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International Director and press from the First European Congress on Anomalous Aerial
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Balancing The Scale:
Unanswered Questions About Gulf Breeze
By Richard Hall & Willy Smith*

Richard Hall, former Journal In a case of this complexity and names of the alleged witnesses in
editor and presently MUFON's controversy, and with such profound order to organize and finance an
director of publications, is the implications for our understanding of investigative team. Again, no reply.
author of the recently released UFO phenomena, caution and careful (3) On October 7, 1988, to Don
UFO Study, Uninvited Guests science are essential. The stakes are Ware et al., disclosing a remarkable
(Aurora Press). Dr. Willy Smith extremely high. Scientific analysis must anachronism existing in the ogy of
maintains UNICAT, a computer- be allowed to run its course at its own the blue beam which, if not resolved,
ized catalog of UFO reports. pace, whatever it takes to ensure that casts serious doubts on the serious-
the most thorough and objective ness and depth of the initial investiga-
Authors' Notes study humanly possible has been tion. Once again, no reply.
done; the pro's and con's must be All of the above has made me
My initial reaction to Gulf Breeze thoroughly sifted before we commit extremely skeptical about the validity
was one of extreme skepticism (not ourselves to any one interpretation. It of the case. I trust this article will
of the "Psycop" variety, but genuine is my hope that this article will give emphasize weak points so far ignored
doubts based on a lot of experience). pause to those who think they know which need further analysis.
After reviewing reams of information all the answers to Gulf Breeze beyond — Dr. Willy Smith
on the events, including documenta- the shadow of doubt.
tion generously supplied by Bruce - Richard H. Hall The Gulf Breeze, Fla. sightings and
Maccabee and Bob Oechsler, my photographs between November 1987
skepticism was tempered somewhat My initial hopes that the Gulf and May 1988 have become highly
but not removed. I am an agnostic Breeze sightings could be the case controversial in the UFO research
about Gulf Breeze. Many things about solving the UFO phenomenon were community. Passions have flared, claims
the case do not make sense to me. short-lived. When I visited Mr. Ed's and counter-claims and allegations
Yet, some of the supporting evidence house (March 19, 1988) I started to have been made, and a "rush to
— at this point not fully reported by notice discrepancies that puzzled me. judgment" has been engaged in by
MUFON — is difficult to account for As an example, Mr. Ed had claimed both sides — those who have prema-
in terms of a hoax hypothesis. to have heard involved conversations turely declared Gulf Breeze authentic
My criticism is largely directed at in Spanish inside his head during and "... one of the most significant
process and procedure. As I hope we some of his experiences; yet it was cases in UFO history" (which it may,
have demonstrated in this article, evident that his knowledge of that indeed, be whether ultimately authen-
many loose ends remain. It is any- language was at best rudimentary, tic or fraudulent), and those who
thing but the "open-and-shut" case and in fact he was unable to repro- have flatly declared the case (Ed's
represented by proponents. Both Bruce duce for me the alleged dialogue. multiple photographs and related re-
Maccabee and Bob Oechsler have I have issued three challenges to ports) to be a hoax (i.e., that Ed and
told me about ongoing, in-depth anal- the proponents of the case, none of his wife have engaged in a long-term
ysis work presently underway on the which has been accepted and/or hoax of considerable magnitude and
photographs and videotapes, not yet rebutted. To wit: complexity).
close to completion, much less report- (1) On August 31, 1988, to Dr. The "positive" evidence has been
ing. Until the full results of all investi- Maccabee, requesting some of the reported in great detail, but the "neg-
gations and analysis are shared, peer photos for independent computer ative" evidence, including legitimate
reviewed, and — in some cases — analysis — in agreement with the skeptical questions and issues, has
replicated by impartial parties, there canons of science. This request, to received far less attention. In this
is no excuse for a rush to final judg- be financed by the UNICAT Project, article, we hope to balance the pic-
ment about Gulf Breeze. Science did not even receive the courtesy of a ture by presenting a skeptical view,
cannot be forced to fit the timetable reply. focusing on unanswered questions
of TV programs or books. (2) On September 23, 1988, to and investigation that remains to be done
* We wish to acknowledge contributed Robert Oechsler, Dr. Maccabee's asso- before a hoax hypothesis can be
materials, suggestions, and commentaries par- ciate, following his offer of assistance. ruled out. We are not here arguing
ticularly from Bob Boyd, and also Zan Overall,
Walt Webb, Ray Stanford, Richard F. Haines The request: a high-quality glossy that the case is a hoax; only that a
and Marge Christensen. print of Photo No. 6; a list of the 135 final judgment is premature and much
MUTUAL UFO NETWORK Journal, No. 248, December 1988 3
remains to be investigated and explained.
If Ed and Frances are telling the In case of this complexity and controversy, and
truth, they deserve strong moral sup-
port and encouragement. And if they with such profound implications for our under-
are lying, they deserve strong con- standing of UFO phenomena, caution and careful
demnation for the harm done to the science are essential. The stakes are extremely
serious quest for truth. In any case, a
thorough examination of the hoax high.
hypothesis is imperative; honesty can-
not merely be assumed in a scientific Boyd (References 2 and 3) have or very probably so. Obviously, intui-
investigation. taken issue with certain aspects of tive impressions of UFO photographs
Maccabee's work and must be address- do not, alone, constitute science;
General Basis for Skepticism ed in the traditional scientific manner. objective analysis must be done.
