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If," you were unable to attend the 18th annual MUFON
DENNIS W. STACY Symposium in Washington this past June, my lead article on the
Editor subject should bring you up to date. Since so much was going on and
WALTER H. ANDRUS, JR. it was impossible to be in two places simultaneously, I've no doubt
International Director and left out some names and events, for which I apologize. Everyone in
Associate Editor
the hosting Fund for UFO Research deserves a round of applause
Art Director for their tireless hours put in, along with the visiting Larry Koss, who
pitched in to plug leaks wherever they popped up. Mr. Jun-Ichi Yaoi,
Contributing Editor managing director of the Foundation for Earth Environment, Tokyo,
should also be mentioned for filling us in on Japanese ufology.
Contributing Editor MUFON thanks one and all for a successful symposium.

Public Relations
Religion and UFOs
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SEPTEMBER NIGHT SKY by Walter N. Webb . . : . '.....,.''.". -. 23
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UFO Crash/Retrieval PROCEEDINGS COVER by Donald R. Schmitt
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Article & Pictures by Dennis Stacy

Dennis Stacy is the editor of not a solely American abberation. For a can be divided into two distinct phases:
the Journal. world public weaned on Spielberg the first was the attempt to prove the
spectaculars that may yet come as a existence of the phenomenon as
surprise. anomalous and to have it achieve
Hosted by the Fund for UFO Friday night saw a reception held scientific and public legitimacy. The
Research, the 18th annual MUFON at the Mary Graydon Center on second phase is the investigation of the
Symposium was held on the campus of campus, diagonally across the Quad internal motives of the intelligence
American University in the northwest from the Ward Circle Building where behind the phenomenon.
quadrant of Washington, DC, the exhibits were set up and the main "The first phase," he added,
weekend of June 26-28, 1987. The speeches presented! While a summer "began with Kenneth Arnold's sighting
official theme was "International thunderstorm raged outside, early in the summer of 1947. It ended in 1986,
Symposium on Unidentified Aerial arrivals mingled in comfort inside, with the death of J. Allen Hynek, a year
Phenomena: 1947 - 1987," a enjoying snacks, drinks and renewed or before the publication of Budd
commemoration of four decades of freshly made acquaintances. When you Hopkins' Intruders: The Incredible
worldwide UFO reports, dating back to can barely hear yourself speak in a big Visitations at Copley Woods." Jacobs
Kenneth Arnold's landmark sighting in hall, you know the conversation is both called Intruders a "monumentally
the summer of 1947. But the unofficial enthusiastic and energetic. important book...which for the first
impetus, emblazoned in black letters on Some of that enthusiasm dimmed time publicly reveals the extent of the
yellow souvenir buttons, was "Forty slightly Saturday morning when Ward UFO phenomenon's intrusion into the
Years Is Long Enough!" Circle was unavailable and the personal lives of humans." Its
Expectations were high that this symposium had to start in the college publication marks the beginning of the
would not be just another insular get- gym instead, an unairconditioned barn second phase, the realization of the
together of civilians interested in UFOs, whose wooden floors bounced sounds i m p o r t a n c e of the a b d u c t i o n
but an occasion to reach out and touch off ceilings and walls like they were phenomenon.
the surrounding power structure, audible basketballs. Opening remarks As for where we are now, Dr.
comprised of both influential media and by both MUFON's International Jacobs noted that "we have at least
government personnel. At this early Director and the Fund's chairman, advanced beyond the sighting report.
date not all of the fallout can be Bruce Maccabee, could be made out, The material developed from the
measured, but the geiger counter was but just barely. The first paper of the abduction accounts'has unequivocably
definitely ticking. Press passes were day was presented by Temple placed us in the study of extraterrestrial
issued to reporters from Tass, the University historian Dr. David Jacobs, life, motivations, intentions and
Peoples' Republic of China, the who was followed by Italy's Dr. Roberto activities. We may be on the threshhold
Warsaw, Poland, daily newspaper, an Pinotti, general secretary of the Centre of momentous discoveries. Going
ABC-TV documentary program film UFOlogico Nazional of Florence. By through that threshhold could
crew from Los Angeles, a senior editor then, sweltering heat and a failing intellectually lead us to another
at OMNI, New York's Newsday, and sound system had driven half the universe."
writers working for the Boston Globe audience of 400 to 450 outside. At this
and Neu; York Times Sunday point the proceedings were halted until ITALIAN UFOS
magazines, among others. At least one the original auditorium became
Senator, Clayborn Pell, from Rhode available and things began to flow more Dr. Roberto Pinotti next reviewed
Island, was in attendance; and Bruce smoothly. Dr. Pinotti deserves our forty years of UFO activity and
Maccabee, Stanton Friedman, Walt apologies and congratulations for research initiating from the underbelly
Andrus and others, were able to carrying on courageously in the face of of Europe. After a false start or two, the
address a meeting of Congressional conditions that were hardly conducive various Italian UFO groups met in
aides. Two major press conferences of attentive listening to say the least. September of 1965 to form a National
were held. Moreover, speakers from Center for UFO Studies (Centre Unico
most of the seven continents were on ARNOLD TO HYNEK Nazionale, or CUN) based largely on
hand to report on UFO activity from America's NICAP, or National
their respective areas. Whatever the Jacobs, author of The UFO Investigation Committee on Aerial
UFO phenomenon represents, and most Controversy in America, said "the Phenomena. Since then, CUN, like most
likely it's a plethora of probabilities, it is history of UFOs in the United States civilian UFO organizations around the
world, has celebrated its successes and
suffered its failures, which at one point
included the publication by an offshoot
group, in English, of UFO Phenomena,
"an international annual review,
devoted to the scientific study of UFO
phenomena." CUN's greatest lasting
contribution was probably simply
lending ufology respectability in the
eyes of the Italian public.
For much of the Seventies^ Italian
ufology was mostly paralyzed until a
landing case and close encounter wave
struck the peninsula in 1978. Even then
the aftereffects were the adoption, by
many groups, of the nouvelle vogue, or
"new wave," of UFO interpretation
which first surfaced in France and soon
spread to other European countries.
This new wave, said Pinotti, was
characterized by "socio-psychological"
explanations of the UFO phenomenon
which sought to deny or downplay its
physical aspects altogether. The new
generation had their greatest impact
(and some say most embarrassing
fiasco) with the publication of La
Grande Peur Martienne, "The Great
Martian Scare," by Gerard Barthel and
Jacques Brucker (1979), followers of
"converted" French ufologist Michel
Monniere. Essentially, The Great
Martian Scare was a revisionist
demolition of the famous French Wave DR. ROBERTO PINOTTI
of 1954, publicized by Jacques Vallee
and others, which for the first time which was first founded in 1977. A psychological and psychosociological
marked the widespread appearance of similar idea proposed to President approach?" Ultimately, the GEPAN
UFO humanoid and landing cases. Jimmy Carter in this country, and to be hierachy chose a course of action "that
Following the 1978 wave, which funded by NASA, eventually came to allowed scientists and technicians to
included police and carab/enen nought. take into account all the important
photographs, military pilot sightings, The summary of GEPAN's original elements, including the significant
and numerous reports of submerged aims and subsequent findings was sociocultural dimension." Would that
objects from the so-called "Adriatic provided in the first of the Saturday our own space officials were so
Triangle," the Italian government, said afternoon sessions by Mr. Jean enlightened!
Pinotti, "officially charged the Air Force Jacques Velasco, the group's present "A scientific advisory body,"
to keep the whole UFO question under director. In its initial incarnation, continued Velasco, "comprising
control." Today, he added, "CUN GEPAN, under the guidance of astronomers, physicists, legal experts
stands prepared to share its 20 years of statistician Claude Poher, had to decide and other eminent personalities was set
UFO investigative experience with between two very different approaches up to monitor and give direction to
fellow American ufologists." to the UFO phenomenon. "Would it GEPAN activities. The first tasks
attempt to answer the questions put undertaken included setting up a data
FRENCH UFOLOGY forth by the general public," asked collection system operated in
Velasco, "questions that often related conjunction with the Air Force, civil
As matters stand today, the only unidentified phenomena to discussions aviation authorities, weather services,
government-funded UFO organization of extraterrestrial intelligence? Or the national police and the local
in the world is France's GEPAN, an would it ignore such considerations and Gendarmerie. Previously reported
acronym for Unidentified Aerospace concentrate on rejecting the 'evidence' cases were investigated and statistical
Phenomena Study Group, a division of by p o i n t i n g to hoaxes and analyses conducted of eyewitness
the French National Space Agency, misunderstandings, i.e., building on the reports."
These initial efforts, according to i n t e r p r e t i n g — the d i f f e r e n t What Perisse did was to take 12
Mr. Velasco, uncovered three phenomena. This whole field of cases from the files of UNICAT, the
characteristic facts: "One, the investigation and the associated body computerized UFO listing begun by the
appearance of certain unidentified of hypotheses that need to be late Dr. Hynek and now maintained by
phenomena cannot be accommodated formulated fall beyond the scope of Dr. Willy Smith. The criterion for
by conventional physical, psychological GEPAN. These questions are for the selection was the inclusion of size
or psycho-social models; Two, a s c i e n t i f i c , social a n d c u l t u r a l estimates, both for the UFO and its
physical component in the phenomena community to tackle: such is the price reported occupants, and the number of
reported is extremely likely, and three, of a more complete understanding (one the latter. Using that data, Perisse was
the spatial and temporal dimensions of day, we hope) of Unidentified Flying able to obtain a coefficient rating of the
the events are of a very low order." Objects." "contained" (the UFO occupants) with
GEPAN developed two types of the "container" (the UFO). Perisse
approaches, said Velasco. "Mini- OCCUPANT CORRELATION admitted that such a statistical analysis
investigations, where the aim was to was plagued by potential unknown
study significant cases from, say, a Mr. Velasco was followed by Ret. factors, but that in general his findings
physical or psychosociological point of Navy Captain Daniel Alberto Perisse, fell within the expected parameters of
view, allowing a particular category of of Argentina. Now active in civilian humanlike technologies. "This finding,
phenomena to be isolated. And full South American ufological circles, bearing in mind that the UFO
investigations, concerning unexplained Capt. Perisse first became interested in phenomenon is apparently intelligent,
cases and checking on all the UFOs in 1965, while he was allows us to infer, finally, that the
observable elements, in particular the Commander of the Decepcion Island intelligence behind these appearances
gathering and examination of physical Navy Post in the South Shetland has conceived UFOs with the true
and biological evidence." Archipelago, Anarctica. In the summer capabilities of being occupied by the
Since GEPAN's inception in 1979, of that year, several research outposts entities that have appeared inside them
Velasco noted that 19 such mini- and on the island, including those of or n e a r b y . " A l t e r n a t i v e l y , a
full investigations had been carried Argentina, Chile and England, were discrepancy in the correlation between
through. The most potentially "buzzed" by UFOs on seven separate UFOs and occupant volumes might
productive of these, the Trans En occasions. Experienced military and have suggested that such reports had
Provence case (see the MUFON UFO scientific personnel at all three bases their origin in human fantasy, such as
Journal, March 1984, number 193) were involved. In fact, both the dreams and hallucinations. But before
revealed evidence of a physical trace Argentine Navy and Chilean Air Force final conclusions can be drawn, Perisse
landing, "including a 30 to 50% s u b s e q u e n t l y issued o f f i c i a l advised, the number of such cases
reduction in the chlorophyll pigments of communiques on the sightings. As under study needs to be greatly
wild alfalfa (medicago minima) in the many as 14 individual observers were enlarged.
vicinity of the reported landing, involved in one case in which the UFO
correlated to distance from the center was visible for an hour. Attempts to BRITISH UFOLOGY
of the phenomenon. photograph the object were hampered
"Data show that a considerable by the slow speed (20 DIN) of the Bernard Shaw once described
amount of gamma radiation (10 rads) available film and fifty mile-an-hour Britons and Americans "as two peoples
must be applied to produce a winds (July is midwinter at the South separated by a common language."
disturbance equivalent to that Pole, when the bases are completely Such is not quite the case today in
observed at the site. Should we cut off from the outside world.) regard to UFO research, though there
consider the presence of ionizing Still, the incidents were enough to have been dissimilarities, to be sure, in
(nuclear) radiation? Almost certainly convince Capt. Perisse that there was our respective experience. The most
not, since no measurable residual more to reports of UFOs than generally significant difference, according to
radioactivity was present in the plants. met public perception. In his own case, veteran UFO writer Hilary Evans, a
However, could the trauma be caused the sightings resulted in a lifelong founder of the London-based ASSAP
by an electromagnetic field? Probably." involvement. "But if the UFO (the Association for the Scientific Study
In conclusion, Velasco said "the phenomenon is truly strange," Perisse of Anomalous Phenomena), is Britain's
work of GEPAN has developed steadily said in Washington, "the existence of lack of a Freedom of Information Act
and produced interesting results, but the occupant phenomenon is even (FOIA), which has resulted in the
has also pointed to a set of fundamental more so." Like many of us, Perisse retrieval of thousands of UFO-related
limitations that arise from a certain wondered if there might not be a way of government documents in this country.
inadequacy of the available data, from validating the correlation between The Ministry of Defense (MoD) in
the analytical methods used, and from UFOs and reported occupants, given England has remained tight-lipped and
lack of knowledge. that our data is spotty and the subject close-fisted about UFOs under "Iron
"A major and essential step still reluctant to sit still for examination. Lady" Margaret Thatcher and a prior
remains to be taken, namely Unlike some of us, he hit on a clever succession of post-WW II prime
discovering the origin of — and approach to the problem. ministers.
"The earliest, official involvement
with the UFO phenomenon in Britain,"
said Evans, "seems to have started in
1943, when a Lt. Gen. Massey is
credited with heading an inquiry into
the then current wave of 'foo-fighter'
reports." The commission allegedly
disbanded the following year. In the
intervening forty-plus years,- the
government has failed to mount
another official investigation (at least
publicly!). This means, of course, that
UFO, research has fallen almost
exclusively into the hands'of individual K :• i^&X?S&
citizens, with the accompanying
variations in quality that might be
expected. The same is also true of press
coverage of the subject, which ranges
from the totally irresponsible and
sensational reporting of most of the
major daily .' • newspapers to more
cautious and, resonable journalism on
the grass-roots level. Well-known
astronomer Patrick Moore (recently
implicated in the Allingham hoax),
Evans noted, is frequently trotted but to HILARY EVANS
debunk the subject on TV and radio
talk shows. "But for more than forty
years we have been fortunate enough such incidents have been reported Sanskrit literature at the American
to haye Flying Saucer Review, which in here, American seems to have a near- University symposium this year was
its heyday deserved its reputation as monopoly of abduction cases." MUFON's representative for India, Mr.
the world's leading UFO journal." (BUFORA's director of investigations, Kanishk Nathan of New Delhi. Tales of
However, many British researchers Jenny Randies, presented a short powerful flying machines flown by the
presently feel FSR is resting on its Symposium paper on the same subject pantheon of Hindu deities pepper the
laurels, bounteous as they are. which we hope to reprint at a future poetry found in Indian classics like the
Various small UFO organizations date.) RigVedas. the Ramayana, and the
dot the Isles, characterized both by Current British research, said Mahabharata, epic works for the most
serious investigation and (occasional) Evans, appears concentrated in three part only partially translated into
bickering. But in a rainstorm, they areas: an historical investigation of English. In the case of the Rig-Vedas,
usually congregate under the umbrella 1912-13 "phantom-airship" reports; a the background oral tradition may date
of BUFORA, the British UFO Research witness evaluation study employing a back as far as 10,000 B.C.
Association, founded in 1959, and psychological questionnaire; and data Unfortunately, a few dubious UFO
which now hosts a biennial UFO collection and analysis centering on tracts have excerpted passages
Congress, drawing speakers and "ball of light" (BOL) phenomena, most describing these ancient flying devices
investigators from America and the probably natural in origin. The other dud attached their own sensational
continent. "The overall situation in present thrust of British ufology is interpretations to same. Such claims
Britain right now,"Evansexplained, "as towards increased international co- may, or more likely, may not represent
no doubt elsewhere, is that fewer cases operation. humanity's first contact with
are being reported, but those few are of extraterrestrial intelligence, suggested
higher quality." He attributed that ANCIENT UFOS Mr. Nathan. However, there is one
circumstance to a more educated curious text worthy of serious
public and a disenchantment with the Though Kenneth Arnold initiated consideration, the l/ymaam'Jca-
authorities, government, military and the modern era of UFO reports in 1947, Shaastra. or "Science of Aeronautics."
scientific. other countries and cultures can trace Unlike the other religous epics, the
(A potentially signficant their UFO lineage back centuries, or in Vymaanika Shaastra recounts neither
discrepancy between UFO activity the case of India, even millenia, if its heroic nor allegorical deeds, but
reported in the United States and religious scriptures contain credible focuses almost exclusively on the
England needs to be mentioned. accounts of "flying cars," or uimanas, uimanas, their technology and the
According to Evans, "though a few as some believe. Reviewing ancient psychological requirements, or
development, of their pilots. There is,
said Nathan, a sort of matter-of-
factness about the whole treatise that at
least raises more questions than it
answers. Unfortunately, Mr. Nathan
was unable to attend to deliver his
paper in person, due to a leg injury.

