and 3eadership 5otelL1esort <anagement professional #ith outstanding reputation for producing impressive results. /ractical problem solver& effective #hen managing union staffs& and recogni9ed for tenacity and perseverance. Core &trengths 3uest Bervices /PJ <anagement 5otel Bales P <ar(eting Jabor 1elations Pro'essional Experience Jand /aradise 1esort& 5onolulu 5a#aii 7ontract ,egotiations Jabor 7ost 7ontrols 7onvention 7oordination %inancial P 7ost 0ccounting


1KKK to 7urrent

General Mana!er <anage hospitality operations and guest services of 2''+room resort #ith revenues in e)cess of O million annually. .nsure *uality assurance and adherence to hotel service standard #hile overseeing ban*ueting P catering& e)ecutive house(eeping& #hile ensuring that front office and guest service departments operate at optimum levels. =evelop and e)ecute strategies support+ing facilities planning and restaurant operation agendas.

1 2 3 4

Buccessfully implemented innovative 5ospitality Training Bystem.

-mproved profit by over 2 R during first year as 3eneral <anager. Belected as "eynote spea(er at three 3eneral <anagers8 conferences. /ioneered groundbrea(ing 25otel <anagers Burvival 7amp.6

7ornell Hniversity& Bchool of 5otel 0dministration& -thaca& ,e# 4or( Bachelor o' &cience( -otel Administration) 566C

1 2

7oncentration: 2ood and Beverage #anagement

0ctivities: 0eaching Assistant) Culinary 5<5

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

5otel Bales P

<ar(eting Jabor 1elations 5ospitality Training Bystems Dusiness =evelopment .)ecutive 5ouse(eeping Dan*ueting P 7atering Dusiness Btart+up and Turnaround %ront Office <anagement %acilities /lanning %inancial P 7ost 0ccounting 1estaurant Operations <anagement 7atering 3uest Bervices <anagement
Dudget /lanning and

0dministration Jabor 7ost 7ontrols 7onvention 7oordinating /PJ <anagementL Btrategic /lanning Cuality 0ssuranceL Bervice Btandards Btaff =evelopment& Training& and Jeadership 7ontract ,egotiations

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

- ntribute to your property in several (ey pos areas& the first of #hich #ill be sales and ses mar(eting. Without an increasing customer s base& good service is inconse*uential. tal Therefore& business development& despite ent competitive mar(ets& must be addressed. To s assure that the hotel re+mains first class& tha #ill concentrate on *uality in t ban*uetLcatering& convention management& #il e)ecutive house(eeping& and front des( l service by assuring strong internal controls co and building a sound associ+ate team.


Dridging 7lients Together Dureau 7ompliance

7lient 0dvocate 7orporate %ilings 7ourt+5eld %raud 7ases =atabase Bearch <anagement =omain ,ames =omesticL -nternational /olicies %ederal Ja#s and 1egulations 3overnment 1elations -nternet -ntellectual /roperty .)pert Testimony
Jegislative 5earings

GO8 R7M 7! LIAI#O7

,ational Bpea(er /atents& Trademar(s& 7opyrights /eer 7onsultation

/ortfolio of Bervices

TangibleL-ntangible /roperty Trademar( -nfringement Web Bite 7ontent


*illiam @. *hit'ield 111 7oral 3rove /ointA ,orthgate Way ,orth Dabylon& ,e# 4or( 11@'3 :!31; + ''II L emailQema il.com Government 3iaison ; < : e a r C a r e e r & p e c i a li = i n g i n 1 n t e ll e c t u a l P r o p e r t y 0radi tional % 1nter net Case #an agem ent Patents 0rademar ks Copyrigh

ts -nfluential government liaison #ith a groundbrea(ing career serving as a vital lin( bet#een federal agencies& patent attorneys& -nternet companies& inventors& highly regarded mar(eting firms& and %ortune '' companies. Core &trengths 3overnment 1elations 7lient 0dvocate 7orporate %ilings Trademar( -nfringement Pro'essional Experience -ntelle) /roperties& -nc.& ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or( 1KK3 to /resent Government Liaison .)pedite the granting of domesticLinternational trademar(s& patents& and copyrights specific to tangibleLintangible property& Web site content& and domain namesLpersonal names through ap+propriate channels. .nsure full compliance #ith the H.B. /atent and Trademar( Office& 7opy+right Office& World -ntellectual /roperty Organi9ation& and a matri) of federal bureaus. Berve as a leading authority& case representative& and client advocate.

=omesticL-nternational /olicies =atabase Bearch <anagement %ederal Ja#s and 1egulations .)pert Testimonials

1 2 3 4

Bpea( nationally on controversial foreign intellectual property issues.

/rovided e)pert testimony for clients at fraud e)amination hearings. 7onsult peer specialists on case analyses and legal protocols. 0ttended legislative hearings on music copyright infringements.

%ordham Hniversity& Dron)& ,e# 4or( #aster o' Arts( Political &cience) 567E

1 2

Chairperson) *orld 0rade Advisory Committee

#em+er) #EN&A

what G are your A strength s) and how do " you see syoursel' i contri+ uting to (our 9compan y,


K 1ecently e& my #or( has ycentered on w influenci ong rchanges din Washing ston on
issues * concerni h ng y tradition s +al and h -nternet o intellect u ual l property d rights. -t w is your e organi9a h tion8s i recent r decision e to y e)pand o its port+ u folio of )



Patti Elliott KK11 =avidia =rive

<enlo /ar(& 7alifornia K4'2 :41 ; +K!I1 L emailQemail.com Graphic !esigner Experienced in 2reelance Graphic !esign and Production Business-to-Consumer Pro?ect !esign % #anagement 2ull-&ervice Graphic !esign Capa+ilities ,ine years8 e)perience in graphic design and pro$ect management from initial concept to fin+ished product. .)tensive e)perience creating corporate identityLcommunication pac(ages for the technical& medical& entertainment& and retail industries. Core &trengths 3raphic -mage <anipulation <ulticolor /rinting /ublication =esign Pro'essional Experience T013.T 7O1/O10T-O,& <inneapolis& <,


Jinotronic Outputs 3+= /ac(aging >isual 7ommunications <edia

1KK3 to 7urrent

Gra hic Desi!ner7*dvertisin! =evelop and design creative e)ecution of concepts for assigned pro$ects& including :but not lim+ited to; maga9ine ads& ne#spaper ads& outdoor advertising& collateral& catalog page layout and design& /OB signing& interactive advertising& pac(aging& style guides& press (its& and other re+lated pro$ects.

1 2 3

1educed advertisingLmar(eting budget by OI'&''' over a single year by streamlining bud+geting practices. 1eceived a#ards for print designN published in multiple graphic design 2best of 6 boo(s in+ cluding 1oc(port /ublishers Computer Graphics 2. =esigned corporate collateral and organi9ed pro$ect archiving system.

Education 5ampton Hniversity& 5ampton& >irginia Bachelor o' Arts 2ine Arts) 566B

1 2

3raphic 0rtist -ntern& 7entury <ar(eting& Doulder& 7oloradoA1KK2

3raduated #ith Cum Laude =istinction

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

0rt =esign 0d Jayout =es(top /ublishing /OB Bigning

.lectronic /itchboo(

/resentation Jibrary >isual 7ommunications <edia Dusiness+to+ 7onsumer :D27; /ro$ects /rinting and /repress /rocesses 3+= /ac(aging Jarge %ormat /rinting 3raphic -mage <anipulation Bheet+%ed /ress Web /ress Typography Jinotronic Outputs 7olor Beparation /hoto 1etouching <ulticolor /rinting /ublication =esign

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou ecial (nac( for organi9ation& system r creation& streamlining #or(+flo#& managing co pro$ects& and solving inefficiencies& - bring m proficiency in the areas of sheet+fed and pa #eb press processes& large format printing& ny and des(top publishing. Offering collateral , value as an e)perienced freelance graphic spe+cialist for design staffing services& Wi have nine years of e)perience using th Cuar(S/ress& 0dobe -llustra+tor& 0dobe a /hotoshop& 0dobe /agema(er& and various sp other support programs and plug+ins.



/eer 7ounseling .ducation >ocationalL7areer 7ounseling /arent and %amily 1elationships 1esearch 1egulatory 7ompliance -ntervention .ducational /rograms <ultidisciplinary Teams Therapists Bpecial .ducation 0t+1is( Btudent /opulations Btudent 0dvocate Bupportive 7olleague Test 0dministration
-nteractive Jearning On+Jine 7lassrooms


7ommittee Jeadership


!avid #cClosky communication s(ills in relating to administrators& teachers& therapists& and family members. 1eputation as a supportive colleague and a student advocate. !@3I ,. %rost#ood Core &trengths /ar(#ay /eoria& -llinois-ntervention Targeted .ducational /rograms !1!1 >ocationalL7areer 7ounseling -nteractive Jearning :3'K; + On+Jine 7lassrooms 7ommittee Jeadership 244 L Test 0dministration /eer 7ounseling emailQemail .com Pro'essional Experience 1KI' to -igh 3eorge Washington 5igh Bchool& Washington& -llinois /resent &chool Guidance Counselor Guidance %acilitated both personal and career counseling& and conducted vocational testing. 0cted as li+aison to Counselor universities and the military& and developed college financial aid and career seminars for schools& parents& 2'+year trac( and students. 7onducted parent and student information sessions. -nter+acted e)tensively #ith teachers and record of administrators regarding student progress& and made col+lege admissions and scholarship information helping available as needed. students 1 /ioneered a program #ith a local community college to provide classes at the high school& develop giving eligible $uniors and seniors dual credit for both high school and college course#or(. academica lly and 2 =eveloped a vocational counseling program in concert #ith a part+time $obs program& and socially served as liaison to students and employers. 7areer 7ounse ling L /arent P %amily 1elatio

/rovided leadership for the follo#ing committees: Tech /rep& -nteractive Jearning& and -n+ tervention for 0t+1is( Btudent /opulations

Education -JJ-,O-B BT0T. H,->.1B-T4& ,ormal& -llinois #.A. in Guidance and Counseling> Administrative Endorsement& 1KI' B.&. in Biology and Physical Education :=ouble <a$or;& 1K@

nships L /ublic 1elatio ns .)pertise in the =evelopment of .ffective Btudent /rograms for Bchool& 7areer& and %amily 7reative& resourceful& and dedicated 3uidance 7ounselor #ith a history of identifying the needs of various student populations and leading multidisciplinary teams to develop strategies to meet those needs. .)cellent

A "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3i e w C G

school district& allo#ing students to ta(e college courses via on+line classrooms and receive dual credit for both high school and *hy should we hire you)college. - also helped set up the tech+prep what are your strengths)program in our school in collaboration #ith and how do you seea local community college. -n addition& -8ve yoursel' contri+uting to#or(ed closely #ith multi+disciplinary teams of teachers& administrators& our company, therapists& social #or(ers& and psychologists to identify intervention -n addition to e)tensivestrategies for at+ris( and special+education counseling #ith bothstudents #ho have special needs. individual students and their families& -8ve had the op+ portunity to provide leadership on a number of committees. %or e)ample& led the pro$ect to bring in+ teractive learning to our




Cindy 3awso 123 B. %ourth "e#ane

e& -llinois !1443 :3'K; emailQemail.com

+1234 L

Pro'essional -air &tylist 5;-:ear Background in Pro'essional -air &tyling and 0raining 1nnovative &tyling 0echniMues &killed Cosmetologist 0rainer &a'ety 0raining) Huality Control) and #arketing Experience 7reative and highly accomplished e)pert cosmetologist #ith a full range of styling& manage+ment& customer relations& mar(eting& and training s(ills. Dac(ground in #or(ing successfully #ith high+profile clientele. Core &trengths 7ustomer 1elations 7reative Btyling Techni*ues Bafety Training 7ustomer Batisfaction /erm Techni*ues Pro'essional Experience T5. W0>.A7hicago& -J


7ustomer Joyalty Cuality 7ontrol <ar(eting BhapingLTrimmin g 7urlingLTinting

1KK to 7urrent

2ead St$list <anage styling services for top+level clients and mentor ne# stylists in learning various cut+ting& shaping& tinting& curling& and perm techni*ues. -mplemented #ee(ly safety and styling meetings to improve *uality and reduce incidents involving safety issues. =eveloped highly ef+fective mar(eting techni*ues and trained staff to up+sell accessories effectively. Belected to pro+vide services for numerous visiting celebrities.

1 2 3 4

1outinely train stylists on ne# techni*ues and safety compliance issues.

Bpearheaded the purchase and use of the first ergonomically efficient chairs. -ncreased customer satisfaction by implementing procedures to raise *uality. 0chieved a 2'R increase in accessory sales through aggressive mar(eting.

H,->.1B-T4 O% 75-703O& 7hicago& -llinois Bachelor o' Arts( Business #anagement 567C 1llinois &tate 3icensed Cosmetologist 567J

Training Btyling Techni*ues Cuality 7ontrol Bafety Training <ar(eting .rgonomically .fficient Deautician 7utting <ethods Tinting /erm Techni*ues -nnovative Bhaping 5air Trimming 7urling 7ustomer Batisfaction 7reative

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9 K

7ustomer 1elations

Btylist 7ustomer Joyalty

my s(ills current by attendin g all trade sho#s and training in the three+ state area. -n addition to my e)pert styling techni*u es& have trained many staff member s on safety& *uali+ty assuranc e& mar(eti ng& and custome r satisfact ion

issues. <y specialties include coloring hair& perms and multilayered cuts. - have

als en selected to provide personal stylist o services for high+profile clients& and once be #or(ed the set for Oprah Winfrey8s guests.

@ 5

-nbound Bervices Operations .nd+Hser Bupport



7ustomer Bervice ,et#or(ing .nvironment Hser Bupport Bpecialist Troubleshooting .scalation B(ills /roblem 1esolution =ata 7ommunications 7all 7enter .nvironment Team /layer 5elp =es( and
5ard#are Bupport


%irst+Jevel /7 Bupport /roduct Jaunch Bupport 7ustomer Bervice On+Jine 71< ,et#or( 0rchitecture Bupport 7ustomer 7ommunications %ront+Jine 5elp =es( On+7all Operations Bupport


Grace #atherly +ound services operations 43 <urdoc( 7ourt End-/ser &upport 2irst-3evel Customer &ervice ,e# Druns#ic(& &tand-Alone or Networking Environments ,e# Gersey 'IK'1 Hser support specialist e)perienced in troubleshooting& escalation s(ills and problem resolu+tion for :@32; + net#or(ing and data communications in a call center environment. 7ooperative team player& able to #or( 1234 L emailQemail under pressure. .com Core &trengths 5elp =es( and 5ard#are Bupport %irst+Jevel /7 Bupport /roduct Jaunch Bupport 7ustomer 7ommunications e 7ustomer Bervice L On+Jine 71< .scalation 1esolution l ,et#or( 0rchitecture Bupport <igrations and Hpgrades p ! e s k A d m i n i s t r a t o r e l p ! e s k C o o r d i n a t o r P r o d u ct iv e) h ig h M u al it y i n Pro'essional Experience /501<0 D-OT.75& /rinceton& ,e# Gersey 1KKI to 7urrent

2el Des# *dministrator %ront+line help des( support technician e)perienced in end+user computing systems and net+#or( support for 1 '' personnel in H.B. head*uarters for top+five international manufacturer and distributor of biotech products. %irst point of contact for support incidents& as #ell as end+user instruction.

1 2 3

.nsure effective and efficient on+call operations support for product launches& data commu+ nications migrations and upgrades& and sales. Won annual company a#ard for 2.)ceptional 7ustomer Bervice6 in 2'''. -nvestigate and resolve K R of first+level in*uiries utili9ing on+line (no#ledge base& techni+cal (no#ledge& and on+line 71< system. 0ssist application users by providing prompt responses& training one+on+one and in groups& and in reactive and proactive problem solving.

Education 1utgers Hniversity& ,e# Druns#ic(& ,e# Gersey Bachelor o' &cience) Computer &cienceD5667

7omputer B(ills: <icrosoft Buite S/ and 2''' products& Win ,T& Win S/ and 2'''& /7Lmainframe applications& Hni)& Jinu)& J0,LW0,& T7/-/ and ,ovell net#or(s& <agic .nterprise 5elp =es( soft#are.

eire you) what w are your

strength s) and C how do you see G yoursel' A contri+ uting to our " compan sy,

i With ( four 9 years8

e)perien ce K providin eg ycomple) front+ w line help des( o support rin a fast+ paced d ssales sup+port environ * hment& y have s gained hin+depth o escalatio un s(ills l and dtechnical (no#led wge e ensuring hfirst+

lev el cu sto me r ser vic e of the hi gh est cal ibe r. Ht ili 9in g on + lin e (n o# led ge ba se to ols an d an aly tic al tro u+ ble sh

ooting abilities& - have attained a problem resolution rate of K R for first+point+of+contact in+ *uiries. - #ould li(e to deliver e)ceptional customer support services to your organi9ation.




#ary Brown 123 %ourth 0v /eoria& -llinois

:3'K; 123+4 !@ L emailQemail.com &econdary 0eacher o' English 12 4ears8 7lassroom .)perience 7ombined #ith @ 4ears as a Bpeech Team 7oach Teaching Techni*ues include: Writing on computer& process #riting& team teaching& cooperative learning groups& role playing& and the development of thematic units. 1esourceful and energetic teacher #ith a commitment to fostering lifetime learning in stu+dents. /ositive& outgoing& and approachable& #ith a talent for dra#ing out young people and putting them at ease. 0ble to communicate effectively #ith parents& administrators& and col+leagues. Core &trengths 7urriculum =evelopment <entoring 7olleagues P Btudents -dentifying Jearner ,eeds 0ssertive =iscipline Pro'essional Experience 0D7 5-35 B75OOJ& /eoria& -llinois


7lassroom <anagement -nclusionLTeam Teaching #ith Bpecial .ducation Teachers 5elping Btudents =evelop 7ritical Thin(ing B(ills Teaching Writing as a /rocess 1KK1 to /resent

+n!lish Teacher / S eech Team Coach Taught creative #riting& process #riting& #riting on computer& and grammar& in addition to multiple literature units on Bha(espeare& Bteinbec(& and 5eming#ay. 7oached speech team members and coordinated the group8s participation in tournaments in various locations throughout central -llinois.

1 2 3

=eveloped a number of thematic units& incorporating spelling& process #riting& and gram+mar into various literature units. .ffectively supervised and mentored three student teachers. 7ollaborated #ith special education teachers to design individuali9ed lessons for students #ith special needs #ithin an inclusive environment.

Education % Credentials -llinois Btate Hniversity& ,ormal& -llinois Bachelor o' Arts in the &econdary 0eaching o' English& 1KK' #inor in &peech Communication

1 2

3/0: 3.I
Bumma 7um Jaude

5igher .ducation Teaching .nglish <athematics 3uidance 7ounseling

/erformance Dased

Btudent Oriented Btudent Buccess

0ssertive =iscipline

Team Teaching /o#er Writing /rocess Jearning /rocess Writing

Writing on 7omputer

Thematic Hnits 7urriculum =evelopment 7ontinuing .ducation 1ole /laying <entoring 7lassroom <anagement Jifelong Jearning

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - have employed a number of

cl cluding process #riting& #riting on com+ as puter& role playing& and the development of sr thematic units. -n addition& - have had the oo opportunity to mentor three student m teachers and participate in curriculum te development for the .nglish department. ac believe in fostering an environment that hi leads to student success& and that includes ng adapting my teaching style to meet the str needs of students at multiple at socioeconomic and ability levels. -n eg addition& - am comfortable in an inclusion ies environment& and - have e)tensive & e)perience team teaching #ith spe+cial in education teachers.


0=0 1egulations 7ompensation

Denefits 0dministration Balary Btructures

.mployee 0ssistance


/rograms 7OD10 0dministration /erformance 0ppraisals .mployee 1etention 7ost+per+5ire <anpo#er /lanning Gob =escriptions 3eneralist ..O 1egulations

Training and =evelopment Organi9ational =evelopment 51-B 7areer /aths .)empt and ,one)empt Wor(ers /ersonnel /olicies ,e#+5ire Orientations


Naomi Alexander 2ortune E<< companies 234 7ypress Btreet #eeting Business Needs 0hrough Expert #anagement o' Employee $esources %reehold& ,e# Gersey '@@2I :2'1; %ive years8 e)perience #ith accountability for all aspects of personnel administration in a 3 '+person +1234 L department. "ey responsibilities include: emailQemai Core &trengths l.com Denefits 0dministration <anpo#er /lanning Organi9ational =evelopment /erformance 0ppraisals 1ecruitment and 1etention 7OD10 0dministration / Balary Btructures and 7ompensation ..O and 0=0 re*uirements # A N $ E & . / $ C E & # A N A G E $ 0 o p Pro'essional Experience GO5,BO, P GO5,BO,& ,e# Druns#ic(& ,G -uman $esource #anager :1KKIL/resent; -uman $esource Associate :1KK@L1KKI; 1KK@ to /resent

5ired for the associate position and *uic(ly promoted to 51 <anagerAa transition that typi+cally ta(es several years. s 51 <anager& direct a multitude of personnel functions for e)empt and none)empt employees #ith emphasis on effective staffing& training& and retention of em+ployees. Btrong (no#ledge of 7OD10& ..O& and 0=0 regulations.

1 2 3 4

1evamped recruitment strategies placing added emphasis on campus initiatives. 0s a re+sult& cost+per+hire e)penses fell 3 R this year. 7onducted industry#ide salary surveys and subse*uently realigned our salary structure to reflect mar(et trends. Overhauled anti*uated $ob descriptions to reflect current $ob demands.
Bpearheaded an 51-B conversion #ithin the department.

Education 1utgers Hniversity& ,e# Druns#ic(& ,G Bachelor o' Arts) Psychology& 1KK@ References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

n o t c h e x p e ri e n c e i n

I ( t e r 3 i

ew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, With five years progressively of

responsible positions in 5uman 1esource <anagement& first in gener+ alist roles and then in various 51 specialties& have broad+based e)perience #ith the ability to handle the multitude of issues that often arise #ithin an organi9ation such as yours. "ey needs today include employee retention and hiring the best people the first time& and our employee satisfaction surveys and churn has been the best in the company history. -n my present $ob& in addition to the staffing& benefits& and compensation functions& - have

s u c c e s s f u l l y r e v a

mp ed ou r car eer pat hs& #h ich ha s co ntr ibu ted to

incr ease d emp loye e rete ntio n.

Tea mFly




@ane &mart 4 +4 4 .ast " Btreet

5onolulu& 5a#aii K!I1 :I'I; +@I@3 L emailQemail.com 1mage Consultant Personali=ed 2ashion Guidance *ardro+e Analysis and Planning 2ashion #akeovers Nonver+al Communications and Business EtiMuette Authority =edicated professional see(ing consultative position #ith mid+ to large+si9e firm. Dac(ground includes 1' years8 image design e)perience& 'T corporate #or(+shop presentations. Core &trengths 7orporate =ress ,e# -mage =esign Jong+Term Wardrobe /lanning 7olor 0nalysis Pro'essional Experience -<03-,. T5-B& 5onolulu& 5a#aii


Dusiness 7asual =ress 7loset Overhaul Bhopping B(ills =evelopment <annerisms

1KK2 to /resent

3ro rietor/,ma!e Consultant -n+person coaching of over @'' individuals to ma)imi9e their personal and professional image potential. Belect clients include sports professionals& corporate senior management& and la#yers. "ey areas of guidance include professional and casual dress& often re*uiring complete #ardrobe overhaul.

1 2

5elped roo(ie salesperson #ith #ardrobe color analysis. ,e# loo( contributed to 3'R hi(e in personal sales volume. =esigned fashion ma(eover for laid+off 4I+year+old middle managerAbusiness and casual dress. Doost in confidence helped client land better+paying& more responsible position #ithin a month.

Education Ban =iego Btate Hniversity& Ban =iego& 7alifornia Bachelor o' Arts #arketing) 567C

1 2

4.' 3/0
Who8s Who 0mong 0merican 7ollege Btudents

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

7orporate =ress /rofessional =ress Dusiness 7asual 7asual =ress =ress for Buccess ,e# -mage =esign Wardrobe 0nalysis

Wardrobe /lanning

7loset Overhaul %ashion <a(eovers Bhopping B(ills =evelopment /ersonal Bhopping 7olor 0nalysis 5air <annerisms ,onverbal 7ommunications Dusiness .ti*uette -n+/erson 7onsulting 7orporate Wor(shops Wedding /lanning

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

ord of advising individuals on dress+for+ techni*ues& significantly - success heightening their professional potential. ha ve am an e)perienced #or(shop presenter& and a #ill advise and guide your #or(force on 1' basics of image design& including + professional dress& #ardrobe color analysis& ye and long+term image planning. - am also an ar e)pert at teaching essential nonverbal tra communication and business eti*uette enhancing your company8s c( s(ills& rec professionalism in the mind of your customers.


-nvestigation -nterpersonal 7ommunications

/ro$ect <anagement

I7#"RA7C CLAIM# A6J"#! R

0nalytical and /roblem+Bolving 0bility 7laims 0uto Theft or Jarceny

-nsurance 0d$uster8s

Jicense claims 0d$usting Sactimate :.stimating Boft#are; .stimating -ntervie#ing 7overage Jiability =amage /ersonal -n$ury
Hninsured <otoristL Hninsured <otorist /roperty =amage :H<LH</=;

Bite -nvestigation 1epair vs. 1eplace Witness Btatement


&haron 0amiya ears representing ma$or automobile insurers and under#riters 7alifornia insurance ad$uster8s license V7 1212 @2I'1 1obin Jane O$ai& 0ri9ona insurance ad$uster8s license V0 IIII 7alifornia K3'23 :I' ; Core &trengths Bite -nvestigations 7ommunicationsL-ntervie#s +1122 L -ntervie#ing emailQemail .stimating /ro$ect <anagement 1emaining 7alm in .mergencies .com Pro'essional Experience Claims Ad?ustor 5665 to Current 1ndependent Claims Ad?uster 1ndependent Contractor Contractor -nvestigating& estimating& and resolving motor vehicle collision claims. 7onduct crash site in+vestigation. Ta(e statements from #itnesses. 0ssess damage :property& theft& or personal bodily in$ury;. /hotograph and Automo+ile document site. 0naly9e police and #itness reports for inconsistencies. 1eintervie# if #arranted. =etermine liability after consideration of uninsured motorist and third+party involvement. <a(e repairLreplace Collision recommendations. Bubmit Sactimate estimates in final report submitted to field office. 0he't Personal 1n?ury 1 <obile Office 7apability: 2''2 7hevy 4S BH> #ith laptop computer& 3/B& mapping soft+ #are& printer& cell& and digital camera. n Education d -nsurance -nstitute of 0merica& <alvern& /ennsylvania e Associate in Claims 8A1C9 ;<<5 p 1egistered /rofessional 0d$usters& -nc.& ,apa& 7alifornia e $egistered Pro'essional Ad?uster 8$PA9 n d References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

e n t 7 l a i m s 0 d $ u s t o r A n i n e y

si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3i e w C G A "

my reports in the field and submit them electronically& #hile on my #ay to our ne)t *hy should we hire you)$ob. what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - offer a combination of critical claims ad$usting and pro$ect management s(ills in addition to industry licenses and certifications. With ad$uster8s licenses for both 7alifornia and 0ri9ona& - can e)tend my op+erations over a greater area. With my high+ tech& mobile office you get 24L@ accessibility and state+ of+the+art electronic communications. - prepare


I7#"RA7C #AL #


&tephen Galle 4 ! "elley 1o =allas& Te)as @


+1122 L emailQemail.com

&/CCE&&2/3 1N&/$ANCE &A3E&#AN with more than 5B years o' outstanding achievements ;<<5 Company &alesman o' the :ear P5J million in annual sales /roven trac( record of success in the sales of life and health insurance #ith recognition for ne# mar(et start+ ups& increasing annual sales from O! million to O14 million in si) years& and consistently e)ceeding *uotas. Core &trengths Hni*ue prospecting techni*ues =eveloping long+term relationships Btrategic mar(eting Btrong presentation s(ills Pro'essional Experience J P 5 -,BH10,7. 7O</0,4& =allas& Te)as 1KK to present


-nterfacing #ith senior e)ecutives Becuring referrals from clients ,e# product introductions .)cellent customer service

District Sales Re resentative /rospect for ne# clients& ma(e formal presentations& and close sales in the ,orth Te)as =istrict. %ocus on small to medium+si9e businesses as #ell as individuals& analy9e their needs and recommend the appropriate products to build their confidence and trust. =evelop and implement strategic mar(eting and advertising plans. /rovide e)cellent service to all clients to generate repeat business and referrals.

1 2 3 4

Opened three ne# mar(ets and generated O1 million in the first year.
-ncreased annual territory sales to O14 million in 2''1. Becured a %ortune 1'' company #ith O3 million in annual premiums. 1eceived the Top =istrict Bales 0#ard in all four *uarters of 2''1.