They also raise important unans- Nevertheless, experience does count
To begin with, MUFON has never wered questions, many of which will for something, and the established
published the answers to many of the be incorporated in this article; some record of photographic UFO images
most basic questions: have to do with the thoroughness generally considered to be valid records
How much did Ed know about and objectivity of the MUFON field of UFOs does not contain support
UFOs before Nov. 11, 1987? What investigators involved. for the Gulf Breeze UFO(s).
books had he read? Specifically, had Even more fundamental than the In addition to "hokey," intuition
he read or heard about Communion quality of investigation is this issue: suggests that several of the pictures
(which came out in the months How do the Gulf Breeze incidents fit appear "stagey." Especially Nos. 21-
preceding the first photographs), since in with UFO history? Basically, they 23 (taken in January and early Feb-
several features of his reports match don't fit very well. As CUFOS has ruary, 1988) showing the UFO above
circumstances reported by Whitley stated editorially, if the Gulf Breeze the truck cab while Ed is being video-
Strieber and no one else (especially events are genuine, then the entire taped by newspaper editor Duane
the unusual features of an ammonia/- character of the UFO phenomenon Cook; the UFO with a family dog in
cinnamon smell and the box-like has suddenly changed. (Not impossi- foreground (UFO image clarity and
"shields" worn by the aliens). ble, but if so, we should begin seeing shadow patterns consistent with an
What is Ed's background and charac- other confirmatory signs elsewhere in externally lighted model); and Ed
ter, including his reputation, as reveal- the country and around the world.) draped in a towel angrily shaking his
ed by field investigations? (We have No precedent exists in the literature fists at the hovering UFO. (Rather
only been told that he is a "pillar of for a 6-month siege of one individual dark prints of Nos. 22 and 23 appear
the community," whereas potentially by UFOs, or the taking of dozens of in the May 1988 Journal, p. 15.)
derogatory information not reported photographs — almost at will — by
by MUFON has become an open one individual (other than Billy Meier, The Photographs
secret.) whom MUFON rates as a hoaxer).
Little indication has been given of a Numerous veteran UFOlogists have MUFON member Zan Overall, who
rigorous study of Ed and his evidence commented from the outset that the has experience as an architectural
from a skeptical standpoint. Indeed, photographs look "hokey." This is photographer, in the question and
serious investigators who attempted not a trivial remark, and cannot be answer period following Maccabee's
to raise skeptical questions reportedly answered as lightly as Maccabee has symposium presentation suggested that
found themselves ostracized for doing tried to do by observing that we don't the object in photos No. 22 and 23
so, and their leads apparently were really know what alien craft are sup- seems to be lit by the flash from the
ignored. Angry words were exchanged posed to look like. In fact, we camera and would therefore be small
between MUFON and CUFOS per- thought we did know, based on a and nearby. Asked whether he had
sonnel. All of this has been extremely very long record of UFO sightings, analyzed the photos on this basis,
divisive and destructive. The stage of including sketches and photographs. Maccabee replied that he had consi-
shouting and finger-pointing, we hope, To the best of our knowledge, there dered doing so but decided not to
is over, and it is time for some is no precedent for the UFO type (or because the object might have been
answers. roughly similar types) said to be internally illuminated (and therefore
Another serious question is: How haunting Gulf Breeze. of indeterminate size). If the question
thorough and objective has the MUFON Many UFOlogists (including Hall) of how the object was illuminated was
investigation been? Bruce Maccabee's have handled and participated in ana- an open one', the assumpf/on most
chronicle and analysis for the MUFON lyzing hundreds of UFO photographs favorable to Ed was not objectively
Symposium (Reference 1) is admira- in the past, including many dozens of justifiable (Note 3). Overall also told
ble. Yet, in a case of this complexity Polaroid pictures and all sorts of the authors the picture itself contains
and potential significance, additional double exposures, lens flares, and convincing evidence to him that the
analysis and replication is essential. hoax attempts. Most "hokey" pic- object was flashlit and model-sized,
Also, works by Willy Smith and Bob tures in fact did prove to be hoaxes, but that he would like to have the
4 MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988
Before he could crawl underneath, he
Ed may be "marching to the beat of a different said, the white light struck his legs
drummer/9 but if he is, we need to know him in and they became numb. Under the
truck, he again tried to take a photo-
considerably more detail than we now do. graph but managed only to get a pic-
ture of the tire. (Maccabee: "He said
opinion of outside, independent ana- cally) placed around the primeter and that the photo showed only a tire."
lysts. the supposed interstellar spacecraft is Apparently investigators have not
Smith argues that the photos show lopsided and asymmetric around a seen the actual photograph.) But
a model because of its sharp defini- vertical axis. These data easily could apparently Ed was able to see from
tion, while the shadows indicate an be interpreted as evidence of a dis- underneath the truck, since he des-
external source of illumination (hence, torted image due to photographic cribes next seeing the UFO begin to
a hoax) from below and to the left of trickery or a crude model that was rotate and a blue beam flash out of it
the object. later refined. Furthermore, these asym- five times in succession. Each flash,
Space limitations prevent discus- metries disappear from later photo- he said, deposited an apparently alien
sion of all the internal evidence that graphs of the craft! Does this suggest creature on the road. Each of the
might suggest a hoax. Some of the changes of the craft by the aliens or creatures wore a "shield" and carried
prime candidates which we feel should changes in UFO models for hoax a glowing rod. As the creatures
be subjected to computer analysis or purposes? began moving toward him, Ed clam-
replication of Maccabee's analysis are Photos No. 1-5 were published in bered back into the truck cab, did a
examined here. (For more detailed the Gulf Breeze Sentinel on Nov. 19, quick reverse turn, and headed back
technical discussions of internal pho- 1987. Photos No. 6-9, coincidentally, to the main highway "... as fast as he
tographic evidence possibly sugges- allegedly were taken the next day. could go."