Unlike India, which is relatively

bereft of modern UFO reports, Chile,
according to journalist J. Antonio
Huneeus, has logged virtually every
category of sighting known to modern
ufology, from radar-visual and landing
cases, to scrambled jets, stalled
motors, CE-3's and abductions. In fact,
Huneeus' native Chile even enjoyed, if
that's the word, a flying saucer flap in
mid-1947, just as the U.S. was
undergoing a similar "scare." And
likewise, sightings have continued
down to the present day. The attitudes
of officialdom have fairly closely
paralleled America's, too, government WILLIAM L. MOORE
and military officials occasionally
issuing non-committal statements in document Moore received dating from Following Moore's banquet
the face of public pressure. Public the late Forties which seemingly speech in the basement of the Mary
ufology is mainly practiced in the press confirms the existence of a supersecret Graydon Center, we marched back
(and as here, the newspapers vary MJ, or Majestic, 12 group established to across the quad en masse to the Ward
tremendously in quality and approach), study UFOs and lAC's, or Identified Circle Building for dessert, which was
through various civilian organizations, Alien Craft. Moore, joined in his served up in the form of two panel
and via popular radio talk shows. With research by Stanton Friedman and LA discussions on the a b d u c t i o n
help from his extensive slide collection TV producer Jamie Shandera, phenomenon, one was composed of
pertaining to Chilean and South admitted the authenticity of the abductees, chaired by Dr. David
American UFOs, Mr. Huneeus document in question has yet to be Jacobs, the other of investigators,
presented a thoroughly entertaining proven, but that persistent research in chaired by Dr. Michael Swords. Among
program. Space prohibits even a presidential and government files has the abductees were Whitely Strieber
summary of the amount of material he not yet disproved it, either. The and "Kathy Davis," who featured
covered, but his complete paper, along majority of those documents were prominently in Budd Hopkins'
with those of the other invited published in the last issue of the Intruders. Space prohibits only the
international speakers, is printed in the Journal; a complete packet can be had barest of impressions. For the most
MUFON Proceedings (International for a nominal fee from the Fund For p a r t , t h e a b d u c t e e s seemed
Symposium on Unidentified Aerial UFO Research. Among the more surprisingly eloquent, given that they
Phenomena: 1947-1987, Illus., 222pp.,
surprising MJ-12 revelations was the hailed from varied walks of life and were
$15, plus $1.50 p&h, from MUFON, 103
suggestion that the late Harvard literally snatched off the street by the
Oldtowne Road, Seguin, TX, 78155.)
astronomer, Dr. Donald H. Menzel, baffling nature of their experience. One
MAJESTIC 12 was a member of the elite organization. could not but be impressed by their
As many know, Menzel was probably insistence that something strange had
William L. Moore, co-author with the most ardent anti-UFO scientist and happened to them, though they
Charles Berlitz of The Roswell Incident, author on record. If it should turn out themselves did not completely agree as
entertained a full banquet hall with an he was indeed a member of MJ-12, the to what it was. The women especially
entrancing update of information history of early ufology in this country (the panel was equally divided between
concerning the apparent crash of a takes a sudden if not wholly the sexes) expressed fear for their
flying disc near Roswell, NM, and the unexpected turn, especially in terms of children, that they, too, might be
subsequent recovery of four alien governmental disinformation. abducted.
bodies. The most startling news came
in the form of an anonymously supplied ABDUCTION PANELS AFRICAN FOLKLORE
certainty at this late. remove. The
Aborigines of western Australia
revered "a supreme being" called
Djamar. According to tradition, said
Chalker, "he manifested in a manner
highly suggestive of 'something' landing
and leaving behind a physical record.
The young initiates of the tribe were led
to the stony bed of a creek and were
shown the holes where Djamar had
planted his 'bullroarer.'"
The earliest modern Australian
report on record of a UFO occurred the
night of July 25-26, 1868, and is highly
suggestive of the "phantom airships"
reported in America almost 30 years
later. A Fred. Wm. Birmingham said he
saw a flying "ark" land in Parramatta
Park, near Sydney. A "spirit" - "the
shape of a man in his usual frock dress"
- ostensibly the "ark" operator, took
Birmingham aboard the "machine" and
subsequently showed him "papers"
which included formulae. "The parallels
with modern contact/abduction
cases," said Chalker, "are startling."
Shortly after the turn of the
century, in 1909, nearby New Zealand
experienced a wave of phantom airship
reports which trickled down into
Australia to a lesser degree. Scattered
reports occurred during the intervening
years, but the modern UFO era down
under began in 1950, with summer
sightings from Geelong and Avoca,
Victoria. Another "invasion" centered
on the same state in 1954, followed by
WHITLEY STRIEBER another flap in the fall of 1957. The
famous Father Gill case of Papua New
Guinea took place two years later.
Sunday morning, Cynthia Hind of he answered logically, "times change!" Another wave occurred in 1983. The
Harare, Zimbabwe, MUFON's On the 29th of January, 1987, what most famous of all Australian UFO
continental coordinator for Africa, who was in all probability a balloon released cases, of course, was undoubtedly the
does yeoman's work investigating by NASA crossed over the tip of the disappearance of young Frederich
UFOs in her native country, said continent. At the same time, several Valentich aboard a small Cessna over
abductions seem to have passed South workers at a saw mill reported an object Bass Strait, the evening of October 21,
Africa by, though she did mention one containing two men, one dressed in 1978. Two months and ten days later,
case of reported "missing time." blue and one in white. They remained New Zealand was back in the picture
Humanoids have been reported, often convinced that the figures were Malawi again with the videotaped Kaikoura
in association with landed objects, but ngangas (witch doctors) bound for Lights. "Clearly," Chalker concluded,
here, as well as in "standard" UFO South Africa for fresh muti, "medicine." "even from this limited historical
reports, the native interpretation of survey, it is apparent that Australia has
events is invariably colored by local AUSTRALIA a rich UFO tradition and a potent
folklore. One member of the Mashona attendant controversy about its
tribe, who saw three beings in silver Similar native legends may inform importance."
suits, told Cynthia "They were the the early history of UFOs in Australia,
spirits of my ancestors." She replied said Bill Chalker, MUFON state UFO - SWEDEN
that his ancestors probably wore representative for New South Wales,
animal hides and alligator teeth. "Well," though it is impossible to say with From "Down Under" to the
Scandanavian countries is a long
terrestrial hop.but apparently not
where UFOs are concerned. The last