Daylor Hniversity& Waco& Te)as Bachelor o' Business Administration !egree> 566E G3*1 8.9 Dean:s List in ever$ semester References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

Bales 0#ards /rospecting /resentations 7losing B(ills 1elationships 1epeat Dusiness 1eferrals 7ustomer ,eeds 7ustomer Bervice -nterface Jicensed -nsurance /roducts /roduct -ntroductions Territory Btrategic /lans %orecasting 7lient Dase

our compan y,

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9
-nsurance Bales -ncreased Bales .)ceeded Cuotas

K e y

- have more than 13 years of outstan ding achieve ments in the sales of life and health insuran ce gen+ erating as much as O14 million annuall y. <y strength s include the ability to secure ne# clients& inter+ face #ith senior

e)ecutives& and develop strong relationships resulting in long+term repeat and refer+ral business. - believe my

e nt prospecting& presentation& and closing ) s(ills #ill produce outstanding sales results ce that #ill contribute greatly to the continued ll gro#th and success of your com+pany. e


1esidential 7ommercial -ndustrial Trends Bpace /lanning %loor /lans =rafting 0rchitectural .lements Dudgeting 7onsultations Traditional Old World 7ontemporary 7onstruction %au) %inishes 1enovations %urnishings Bho#rooms 0ccessories -nterior =esign Bho#cases

I7! RIOR 6 #IG7 R


#argaret =esign Trends 0ccessories *est--a''ord) Pro'essional Experience A&1! 12 Jinden 7ourt -,T.1-O1 =-<.,B-O,B& Bouthampton& ,e# 4or( 1KK' to /resent Bouthampton & ,e# 4or( ,nterior Desi!ner 11K!I : 1!; Wor( collaboratively #ith clients from initial consultation to completion of interior design pro$+ects. Htili9e +I@I@ L strong drafting s(ills to create detailed floor plans to assist in construction and renovation phases. /rovide emailQemail.c input on architectural elements and select and purchase furnish+ingsLaccessories. %re*uently visit ,e# 4or( om 7ity sho#rooms (eeping abreast of design trends to offer ma)imum options to clientele. 1N0E$1.$ !E&1GNE$ ocu sed on creat ing comf ortab !e yet inno vativ e interi or

1 2

Won first place design a#ard for Most ,nvitin! Master Bedroom& <uttonto#n -nterior =e+ signers Bho#case& ,ovember 2''1. =esigned and commissioned a one+of+a+(ind fau) finish to replicate an old #orld plaster ef+fect for the Ohe(a 7astle renovation.

Education ,e# 4or( Hniversity& ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or( Bachelor o' 2ine Arts) Art -istory& 1KI <etropolitan -nstitute of -nterior =esign& /lainvie#& ,e# 4or( !iploma) 1nterior !esign& 1KKK A''iliations /rofessional <embership& 0merican Bociety of -nterior =esigners References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

spac es Over 1' years8 e)perience helping a #ide variety of clients surround themselves #ith beauti+ful& functional environments. B(illed in all aspects of space planning for residential& commer+cial& and industrial pro$ects.

"si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A

had clients recommend me to friends and in the process called me a contemporary design specialist& #hile others $ust #ee(s *hy should we hire you)later have referred to me as a traditional what are your strengths)designer. - get a real (ic( out of that. and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, -8d li(e to thin( that #hat sets me apart from other interior designers is the fle)ibility - bring to each pro$ect. Though li(e most professionals in this field& have strong preferences in #hat - consider truly beautiful& - remain entirely open and adaptable to the #ants and styles of my clients. %or e)ample& -8ve

Core &trengths Traditional& Old World& P 7ontemporary =esign 7onstruction P 1enovation /ro$ects Dudgeting




@ohn E. !av K2 3rand 0venue Bouth Bt. /aul&

<innesota 1'4 :! 1; emailQemail.com

+34KI L

1nventory Control #anager 57-:ear Career Complemented +y #$P and C1$# Credentials Broad #aterials #anagement Experience ... 1ndustry Networking #ultisite Glo+al .perations 0 (een eye for improving efficiency #hile controlling costs. 7onsistently able to identify prob+lems and implement solutions. Trac( record of achieving order accuracy& trimming fulfillment costs& reducing capital asset deployment& and cutting spoilageLloss and shrin(age. Core &trengths 7ontract administration -dentification and trac(ing 1eal+time inventory 7ost control and reduction Pro'essional Experience D.,BO, -,=HBT1-.B& Bt. /aul& <innesota 1KK to 7urrent ,nventor$ Control Mana!er <anage daily operations of a 4+person inventory control division #ith both union labor and support personnel. <anage O!I million inventory. .nhance real+time features: inventory re+ceipts& #ithdra#als& availability& commitments& and customer service information. =irect ac*ui+sition management function responsibilities for over O1 billion in annual e)penditures. Over+see contract administration& negotiation& and rebid functions for over O2'' million in annual subcontracts. .stablished inventory protection programs for components and subcontractors.


0c*uisition management 0utomatic data capture Bupplier management -nventory protection

1 2 3 4

-mplemented an automatic data capture net#or( system using bar codes and radio fre+ *uency. 1educed ra#+material inventory by 3IR in first year& #ithout #rite+outs or stoc(+outs.
0chieved 2''' material cost savings of 3KR& and 2IR during 2''1. -ntegrated a supplier management model based on partnership strategies and visions.

Education Bt. 7loud Btate Hniversity& Bt. 7loud& <innesota Bachelor o' &cience( Business #anagement) 567J

1 2

-nventory P <aterials <anagement =iploma& Bt. 7loud Technical 7ollege& 1KI1

3.@I 3/0

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

7ertified -ntegrated

1esource <anager :7-1<; <aterial 1e*uirements /lanning :<1/; 7ertification -ndustry ,et#or(ing -nventory /lanning and 7ontrol <aterials <anagement 7ontract 0dministration and ,egotiation
1eal+Time -nventory

0c*uisition <anagement
<ultisite Operations

7ost 7ontrol and 1eduction

-mproved .fficiency

Bupplier <anagement 3lobal Jocations

-nventory =ocument

=evelopment -tem -dentification

-nventory /rotection

/rograms Jeadership Btrengths -tem Trac(ing 7ycle 7ounts 0utomatic =ata 7apture

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, 0s an 1I+year veteran in

inv l ensure improved efficiency #ith con+ ent trolled costs. - have directed globally or located& multisite operations& and managed y multiyear supply agreements as large as co O!' million. <y 7-1< and <1/ ntr credentials are bac(ed by significant real+ ol time inventory and automatic data capture an e)perience. - have a trac( record of d applying innovative& state+of+the+art pla concepts in cycle counts& item nni identification& and trac(ing. <y e)pertise in ng& developing inven+tory protection programs& - documents& and contracts has resulted in #il industry net#or(ing.



Writing B(ills 7reative 0nalytical -deas 1esearch -ntervie#ing -nvestigative

%actual -nformation


Htili9e 1esources .diting /roofreading <eets =eadlines <aga9ines and Gournals <ultiple /ro$ects 7reative Writing %iction Gournalism =egree 7ommunication B(ills ,onfiction .lectronic /ublishing


&usan &ta''ord inter+esting articles. KI@! Writers Jane =allas& Te)as @ 2 2 Core &trengths :4!K; + .)cellent #riting s(ills -nvestigativeLfactual information 1122 L emailQemail. <ultiple pro$ects 0l#ays meets specified deadlines com =isciplinedLdetail+oriented .diting and proofreading Gournalism degree .lectronic publishing -1 Pro'essional Experience G-3 : BT0%%O1= P 0BBO7-0T.B& =allas& Te)as 1KK2 to present P/B3 ,nde endent ;ournalist 1&-E 7onstantly see( out ne#spapers& maga9ines& and trade $ournals that #elcome creative and fac+tual articles. ! /resent story ideas to publishers and editors and determine specific deadlines. 7onduct research& utili9e @./ resources& organi9e materials& and use e)cellent #riting s(ills to de+velop #el+#ritten and interesting articles. $NA .dit and proofread all articles before submitting for publication. 31&0 #ith 1 Bi) articles published in the Te%as State <ews a er in 2''1. 1' years 2 3uest columnist in the .all Street Bulletin in Guly of 2''1. of 3 Belected from among 2 -ndependent Gournalist to create a #ee(ly home improvement column in the Te%as 2ome and Garden Ma!a5ine. outsta 4 2''1 2Writer of the 4ear6 0#ard presented by the =allas Writers 7lub. nding accom Education plish Te)as Tech Hniversity& Jubboc(& Te)as ments Bachelor o' Arts !egree> #a?or( @ournalism> 5665 G3*1 =.0 ,e#sp Member of 3hi >a a Beta 2onor Societ$ apers& <aga9i References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

nes& and Trade Gournal s =allas 2Writer of the 4ear6 in 2''1 7reative and analytical $ournalist #ho constantly comes up #ith story ideas& conducts re+ search& utili9es various resources& and is technology savvy& to develop #ell+#ritten and

CGA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e w

gani9ing materials& conducting research to obtain factual information& and using my e)cellent& detail+oriented #riting s(ills. *hy should we hire you)al#ays meet specified deadlines. - can what are your strengths)contribute greatly to your company by and how do you seeal#ays coming up #ith story ideas and yoursel' contri+uting toutili9ing various resources to develop #ell+ #ritten and inter+esting articles. our company, - am a creative and analytical $ournalist #ho has been published in several ma$or ne#spapers& maga+ 9ines& and trade $ournals since 1KK2. - continually #or( on multiple pro$ects& including intervie#ing& or+




Eleanor #. & 2 /ennsylvani .ast

Drent#ood& ,e# 4or( 11@1@ :!31; 232+ emailQemail.com 3a+oratory 0echnician 5< years o' experience in medical and clinical la+oratory settings &pecimen analysis and reporting Clinical data processing 1nstrument cali+ration and maintenance 7ross+trained in broad areas of medical laboratory procedures including hematology& mi+croscopy& chemistry& serology& and bacteriologic testing. Organi9ed and analytical #ith e)cep+tional time management& error reduction& and outcome reporting s(ills. Core &trengths 5ematologyL/hlebotomy Dlood Dan( .*uipment 7are Cuality 0ssurance Pro'essional Experience 0JJ B0-,TB 5OB/-T0J& West -slip& ,e# 4or( 1KK! to /resent


Bpecimen 5andling -nfection 7ontrol <edical Waste 1emoval ,orthernLWestern Dlot 0nalyses

Laborator$ Technician Wor( collaboratively #ith a medical technologist to maintain a compliant department that strictly adheres to regulatory guidelines. -nterface #ith all concerned throughout multiple hos+pital units. /erform laboratory tests& routine preventive maintenance& and *uality control pro+cedures. 0naly9e& interpret& record& and communicate test results& and ensure the integrity of computeri9ed systems and high+end e*uipment functionality.

1 2 3 4

7oordinate in+service training programs for ne# clinical assistants.

7ontinue to reduce the annual error rate for specimen testing by 2'R. /articipate in audits to ensure regulatory compliance and state funding. 1ender off+site phlebotomy services across the medical community.

Buffol( 7ounty 7ommunity 7ollege& Drent#ood& ,e# 4or( Associate in Applied &cience( #edical 3a+oratory 0echnology) 566;

1 2

New :ork &tate Certi'ied Phle+otomist

#em+er) American Association 'or Clinical Chemistry

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

0nalysis and 1eporting

Done <arro# Blides

7hemistry 7linical =ata /rocessing 7oagulation 7ross+Trained 7ustomer 7are %ire and Bafety 5ematologyL /hlebotomy -nfection 7ontrol -n+Bervice Training -nventory 7ontrol
<edical Jaboratory

/rocedures <edical Waste 1emoval ,orthernLWestern Dlot 0nalyses Cuality 0ssurance Bpeciali9ed .*uipment 7are
Bpecimen 5andling

Hrinalysis >enipuncture

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, 0s an evening shift

la am recogni9ed for my ability to prioriti9e& bo coor+dinate& and perform tas(s concurrently rat during periods of limited staffing and or supervision. - offer cross+trained e)perience y in areas of hematology& phlebotomy& blood tec ban(& urinalysis& coagulation& chemistry& hn bone marro# slides& vital signs& ici venipuncture& and fire and safety. - am an confident that my technical& clinical& and of administrative abilities #ould ensure the 1' integrity of your hospital8s laboratory ye functions in areas of *uality assurance& ars clinical data processing& and speciali9ed & -instrumentLe*uipment care man+agement.



Jibrary Bcience Jibrarian <JB :<aster of Jibrary Bcience; 0J0 0ccredited Hniversity O7J7 O7J7 <017 %ormat 7ataloguing
=e#ey 7lassification


<ultiple =isciplines 7irculation Online 7irculation 7ustomer Bervice 1eference Jibrarian 7hildren8s Jibrarian Dusiness Jibrarian 1eaders8 0dvisory Jiteracy 3rant Writing 0fter+Bchool /rograms Tutoring -nternet 1esearch Jibrary of 7ongress Bub$ect 5eading


$achel .ster people at all levels and provide first+class service. !@3I ,. %rost#ood Core &trengths /ar(#ay Tutoring /romoting Jiteracy /eoria& -llinois1eader8s 0dvisory -nternet 1esearch !1!1 7ataloguing <ultiple =isciplines :languagesLsocial sciencesLliterature; :3'K; + On+Jine 7irculation /roviding /ositive 7ustomer Bervice 244 L emailQemai Pro'essional Experience l.com 1KK' to %O1D.B B75OOJ B4BT.<& %orbes& -llinois /resent &chool 3i+rarian Librarian %oster Oversee all operations for a library serving four schools& elementary through high school& #ith responsibility ing a for the hiring& scheduling& and supervision of part+time student staff. Berve as reference librarian to students love of all ages. 7ollaborate #ith teachers to coordinate library time and training for various classes& and direct of learni multiple after+school programs. ng in 1 7onducted a thorough assessment of the information systems of other school libraries& both young through personal visits and via telephone #ith librarians& and updated the %orbes Jibrary to incorporate people many of their features. of all ages 2 -mplemented speciali9ed catalogues and inde)es& ma(ing research materials more accessi+ble. for 1 years 3 Betup a 27omputer =ay6 one Baturday each month to teach -nternet research to interested students. 7hildre n8s Jibraria nL 1eferen ce Jibraria n Education H,->.1B-T4 O% -JJ-,O-B& Hrbana& -llinois #aster o' 3i+rary &cience 8#3&9& 1KIK Bachelor o' &cience in 2rench> #inor in &panish& 1KI! Bachelor o' &cience in -uman $elations> #inor in English 3iterature& 1KI3

%orging Jin(s #ith 7hildren& /arents& and .ducators to .nhance Jearning -nformation and resource specialist #ith a bac(ground in the development of numerous after+ school programs. .)cellent research and organi9ational L cataloguing s(ills combined #ith the ability to communicate effectively #ith

si(9 Keywords I( te r 3i e w C G A "

very helpful to a librarian #ho doesn8t possess good customer service s(ills& so *hy should we hire you)have al#ays tried to be very sensitive to the what are your strengths)needs of our patrons. -n that regard& -8ve and how do you seedeveloped a number of activities and events yoursel' contri+uting toto reach multiple populations& including an our company, adult literacy program& and an after+school tutoring and home#or(+help program. Of course& - have an <JB from an 0J0 0ccredited Hniversity. -n addition& have e)tensive course#or( in multiple disciplines including history& psychology& %rench& and 1enaissance literature. Dut believe that all the (no#ledge in the #orld isn8t




Andrew Ban 24+!I' Wai(i Doulevard

5onolulu& 5a#aii K!I1I :I'I; +32! L emailQemail.com Pro'essional Chau''eur Enhancing the 3imousine Experience Airport 0rans'ers &pecial Events City 0ours Courteous and Pro'essional .)pert driver #ith detailed (no#ledge of island roads and sight+seeing points of interest. .)+perienced #ith stretch limos and lu)ury BH>s. 5old current commercial driver8s license. Core &trengths 7ustomer Bervice -tinerary /lanning 7ity Tours .ntertainment =estinations Pro'essional Experience BT1.T75 O% T5. -<03-,0T-O, J-<OB& 5onolulu& 5a#aii 1KK to 7urrent


7ustomer Joyalty >-/ 5andling Bight+Beeing =estinations Bpecial Occasions

Limousine Driver/Chauffeur /rimary activities include clientL>-/ airport pic(+up for area businesses. 0lso drive for variety of e)clusive events& including #eddings& birthdays& and graduations. 0ccountable for light cleaning and minor maintenance of vehicles. .nsure ade*uate supply of convenience items :ne#spapers& maga9ines& and drin(s; and proper functioning of cellular phone& 7= player& and television. Teach *uarterly safety training class for ne# chauffeurs.


1egularly receive positive letters of commendation from satisfied local and international

2 3

1eceived Chauffeur of the ?ear @001 *ward for customer loyalty.

1esearched and #rote circle+island limousine tour script.

"apiolani 7ommunity 7ollege& 5onolulu& 5a#aii Associate o' &cience -ospitality #anagement) 5665

-nternship at 1oyal 5a#aiian 5otel References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

0irport Transfers Bpecial Occasions Weddings Dirthdays Dachelor /arties 3raduations 7ity Tours Dusiness 7lient /ic(+Hp >-/s
7ommercial =river8s

Jicense Bafety Training 7ustomer Bervice 7ustomer Joyalty 7onvenience -tems -tinerary /lanning .ntertainment =estinations Bight+Beeing =estinations

our compan y,

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9

7hauffeur Btretch Jimousines Ju)ury BH>s

0s a limousin e driver& #ill contribut e to your profitabi lity through my ability to create loyal cus+ tomers. am a reliable& courteou s& and detail+ oriented driver. s(illfully anticipat e the needs of my pas+ sengers. - have driven

for literally hundreds of special occasions& from birthdays to #edding anniver+saries& and conscientiously set the

ap atmosphere for each. -n addition& my pr island+#ide tour itineraries have become op some#hat legendaryAclients love them ria and regularly refer friends to me. te



<ortgage Dan(ing Joan /roduction Jending /roducts 7onventional 0 thru = /aper 7ommercial Joan 7onsumer Joan
7onventional& %50&


and >0 <ortgage Joans 5H=1 Origination %ees Dro(er %ees =iscount %ees 4B/ %ees B1/ %ees 1ate Bheets =es(top Hnder#riting /rimeLBubprime Jending Dan(ing /oint+of+Bale Bystems Becondary <ar(eting /reapproval /rograms


$yan &mith Joan Origination /rograms 3'K <ain Btreet =es(top Hnder#riting 0lbany& /oint+of+Bale Bystems ,e# 4or( <B Dusiness 0dministration '! 4I : 1I; Pro'essional Experience +1122 L emailQemail ,or#est %inancial& 0lbany& ,e# 4or( .com Senior Loan 0fficer #ortgage 3oan .''icer .riginato r Prime % &u+prime #arkets

%50& >0& and 7onventional /roducts /reapproval /rograms inancial Bervices 1eporting Boft#are 7onventional 0 thru = /aper

1KKI to /resent

1eporting directly to the director of the branch& manage eight loan officers #ith responsibility for O2II million in production& plus full responsibility for training. -n addition to personal account management and sales responsibility& recruited to design point+of+sale systems and preapproval programs to boost mar(et share in a highly competitive mar(et.

.stablished e*uity loan products including primary and secondary trust deeds. 0opProducing Education 3oan .''icer Hniversity of <ichigan& 0nn 0rbor& <ichigan Exp <asters in Dusiness 0dministrationL%inance& 1KK@ ert in 1 <ember& ,ational 0ssociation of <ortgage Dro(ers #or 2 <B Word 1KK@& .)cel& 0ccess& and Word/erfect tgag e References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

1 2 3 4

7losed over PB<)<<<)<<< in %50& >0 and conventional products since 1KKI.
.stablished eight ne# locations nation#ide. -ncreased loan volume by 'R resulting in O1I&'''&''' in ne# revenue.

Ban king ) 0rai ning ) &ale s) and 2ina nce Joan officer #ith e)tensive e)perience under#riting multifamily and commercial real estate loans and providing lending products in branches of a ban( having the highest rate of gro#th in the state. Core &trengths

A "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e w C G
*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, 0s a senior loan officer #ith more than five years of successful service& offer e)tensive e)perience in both prime and subprime lending mar(ets. 4ou #ill find that - have a verifiable trac( record of success for meeting and

e)ceeding sales ob$ectives& and #ill consistently deliver strong revenue and profit con+tributions through aggressive account management and superior customer service initiatives.



LO## PR 8 7!IO7 MA7AG R

@oel &. 3awso


3 Dradford =r Dristol& 7T '! :I!'; + 1212 L

emailQemail.com 3oss Prevention #anager 5; yearsF experience with nationally recogni=ed retailers Proven expertise in reducing retail losses through proactive measures =riven to achieve substantial reductions in profit losses through leadership& vigilance& and planning and e)ecution of top+notch loss prevention strategies. Core &trengths 0sset protection %raud training 0uditing Becurity reports Pro'essional Experience 7O075& -nc. ,e# 4or(& ,4 3oss Prevention #anager :1KK4L/resent; 3oss Prevention Associate :1KK'L1KK4; 1KK' to /resent


/olicies and procedures .lectronic surveillance Hndercover operations -nternal theft investigations

Oversee activities pertaining to loss prevention in 3'' stores across the Hnited Btates. 1evie# audits of store inventory and assess discrepancies. 7onsult #ith company e)ecutives regarding inventory inconsistencies. %ormulate and administer company policies #ith regard to antitheft procedures at the store level. Train store personnel in proper procedures for interacting #ith customers engaged in dishonest activity.

1 2 3

0chieved a 4'R reduction in shrin(age from 1KK! to 2''1.

1esearched& evaluated& purchased& and implemented state+of+the+art surveillance e*uip+ment for all stores. ,e# e*uipment& prominently displayed& is credited #ith a reduction in store theft. -nstituted undercover operations using store detectives posing as sales staff. To date infor+mants have identified 1' company employees involved in theft of merchandise.

Education Jong -sland Hniversity& 7.W. /ost 7ampus& Droo(ville& ,4 Bachelor o' Arts) Criminal @ustice& 1KK' References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

0sset /rotection -nventory Bhortage 0nalysis .lectronic Burveillance

Becurity Operations

-ndustrial Becurity Btolen /roperty Btore =etectives Hndercover Operations 0uditing Becurity Dreaches .mployee -ntegrity -ntervie#s /olicies and /rocedures 1evenue Joss Becurity 1eports -nformants -nternal Theft -nvestigations /hysical -nventory Bhrin(age 7hargebac(s %raud Training

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou e many similarities bet#een the challenges r your company has and the ones present in co the com+pany - am #ith no#. 0s - see it& m the number of stores& the type of items sold& pa and even the typical cus+tomers& are ny stri(ingly similar. 0s such& - can offer my , ability to hit the ground running. - am confident that my full (no#ledge of asset Th protection including physical inventory er monitoring& fraud training& and security e reporting #ill provide the ans#ers to any ar difficulties you have in this area.


=ecision <a(ingL 0nalysis 0ccounting


Dudget 7ontrol

Btaff Training P =evelopment 7ost and Cuality Dusiness Ta)ation 7ustomer Bervice %orecasting and 0nalysis Operations <anagement /rocess <anagement Dusiness =evelopmentL 0dministration Organi9ational Jeadership Team Duilding P Jeadership /roblem Bolving
Dudget =evelopment

MA7AG M 7!

P 0dministration Bales P <ar(eting 1elationship Duilding 3oal BettingL -ncentive /rograms Organi9ational Jeadership /rofit and Joss


@ustin Coury 34 2 Droman Bt.

ment Business !evelopment Administration " Budget !evelopment

& Ohio& 4 32@ .)tremely motivated entry+level management professional offering formal education in management : 13; +4 !@ L as #ell as hands+on management e)perience #ithin fast+paced retail settings. emailQemail.co m Core &trengths 0ccounting #anagement Dudget 7ontrol Com+i 7ost and Cuality Theory ning Dusiness Ta)ation organi =ationa l leaders hip with pro'it % loss experie nce ! e ci si o n # a ki n g A n al Pro'essional Experience %OOT/1OO%& 7incinnati& Ohio 7ustomer Bervice %orecasting and 0nalysis /rocessLOperations <anagement Team Duilding P Jeadership

2''' to 7urrent

Mana!er .nsure performance of daily operations #ithin fast+paced shoe retail store ran(ed third in region. 0ccountable for proactive sales and mar(eting of store items as #ell as developing problem+solving strategies that address profit and loss issues. /rovide e)cellent customer ser+vice& and focused on e)panding referral base by building relationships #ith repeat customers.

1 2 3 4

-ncreased store profits by 3 R #ithin only three months of employment.

Buccessfully implemented ne# goal settingLincentive programs. 1ecipient of 23olden %oot6 for consistently e)ceeding store goals. =ecisively replaced lagging employees #ith goal+driven individuals.

Education "lipplinger 7ollege of Dusiness& Doulder& 7olorado Bachelor o' &cience) #anagement) ;<<<

1 2

4oung /rofessionals student chapter& vice president

5onors Bociety& member

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

y si s " & ta '' 0 r ai ni n g % ! e v el o p

I(t er 3i e w C G A " si

(9 Keywords

development processes. 1einforcing my profes+sional e)perience is a formal education *hy should we hire you) whatin business management& #hich added to my are your strengths) and how do(no#ledge in budget development and you see yoursel' contri+uting toadministration& forecastingLanalysis& and our company, operations management& #ill produce successful results. - have paid for nearly K'R of my education #hile serving as a sales associate in a retail setting. /romoted to a management position& - have been afforded the opportunity to gain hands+on e)perience in profitLloss& staff hiringLdevelopment& and business


MA7";AC!"R RI# R PR # 7!A!I8


#ark *illiam 3443 Bandy 5 =rive Dirmingha

m& 0labama 3 2'1 :2' ; emailQemail.com

+1212 L

#anu'acturerFs $epresentative 8A vested partner in your success9 Building and keeping .E# sales highDat the lowest cost o' sales Compiling) tracking) and using comprehensive customer data+ases to great advantage #aintaining steady territory presence 0n e)perienced& 2hungry6 sales professional #ith an in+depth (no#ledge of a rich and develop+ing territory. 0 master at finding and using competitive intelligence to put us inside your com+petitors8 sales decision cycles. Core &trengths 7losing Belling related& but not competitive& products Duilding or recovering distributor net#or(s Pro'essional Experience >ulcan 3eneral <anufacturing& Dirmingham& 0labama <anufacturer8s 1epresentative 1KK2 to 7urrent


0nticipating specific customer needs <a(ing every call a relationship call %inding emerging mar(ets

<anage a large territory effectively and efficiently. %ind and cement lasting relationships #ith purchasing decision ma(ers. =evelop& implement& and continually improve mar(eting and sales strategies that match our corporate strengths #ith our customers8 ever+changing needs. -ncrease the number of B"Hs sold to each account

1 2

1eignited a distributor net#or( that had been neglected for years. Bales up 22R.

7aptured an account that had relied upon a traditional sales rep. for five years. 1evenue from this account e)ceeds O2 '" annually. 3 -ncreased add+on sales last *uarter at the highest rate ever recorded for our company. Education Hniversity of 0labama& Dirmingham& 0labama Dachelor of Bcience in <ar(eting& 1KK'

<anufacturing 7onstruction <etals and 1a# <aterials %abrication

7onsulting Bervices

7ustomer =atabase =ecision 7ycle .merging <ar(ets .ntrepreneur -ncreasing the ,umber of B"Hs -ndependent <ar(eting /artners <ar(et ,iche O.< Dusiness
/roduct "no#ledge

Cualified =ealer ,et#or(

1ecover and Duild a

=istributor ,et#or(
1elated but ,ot 7ompetitive /roducts

1elationship 7alls %ield Bales Bteady Territory /resence

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

4o you #ant to minimi9e the cost of sales and u ma)imi9e your return on investment. sh could never have been successful as a ou manufacturer8s rep. #ithout the polished ld s(ills that come #ith years of solid pu performance as a sales professional. 0dd to t that credential a detailed (no#ledge of your m territory& a permanent presence before your e customers& and relationships that let me on e)ploit industry trends faster than ever+ yo changing sales forces and #e have a solid ur foundation for a mu+tually profitable teaarrangement. 1emember& because you don8t m pay me a base salary& - must sell in order to if live.



/ro$ect <anagement

Drand 1ecognition <ar(et Bhare 7ollateral <aterial =irect <ar(eting 7ommunication Btrategies <edia 1elations /ress 1eleases -ntranet Web Bite =istribution 7hannels /roduct Offerings ,e# /roduct Jaunch Cuar( S/ress& %ront/age& %lash& Gava& 5T<J >endor BourcingL Outsourcing Talent <anagement 7ompetition& <ar(et& Trend 0nalysis
7onsumer 1elations


<ar(eting /lan =evelopment Btrategic /lanning


$o+in Clater+augh -dentify methods to mar(et strategically and drive sale and distribution of insurance products through @3! <ar*uette distribution channels. "eep abreast of competition and trends. <anage vendor relationships. 0venue <il#au(ee& 1 Btrategi9ed and collaborated #ith BG Dan( to develop communication program& including page of Wisconsin <organ Dan(8s -ntranet& regarding its ac*uisition. 7oordinated media relations for coverage of 32'2 ac*uisition.


+14K2 L email Qema il.com #arketing #anager 7reative& innovative mar(eting manager #ith e)pertise in creating sales collateral& direct mar+ (eting& and communication strategies to drive revenue& product offerings& and ne# mar(eting opportunities. Core &trengths /ro$ect management Web mar(eting and e+solutions Talent management Drand recognition Pro'essional Experience

7reated and developed pages for <a$or Dan( -nsurance 3roup8s intranet. /ro$ect involved converting policiesLprocedures into 5T<J& creating electronic access to ne#sletter& site nav+igation testing& and more.