tive of a hoax, see References 2 and Photo No. 6 is a prime target for It had been raining prior to the
3). The earliest sets of photographs, maximum computer analysis and inves- event, and the environment was drip-
Nos. 1-5 and Nos. 6-9 (all taken in tigation. Bob Boyd noted that it con- ping with moisture. Yet, there appar-
November 1987), are of special inter- tains "... strong evidence of double ently is no reflection of light visible in
est as the initial attempts to photo- exposure." Bruce Maccabee also states the photograph from nearby vegeta-
graph (or hoax) a UFO in a series (Reference 1, p. 127) that "Photo 6 tion, from the truck hood, or from
that would continue for six months. appears to provide pictorial evidence raindrops. Nor is there any mention
In fact, we find several problems with that argues for such a hoax." Macca- by Ed or the investigators of the mud
the early photographs. Nos. 1 and 7 bee goes on to suggest possible and wetness he must have encoun-
show UFO images closely adjacent to alternative explanations short of a tered and its effects on his shotgun
and possibly overlapping a foreground hoax, but basically assumes Ed's and camera in his remarkable juggling
tree. An overlapping image would honesty at this point. act while crawling under the truck, with
suggest a double exposure. Claims by numb legs. Still, he was able to beat
the analysts that double exposures The "Road Shot" these (presumably) technologically ad-
have been ruled out for these photo- vanced aliens to the draw and to
graphs have not yet been backed up A very critical event, both from the make his escape.
by analysis reports and peer review. standpoint of photographic evidence As noted by Willy Smith (Refer-
Photos No. 1-3 show a surprisingly and human testimony, is the so-called ence 2), the "road shot" photo is "...
invariant background for allegedly "road shot"; Photo No. 19, allegedly one of the few taken at a location
having been taken hurriedly with a taken Jan. 12, 1988. Ed claims that, remote from Ed's home, and has
Polaroid camera by someone who while driving to a worksite about 5:25 allowed accurate determinations of
had to lower and raise the camera p.m., he was suddenly partially para- the distance between the camera and
between exposures. Contrary to the lyzed by a white illumination from the object ... I haven't found any ref-
witness's story, this suggests the use overhead, a UFO swooped down and erence in Dr. Maccabee's paper to
of a tripod or other stabilizing sur- hovered low over the road, and Ed this inconsistency (about the lack of
face. (See Reference 2, p. 10-11.) In swerved onto the shoulder, unable to environmental reflections) which must
addition, the early photos contain control the truck. Ed first reached for be explained before the photo is
vertical line-like markings suggestive his shotgun behind the seat, then accepted as real."
of supports for a UFO model. Again, changed his mind and took the pho- Ed's behavior, after being semi-
analysts say this has been disproved tograph through the windshield show- paralyzed by a manifestly alien appa-
but no analysis reports have been ing the low-hovering UFO illuminating rition that trapped and menaced him
published for independent verifica- the road surface. (See MUFON UFO on an isolated road, is not what you
tion. (See Note 1.) Journal, Mar. 1988.) would typically expect. Instead of
Perhaps most importantly, the UFO When the UFO was seen to be turning the truck around and fleeing
(implicitly an alien spacecraft from an moving toward him, Ed took his (as a first option) or grabbing the
advanced technology) has "portholes" shotgun and his camera (!), slid out shotgun and blasting away (as a
or apertures irregularly (non-geometri- of the cab and rolled under the truck. second option), he casually sat in the
MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988 5
truck cab and took a Polaroid photo- degrees from the vertical axis. What that he was going to pull off the
graph of his tormentor. However, we this means is not clear. As in so "ultimate prank" which they would
are mindful of the Phil Klass fallacy of many other ambiguous features of recognize when they saw it.
automatically assuming that a witness the photographs, it could have an Despite the fact that Don Ware
who does not behave as he (Klass) "alien" explanation or a more mun- and the other primary investigators of
thinks he would under the circum- dane explanation having to do with Gulf Breeze claim that this is a false
stances, must be lying. Ed may be hoax photographs of a model. issue attributable to a teenager who
"marching to the beat of a different The clear implications of Ed's pho- has a grievance against the "Ed" fam-
drummer," but if he is, we need to tographs and story are, if we accept ily, the objective facts suggest other-
know him in considerably more detail them as valid, that he was singled out wise. According to Ed, in a privately
than we now do. Instead, we are for some unknown reason, alerted to circulated "To whom it may concern"
asked to accept on faith that Ed is "their" presence by humming sounds letter (Note 2), the stories are "mali-
beyond reproach. in his head, allowed or encouraged to cious innuendos" based solely on rumors
The Nimslo (3-D sealed camera) photograph them (as Don Ware has and distortions of fact. That the teen-
photographs and the attempted self- stated), while strong, independent ager "... in an early effort to discredit
referencing stereo (SRS) photographs verification of the photographs appar- me, started a story about a ghost pic-
(taken between February and May ently was deliberately avoided. ture ... All of this took place more
1988), and the videotape of an alleged than 3 years ago ... The boy was a
UFO moving back and forth all The Character Issue prime suspect in the repeated acts of
require extensive analysis and the full vandalism against my son's car. Police
application of the "checks and balan- Who is "Ed" and why should we reports were filed."
