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The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic was also alternatively called the "Russian Federation". This article documents a current event. Information may chan e rapidly as the event pro resses. !a e semi"protected Russian Federation #$%%&'%()* +,-,.)/&* Rossiyskaya Federatsiya Fla 0oat of arms 1nthem2 "3$%4-).%56,778' 9&:7 #$%%&'%($' +,-,.)/&&" ";osudarstvenny imn Rossiyskoy Federatsii" <transliteration= "State 1nthem of the Russian Federation" >enu ?2?? "In 1sia@Aurope <;reen and dark rey= "0laimed land <0rimeaB Ci ht reen= "In 1sia@Aurope <;reen and dark rey= "0laimed land <0rimeaB Ci ht reen= 0apital and lar est city >oscow DDEFDGH IJEIJGA Kfficial lan ua es Russian official throu hout the countryB LJ other lan ua es co"official in various re ions Athnic roups <L?M?NMO= PM.?Q Russian I.JQ Tatar M.FQ Rkrainian M.MQ Sashkir M.?Q 0huvash ?.PQ 0hechen MM.?Q others @ unspecified Temonym Russians <Rossiyane= ;overnment Federal semi"presidential constitutional republic " !resident Uladimir !utin " !rime >inister Tmitry >edvedev " 0hairmen of the Federation 0ouncil Ualentina >atviyenko " 0hairman of the State Tuma Ser ey Haryshkin Ce islature Federal 1ssembly " Rpper house Federation 0ouncil " Cower house State Tuma Formation " Vievan RusW PXL " ;rand Tuchy of >oscow MLPI " Tsardom of Russia MX Yanuary MDFJ " Russian Ampire LL Kctober MJLM " Russian SFSR X Hovember MZMJ " Soviet Rnion M? Tecember MZLL " Russian Federation LD Tecember MZZM " 1doption of the current 0onstitution of Russia ML Tecember MZZI 1rea " Total MJ,?ZP,LFL kmL <Mst=

X,DZL,P?? s[ mi " Water <Q= MINLO <includin swamps= !opulation " L?MI estimate MFI,J??,???NIO <Zth= " Tensity P.F@kmL <LMJth= LM.D@s[ mi ;T! <!!!= L?MI estimate " Total \L.DDP trillionNFO <Xth= " !er capita \MP,?PINFO <DJth= ;T! <nominal= L?MI estimate " Total \L.MMP trillionNFO <Pth= " !er capita \MF,ZJINFO <FZth= ;ini <L?MM= FM.JNDO medium ] PIrd ^TI <L?MI= Increase ?.JPPNXO hi h ] DDth 0urrency Russian ruble <RRS= Time _one <RT0`I to `MLa= Tate format Trives on the ri ht 0allin code `J ISK IMXX code RR Internet TCT .ru .su ..a a. Abcludin `D.

Russia Cisteni@rc@ or @rc@ <Russian2 #$%%&*, tr. Rossiya, I!12 NrsidcO < listen==, also officially known as the Russian FederationNJO <Russian2 #$%%&'%()* +,-,.)/&*, tr. Rossiyskaya Federatsiya, I!12 Nrsidskcdc fdrats dcO < listen==, is a country situated in northern Aurasia.NPO It is a federal semi" presidential republic, comprisin PD federal subdects. From northwest to southeast, Russia shares land borders with Horway, Finland, Astonia, Catvia, Cithuania and !oland <both with Valinin rad Kblast=, Selarus, Rkraine, ;eor ia, 1_erbaidan, Va_akhstan, 0hina, >on olia, and Horth Vorea. It shares maritime borders with Yapan by the Sea of Kkhotsk and the R.S. state of 1laska across the Serin Strait. 1t MJ,?JD,F?? s[uare kilometres <X,DZL,P?? s[ mi=, Russia is the lar est country in the world, coverin more than one"ei hth of the AarthWs inhabited land area. Russia is also the worldWs ninth most populous nation with MFI million people as of L?ML.NZO Abtendin across the entirety of northern 1sia and much of Aastern Aurope, Russia spans nine time _ones and incorporates a wide ran e of environments and landforms. The nationWs history be an with that of the Aast Slavs, who emer ed as a reco ni_able roup in Aurope between the Ird and Pth centuries 1T.NM?O Founded and ruled by a Uaran ian warrior elite and their descendants, the medieval state of Rus arose in the Zth century. In ZPP it adopted Krthodob 0hristianity from the Sy_antine Ampire,NMMO be innin the synthesis of Sy_antine and Slavic cultures that defined Russian culture for the nebt millennium.NMMO RusW ultimately disinte rated into a number of smaller statesB most of the RusW lands were overrun by the >on ol invasion and became tributaries of the nomadic ;olden ^orde.NMLO The ;rand Tuchy of >oscow radually reunified the surroundin Russian principalities, achieved independence from the ;olden ^orde, and came to dominate the cultural and political le acy of Vievan RusW. Sy the MPth century, the nation had reatly ebpanded throu h con[uest, annebation, and ebploration to become the Russian Ampire, which was the third lar est empire in history, stretchin from !oland in Aurope to 1laska in Horth 1merica.NMIONMFO Followin the Russian Revolution, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic became the lar est and

leadin constituent of the Soviet Rnion, the worldWs first constitutionally socialist state and a reco ni_ed superpower,NMDO which played a decisive role in the 1llied victory in World War II.NMXONMJO The Soviet era saw some of the most si nificant technolo ical achievements of the L?th century, includin the worldWs first spacecraft, and the first man in space. Followin the dissolution of the Soviet Rnion in MZZM, the Russian SFSR reconstituted itself as the Russian Federation and is reco ni_ed as the continuin le al personality of the Rnion state.NMPO The Russian economy ranks as the ei hth lar est by nominal ;T! and sibth lar est by purchasin power parity.NMZO RussiaWs ebtensive mineral and ener y resources, the lar est reserves in the world,NL?O have made it one of the lar est producers of oil and natural as lobally.NLMONLLO The country is one of the five reco ni_ed nuclear weapons states and possesses the lar est stockpile of weapons of mass destruction.NLIO Russia is a reat power and a permanent member of the Rnited Hations Security 0ouncil, a member of the ;P, ;L?, the 0ouncil of Aurope, the 1sia"!acific Aconomic 0ooperation, the Shan hai 0ooperation Kr anisation, the Aurasian Aconomic 0ommunity, the Kr anisation for Security and 0ooperation in Aurope <KS0A=, and the World Trade Kr anisation <WTK= and the leadin member of the 0ommonwealth of Independent States.