Education Hniversity of Wisconsin+<il#au(ee& <il#au(ee& Wisconsin Bachelor o' Business Administration( #arketing) 566E

<ember of the 0merican <ar(eting 0ssociationABtudent 7hapter

<O130, D0,"& <il#au(ee& Wisconsin

CGA "si(9
Mar#etin! Mana!er& ,nsurance Division 0dminister a O2 million mar(eting budget. 7reate sales collateral& direct mar(eting& and com+ munication strategies to drive revenue& gro# product offerings& and identify ne# mar(eting op+ portunities for this O3'' million division.

communication strategies to drive revenue& gro# product offerings& and identify ne# **2



$oss @ohnso 123 B. %ourth "e#an

ee& -llinois !1443 :3'K; emailQemail.com

+1234 L

#edia Buyer -ighly &killed in Branding &trategies within 1nternational #arkets Experienced in #ultimedia 0echnology and &trategic Positioning &olid Purchasing and #arketing Experience Talented media buyer and mar(eting professional #ith a uni*ue balance of hands+on e)peri+ence. Thorough understanding of strategic positioning& buy analysis& multichannel media dis+tribution& and negotiation techni*ues. Core &trengths 7orporate 7ommunications -nternational <ar(ets 7lient 1elations Dranding Btrategies Duy 0nalysis Pro'essional Experience <.=-0 ,OW T.75,OJO3-.BA5amond& -J 1KKK to 7urrent


/rint 0dvertising -maging Technology .lectronic <edia /urchasing Cuality 0ssurance

*ssistant Media Bu$er <anage 1' top+level (ey accounts in directing all aspects of international media buying. 7ol+laborate #ith top+level client management teams to revie# branding strategies& negotiate pur+chasing terms& and ensure strategic positioning by selecting *uality electronic& print& and tele+vision media. Oversee client relations& *uality assurance& corporate communications& and contracts for additional creative services.

1 2 3 4

,egotiated ma$or media buys for all 1' clients #ith O22. million to profits.
/layed a (ey role in three clients8 brea(ing into international mar(ets. 1eengineered internal buy analysis strategies& increasing accuracy by 3'R. 7reated si) national and four international brand management campaigns.

H,->.1B-T4 O% -JJ-,O-B& 7ollinsville& -llinois Bachelor o' Arts( #arketing 5667 Bachelor o' Arts( Corporate Communications 567G

<ar(eting /urchasing Duying 7orporate 7ommunications <ultimedia Technology

Btrategic /ositioning

Duy 0nalysis /rint 0dvertising Television

-maging Technology

-nternational <ar(ets ,egotiation <ultichannel <edia =istribution 7lient 1elations Cuality 0ssurance 0dvertising 7ommunications Drand <anagement 7reative Bervices .lectronic <edia Dranding Btrategies

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy &hould .ur

Coe - have held both buying and mar(eting m positions& - (no# the business from both pa sides. - have a thorough understanding of ny media mar(eting& brand management& and -i strategic positioning from my previous re e)perience& #hich better e*uips me to buy :o media effectively for my clients. - also u, have solid 7orporate 7ommunications and De <ar(eting credentials& along #ith hands+on ca e)perience in print ad+vertising and us television.



0ccurate Transactions >erify -nsurance /atient .ligibility 7oding /rocessing 7laims /atient Denefit /ayments Dilling /roblems /ayment =elays
0ccounts 1eceivable


1eports and Btatistics /atient 7onfidentiality .)planation of Denefits <anaged 7are .mployee 0ssisted /rograms :.0/; Dilling Boft#are /olicies and /rocedures Bupervising .mployees <ultiple /ro$ects <edicare <edical Dilling


4aren .dom s and a low percentage o' delays in payments @IK White Doulevard 0 dedicated medical billing supervisor #ith e)perience in fast+paced environments #ith =al+las+based =allas& Te)as @healthcare 24' companies focusing on streamlining procedures to ma)imi9e productivity and profitability. :K@2; + 1212 L emailQemail Core &trengths .com <anaged care e)perience .mployee+0ssisted /rograms :.0/; 1apid processing of claims 0ccurate transactions and coding #E Jo# delays in payments 1esolve patient problems *uic(ly !1CA3 Team environment of employees .)cellent reports and statistics B1331 NG Pro'essional Experience 1KK' to &/PE$ =0JJ0B <.=-70J /107T-7.& =allas& Te)as present I1&.$ with 5J years o' diversi' ied experie nce Con s i s t e n t l y c o m m e n d e d ' o r a c c u r a t e t r a n s a c t i o n Medical Billin! Su ervisor Bupervise a team of si) employees in the daily verification of insurance& patient eligibility& cod+ing& and processing of claims. .nsure that accurate transactions are entered as fast as possible and research any billing problems to eliminate 2e)planation of benefits notices6 and delays in payments from insurance companies. /repare #ee(ly and monthly reports and statistics for the 7linical =irector and 7hief %inancial Officer.

1 2 3 4

<anaged the successful processing of 2'&''' billingsLclaims in 2''1.

<aintained a K!R to KIR accuracy rating of all transactions. -ncreased employee productivity by revising $ob responsibilities. -mplemented ne# medical billing soft#are and trained all employees.

1ichland 7ollege& 1ichardson& Te)as Associate o' Arts !egree> 567G Ma(or1 *ccountin! G3*1 8.AB References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

re w

you) what are your strength C s) and G how do you see A yoursel' contri+ " uting to sour compan i y,

( 9

have 14 years of medical K billing esupervis yory e)perien w ce #ith o =allas+ rbased healthca d re scompani es. <y * supervis hors have y consiste s ntly hcommen o ded me ufor l accurate dtransacti ons& wcoding& e and hprocessi i ng of

cl ai m s #i th a lo # pe rc en ta ge of de la ys in pa y m en ts. ha ve als o bu ilt a te a m of de di ca te d e m

ployees #ho concentrate daily on resolving problems and providing e)cellent service to all patients #hile main+taining strict confidentiality. <y outstanding accomplishments are proof of ho# - #ill contribute great+ly to your company.


7A!IO7AL ACCO"7! #AL #


0onya &tevens I1 7armac( W Tipp 7ity& Ohio


+33K! L emailQemail.com

National Account &ales !ynamic Career in &ales) #anagement) % #arketing in 'iercely competitive) high-growth +usinesses. Expert in managing top-producing organi=ations. New Product 3aunch Pro'it % 3oss Control 4ey Account #anagement &trategic) &ales) % Business Planning #arketing % Advertising Outstanding presentation& negotiation and sales+closing s(ills. 0bility to merge cross+functional teams. 7onsistently achieve ob$ectives& even during periods of increased competition P econom+ic do#nturns. Core &trengths Teaming P Jeadership =irect P -ndirect Bales 1evenue P /rofit 3ro#th Time <anagement Pro'essional Experience /-T,.4 -,=HBT1-0J B0J.B 1KI@ to 7urrent <ational *ccounts Mana!er =irect nation#ide group of sales professionals serving manufacturing industry. %ully responsi+ble for profit P loss of 12 sites #ith annual sales of O1 '<. =irect supervision of 12 managersN indirect responsibility for 2'' people. 1ecogni9ed for achieving highest sales increase and lo#+est attrition rate in corporate net#or(. 7onsistently received performance+based promotions to company8s (ey management team. 7onsultative Bales 3lobal <ar(eting <ultichannel =istribution 0ttention to =etail


1 2 3 4

-ncreased 2''2 sales 22R first *uarterN repeat sales gre# 12R.
Jed organi9ation to first place for international sales. 1eceived company8s most prestigious profit a#ard last three years. ,amed To *ccounts Mana!er seven years in ro#.

Education <iami Hniversity& O)ford& Ohio Bachelor o' &cience) .rgani=ational #anagement) 566;

1 2

3/0: 4.'
7lass >aledictorian

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

0ccount =evelopment 0ccount <anagement

0ccount 1etention

7ompetitive 0nalysis 7onsultative Bales 7ustomer Joyalty 7ustomer Batisfaction =irect Bales -ndirect Bales 3lobal <ar(ets "ey 0ccount <anagement /roduct Jaunch <ultichannel =istribution ,egotiations /rofit P Joss Bales 7losing Bolutions Belling Team DuildingL Jeadership /rofit 3ro#th 1evenue 3ro#th

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - came up through the ran(s& so - understand the problems that every sales representative

fa pany strong in tough mar(ets. <y strength ce lies in consultative selling that provides s& solu+tions for customers. <ost sales people ev have a difficult time developing and er nurturing relationships #ith large accounts& y and approaching them strategically. - e)cel da in developing& managing& and retaining y& highly profitable accounts by loo(ing at the to larger picture from the customer8s (e perspective. 0s a member of your sales ep management team& - can ta(e a leadership th role in advancing your direct& indirect& and e global sales efforts. - can also handle ne# co product launches& from planning to putting m them in the customers8 hands.


J0,LW0, T7/L-/ ,et#or(ing /rotocols

7isco >/, Bolution


Technical BupportL =ocumentation 0nalytical /roblem Bolving 7lientLBerver /rogramming 1outing 7onfiguring& =ebugging& /rogramming at ,et#or( Jevel Windo#s ,TL2''' ,ovell BCJ& Oracle 7ommunication B(ills Team /layer
7isco 7ertified ,et#or( 0ssociate :77,0;


,et#or( Becurity <ultisite .)posure Dudget =evelopmentL 7ompliance /urchasing

/ro$ect <anagement

=isaster 1ecovery /lans


Iernon P. &chult= architect #ith e)pertise configuring& programming& and debugging Win+do#s ,TL2''' and ,ovell 1KI2 3rafton Btreet J0,LW0,& including clientLserver programming& to eliminate do#n+time. 3rafton& Wisconsin 3'24 :2!2; Core &trengths /ro$ect management Technical Bupport +1122 L Dudget developmentLcompliance emailQemail 5ard#areLsoft#are purchasing <ultisite environments T7/L-/ net#or(ing protocols .com 7lientLserver programming 7isco >/, Bolution Cisco Pro'essional Experience Certi'ied 1KKI to Network ,.TWH1S H,J-<-T.=& Wau(esha& Wisconsin /resent Associate Eliminates <etwor# *rchitect& CC<* downtime Bupport global <icrosoft server infrastructure in a global company #ith business efforts in ' countries. through Bupport& administer& and design ,T& ,ovell& and OBL2 systems and net#or(s. -nstall hard#are for Windo#s 3AN *A ,T and OBL2 #or(stations. Bet up =istinct& 1umba& 7isco Becure& and .thernet configurations. /rovide N design technical support to more than 2 '' internal users at all lev+els. Travel nation#ide to resolve system issues or and set upLinstall ne# systems& applications or upgrades. Bource vendors to purchase complete systems. administr ation Con'i gurin g) progr ammi ng) and de+u gging at netwo

1 2

7oordinated installation of 2I+site frame relay supporting 0BL4'' 3K4 and 4K4 con+trollers& terminals& and printers for (ey manufacturer. Tied pro$ect into 0TPT frame and -nternet Becurity utili9ing 7isco8s /-S fire#all. =irected ,ovell+to+,T server migration.

Education <il#au(ee Bchool of .ngineering& <il#au(ee& Wisconsin Bachelor o' &cience) Computer &cience) 566E

1 2

3/0: 3.
<ember of Tau Deta /i .ngineering 5onor Bociety

rk level Co mm uni cat es sol utio ns and pro vid es tec hni cal sup por t -nnovative net#or(

I ( t e r 3i e w C G

A "si(9 Keywords

troubleshooting& and repair& as #ell as user training. 0dditionally& - possess e)perience #or(ing #ith third+party vendors and *hy should we hire you)negotiating favorable terms to purchase what are your strengths)complete systems& hard#are& soft#are& and and how do you seeservices. With this e)pertise& - can virtually yoursel' contri+uting toeliminate do#ntime and (eep your net#or( operating smoothly. our company, 0s a 7isco 7ertified ,et#or( 0ssociate& possess broad+based server and net#or( e)perience includ+ing hard#are& soft#are& and net#or( configuration& programming&


7 !WORK 7GI7


Connie Conn III 7urrent W Ban

Gose& 7alifornia K 112 :4'I; 1122 L emailQemail.com

Network Engineer 2ive yearsF experience in Communications Engineering Certi'ied Network Engineer 7ertified net#or( professional adept in latest technology. Btrong installation& troubleshooting& and administration s(ills. 0ble to meet and e)ceed e)pectations in *uality and rollout. .)per+tise in routing protocols. Core &trengths T7/L-/ Windo#s ,T -nstallation 1emote access Pro'essional Experience 7onnect,et& Ban Gose& 70 1KK to 2''1


7isco ,ovell ,etWare Troubleshooting .)tranet

Communications +n!ineer 1esponsibilities: /lanned& built& and managed computer net#or( infrastructures. -ntegrated ne# hard#are and soft#are into e)isting net#or(s. 7reated ne# local and #ide area net#or(s. =esigned #ire line and #ireless lin(ages for simple and comple) systems. /rovided technical support and trou+bleshooting for installations and maintenance phases of pro$ect.

1 2 3 4

-nstalled remote access system for global company of 1 &''' employees

/iloted design of broadband system =esigned >irtual /rivate ,et#or( using public net#or( transport =eveloped security access controls including sign+on& filters& fire#alls

Btanford Hniversity& /alo 0lto& 7alifornia Bachelor o' &cience Communications Engineering) 566J

1 2

7alifornia -nstitute of Technology& /asadena& 7alifornia

7ertified ,et#or( .ngineer 1KK

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

Wide 0rea ,et#or(&

W0, -nternet 1outing /rotocols Troubleshooting Bervers


7isco 7ircuit =esign -nstallation -ntegration %ire#alls 1emote 0ccess .)tranet ,et#or( =esign -nfrastructure ,ovell ,etWare

our compan y,

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9
T7/L-/ Hni) Windo#s ,T
Jocal 0rea ,et#or(&

K e y

- am an e)perien ced 7ertified ,et#or( .nginee r #ith e)cellen t custome r service and commun ication s(ills. utili9e the latest technolo gy to customi 9e system solution s that e)ceed custome r e)pectat ions. 7oordin ating

vendors& coupled #ith tenacious problem solving and troubleshooting& allo#s me to bring the pro$ect in ahead of schedule. - too( the

ini upgrade my s(ills in security and designed tia a virtual private net#or(. - describe myself tiv as a self+starter& attentive to detail& and cost e conscious. to


0fter+school /rograms 0gency 1elations

Doard .lections Dudget /lanning 7aseload <anagement 7urriculum =evelopment =ay 7are 7enter -nspections .arly 7hildhood =evelopment .)it 7onferences %ederal %unding 5ealth and Bafety 5igh+Bcope Trainer -ndividual .ducation /lans ,onprofit %und 1aising
/rogram .valuation


and 0nalysis 1egulatory 7ompliance

1e*uests for %unding /roposals

1esearch Btudies Btudent 0dvocate Teacher Training


Carolyn 2reeman implementation of educational programs for early childhood development. K'+0 3illespie 0venue O9one Core &trengths /rogram .valuation 7urriculum =evelopment /ar(& ,4 1e*uests for %unding /roposals 1141I :@1I; 0gency 1elations Dudget /lanning 1egulatory 7ompliance +2222 L Doard .lections emailQemail %acilities -nspection .com Pro'essional Experience Nonpro'it Program !irector B< ye ar ca re er in ed uc at io n an d pr og ra m m an ag e m en t Pre sch ool an d &ch ool Ag ed !a y Ca re Ce nte rs Early Child hood !evel opme nt Progr ams =edicated& accomplished program director #ith a career ensuring the *uality of education #ith a focus on the planning& development& and 5igh Dridge Jearning 7enter& ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or( 1KIK to 7urrent

3ro!ram Director 3uide the evaluation of early childhood development programs& and determine programmatic and facility ratings based upon curriculum content& staffing& regulatory compliance& facility conditions& and health and safety guidelines. /lan budgets& prepare re*uests for funding proposals& and confer #ith Doard of .ducation and agency officials on a range of educational& budgetary& and regulatory issues.

1 2 3 4

7ochair Doard electionsN hold 7ertified /arents 0ssociation meetings.

<anage a caseload of 1 ' preschool and school+aged day care centers. 7onduct #ee(ly .)it 7onferences to present findings of evaluations. Berve as a 5igh+Bcope trainer& and advocate for special needs students.

.ducation& Cueens 7ollege& %lushing& ,e# 4or( #aster o' &cience( Education) 567E

1 2

New :ork &tate Certi'ication) Nursery through &ixth Grade

Administration 0raining 'or Educational !irectors

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9 K e y w o r d s
* h y

sh oul d we hir e yo u) wh at are yo ur str en gth s) an d ho w do yo u see yo urs el' co ntr i+u tin g to ou r co mp an y,

ve a stro ng inter est in your earl y chil dho od deve lop men t prog ram& and belie ve my e)pe rien ce as a class roo m teac her and prog ram dire ctor over seei ng simi lar - prog ha rams

# o u l d b e o

f value. - offer strengths in areas of day care and after+school program evaluation and analysis& proposal development& curriculum and -ndividual .ducation /lan development&

educational facilities inspection& federal fund+ing& health and safety compliance& teacher training& research studies& and Doard elections.

Team-Fly **?



3ouise 3ama 2I I %ir Btre >entura&

7alifornia K3''3 :I' ; emailQemail.com

+1122 L

$egistered Nurse 8$N-B&N9 Nursing -ome and Convalescent Care #anagement &killed !iagnostics and 0reatment Planning Huality through Compassionate) #anaged Care 0rdent communicator #ith over 14 years of providing medical services to geriatric patients in state licensed& long+term care facilities. Core &trengths 1esident 0ssessments Treatment /lan =evelopment 7ase <anagement Pro'essional Experience B.0>-.W 3.1-0T1-7 701. 7.,T.1 >entura& 7alifornia Char!e <urse7Re!istered <urse CR< ,,D 1EEB to Current =irect the admission& treatment& and discharge of patients in this 12'+bed nursing home. 7on+sult #ith interdisciplinary team members regarding patient treatment and implementation of patient care plans. -nstructed patient and family diagnosis& prognosis& and in+residence care.


0cute 7are L Jong+Term 7are =iagnostic <odels /atient .ducation

1 2 3

1esident e)pert and staff trainer in the 1esident 0ssessment -nstrument and the <ini+mum =ata Bet. -nitiated and conducted a series of practice 10-L<=B audits. Beavie# has earned 1''R compliance on all inspections since 1KKI. 10-L<=B %acilitator certification e)pected in Beptember 2''2.

Education 7alifornia Btate Hniversity at ,orthridge& 7alifornia Bachelor o' &cience) Nursing 8B&N9 566J References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

1egistered ,urse :1,; Jong+Term 7are <anaged 7are 5ealth 7are 7ase <anagement /rognosis -n+1esidence 7are /atient 0dmissions and =ischarge Treatment /lans 1ehabilitation /lans /atient 7are /lan /roblem Bolving
7linical -ntervention

=iagnostic <odels <inimum =ata Bet :<=B; 1esident 0ssessment -nstrument :10-; ,ursing 5omes 7ommunications B(ills /atient .ducation Jife Bupport <onitoring .*uipment

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou y entire 14+year nursing career in state+ r licensed nursing homes& - have been an co advocate of compassionate care and m efficient treatment for my patients and their pa families. While high costs ac+company ny *uality care& my e)pertise in the use of , rapid and accurate inta(e and discharge assessment tools such as the 1esident =u0ssessment -nstrument and the <inimum rin =ata Bet can not only ensure that the g facility meets its regulatory re*uirements& m but also help eliminate unnecessary stays and treat+ments.



-ntegrative 7are <eal /lans

=ietetic P ,utrition


Bervices Treatment /lans <etabolic Typing 7helation Therapy -ntravenous >itamins P <inerals -mmunology Therapeutic B(in 7are 0nalysis Diochemistry <etabolic ,utrition .n9yme ,utrition 1ehabilitation Bervices ,utrition ,atural 0llergy Treatment
7lient 7onsultationL

0nalysis 5olistic 0pproach =iet& .)ercise& P Jifestyle >itamin Bupplementation ,utrient =epletion


@anice &cott) CN me Approaches 123 B. %ourth Btreet "e#an 1esults+oriented& enthusiastic& and highly accomplished certified nutritionist #ith a solid trac( record of ee& -llinois assisting patients at all age levels in overcoming various health problems including diabetes& 0==& allergies& !1443 :3'K; and #eight issue. +1234 L emailQemail Core &trengths <etabolic Typing -ntegrative 7are .com <etabolic ,utrition Diochemistry 1ehabilitation Well %amily 3uidance Certi'ied Nutritionist ,atural 0llergy Treatment Therapeutic B(in 7are -ighl /atient 0nalysis Treatment /lansL<eal /lans y &kille Pro'essional Experience d in ,HT1-T-O, /JHBAGanesville& -J 1KK2 to 7urrent -olis Director of <utrition tic Appr Bpearhead and manage various nutritional outreach programs for this thriving organi9ation providing oach services to hospitals& nursing homes& clinics& and other large entitiesLcorporations. Bupervise& train& and es to mentor a staff of eight in all aspects of performing client consultationsL analysis& introducing vitamin and -ealt mineral supplementation& and reinforcing a holistic ap+proach involving the nutrition& e)ercise& and h and lifestyle changes needed to obtain optimum health. 2itne ss 1 /ioneered a highly successful %amily Wellness 3uidance program. N atura l Aller gy 0reat ment

2 3

-ncreased annual revenues through ne# programs by !'R.

1ecruited and hired ne# staff members to assist in managing ne# business.

Education BT0T. H,->.1B-T4 O% -JJ-,O-BA<ercer& -llinois Bachelor o' &cience in Nutrition Biochemistry 856779 Certifications1 Certi'ied Personal 0rainer 8566<9 " 1llinois &tate Certi'ied Nutritionist 856769 " Certi'ied in -air Analysis 856769

0her apeut ic &kin Care Expe rtise 1nteg rate Iario us !iets) &uppl emen t Proto cols) and En=y

CGA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e w

changes& en+9yme nutrition& chelation therapy& natural allergy and s(in care treatments& and the integrative care methods. This balanced and #hole body *hy &hould .ur approach has proven highly effective Company -ire :ou, because it is a multisided approach and - believe in a holistic brings on a more rapid achievement of approach to health because positive results. health is much more than $ust the absence of disease. Optimum health is to thrive in a state of vitality. The #ay - accomplish this is through proper client analysis and the implementation of vitamin supplementation& diet& e)ercise& and lifestyle




0ina Iitou 423' =ove = 7itrus 5eights&

7alifornia K !21


+1122 L emailQemail.com

Certi'ied Paralegal "edicated to providing superior, uninterrupted administrative support to !ega! and non!ega! staff# 7onfident& articulate& and results+oriented legal support professional offering a strong founda+tion of education and e)perience. 7reative and enthusiastic #ith a proven record of success in prioriti9ing and processing heavy #or(flo# #ithout supervision. Buperior organi9ation and communication s(ills& committed to personal and professional gro#th. Core &trengths 7lientLTrial /reparation 1esearch P Bupport =omestic 1elations .)hibitsLWitness Jists Pro'essional Experience 7ounty 0ttorney8s OfficeA%remont& 70 1KK to /resent


Bubpoena P 0ffidavit /reparation <otion P Order /reparation =iscoveryL7lient -ntervie#ing <emoranda of Ja#

3arale!al 7onduct in+depth research and summari9e depositions& declarations& and memoranda of la#. Organi9e documents for trial& and assist #ith $ury instruction. /rovide litigation support by as+sisting #ith case presentation including independent preparation of motions& affidavits& plead+ings& and subpoena responses.

1 2

/romoted above peers to paralegal position after serving as intern.

1epeatedly noticed by senior attorneys for accuracy and precision handling of documents in time+ critical and (ey litigation cases. 3 %ormally recogni9ed for superior performance by the state government of 7alifornia. Education Bullivan 7ollege& Ban %rancisco& 70 0ssociates of Bcience =egree& /aralegal Btudies

1 2

<agna 7um Jaude distinction

7ommissioned ,otary /ublic at Jarge

/leadings =eclarations <emoranda of Ja# Trial /reparation

BubpoenaL Bubpoena

1esponse 0ffidavit Gury -nstructions 7ase -nvestigations 7ivilL7riminal =omestic 1elations <otions Orders 1esearchL=iscovery /o#er of 0ttorney .)hibits 7omplaints Witness Jist /reparation 7lient -ntervie#ing

yoursel' contri+ uting to our compan y,

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9

Jitigation Bupport /aralegalLJegal 0ssistant =eposition

am committ ed to the highest standard s of perform ance& and am loo(ing for a long+ term employ ment relations hip. <y areas of specialty are civil la#& domesti c relations & research and

discovery& client in+tervie#s& and document preparation& #hich& as - understand your re*uirements& ma(e me a

pe atch for your position. - #ill be able to rfe provide the support you re*uire ct immediately #ithout further training& and m am ready to begin #hen you areM


Dusiness Bolutions

7hange 0nalysis
7ontract ,egotiation

P OPL #O;! CO7#"L!A7!

=evelopment Jife 7ycle %it 3ap 0nalysis -nternet 0rchitecture Jabor /roductivity /ayroll /eopleBoft ,eeds 0ssessmentL 7onsultation /lanning and =evelopment
/ro$ect <anagement

Beamless -ntegration Belf+Berve Technology Bystems -mplementation 5uman 1esources Technical Writing 51<B .mployee Denefits
>endor <anagement


3in Chin *ong yroll 1nter'ace Base Bene'its 2inancials !istri+ution #anu'acturing 1I+0 "issena Dlvd. %lushing & ,e# 4or( %unctional and Technical /eopleBoft 7onsultant #ith a verifiable record of success in guiding the mass 113 :@1I; deployment of multimodule /eopleBoft 51<B implementation pro$ects for govern+ment and %ortune 1''' +222' L clients. emailQemai Core &trengths l.com /ro$ect <anagement Team Jeadership People&o't /lanning and =evelopment ,eeds 0ssessmentL7onsultation Consultant Belf+Berve Technology >endor <anagement ;< Technical Writing =evelopment Jife 7ycle ye Pro'essional Experience ar 1KK2 to ca 31O.J3.1+/010<HB& ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or( 7urrent re People&o't Consultant er Bpearhead multiple /eopleBoft 51<B pro$ects in charge of planning& developing& and imple+menting tas(+ lea specific& customi9ed modules. =evelop self+serve -nternet architectures in re+sponse to re*uirements for di Web+based technology. 7onduct fit gap analyses to gauge labor pro+ductivity and data integrity throughout ng the development life cycle. $ # & pr o?e cts int o pr od uc tio n

1 2 3 4

Jed firm to compete on a global scale for eight consecutive years

Buccessfully lead multimillion+dollar government contract negotiations 7ost+effectively strengthen teams through train+the+trainer programs 0uthor technical and user manuals for company#ide distribution

Education Cueens 7ollege& %lushing& ,e# 4or(& 1KII Bachelor o' Arts( #athematics

1 2

/eopleBoft > .1'+I.'& Oracle& Hni)& .1/& B0/

BCJ@& Bybase& -nformi)& 7O3,OB

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

P e o p l e & o ' t $ A ! P P a

GA "si(9 Keywords I( te r 3i e w C

implementation& change analysis& design& and management of /eopleBoft 51<B pro$+ects for government sectors and *hy should we hire you)%ortune 1''' clients. 4our organi9ation8s what are your strengths)recent ac*uisition of similar business and how do you seemodels #ill no doubt re*uire these yoursel' contri+uting tostrengths to ensure the seamless integration of an -nter+net architecture #ith customi9ed our company, business solutions and self+serve technology. 0s an accomplished /eopleBoft consultant #ith a notable career& - bring to the table an e)pertise in business systems




&usan Huinn 3 <emorial Doulevard

,e#ar(& ,G '@1'4 :K@3; 443+ L emailQemail.com Personal 0rainer -elping clients achieve 'itness and weight-loss goals Certi'ied Personal 0rainer B.&. in Exercise &cience -igh client re'erral rate 7ertified /ersonal TrainerL%itness Bpecialist #ith five years8 e)perience at an upscale fitness club. B(illed at motivating clients to achieve goals. Doo( 3'R more clients on average than other trainers at the facility. Core &trengths %itness evaluations 3oal Betting 7ustomi9ed program design -nterpersonal s(ills Pro'essional Experience 5-35TOW.1 B/O1TB 7JHD& 7leveland& O5 1KK@L/resent 3ersonal Trainer Train a client base of up to 4' members per #ee(. /erform fitness assessments including body+fat analysis. Bet and modify goals in consultation #ith clients. Hse fitness soft#are to main+tain accurate records. Train clients on use of e*uipment& including ,autilus and free #eights. =evelop professional #eight+training and cardiovascular programs. /erform introductory con+sultations and boo( ne# clients. 7ommunication s(ills <uscle conditioning <otivating clients %itness soft#are


1 2 3 4

Top trainer as measured by number of referrals boo(ed

=eveloped professional programs based on e)ercise science 5elped clients achieve #eight+loss and strength+improvement goals =eveloped successful incentive programs to (eep clients motivated

Hniversity of <aine& Orono& <. Bachelor o' &cience in Exercise &cience 566G

1 2

%irst 0id certified

7/1 for the /rofessional 1escuer

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

%itness Bpecialist 7ertified /ersonal Trainer %itness -nstructor %irst 0id 7ertified 7/1 for the /rofessional 1escuer
5ealth and Wellness

/rograms .)ercise Bcience .valuations 0ssessments Betting 3oals <odify 3oals /eople B(ills Dody %at 0ssessment
<uscle 7onditioning

Btretching and %le)ibility /rogram =esign Weight 1oom <anagement

%itness 0ssessments

7ommunication B(ills Organi9ational B(ills -nterpersonal B(ills %itness Boft#are

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou have been highly successful in helping r clients achieve their fitness goals. <y four+ co year academic train+ing in e)ercise science m has given me a solid (no#ledge base from pa #hich to design safe& #or(able& and ny successful personali9ed fitness programs. , am a 2people person6 #ho is able to (eep clients motivated. <y ability to increase - participation in personal training programs can enhance revenues for a fitness facility.