ces" of scientific method. It is impor- believe him? Although his true iden- Ed implies there was only one
tant to note that Maccabee's analysis tity and background are known to "ghost picture" taken by accident,
showed one of the SRS photo pairs both the authors and many other which showed a "foggy blur" image of
to be of an object that was relatively MUFON and CUFOS personnel, he unknown origin, and later tests were
small and close-by (about 2l/2 to 4 feet insists on remaining anonymous. Why attempted to reproduce such an
in length and 40-70 feet distant). A he should insist on this in light of the image in his house. The whole story
supposed alien spacecraft of that size alleged fact that numerous other Gulf has become quite confused in the tell-
could only accommodate very tiny Breeze witnesses have seen similar ing and retelling.
beings! things and believe he is telling the Bob Boyd (Reference 2, p. 10-13)
truth is not clear. Regardless, we reports on his efforts to get local
Other Considerations must examine character issues as investigators to objectively investigate
best we can. From the outset of the leads to allegedly negative as well as
Despite the fact that hordes of Gulf Breeze saga, Ed began a prac- positive information. Instead, a rift
investigators, newsmen, and towns- tice of deception by claiming that he developed between Boyd and Smith
people were staked out in Gulf was presenting to the Gulf Breeze on the one hand, and Ware and the
Breeze at the height of Ed's reported Sentinel a series of UFO photographs local investigators on the other hand.
encounters, not one ever witnessed taken by someone else (Mr. "X"). In Don Ware has insisted the "ghost
Ed taking a photograph or separately so doing, he falsified the facts and picture" and "ultimate prank" stories
witnessed a UFO that coincided with circumstances of the photographs. are "irrelevant" to the case. The fact
one of Ed's reports, while he took ("Oh what a tangled web we weave is, their relevance should be obvious.
some 40 pictures over a six-month when first we practice to deceive.") If Ed was taking double exposures to
period. Only a few independent wit- When investigators began to look produce ghostly images to impress
nesses to UFO activity in Gulf Breeze into the reports, Ed privately admit- his teenage friends (and the story is it
report anything like Ed claims to have ted he was the photographer and — was not just once but "on more than
observed. The more than 130 other seemingly — cooperated fully with one occasion"), then he has lied to
cases claimed are — as of this writing the MUFON investigators. At the MUFON investigators about his know-
— either weak and not supportive of same time, it was learned that Ed ledge of how to take double expo-
Ed's sightings or not yet even investigat- uses two different last names. When sures with his Polaroid camera. And
ed. Bob Boyd and Willy Smith began rais- if he actually did say in advance that
Another questionable fact about ing skeptical questions about certain he was going to pull off the "ultimate
the photographs is that, with perhaps aspects of the case, these issues were prank", clearly this would tend to
one or two exceptions, the object not independently investigated by Don discredit most everything that has
shown displays exactly the same orien- Ware and his local investigators, but been reported since. The issue comes
tation toward the camera. The brightly instead referred to Ed for comment. down to his personal integrity.
illuminated bottom is tilted slightly Chief among these issues are the In addition, ParaNet on Sept. 14
toward the camera. In the two pho- reports that Ed had both produced reported an interview with Mayor
tographs showing illumination of the deliberate double exposure photo- Edward Grey of Gulf Breeze, an old
ground (Nos. 14 and 19), Smith has graphs of "ghosts" for party purposes friend of Ed's, in which he was
calculated the tilt to be about 13 and had bragged to local teenagers quoted as saying: "Ed is a heck of a
6 MUTUAL UFO Network Journal. Number 248, December 1988
nice guy, very charming, but it is tion, Ware told Hall that Mayor Grey Ware, Budd Hopkins, and Bruce
totally consistent with his personality had his own axe to grind in his pro- Maccabee, whose minds appear to be
to pull off a stunt like this." This tectiveness of Gulf Breeze's reputa- made up. Although they are close to
would seem to strongly imply that tion and described a financial motive the case and may be right in their
Ed's reputation as a prankster is not for Grey's position about the sight- judgment, this approach departs drast-
without prior foundation. MUFON ings. ically from long-established scientific
investigators have made derogatory procedure (including published MUFON
comments about Grey, but except Summary and Conclusions procedure). It is all the more reason
for Don Ware have not been specific for careful, continued outside investi-
about their criticisms. Obviously there is a lag between gation and analysis of the key aspects
Thus, it all comes down to how investigations and reporting of the of the case, including the integrity
carefully and objectively the MUFON results in the MUFON UFO Journal, and motivation of the main witness.
investigators checked into Ed's claims and some of our questions eventually
and background. In a phone call dur- may prove to have reasonable answers. References
ing October 1988, Ware asked Hall if Nevertheless, we are troubled by the
he had any further questions about way the investigation and reporting 1. Maccabee, Bruce S. "A History
the case (Ware had previously supp- have been handled, with claims far of the Gulf Breeze, Florida Sighting
lied answers to a list of questions). outstepping the evidence and analysis Events" in MUFON 1988 Interna-
Hall then asked whether Ware and to back them up. Other than Bruce tional UFO Symposium Proceedings.
his group had interviewed the 8-10 Maccabee's chronicle of events and 2. Smith, Willy. "The Gulf Breeze
teenagers whose names and phone experiments to test various ways in Saga." Paper presented Sept. 17,
numbers had been provided as wit- which the photographs might have 1988 at National UFO Conference,
nesses to the allegations against Ed in been faked (Reference 1), virtually no Cleveland, Ohio. (Available from Rob-
support of the teenager who had other photoanalysis results have been ert D. Boyd, P.O. Box 66404, Mobile,
been involved in disagreements with reported by MUFON or the propo- AL 36606, $5.00 including postage.)
Ed's son and as sources of "ghost nents of the case. The alleged sight- 3. Boyd, Robert D. Failure at
photos" for analysis (see Reference 2, ings by independent parties in Gulf Science (1988). (Available from R.