40 years, in Sweden, at least, have been
characterized by the sorts of reports
and the civilian and military response to
them seen in other western countries,
according to Bertil Kuhlemann, an r ^--'rt^* S?3?i3^isf .*at -*ttfi«K.Yfc?* fc£ v *«.*
engineer born in Gothenburg. In other
words, Swedish ufology has had its ups
and downs, in direct relation to the
phenomenon and public interest.
Recent Swedish activities have resulted
in a co-investigation with UFO-Norway,
employing sophisticated scientific and
photographic equipment, of the
persistent Hessdalen Lights, SSE of
Trondheim. Other energetic efforts
have been in the direction of the
establishment of Project URD (UFO
Reporting and Data System), a
computerized data collection and
analysis program, and the promotion of
ICUR, the International Committee for ** ^ r ^
gaifiaL^^ifBsatg^^^j?^ _ ."«-^
lagii*^^^-^ .
UFO Research, of which Kuhlemann is
a co-founder (1979) and present Phi/ip K/ass (i) with Larry Warren of Rendlesham Forest Fame

URUGUAY AND BRAZIL more poorly documented." space. The barest bones will have to
Which is not to say that all suffice. Of the more than twenty
Dr. Willy Smith, who maintains his Brazilian reports should be thrown out contributed papers presented in
own UFO computer database, with the bath water. Among those that parallel sessions, we hope to publish the
UNICAT, covered developments in have received wide publicity are the majority in future issues of the Journal.
both Uruguay and Brazil. Chauvinistic- Barra da Tijuca photographs (1952), The media, print and electronic,
ally, one might expect a "backward" or the Antonio Villas Boas abduction and needless to say, was out in full force. If
sensationalistic approach to UFOs in sexual encounter (1957), the Trindade there was an unfortunate aspect to the
Uruguay, but this has not been the Island sequential photos (1958), and the symposium, it was the fact that so many
case, largely because of two factors, Itaipu Fort incident on November 4, of "us" attended that the general public
noted Smith. The first was the 1957. More recently, in May of 1986, the had to be turned away; there simply
formation (in 1958) of the well regarded Brazilian Air Force engaged a group of wasn't room to seat them. In terms of
and scientifically incjined civilian UFO nocturnal lights for three hours that finances, Washington '87 may go down
organization, CIOVI. Last year, CIOVI seems to stand up as a solid case. Other in history as the most successful UFO
was appointed official adviser in UFO modern reports, however, are symposium yet, due to generous
matters to the Division of Science and frequently characterized by a profusion donations to alleviate travel expenses
Technology of the Ministry of of abductions culminating in sexual of the speakers. And since most of the
Education and Culture. Secondly, in encounters. "The inference," Smith money will go to replenish the coffers of
1979, the Uruguayan Air Force created noted, "is that Brazil has produced not the Fund for UFO Research, it couldn't
its own commission for the study of only a myriad of sensational cases, alas, have happened at a more opportune
UFO reports, CRIDOVNI. without scientific value, but also a time to a more deserving group, since
"The history of the UFO handful of solid incidents which must be the same money will eventually be
phenomenon in Brazil," said Smith, "is taken into account in any serious dispersed back into ufology via various
perhaps best divided into two periods: ufological research." research and investigative projects.
the classic, extending to the late 60's Hopefully, the theme of the American
or early 70's, in which reports of UFO CONCLUSIONS University Symposium — "40 Years Is
activity seem to indicate a systematic Long Enough!" — will filter through
exploratory effort; and the modern Much more could be said about society at large in the same fashion. It's
period, typified by a predominance of what took place at the Washington about time, too.
CE3 and abduction reports, for the Symposium, but even a summary of
most part poorly investigated, and even the other events would stretch available
By Daniel H. Harris, PH.D.

Over the years, as studies of UFO Rip van Winkle and inverse Rip van and there would be no need for me to
phenomena have moved from data Winkle effects, weight changes near study the subject.)
collection towards analysis and UFOs, etc. The nature of these I also assumed that UFO
synthesis, scientists and other serious phenomena is • such that they are phenomena are a single coherent set of
researchers have done increasingly probably not the product of intentional phenomena describable by one truly
sophisticated work with UFO data. illusions produced by UFO comprehensive physics theory, not a
Simultaneously, UFO investigating intelligences. Therefore, I have studied variety of separate overlapping
organizations have improved their data the UFO case material assuming that all phenomena with diverse theories
collection technology and investigative credible physical patterns are real explaining each of them. After a year
techniques. phenomena. and a half of full time study I felt I had a
Both researchers and investi- Case data patterns were accepted very promising theory. Analysis has
gators have contributed to a marked as credible only if several independent since shown that my success at that
improvement in the quality of UFO data reports described similar phenomena, time was only because I had made a
and the credibility of UFO phenomena. (Those cases involving hoaxes and reasonable starting assumption. My
But even with abundant high quality witness errors were recognized by initial assumption, slightly revised, has
data, UFO research still lacks a careful analysis and by comparison with been the basis of all work done since:
theoretical structure, one that can the credible case data patterns.) The "UFO physics may be understood
interconnect patterns in the data and resulting set of credible patterns if the presently recognized equations
provide an understanding of underlying displays a striking uniformity, the same and principles of physics (Laws of
processes. A theoretical structure is phenomena occurring repeatedly in Physics) are unchanged in peculiar
essential if UFO research is to become reports from sources scattered widely regions, while certain physical
a true scientific discipline. This in time and space. The coherent nature constants act like field variables."
discussion will introduce a first order of these phenomena shows that we are Each physics model is specified by
theory of UFO physics, perhaps the generally dealing with competent a set of equations describing
first step towards a full theoretical witnesses and careful reporting. r e l a t i o n s h i p s between newly
structure for UFO science. . recognized variables, variables which in
conventional physics are considered
PATTERN SEARCH NEW PHYSICS invariant physical constants. To
formulate a physics model one seeks a
To find those phenomena which The credible UFO phenomena set of relationships among these new
are credible, and thus useful in the include numerous examples of variables which satisfies the principles
physics analysis, it was necessary to phenomena which suggest the and equations of physics and which also
look for patterns in thousands of UFO existence of a new physics. For provides an understanding of UFO
case reports. Most of the reports were example, UFOs often move with very phenomenona. (Some of these newly
found in case catalogs, in the more high accelerations, on the order of 300 recognized variables are: the speed of
credible UFO books and in the g's. At other times they hover or levitate light, the time rate, certain atomic
newsletters of investigating without substantial reaction thrust. constants, and the particle and field
organizations. (Thank you MUFON for They can fade to invisibility or they can energies.)
providing quality case material for the change their apparent shape. Such Preserving the standard equations
pattern search.) Greater weight was physical effects invite investigation. of physics in a peculiar region while
given to physical trace cases, As a starting point for this permitting some constants to vary has
instrumented recordings, photo cases investigation I made the assumption (in the important consequence that only
involving multiple witnesses, and other December, 1972) that UFO physics is those physics models which satisfy
high quality data. not too far beyond our current Einstein's principle of relativity have
The pattern search emphasized understanding. That is, the equations self-consistent variations of the new
physical phenomena such as magnetic and principles of physics, when variables. Therefore, I assume that
field effects, UFO propulsion reconceptualized or extended, would Einstein's principle of relativity is valid
capabilities, UFO light beams, UFO give a first order understanding of UFO in regions with peculiar conditions. I call
appearance changes, occupant phenomena. (Otherwise effective UFO this assumption the Principle of
capabilities, time rate effects like the research would be beyond my ability Relativity II. This means that an
observer inside a peculiar region when from another area of science. Searches of UFO invisibility and appearance
doing observations restricted to that for critical test phenomena in ball changes, extreme UFO maneuvers and
region would not be able to find lightning physics and in observations of levitation, UFO invisibility and
anything peculiar about the local peculiar astronomical objects did not at levitation, UFO associated time loss
physics. that time yield useful results. and time advancement, UFO
In the fall of 1984, my research generated high strength magnetic
LIGHT SPEED shifted toward finding elegance, fields, UFO light beams and light beam
simplicity and self-consistency in the bending near UFOs, UFO light beam
Early in this work I tested a variety physics models. At that time the full weapons, access to parallel space
of UFO physics models. All the early utility of the principle of Relativity II times, faster than light travel, and many
models, including my own, failed by became apparent, as well as the critical other phenomena. It is very pleasing to
varying degrees when they were tested importance of the principle of energy find that one comprehensive theory
for physical plausibility, self- conservation. (In Relativity II the does indeed explain the UFO
consistency and agreement with the full principle of energy conservation tells us phenomena.
set of credible UFO phenomena. The that an observer inside a peculiar region Although this theory provides a
most promising models were Relativity upon measuring and comparing various u s e f u l tool f o r u n d e r s t a n d i n g
II models. However, even the Relativity kinds of energy finds all forms of energy relationships among the new variables,
II models gave an understanding of only as expected from normal physics, while it does not as yet provide an
a subset of UFO phenomena. Still, the an outside observer measuring these understanding of the process which
early studies did produce results which same inside energy values finds all generates or triggers the peculiar
are simple enough to be independent of forms of energy scaled by a factor physics effects. This source process is
the model chosen. related to the peculiar region's speed of the process which connects unusual
Primary among these is the evident light. This is analogous to the shrinking conditions in the peculiar region with
variation of the speed of light near of objects and the slowing of clocks in changes in the speed of light and other
UFOs. The bending of light beams near Einstein's relativity.) physical constants.
UFOs, the apparent UFO shape and In late 1986, by using the principle Since peculiar physics effects
size changes, their ability to merge or of Relativity II and the principle of seem to occur spontaneously and
fission, their frequently diffuse edges, energy conservation, I discovered a set naturally in ball lightning, quasars, and
and other effects argue for real light of physics models which are both other exotic astronomical objects, I
speed variations near UFOs. Light elegant and self-consistent. These believe that with the aid of the present
speed variations make these exotic models are simpler in concept than theory and greater knowledge of the
phenomena understandable as earlier models and they describe more conditions in these peculiar objects we
consequences of light bending. The UFO phenomena than previously may be able to pin down the source
light speed variation concept was one of understood. Furthermore, these process. We should then be able to
the keys to formulating the physics models give a better understanding of build devices to replicate these peculiar
models. Since 1980, the speed of light observations of ball lightning and exotic effects. We may even build UFO-like
has been treated as the root variable in astronomical objects like quasars. Each vehicles and then follow UFOs to find
all the Relativity II physics models. That of these models postulates that in a out their point of origin and purpose
is, each of the physics models has peculiar region all forms of energy vary here.
specified relations between the speed of together and are proportional to a If you would like to get involved in
light and the other new variables. power of the speed of light, e.g., one this research by collecting relevant
Because UFO phenomena are so model says that all forms of energy vary UFO data, by critiquing the physics, or
exotic and diverse, testing physics with the speed of light squared. by learning more about this research,
models takes considerable effort, then please contact the author at the
particularly since interpretation is quite PHYSICAL CHANGES Institute for Fundamental Scientific
uncertain even when using the best Investigations, P.O. Box 530233,
data. After many attempts at finding a Between October, 1986, and Austin, TX, 78753.
comprehensive physics model, it January, 1987, I tested these models
became clear th..i if emphasis remained against patterns in the UFO case data.
primarily on analysis of UFO case data, It seems that only one of these models
then no physics model would be fits the widest range of patterns in the
established as uniquely superior. UFO data. Furthermore, this same MUFON
Inconsistencies and other flaws in the physics model requires the least 103 Oldtowne Rd.
physics tended to remain unnoticed modification to conventional physics.
when the focus was on explaining the Therefore, I believe that this particular Scguin, Texas
case data. physics model is the key to 78155
Additional input data was needed, understanding UFO physics.
such as a simplifying principle from Results presently available show
physics or some critical observation that this model gives an understanding
By Philip Imbrogno