Territory Bales /roducer


7linical Belling B(ills

5ospital Territory <anagement /harmaceutical =irect Bales "ey 0ccounts Bales /rofessional 7lient 1elationship <anagement <anaged 7are 0ccounts =irect and -ndirect Bales 5ospital Territory Bales "ey /hysician 0ccounts Therapeutic "no#ledge
<edical Terminology


7ustomer+%ocused Belling Btrategies 1evenue 3ain <ar(et Bhare <ar(et Jeader /roduct /ositioning 7linical Bales /resentations 7ustomer ,eeds 0ssessment


#arci @. 3eonard 4ey Accounts @@ <ain Btreet .ast /harmaceutical sales professional and former registered nurse #ith trac( record of success in sales and Druns#ic(& client relationship management dealing #ith 2hard+to+see6 (ey customers and man+aged care account ,e# Gersey directors. 'II1! :@32; + Core &trengths 1234 L =irect and -ndirect Bales <edical TerminologyL/rocesses emailQemai 5ospital Territory Bales 7ustomer+%ocused Belling Btrategies l.com "ey /hysician 0ccounts 1evenueL<ar(et Bhare 3ain Therapeutic "no#ledge <ar(et JeaderL/roduct /ositioning Pharmaceutic al &ales $ep Awar d*inn ing 0erri tory &ales Prod ucer Cli nic al &el lin g &ki lls -o spi tal 0e rri Pro'essional Experience /501<0 /1O=H7TB& -,7.& /rinceton& ,e# Gersey 1KK@ to 7urrent

3harmaceutical Sales Re resentative <ar(et multiple classes of pharmaceutical products to hospital accounts and (ey physician contacts. 7losely manage mar(eting budget : R under; and monitor competitor products to de+liver persuasive clinical sales presentations. Hse customer needs assessment& as #ell as phar+maceutical mar(et and managed care contracting (no#ledge to achieve medical sales.

1 2 3

7onsistently overachieved sales *uota and increased mar(et share in ma$or product groups. Won top sales achievement a#ards in hospital territory sales for four consecutive years :1KKK L2''2;. Teamed #ith three field representatives to triple dollar volume and boost mar(et share 4 R in highly competitive northern ,e# Gersey territory. =elivered strong results for secondary products in hospital territory& doubling sales year over year. Belected as sales training advisor and medical information resources provider for sales and mar(eting team.

Education Btate Hniversity of ,e# 4or(& Duffalo& ,e# 4or( #aster o' &cience) Nursing Education 8cum laude9D5677 Dachelor of Bcience& ,ursing :summa cum laude;A1KI!

tor y # an ag em ent Ph ar ma ce uti cal !i rec t &al es to

I( te r 3i e w C G

A "si(9 Keywords

aggressive& results+oriented approach to hospital territory management #ith finely honed clinical sales presentation s(ills. This *hy should we hire you)proactive approach utili9es customer needs what are your strengths)assess+ment& (ey account sales strategies& and how do you seeand product positioning to #in mar(et yoursel' contri+uting toshare. <ay - have the op+portunity to put my pharmaceutical (no#ledge and clinical our company, selling s(ills to use for youF With demonstrated pharmaceutical direct sales success and therapeutic (no#ledge gained as a regis+ tered nurse& - combine an




Camille $o+er Cph0 !234 Ja 7osta 0ny#here&

<ichigan ''''' :2'I; emailQemail.com

+'''' L

Certi'ied Pharmacy 0echnician &even :ears o' Pharmaceutical Experience Experienced in -andling $adioactive Pharmaceuticals Btrong science& chemistry& and health care bac(ground. 7omprehensive (no#ledge of medical terms and medications. /recise handling of radioactive pharmaceutical products. 7urrently learning pharmaceutical robotic machine programming. Core &trengths 5ealth /hysics Organic 7hemistry Organi9ation Cuality 7ontrol Pro'essional Experience /501<07.HT-70J 7O</0,4& Walled Ja(e& <ichigan 1KK to /resent


,uclear 7hemistry /harmacy Ja# 0lertL1esponsible 0bility to =ecipher =ifficult 5and#riting

Certified 3harmac$ Technician -nput and trac( patient data& transcribe pharmacy orders& and accurately fill orders according to unit dose system. 7hec( in supplies and inventory. 7ompound -> solutions& fill cassettes& order entry& billing& and handle narcotics. .stablish and maintain patient profiles& prepare in+surance claim forms& and stoc( and ta(e inventory of prescription and over+the+counter med+ications. 0ssemble 24+hour supplies of medication for in+home patients. >erify accuracy and completeness of prescriptions.

1 2 3

.mployee of the 4ear& 2'''.

Becured in a O2 million annual contract from a local government agency. /resenter& ,ational 7onference of /harmaceutical Technicians.

%erris Btate 7ollege& Dig 1apids& <ichigan Bachelor o' &cience !egree in .rganic Chemistry) 566<

1 2

<entor for %reshmen 7hemistry students

>olunteer& Dig 1apids 5ospital& si) years

7assette %ill Order .entry Dilling ,arcotic 5andling /y)is Hnit =ose
Bterile Techni*ues

<easure -ndependent 7ommunication <eticulous <athematics 5ealth /hysics /harmaceuticals 5ealth 7are =rugs /rescription

our compa ny, 0s a 7ertifie d /harma cy Technic ian& have a thoroug h underst anding of dispensi ng and compou nding techni* ues& comput er procedu res& and billing procedu res. am (no#le dgeable in radiolog ical half+life

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9 K

=ispensing -> 7ompounding 1adio+ pharmaceutical

concepts and #or(ing #ith radiopharmaceutical products. - #or( #ell #ith or #ithout supervision. <y personal traits include being accurate& meticulous&

ded thorough. <y e)perience includes ta #or(ing as a health physicist in a il radioisotope laboratory. - am conscientious& eda team player& customer service oriented& & and *uality control conscious. an


7lient -nterface B(ills

Jicensed /harmacist /harmacy 7onsultant

<edication =osages&
0dverse .ffects and


Jabeling 1egimen 1evie#

Third+/arty Bystems
OD10 and >D10 4'

1egulations 7hemical 7ompounding 5igh >olume /rescription =ispensing <edication 7ounseling 1ecord+"eeping Bystems /atient /rofile Bystems -n+Bervice Training /rograms /rotocol <edication -nteractions 3overnment /harmacy 0dministration 5ospital /harmacy 0dministration -nventory 7ontrol
7ontrolled Bubstances

/harmaceutical Ja# and Technology


Angela *oodstone icensed +y the #innesota and *isconsin &tate Boards o' Pharmacy E''ectively 1K 0shland 0venue Balance Protocol #anagement and $elationship Building Bt. /aul& <innesota .)tensive bac(ground in administering government and hospital programs. B(illed in develop+ing 1'2 :! 1; maintenance systems and creating in+service programs. 1ecogni9ed for consulting& counsel+ing& and interface +113I L e)pertise #ith the medical community and its customers. emailQemai Core &trengths l.com 1ecord+(eeping P patient profile systems 7onsulting and counseling 1egimen revie# Third+party systems i OD10 P >D10 4' regulations -n+service training programs g 7hemical compounding -nventory control h l Pro'essional Experience y 1KK to <-,,.BOT0 =./01T<.,T O% 5.0JT5ABt. /aul& <innesota 7urrent H 3harmacist& ,ndustrial Rehabilitation Center1 .or#er:s Com ensation u a Order and distribute medications to clients and provide client counseling on medication dosages& adverse l effects& and general usage. =evelop and implement #ean schedules for clients& helping them to reduce and i eliminate medication use. <aintain #ell+controlled inventory& in+cluding legally handling and storing ' controlled substances. Trained staff regarding la#s and ne#ly mar(eted medications. 7onsulted #ith private i physicians and intuitional staff on med+ications. =evelop record+(eeping and patient profile systems. Oversee e high+volume dispensing. d 3 i c e n s e d P h a r m a c i s t C o n s u l t a n t 5E:ea r Bac kgr oun d in Go ver nm ent % -os pita l &ett ing s 3

1 2 3 4

1eceived Client ,nterface recognition from the 0merican /harmaceutical 0ssociation& 1KKK
7reated protocol for contingency cabinet& eliminating un#arranted use -mplemented ne# unit dose medication system& e)pediting medication delivery .stablished physician signature card process& reducing physician approval delays by 3 R

Education Hniversity of <innesota& <inneapolis& <innesota #aster o' &cience( Pharmacy Administration) 567G

1 2

Den$amin <. 7ohen <emorial Bcholarship recipient :financial need and academics;
1esearch assistant for /aul Bchaef& /harm.=.& 0ssociate /rofessor& 0ntibiotic 1esistance

at A

are your strength s) and " do show you see i yoursel' (contri+u ting to 9our compan y,

K e- can ybring to the table w 1 years8 ocombine d r pharmac dy sadminist ration

e)perien * in h ce y governm s ent and h hospital o program u s. 0s a l seasoned d licensed wpharmac e ist& have h irserved as e consultin yg o pharmac to u ist ) vari+ous wmedical h staffs on

me dic ati on iss ues . 0s an in+ ser vic e trai ner & ha ve me nto red mu ltil ev els of he alt h+ car e sta ff in re ma ini ng pro act ive on ph

armacy issues. <y client interface and counseling s(ills have been recogni9ed by the 0merican /harmaceutical 0ssociation. 7ombined e)pertise #ith pharmaceuti+cal la# and technology ensure #ell+ controlled inventory and dispensing. 0n e)tensive bac(ground #ith third+party systems& OD10& and >D10 4' foster effective processing and protocol.




$o+arra Cicchalone @231 >entura

Doulevard >entura& 7alifornia K3''3 :I' ; +1122 L emailQemail.com Photographer 1ndustrialD!ocumentaryD!igital Portraiture Corporate 1mage Building % $epair through 1nspired Photo?ournalism


Core &trengths

1 2 3

/roven program management and analytical s(ills coupled #ith the photographic eye
.)cellent communicator #ith the ability to earn sub$ects8 trust and cooperation *uic(ly

Wor(ing e)perience #ith an impressive range of camera& lenses& film& formats& si9es& and computer graphics soft#are...3 millimeter& video& digital& panoramic& BJ1& automatic& Cuar(& =ream#eaver& %lash& 0dobe /hotoshop...See 3hoto!ra hic S#ills *ddendum& at)tached...

Pro'essional Experience %reelance /hotographer 1KK@ to 7urrent 7orporateLindustrial clients include: The Los *n!eles Times& <obil Oil& 0TPT& -D<& 0merican .)press -=B& Turner Droadcasting& 7iba+3eigy /harmaceuticals& Sunset Ma!a5ine& T4 Guide Ma!a5ine& ,orton Bimon <useum& Jos 0ngeles <useum of <odern 0rt& and numerous oth+ers... 4iew m$ .eb ortfolio at http:LL###.doc(.netLWmyportfolio. /lan and produce photography& Web& and graphic design pro$ects consistent #ith corporate vision. 0ssess clients and products for compatibility #ith corporate intent. 7onsult #ith public relations department on target audience and media selection. /resent proposals to board members. 7oordinate and shoot e)ecutive portrait sessions #ithin program budget and schedules.

-nternational %ilm 7hannel 0#ard for Dest =ocumentary about the Jos 0ngeles <useum of <odern 0rtA2''2

Education 7alifornia -nstitute for the 0rts& >alencia& 7alifornia Bachelor o' 2ine Arts in PhotographyD566G Associate o' Arts in Computer GraphicsD566E References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

0nalytical and

/roblem+Bolving 0bility
Btrong Oral and Written 7ommunications B(ills /rogram <anagement and 7oordination 7reativity :e.g.& 5ave the 2/hotographic .ye6;

/ublic 1elations 7omputer 3raphics %ine 0rt /hotographer <ar(eting 0dvertising

=igital /hotography =ocumentary -mage Duilding /ortraiture -ndustrial

/hoto$ournalism Bingle Jens 1efle)
:BJ1; >ideography

3 <illimeter to /anoramic ,ame Bpecific

.*uipment and %ormats in /hotographic B(ills 0ddendum

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou a#ard+#inning industrial photographer and r videographer& - can help you develop co positive& visu+al mar(eting messages for m your company through probing e)ecutive pa portraits and #or( site documen+taries that ny reflect your business image and ethics. , 0#ards and formal training in digital photography& computer graphics& and fine 0s art portraiture round out my success story. an


-n$ury /revention
Wor(place Wellness


/rogress 7harting Btrength 0nalysis %unctional 7apacity =aily+Jiving 0ctivities 1ehabilitation Bervices 5ydrotherapy 1espiratory .fficiency -n$ury <anagement Treatment /lanning 7ross Training %unding and 7ontract =evelopment /T0 7linical Bupervision
0ssistive Technology


and Bupportive =evices Therapeutic <assage 1ange of <otion Hniform Btandards of /atient 7are 5uman 0natomy and /hysiology -n+Bervice Training


4im 0ynan) P0 children to older adults. Bpeciali9e in addressing #omen8s health issues. 133 /ar( Jane& Core &trengths Hnit 3 Orchard Btrength 0nalysis Treatment /lanning Therapeutic <assage -n+Bervice Training /ar(& ,e# Bports /hysical Therapy 4or( 1412@ =aily+Jiving 0ctivities :@1!; + Pro'essional Experience !K32 L 1KK! to emailQemail 5.0JT54 WO<., 7.,T.1& 0mherst& ,e# 4or( 7urrent .com 3h$sical Thera ist Physical 0herapist Htili9e e)tensive (no#ledge of human anatomy and physiology to evaluate functional capacity and develop &e treatment plans. ssist patients in improving range of motion& agility& strength& and respiratory efficiency. as 7hart progress and create follo#+up home e)ercise programs. Drea( do#n tas(s into manageable on components& ensuring positive outcomes. Htili9e hydrotherapy and assistive technology. ed Pr o' 1 =eveloped #or(place #ellness education programs to prevent bac(& nec(& shoulder& and #rist es in$uries. sio 2 .stablished referral contracts #ith local .mployee 0ssistance /rograms. na l 3 -mplemented cross training and initiated uniform standards of patient care& enabling col+ laborative treatment and reduced labor costs. Pr ov 4 Becured funding for arthritis education and e)ercise program. idi Education ng 1n 1ussell Bage 7ollege& Troy& ,e# 4or( ?u Bachelor o' &cience( Physical 0herapy) 566C ry # ,e# 4or( Btate =epartment of .ducation an 3icensed Physical 0herapist) 566C ag e References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

m en t $eha+ilitation &ervices Clinica l &uperv ision 0raini ng o' P0As Jicensed physical therapist #ith si) years8 e)perience #or(ing #ith patients ranging from school+age

I ( t e r 3 i e w

CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

#ellness education programs to prevent bac(& nec(& shoulder& and #rist in$uries. - have established referral contracts #ith local .mployee 0ssistance /rograms :.0/; and secured fund+ing for a community arthritis education and e)ercise program.


<y areas of specialty include orthopedic *2? support and spinal correction. <y group& under my lead& de+ veloped #or(place



#argaret Brad @IK Wilson Doulevard


=allas& Te)as @ 2I@ +2121 L emailQemail.com

P-:&1C1ANF& A&&1&0AN0 with 5< years o' diversi'ied experience 1nternal #edicine) Pediatric) 2amily Practice Clinics) -ospitals) and Nursing -omes .)tensive e)perience assisting physicians #ith minor in$uries& suturing& splinting& and casting& along #ith performing and analy9ing )+rays& and diagnostic& therapeutic& and laboratory tests.


%amily /ractice
C o r e & t r e n g t h s = i v e r s i f i e d h e a l t h c a r e e ) p e r i e n c e T r e m e n d o u s a s s e t . ) c e l l e n t s e r v i c e t o a l l p a t i e n t s 0 c c u r a t e a n a l y s i s o f v a r i o u s t e s t s 7 o 1 K

7 l 5 o , u
/ h

= i T h

5ealth 7are Bervices -nternal <edicine /ediatrics

t o p h

0ssist internal medicine& pediatric& and family practice physicians in a fast+ paced environ+ment. 3ather medical history from patients& and perform and analy9e )+rays and a variety of other tests necessary for treatment. Order supplies andLor e*uipment for patients& prepare comprehensive reports and progress notes& and ensure that the best possible service is provid+ed to all patients.

Jaboratory S+1ays <inor -n$uries Buturin g Bplintin g 7asting <edical 5istory /rogres s ,otes
Bupplies L.*uipm ent


h i

* h


0ssisted physicians #ith over ''' patient appointments in 2''1.

/erformed accurately analy9ed more than 2 '' tests in 2''1. 7ompleted sutures& '' splints& and 2 ' casts on patients. 1ecogni9ed the 2/hysician 0ssistant of the 4ear6 in 2''1.


31''' 4as

Education Daylor Hniversity& =allas& Te)as Bachelor o' &cience !egree> #a?or( -ealth Care> 566< G3*1 8.B Dean:s List twice in 1E9E and once in 1EE0 Refer ences "urni shed ,mme diatel $


Outreach 7rises 1esponse

.mergency /lanning


P 1esponse -nterrogation -nvestigations management Ja# .nforcement /ersonal /rotection /ublic 1elations Bafety Training Burveillance >-/ /rotection Tactical %ield Operations Becurity Operations 0sset /rotection .lectronic Burveillance .mergency /reparedness 7orporate %raud 7orporate Becurity
-ndustrial .spionage

-ndustrial Becurity


@ohnathan P. $esponse Crisis $esponse 4emper @'I Worthington 7omprehensive (no#ledge of la# enforcement directing surveillance& >-/ protection& and Tac+tical %ield 0venue Operations teams to protect military& government& and private facilities. 5onesty. -ntegrity. .)cellent "etteri leadership. ng& Ohio 4 42K :K3@; Core &trengths +1@@3 L =omestic =isturbances emailQemail 1iot 7ontrol .com Terrorist Threats =rug -nvestigations Police .''icer Becurity Operations 5ostage ,egotiations D #ilitary Conversi 0nalytical Thin(ing 7reative /roblem Bolving on &e ve n :e ar s o' Ex pe rie nc e as 3a w En 'o rc e m en t .' 'ic er 1nvesti gation s #ana gemen t Corpo rate % 1ndust rial &ecuri ty E m e r g e n c y P l a n n i n g % Pro'essional Experience H.B. 0-1 %O17. 1KK' to 7urrent Des# Ser!eant/3atrolman 0dvanced from field patrol to investigations management. /rovide asset protection& surveying& and securing of multiple installations. <ember of crisis response team resolving hostage situa+tions. Jead >-/ personal protection teams guarding top+ran(ing officials. Bet up electronic sur+veillance systems around base perimeters. Belected to represent 0ir %orce police at community outreach and other public relations events.

1 2 3 4

Jed investigations of domestic disturbances& thefts& assaults& and =H-s.

7onducted electronic and field surveillance for crime investigations. <onitored ,ational 0ir -ntelligence 7enter8s computeri9ed systems. 0rrested and interrogated suspectsN processed prisoners.

Education 7ommunity 7ollege of the 0ir %orce Bachelor o' &cience) Criminal @ustice) ;<<5

1 2

3/0: 3.@
<inor in Bpanish

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest


are your strength "s) and do show you see i yoursel' (contri+u ting to 9our compan y,


K e- can use ymy military w la# oenforce ment r training dto help syour organi9at

*ion meet h its y service s goals. h moved o through u numerou l s areas d of la# w enforce e ment to h an area ir that e find y most o interesti u ng& and ) one in w #hich h e)celA



Charles *. #organ 14'' ,orth 0

0tlanta& 3eorgia 3''4' :@@'; +1212 L emailQemail.com Production #anager 0he a+ility to translate your corporate vision into pro'its Guiding complex production teams to success &ystems view o' production that creates synergy +etween people and capital investment 0 credible& profit+oriented leader (no#n for s(ill in recruiting& motivating& and retaining teams of production professionals dedicated to continuous manufacturing improvement. Core &trengths Optimal capacity planning 7ost avoidance -BO K''' series certification Pro'essional Experience Trans"ing 7orporation& ,orcross& 3eorgia


4ield improvement On+demand customi9ation -nventory control

1KK! to 7urrent

Rail 3ro!ram Mana!er 1esponsible for design and manufacture of bus& truc(& trailer& container& and rail temperature controls for a company #ith O1D sales annually. Duild enduring business 2alliances6 #ith ven+dors that produced 2#in+ #in6 situations even in niche production. 3uided the renovation of a 2I&'''+s*uare+foot plant #ithout interrupting the t#o+shift operation re*uired to meet cus+tomer demand.

1 2 3

3ot 32 demanding subcontractors :from our competitorM; under control. <apped nearly 1&1'' tas(s to guide team one day at a time. /rofits 1!R above forecast. 5elped negotiate then managed complicated& fast+trac( O1. < program. /rofit level: 22R :1'R pro$ected;. 7ut delivery times in half. -n si) months& routinely cut I'' defects per rail carAa record in our company.

Education Btate Hniversity of ,e# 4or( 0ssociate of 0pplied Bcience in 0utomotive Technology and .ngineering& 1KI1

1 2

-nducted into national engineering honor society

=ean8s Jist every *uarter

7apacity /lanning 7ell <anufacturing 7ost 0voidance 7ross+%unctional Teams 7ycle Time 1eduction %acilities 7onsolidation -nventory 7ontrol -BO K''' Btandards Gust+in+Time :G-T; <anufacturing -ntegration <aterials 1eplenishment Bystems :<1/; On+=emand 7ustomi9ation Operations 1eengineering Operations Btart+Hp Outsourcing / P J <anagement /roductivity -mprovement Technology -ntegration Turnaround <anagement 4ield -mprovement

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, -f you could 2design6 your ne)t pro$ect manager& #ould

the specsF World#ide& 2hands+on6 e)perience fol #ith every aspect of design and production lo in your industry& encyclo+pedic (no#ledge #i of compliance la#& and credibility that only ng comes from broad e)perience. 4ou #ill find be a do9en specific e)amples of performance go in my resumeAthey illustrate the (inds of od contributions - can ma(e to your bottom en line. 0s you read them& - hope my personal ou standards become apparent. %irst& - must gh earn people8s trust before - can deliver to results. Becond& - must prove my me competency at every level& every dayA et from shop floor to boardroom. %inally& yo must deliver *uality to the customer and ur profits to my company.


BingleL<ultifamily /rice 1anges Jot Bi9e =esign 3eneral 7ontractor Bpecifications .stimating /urchasing Bcheduling <aterial =elivery <aterial 7osts Jabor 7osts 0rchitects Bubcontractors Bupervising Cuality 7ontrol 7ustomer Bervice Warranty
7onstruction =efects




#ichael Cunningham 1!1 1 0rapaho Doulevard =allas& Te)as @ 2I@ :K@2; +2211 L emailQemail.com C.N&0$/C01.N P$.@EC0 #ANAGE$ with

more than ;< years o' exper ience &ingle and #ulti'ami ly -omes P5<<)<<< to PB

1 2 3 4

Btarted and finished the construction of 1' single and 1 multifamily homes in 2''1& generating more than O2 million in revenues. =eveloped a ne# trac(ing system that reduced labor costs by 3'R.
7reated a Warranty =epartment for scheduling and ma(ing repairs. 7ommended by the /resident for consistent& outstanding #or(.

Education Hniversity of Te)as& 0ustin& Te)as Bachelor o' Arts !egree> 5675 Ma(or1 Construction Mana!ement Minor1 Business *dministration References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

Core &trengths Wor(ing #ith architects Bupervising subcontractors 7ost estimating and purchasing .)cellent service to home buyers Pro'essional Experience

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - have more than 2' years of e)perience in the overall management of the construction of single and multifamily homes #ith price ranges from O1''&''' to O3 million. - #or( directly #ith architects in the custom design& specifications& cost estimating& and scheduling. also secure and supervise subcontrac+tors& and continually trac( labor costs. - #ill contribute greatly to your company by focusing on *uali+ty control& providing e)cellent service to home buyers& and completing all pro$ects on time and #ithin budget.

I( te ,O1T5 T.S0B 5O<. DH-J=.1B& =allas& Te)as r Construction 3ro(ect 3i Mana!er <anage all aspects of e the construction of single and multifamily w homes in north Te)as. C Wor( directly #ith architects in the G custom design&
specifications& cost estimating& and scheduling. Becure and supervise subcontractors& and continually trac( material and labor costs. %ocus on *uality control& providing e)cellent service to home buyers& and completing all pro$ects on time and #ithin budget.



$ichard 3an ! 43 Deretani Btreet

5onolulu& 5a#aii K!I2! :I'I; +KKKK L emailQemail.com .n-&ite Property #anager &easoned Community Association #anager $esidential Properties #ultisite Administration Particularly &killed at 0enant $elations 12T years8 e)perience in various residential real estate settings. 7ost+conscious administrator adept at designing preventative maintenance strategies. .)pertly facilitate o#nerLtenant relationships. Core &trengths 7ondominiums Ju)ury /roperties /ro$ect Bcheduling 7omplaint -nvestigations Pro'essional Experience 0BB.T <0,03.1B& -,7.& 5onolulu& 5a#aii 1KK to /resent 0n)Site 3ro ert$ Mana!er 1esponsible for 12'+unit lu)ury apartment building. Bupervise staff of nine& ensuring safe and properly maintained property. <onitor pool cleaning& painting& and security contract personnel. 0ct as liaison bet#een board of directors and o#ners. 0ccountable to asset property manager.


0partments %acilities <aintenance and 1epair 7ash %lo# <anagement 7ontractor Oversight

1 2 3

1aised tenant retention rate by 'R through enhanced o#nerLtenant communication ef+forts. 7reated bi#ee(ly ne#sletter distributed to o#ners and residents. Baved over O2 &''' per year since 1KK@ by implementing comprehensive preventative maintenance program. =irected O3 million landscape renovation pro$ect.

Education Hniversity of 5a#aii at <anoa& 5onolulu& 5a#aii Bachelor o' Arts Business Administration) 567<

1 2

3raduated #ith honors

7hosen Most Creative Business erson by campus business club

1esidential /roperties <ultisite <anagement 7ondominiums 0partments Ju)ury /roperty 7ommunity 0ssociations 7omplaint -nvestigation and 1esolution Tenant 1etention Tenant 1elations /reventative <aintenance %acilities <aintenance and 1epairs
<aintenance 1ecord

0uditing /ro$ect Bcheduling /roperty Becurity 7ontractor Oversight 1enovations Doard of =irectors Jiaison 1ent 7ollections 7ash %lo# <anagement 0sset /roperty <anager

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, <y bac(ground is very

br tion of apartments& condominiums& and oa lu)ury prop+erties. - have a demonstrated d& ability to cut costs. This is accomplished in through aggressive maintenance record cl audits& follo#ed by implementation of ud comprehensive preventative maintenance in initiatives. Through this process - ensure g the safe& smooth& and economical operation ad of properties. - investigate and resolve mi complaints #ithout delay. This improves nis tenant relations& satisfying both residents tra and o#ners.


/rogram <anagement


/ublic 1elations 7risis <anagement

-mage =evelopment <ar(et 0nalytics

<edia 1elationships


Bpeech and Bcript Writing /ress 1eleases -nternational <ar(ets -ntervie# and 7risis <anagement 7oaching
/ublicity 7ampaigns

=evelopment /ublic -nformation /resentations Jeadership <edia& /rint& Television& and 1adio Bupport Bervice ,et#or(s Btrong Oral and Written 7ommunications B(ills
Gournalism& .nglish& 7ommunications& or Dusiness =egree

3raphic =esign 0nalytical and /roblem+Bolving 0bility


Bar+ara *eaver 1'2'' Wilshire Doulevard Jos 0ngeles& 7alifornia K''24 :213; 1122 L emailQemail.com Pu+lic $elations !irector

C e l e + r i t y 1 m a g e % P e r s o n a l # a r k e t i n g

7elebrities and %ortune '' companies to design and direct high+visibility or politically sensitive publicity campaigns and industry promotions. "no#n for si99ling com+munication strategies that sell people to people& business to business& in print& television& radio& or on the Web. ,ational and international media and support service net#or(s. Core &trengths

1 2 3 4

7elebrity image development

-ntervie# and crisis coaching <edia relationships <ar(et analytics 7ommunications s(ills

Pro'essional Experience Hniversal Btudios& Durban(& 7alifornia 2''1 to /resent

3ublic Relations Director/Mar#etin! Consultant 0ssess celebrity clients for studio image and compliance #ith public information policies. /ro+vide intervie# and crisis management coaching to client. 7onduct mar(et analytics to target best audiences and media choices. 1evie# staff recommendations on scripts& speeches& press re+leases& presentations& graphic design and Web site content. =evelop and manage program bud+get and schedules. 7onsult #ith legal and mar(eting departments in areas of international communications :especially censorship and royalty agreements;.