P. 13). Breeze have not been systematically Boyd, P.O. Box 66404, Mobile, AL
The short answer was "no." The investigated and reported; the claim 36606, $10 including postage.)
long answer was that they were of 135 or more "supporting" cases
"only" (?) the names of high school (investigated and found to agree in Notes
band members, and that they (Ware time, location, and detail with signifi-
and his colleagues) had chosen to "go cant features of Ed's reports) appears 1. At the Oct. 8-9 UFO conference in
a different route" in their investigation to be totally unfounded. North Haven, Conn., Maccabee showed Hall a
Until independent photoanalysis work computer enhanced version of Photo No. 5
of Ed and his background. This "dif- clearly showing that the "line" which might
ferent route" was not elaborated is completed and reported, the sup- have been evidence of a support crossed the
upon, and until we know in detail posedly supporting evidence system- face of the object, and apparently is due to a
what it was we can only wonder atically analyzed, and the central flaw in the development process.
about the "ultimate prank" and "ghost questions answered, skepticism about 2. Copy of "To whom it may concern"
photos" stories about which MUFON Gulf Breeze is entirely justified. Unfor- statement provided to Hall by Maccabee.
3. Recently, Dr. Maccabee has discovered
apparently has accepted Ed's word tunately, Ed and his wife now are what he considers evidence of self-illumination
without independent investigation. publishing a book. They are receiving in another of Ed's photos, extrapolating this to
In the same telephone conversa- the help and cooperation of Donald Nos. 22 and 23.

Psychological Evaluation of Mr. Ed

by Dan C. Overlade, Ph.D.
Doctor Overlade is a clinical moving to Pensacola in 1956. He Florida State Board of Examiners
psychologist practicing in Pensaco- has held appointments as adjunct of Psychology and a past presi-
la, Florida, who earned his bache- professor of psychology with the dent of Forensic Psychologists,
lor's and master's degrees in psy- University of Fiona and the Uni- Inc.
chology from Utah State University versity of West Florida. He is a He holds diplomas in clinical
in 1951 and a Ph.D. in psychology past president of the Florida Coun- psychology and forensic psychol-
from Purdue University in 1954. cil of Clinic Directors, a past pres- ogy of the American Board of
He was an assistant professor at ident of the Florida Psychological Professional Psychology and the
the University of Minnesota before Association, a past president of the diploma in clinical hypnosis of the
MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988 7
American Board of Psychological Maccabee an advance copy of his ed approximately eight hours and
Hypnosis. He is a fellow of the history of the Gulf Breeze sightings was conducted in four sessions dur-
American College of Forensic Psy- which ultimately was published in the ing the month of June; subsequent to
chology. He has conducted exten- MUFON 1988 Symposium Proceed- the examination more than ten hours
sive psychological evaluations of ings, as well as full information have been spent with Ed training him
three apparent abductees, includ- regarding the psychological examina- in self-hypnosis and conducting hyp-
ing Mr. Ed, of Gulf Breeze; it is tion of nine apparent abductees by notic regressions with regard to what
anticipated that he will conduct Dr. Elizabeth Slater, conducted in appears to be a succession of abduc-
further evaluations of other abduc- 1982. MUFON State Director Donald tions.
tees residing within a 60-mile radi- Ware made available to me other In her "Adendum to 'Conclusions
us of Pensacola. information that was helpful, which on Nine Psychologicals'," dated Octo-
seemed to support the veracity of ber 30, 1983, Dr. Slater identified as
In mid-May of this year I was con- Ed's story. Budd Hopkins made help- the most crucial question whether or
tacted by Charles Flannigan, MUFON ful suggestions about any hypnotic not her nine subjects' reported expe-
State Section Director for Escambia regressions which might be under- riences could be accounted for on
and Santa Rosa Counties in Florida, taken. the basis of a mental disorder. Her
and was asked whether I had seen To be consistent with Dr. Slater's answer to that question was "a firm
the UFO photos in the Gulf Breeze studies and to be prepared to con- no." She says further that "if the
Sentinel or on the Pensacola televi- tribute to a data pool which might reported abductions were confabu-
sion channel. It seemed to me that he ultimately include a great many appar- lated fantasy productions, based on
quickly determined that I was neither ent abductees examined by a growing what we know about psychological
a complete skeptic nor totally con- number of psychologists, as more disorders, they could have only come
vinced of the veracity of the Gulf and more abductees come forward from pathological liars, paranoid schiz-
Breeze sightings and, in any event, he acknowledging experiences or seek- ophrenics, and severely disturbed
soon asked me whether I would be ing help for what Dr. David M. Jac- and extraordinarily rare hysteroid
willing to meet with the man who had obs has spoken of as the "post- characters subject to fugue states
taken the much publicized pictures. I abduction syndrome," the evaluation and/or multiple personality shifts,"
agreed and suggested that the initial conducted with Ed included adminis- and says emphatically: "Not one of
priority would be to conduct an eva- tration of the Wechsler Adult Intelli- the subjects, based on test data, falls
luation which could address questions gence Scale (Revised), the Minnesota into any of these categories." My
of Mr. Ed's mental competency that Multiphasic Personality Inventory, the purpose in writing is to attest that my
were sure to be raised by skeptics Thematic Apperception Test, the Draw- psychological examination and sub-
and debunkers. Charles began at A-Person Test and the Rorschach sequent sessions with Ed have eli-
once to provide me with information (the projective personality assessment cited no evidence of any of the psy-
that was to be helpful to me, and technique popularly designated "the chopathologies identified by Dr. Slater
through him I received from Bruce inkblot test"). The examination requir- or any other mental disorder:

The Problem of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena

and Its Methodological Lessons
By Vladimir V. Rubtsov, Ph.D.