Something truly extraordinary sightings and a reporter phoned Allen

happened in the Hudson River Valley, Hynek at his home in Arizona. When
just a few miles north of New York the reporter said hundreds of people
City. Hundreds, and probably had seen a UFO the size of a football
thousands, of astonished people field over a major highway, Allen was
looked up in the sky and saw astounded. He hadn't heard about the
something they'd never seen before. . sightings.
It was huge, awesome and Allen phoned me and asked what,
spectacular. was going on. We had just gotten
It was seen not once but many started on our investigation and I hadn't
times over a period of more than three had time to notify anyone else. I filled
years. him in on what we had learned so far,
No one knew what it was. No one and shortly afterwards he flew to
yet knows. . . Connecticut to work with our
These are the opening words of the investigation team.
prologue of Night Siege: The Hudson From the first moment I learned
Valley UFO Sightings, to be published about the sightings, I knew it was going
by Ballantine Books in October. This is to be more than one man could handle,
a book about what was probably the and we soon formed a team that
most spectacular, prolonged series of PHILIP IMBROGNO included Sheila Sabo, George Lesnick,
sightings anywhere in the world. Fred Dennis and Chris Clark. Allen
The sightings began, as far as we joined me in supervising the
can learn, as midnight approached on in an area of more than 1,400 square investigation.
New Year's Eve 1982 and have miles. In all, Allen came to Connecticut
continued until as recently as the latter Although sightings were reported as six times to work with us, and it was
part of May 1987, with 1983 and 1984 far north as Albany, New York, and well around the end of 1983 that he asked if I
being the periods of the most frequent into Massachusetts, we restricted our had thought about putting together a
sightings by large numbers of people. investigation to Westchester, Putnam book on the sightings. I told him no. He
Thousands of people saw what and Dutchess counties in New York, thought this was such a good case that
most described as a huge, boomerang- and Fairfield, Litchfield and New Haven . a book should be written, and said that
shaped object, usually very brightly lit counties in Connecticut. if I decided I wanted to, to contact him
and moving low and very slowly in the We estimate at least 5,000 people because he'd like to write it with me.
night sky. Often, it simply hovered saw the UFO, and we have several Allen was impressed by the
silently or emitted only a faint humming thousand hours of taped interviews numbers and backgrounds of people
sound. with hundreds of witnesses, many of who reported seeing the UFO (as were
them good, solid people w i t h the rest of our investigation team).
FLYING CITY professional backgrounds. Even then, Allan was convinced that this case had
we had to ignore literally hundreds of no logical explanation.
One man called it a "flying city." reports, simply because we didn't have The investigation continued well
Another said it was a big as an the time or manpower — or money — into 1985 with no end to the sightings.
aircraft carrier. to run down every one. By then we had hundreds of hours of
Nearly all said it was as large as a At first I had no thought of writing a taped interviews and six notebooks
football field, and some said three book about the sightings. My first filled with data.
football fields. concern was to investigate the reports It was at that time that I put much
Although the sightings began on and document them as fully as possible. of the information into a computer and
New Year's Eve 1982, it was several we came up with the estimate that at
months before we first became aware of BEGINNINGS least 5,000 had seen the UFO since the
them, and life has not been the same beginning of 1983. This was based not
since. Virtually all of our spare time In March 1983, The New York only on all the reports we had received
since then has been spent investigating Times wanted to run a story on the but also on those made to police
stations, airports, newspapers, radio
and TV stations and to a UFO hotline
phone that investigator Peter Gersten
had set up in Westchester County.
What was particularly impressive
was the type of. people who were willing
to go on record as having seen this
thing: scientists, engineers, doctors,
lawyers, pilots, corporate executives,
professors, police officers and people
from all walks of life.
Allen and I tried to put a
manuscript together at that time, but it
was almost impossible. Hundreds of
taped interviews still had to be
transcribed, and this was a gigantic task
that Sheila Sabo took on. For months,
Sheila typed and produced hundreds of
pages of transcripts that became the
raw material we would work with.
Allen and I worked up an outline
and began selecting material for the
various chapters. However, Allen's
health was poor by then and I was too
busy with the investigations. We were
dealing with a vast amount of material
and realized we needed a professional
BOB PRATT Taconlc State Parkway
(W7-W11-W15-W21 & 26)
We made an agreement with one
writer to do the book, but he later
backed out, saying he had another
project he wanted to finish. It was then
that our agent, John White, suggested sent back a polished book proposal and possibility that a few witnesses may
we ask one of his clients, Bob Pratt, to the first two chapters, and we were in have had more than just an ordinary
write the book. Dusiness. encounter.
Bob had become interested in the Several months later Ballantine We make no claims as to what the
UFO phenomenon as a tabloid reporter bought rights to the book and UFO was, what it was doing or where it
in 1975 and since 1981 had been an throughout 1986 Bob and I worked came from. We simply present a strong
independent investigator working on together closely. He made two trips to case for the existence of something that
his own, mostly in Brazil. He had the Hudson Valley to take a personal has not yet been explained, and we
interviewed 1,300 to 1,400 people in look at the sighting areas, but for the appeal to the world's scientific
North and South America and the Far most part we worked through the mails community to stop ignoring the
East about their sightings and and by phone. evidence. As we said at the end:
encounters, and had w r i t t e n Sadly, Allen died in April 1986, just We do not know what it is. We can
extensively about UFOs. several weeks before Ballantine agreed only speculate.
Allen had known Bob since 1975 to publish our book. Shortly after, his We would like to know what it is,
and respected him, both as a reporter wife, Mimi, accepted our invitation to and we believe everyone who saw it
and investigator. I didn't know Bob at work with us, critiquing the manuscript would like to know.
the time, but Allen thought he'd be a as it was written. She offered many We invite the scientists of the
good choice and that was good enough excellent suggestions and was very world to take an openminded, objective
for me. John phoned Bob, who had helpful in shaping the final book. look at this phenomenon and help solve
given up hope of ever taking a firsthand We believe Allen would have liked the mystery.
look at the Hudson Valley case, and he the book. It's a serious, nuts and bolts (Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO
immediately accepted. type of book without any mystical or Sightings, by Dr. J. Allen Hynek and
That was early in 1986.1 sent Bob metaphysical aspects to it. For the most Philip J. Imbrogno with Bob Pratt, is to
the outline plus material for the first two part, it simply relates many of the more be published in soft cover by Ballantine
chapters. In less than two weeks, he vivid sightings, but does touch on the Books in October 1987.)
By Bob Pratt