3uided senior /1 specialists in research& design& and launch of a ma$or celebrity8s music video A2''1. 2 /ast /resident& /ublic 1elations Bociety of 0merica: 2'''L2''1 Education 7alifornia Btate Hniversity at Jos 0ngeles& 7alifornia #aster o' &cience) Business AdministrationD566J Bachelor o' Arts) CommunicationsD567G References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

C o n s u l t a n t

si(9 Keywords

5ighly consulted by

I( te r 3i e Pu+licity Campaig w n !evelopm C ent G Crisis #anagement A "

both my target mar(ets and the effectiveness of the selected media are *hy should we hire you)evaluated through demographics& polls& and what are your strengths)other analytics. <y media contacts range and how do you seefrom local ne#s channel and ne#sprint to yoursel' contri+uting to7apitol 5ill and around the #orld& ensuring our company, that our message gets to those #ho can do the most good for our cause. 0s a public relations director& - have managed high+ visibility publicity campaigns #ith annual budgets of up to O1' million that delivered the clients huge profits. - ensure that




Amanda -ershkowit= 1K@3 @Ith Btre

<emphis& Tennessee 3@''' :K'1; +1212 L emailQemail.com Huality Engineer A decade o' leading companies to Muality and customers to value Continuous Muality improvement #etric systems that work 'or people Ialue-added processes in manu'acturing and sales 0 highly+trained *uality systems e)ecutive #ith the communications s(ills& drive& and vision to infuse a *uality culture throughout your organi9ation. Bolid trac( record of producing #orld+class *uality.


/rocess 0nalysis Cuality 0ssurance

C o r e & t r e n g t h s 0 n ti c i p a ti n g d r a g s o n * u a li t y p r o c e s s e s 1 e e n g i n e e ri n g W / f o r g r e a t < a a t 1 K

a n C u
C u

1 e B c T a

7ontinuous Cuality

-mprovement -BO K''' 7ertification

%ormulate C0 practices consistent #ith master production plans. /roviding C0 reports for the revie# and approval of management. 1evie#ing ade*uacy of C0LC7 processes and standards as part of an overarching C0 frame#or(. 1educe ris( and improve organi9ational perfor+ mance. 1evie#ing testing and providing for general a#areness of C0LC7 re*uirements and values. Dusiness process improvement. 1ecommending acceptance of deliverables from vendors as being #ithin scope and contract. .nsuring that 1%/ and contracts have appropriate terms and conditions to assure a *uality product.

Total Cualit References "urnished y ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest <an agem ent Trend -nform ation >alue+ 0dded /roc esses
>endor <anag ement

h i

* h

W-/ :Wor( in /rogr ess;

World+ 7lass Cuality

Uero =efect s

Topped 1 tough competitors to #in the Tennessee Cuality 0#ard :2''2;

$ust one *uarter

2scrap rate 1educed by 22R in 3tas(

Overhauled groups and process analysis to reignite TC<. C0 measures soared.

Education Hniversity of Jo#ell& Jo#ell& <assachusetts Dachelor of Bcience in Dusiness& 1KI@

Summa cum laude

/leasant >oice 0rticulate 1ecording Btars 1ecording 3roups 1ecording .*uipment %77 Jicensing 7ontrol Doard Tape =ec(s
>inyl 1ecords :4 s


and @Is; 7= /layers 0rchiving Bports

Jive and 1ecorded

<i)ing 7ommercials ,e#s Tal( Bho#s Bponsors 1emote Jocation

.*uipment Bet+Hp


Peter -. -arris Events @3 7ollege 1oad Bouth Well+rounded disc $oc(ey #ith the proven ability to #ear many hats in his position #hile suc+ceeding in /ortland& (eeping the full attention of his audience through the microphone and the radio. 1ecogni9ed for e)ceptional <aine '41'! talents in his field and for having devoted many hours in promoting many charitable organi9ations through :2'@; + fund raisers& marathon broadcastings& and personally hosting related tal( sho#s. '''' L emailQemail.c Core &trengths om .)cellent >oice /ro$ection -ndustry "no#ledge :2' 4ears; .)cellent Jibrary of 1ecordings Total Technology .mersion $adio !isc @ockey Iaried 0alk &how Pro'essional Experience -ost 1KI2L1KK2 W0D7A1'1'0< 1adio& /ortland& <aine 0ot 1KK2L7urrent WG1"AK3. %< 1adio& Bouth /ortland& <aine al Radio Disc ;oc#e$ &o 0ccept phone re*uestsN provide live and prerecord music to suit various audiences. 1esearch archives for un re*uests and return #hen done. <aintain archives #hile monitoring inventory. On occasion& #rite advertising d $o copy and produce voice+overs. .nsure that airing of commercials is timely. 5ost sho#s live& #hen necessary. om /erform creative mi)ing and dubbing as needed. 7on+duct fre*uent telephone and mail surveys to assure &et airing and proper mi). 1 Trained other disc $oc(eys in effectively researching archives. /p /ni Mue #i xin g &ty le $ ec og

2 3 4

7onceptuali9ed fre*uent comedy s(its and #on an a#ard for creativity. 7reated several ne# characters 2on the air6 to increase overall ratings. Belected as 2=isc Goc(ey Who -ntroduced the <ost 5it 1ecords in 2'''6.

Dates 7ollege& Je#iston& <aine Btudied /olitical Bcience 7ompleted t#o years& 1KI'L1KI2

1 2

<anaged campus radio station W1D7AK1. %<.

1ecogni9ed for candid intervie#s #ith several visiting dignitaries.

ni =e d 'o r !i ve rs it y in B ro ad ca sti ng & pe ci al

w CGA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e

presentations& e*uipment& *uality of sound& and over+all radio and recording technology. 7urrently en$oying the total *hy should we hire you)evolvement of the industry to presentA what are your strengths)#or(ing #ith state+of+the+art e*uipment in and how do you seea computeri9ed industry that produces the yoursel' contri+uting to*uality and sounds that could only be imagined 2' years ago on the radio. our company, /eripheral involvement through the years has included hosting varied tal( sho#s and 0s a veteran disc $oc(ey ofon+ and off+site special promotions. 2' years& my e)perience has ta(en me through several generations of record+ing stars in addition to ma$or changes in media




$o+ert C. &cooner) #.! !IK Deltline =


=allas& Te)as @ 24' +IIII L emailQemail.com

CE$0121E! $A!1.3.G1&0 with more than 5E years o' experience &peciali=ing in #$1s) C0 &cans) and /ltrasounds. 0merican Doard of 1adiology 7ertified 1adiologist #ho has performed over 1 &''' radio+graphic e)aminations& interventional procedures& diagnostic overreads& and plain film interpretations. Core &trengths 0rthrograms Darium Btudies S+1ays <ammography Pro'essional Experience 10=-OJO34 0BBO7-0T.B& =allas& Te)as


>enograms %louroscopy Bcreens <1-s& 7T Bcans& Hltrasound Diopsies& ->/s

1KI! to present

"ull)Time Radiolo!ist /erform radiographic e)aminations of patients8 internal structures and organ systems& diag+nose results& and recommend treatments to primary care physicians and surgeons using inter+ventional procedures and plain film interpretations. 0ssigned the ma$or city of patients re*uir+ing <1-s& 7T scans& and ultrasounds.

1 2 3

-ncreased the company8s annual revenues by O3''&''' by developing a mar(eting campaign to secure patients re*uiring interventional procedures. 1ecogni9ed by the 0merican Doard of 1adiology for outstanding #or( on e)tensive barium studies involving patients from 1KKK to 2''1. %eatured in Radiolo!$ Ma!a5ine in Gune of 2''1 for interventional procedures.

Education Hniversity of Te)as Bouth#estern <edical 7enter at =allas !octor o' #edicine> #a?or( $adiology> 567E Hniversity of Te)as at 0ustin Bachelor o' &cience !egree> #a?or( #edicine) 567<

%louroscopy Diopsy <17T Bcan <ammography Hltrasound ->/s 1adiology 1adiographic .)aminationL Bubstances -nternal Btructures /hysician 1adioisotopes -nterventional /rocedures /lain %ilm -nterpretations Darium Btudies 0rthrograms >enograms

compan y, - am a 7ertifie d 1adiolo gist #ho speciali 9es in -nterven tional /rocedu res& <1-s& 7T scans& and ultra+ sounds. - have perform ed over 1 &''' tests& includin g mammo grams& arthrogr ams& venogra ms&

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9

Doard 7ertified Treatments S+1ay

flouroscopy& and barium studies. - believe - can be an outstanding addition to your physician team due to my diversified e)perience in

di overreads& interventional procedures& plain ag film interpreta+tions& e)cellent peer no revie#s& and my focus on ensuring superb sti *uality of service to all patients. c


Jicensed 1eal .state

Dro(er /urchase P Bale

:/PB; Transactions 1elocation 7losing B(ills ,egotiation B(ills /rospecting ,et#or(ing Jead 3eneration 7ompetitive <ar(et 0nalysis 7ustomer Bervice Overcoming Ob$ections
<eeting andLor .)ceeding 3oals


7hairman8s 7lub L /resident8s 7lub Duyer8s 0gent L Beller8s 0gent <ar(eting /romotional 0ctivities 0dvertising Btrategic <ar(et /lanning <ortgage >alue+0dded Bervices


$o+ert 4. Beaton -end properties !eveloping and implementing creative marketing strategies 4K /eregrine /oint <arble 5igh+po#ered& top+performing sales professional #ith 1' years8 e)perience selling high+end properties for head& <0 a national leader in residential real estate sales. 0head of the curve in using technology to drive sales '24@I :!1@; results. -nitiatives in value+added customer service have earned the business referrals and loyalty of both +1212 L home buyers and home sellers. emailQemai Core &trengths l.com /rospecting Btrategic mar(eting ,egotiation s(ills 7ommunication s(ills $eal Estate Broker /PB transaction oversight ,et#or(ing #ore than P7 million in /romotional activities 7ustomer service annual sales 'or 5< years in Pro'essional Experience up and down 1KK2L/rese markets nt 1.L5O<.B ,orthshore& <arblehead& 0 0o p B Q i n ' i e l d o ' ; < < < + r o k e r s Real +state Bro#er Bell properties in the oceanfront communities on Doston8s ,orth Bhore. =evelop mar(eting strategies. /rospect for leads& build client relationships& and sho# properties. ,egotiate terms and support /PB transactions. <anage personal Web site as a mar(eting tool. =evelop adver+tising and promotional strategies. .)perienced in acting both as seller8s agent and as buyer8s agent.

1 2 3 4

Top /roducer 0#ard in 1KKK for the ,ortheast 1egion

1an(ed in the top 3R of bro(ers nationally for last three years 7hairman8s 7lub seven consecutive years :O4 millionT; %irst to use a laptop computer #ith clients for on+the+spot comparables

Hniversity of ,e# 5ampshire& <anchester& ,5 Bachelor o' Arts( &ociology) 566; 3raduate of the 3aines Bchool of 1eal .state& 7oncord& ,5& 1KK1 Jicensed 1eal .state Dro(er& 1KK1 References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

& p e c i a l i = e i n h i g h

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9 K e y w o r d s
* h y

sh ou ld we hir e yo u) wh at ar e yo ur str en gt hs) an d ho w do yo u see yo ur sel ' co nt ri+ uti ng to ou r co m pa ny ,

have ran( ed in the top tier of bro( ers #ithi n a natio nal real estat e com pany thro ugho ut my care er. <y pers onal sales have rang ed from OI milli on to O12 milli on annu ally

i n a c o m p e ti

tive& high+end res+ drive coupled #ith across+the+board idential mar(et. - am real estate sales s(ills have consistently (no#n for superior resulted in e)ceptional revenue customer service and generation for my company. personal integrity. have strong net+ Team-Fly #or(ing& lead generation& and closing s(ills. <y competitive*.?

R C P!IO7I#!


$achael Anne -oward 7restvie# .sta

V34 Je#iston& <aine '424' :2'@; +1122 L emailQemail.com &enior Corporate $eceptionist PBN Administration !omestic % 2oreign Communications #ultilingual Communication &kills Proven Executive-3evel Business &upport &kills Beasoned senior+level receptionist #ith an ability to spill over into public relations and admin+istrative support. Outstanding personality and professional manner. Btate+of+the+art e*uip+mentLtechnology trained :telephony P computer;. Core &trengths Top <anagement -nteraction 0rticulate :/resentations; 0dministrative 0ssistant ,otary /ublic Pro'essional Experience <071OBO%T -,7.& Bilicon >alley& 7alifornia 1KK2 to /resent Cor orate Rece tionist Oversee total operation of a 1''+line /DS telephone system and a staff of fourN greet clients& screen& and direct calls to 4'' :plus; in+house e)tensions. Trained individuals to manage the /DS area enabling time to assist :part of the day; in the e)ecutive office area. /rovide %rench translations of 2in6 and 2outgoing6 messages via telephone& fa)& and email. /rovide varied sec+retarial and des(top publishing assistance.


/DS %amiliarity =etail Oriented Dilingual& %rench %inancial 0ccounting

1 2 3 4

=eveloped a procedural manual for the /DS area.

Bcreen& hire& and train /DS operators. =eveloped a system #hich allo#s trac(ing of corporate credit card e)penses. Bchedule and trac( all corporate+related travel for si) individuals.

Hniversity of <aine& Orono& <aine Bachelor o' Arts( Business .''ice Automation) 566<

1 2

=ean8s Jist Btudent& four 4ears L 3/0A3.I

1ecipient& <argaret 7hase Bmith Bcholarship 0#ard

/rofessional .nvironment /DS B(ills 0rticulate <ultitas( 7apabilities %ast+/aced .nvironment Word /rocessing Bpreadsheet 0pplications Dilingual :%rench; =etail Oriented /ublic 1elations
/resentation B(ills

7all Bcreening <essage Ta(ing -nternational 7alls Travel 0rrangements

5otel 1eservations

.)pense 0ccounts /rofessional 0ppearance 7ommissioned ,otary /ublic /DS

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

o alified corporate receptionist #ith 1'+plus ur years of e)perience in a professional co setting& - feel confident that - could perform m and surpass your e)pectations. With a focus p on international relations and utili9ing a :daily; e)ceptional e)ecutive+level n administrative assistant s(ills& - have y, developed the ability to 2s#itch gears6 very effectively #hile $uggling multiple tas(s. 0 am familiar #ith a variety of different s phone systems and /DS. 7omputer a (no#ledge includes #ord processing& appli+cations& des(top *u spreadsheet publishing& and database management.


1egulatory /olicy 0ntitrust -nvestigation

Jegislative %ederal 7ommunications 7ommission -ntegrating Ob$ectives .merging Technologies -nformation Technology 0udit /lanning and 1evie# <ergers and ac*uisitions Jobbying %77
7omplaint L7onflict


1esolution ,egotiation B(ills Btrategic 0ssessment 0ccessibility Droadband /rivacy

Bpectrum 0llocation

.+7ommerce =omain ,ame 7ompetition


-elen 4ramermulation& antitrust investigation& and legislative matters. 0ssess initial strategic operational plans for %ederal 7ommission :%77; and regional compliance regarding broadband& privacy& net#or( 333 Ban /edro 7ommunications Btreet Jos security& access& and domain name competition. -ntegrate compli+ance actions #ith corporate ob$ectives. 0ngeles& 7alifornia 1 "ey negotiator for the postponement of the %778s auction of the @''+megahert9 band spec+trum K''12 :213; until 2''3. This #ill allo# emergency services to ac*uire interference+free transmis+sion. +1122 L emailQemail 2 5igh+visibility as an e)pert #itness and lobbyist to 7ongress regarding fair competition .com practices for industry and nonprofit organi9ations. 0ppointed to the %ederal Telecommunications 0ccessibility 0dvisory 7ommittee :1KKK L $egulatory 3 2''';. A''airs Counsel 0elecom Education municatio Hniversity of 7alifornia at Jos 0ngeles& 7alifornia ns Policy Expert Bachelor o' &cience 1n'ormation 0echnology) 566C @uris !octor Corporate 3aw) 566; Case-*inning

I ( t e r 3 i e w Core &trengths 0dvising ne# starts C /olicy formulation 0udit planning and e)ecution G ,egotiation A Pro'essional Experience " Dates P Dates& JJ/& Jos 0ngeles& 7alifornia Re!ulator$ *ffairs s Counsel i Technical advisor to emerging ( telecommunications companies regarding 9
.)pert policy advisor to emerging technology& especially on government and trade association standardi9ation forums. =ual degrees in both -nformation Technology and 7orporate Ja#. regulatory policy for+

Negotiator Audit Planning and $eview

postponement. Keywords References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest *hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, <y life is dedicated to facilitating rapid gro#th and universal accessibility in the industry by inter+preting standards and streamlining regulatory compliance activities for ne# business. <y broad e)pe+rience in regulatory compliance has included %77 complaints and policy proceedings& mergers and ac+*uisitions& e+commerce& privacy& and broadband. - #ill use my connections and negotiation s(ills to spot and resolve any roadbloc(s to a successful ventureN for e)ample& securing the @''+ megahert9 auction


R #!A"RA7! MA7AG R


@an &cott 1'K' .ncore 0 7olum

bus& Ohio 4322K :!14; emailQemail.com

+1122 L

$estaurant #anager Controlling costs and ensuring pro'ita+ility... &ta'' 0raining !evelopment " 2ood &tandards % Controls Budget Planning Administration " Customer &ervice #anagement Beasoned management professional offering nearly 1' years8 e)perience in fast+paced& high+volume food serviceLbar environments. <a)imi9ing staff potential through e)cellent leadership and organi9ational s(ills. Core &trengths -nventoryL7ost 7ontrol %ood P Deverage Operations %acilities <anagementLBanitation <enu =evelopment Pro'essional Experience Worthington Woods 1esort& 7olumbus& Ohio


/urchasingL>endor 1elations 0ccountingL/ayroll Team Duilding and Jeadership Dusiness =evelopment

2''' to /resent

Restaurant Mana!er 7oordinate all mar(eting and promotions& operations management& budgeting& #ee(ly sales re+porting& vendor relations& customer service. 0ccountable for profit P loss& total *uality& and cash management operations. 7onsult #ith general managers& %PD directors& and support staff for strategic planning purposes.

1 2 3 4

3re# operating profits by I.4R #ithin first year.

7oordinated and supervised O ''&''' restaurant renovation. <ar(eted restaurant benefits and features that attracted high+profile travelers. Btrategically designed highly creative menu that became standard for all hotels.

Education 0he .hio &tate /niversity& 7olumbus& Ohio Dachelor of Bcience& 5otel 0dministration& 1KK2

1 2

7oncentration: %ood and Deverage <anagement

Btudy 0broad: Xn+/rovence& %rance& Bpring 1KK1

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest


7ontrol %ood P Deverage Operations %acilities <anagementL Banitation

<enu =evelopment

/urchasingL /rocurement Team Duilding P Jeadership Dudget /lanningL 0dministration /rofit P Joss <anagement Dan*uetsL7atering

7ustomer Bervice <anagement Total Cuality <anagement Bales and /romotions Dusiness =evelopment
7ash <anagementL

=eposits >endor 1elations Btaff 5iringL TrainingL =evelopment Operations <anagement %ood /roduction Btandards P 7ontrols 7ash <anagement

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, Whether in high+ or lo#+

vo nsistently identified root problems for lu lagging sales. The need for a *ualified and m enthusiastic staff cannot be overstated. -t e #ould be my first priori+ty to assess the re e)isting staff and if necessary& rehire& train sta and ensure continued development for ne# ur employees. <y natural leadership style in an addition to my e)tensive e)perience in ts& inventoryLcost con+trol& foodLbeverage - operations& profitLloss& and customer service ha management #ill prove highly benefi+cial ve to your vision of e)cellent hospitality co service.


=istrict Bales

7ustomer Joyalty Dusiness =evelopment Jo# .mployee Turnover

-n+Btore /romotions


Joss /revention /ricing -nventory 7ontrol <erchandising

Becurity Operations

1etail Bales
.mployee 1etention

Btoc( <anagement Warehousing Operations /roduct <anagement

7ontinuous /rocess

-mprovement 7ustomer+=riven <anagement <argin -mprovement 7ustomer Bervice 7redit Operations


&eth #iller round #anagement Experience 123 B. %ourth Btreet "e#ane =riven and e)perienced retail sales management professional #ith proven s(ills in cost reduc+tion and e& -llinois business development. Buccessful bac(ground of implementing highly profitable in+store promotions. !1443 :3'K; +1234 L emailQemail. Core &trengths Joss /revention <erchandising com Btoc( <anagement $etail &ales Btrategic /lanning <argin -mprovement 7ustomer Bervice #anager Dusiness =evelopment -nventory 7ontrol 55:ear 1etail Bales Training 7ost 1eduction Backgr ound Pro'essional Experience in BTH%%+<01T& 7enterville& -J 1KKK to 7urrent Per'or Retail Sales Mana!er mance and 1ecruited to boost retail sales and improve merchandising strategies for this highly successful merchandising Proces #arehouse operation. -mplemented effective stoc( management policies& creat+ed profitable in+store s promotions& and turned focus to a customer+driven management style. 1mpro =irected customer service and #arehousing operations. 0chieved significant margin of im+provement vement and led efforts to increase customer loyalty. Cust omer !rive n #an agem ent #arg

1 2 3 4

-ncreased district sales by O!'&'''N achieved highest margin of improvement.

=rove sales for credit operations by training staff in up+selling techni*ues. -mplemented highly effective management strategic planning sessions. /ioneered security operations to reduce inventory loss.

Wisconsin Hniversity& Gasper& Wisconsin Bachelor o' Arts( Business #anagement) 566<

in 1mpr ovem ent &kills & t a r t / p a n d 0 u r n a

w CGA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e

*hy &hould .ur Company -ire :ou,

successfully designed and implemented cutting+edge in+store displays& and - have played a (ey role in start+up operations and strategic planning.

- am a highly enthusiastic management professional #ith a customer+driven management style. One (ey element to successful retail management is employee retention. One (ey strength possess is se+lecting and retaining good retail employees. <y trac( record reflects record+brea(ing district sales. - have




&teven -. Na 1@@ Jinden Doulevard

Bnyder& ,e# 4or( 1422! :@1!; +!K 4 L emailQemail.com $isk #anagement &easoned Pro'essional with Expertise in 1nvestigating 3oss -istory 0rends to Predict and Avoid 2uture $isk Per'orm 1nsurance Analysis) !etermine &everity and 2reMuency Potential) and #inimi=e 2inancial 1mpact =irect ris( management staff overseeing O4 million in credit e)posure. -nstill performance+based culture by allocating responsibility and accountability. =evelop programs to ma)imi9e loss control. Core &trengths 5ealth and Bafety /rograms Operational and 1is( 1eporting %idelity& Burety& and Jiability Pro'essional Experience 5.J%.1 -,=HBT1-.B& JT=.& Duffalo& ,e# 4or( 1KI2 to 7urrent


7arrier and Dro(er Belection Belf+-nsurance and ,oninsurance /rogram =evelopment

Ris# Mana!ement S ecialist 1esearch and analy9e corporate products and operations and determine appropriate coverage levels. ,egotiate contracts based on ha9ard identification and ris( e)posure. 7onduct health and safety audits and report results to senior management. Htili9e /o#er/oint to graphically demonstrate #ays to implement loss control.

1 2 3 4

1eengineered processes resulting in O1.2 million loss avoidanceLris( reduction in 1 year.

1eversed O@4 &''' in annual losses and bro(e+even in 1

L2 years.

-mplemented comprehensive ris(+management strategic plan. Baved O ''&''' annually through renegotiation of information contracts.

7anisius 7ollege Bchool of <anagement& Duffalo& ,e# 4or( Bachelor o' &cience( Business Administration) 567;

1 2

<ilton Beligman Dusiness Bcholar

Who8s Who in 0merican 7olleges and Hniversities

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

-nsurance 0nalysis

%inancial -mpact %idelity& Burety& Jiability& and /roperty 7overage

/rogram =evelopment

Joss 7ontrol Wor(ers8 7ompensation&

3roup Jife& /ension&

and <edical /lans 5ealth and Bafety /rograms 7arrier and Dro(er Belection Beverity and
%re*uency /otential Operational and 1is(

1eporting Btrategic /lan 0voidance and Transfer <inimi9ation& 1eduction& and /revention Belf+-nsurance and /lanned ,oninsurance 7redit .)posure ,egotiation and 1enegotiation
5a9ard -dentification

/erformance+Dased 7ulture 1is( <anagement Joss 5istory and Trends

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou elfer& - reengineered processes resulting in r O1.2 million loss avoidanceLris( reduction co in one year. We reversed O@4 &''' in m annual losses and too( bro(e even in one+ pa and+a+half years. Overall responsi+bilities ny include directing a ris( management staff , overseeing O4 million in credit e)posure. 5ere& #e implemented a comprehensive 0t ris( management strategic plan and saved 5 O ''&''' annually through renegotiation of information contracts.


5uman 1esources


<anagement /rogram =evelopment Training 7urriculum

=evelopment Dudget /reparation

and 7ontrol
0dult Jearning 7ertification /rograms .ducational ,eeds 0ssessment .mployee Training 7areer =evelopment 7ounseling .)ecutive =evelopment /rograms .mployee 0ssistance /rograms :.0/; %acilitator Training /rograms :Train+ the+Trainer;


Time <anagement L /ro$ect <anagement <otivational

Training Team Duilding Bupervisory B(ills 7ommunications B(ills <ulticultural Wor(force 7orporate .thics


Patricia Capi==i Director of Cor orate Trainin! 11II Dedford =rive 7amarillo& 1ecruited as a 2troubleshooter6 to identify educational needs and develop training programs for the ne)t millennia8s e)ecutive and technical #or(force. -mplemented training plans #ithin corporate business plans& 7alifornia budget& and schedules. and K3'1' :I' ; + 1 Originated an educational incentive program that provides bonuses for earning career+re+lated 1122 L certifications and subsidi9es recertification costs. emailQemai 2 0dapted selected e)ecutive development program courses :such as timeLprogram manage+ment& l.com supervision& and team building; to lo#er+level employees. -mproved year+end produc+tion #as attributable to better employee attendance and a#areness of management goals. Corporate 0rainer 3 -ncorporated courses such as ethics& success training& and career+life balance into all em+ployee Com training plans to encourage a healthy #or(force. mitte d to Education the Hniversity of 7alifornia at Banta Darbara& 7alifornia educ #asters degree in Adult Education 566< ation Bachelor o' &cience degree in Psychology 567C al 7ertified Gob P 7areer Transition 7oach need <ember& 0merican 7ounseling 0ssociation s o' Ame rican References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

indu stry

Exec utive !evel opme nt Adult 3ear ning -uman $esources #anageme nt


I( te r 3i e w C 0n energetic and G success+driven education and human A resources leader #ith a 1 +year history of " turning marginally si performing employees into top producers. ( Core &trengths 9 .ducational needs assessment K .)ecutive development e Pro'essional Experience /rocter P 3amble /aper /roduct =ivision y O)nard& 7alifornia K3'3'

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, <y e)pertise in corporate training stems from a solid educationAdegrees in 0dult .ducation and /sy+chology& bac(ed by a career counseling certification and practical #or( in several motivational training techni*ues. 0dditionally& am gifted #ith the ability to assess correctly and meet the present and fu+ture educational needs of industry managers and a technical #or(force. 0bove all else& - really care about people8s development and helping to ma(e them


#AL #H 7!RY L 8 L


Gary &loan 4K Delmont Delmont& <0


+1212 L emailQemail.com

&ales $epresentative 2our-year track record o' revenue enhancement Presentation % closing skills .pening up new markets Consistently exceeding sales Muotas Outgoing& aggressive sales professional #ith four years of part+time e)perience selling in com+petitive mar(ets. Outperformed four full+time rental agents #hile earning D.B. degree. 7onver+sational Bpanish. Core &trengths /rospecting /resentation B(ills 7losing B(ills Btrategic <ar(et /lanning Pro'essional Experience DOBTO, 7-T4 1.,T0JB& Doston& <0 1KK@L/rese nt


Organi9ational B(ills 7ommunication B(ills ,et#or(ing 7ustomer Bervice

Rental *!ent / Sales Re resentative <anage the Deacon 5ill and Gamaica /lain territories. /rospect for leads& sho# properties& build customer relationships& present customi9ed selling points& close sales& and provide after+sales customer service. Duild net#or(s of relationships #ith city landlords. =evelop strategic mar(et plans for mar(et penetration. 7reate sales collateral. =evelop advertising placements and strategies.