Dr. Rubtsov is a sociologist ous Aerial Phenomena: Physical good and wide qualification, it is
teaching at the Ukranian Extram- and Psychosocial Aspects" in Brus- rather high. As a result, there will be
ural Polytechnical Institute in Khar- sels, Belgium on November 11-13, selected from the set of reports
kov, U.S.S.R., and serves MUFON 1988, hosted by SOBEPS. "subset one," which may be called a
in the dual role of a consultant in subset of "obvious pseudo-anomalous
Philosophy and Foreign Represen- An expert who acquaints himself aerial phenomena."
tative for the U.S.S.R. He is the with a certain set of UFO reports can The rest of the set will be studied
author of a book titled The Prob- discard some of them at once, based more elaborately, by using the exper-
lem of Extraterrestrial Civiliza- on his knowledge of the nature, tech- tise of specialists in other fields of
tions, published in 1984 and 1987 nology and special features of the science and technology. They will
in the Russian language. human perception, as descriptions of explain some more of the reports,
This article is the paper Dr. quite understandable things. Reliabil- that is, the "subset two"; namely
Rubtsov delivered at the "First ity of such an elimination is not cer- "complicated pseudo-anomalous phen-
European Congress on Anomal- tainly absolute, but if the expert has a omena." It is not improbable that the
8 MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988
initial set will be covered exhaus- problem from the "usual" scientific menon on the basis of sensory data;
tively. But as a matter of fact, a small problems? What can and must be the channel includes, on the one
percentage of UFO observations re- done to raise and solve it in a strictly hand, the neural links between the
main unexplained even after fairly scientific way? sensing organs and the brain, and, on
thorough investigation, and these form Science obtains its hardest data the other hand, those pathways by
the third subset — "likely anomalous from experiments, but many theories which the information moves from an
phenomena." Certainly, this subset were built on the basis of what may observer to a researcher. One cannot
may become some day quite under- be called "correct observations," that tell that all these components are
standable to researchers even with- is, observations which conform to "principally chaotic" and irregular,
out any significant revolution in science, certain standards, thus allowing the but they are highly variable and, what
but it will remain a mystery, at least obtained information to be consi- is more important, we know too little
for some time. dered reliable. The scheme of a of the characteristics of this variabil-
The existing body of UFO reports scientific observation may be repres- ity. Therefore our "associative image"
does not allow us to come to any def- ented as a system of four compo- of the anomalous phenomena may
inite conclusion on the nature of the nents: 1) sensors (that is, registering hardly be identified even with a tenta-
third subset of observed phenomena. equipment); 2) a channel for trans- tive empirical fact.
This information is so heterogeneous mission of the data; 3) the instru- The main source of ufological informa-
and interfered with by various influ- ments processing the data and pres- tion is a person who witnessed a
ences, that, strictly speaking, it can- enting them in a form suitable for UFO during his usual work or past-
not provide serious evidence of the farther analysis; 4) a researcher. time. The observation is usually quite
real existence of true anomalous One might expand this scheme or, unexpected and lasts for several min-
objects. The coherence of the UFO on the contrary, shorten it, restricting utes at best. Can we hope to derive
reports is not in itself such an evi- it to only three elements: sensors, a from his testimony any scientifically
dence. There is in the folklore rather channel, and a researcher, but there valuable information on the observed
a coherent image of the devil, but it is another more important thing. A phenomenon? The past forty years of
should hardly be considered as a scientific observation implies that these investigations make it doubtful. In any
physical body. components are regulated, and their case, it is rather a difficult task. First,
Nonetheless, however strange as it parameters are strictly definite. Mis- the image of the phenomenon, created
may seem, one can build on this in- takes are inevitable, but they must in the mind of the witness, is not
formation, an image of a "physical not go beyond some specified bounds equal to a photograph. It comes into
equivalent" of the UFO reports from or be distributed on an unknown being as a result of the interaction
the third subset. It has been made in curve of probabilities. Only then can between the sensory data and "antic-
fact by the ufological community for a researcher draw from the data ipating patterns," that are kept deep
the last forty years. This image is not obtained a sure conclusion of the in human memory. Seeing a com-
even so fantastic. On the whole it is a nature of the observed phenomenon. pletely new object means building
ball- or disc-shaped object with the But if we do not know the parame- promptly a new pattern to assimilate
diameter from several metres to sev- ters of the components, or if they the non-standard sensory informa-
eral tens of metres, which may be range too widely and irregularly, the tion. Such a pattern is usually con-
sometimes a powerful source of light, results of such an observation cannot structed by association, which does
thermal and microwave radiation, as be regarded as reliable, nor used for not always warrant its conformity to
well as a magnetic field. It may hover building an empirical fact. A tentative the real structure of the observed
in the air, move with great speeds empirical fact is constructed when phenomenon and may lead to various
and accelerations, reflect visible light some parameters of the components illusions.
and ultra-short radio-waves, ionize are known exactly, and other ones Sensation (that is, perception of
the air, influence living beings, elec- hypothetically. That's why it is tenta- sensory stimuli), formation of an
tronic equipment and internal com- tive and not quite reliable. image and its interpretation are three
bustion engines. There is nothing The associative image of the anom- aspects of a single process, rather
"obviously extraterrestrial" in this alous aerial phenomena I have des- than its stages. One can define the
model; it rather reminds me of a cribed above has been built within interpretation as formation of a three-
plasma phenomenon, something like the framework of a fully unregulated dimensional model of the object or
a "ball superlightning." system. Its sensors, channels and — phenomenon, imparting it some "objec-
However, one should realize clearly not infrequently — researchers are tive meaning" and putting the model
that what we have before us is not a characterized by so large a variability into the actual context of the events,
result of logical inductions on the of their parameters, that it is impos- occurring around the witness at the
solid basis of a system of empirical sible to relate uniquely the "output" given moment in the given place.