. J^V"1" "*•p"*'»,t-*""-''~-i"-*r '::>--'-*- *•-

® 1987 by Bob Pratt x^£~ xj*-**"^^," ^- - ^r*-rT" --'i.-- - - : • • " ; '•
I spent most of the month of
September 1986 in Brazil. It was a
successful trip in that I got to do most of
the things I wanted to do, but it was
tiring and frustrating in many ways. The
people I worked with, however, were
absolutely magnificent, very generous
of their time and hospitality and even
money. Jean Alencar, a lawyer in
Fortaleza; even took a whole week off
from his practice to take me to various
places in his home state, Ceara, and
shared many of his cases with me.
Although I went to only a relatively
few areas in Brazil, it was enough to
show me that virtually all the things that
were going on back in 1977 and 1978
(which took me to that country on the
first of half a dozen visits) are still going
on, and.have been virtually non-stop ,-s+ •&#•*•' -. .-• ^Wv-ii.-^
through the years.
People in the interior are still being
terrified by UFOs. They're still being Artist Dudley Guy's interpretation of a UFO.
panicked by the sudden appearance of died and two were badly burned) have 1.) In Rio, Irene Granchi brought
a brilliantly lighted object just over their occurred again, in the same place and me up to date on 27 sightings that had
heads as they walk in country areas at under almost identical circumstances occurred in different parts of Brazil
night. And, as they run in fright, they nine years and one week later. This between March 19 and June 15. These
are still being "chased," if that is the time one man died and a second was included the Brazilian Air Force (FAB)
proper word. Maybe they're simply injured somehow and two others jet chase on the night of May 19.
being "followed" out of curiosity or for became ill and fell unconscious for at Also included was a sighting at 3:30
some other reason, although in at least least 15 hours. Again, there is no A.M. May 18 in the Jardim Botanico
one case there was a prolonged, explanation. It is possible that neither district of Rio by a woman psychologist
deliberate attempt to get at a witness- Crab Island case is a genuine UFO currently living in New York. She told
victim in his hiding place. case, because the link to UFOs in the Irene she had watched a group of seven
Some people are still being injured first case was tenuous at best and in the to ten small objects and one large object
(usually the mild-burn type of thing). second there appears to be nothing moving from north to south and take up
Some are definitely being persecuted in whatsoever tying it to a UFO. But in five different formations over a 15-
the sense that a UFO will persist over a both cases something truly inexplicable minute period.
period of time in trying to do something happened and if a UFO wasn't Irene also told me about a case that
(what?) to them. And I believe several responsible, then some equally baffling occurred on the night of May 23-24 in
more deaths can be attributed to the phenomenon is at work. (More on this Rondonopolis involving a man named
UFOs, although the deaths may have later.) Edivaldo who was driving in a truck
been an unfortunate "byproduct" of the when he saw a lighted object off to one
encounters. side of the road. He then saw a flash of
Perhaps most fascinating of all is CASES CONTINUE light and was unconscious for 72 hours.
that virtually the same things that He has no recollection of what
happened in the 1977 "Crab Island Briefly this is what I learned from happened to him. Irene hopes to have a
case" near Sao Luis (in which one man the trip: psychologist in Sao Paulo hypnotize the
man. (b) A middle-aged man returning to lifted off and went away, it hit some
Irene had another case involving his home was riding a donkey and electricity lines, breaking one of them.
five persons who had close encounters leading another that was loaded with Repairmen for the power company
on two consecutive nights (while fishing goods of some kind. An enormous light came out some days later to fix the wire
at a beach south of Rio) with an object appeared as he neared his mother's and one of the repairmen reportedly
the size of a two-story house coming house and "chased" him. The light then saw an unusual light in the distance.
down and hovering within 30 meters of turned off and he didn't see it any more. Many people began carrying guns
them. On the second night, they saw a He was temporarily blinded. His cargo and one such man, 22, said he saw a
plane apparently chasing the UFO and mule ran off and the other refused to UFO shaped like a "refrigerator" land
one of the witnesses, an Air Force walk. The man described the object as a one night about 20 meters away from
veteran, said it was an FAB jet. "flying refrigerator" with four red and him. He said an occupant descended on
2.) In Rio I also talked with Cynthia yellow spots on it and said it made a a stairway. The witness was carrying a
Luce, one of t h r e e M U F O N buzzing sound. .38 revolver and he fired twice.
representatives for Brazil. I had a (c) On the same night, a young Apparently he didn't hit the object nor
chance to see interviews with the man who used to mock people who said did he hear any ricocheting sound. He
witnesses because Mauro Costa, a they saw flying saucers was himself became frightened and ran home.
philosophy professor from Rio, had chased by a UFO and had his "clothes
gone with her to re-interview the torn off." He said the UFO "abused" MANEUVERS
witnesses and he videotaped the him, but I don't know the details of this
interviews. I found the use of a video case. Now the young man will not walk In Belo Horizonte, Alberto do
camera quite interesting, and I can see at night alone any more. Carmo told me that Albert Eduardo
great possibilities for it (plus a number (d) A woman and two small boys had talked to policewoman and a pilot
of disadvantages). walking in the dark saw a UFO come who were among a number of people
3.) Since May, UFO sightings and over the top of a hill and they hid under who saw about a dozen objects flying
encounters have been occurring in and a tree. The UFO approached the tree figure eights and in triangular and
around a small village named and they ran on to a grove of bamboo square patterns near the airport at
Conceicao do Mato Dentro in Minas trees, crawling in on their hands and Monte Claros in north-central Minas
Gerais. This is in the Valley of the River knees to hide. A woman living nearby Gerais in May. The objects appeared to
of the Old Women, which is four or five saw all this happen from her house (she be in an intelligent formation and
hours' drive north of Belo Horizonte could see the people running because one looked bigger than the others.
and is where Hulvio Aleixo (in my they were illuminated by an electric Some of the smaller ones were seen
estimation one of the world's best, most light in the street). She said the UFO entering bigger ones. All this lasted for
thorough researchers) has been flew very low, was silent and looked like about two hours. I did not get a chance
investigating cases for the past 35 years a "fire torch." This woman said: to talk to Albert Eduardo about this. (A
or so. I was in Belo Horizonte "Everybody runs away from the light. similar sighting was described to me by
September 9, 10 and 11, and the most Everybody's afraid of it." She also said a two night watchmen in a suburb of
recent sighting in the Valley had been peasant claimed to have seen a UFO Mendoza, Argentina, in 1978; they said
on September 2. This information came land on a field behind his house; he felt that before dawn one day in July of that
from Albert Eduardo, a young man heat, got scared and locked the door. year, a large number of small objects —
about 30 who is a member of AMPEU in She also said the UFO was being seen one witness said 25 to 30, the other said
Belo Horizonte and is one of the almost every night. hundreds — were flying figure-eights in
editors of Jornal UFO-LOGICO. (e) On the night of May 15,1986, a and out among the light pylons of
Hulvio has also investigated some of the 70-year-old farm worker named Mendoza's new soccer stadium.)
same sightings and he gave me a Joaquim watched as a UFO hovered I went on to Fortaleza, and Jean
number of details. Just a few days about 50 paces away from his house, Alencar took me to Paraipaba, a small
before I met with Albert Eduardo, he maybe 10 to 15 meters above the city near the coast west of Fortaleza,
had gone to Conceico do Mato Dentro ground, for a half hour. He said it was where we stayed overnight in a
with another young man and they flashing a beam of light all around the peasant's house on a farm (quite an
videotaped their interviews. I saw the hills and occasionally shined it on him. experience: Manuel and Adelaide, our
tape, with Alberto Do Carmo (a physics He was standing in a doorway, with the hosts, were poor but kind and generous
teacher and veteran investigator) lower half of the door closed, looking at with what they had. Manuel, Jean,
interpreting for me. Among the cases: it. He shielded his face with his left arm, another guy and I walked to the beach,
(a) A shy 18-year-old was returning holding it up to cover his eyes. But on four miles away, almost all of it over
to his home on the night of September 2 one occasion his right eye was exposed, huge sand dunes. It was like trekking in
when a big reddish light suddenly and he lost about 80 percent of the the desert, but before reaching the
turned on above his head. It frightened vision in that eye and his left arm was dunes we had to walk 60 to 70 yards
him and he ran and hid under a tree, burned (like a sunburn). He said he through an ankle-deep swampy area.
injuring his arm as he scrambled for a heard voices, but couldn't understand Fortunately for me, someone loaned
hiding place. the language. When the UFO finally me a pair of rubber-soled sandals).
In Paraipaba and the area of • she has heart problems. The third psychologists, and the only conclusion
Adelaide's farm, we talked to nearly a woman, who was two months they came to was that he had a brain
dozen, people who had had UFO pregnant, aborted and lost, her baby. lesion. He was sent home.
sightings or encounters as long ago as You could argue that any pregnant In the meantime, Barros had
ten. years before and as recently as 7 woman who runs 500 meters risks stopped telling his story about the UFO
o'clock the night before, the latter just a losing her baby regardless of the because almost no one believed him,
few miles from where we were staying. circumstances, but if the UFO had not other than his wife and Dr. Megalhes
In one incident, a man and his grown appeared, these women would never (who was ridiculed by his fellow
son had a close encounter that left them have run. So, in that sense, the death, physicians for believing the story).
both feeling burned and suffering from and perhaps the premature birth of a Further, Barros' speech began to
headaches. child who may never walk, can be deteriorate and three months after the
On the third day, Jean and I then blamed on a UFO. incident his hair turned white. By the
went to another small coastal village end of six months, he had lost all of his
called Pecem, where there were several LIGHT BEAM mental faculties and had regressed to
serious cases: the age of a one or two-year-old child.
One involved a farm worker, now On my fourth day in Fortaleza, And ever since, the only words he says
52, who had gone fishing one night in Jean, another investigator named are "Mamae," "Medo" and "Da,"
1983 at a place on the beach where he Reginaldo Athayde, who owns a (which I think mean Mama, danger and
had fished for 30 years. At 2 A.M. a pharmacy, and I went to Quixada (a give). He recognizes only his wife and
bright light suddenly appeared over his two-hour drive south of Fortaleza), needs a fulltime nurse to take care of
head and he ran and hid under the where we first interviewed Antonio him. He reacts to no stimuli, except that
nearest tree. For the next four hours, Moreira Megalhes, a physician who, 10 when someone takes a picture of him
he said, the UFO stayed above him and years earlier, had treated Luis with a strobe light, he screams when he
and every few minutes shined a beam of Fernandes Barros, then 52, a well-to-do sees the flash.
light down on him and his hiding place. Quixada businessman and ranch We went to see Barros, who lives
He was terrified and every time the light owner, after Barros had a UFO in a large, well furnished and expensive
went off he felt frigid cold. When dawn encounter. At about 7 A.M. on the home in Quixada and he simply sits
broke, the UFO disappeared and the morning of April 23, 1976, a vaquero staring, occasionally moving his eyes
man ran home. He hid under a bed at found Barros dazed and sitting in a.two- but apparently seeing nothing. Dr.
first and was sick and nauseated for wheel carriage .behind a donkey, Megalhes, who seems to be a very
weeks. Ever since then he has refused several kilometers from his ranch (16 sensible, intelligent man, showed us
to go out at night and will not stay home kms from Quixada). that Barros has control of his arms and
by himself. He no longer fishes and his When Barros became coherent, legs and did.not suffer a stroke.
family says he now has "mental he said that about two hours before This is one of Reginaldo's cases.
problems." daybreak a big lighted object came Apparently there have been many UFO
We then talked to two women, one down and hovered just above him and happenings in the Quixada area, and
34 and the other 28. Four years ago, the donkey. A door of some kind some residents refer to the city as the
they and a third woman (a sister of the opened on the bottom and a beam of "UFO capital of the northeast." We had