1 2 3 4

1an(ed V1 in rental sales for the last three years

3ained 1'R mar(et share in the saturated Dac( Day mar(et Opened up a territory that represented O1''" in ne# 2''2 revenue Jaunched the first corporate Web site to offer real+time rental data

Doston Hniversity& Doston& <assachusetts Bachelor o' &cience( Business Administration) ;<<5

1 2

7ompleted degree in 3. years

/aid o#n #ay through school #ith sales earnings


/rospecting 0ccount <anagement 7losing

7onsultative Bales 0pproach Bales .ngineering /resentation B(ills 7losing B(ills ,et#or(ing 7ompetitive 0nalysis 7ustomer Bervice Overcoming
Ob$ections Territory

Opening Hp ,e# Territories

<ar(et /enetration 3aining <ar(et

Bhare <eeting andLor

.)ceeding Bales Target

<eeting andLor .)ceeding Cuotas /ersuasive 7ommunication B(ills

7old+7alling Btrategic <ar(et

/lanning 7ustomer 1elationship Duilding

0lliance Duilding

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

- be highly successful in e)ceeding sales ha *uotas& opening up ne# ter+ritories& and ve gaining mar(et share in competitive de mar(ets. - am adept at researching and m prospecting to identify a customer8s needs. on Then - #ould develop (ey selling points& str tailoring them to the customer8s needs& and ate closing the sale. <y communication and d interpersonal s(ills have enabled me to an e)cel in building relationships #ith e)isting abiand potential customers. What separates me lit from others is the in+tensity of my y commitment to gro#ing revenues and to providing superior customer service.


0dvertising .)perience <ultimedia

0dvertising 0vailable to Travel -nternet 0dvertising 7omputer B(ills "ey 0ccount <anagement <ar(eting Btrategies 0ppointment Bcheduling Travel 0rrangements


"no#ledge ,e#sletter 7reation -tinerary <anagement Bales /romotions /roduct "no#ledge 7o+op 0dvertising /resentation /reparation Trade Bho#s
0d =esign P Jayout

/romotional <aterials 5andling


@oan C. #illani products. Outstanding team player #ho thrives on supporting the efforts of a successful sales team. 13 /leasant Btreet Babatt Core &trengths us& <aine ,e#sletter 7reation and =istribution '42I' :2'@; <ultimedia 0dvertising /rintingLtypesetting .)pertise +2222 L <ar(eting Btrategies 7o+op 0dvertising 0d =esign P Jayout emailQemail -nternet 1esearch Dusiness Bupport B(ills .com Pro'essional Experience &ales 1KK@L/resent &upport CoorBhad8s 0dvertising 7ompany& 0uburn& <aine dinator Sales Su ort/Coordinator #ultimedia /rovide sales and clerical support to a sales team of eight serving a tri+state area. 0ssist in maintaining &pecialist communications #ith (ey accounts. 5elp select and prepare for shipping all pro+motional materials for presentations and trade sho#s. 1ecommend products for special promo+tions and advertising. 5elp design 0rade ads& provide copy& and prepare layout for final approval. 7o+ordinate printing #ith printer to assure *uality &how and meeting deadlines. Coord inator 1 -nstrumental in ac*uiring several ma$or accounts through presentations. and Presen 2 ,e# accounts generated an additional O1. million in sales in 2''1. ter 3 1ecouped O2'&''' in co+op advertising dollars in last si) months. P 4 7reated a ne# and more efficient system in preparing proposals. r o Education m 1KK L1KK@ 0ndover 7ollege& /ortland& <aine o Associates !egree in #arketing 2ocus( Advertising t M i o Belected by %aculty to =esign 7over of 4earboo( n M a 3/0 L 4.' l # a t e r i a l s & e l e c t i o n a n d # a n a g e m e n t 5ighly energetic individual #ho is driven by the challenges presented in sales& mar(eting& and promoting ne#

I ( t e r 3i

e)perience has been very heavily focused in advertising #ith sales support as a ma$or part of my responsibilities. Bupport s(ills *hy should we hire you)have included the need for much travel what are your strengths)#hile creating and preparing promotional and how do you seematerials and as+sisting at trade sho#s. yoursel' contri+uting to<ost of the coordination #or( - have done is through the -nternet and the use of varied our company, in+house soft#are programs. -n addition& your company could benefit from very - feel confident that - coulddiversified hands+on secretarial support prove to be an asset to your s(ills. organi9ation. <y past

ew CGA "si(9 Keywords


#AL # #"PPOR! 7GI7



KCindyL #atthews 2'2' <cJean 0uburn

& 0labama 3!I3' :334; emailQemail.com

+1212 L

&ales &upport Engineer Positioning your company as the Ksole sourceL $elationship % consultative selling Presentation skills at the engineering level Customer needs analysis 0 driven sales professional #ith all the engineering e)perience needed to uncover and fill mar+(et niche needs Aeven those your customers aren8t yet a#are of. Totally dedicated to the idea that customer support al#ays e*uals sales support. <ore than seven years as an industrial en+gineer and more than five years as sales support engineer. Core &trengths <atching customers8 needs #ith our products Jeveraging mar(et intelligence Bpotting industry trends Pro'essional Experience 1ailtor /ac(ing .*uipment 7ompany& 0uburn& 0labama 1KKI to 7urrent


7onsultative selling Troubleshooting <astering production procedures

Sales Su ort +n!ineer 1esponsible for the sales process from lead generation to delivery to comprehensive follo#+up. 7ollaborate closely #ith our engineering& mar(eting& and sales departments to match or modi+fy our 21 +item product line to customers8 re*uirements. Wor( closely #ith customers to devel+op best practicesAoften on site. =evelop and *ualify ne# leads for a company #ith O3@ < an+nual sales.

1 2 3

Hsed customer8s re*uirements to spin off ne# product line that generated O2''" in sales.

5elped a customer find better #ays to use our legacy e*uipment. Bold upgrade #orth O3 '". %ound an improved method to capture second+level leads by establishing relationships #ith purchasing professionals

Education Hniversity of 0labama& Dirmingham& 0labama Dachelor of Bcience in -ndustrial .ngineering& 1KI References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

W0, =ata Bales ,et#or( =esign /ricing Bemiconductor 7omputers Boft#are 5ard#are /rogramming J0, 7isco 7ertified O.< -/ ,ortel Bpecial /ricing 1outer ,et#or( 0rchitecture

our compan y,

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9
.ngineering Bales Technology 1%/
7onsultative Belling

K e

am your lin( to the most influenti al buying decision ma(ers in your mar(et: engineer s. - do a lot more than spea( 2enginee ring+ ese6 fluently. - (no# ho# to spar( engineer s8 desire to ma(e a very smart buyA and avoid triggerin

g their po#erful aversion to being 2sold.6 0nd #hat - sell is more than our products. sell the confidence that

guimpanies to thin( of us as their sole source de for capability that drives their o#n profits. s #ant every sale - ma(e to be the first of co many.


Dusiness /rocess -mprovements

7apacity 0llocations


7ustomer 1elationship

<anagement =emonstrated %oresight .1/ Dusiness Bolutions -mplementation /ro$ects <aterials <anagement ,et#or(ing 7apabilities /arallel Dusiness <odels /erformance <easurement B0/
/ro$ect <anagement


1eali9ed /rofitability Bales and =istribution Beamless -ntegration Bupply 7hain <anagement Bystems 0nalysis Team JeaderL <entor Technology -nfrastructure >isibility /ortals


2ast-track career providing E$P solutions across multiple industries

#ichael &mith t 2 Tulip 0venue .ast %loral 0#ard+#inning -T professional #ith 1I years of e)perience leading %ortune '' clients through global /ar(& ,e# system changes to meet the functional and technical demands of .1/ business solutions and B0/ 4or( 112'1 re*uirements. : 1!; + 222' L Core &trengths emailQemail /ro$ect <anagement Bupplier 1elationships .com Bystems 0nalysis .1/ Dusiness Bolutions >isibility /ortals /erformance <easurement &AP Analyst Y Beamless -ntegration ,et#or(ing 7apabilities Pro'essional Experience
-,T.310T.= BOJHT-O,B& ,e# 4or(& ,e# 4or(

nal $st

1KK4 to 7urrent

S*3 Business S$stems

7ontinually measure the performance of .1/ business solutions designed to promote the & u p p l y C h a i n # a n a g e m e n t & a l e s a n d
seamless integration of net#or(ing capabilities and the transition from a linear& se*uential supply chain to anvisibility adaptive portals. sup+ =efine functional re+*uirements to support

ply chain net#or(.

.*ually effective at strengthening supply chain management& customer re+

lationships management& and improving business processes.


Jed an a#ard+#inning B0/ team in the management of .1/ pro$ects Duilt industry+specific modules integrating 1L3& 0/O& and .)tricity

.nhanced supplier relationships and reali9ed profitability by O2' million


Optimi9ed supply chain net#or(s and planned capacity allocations Education Btony Droo( Hniversity& Btony Droo(& ,e# 4or( Bachelor o' &cience( Computer &cience) 566B

1 2

7ertification in B0/ 0/O =/

7ertification in B0/ 1etail 1L3 <odule

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

! i s t r i + u t i o n #ateri als #ana gemen t Custo mer $elati onship #ana gemen

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9 K e y w o r d s
* h y

sh oul d we hir e yo u) wh at ar e yo ur str en gt hs) an d ho w do yo u see yo ur sel ' co ntr i+ uti ng to ou r co m pa ny ,

With an 1I+ year care er spea rhea ding large integ ratio n pro$ ects for paral lel busi ness mod els& spec ifi+ cally Bup ply 7hai n <an age ment & am uni* uely posit ione d to man age

y o u r o r g a

ni9ation8s critical .1/ implementation pro$ects on both the technical and functional sides. believe my ability to lead& mentor top+gun B0/ teams& and translate business

ob$ectives into actionable plans& #ill prove vital in the de+velopment of a highly fle)ible technology infrastructure to run your business operations.

Team-Fly *1?



@oseph &aun 123 11th 0ve Bouth

<etamora& -llinois !1111 :3'K; 123+4 !! L emailQemail.com &econdary &chool Administrator .''ering ;<O years in education) with a proven commitment to creating a nurturing culture 2oster teamwork among educators and e''ectively mentor teachers to promote student advocacy. Expertise in Curriculum !evelopment 1nstruction % &upervision Consulting % Colla+oration 1esourceful and visionary education administrator #idely e)perienced in program develop+ment& grant #riting& curricula development& school consolidation& computer education& staff de+velopment& budget management& strategic planning& and community L media relations. .)cel+lent #ritten and oral communication s(ills. Core &trengths %ostering Btudent .ngagement .ncouraging Jifelong Jearning Te)tboo( 1evie# 7onsultingL7ollaboration Pro'essional Experience 1OBB 30<DJ. 5-35 B75OOJ& =ela#are& -llinois ILI4 to /resent


/romoting 0uthentic 0ssessment =esigning 7ourses L 7urriculum /lanning <entoring .ducators .valuation of Jearning 3oals P Ob$ectives

3rinci al Oversee all operations& providing personnel development and related services to a staff of 4' teachers& aides& and counselors. 0dminister programming& long+range planning& and policy de+velopment& and ensure compliance #ith state regulations.

1 2 3

Duilt a reputation as a first+class source for information& #ith cutting+edge teaching tech+ni*ues and an up+to+date resource library for staff. Htili9ed compression planning process to develop needs assessment for at+ris( students. -mplemented Bcientific Jiteracy /ro$ect in collaboration #ith Bouthern -llinois Hniversity& that #as ran(ed one of the best in the state.

Education Dradley Hniversity& /eoria& -llinois #aster o' &cience in Education Administration& LI4 Hniversity of -llinois& Hrbana& -llinois Bachelor o' &cience in -istory& L@!

.ducation Bchool /rincipal Jifelong Jearning /rogram =evelopment 3rant Writing .ducational 0dministration
7ooperative learning

7lassroom <anagement 7ourse =esign 7urriculum /lanning

Bchool 7onsolidation

Btudent 0dvocate Te)tboo( 1evie# <entor >ocational .ducation Btaff Training and =evelopment Team#or( 7onsulting L 7ollaboration .valuation of
Jearning goals and


I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

- culture that fosters student engagement& but belto do it effectively re+*uires a combination ievof strategies. - mentor individual teachers e and ma(e myself available to them& and in try to create a team#or( environment. pr 0fter all& there8s no room for competition& o because #e8re on the same sideN #e8re all m student advocates. -8ve brought a number oti of seminars to the school to pro+mote staff ng training and development. -8ve also #or(ed a #ith counselors and teachers to identify au+ nu thentic assessment techni*ues to ensure rtu that #e have a good measure of the needs rin of our students and to help us design g targeted learning goals and ob$ectives.


Dusiness 7onsulting


Bales 7hannel =istribution Dusiness /rocess

1eengineering 7ompetitive <ar(et /osition 7orporate 7ulture 7hange

7hange <anagement

# 7IOR B"#I7 ## CO7#"L!A7!

7orporate -mageL >isionL<ission 7ross+%unctional Team Jeadership %inancial <anagementL 1estructuring 0ccelerated 3ro#th Btrategies
Operating Jeadership

Organi9ational =evelopment =eliverables /erformance -mprovement

Cuality -mprovement

0dvanced Technologies <ergerL0c*uisition

:<P0; -ntegrations -nitial /ublic Offering

:-/O; <anagement

.fficiency -mprovement 7risis <anagementL =isaster 1ecovery


0im 0hompson eDEurope) Paci'ic $im) 3atin America #.B.A. in 2inance and #.A. in 1' .ast 14th 1nternational A''airs 'rom *harton Btreet& 0pt. 3= ,e# 4or(& ,4=evelop innovative business& finance& and e+commerce strategies that deliver impressive bot+tom+line 1'''3 impact. 0n ac(no#ledged global thought leader& bringing cross+cultural business e)+pertise to every :212; + assignment. 1122 L emailQemail Core &trengths .com Dusiness /rocess 1eengineering 7orporate 7ulture 7hange %inancial <anagement Organi9ational =evelopment 2inance /erformance L Cuality -mprovement 0dvanced Technologies and E0ccelerated 3ro#th Btrategies =isaster 1ecovery Business &pecialist 2ortune E<<) &tartup) and Glo+al &trategi c Business Consulti ng Br o a d 1 n t e r Pro'essional Experience 3unther& 1eaburn& P Datson 7onsulting 1KK! to 7urrent

Mana!in! Consultant& Global 3ractice 7ollaborate #ith management teams of globally aligned companies and start+ups in all indus+tries to provide concrete guidance in business development& business reengineering& competi+tive mar(et positioning& change management& corporate image L mission L vision restructuring& operating leadership& <P0 integrations& -/O management& efficiency improvement& disaster recovery& and crisis management.

1 2 3 4

1aised over O4' million funding for successful =utch telecom start+up.
Duilt 5ong "ong8s first e+commerce solution& still in business today. Drought public L launched :12 nations; the first non+H.B. microbre#ery. 5old board positions #ith t#o %ortune 1''' firms.

The Wharton Bchool& Hniversity of /ennsylvania& /hiladelphia& /0 #.B.A.( 2inance) 566< #.A.( 1nternational A''airs) 567E 3eorgeto#n Hniversity& 3eorgeto#n& >0 Bachelor o' &cience( 1nternational A''airs) 567B References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

n a t i o n a l E x p e r i e n c

I ( t e r 3i e w

CGA "si(9 Keywords

#hile delving deeper into the details to develop solutions+based action plans that achieve management and staff buy+in. *hy should we hire you)Hsing fluency in three languages and an what are your strengths)understanding of diverse cultures8 business and how do you seepractices& - can improve your global yoursel' contri+uting tobusiness practices. our company, -mmediate contribution is my hallmar(A- *uic(ly assess your business situation and deliver short+ term impacting solutions


# 7IOR 8P #AL #


0heresa #as 24 0ubrey 7o /rinceton

Gunction& ,G 'I ' :!'K; emailQemail.com

+1122 L

&enior-3evel &ales #anagement Pro'essional ;< :earsF &ales and #arketing 3eadership #ulti-#illion-!ollar Achievements in $evenue Gain !eliver &ustained Business Growth and &olid Alliances Transform corporate goals into profits by cross+functional teaming to develop speed+to+mar(et strategies& by constructing innovative sales programs& and by managing dynamic& solutions+based sales teams. Core &trengths ,ational 0ccount Oversight Bhort+ and Jong+Term 3oals Bales /rogram =evelopment /rofit P Joss Oversight Pro'essional Experience <ed Bolutions& /hiladelphia& /0


<ar(et .valuation and Btrategy Bales Organi9ation 1estructuring Bales %orce <otivation and Training 7+Jevel 1elationship <anagement

1KKI to 7urrent

Senior 4ice 3resident of Sales <ember of core management team directing restart for this leading manufacturer of .<B+related medical devices. 1edefined and restructured company& achieving 2 R annual gro#th. Hsed mar(et and product evaluation& strategy& and competitive analysis to rebuild distribution channels& create lean yet effective sales budgets& develop ne# accounts& and negotiate $oint partnerships for multichannel distribution.

1 2 3 4

Too( business from O 4 million to OI' million in under three years.

1evitali9ed mar(et position& bringing to fifth in industry from tenth. 1educed turnover to 1'R less than industry comparables. 7reated systems to address difficulties caused by accelerated gro#th.

1utgers Hniversity& ,e# Druns#ic(& ,G Bachelor o' &cience( #athematics) 567;

1 2

=evelopment program in leadership& 5arvard Ja# Bchool& 2''1

=evelopment program in mentoring& Hniversity of <ichigan& 2'''

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest


.valuation and Btrategy 7onsultative Bales Techni*ues 1elationship <anagement 7ore <anagement Team /PJ Oversight Bales Organi9ation 1estructuring Bhort+ and Jong+ Term Bales 3oals >ice /resident ,ational 0ccount Oversight Bales /rogram =evelopment Bales %orce <otivationL Training
7ompetitive 0nalysis

Bales Dudgets Btrategic /lans Bpeed+to+<ar(et Btrategies 7ross+%unctional Teaming Bolutions+Dased Bales <ultiteam Bales management <ultichannel =istribution
7+Jevel 1elationship

DuildingL ,egotiations

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou r co m pa ny ,
0 n

e)perienced senior sales leader& - direct regional and national programs and sales teams serving %ortune 1'' compa+nies. We gro# ne# and core business in corporations and entrepreneurial companies& using strategic plans and brea(+through positioning to gain competitive advantage and convert visions into results. - believe in consultative sales com+bined #ith calculated ris(& and encourage my team to develop and deliver innovative solutions that build business& generate profits& and solidify customer relationships.



7risis -ntervention Dehavior <anagement /ersonality =isorders 0dult Bervices 7ase#or( 7ommunity Outreach =iagnostic .valuation 7hronic Bubstance 0buse Bocial %unctioning -ndependent Jiving B(ills 5uman Bervices <ainstreaming /rotective Bervices Treatment /lanning 4outh Training /rogram >ocational 1ehabilitation 7lient /lacement 3roup 7ounseling =omestic >iolence
7oping <echanisms



@ulie P. $ackley) Groups 'or Parents 3&* 123 <ain Btreet !iversi'ied Caseworker #ith an innate ability to access& evaluate& and ma(e decisions per+taining to children Bouth :or adults; relevant to their safety and the possible need for treatment or rehabilitation. <any need relocation /ortland& or protection from dysfunctional home environments& sur+roundings& and guardians. <aine '41'! :2'@; + KKKK L Core &trengths emailQemail Jead 3roup 7ounseling Bessions =iagnostic .valuation .com Oversee 7hild 3uidance 7linics -nvestigate 5ome 7onditions .valuate /ersonal 7haracteristics Dehavior <odification /rograms &ocia l Pro'essional Experience *ork 1KK2L/rese er nt =epartment of 5uman Bervices& 0ugusta& <aine Child Child 3rotective Casewor#er Prote ction 7ounsel individuals or family members regarding behavior modification& rehabilitation& social ad$ustments& Advo financial assistance& vocational training& childcare& or medical care. Jead group counseling sessions to cate provide support in such areas as grief& stress& or chemical dependency. Berve as liaison bet#een student& 3icensed &ocial home& school& family service agencies& child guidance clinics& courts& protective adoptive home& or to protect *orker children from harmful environment. &elected to !evel op $elev ant Progr ams and 1nstru

1 2

=eveloped a program to train other case#or(ers to better understand 0utism.

0ssisted in the founding of a ne# outreach hotline for runa#ays.

Hniversity of ,e# .ngland& Diddeford& <aine Bachelor o' &cience Psychology Concentration) #ental -ealth) 566; #aster in &ocial &ervices &pring) ;<<B

1 2

/sychology ,ational 5onor Bociety& /B- 757urrent 3/0L3.I

ct .ther Casew orkers Exper tise in Autis m and Perva sive !evel opme ntal !isor ders 2or med Iari ed &up port

w CGA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3 i e

trained other case+#or(ers and community providers regarding child abuse and neglect& among other areas. - believe your *hy should we hire you)organi9ation could benefit from such what are your strengths)diversity #hile benefiting from my and how do you seecapability to help your orga+ni9ation yoursel' contri+uting toe)pand its services in the community. our company, 0s a candidate for my <aster8s in Bocial Wor(& also offer 1' plus years of e)perience in crisis inter+ vention #or(ing #ith people of all ages and #ith varying issues. -n addition& - have




Naomi Bridg 4'2 West 0da Btreet


/e(in& -llinois !1111 +1111 L emailQemail.com

-uman &ervices Pro'essional &ocial &ervices Case #anagement &ta'' #anagement Btrong *ualifications facilitating cooperative partnerships in both the private and public sector. .)cellent communication& team leadership& and crisis management s(ills. Jicensed social #or(er #ith e)tensive e)perience in the development and management of spe+ciali9ed programs targeting the needs of multiple patient populations. 7ombine team leader+ship e)perience #ith a solid bac(ground in counseling and therapy. 7onfident and focused under pressureN e)ercise prudent $udgment in decision+ma(ing areas. Core &trengths The /revention of Teen /regnancy <anagementL0dministration 1egulatory 7ompliance 1esearch Pro'essional Experience %0<-J4 B.1>-7.B 03.,74& /eoria& -llinois 1KK! to /resent Team Leader / Case Mana!er =irect all aspects of programming and client services for a private agency providing service to children and families throughout three counties. 0lso manage a busy caseload& #ith responsi+bility for identifying client needs and structuring treatment plans in collaboration #ith an in+terdisciplinary team of social #or(ers& nurses& therapists& and physicians& #ith an emphasis on behavioral change and lifestyle goals.


>ocational .ducation /olicy and /lanning <ental 5ealth 0ssessments 7ounselingL3roup Therapy

1 2

Jaunched a si)+#ee( high+ris( teen pregnancy group incorporating childbirth and parent+ing education. Bolicited the donations of bassinets and layettes to use as incentives to moti+vate e)pectant mothers to attend all si) meetingsN attracted 2'T participants. -nitiated and delivered a number of educational seminars and #or(shops including 27lose the 3ap A7urrent 7hallenges of 0dolescence&6 #hich #as sold out #ithin a #ee(. .lected to serve on /eoria8s 0dolescent 7onsortium as a result of the success of this program.

Education H,->.1B-T4 O% -JJ-,O-B& Hrbana& -llinois& 1KK! #aster o' &ocial *ork D10=J.4 H,->.1B-T4& /eoria& -llinois& 1KK1 Bachelor o' &cience in &ocial &ervices

Bubstance 0buse and 0ddiction >ocational .ducation 0dult and 4outh /opulations 7hildbirth and /arenting .ducation 7ounseling <anagement L 0dministration
/olicy and /lanning

1egulatory 7ompliance <ental 5ealth 0ssessments 7ase <anagement =aily Jiving B(ills /arenting B(ills Dehavioral 7hange Jifestyle 3oals
%acilitating Bupport

groups 1esearch 3rant Writing 3rant 0dministration /ublic P /rivate /artnerships 3roup Therapy

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - began as a case manager and counselor for substance abuse and additional clients

fro ns& and - progressed to the management of a m gro#ing agency. -n that capacity& - have bo forged a number of public and private th partnerships #ith government and public ad agencies& as #ell as leaders in the business ult community. -8ve also #ritten and an administered numerous grants. - believe d offer a uni*ue balance of s(ills& ranging yo from clinical social #or( :developing ut mental health assess+ments& helping h patients develop effective parenting and po other critical s(ills& and the facilitation of pu ther+apy groups; to full administration& lat including budgeting& research& regulatory io compliance& and policy and planning.



7 7TT



>isual Dasic Gava %ortran /ascal <7% >TT -nfrastructure /lanning =esign =evelopment .ngineering Bystem %unctionality Bystem Btability -nnovative Belf+Btarter -ndependent Team /layer /rogramming
,eeds 0ssessment

7ustomer 1e*uirements


!e+orah Neal developing sophisticated so'tware systems !3 "atchina Jane Expert &o'tware Engineer 0ny#her .utstanding Programming 0echniMues e& -daho ''''' :2'I; + '''' L /roficient in a number of programming languages. .fficient analytical& problem+solving& and decision+ emailQemail.c ma(ing s(ills. 0ble to solve comple) problems and provide #or(ing solutions. 7an as+sist others in utili9ing productive programming techni*ues. Wor( #ell under pressure. om Core &trengths &o'tware Engineer <ultidiscipline .ngineering <7% >7TT -nfrastructure /lanning Boft#are =esignL=evelopment Pro'essional Experience 0<- B.<-7O,=H7TO1& Jincoln& -daho

5G years o' s u c c e s s ' u l e x p e r i e n c e

Bystem %unctionality .mbedded "ernal OB 7 and 0ssembler Bystem -mplementation

2''1 to /resent

Software +n!ineer =esign& develop& test& and maintain real+time embedded soft#are for proofing devices. =esign& develop& test& and maintain =B/& and <7% >7TT application soft#are. .)perience in design& development& testing& implementation& and maintenance of systems soft#are #ritten in 7 and 0ssembler running in a real+time environment. .)perience #ith version control and cross+plat+form development tools and procedures.

1 2

7ompleted a 12+month pro$ect in under K monthsAreceived O2 '' a#ard.

Jead the Boft#are .ngineering Team in a pro$ect that resulted in a O3'&''' savings to the customer.

Education ,orth -daho 7ollege& 7ouer d80lene& -daho Bachelor o' &cience !egree in Engineering. #inor( 1n'ormation 0echnology. 5666.

1 2

Belected as team leader in development of a ne# <icrosoft game client.

0#arded Btudent -nnovation Bcholarship.

i n d e s i g n i n g a n d

iew CGA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3

s(ills. - am innovative& creative& and ta(e initiative to get the $ob done. - can handle stress and unpredictable #or(loads& *hy should we hire you)conflicting deadlines& and interruptions& what are your strengths)and most im+portantly& have strong and how do you seeinterpersonal s(ills #ith co#or(ers. - have yoursel' contri+uting tooutstanding design and development s(ills. - meet all *ualifications described in the our company, posting. - earned a Dachelor of Bcience degree in 7om+puter Bcience. - am organi9ed and capable of self+management. - am a proactive team player. have e)cellent pro+ gramming and functionality





Cynthia @an #iller 13@ .ast

Jong#ood =rive <iller /lace& ,e# 4or( 11@!4 :!31; +K'I' L emailQemail.com &peech 0herapy Eight yearsF experience in speech-language pathology &creenings) Evaluations) and $ecommendations Early 1ntervention 4indergartenR&econdary Education 7redentialed speech+language pathologist e)perienced providing speech+language therapy to children& adult& and geriatric speech+impaired clients throughout clinical& hospital& educational& and homecare settings. Core &trengths Bcreenings and .valuations 0uditory /rocessing =eficits Janguage 0c*uisition 0ugmentative 7ommunication Pro'essional Experience Bt. 0ugustine 7atholic Bchool& Drent#ood& ,e# 4or( 1KK@ to 7urrent


/rogram =evelopment .arly -ntervention Btandardi9ed Testing 7ochlear -mplants

S eech)Lan!ua!e 3atholo!ist <anage the development and implementation of speech and language therapy for children #ith receptive and e)pressive language delays& neurological auditory processing deficits& artic+ulationLphonological disorders& and oral motor feeding impairments. /erform diagnostic screen+ings and evaluations& develop -ndividual .ducation /lans& and attend 7ommittee on Bpecial .ducation 0nnual 1evie# meetings.

1 2 3 4

0dvise parentsLteachers on educational and communication strategies.

7onduct #ee(ly support groups for parents of speech+impaired children. =eveloped 25ear <e Out&6 a socially structured after+school program. 7oplanned the school8s first interactive Web site& 2"ids Tal(.6

,orth#estern Hniversity& .vanston& -llinois #asters o' &cience( &peech-3anguage Pathology) 566;

1 2

New :ork &tate 3icensed &peech-3anguage Pathologist

New :ork &tate Certi'icate o' Clinical Competence


/rograms 0uditory /rocessing =eficits 0ugmentative 7ommunication 7hildren& 0dult& 3eriatric

7linical& .ducational&

5omecare 7ochlear -mplants

7ommittee on Bpecial .ducation

7ommunication Btrategies .arly -ntervention

%eeding -mpairments

-ndividual .ducation /lans Janguage 0c*uisition /honological =isorders /lanning and =evelopment 1eceptive and .)pressive =elays Bcreenings and .valuations Bmall+3roup Bpeech Therapy Bpeech+-mpaired Btandardi9ed Tests Bupport 3roups

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

pathologist #ith a bac(ground #or(ing in 0s clinical and educational settings& my a strengths include diagnostic screenings& spe evaluations& and therapies for speech+ ech impaired client popula+tions& specifically + children. 7ombined #ith a commitment to lan fostering communication bet#een parents& guastudents& and professional teams& - am ge confident that - #ould be an asset to your school district.