facts. Really, it is nothing more than of the observation to its "input." Joining the new "anticipating pattern"
an associative image, derived from a By sensors we mean just the sens- to older ones, kept in somebody's
set of heterogeneous data. Let's con- ing organs of the witness. The main mind, also requires certain reforma-
sider, why it is so. What are the main processing instrument is his brain, tion of the person's world picture. It
epistemological differences of the UFO which builds an image of the pheno- is well known that sensory informa-
MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988
tion in itself is principally indefinite and cal in many cases.
compatible with various patterns. In order to build well-founded ufolog-
How the latter ones are formed, is ical empirical facts, we must regulate
quite a problem. Apparently, the "core" fully the chain of "sensors — a channel
of cognitive patterns is developed in the — a researcher," that is, to insert some
course of the practical interaction be- instrumental sensors "in the right place
tween an individual and his natural and at the right time" and to ensure stable
social environment, whereas the "periph- and broad flow of data from them to
ery" of this system (that is, the patterns the processing instruments and to the
of those things with which the individual researchers. It would allow us to reveal
cannot interact directly) is built "by the inherent characteristics of the com-
analogy" with the "core," as well as on ponents of the UFO phenomenon, to
the basis of apprehension of the expe- prove or disprove the existence of
rience of other individuals. Certainly, some really anomalous processes and/or
the man can see unfamiliar objects. He objects in the atmosphere. However,
needs for that only a certain "anticipat- such a research scheme is at present
ing pattern," into which the new sen- hardly within the bounds of possibility.
sory information might somehow go, We simply do not know the "right pla-
and nothing more. A conformity between ces and times" for the strangest com-
the pattern and the real structure of VLADIMIR V. RUBTSOV, Ph.D. ponents of the UFO phenomenon
the object is of minor importance for (although there are some hints — for
the fact of observation; this conformity some serious psychosocial sanctions example, the data taken in Hessdalen).
is necessary only for seeing the object against "talking" witnesses in the form The best we can hope to achieve in the
correcriy. of mockery, suspicion of hoax or even next years, is a relative regularization of
Identification of an object is a part of of insanity. Such sanctions are quite the sensors and the channel. It would
the process of the interpretation of its unfair, because whether or not the wit- require organization of efficient gather-
image. So an essential judgement as: "I nesses interpret correctly their observa- ing of instrumental data on UFO sight-
see something real" (and not, for tions, they still usually describe what ings from various environment monitor-
example, a hallucination), is both a they really saw. But these sanctions are ing systems, and detailed standardized
premise and a result of solving the task applied "automatically" and almost irre- reports from trained chance observers,
of identification. Whether or not this spective of the specific circumstances of such as airmen, meteorologists, astron-
solution is correct, may be ascertained a UFO experience. A witness, who omers, radar specialists, etc. This infor-
only subsequently. It is important to does not want to jeopardize his reputa- mation would have to be promptly
stress, however, that the notions of the tion, will confine himself to a discussion checked and processed by scientific
reality change considerably from one of his case among intimates or will not research centers. Such as quasi-regular-
culture to another. In Europe of the even say a word about it at all. It is ized collection of UFO information
15th century a vision of the Virgin Mary highly significant that roughly 90 per- would provide data for building at least
could not evoke principal objections. cent of UFO sightings remain uncommu- a "tentative" empirical fact, which would
Just as much, an extraterrestrial space- nicated. represent the essential features of the
ship is an admissible reality of the 20th However, even those reports that UFO phenomenon in a first, or even in
century. Supporters and opponents of reach researchers, contain, as we saw, a second, approximation. One of the
the extraterrestrial hypothesis may dis- at least not quite reliable data. It isn't main things here is to overcome the
pute hotly about explanations of some only that "the human being is a fallible anti-UFO bias, still widespread in the
UFO reports, but hardly anyone would recorder," as it was said in a recent scientific community and official circles.
dare say that this hypothesis radically book, but mainly that we know very It may be done by radically improving
contradicts the modem scientific world badly the UFO-related parameters of the standards of ufological researchers.
picture. But to the same extent a wit- this "recorder." To judge on the nature I think that our conference may become
nesses' opinion that he saw an extrater- of the phenomena and objects, treated a step in this direction.
restrial spaceship, suggests more of the by the witnesses as UFOs, without true To solve the psychosocial aspect of
conception of reality, accepted (or notion of potentialities and limitations of the UFO problem, we must regularize
rather half-accepted) by our modem the human being as an observer of only the channel, although this is to be
society, than of the genuine nature of unexpected and short-lived events, is done in a different way, than for obtain-
the object observed. the same as to try to discern a lands- ing objective information on the phe-
Certainly, we should also take into cape through rather thick figured glass. nomenon. In this case, an occurrence,
account the low representativity of the It is not always clear, what features of understandable to an expert and a mis-
set of UFO reports in respect to UFO the image are related to the landscape, understanding to a witness, is as a legit
observations, let alone UFO events as and what to the glass patterns. Although imate element of the UFO pheno-
such. The "big culture" (as distinct from we have rather a broad and diverse set menon, as really enigmatic events are.