28-year-old) and two children had been light was projected down on him and lunch and after leaving the restaurant
gathering wood in the sand dunes near the donkey. He didn't know what we ran into a radio announcer friend of
the beach a short distance east of happened after that. Barros Reginaldo's who said he had seen a
Pecem. This was at dusk, and suddenly complained of being very sick, suffering UFO on the airfield at Quixada in 1985.
a big orange light appeared above their from nausea, diarrhea, headaches and We had intended to see him in the
heads and they ran. The wood they vomiting. (The donkey appeared to be afternoon to get the details but we ran
were carrying slowed them down so in a sort of stupor for about a week, but out of time and didn't get back to see
they threw it away. They ran 500 meters then recovered.) him.
before reaching some trees where they Barros' wife, Teresina, took him to In the afternoon, we attempted to
could hide, and the UFO chased them Quixada to see Dr. Megalhes, who was check out a report published in the Rio
or followed them all the way and then then 40 and had known Barros nearly newspaper O Dia several years ago that
passed on out of sight. all his life. The doctor listened to the village of Jaburu, near Quixada,
All of them were sick and Barros' story and gave him medicine to was being terrorized by UFOs. We
nauseated and had headaches for more alleviate his sick feeling. However, the drove off in search of Jaburu but never
than a week, and nine days after the medicine didn't help, and the doctor got there. Some distance east of
incident, the 34-year-old woman, who sent Barros to Fortaleza to see a Quixada, we turned off the paved
was then seven months pregnant, gave psychiatrist. Teresina (most of these highway onto a one-lane dirt road and
premature birth. I saw her baby, Kelvia, details came from her and the rest from followed that for at least 17 kms before
who is now 4 years old and is a sweet, Dr. Megalhes) told us she had her giving up because the road became
good-natured child. She smiles a lot and husband in Fortaleza for two months impassable. We stopped from time to
chatters a bit, but she doesn't walk and and he was seen by 12 psychiatrists and time to get directions (Jaburu was
always just "three or four kilometers" City Hall, since the police chief and Jean and Junho drove back to
farther down the road) and usually mayor had been quoted in the stories. Fortaleza and I went to Sao Luis — by
heard some reference to strange lights Naturally, by then there was a new chief bus. I had a 21-day air pass on VASP,
being seen in the area. Near the end of and a new mayor, and at first no one one of the four major domestic airlines,
our search, we stopped at a peasant's knew anything about the four hunters. but V ASP's flight attendants went on
small mud-and-thatch house for But suddenly we began to get swamped strike several days after I arrived in
directions, and we heard two separate with people who had seen or Fortaleza, overloading the other
reports of sightings. The father had encountered UFOs, and one of them airlines and making it impossible to get
seen something flying by one night, and did confirm that at least one of the four a flight. In Sao Luis, my friends, Monica
on another night two of his teenage hunters had died. This man said the Carneiro and Ana Teresa Britto
sons said they had been "chased" hunter and a companion saw a UFO (Monica teaches English in both a
across a field by a bright light. one night in October 1981 and the university and a private school and Ana
companion ran and hid, and when he teaches in the private school), helped
UFO DEATHS? returned he found the other man dead. me track down the story of the latest
No one we talked to knew anything Crab Island mystery (they were my
The following day, Jean and a about any other hunters dying as the principal interpreters on the original
young friend of his, "Junho," and I result of UFO encounters, but the Crab Island case in 1978; now they help
drove 400 miles to Teresina, where we areas mentioned in the news stories me because we're good friends).
contacted four young members of a were some distance from Parnarama. As you may remember, in 1977 on
UFO organization. They knew What we did learn is that UFO the night of April 25-26, four men (who
absolutely n o t h i n g about t h e sightings are fairly common in the had sailed a 40-foot wooden boat to
Parnarama case in which four hunters Parnarama area (before we were able to Crab Island to get wood) intended to
allegedly were killed by UFOs in leave, we made a courtesy call on the awaken about midnight (when the tide
October 1981. Parnarama is only 80 mayor, a capable, confident looking came in), load the wood (which had
kms south south of Teresina. (These man in his mid-thirties who told us there been cut and stacked on the river bank
deaths were reported in several were "at least 100 UFO cases" in the next to the boat) and sail back to Sao
Brazilian magazines and the National Parnarama area) and there had been Luis on the outgoing tide. Three of the
Enquirer, in the latter part of 1981, and sightings as recently as 10 and 20 days men had done this a hundred times
the case was one of the principal before we went there (September 18). before, relying on their own inner
reasons why I went to Brazil, to check In one case, a landowner said he tried to clocks and the rising tide's rocking the
out these reports. Reports of deaths in shoot at a UFO one night and received boat to awaken them. However, on this
UFO cases always bother me — it is the what felt like an electric shock. In night, they didn't wake up until about 6
ultimate in UFO experiences, I would another case, a city councilwoman who the next morning. By then, one man, a
say — and I cannot understand why was fishing in a lake with a companion 22-year-old, was dead in his hammock
someone doesn't do whatever is one night said a UFO came down and and his older brother, Firmino, was
necessary to determine how true they hovered over one end of the lake. She badly burned and his cousin, Auleriano,
are. In theEnquirer's case, they relied said the light was so bright she could was also burned but less severely. (I
on a stringer in Rio who relied on a see the fish swimming around in the spent a month in Sao Luis on this case;
reporter from Sao Luis who may or may lake. police said there was no evidence of a
not have gone to Parnarama to Some day I want to go back and fire on the boat — a fact that I
investigate.) spend a week or more in that area. As it confirmed with a personal visit afer
However, the young men, from is, the brief visit was an eye-opener to wading barefoot 75 yards through knee-
Teresina agreed to take a day off from the young men who had gone down deep swamp — or on the banks of the
their jobs and go with us to Parnarama there with us from Teresina (when we river on Crab Island.) Only Apolinario,
the next day. Originally, Jean, Junho first talked to them, they had only one another brother, was apparently
and I had planned to spend at least two possible UFO case 20 or 30 kms north unharmed, and he had to sail the boat
days in the Parnarama area, but shortly of Teresina to work on), and I am sure back to Sao Luis by himself.
after we arrived in Teresina, Jean they will be returning there. There have Firmino was left crippled by his
phoned home and learned he had to been enough sightings in the burns and he is no longer able to work.
return almost immediately because of a Parnarama area alone to keep them The men could not remember what
court case, so we were able to spend busy for at least a year. We were able to happened, not even when they were
only several hours in Parnarama the confirm at least one of the deaths put under hypnosis by Dr. Silvio Lago, a
next day. reported in the Enquirer, but Niteroi physician and former medical
The next morning, we drove to information on the other three will have professor who had used hypnosis in his
Parnarama, a really dirty, dusty drive to wait until the young men from practice for 45 years. The police were
that ended with a five-minute ferryboat Teresina can spend much more time in not able to determine what happened,
ride across the Parnaiba, a shallow, the area. although they were convinced the three
muddy river several hundred yards survivors were telling the truth.
wide at that spot. We went straight to CRAB ISLAND This occurred during a period of
extremely heavy UFO activity in the only Juvencio, because Lazaro was hovered over them and shined a beam
general area stretching from Sao Luis somewhere near Alcantara, across Sao of light on the boat. He and his
on the east to Pinheiro, a two-hour Marcos Bay, and Anselmo had gone companions dived overboard and hid in
ferryboat ride and 70-km drive to the into the interior and no one knew bushes along the bank. He said people
west. (The mayor of Pinheiro told me in exactly where he was. in several other boats in the area had
1978 and again in 1981 that a UFO From what Juvencio and the port similar experiences that year.
appeared over Pinheiro — sometimes authorities told us, none of the So, this is a summary of most of the
hovering and then shooting right out survivors know what happened to cases I looked into or heard about in
into the atmosphere, and sometimes them. They are certain that food Brazil. I actually did little real
corning right back down to 1,000 poisoning was not to blame, and the investigation on this trip since I didn't
meters above the town — almost every authorities do not believe any kind of have much time. Mostly I talked to
night for four months in 1977 and that poisonous gas could have been the witnesses, often in the presence of
probably 50,000 people in his region cause. No autopsy was performed on neighbors who listened to the
alone had seen it.) Crab Island is in Sao Verissimo; by the time the boat reached interviews without any negative
Marcos Bay between Sao Luis and Sao Luis, his body was badly remarks.
Pinheiro. All this, plus the fact that a decomposed (just as in the first Crab Taken in the context of all the other
doctor who was skeptical of all UFO Island case; the doctor in that case cases I have investigated or looked into
reports said he heard Firmino (at the listed "emotional shock" as the cause of to some extent in Brazil over the past
time in a hospital in a semi-coma) death). . Verissimo's death certificate eight years, I found most of the stories
mumble something about seeing a light (which the port authorities let us see) quite believable. A common thread
or fire ("o fogo," a common term at that simply says the cause of death was seems to run through most of them,
time for a UFO), are the only reasons "undetermined." and often the experience is a rather
for suspecting a UFO might have been The only thing unusual that traumatic one for the witness. I find it
involved. happened that night is that, sometime difficult to understand how such things
Now then, earlier last year, four between 6 and 8 P.M., the men heard a can go on year after, year without the
men in a similar boat also went to Crab loud crashing sound somewhere authorities learning about them or, if
Island for the same purpose. They nearby in the darkness, as if a large tree they do, ever trying to do something
sailed three on April 28, spent two days had fallen over. However, they have about them. What does it take to get
cutting more than 300 pieces of wood never known of a tree falling over on them or the scientists interested in this
(actually, poles three to four meters Crab Island. phenomenon?
long) and had stacked them on the river Juvencio and Lazaro refuse to go
bank next to their boat. On April 30, aboard a boat any more, we were told,
they quit working about 6 P.M. (at and the port authorities (who have a Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J.Greenwood
dusk) and at aobut 8 one of the men, role similar to our Coast Guard) have
Juvencio, 22, began to cook their forbidden anyone to go to Crab Island
supper. However, he complained about to gather wood any more. This
feeling dizzy and he fell to the deck
unconscious. Another man, Anselmo,
and a third, Lazaro, 44, also began to
feel dizzy and they too fainted. None of
supposedly had been prohibited all
along, but never was enforced, and
after this second incident the
authorities notified all boat owners in
these three know what happened to the the port that the law would be strictly
fourth man, Verissimo, 21, but when enforced henceforth.
Lazaro (the first to awaken) regained One other weird coincidence:
consciousness at noon the next day, Both Juvencio and the young man who
Verissimo was dead,, with no marks on died, Verissimo (Juvencio's brother-in-
him, although some blood was trickling law), were related by blood or marriage
from his mouth. The other two revived to all four of the men who were involved THE GOVERNMENT COVERUP
shortly after, but all three were sick and in the first Crab Island incident. OF THE UFO EXPERIENCE
nauseated. Juvencio also had a head There is no obvious UFO
injury of some kind, with the right side connection in this case, only the about UFOs and why won t it tell us?
of his head being swollen. unexplained crashing sound. A With a foreword by Dr. J. Allen Hynek
The two uninjured men tried to neighbor of Juvencio's, one of many
load the wood onto the boat, but quit people who gathered around as we
after getting less than 30 pieces on interviewed Juvencio, told us that one
board and, with difficulty, sailed the
boat back to Sao Luis.
night in 1983 he had been on a boat in a
stream between Alcantara and Itauna,
The port authorities investigated which are across Sao Marcos Bay from SEGUIN, TX 78155