0thlete 7ontract ,egotiation 3ood %aith

,egotiation 0rbitration 1epresentation 7ontract Bigning Donus 1ight ,ot to be Traded /erformance -ncentive 7lause .ndorsements %luent in Bpanish G=
Westla#& Je)is ,e)is

#POR!# AG 7! A!!OR7 Y

%ree 0gent %irst+1ound Belection 1esearch& Btructure 7ontracts <ultimillion& <ultiyear 7ontracts <edia 1elations Beverance <eticulous /reparation 7ommitment to 7ommunity /hilanthropy


Bianca 3. 2reeman O1 billion in athletic contracts. -n addition to athlete contract negotiation& provides #ealth management& 1134 5olmgren Way endorsement& media relations& and philanthropy services. 3reen Day& Core &trengths Wisconsin /layer representation 43'3 :K2'; 7ontract research& structure ,D0& ,%J +1122 L <ultimillion contract negotiation Wealth management emailQemai .ndorsements <edia relations 7ommitment to community l.com &ports 3aw Pro'essional Experience 1KK3 to Attorney B<-T5 P %1..<0,& B.7.& 0ppleton& Wisconsin /resent Negotiate multimillio S orts Law *ttorne$& 3artner n) 1esearch& structure& and negotiate multiyear& multimillion contracts for athletes. ,egotiate and draft multiyear endorsement contracts. 0ssist #ith media relations. 1epresent clients during ,%J or ,D0 grievances& contracts hearings& or appeals. 1ecommend #ealth management programs& including fi+nancial planners and 'or accounting services. 7ollect career+endingLdisability proceeds. Obtain ter+mination and severance pay. pro'essiona l athletes $ecogni=ed in $ports %usine ss& K5<< #ost Power' ul People

1 2

,egotiated a O1 ' million& eight+year contract for ,D0 for#ard& Btilts Tully. ,egotiated a O4.2 million& t#o+year contract for ,%J 3reen Day /ac(er tight+end& %red


,amed to S orts Business: 21'' <ost /o#erful /eople.6

<ar*uette Hniversity& <il#au(ee& Wisconsin @uris !octor) 566<

1 2

.ditor& <ar*uette Bports Ja# 1evie#

/resident& Bports Ja# Bociety

Behind the &cenes L $epres ented ;<O 'irstround selecti ons in 'oot+al lFs 'reeagent dra't With partner& successfully negotiated more than

si(9 Keywords I( te r 3i e w C G A "

representation& - assist my clients #ith #ealth management& endorsement& and *hy should we hire you)#or(ers compensation services. - have a what are your strengths)commitment to philanthropy and #on8t and how do you see#or( #ith clients unless they agree to give yoursel' contri+uting tobac( to their community. our company, 1ecogni9ed as one of S orts Business: 21'' <ost /o#erful /eople Dehind the Bcenes in Bports&6 - am s(illed #ith negotiating multimillion& multiyear contracts for football and bas(etball athletes. -n addi+ tion to successful athlete




Paul #acca 343K %astbrea Jane

=enver& 7olorado I'212 :3'3; +K 23 L emailQemail.com 1ntercollegiate Basket+all Coach &uccess'ul Athletic AdministratorDNCAA !ivision ; 0urnaround #anagement 0eam Building Academic &tandards 1esults+oriented leader #ith e)cellent s(ills in instructing& guiding& and motivating college+level bas(etball players. .ffectively employ group and one+on+one training and development programs. <ember of ,ational 0ssociation of Das(etball 7oaches. Core &trengths Team Duilding ,utrition and %itness 1ecruiting Pro'essional Experience T5. 1O7"-.B H,->.1B-T4& =enver& 7olorado 1KK to 7urrent


Team -mage B(ills and 7onditioning Bcouting

2ead Coach Jead 12+man bas(etball s*uad #ith emphasis on sportsmanship& personal development& life+long learning& and academic success. Oversee staff of three assistant coaches& providing guid+ance on scheduling& travel planning& and e*uipment inventory issues.

1 2 3

-mproved program graduation rate from @IR to K R. Team 3/0 s(yroc(eted to 3.!.
Jed team to #inning season five of seven years.

.stablished cross+sport summer fitness camp& boosting enrollment by 3 'R #ithin four


Hpgraded off+court dress code& boosting team8s professional image.

Hniversity of =enver& =enver& 7olorado #aster o' Arts &ports Psychology) 5677

1 2

>ice /resident& 7ollege Jeadership 3uild

3/0 3.K

,700 =ivision 2 0thletic 0dministration Turnaround <anagement 1ecruiting Bcouting Team Duilding One+On+One Training and =evelopment
/layer =evelopment

Team Bcheduling Travel /lanning Team -mage

Jeadership Training

Bportsmanship Jifelong Jearning B(ills and 7onditioning ,utrition and %itness Off+Beason 7amps
0cademic Btandards

.*uipment -nventory
,ational 0ssociation

of Das(etball 7oaches

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou years of coaching in the college ran(s& r have proven myself to be a superior co athletic leader. <y focus is on individual m player development& both on and off the pa bas(etball court& as the basis of team ny cohesiveness and success. - contribute to , the positive image of the school by stressing the value of sportsmanship& -n ongoing learning and development& and se academic effort. <y aggressive scouting re+cruiting program attracts ve and note#orthy talent as the foundation for n team achievement and school visi+bility.



Burveyor 1eal .state =evelopment Theodolite

3/BL3-B 70=

#"R8 YOR

Bcientific -nstrumentation
/lats for subdivisions 0irspace for 0irports Jand Burveys

<aps Transit Topographical Bubsurface >-B-O .)cel Boft=es( .aglepoint 0rc>ie# /recise 7omputations 0ccurate


M Nancy &alis+ury T 11K Bouth 1'' .ast -mproved process for computeri9ing lab notes and record (eeping. 0ny#h M ere& -daho ,ational Bociety of /rofessional Burveyors. ''''' :2'I;

+'''' L emailQemai l.com

7oordinated a successful summer survey student camp. /revented a ma$or litigation case over boundary disputes.

&urveyor 3and and Airspace Education Proven &enior3evel &urveyor -daho Btate Hniversity& /ocatello& -daho Bachelor o' &cience !egree in &urveying. 5677.

1 2

=ean8s Jist& t#o 4ears

1ecipient& <ichael 1oberts Bcholarship 0#ard

Pro'ess ional 3and &urvey orFs 3icense Beasoned senior+level surveyor #ith ability to perform a variety of functions and support. Out+standing s(ills using state+of+the+art instrumentation and e*uipment.

(9 Keywords

analy9ing& interpreting& and technology are some of my greatest strengths.

meet all the *ualifications outlined in the $ob posting& including a Dachelor8s Core &trengths degree. - have been a .)tremely precise suc+cessful surveyor /roficient use of 3/BL3-B e*uipment saving each company .n$oys outdoors& #al(ing& climbing Team builder and player money by improving e)isting processes #ith Pro'essional Experience state+of+the+art <OH,T0-,>-.W .,3-,..1-,3& -daho alls& -daho technology. am C Senior Surve$or dedicated to the pro$ect /lan and oversee a from conception to G variety of completion. <y field A g land #or(includin and airspace physical stamina allo#s distance and direction measuring. -nterpret 3/B and 3-B data& me to stand for long verify accuracy of data& prepare plots and maps& and reports. 1esearch evidence of previous boundaries& analy9e periods ofdetermine time. - location& en$oy #rite data to " the outdoors& #al(ing& and record results. 7reate plats for subdivisions. Htili9e s electronic distance+measuring e*uip+ ment. /rovide e)pert testimony in court cases as needed. climbing& and using scientific instru+ i E M mentation. 1esearching& =eveloped a ne# process that allo#s trac(ing of researched records.

I ( t e r 3 i e w

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our*5? company,




*illy Garrou 2K I@ 7ompo /ar(#ay

Westport& 7onnecticut '!II' :2'3; +1122 L emailQemail.com &witch Engineer 5< yearsF experience in 0elecommunications Ethernet &pecialist .)perienced s#itch engineer #ith bac(ground in installations& conversions& configurations& in+frastructure design& and architecture. 0bility to support all aspects of system life cycle from in+ception to implementation. Core &trengths 7ircuit analysis <ultivendor systems %iber optics Bimulations Pro'essional Experience ,et#or( .ngineering& -nc.& ,e# <ilford& 7onnecticut Switch +n!ineer /rovided on+site support and deploymentLintegration services to companies in the Hnited Btates and abroad. /erformed installation& configuration& troubleshooting& and maintenance of J0,LW0, hard#are& server& /7 system construction& and ,etWare. 1esolved applications problems and soft#are interface issues. =esigned #ireless connections to accommodate multi+ple locations and remote access. Troubleshootin g Testing =esign 0rchitecture


1 2 3 4

1econstructed s#itch rooms to upgrade 31&'''+station net#or(

=esigned ne# s#itching systems #ith gate#ays to ne# technologies Wor(ed #ith Jucent Technologies to customi9e s#itch for pro$ect =eveloped simulation model for testing operations

%airfield Hniversity& %airfield& 7onnecticut Bachelor o' &cience) Computer Engineering. 5665.

1 2

0lpha Bigma ,u
Bumma 7um Jaude

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

Bignals .thernet 0rchitecture =esign Testing Bimulation %iber Optics =igital 0nalog ,et#or( J0, Outages <ultivendor Jife 7ycle Boft#are -nterface W0, T7/L-/

our compan y,

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9

7ircuit 0nalysis Troubleshooting

K e y

- have e)tensiv e e)perien ce in circuit analysis& s#itch& hub& and router design in J0,LW 0, hard#ar e installati on and configur ation. am s(illed in net#or( infrastru cture design and troubles hooting& as #ell as applicati

ons troubleshooting. <y bac(ground includes ne# product and upgrades to e)isting net#or(s and integrations. - have #or(ed

in d digital design. Ta(ing a pro$ect from an inception to implementation supporting the alosystem life cycle& - can set up and maintain g multivendor system op+erations. an


Bystems 0c*uisition


Bystems 7onfiguration Bystems =evelopment

<ethodology Bystems =ocumentation Bystems .ngineering <aintenance and Troubleshooting Bystems -mplementation Ob$ect Oriented Bystems Becurity ,et#or( 0dministration 5ard#are Boft#are =atabase 0dministration 5elp des( Btaff Training and Bupport =ataLdisaster 1ecovery .merging Technologies <ultimedia Technology -nformation Technology %or+/rofit and ,onprofit .)pertise

#Y#! M# A6MI7I#!RA!OR


Brook Garrou *dministrator K@ 1ice Btreet=irect engineering team responsible for configuration and field installation of customer sites. 7apitali9e upon Bt. /aul& high+gro#th mar(et opportunities #ith e+commerce& videoconferencing& 7=+1O<& and -nternet <innesota enhancements. Btaff and operate a 24L@ help des( supporting both internal and e)ternal customers. Duild 1'4 :! 1; computer systems from 2nuts6 up. Oversee hard#are& soft#are& net#or(s peripherals and related technology +22'1 L systems. 3uide all aspects of administration to ensure optimum ac*uisition& development& methodology& emailQemail. functionality& and security. com 1 1edesigned developmentLengineering protocols ahead of changing user re*uirements. &ystems 2 -ntroduced time+sensitive data recovery processes& and virtually eliminated all data losses. Administrator 3 0uthored Beagrams8 in+house disaster recovery process. 2or-Pro'it 4 1eceived 0utstandin! 3erformance *wards& si) years consecutively. % Nonpro'it Education Backgrou Bt. 7loud Btate Hniversity& Bt. 7loud& <innesota nd Bachelor o' &cience( Business Computer 1n'ormation &ystems 8BC1&9) 566; 5< :ears o' Broad-

7omputer P Technology Hser Bervices Wor( Btudy

Based Experien ce Proactive 0echnology &olutions 0echnology( -ardware( J0,&N <ultiuser -nterfaceN &ystems( Windo#s ,TL2'''& =OB& ,ov+ell& H,-S& /7N Applications( <B Office 2'''& /hotoshop& /age<a(er& 70=& BCJ& -nd=esign& 7T T& GavaBcript& 07TMN .ther( optics& 7=+ 1O<& videos& phones& diverse peripherals.

D7-B 7lub Becretary& 1KK'L1KK2


<y e)pertise covers system engineering& database administration& system implementation& and securi+ ty. /roactive #ith emerging technologies& - fre*uently advance ob$ect+oriented and multimedia systems into development. am C fre*uently the (ey resource G for all hard#are& soft#are& A net#or(& and database Core &trengths training and support. -8ve " 5ard#are and soft#are developed a reputation as the .merging technologies s help des( and dataLdisaster 5elp des( recovery 2=ear 0bby&6 Btaff training and support i approached 24L@ by Pro'essional Experience ( colleagues. <y leadership& training& technical 9 <inneapolis& <-JJ.,,-H< B4BT.<B -,,O>0T-O,B& <innesota and e)pertise allo#s me to con+ S$stems

I ( t e r 3 i e w

tribute immediately in managing pro$ects and resources.

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,




$onald 3ock 4@ /lymouth =uluth&

<innesota I11 :21I; emailQemail.com

+4@12 L

&enior 0ax &pecialist Expert Huali'ications in &trategic Planning % 2inancial 3eadership Corporate 0ax Policy 0ax Assessment $eduction Negotiations Audits Appeals Protests Compliance 5ands+on financial e)ecutive #ith 2' years of e)perience in all aspects of corporate ta)ation. 7onsistent record of accomplishment planning and implementing ta) strategies to achieve competitive advantage. Core &trengths Ta) /lanning Opportunities %inancial Btatement 1eporting 1evenue 0pportionment %orecasting P <anagement Pro'essional Experience .. -. =H/O,T =. ,.<OH1B P 7O.& =uluth& <innesota 1KK to 7urrent


Btate P %ederal Ta) Wor( /apers 7orporate Ta) /olicy Ta) 0llocation Bpecialist %ederal P -nternational Ta) -ssues

Senior Ta% S ecialist 7hallenged to direct continuous improvement and aggressive automation of all Ta) =epart+ment systems and processes. 1esponsible for management of successful e)ecution of all feder+al& state& and local ta) compliance. Buccessful completion of all federal& state& and local estimat+ed payments and e)tensionsN all state and local income& property& and salesLuse ta) planningN and reacting appropriately to changes thereto.

1 2 3 4

%inali9ed settlement #ith -1B reducing proposed deficiency by O@.K million.

Hsed -1B 0dvanced -ssue 1esolution :0-1; to reduce cost by O '' ". Buccessfully e)pedited a O4 million claim for federal refund. =eveloped and instituted completely computeri9ed ta) provision system.

7ornell Hniversity& -thaca& ,e# 4or( Bachelor o' Arts Business Administration) 567B

1 2

7oncentration: Ta) /reparation& Btatistics& and Operations <gmt.

<agna 7um Jaude distinction

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

1educed =eficiency

Ta) /rovision Bystem =isallo#ances /enalty 0ssessment 1eduction 7ash <anagement 0udit 7ontrols
7orporate Ta) /olicy

Ta) 0nalysis P /lanning 0udit 0ssessment 1eduction 0ppeals P /rotests Ta) 0llocation Btrategies 7onsolidated Ta) 1eturn %iling Bystem 1apid 7alculation %inancial 0udits Bales and Hse Ta) Btate and Jocal Transactional Ta) Wor( /apers 1evenue 0pportionment =epartment of 1evenue 0dvanced -ssue 1esolution

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

Wi rience as a ta) specialist at the director th level& - offer a broad record of m accomplishment in all aspects of corporate or ta)ation. Bpecifically& - have designed e corporate ta) policy and handled e)tensive th reporting of sales and use& and other an speciali9ed areas. - e)cel in the areas of 2' penalty assessment reduction and advanced ye issue resolution. With a consistent record of ars savings in op+erations& planning& and of successful completion of audits& - #ill e) *uic(ly and positively affect your bottom pe line.



Wireless ,et#or(s =igital ,et#or(s /ac(et+B#itched ,et#or(s %iber Optic 7able Third+3eneration Wireless :33; Telephony <obile ,et#or(s ,et#or( =esign %rame 1elay ,et#or( -nstallation -nternet 0ccess -/
/ro$ect <anagement

! L COMM"7ICA!IO7#> &#OL"!IO7#

Jegacy Bystems -ntegration .+7ommerce -nfrastructure >oice and =ata ,et#or(s 7omputer /rogramming Boft#are =esign 1%/


!an &chmit= Pro'essional Experience 22II Water Btreet &EN1.$ NE0*.$4 ENG1NEE$ 8E-&olutions9 566E to Present Jong Bprint 7ommunications 7ompany& J/ Deach& 0lameda& 7alifornia 7alifornia K'I'! :31'; 0ssess medium to large business data communications needs for high+speed digital& telephony& +1122 L internalLremote J0,LW0, net#or(s& and enterprise applications. /resent pro$ect proposal to clients along emailQemail #ith cost+benefit analyses. /ro$ect management activities cover installation and testing& ac*uisitions& .com personnel& schedules& and budgets. Wor( closely #ith business and techni+cal teams to ensure minimal disruption of services and ma)imum customer satisfaction. E&ol 1 Transitioned a ma$or sporting goods chain from host+based& proprietary platforms to open& utio clientLserver architectures. .)pected cost savings of O2''&''' by the second year of opera+tion. ns &pe 2 Duilt enterprise architectures and application systems for on+line transaction processing& cial ist decision support& and #or(group computing. ,et profits increased over 2'R in the first year of D o#nership. 0el eco Education mm uni 7alifornia Btate Hniversity at Jong Deach& 7alifornia cati Bachelor o' &cience in Computer &ystems EngineeringD5665 ons Network Engineer References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest 5< yearsF experience providing e+usiness solutions through 1nternet access and legacy systems integration and redesign. Core &trengths 0echnical &kills

,et#or( operating systems: Danyan >-,.B& ,ovell ,etWare& Windo#s ,T Berver

7isco& %O1.& ,ortel& Sylan

2hard#are: ,et#or( 0scend& 3protocols: ,et#or( B<T/&

=,B& Telnet& %T/& T7/L-/& --B

4systems:Operating <icrosoft& g:

1ed 5at& B7O& Bilicon 3raphics& Bun /rogrammin 7TT& 7& /erl& T7JLT"& /ython& %ortran& and Bhell Bcripting 7orel& <icrosoft& Jotus& B0/ ,ovell& Open <ar(et -B070

!applications: Boft#are 0dobe&

@5y7urve& -nternet: <icrosoft& I7hec( K7isco

Becurity: /oint& -B72&

7ertified ,et#or( /rofessional and 7isco =esign /rofessionalA77,/ and 77=/ .ngineer T -nternet A<7B. and -nternet

1' <icrosoft 7ertified Bystems

u) what C are your G strength s) and A

how do you see yoursel' " scontri+ uting to i our (compan y,

- offer a substanti K al ehistory yof economi w cal onet#or( rdesign and dinstallati son successe * s in a h variety y of plat+ s forms& h includin og u #ireline& l #ireless& d third wgenerati e on& and h fiber i optic. r 0long e #ith my y degree o in

7o mp ut+ er By ste ms .n gin eer ing & co nti nu al rec ert ifi cat ion in po pul ar net #o r(i ng pla tfo rm s ass ure s yo u tha t ha ve a

solid bac(ground in current technology. -n fact& - have deployed t#o W0,s of both voice and data for t#o enterprise operations of over 1'' sites each. <y practical understanding of e+ commerce infra+structures allo#s me to develop cost+ effective architectures that stay technologically viable for many years.



@essica 3ane


4311 -pmire D 7olu mbus& Ohio 4321K :@4';

+1122 L emailQemail.com 0elemarketing #anager !riving &ales *ithin Advertising) #arketing) and P$ 1ndustries !ata Analysis % 1nterpretation Product % Program #arketing $evenue-toExpense Pro?ection 0elemarketing .perations 0ccomplished& e)tremely motivated telemar(eting manager offering three years of continuous sales achievements and company recognition for ability to maintain optimum performance lev+els #ith minimal employee turnover. Core &trengths Bolicitation -mprovement 3oal Betting L /roblem Bolving D+to+DLD+to+7 Telemar(eting Jong+Term L Bhort+Term %orecasting Pro'essional Experience BOJ-= .=3. 7O,BHJT-,3 31OH/& 7olumbus& Ohio 1KKK to 7urrent


1evenue+to+.)pense /ro$ection 7ompensation 1e#ardL1ecognition -ncentive /rograms =esign Training 7oordination

Telemar#etin! Mana!er %oster e)tremely productive and positive call center environment for prestigious& high+volume public relations company. 0ccountable for all telemar(eting operations including #or(force management and reporting& staff recruitingLcoaching and development& and problem analysisL decision ma(ing. =emonstrate e)pert (no#ledge over a variety of telemar(eting applications and methodologies.

1 2 3 4

.)ecuted strategic telemar(eting sales campaign that increased sales by 3''R.

-mproved overall productivity by empo#ering staff #ith effective sales techni*ues. 1ecogni9ed as Top Telemar(eting 7ommission producer throughout employment. 7ontributing author for innovative script developmentL ob$ection handling.

%ran(lin Hniversity& 7olumbus& Ohio Bachelor o' Arts( &ales and #arketing) 566E

1 2

3/0 3.
Btudent Bervices 0ssistant

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

=ata 0nalysis P

-nterpretation /roductL/rogram <ar(eting Wor(force <anagement P 1eporting 1ecruitingL7oaching and =evelopment Telemar(eting 0pplicationsL <ethodology 1evenue+to+.)pense /ro$ection /roblem Bolving Telemar(eting Operations Bcript =evelopmentL
Ob$ection 5andling

1e#ardL 1ecognition



/roblem 0nalysis and

=ecision <a(ing .rgonomics 3oal Betting -ncentive /rograms =esignL -mplementation BhortLJong+Term %orecasting
Training 7oordination

Bolicitation -mprovement 7all 7enter

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, One of the ma$or difficulties

in ion. With a strong talent in team build+ing& tel am certain that - #ould identify& recruit& and em encourage *ualified employees. - #ould ar( design and implement #orth#hile incentive eti programs and empo#er my sales staff #ith ng strong scripting and train+ing in handling is ob$ections. <y business+to+ em businessLbusiness+to+consumer plo telemar(eting e)perience& my ability to ye motivate& and my in+depth understanding e into telemar(eting operations are good ret indica+tors of my long+term performance ent #ith your company.


Transportability :To#ing& Belf+/ropulsion& 7ommon 7arrier;

7ommon 7arrier :5igh#ay& 1ail#ay& Water#ay& 0ir#ay& or Bea Jift;


<odes of Transportation :Truc(& 0ircraft& 1ail& Bhip; /rogram <anagement %ederal 1egulations Bystem =esign and 1evie# -nterface 1educing Transportation

-tem Transportability Optimi9ation =istribution and =elivery Trade+Off 0nalysis Btrategic /artnerships 3lobal -nformation


Bystems 3overnment and -ndustry ,et#or(s

-ntelligent Transportation Bystems

-nternational Dorder
7learance /rogram =epartment of Transportation Bafety and

.nvironmental 7onsiderations
Btandard =imension Jimits

/hysical /roperties
=ynamic Jimitations


$o+ert ap+proaches that consider social& political& and environmental issues. 4avanaugh 1K 3 Orchard Core &trengths Btreet /rogram =evelopment P <anagement 3lobal -nformation Bystems Ban Transportation <odelingLBimulation %ederal 1egulations =iego& 3overnment P -ndustry 7ontacts =isaster /lanning 7alifornia K21'I :!1K; Pro'essional Experience 1KK! to 7urrent +1122 L DOOU& 0JJ.,& 50<-JTO, emailQemai Ban =iego& 7alifornia l.com 0verland Trans ortation 3ro!rams Mana!er =evelop or redesign transportation plans and emergency plans for companies e)periencing losses in their 3ogistics transportation infrastructure. Belect best and alternate plans based on simula+tions of transportation modes& &pecialist routes& characteristics& limitations& and program constraints. 0ran spor 1 -dentified the logistics infrastructures for and negotiated a strategic partnership bet#een a ma$or tatio overland freight carrier and a local telecommunications company& to provide a global information system n utili9ing global positioning system and -nternet technology for trac(ing its O ' million truc( fleet and &olu scheduling deliveries. tions 2 1ecommended safe alternate routes for 7oca+7ola deliveries into volcanic activity areas& based % on intimate (no#ledge of the trade corridors along -nterstate+3 and government and industry contacts. !isa ster Prev Education entio n O)nard 7ommunity 7ollege at O)nard& 7alifornia thro Certi'ied Pro'essional 3ogistician ;<<< ugh Early !esign References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

1n'luence 0rad e.'' Anal ysis Alte rnat ive &olu tions 7ertified /rofessional Jogistician :7/J; #ith 1' years8 e)perience in logistics transportation and distribution management. =riven to attain 2seamless transportation6 and cost reductions through early participation in the system design revie# process and employment of holistic

Keywords I( te r3 ie w C G A " si ( 9

volcanic eruption. -f there is a better #ay to deliver a product safely& - #ill find it *hy should we hire you)through my familiarity #ith global what are your strengths)information systems and domestic and and how do you seeinternational carri+ers and routes. yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - am a 7ertified /rofession Jogistician #ho can reduce transportation costs and cut delivery times dramatically through early development of master transportation and distribution plans. <y practical logistics e)perience ranges from arranging military airlifts and sealifts to the uninterrupted distribu+ tion of 7oca+7ola during a


!RA8 L AG 7!


0ammy 0ice 1234 /aradise Jas

>egas& ,evada IK1'4 :@'2; emailQemail.com

+4 23 L

Pro'essional 0ravel Agent Certi'ied 0ravel Counselor &ince 567E Corporate 0ravel 2amily Iacations Ecotours and $ecreational Activities 7apable and confident travel industry professional. .)tensive (no#ledge of global distribution systems. /roven success in developing ne# business and cultivating long+term client relation+ships. Core &trengths -nternational Travel Travel 7risis -nformation 7harter %lights 7ustomer Bervice Pro'essional Experience T10>.J /01T,.1B& Jas >egas& ,evada 7ustoms 1egulations >acation /ac(ages 7ruises B0D1.


1KK to /resent

Travel Consultant 5elp #al(+in clients #ith all travel needs& including flight reservationsLtic(eting& transfers& hotel accommodations& and car rentals. /artner #ith area businesses on customi9ed corporate travel pac(ages. Ta(e t#ice+a+year familiari9ation trips& ac*uiring first+hand e)perience at var+ious domestic and international destinations. 1esponsible for maintaining travel advisory pamphlet.

1 2

0ssisted o#ner #ith successful transition from anti*uated computer reservations system to state+ of+the art global distribution system. <emberships: 0merican Bociety of Travel 0gents& -nstitute of 7ertified Travel 0gents& -n+ ternational 0irlines Travel 0gency ,et#or(.

Education Hniversity of ,evada& Jas >egas& Jas >egas& ,evada Bachelor o' &cience -otel Administration) 567B

1 2

<ember& 5otel 0lumni 0ssociation

Treasurer& Btudent 5otel 0ssociation

0merican Bociety

of Travel 0gents :0BT0; -nstitute of 7ertified Travel 0gents :-7T0;

-nternational 0irlines Travel 0gent ,et#or( :-0T0,;

7ertified Travel 7ounselor :7T7; 7omputer 1eservations Bystem :71B; B0D1. >acation /lanning 7orporate Travel 7harter %lights 5otel 0ccommodations 1ental 7ars 7ruises %amily >acations Tour /ac(ages .cotours 1ecreational 0ctivities -nternational =estinations 7ustoms 1egulations %amiliari9ation Trips Travel 7risis -nformation

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

ry professional recogni9ed for my ability to - build relationships #ith customers& ensuring am their repeat business. 4ou #on8t have to a spend much time training me since - have tru been a 7er+tified Travel 7ounselor for 1@ e years& and am an e)pert in the B0D1. tra computer reservations system. - pride vel myself on my (no#ledge of international ind destinations and can s(illfully assemble a ust range of pac(+ages& from corporate travel to family vacations.