and cannot determine what happened. Sao Luis and not too far from Crab
Monica, Ana and I were able to locate Island, and a big bright light came down,
1967: Stanley Moxon was driving north
LOOKING BACK on Highway 15 near Joyceville,
Ontario, Canada at 4 a.m. on the 23rd,
when he saw a huge, glowing object "as
By Bob Cribble big as a house" come out of the
darkened skies and land in a field beside
the highway, where several occupants
FORTY YEARS AGO--August 1947: which another jet pilot took part, got out and walked around. The 21-
On the fourth, the pilot and co-pilot of a described the object as "five times as year-old bachelor and unshakeable
DC-3, flying near Bethel, Alaska, bright as a star" until it vanished. skeptic when it came to UFOs said:
observed a flying disc larger than their * * * "The light was so bright it was like
aircraft. The disc crossed their path at THIRTY YEARS AGO - August daylight. Never seen anything like it."
.about 1000 feet and they turned to give 1957: In a new statement on UFOs, Moxon said the object
chase. The aircraft was flying at 170 Radio Moscow declared that flying disappeared around a bend in the road
mph, but the disc flew out of sight in discs have never been sighted over and when he drove around the bend
four minutes. Russian territory. The broadcast was "the ship was sitting in the field, 500 to
* * * made on the 13th. On the same day 1000 feet away." Moxon sat in his car
THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO - Josephs. Mans, Democratic candidate with the lights off watching three beings
August 1952: Scripps-Howard Staff for the 13th Congressional District in about three-feet tall walking around.
Writer, Doyle Kline, observed a flight of New Jersey called for a complete "They seemed to be walking around
ten luminous discs pass over Congressional investigation of flying picking up specimens of earth and
Albuquerque, New Mexico, at 9:50 discs. Mans said he was convinced that plants. They looked white, with bubbles
p.m. on the second. Their flight was a threat of interplanetary invasion over their heads." When Moxon turned
soundless. They were clustered exists. In addition he urged "complete on his lights at high beam to get a better
together, then they shifted to a perfect cooperation with other nations to look at the beings, they got back in their
V-formation. Within seconds they prevent international panic, if and when ship and vanished into the air within
formed two rows with the discs spaced the agressors from outer space arrive." seconds. "The ship looked like an
by exact intervals. The shift was done * * * upside-down bowl. It was on three legs.
with precision, incredibly swift, and TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO - It didn't make a sound. Just zoom, and
fantastically violent. At 4:30 a.m. the August 1962: During late August, it was gone. You tell yourself, 'this can't
following day, a Hamilton Air Force Marilyn Chenarides and her mother, be happening.'"
Base (California) pilot observed eight Mrs. Mildred Anderson, had a close Moxon reported the incident to
flying discs over the Farallon Islands, encounter while on vacation at Lake police at Smith Falls and learned
west of San Francisco. Base officials Movil in the Minnesota wilds. "We were hundreds of other people in the area
confirmed that at the same time coast looking out our cabin window when we reported seeing lights that morning.
radar installations tracked UFOs in saw this really bright red object Police found burn marks in the ground
the same area "intermittently," and that hovering over our dock about 50 feet and three impressions which indicated
three intercept missions with F-86 jets away. It appeared from nowhere, 100,000 pounds of pressure. Within 12
were dispatched to investigate but looked to be about eight feet tall and hours Moxon was visited by two U.S.
sighted nothing. two car-lengths long, and was oval Air Force investigators. The lengthy
Li. B.A. Swinley, the, pilot who shaped with a smaller oval on top which "interrogation" ended with the
observed the discs, said' they were had three triangular windows," Mrs. investigators saying they would report
round, silver, "were definitely physical Chenarides said. "Yellow light was their findings to him and advising him to
objects," and flew in an irregular shining from the windows and we could keep his mouth shut about the sighting.
diamond-shaped formation and then see the silhouettes of three human-like He never saw them again.
shifted to string out one behind the people. They were about the size of About 5 p.m. the following day, a
other. He estimated their speed at 400 ordinary men and appeared to be man in his early twenties (name
mph. On the morning of the 20th, the staring at us. We watched for several withheld), who raced motorcycles as a
radar crew at the Air Defense minutes. Then my mother turned out hobby, was riding to Melbourne,
Command Post near Congaree Air the cabin lights. As soon as she did, the Australia at about 70 mph when he was
Force Base, near Columbia, South lights in the object went out, too. suddenly surrounded by a bluish-white
Carolina, observed an unidentified Mother suddenly rushed out and light which came from a blinding source
object move across their scope at a dashed toward the object. But when above him. When he stopped his bike
speed in excess of 4000 mph. On the she was about halfway to it, the object he took off his sunglasses and rubbed
following day, a Jet pilot from O'Hare slowly started to rise and veered away his eyes. And off the road 100 feet to the
Field, Chicago, made four passes at a at a tangent." left, hovering about four feet above the
UFO over Elgin, Illinois. Ground ground was a disc-shaped object. It was
observers who directed the pursuit, in like one table saucer placed rim-to-rim
on another, about 25 or 30 feet wide, non-believer until seven minutes after sky, the intense white light going out as
silver in color on top and black or dark two this morning, and I found I could it lifted off. "From the time it took off
brown underneath, with a dome and change my mind pretty .fast." until it was completely out of sight could
little bubble on top. There was an Describing his encounter on the 19th, not have been more than three
insignia, which he could not read Carter said he watched a huge object, seconds. A second officer, Dennis
because it was partly obscured by the estimated to be 30-35 feet long and 18- Brown, approaching Carter's position
curve of the object. A car passed by him 20 feet in height, hover only about a from the northeast, said, "I could see
on the road, and he made an attempt to quarter-mile away from his patrol car. the glow coming up from behind a hill."
flag it down without success. Twice he was able to make out a He then spotted the hurtling object as it
When he turned back to the general shape of the object describing it rocketed into the sky.
object, two figures were standing in as resembling a cereal bowl turned * * *
front of it although there was no upside down, and hovering about 10-15 TEN YEARS AGO - August 1977: A
opening in the object. They had human feet off the ground. Suddenly, Carter silver vehicle with two white lights
shapes, were between 5 and 5l/2 feet tall, said, the object "turned into a very beaming from the bottom was spotted
of medium build, and covered from bright white light," becoming so intense over Casco township, Michigan, on the
neck to toe in a close-fitting, apparently he could not bear to look at it. The llth, about 4 a.m. by three police
seamless silver suit. On their necks sudden flood of light revealed officers. The vehicle appeared to be
were tight-fitting opaque helmets, like jackrabbits sitting in the field as if it were large and round, but as it passed over
inverted goldfish bowls. "We looked at daylight. As the light intensity first and slightly south of the witnesses one
one another for about a minute, then I began to build up, Carter said, "It of its spotlights shined down on them
took a pace towards them. They did the seemed like it was dripping a little of this making night vision impossible for a few
same," said the witness. "We stood white stuff off, but I could not see it seconds. It was 200 to 300 feet above
looking for maybe another minute, then touch ground; I only saw that for a few the ground and traveling an estimated
one of them raised his hand and seconds." Then, with no further 20 to 30 mph. The two spotlights were
beckoned to me. I was suddenly warning, the hovering object "made a 10 to 15 feet apart and cast a directional
gripped by an unreasonable fear which I whooshing noise similar to a vacuum beam which was conically-shaped and
had never experienced before. I cleaner" and sped straight up into the pointed down, and was soundless.
panicked, jumped on my bike and rode
"I was doing more than 100 mph —
my bike is capable of 130 — when I
heard a humming sound. It must have
been very loud to have reached me
through my crash helmet and above the
sound of my bike and the wind. I looked To enchance MUFON's primary unable to be duplicated are included
back and the object was following me — function, the Board of Directors with the coordinator's copy.
remaining at a constant distance of established the position of 3.) The coordinator will screen the
about 20 feet away on my left and about Investigations Coordinator at its June entire report for completeness,
100 feet off the ground. It was 28 meeting in conjunction with the consistency of factual statements, and
surrounded by a pinkish color. I 18th Annual UFO Symposium. Dan overall clarity of the report. A log
realized I couldn't get away from it, so I Wright, Central States Regional number is then assigned.
stopped, hoping to find somewhere to . Director, has accepted the position 4.) Utilizing a standardized format,
hide. The object glowed and stopped, which covers all investigated UFO the coordinator will note any additional
hanging in the air. The hum subsided, activity in the U.S. and Canada. information needed for an incomplete
but didn't altogether disappear. It sat MUFON members should report. A case record verified as
there for about 30 seconds, then the carefully review the following submittal complete will be rated as to type,
color began to change from pink to and assessment system adopted by the strangeness and credibility.
deep red that was quite hard to look at. Board. The expanded procedures 5.) Copies of the evaluation will be
It tilted to about a 45-degree angle, and assure prompt evaluation of cases and sent to the investigator, state/
left at a fantastic speed. There was no up-to-date records for all state and provincial director and international
question of acceleration. It went from provincial directors: director.
naught to 2000 or 3000 miles per hour in 1.) The case record of original 6.) Supplemental materials to
an instant." materials is to be sent to the state or render a case record complete should
* * * provincial director for review and be distributed as in Steps 1 and 2,
FIFTEEN YEARS AGO - August duplication. including the assigned log number.
1972: Police Sergeant Paul Carter of the 2.) The original packet should be Note: More detailed instructions
Colby, Kansas Police Department, forwarded to the international have been mailed to all state and
speaking on his feelings and personal headquarters and a copy sent to the provincial directors for immediate
theories about UFOs said, "I was a firm investigations coordinator. Materials implementation.
batteries fired on various aerial objects so news of later publications will be
which were thought to be invading given in future columns. The entire
IN OTHERS WORDS Japanese aircraft. From Collins' series is highly recommended. Booklets
descriptions of the objects he and may be ordered directly from Gross at:
By Lucius Farish others saw, it seems clear that UFOs 690 Gable Drive - Fremont, CA 94538.
were involved, rather than any type of Richard Hoagland's THE
earthly aircraft. MONUMENTS OF MARS is finally
The Eduard "Bi|ly" Meier case and out from North Atlantic Books (2320
Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle of the Gary Kinder's book, LIGHT YEARS, Blake St. - Berkeley, CA 94704). The
University of Wyoming, who has been are the subject of the "Anti- price is $25.00 for the hardcover
involved in the investigations of many Matter/UFO Update" column in the edition; $14.95 for the softcover. Add
UFO abduction cases, is apparently an July issue of OMNI. Needless to say, $1.00 per book for postage. We hope to
abductee himself. At least, that is the nothing is settled. present a full review in a future column.
subject of an article in the June 23 issue The latest two booklets in Loren Timothy Good's ABOVE TOP
of NATIONAL ENQUIRER. Dr. Gross' continuing UFOs: A HISTORY SECRET has now been released in
Sprinkle, under hypnotic regression, series are now available at $6.00 each. England and negotiations are
recalled a childhood experience in These are: 1952: January-May; 1952: continuing with various publishers for a
which he was taken aboard a UFO and June-July 20th. All the booklets in the U.S. edition. Later news in future
given a message by a very tall man series are the same approximate length columns.
whose face he remembered from (around 100 pages, plus index). The
previous "nightmares." volume of material to be covered for MUFON
The July issue of FATE has a very flap years such as 1952 requires several
interesting article by Paul T. Collins, booklets, whereas "quieter" years such 103 Oldtowne Rd.
detailing the events of the "Battle of Los as 1951 can be summarized in one Seguin, Texas
Angeles" in 1942, when anti-aircraft booklet. Gross' research is continuing, 78155



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activated because, as he says, of "the
extreme poverty of external impact."
Swords choice of dichotomy-branches

LETTERS leaves one open to the hazard of

establishing the wrong dichotomy-
branch because, at the moment, there ,,
is a paucity of obvious external •
causation. Since Strieber had not ,
as it proceeded! The Massachusetts apparently been initially knowledgeablev >
Dear Editor,
Audubon Society confirmed that not of the UFO phenomenon, the
At the close of his banquet speech,
only did the description of migrating correspondence of his materials with
(MUFON Sympoisum — American
geese at night reflecting light match my other "known" abductees should cause
University), Bill Moore cryptically and
sighting, but also MAS had received a one to at least be skeptical of the
evocatively suggested that aliens might
similar report about the same time from dichotomy-branch chosen by Mr.
have orchestrated the UFO cover-up.
Weston. That town lies adjacent to Swords. Should Strieber not wish to
Extrapolating, from approximately 140
Waltham. hypnotically dig more deeply into his
abductions cases he has investigated,
I believe n i g h t - f l y i n g bird experience, we may never be able to
Budd Hopkins suggests that perhaps
formations explain some of the make a clear decision. But similarities
100,000 or more have occurred world-
crescent- and boomerang-shaped to other abduction reports should
wide. Hopkins believes one alien motive
cause us to be most cautious in
involves genetic experiments, including UFOs reported over the past years.
concurring with the Swords approach.
interbreeding with humans. Warning signals should be the wispy or
Hopefully, Strieber's expectations of
Interbreeding strongly implies fuzzy outline and very faint contrast of
UFO investigator views will turn out to
(perhaps mandates) that the species be the crescent against the night sky,
be overly anxious. Should he be
related. indicating the reflection of lights off the
correct, this will surely be a serious
Hypothesis: Aliens' agenda birds' bellies and wings.
commentary on field investigator mind
requires abductions/genetic Flocks of birds, however, cannot
experiments. Aliens advise government account for many of the Hudson Valley
Finally, it appears that Anne
leaders of this necessary agenda and boomerangs, which : have been
Druffel is disturbed by what she senses
their desire to be as minimally described in many cases as carrying
the book should be but isn't, and there
disruptive of the psychological, multic.olored light sources, and
is concern expressed for Strieber's
social, religious and political lives of sometimes emitting a humming sound
views and for the manner in which the
their Earthly cousins, as "humanly?" and hovering.
public will interpret .them. Strieber
possible. Leaders agree they have a Walter N. Webb
provides various possible explanations
large stake in the maintenance of the MUFON Astronomy Consultant
in an attempt to comprehend what has
status quo and, by creating a curtain of
taken place in his life. He does not have
ridicule regarding the UFO Dear Editor, the answers and frankly admits to such.
phenomena, few would dare report an Concerning the series of papers Does Anne Druffel have the answers?
abduction experience and fewer would , pertaining to the Communion book, Perhaps the UFO phenomenon will
believe it or be impacted by the and found in the May, 1987 issue of turn out to be even stranger than any of
profound implications. MUFON, this is to commend Michael us ever imagined.
Robert H. Bletchman
Swords for his two-part topology, and Virgil Staff
Manchester, CT for his progress in developing one of the Berkeley, CA
two branches in an attempt to
Dear Editor, comprehend the Strieber experience.
I propose that Captain Nash's Items B thru D are cognitively
large, narrow, dimly illuminated, challenging, and items C and D have
cloudlike crescent (No. 230, June 1987) e x c i t i n g i m p l i c a t i o n s . But in
was in fact a close nightflying formation
of birds reflecting ground lights.
consideration of previous work done by
Hopkins and others, the Strieber
I witnessed a very similar experience, with its varied unfoldment,
phenomenon 18 years ago from my does not appear to be significantly
yard in Waltham, MA. (A copy of my different from various other abduction
NICAP sighting report with reports. ENOUGH
accompanying sketch is enclosed.) The rope of sand is Swords initial
What I saw was a whitish, diffuse, paragraph. While conceivably correct
Fund J,, C|F5> Katnrdi_
boomerang-shaped "object" moving in his conclusion, he has chosen the
silently northward against the night sky, internally activated motivation as
altering its shape slightly to a crescent taking precedence over the externally
MESSAGE, Continued
the Mutual UFO Network as a
specialist in UFO computerized THE NIGHT SKY
reporting and data file known as Project
UNICAT. We look forward to working By Walter N. Webb
and cooperating with Dr. Smith by MUFON Astronomy Consultant
providing worldwide UFO sighting
reports of high credibility to his
important endeavor.
1987 has been and continues to be SEPTEMBER 1987
a big year for UFO symposiums,
congresses, and meetings. John W. Bright Planets (Evening Sky):
White has announced that Omega
Communications is presenting "The Jupiter, retrograding in Pisces, now rises in the east soon after 8 PM daylight
UFO Experience" -- a weekend with time in midmonth and only three-quarters of an hour after sunset by month's
researchers and contactees on end. The huge planet gleams at magnitude -2.9 as it brightens toward an
November 7-8,1987 at the Ramada Inn, October opposition. The gibbous Moon is nearby on the 10th.
North Haven, Connecticut. Speakers
scheduled are Betty Andreasson Saturn, in Ophiuchus, stands in the SW at dusk, setting in the WSW about
Luca, Ellen Crystal, John W. 10:30 PM in mid-Sept ember.. Its magnitude is +0.5. The Moon lies nearby on the
Donoghue, M . D . , Lawrence 1st and 28th.
Fawcett, Betty Hill, Budd Hopkins,
Philip Imbrogno, David Menke, Bright Planets (Morning Sky):
Ph.D., Patricia Sable, Marianne
Shenefield, John Timmerman and Mars begins to rise in the east toward month.'s end but doing so less than an
John White. Registration fee for the hour before sunrise. Use binoculars.
program is $100 per ticket until
October 7th arid $120 thereafter. Jupiter is high in the SW at dawn in midmonth.
(Meals and lodging are not included in
this fee.) Make check or money order
payable to Omega Communications,
P.O. Box 2051, Cheshire, CT 06410.
Dr. Michael L. Broyles is in the
Moon Phases:

Full moon-September 7
Last quarter-September 14
planning stage for a five day symposium
on UFOs the week of September 28 to
New moon-September 22
First quarter-September 30 €
October 2, 1987 at Collin County
Community College in McKinney, The Stars:
Texas (about 30 miles north of Dallas
on U.S. 75). He will be assisted by With the approach of the fall season, the Great Square of Pegasus ascends high
MUFON Metroplex (Dallas). The in the SE. Capricornus the Sea Goat, shaped more like a diaper, straddles the
symposium will be open to the public at celestial meridian in the south during midevening hours. The rest of the
no charge. constellations of "The Sea"-Piscis Austrinus the Southern Fish, Aquarius the
The location for the MUFON 1988 Water Bearer, Pisces the Fish, and Cetus the Whale-follow close behind
UFO Symposium has not been Capricornus. The Summer Triangle remains a prominent sight high in the
determined, however after meeting south. •.
with CUFOS personnel, Chicago has
been eliminated as a potential site. In the north the Big Dipper slides ever closer to the horizon. Curving westward
The MUFON 1987 International from Polaris the North Star is the much fainter Little Dipper. Between the Little
UFO Symposium Proceedings are Dipper and the crooked "W" of Cassiopeia the Queen lies something shaped
available from MUFON for $15 plus like an upsidedown house with a peaked roof-Cepheus the King.
$1.50 for postage and handling. It
contains all of the papers delivered by Look for a small right triangle of stars at the upper right corner of the king's
the featured speakers that were "house." The lower star in the triangle is Delta Cephei, the prototype of the
.received by publication by June 1,1987 Cepheid variable stars. The supergiant star expands and contracts in a regular
when the proceedings went to press. period of 5.4 days, doubling its brightness to the naked eye from magnitude 4.4
We expect to publish the missing to 3.5 and back again during that interval. Through a unique luminosity/period-
papers by Stanton T. Friedman and of-variation relationship, Cepheid variables are important distance indicators,
Vincente-Juan Ballester Olmost in allowing astronomers to measure the distances to far-off galaxies that contain
future issues of the Journal. these stars.
Walt Andrus

The August 1987 issue of the aspects of the interview process. It is

MUFON UFO JOURNAL commem- available for $3.50 including mailing
orates the Eighteenth Annual MUFON costs from Mr. Wright by writing and
UFO Symposium held on June 26, 27, enclosing a check or money order to
and 28 in Washington, D.C., hosted by 228 South Fairview, Lansing, MI 48912.
the Fund for UFO Research. This Ronald D. Story is presently
symposium will undoubtedly be producing a second, revised, updated,
recognized in UFO history as the most and expanded edition of The
significant event of its kind in the past Encyclopedia of UFOs. For people who
forty years and inaugurate a positive would like to revise their previous
radical change in the future of Ufology. contribution to his book, Mr. Story may
As the theme stated "International be contacted at 7744 Bristol Court, St.
Symposium on Unidentified Aerial Petersburg, Florida 33709 or by
Phenomena: 1947 - 1987," or subtitled telephone (813) 541-6391.
"Forty Years is Long Enough,"
speakers from every continent of the i Franklin A. Youri still has an
abundant supply of MUFON lapel pins
World appeared. Dr. Willy Smith for $4.00 including postage and
The international importance of handling. You may order pins by writing
the MUFON UFO symposium was Secretary; and John L. Spencer, to him at 1300 Sherwood Drive,
bolstered by "The 4th International Treasurer. A vote of confidence and Turlock, CA 95380 or MUFON in
UFO Congress" held July 10,11, and 12 gratitude was extended to the retiring Seguin, Texas.
at the London Business School in chairman Bertil Kuhlemann of * * *
England and the meetings by the Sweden for his work as one of the Membership growth is also
International Committee for UFO founding members and his leadership reflected in the appointment of new
Research (ICUR) on July 9th and the continuity. State Section Directors. The following
MUFON European meeting on July * * * gentlemen have recently volunteered to
13th. In addition to the four new books serve for the counties indicated:
Individual articles about each of published in the U.S.A. in 1987, with Myron W. Carlson, Weld in
these events will appear in future issues more in the offing, the following new Colorado; Michael C. Fidler,
of the Journal. Decisions made by the books have recently been released in Minidoka, Jerome, Lincoln and Cassia
MUFON Board of Directors on major Great Britain: The UFO Conspiracy by as well as Assistant State Director for
issues will also be reported, as will those Jenny Randies (Blandford Press); Idaho; Richard S. Powell, Jefferson
by the P.I.P.E: Committee after their Aboue Top Secret by Timothy Good and Grant in Arkansas; Barry J.
meetings in Washington, D.C. Briefly, (Sidgwick and Jackson); and UFOs Williams, Kenton, Boone and
the most important actions concerned 1947-1987 edited by Hilary Evans with Campbell in Kentucky; L. DeLynn
the establishment of the position of John Spencer (Fortean Tomes) for Hansen, D.C., Utah and Wasatch in
Investigative Coordinator filled by Dan The British UFO Research Utah; J.J. Wheatley, Solano in
Wright (Central Regional Director); Association. One source for these California; Dr. Virgilio Sanchez-
the Field Investigator's Examination three books is Lionel Beer, 15 Ocejo, Dade in Florida; Jeff
administered by the State/Provincial Freshwater Court, Crawford Street, Goodpaster, Ph.D., Consultant in
Directors and graded by Mrs. Shirley London, W1H 1HS England. Psychology and State Section Director
Coyne; and the proposed MUFON Vincente-Juan Ballester Olmos for Racine, Kenosha and Walworth in
Media Policy Guidelines. and Juan A. Fernandez Peris have Wisconsin; John J. Engel, M.D. as a
* * * authored a new book in Spanish titled Consultant in Pediatrics; and Mark D.
The International Committee for Enciclopedia de los Encuentros Hunziker for Palm Beach and
UFO1 Research (ICUR) was revitalized Cercanos con O VMS (Plaza & Janes) Broward Counties in Florida.
with the election of new officers for the Spain. As an aid to Field Investigators, We are pleased to announce that
next two years: Robert S. Digby, Dan Wright has published a pamphlet Dr. Willy Smith has joined the Staff of
Chairman; Walter H. Andrus, Jr., titled Interviewing the UFO Witness, a
Vice Chairman; Stephen J. Gamble, 23 page, 8000-word booklet covering all (confinued on page 23)