Television <ultimedia 7re#


0dvertising 7ommercial /roduction Television ,e#s 7able Television 0dvertising /rogramming /roblem Bolving /rops 1elationships Bchedule Bcript Drea(do#n Bet =esign Bhooting Bchedule Bupplies Talent Time <anagement


3ori Nuss Environment with Critical !eadlines 13 K 5ighland 0venue -ndustry reputation for e)pertise in managing business and production functions #ith atten+tion to meeting Durban(& timelines and budget concerns. /roven ability to negotiate contracts securing favorable terms for 7alifornia e*uipment& supplies& locations& services& and top talent. Dac(ground in+cludes features& commercials& and K1 1' :I1I; television broadcasting. Wor(s #ell #ith diverse tempera+mentsN adept in scheduling& directing& and +1111 L coordinating cross+functional cre# members. emailQemail Core &trengths .com Dudget =evelopmentL<anagement Bcript Drea(do#ns 0E3E ,egotiations Bhooting Bchedules I1&1. Bet =esign P /rops 7re# P Btaff <anagement N Time P 1esource <anagement /lanning P =elegating P$.! /C01 Pro'essional Experience .N 1KK L/rese #AN nt U4S ,.TWO1" Durban(& 70 AGE $ 3roduction Mana!er 5<O :earsF 0dvanced through series of progressive production positions. "ey member of team responsible for ensuring Productio success and high ratings of 2The 5olly#ood Gournal6 daily entertainment ne#s sho#. /revious pro$ects n included the F100 <ews and L.*. Mornin!. Experienc e 1 1ecogni9ed by Television 0cademy for contributions to profession. &killed #anager and Negotiator $eput ation 'or Coor dinati

7onceived and guided production of numerous special remote stories& sho#casing up+and+ coming talent in Bouthern 7alifornia. 3 Buggested and oversa# details of station participation in numerous fund raising drives in+cluding 0-=B /ro$ect J.0. and campaign for Banta <onica8s homeless population. Education H,->.1B-T4 O% BOHT5.1, 70J-%O1,-0& Jos 0ngeles& 70 D.0. in %ilm P Television +%cellent ,ndustr$ Recommendations *vailable u on Re-uest

ng !iver se 0eam s in a 2astPaced ) i g h P r e s s u r e

CGA "si(9 Keywords I ( t e r 3i e w

and developing detailed cost and cre# budget re+*uirements. - reali9e ho# important it is for you to have someone *hy should we hire you)focused on meeting deadlines #hile staying what are your strengths)#ithin budget& and that has al#ays been a and how do you seepriority for the pro$ects - managed. - am yoursel' contri+ut-ing tos(illed in negotiating contracts including talent& locations& e*uipment& and supplies. our company, - have 1' years8 progressive e)perience managing production& from inception through the end of pro+ duction. - have a (een eye for brea(ing do#n scripts


"76 RWRI! R


#ary @ane : @2I 1iver 1oa Trenton&

,e# Gersey 'I!'I :!'K; emailQemail.com

+234 L

#ortgage 3oan /nderwriter 0echnical Expertise in #ortgage 3oan Process and /nderwriting #ortgage Banking Consumer 3ending *holesale #ortgage .perations in Production Environment 0nalytical& decisive under#riter e)perienced in all types of consumer loan products& including home e*uity& second mortgages& and %,<0L%5J<7& as #ell as 206 paper $umbo loans sold into the secondary mar(et. Core &trengths 7onsumer Joan Hnder#riting 7ommercial and -nvestor Dan(ing =es(top Hnder#riting Btate %air Jending 0ct Pro'essional Experience %-1BT ,0T-O,0J D0,"& Trenton& ,e# Gersey Mortgage Under'riter II Hnder#rite conventional first trust deed residential mortgage loan re*uests using ban( mort+gage credit policies& as #ell as standard secondary mar(et guidelines. Berve as technical re+source for mortgage loan criteria& #ith strong (no#ledge of state and federal lending regula+tions& and $umbo loan under#riting. /romoted from loan processor #ith signing authority. 1KK4 to 7urrent


%unding and Joan =ocumentation 5ome .*uity and Becond <ortgages Hnder#riting Team <otivation %50 =L.& >0& %,<0L%5J<7

1 2 3

Overachieve line productionLsales standards for mortgage under#riting& #hile carefully an+ aly9ing credit and collateral pac(ages for compliance #ith %annie <ae& %reddie <ac& and %50 investor guidelines. .fficiently and accurately produce heavy under#riting services caseload #ith ease& ma(ing credit decisions #ithin acceptable service levels. 7onsistently surpass annual goals for volume and customer service.

Education <ercer 7ounty 7ommunity 7ollege& West Windsor& ,e# Gersey Associate o' &cience) Business AdministrationD566J

1 2

,e# Gersey Hnder#riters 7ertification :5H= L <>0;A1KK4

,e# Gersey <ortgage Dan(er8s JicenseA1KK4

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

<ortgage Joan

Hnder#riting <ortgage Dan(ing 7onsumer Jending

Wholesale <ortgage

Operations /roduction .nvironment 7onsumer Joan /roducts 5ome .*uity Becond <ortgages %,<0L%5J<7L %50L>0 206 /aper Gumbo Joans Becondary <ar(et 7onsumer Joan Hnder#riting %unding and Joan =ocumentation 7ommercial and -nvestor Dan(ing =es(top Hnder#riting Hnder#riting Team Btate %air Jending 7onventional %irst Trust %eed 1esidential <ortgage Joans Gumbo Joan Hnder#riting Jine /roductionLBales

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

oduction goals& #hile maintaining sound O consumer loan under#riting decisions& has ve been the hallmar( of my under#riting ra career. - bring e)tensive (no#ledge of ch conventional& conformingL$umbo& %50& ie %annie <ae& %reddie <ac& and >0 loans& as vi #ell as state and federal lending ng regulations. 0ccustomed to decisive lin customer interaction and collaborative team e relationships& - can model high+level pr under#riting services #hile producing results for you.



5ard#areLBoft#are /erformance 5ard#areLBoft#are

0vailability and 1epair

H,-S Berver 0rchitecture

H,-S Berver 5ard#are


-nstallationL <aintenance
=atabase <anagement

0pplication =evelopment .nvironmentsL Htilities

/roblem 1esolution %ailure 1ecovery BerverLWor(stationL ,et#or( -nteroperability BCJ BerverLOracleL .)change Berver
H,-S+Dased Bystem

H,-S+1elated Team+Wide

Technical Bupport Berver /erformance 0nalysis 5ard#areLBoft#are 1esearch and 1e*uisition .nd+Hser Bupport <ethodology Bun Bolaris
7omputer Bcience =egree

.1/ 0dministrationL <anagement .)perience Dudget <anagement Team Jeadership


1nstall) Con'igur e) and #aintain /N1N *orkstat ions and &ervers

Glenna -a=en 1'3 =ylan Btreet Core &trengths /atchogue& ,4 H,-S Berver 0rchitecture 11@@2 :!31; + H,-S+Dased Bystem Becurity -nstallationL<aintenance 1122 L emailQemai Bystem -nteroperability l.com Pro'essional Experience /N1N #anager 7omputer 0ssociates& 5auppague& ,4

%ailure 1ecovery Dudget <anagement /roblem 1esolution Team Technical Bupport

2''' to 7urrent

Senior 6<,G Mana!er 0dminister all changes and upgrades. -nstall& configure& and maintain all company H,-S sys+tems using various Bun performance commands. <onitor& repair& document& and report on sys+tems8 operation and performance. Oversee server administration& server revision control& and maintenance& including soft#are& firm#are& and updates. 7ommunicate clearly #ith technical and nontechnical staff. /rovide team leadership.

&u pp ort Bu sin ess Pr oce ssi ng $e Mui re

1 2 3 4

=esigned innovative H,-S+related team+#ide technical support model.

=elivered ne# server performance analysis adopted company#ide. Trained staff in ne# application development environmentsLutilities. =eveloped leading+edge end+user support methodology.

Bt. Goseph8s 7ollege& /atchogue& ,4 Bachelor o' &cience( Computer &cience) 566E

1 2

3/0 3.@
>ice /resident& %uture Dusiness Jeaders

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

me nts &killed in *ide Array o' 0echnical Principles) 0heories) and Concepts Beven+year bac(ground in H,-S systems administration. Btrong s(ills in system installation& configuration& troubleshooting& tuning& planning& bac(up& and disaster recovery. .1/ and Bun Bolaris e)perience.

I ( t e r 3 i e w C

GA "si(9 Keywords
*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

including operation and support of H,-S+based systems and system+level applications. - have a uni*ue ability to bridge the communications gap that often e)ists bet#een the tech side and the business side& translating both areas8 needs and solutions so that operational goals are met& budgets are (ept& and internal and e)ter+ nal customers are supported.

- believe in operating -T as a contributing value addition rather*=? than a fi)ed cost. 0s a broadly e)peri+enced -T professional& - bring a #ide array of hands+on s(ills to this position


8 ! RI7ARY A##I#!A7!


0heresa Pi=a 2'@ =orothy "enmor

e& ,e# 4or( 1422! :@1!; emailQemail.com

+I3K' L

Ieterinary 0echnician &peciali=ed in General Practice) !ental Care) and &urgery Caring and Compassionate &mall-Animal -ealth Pro'essional Jicensed >eterinary Technician #ith over 1' years8 clinical e)perience in pre+ and post+opera+tive care& as #ell as general pet e)amination and treatment. Core &trengths -ntensive 7are /reventive =ental 7are Wound 7are Pro'essional Experience T10,B-T 0,-<0J 5OB/-T0J& .den& ,e# 4or( 1KK2 to /resent


.mergency Treatment Burgical /reparation and 0ssistance <edication =ispensing

4eterinar$ Technician 0ssist veterinarians and surgeons during e)aminations& treatments& and surgery. /erform fluid therapy& o)ygen therapy& catheteri9ation& and venipuncture. <onitor vital signs and administer in$ections and anesthesia. .ducate o#ners on patient care and provide comfort and sympathy. Oversee and schedule laboratory tests. /urchase medical supplies and control drug inventory.

1 2 3

/rovide clinical supervision to team of 12 veterinary technicians& animal careta(ers& and animal handlers in busy& urban veterinary clinic. Bpeciali9e in care of domestic and e)otic birds& as #ell as all dog and cat breeds. Write Ti s and Tails monthly community outreach ne#sletter that educates o#ners on ap+ propriate and timely pet care.

Education <edaille 7ollege& Duffalo& ,e# 4or( Associate in &cience( Ieterinary 0echnology) 566; ,e# 4or( Btate =epartment of .ducation 3icensed Ieterinary 0echnician) 566; References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

/re+ and /ost+ Operative 7are 7linical Bupervision

>eterinary <edicine

/atient .)amination and Treatment %luid Therapy Burgical 0ssistance O#ner .ducation Wound 7are -n$ections and -noculations /reventive =ental 7are <edication =ispensing 0nesthesia O)ygen Therapy .mergency Treatment >enipuncture Jaboratory Tests -nventory 7ontrol and /urchasing /atient /reparation 7ommunity Outreach Bmall 0nimal Bpecialty

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to

ou r co m pa ny ,

tly provide clinical supervision to a team of 12 veterinary technicians& animal careta(ers& and handlers in a busy& urban veterinary practice& as #ell as assist veterinarians and surgeons during e)+ aminations& treatments& and surgery. Our practice speciali9es in care of domestic and e)otic birds& as #ell as all dog and cat - breeds. - also #rite Ti s and Tails monthly cur community outreach ne#sletter that ren educates o#ners on appropriate and timely pet care.


<ultilevel 1ecruitment

Tas( 0ssignmentL
Bcheduling for /ea(

7overage 7ommunity OutreachL/ublic 0#areness /ublic 1elations Btaff <ediation and <anagement
Turnover 1eductionL
/articipant 1etention



-ntervie#ing and Bcreening

<ultiple .ventL /ro$ect

7oordination ,onprofit 7ommunity Jiaison

7onfidential 1ecords

JeadershipL <otivationLTeam Duilding Telefundraising and .vents /lanning

>olunteer /articipation

7ommunity 1esource

/rogram .nhancement

Training and Bupervision 7ost Bavings

0dvertising& /romotion&

and <edia 1elations

>olunteer ,et#or(


Patricia @. 1ecruit& train& and motivate volunteer net#or( of 12'T participants. 7reate promotional mate+rials to e)pand -ouston community outreach and heighten public a#areness. 7oordinate tas( assign+mentLscheduling to guarantee 12@ .lm#ood Btreet pea( coverage. -dentify opportunities for program enhancement. =esign materials to improve public and 7hee(to#a media relations. ga& ,e# =eveloped 4'+hour training program and monthly in+service seminars& improving *uality of 4or( 1422@ 1 service and increasing participant retention. :@1!; + 2 7reated and promoted 2Bhare+an+-dea /rogram6 for volunteers& resulting in cost+saving 3@11 L suggestions that reduced operating e)penses. emailQemai 3 0s community liaison& built a visible presence and increased recruitment by 3@R. l.com Education Iolunteer Coordinator >illa <aria 7ollege& Duffalo& ,e# 4or( Bachelor o' &cienceD-uman !evelopment) 566J 3eade rship #otiv ation

1 2

3raduated 7um Jaude #ith 3.@2 3/0

4outh Jeadership 0#ard and 2=oing <ore6 0#ard

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

I( te r Bolid trac( record 3i of developing and e implementing creative programs w that substantially in+ creased levels of C volunteer participation. G /rovide training and A supervision to an enthusiastic and " hard+#or(ing corps of volunteers. si ( Core &trengths -ntervie#ing and Bcreening 9 0dvertising and /romotion .vents /lanning K Turnover 1eduction e Pro'essional Experience y H,-T.= B.1>-7.B& Duffalo& ,e# 4or( Coordinator of w 4olunteer Services

0eam Buildi ng #ultipl e Event P ro?ect Coordin ation

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company, - led the effort to develop a 4'+hour training program and monthly in+service seminars& improving *ual+ity of service and increasing volunteer retention. We created and promoted 2Bhare+an+-dea /rogram6 for volunteers& resulting in cost+ saving suggestions that reduced operating e)penses. 0s community li+aison& built a visible presence and increased recruitment by 3@R.




Nicholas Carrington @3 .merald

/la9a& 0pt. 2= Bomerset& ,e# Gersey 'II@3 :@32; +1234 L emailQemail.com *arehouse #anager *arehousing and !istri+ution .perations #aterials 1nventory Control #anagement 1n+ound and .ut+ound &hipments Warehouse <anager e)perienced in directing teams to meet tight deadlines in a results+orient+ed environment. .nsure product *uality and customer satisfaction through responsive& accu+rate& on+time scheduling. Core &trengths <aterialsL-nventory 7ontrol 5uman 1esource <anagement =istribution 0ccountability Troubleshooting Pro'essional Experience <O50W" 701/.TB& <ontclair& ,e# Gersey 1KIK to 7urrent .arehouse/Distribution Mana!er Benior #arehouse manager for multimillion+dollar #holesale distributor of high+end imported #ool rugs& supplying 3 ' mass merchandisers such as <acy8s& Bears& and C>7. %ull superviso+ry responsibility for 2 #arehouse personnel& safety management and training& cost controls& e*uipment reliability& and shipment verification. <aintain an orderly stoc( and staging area for finished goods inventory in a fast+paced department.


7ost 7ontainmentLDudget 7ontrols Bafety TrainingL<anagement -BO K''' 7ertification Btandards Written and >erbal 7ommunications

1 2 3

=oubled #arehouse and shipping operations efficiency and productivity by transitioning to computeri9ed inventory system for 2''&''' B"Hs. .ffectively maintained tight inventory controls through internal auditor revie#s and imme+diate troubleshooting. 0chieved cost management goals and percentage of loss 2 R lo#er than industry standards. .nsured e)peditious materials transactions #hile meeting budget goals.

Education Durlington 7ounty 7ommunity 7ollege& /emberton& ,e# Gersey Associate o' Arts) Business AdministrationD5677

7omputer B(ills: Windo#s ,TL2'''& <icrosoft Office 2''' :Word& .)cel& 0ccess; and auto+ mated inventory trac(ing applications.


=istribution -nventory 7ontrol <anagement -nbound and Outbound Bhipments 7ustomer Batisfaction Bcheduling 5uman 1esource <anagement =istribution 0ccountability Troubleshooting 7ost 7ontainment Dudget 7ontrols Bafety Training Bafety <anagement -BO K''' 7ertification Btandards Warehouse /ersonnel Bhipment >erification Btoc( and Btaging 0rea %inished 3oods -nventory Warehouse and Bhipping Operations 0utomated
-nventory Trac(ing

I(ter3iew CGA "si(9 Keywords

*hy should we hire you) what are your strengths) and how do you see yoursel' contri+uting to our company,

nce leading and managing #arehouse and Wi shipping operations for a ma$or fin+ished th goods inventory distributor& - have a proven 13 trac( record of ma)imi9ing customer ye satisfaction #hile achieving cost control ars goals #ell belo# industry standards. 8 .fficiently scheduling #arehouse per+ e) sonnel and closely monitoring #arehouse pe and distribution procedures has yielded rie high levels of pro+ductivity. - believe - can produce similar outstanding results for youM


0rtistic Talent /PJ <indset

3 mm P =igital /hotography


Jife 7ycle

=evelopment. Web =esign P =evelopment Bearch .ngine Optimi9ation 5T<J P 7utting+ .dge Boft#are .+<ail 7ampaigns .+7ommerce -nitiatives <essage =evelopment
/ro$ect <anagement

W B 6 #IG7 R

Drand =evelopment
Btatic and 0nimated

-mages TypographyLTe)t P %ont <anagement -mage <anagement 7lient+Berver 7oncepts 7ross+Dro#ser -ssues 1evenue+.nhancing Bites Troubleshooting 7olor Theory P <anipulation


#arit @ohannsen ) and 0echnical &avvy 1I12 Waterford 7ourt =ra# on artistic vision& business acumen& and passion for the field to create aesthetic sites meeting Bt. /aul& client+driven goals. /roficient #ith 5T<J& =5T<J& 7old %usion& <B Office& GavaBcript& 7TT& <innesota WebJogic& Oracle& /hotoshop& %ire#or(s& Cuar(Spress& BCJ@. 1'2 :! 1; +''K' L Core &trengths emailQemail 7lient+server P ob$ect+oriented concepts 7ross+bro#ser issues .com -mage& brand& P message development Bearch engine strategies .+commerce initiativesLe+mail campaigns Total Web lifecycle development *e+ !esignerBtaticLanimated images /hotographyLcolorLtopography % !eveloper &uc Pro'essional Experience cess >-B-O,J-,"& JT=.& Bt. /aul& <innesota 1KK to 7urrent 'ull .eb Desi!ner and Develo er y 0ra 7ontribute as integral member of developmentLdesign team. /erform ob$ect+oriented and client+server+ ns'o focused Web applications and development. 7reate original art and graphic layout of content& banners& logos& rm and merchandise. 7ode ne# programs. -ncorporate interactive ele+ments and e+commerce initiativesN perform Con technical coding& revie#& and testingN and #or( closely #ith senior e)ecutives to conceptuali9e& design& and cept launch -nternetL-ntranet sites fur+thering company goals. Berve as primary 2troubleshooter.6 s 1nto 1nte 1 .nhanced -nternet site for ban( garnered a 42R increase in uni*ue user sessions. ract 2 ,e# -nternet site for distributor generated a @R increase in *ualified sales leads. ive $ea 3 -nitiated interactive 2<e P 4ou6 bulletin board& gro#ing communication flo#. lity

5andpic(ed by management to revamp home page& praised in .eb Desi!n Monthl$.

A r t i s t i c

Education Hniversity of Bt. Thomas& Bt. /aul& <innesota Bachelor o' Arts( Computer 1n'ormation &ystems) 566<

1 2

3raduate of first program emphasis in -nteractive Web =esign P =evelopment

3/0 3.I

References "urnished ,mmediatel$ u on Re-uest

0 a l e n t ) P % 3 # i n d s e t

I ( t e r 3i e w

CGA "si(9 Keywords

development. <y combined artistic talent and /PJ mindset have resulted in the delivery of revenue+enhancing& mar(et+ *hy should we hire you)oriented sites. <y innovative sites& tapping what are your strengths)into my e)pertise in photography and and how do you seemanaging images& fonts& te)t& and color& are yoursel' contri+uting toin demand. - optimi9e search engines through (ey#ord re+searchLselection& meta our company, tagging& engine submission& and position trac(ing. <y career is mar(ed by suc+cess - am able to transformin incorporating interactive elements and e+ concepts into on+line&commerce initiatives. - have earned a interactive reality& managingreputation as an effective troubleshooter& all aspects of Web life cycle resolving technical issues and managing




Cheryl 2ran 42 1ange 1o 5arrisburg& / 1@1'@

: @';

+1212 L emailQemail.com *riter Editor

Excel at identi'ying % developing compelling news angles Award-winning writer #.A. in *riting Analytical Excellent command o' the English language 0#ard+#inning $ournalistLreporterLeditor #ith nine years of professional #riting e)perience in traditional print media and Web publishing. .)tensive e)perience #riting and editing for ne#spapers& businesses& and health+care+industry organi9ations. Bpeciali9e in #riting about business and technical topics. <aintain high+ *uality standards. /roduce on or ahead of dead+line. Core &trengths -dentifying ne#s angles 7reating Web copy Bupervising #riters .diting Pro'essional Experience .*LL STR++T R+4,+.& ,e# 4or(& ,4 "reelance .riter 1KKK+/resent


Technical P business #riting -ntervie#ing 1esearching comple) topics <eeting deadlines

1esearch topics& intervie# senior e)ecutives& and #rite business articles. /roduce mar(et fore+casts concerning ne# technologies in the pharmaceutical& automotive& chemical& and medical e*uipment industries. 7ontribute to #riting business ne#s summaries for www.wsr.com. .dit business articles. Bupervise five other freelance #riters.

1 2 3 4

Wrote a feature article for the Diotechnology section on mar(et trends

Won 2Dest Technology 0rticle 2'''6 :,e#s /ublishers 0ssociation; Belected to provide editorial direction to si) freelance #riters 7ontributed to 1'R gro#th in circulation

Bmith 7ollege& ,orthampton& <0 D.0. in .nglish 1KK' 3oddard 7ollege& /lainfield& >T <.0. Writing& Gournalism 7oncentration 1KK References "urnished u on Re-uest

%eatures .ditorials -ntervie#s Bupervising Web 7opy Dusiness Writing ,e#spapers <aga9ines 1eports ,e#sletters =eadlines 0nalytical 7reative 1esearch B(ills /rint <edia 7opy .diting <.0. in Writing

I ( t e r 3 i e w C G A " s i ( 9 K e y w o

our compan y, <y professi onal speciali9 ation is #riting and editing for technica l and business publicati ons. <y re+ search and intervie #ing s(ills are e)cellen t. - have a particula r gift for ma(ing comple) material both understa ndable and

,e#spaper 1eporter


interesting to the general public. <y ability to #rite compelling articles has had

an pact on the ability of a publication to gro# i and gain mar(et share in a competitive m mar(et.


This page intentionally left blank.

t i n g < a n a g e r & s s i s t a n t & 3 '

0 c c o u n t . ) e c u t i v e & 2 ! 0 c c o u n

0 2 d @ v 0cc i oun c ts e 1ec & eiv abl g e e Bup t ervi t sor& i 2I n 0ct g uar & y& 2K 1 3 0 d 0irline m /ilo i t n :7o i mm s erci t alL/ r riva a te;& t 31 i v 0 e p p 0 l

i c a t i o n

3 0 s s o c i a t i o n

= e v e l o p e < r a & n a 3 g 2 e r 0& r c 3 h ! i t 0 e u c d t i & t o 3 r 3 & 0 r 3 t @ 0ut = om i obil r e e /art c s t <a o nag r er& & 3I 3 Dra 4 nch <a nag 0 er r :Da t n(;& i 3K s Dan t ( & Tell

er& 4' Den efits 7oo rdin ator& 4K Doo ((e eper & 42 Dra nd <a nag er& 43

r 4 7 I o u 7hange L n 1 s ee e n l gi o n r ee L ri 7 n o g a 7 c o h ns & D ul uil 4 ta di nt ! ng & -n 4 sp 7 K ec e torr 7 & t h 44 i e f m 7 i i a e s l d t l & / 7 u e b ' n l t i 7 e c i r t 0 y =c i c < r o a e u n c n a t t g o a e r n r & t & & 4 4 1 @ 7ivi l 7 .ng a 7 inee r % r& 2 e O 7ivi e &

l e Be 3r rviad ce uat :/ e oli :7 ce on Of str fic uct er;ion & ;& 3 ! 7 7o oll lle eg ge e 3r 3r ad ad uat ua e te :< :0 .D. cc 0.; ou & nti @ ng 7o ;& lle 4 ge 7 3r oll ad eg uat e e 3r :< ad ec ua ha te nic :7 al o .n m gi+ m ne er un ;& ic ati I on 7 s;& o 7 l ol l le e g g

e 3 r a d u a t e : B a l e s ; & K 7 o m m e r i c a l o r 7 o r p o r a t e / i l o t & ! '

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7onstruction %oreman& !1 7ontracts Bpecialist & !2 7ontroller& !3 7orporate 0ttorney& !4 7orporate 1ecruiter& ! 7osmetologist& !! 7reative =esigner& !@ 7ruise =irector& !I 7ustomer Bervice 1epresentative& !K =ata Warehouse =eveloper& @' =ental 0ssistant& @1 =esign .ngineer& @2 =irector of <anufacturing& @3 =irector of <ar(eting& @4 =irector of Operations& @ =irector of /urchasing& @! .ditor& @@ .lectrical .ngineer& @I .lementary Teacher& @K .nvironmental .ngineer& I' .stimator& I1 .)ecutive 7hef& I2 .)ecutive 1ecruiter& .ngineering& I3 %inance <anager& Dan(ing& I4 %inancial 0nalyst& I %inancial /lanner& I! %light 0ttendant& I@ %ood LDeverage <anager& II %undraiser& IK %uneral =irector& K' 3eneral <anagerA5ospitality& K1 3overnment Jiaison& K2 3raphic =esigner& K3 3uidance 7ounselor& K4 5air Btylist& K 5eadhunter.net& 4 5elp =es( 0dministrator& K! 5igh Bchool Teacher& K@ 5uman 1esources <anager& KI -mage 7onsultant& KK -nsuranceL7laims 0d$uster& 1'' -nsurance Bales& 1'1 -nterior =esigner& 1'2 -nventory 7ontrol <anager& 1'3 -nternetLonline& 4 -ntervie#ing tips& 1@+1K

Gob+related s(ills& I Gob+searching tips& 1 +1! Gournalist& 1'4 "ey#ords& 3 /rescreening through search& 3+4 Jab Technician& 1' Jibrarian& 1'! Jimousine =river& 1'@ Joan Officer& 1'I Joss /revention <anager& 1'K <anagement& 11' <anufacturer8s 1epresentative& 111 <ar(etable s(ills& @ <ar(eting <anager& 112 <edia Duyer& 113 <edical Dilling Bupervisor& 114 <onster.com& 4 ,ational 0ccount Bales& 11 ,et#or( 0rchitect& 11! ,et#or( .ngineer& 11@ ,et#or(ing tips& 13+ 14& 2' ,onprofit /rogram =irector& 11I ,urse& 11K ,utritionist& 12' Online services& 1 /aralegalLJegal 0ssistant& 121 /eopleBoft 7onsultant& 122 /ersonal Trainer& 123 /harmaceutical Bales 1epresenta+ tive& 124 /harmaceutical Technician& 12 /harmacist& 12! /hotographer& 12@ /hysical Therapist& 12I /hysician8s 0ssistant& 12K /olice Officer :military conversion;& 13' /roduction <anager& 131 /ro$ect <anager& 132 /roperty <anager& 133 /ublic 1elations =irector& 134 Cuality .ngineer& 13 1adio =isc Goc(ey& 13! 1adiologist& 13@



1eal .state Dro(er& 13I 1eceptionist& 13K 1egulatory 0ffairs 7ounsel& 14' 1estaurant <anager& 141 1esume format& 1etail Bales <anager& 142 1is( <anagement& 143 Balary negotiating tips& 1K BalesL7orporate Trainer& 144 BalesA.ntry Jevel& 14 Bales Bupport L7oordinator& 14! Bales Bupport .ngineer& 14@ B0/ 0nalyst& 14I Bchool /rincipal& 14K Bearch engines& 4 Belf+management s(ills& K Benior Dusiness 7onsultant& 1 ' Benior >/ Bales& 1 1 Bocial Bervices& 1 2 Bocial Wor(er& 1 3 Boft#are .ngineer& 1 4 Bpeech Therapist& 1 Bports 0gent 0ttorney& 1 ! Bports 7oach& 1 @

Burveyor& 1 I B#itch .ngineer& 1 K Bystems 0dministrator& 1!' Ta) Bpecialist& 1!1 Technical s(ills& I TelecommunicationsL.+Bolutions& 1!2 Telemar(eting <anager& 1!3 Tips& 12+21 Transferable s(ills& I TransportationLJogistics Bpecialist& 1!4 Travel 0gent& 1! T> /roduction <anager& 1!! Hnder#riter& 1!@ H,-S <anager& 1!I >eterinary 0ssistant& 1!K >olunteer 7oordinator& 1@' Warehouse <anager& 1@1 Web =esigner& 1@2 WriterL.ditor& 1@3

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A)out t+e Aut+ors @ay A. Block) 7/1W :7ertified /rofessional 1esume Writer;& internationally certified career coach and resume strategist& is the contributing cofounder of the /rofessional 0ssociation of 1esume Writers and 7areer 7oaches :/01WL77;. 5e helped develop the /01WL77 national certification process and is a #idely respected national spea(er& author& and career coach. 7ontact him at ###.$aybloc(.com. #ichael Betrus) 7/1W& has been a hiring manager in the telecommunications industry for several years& and fre*uently engages in academic seminars for students on campus. <ichael is the author of The Guide to +%ecutive Recruiters and co+author& #ith Gay Dloc(& of 101 Best Resumes& 101 More Best Resumes& 101 Best Cover Letters& and 101 Best Tech Resumes. 7ontact him at betrusQearthlin(.net.

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