the "ufological subculture") is inclined to of UFO reports, the connection between The subject of a psychosocial ufologi-
reject the UFO reality; hence follow the set and reality remains problemati- cal investigation includes first of all the
10 MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988
response of the witnesses to their ob- stage of scientific investigation of an The main epistemologjcal difficulties
servations, and that of the society to unknown phenomenon. It's second stage of a physical (and any other scientific)
their reports. The chief thing we need for is explaining this fact. One should put explanation of the UFO phenomenon
such an investigation is the representative- forward a hypothesis based on a include, as we know, irregularity of the
ness of reports in relation to the set of "minimum" system of axioms, then sensors and the channel, as well as the
UFO sightings. It is a somewhat less deduce from it some verifiable consequenc- chance character of the occurrences.
complicated task than achievement of es and prove or refute them by an But the former is rather a consequence
their representativeness in relation to the experiment or scientific observation. of the bad organization of UFO investiga-
set of UFO events, but a hard one too. The explanation as such is a reference tions, and the latter is not so obvious.
Thus, to build even a tentative to a scientific law that is contained in Having a well-founded model of some
empirical model of the UFO phenomenon, the hypothesis and is concretized in type of UFOs, we may find that there
we do not need a combination of "mass terms of the boundary conditions, is, instead of fortuity, a certain law. For
statistics" with elaboration of some typical just of this phenomenon. the "normal" components of the UFO
selected cases, as was suggested by the Of course, this outline is rather phenomenon, it is so even now. If we
late Dr. Hynek. Rather, serious scientific abstract: it implies that a phenomenon know, for example, that a cosmic
research requires a more or less stable under investigation "obeys" a single law rocket will be launched under a certain
flow (or just a streamlet) of informative (or a single theory). For experimental kind of atmospheric condition, then we
and reliable reports. Each of these studies, such an assumption may be may, in principle, forecast that some
reports would be studied thoroughly, correct. But if we are investigating a number of UFO reports will be obtained
and all of them would be a representative natural phenomenon that cannot be from the area around its path. The
sample of the sets of reports/observations/ reproduced in an experiment, the situation existing hypotheses on the nature of
events. Subsequent elaboration of the is different. Such a phenomenon may the anomalous components of the
problem would depend on the results of be a result of superposition of several UFO phenomenon do not allow us to
the analysis of these data. Should there processes of equal strength, and therefore achieve something like that, but the
be found in this flow one or more it would defy a monotheoretical explana- tectonic strain hypothesis sets itself
anomalous components (for example, tion. It is not improbable either, that such an aim quite definitely.
something like the "associative image," one of these processes exceeds the Explanations of separate UFO sightings
outlined above). Their study might be others, but is "shaded" by them. do not provide by themselves an
developed into a separate research trend. The real situation may become clear
Building an empirical fact is the first only in the course of investigation. Continued on page 18

Project Pennine: A Landscape/CJFO Study

By David Clarke
"There was an odd ghost at Ponden, if gossip is to be believed, and today David Clarke is a graduate stu-
they will tell you minutely the path taken by the phantom. Sometimes it came dent of archeology and co-author
as a shadowy greybeard, carrying a lantern; but oftener as a 'flaming barrel' with Granville Oldroyd of "Spook-
which rolled down the fields, and past the housefront, and along the curving lights: a British Survey." He and
highway, until it came to rest in 'hive-holes' — a sheltered corner where the Andy Roberts will also be contri-
Heatons used to keep their bees ... something was to be seen, beyond question buting to the follow-up of Paul
— some erratic shape, it may be, of will o' the wisp or bog-lanthorn — for our Devereux's "Earthlights," scheduled
grandfathers were wont to go to the bend of the Ponden Road and watch the for publication in 1989. The Pen-
barrel come fiery down the hill — watch it, apparently, as coolly as if it were nines are a mountain range in the
no more than a cow run wild after calving-time, or any other usual pheno- north of the British Isles known
menon of their times..." as "the backbone of England."
— from "By Moor and Fell" by Halliwell Sutcliffe.

The folk-story above, from the In a thinly-populated valley in the alone. In the Pennines it is fair to say
Haworth Moors of West Yorkshire, High Peak of Derbyshire, the local that the majority of UFO sightings
demonstrates the existence in the farming community have been observ- come from the moorland regions, and
Pennine valleys of northern England ing the coming and goings of strange there are very few observations of
of a perception paranormal light luminous flying objects for hundreds "structured craft," the majority of
phenomena not as evidence of visita- of years. They will not speak to observations being of multi-coloured
tions from outer space, but as an strangers or outsiders about these 'ball of light' phenomena. These pheno-
accepted part of planet Earth's mys- happenings, as they regard them as mena are rooted in local folk lore and
terious processes. something "private" and best left are often inseparable from ancient
MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988 11
belief in ghosts, spirits and memories This often involves much time and as they approach, leaving no sign of
of the worship of Celtic gods. effort spent delving into archival any earthly cause.
In an attempt to collate and docu- records of a particular region in order Late one night in February, 1982,
ment these phenomena and their to 'lift' material out of the many dif- for example, 25 members of Glossop
accompanying human belief systems ferent cultural contexts in which it Mountain Rescue Team, together with
in one particular landscape, Project has appeared over the ages. several National Park Rangers spent
Pennine was set up in 1986 as a long- Part of the activities of Project three hours searching the desolate
term research study based upon the Pennine has been to contact the moors on the northwestern edges of
Pennine hill-chain of northern Eng- numerous Mountain Rescue Teams Bleaklow after a sighting of a "green
land. Our aims are to collect and col- based throughout the Pennines whose flare" was reported to local police.
late data pertaining to anomalous job it is to relieve those stranded or Triangulation of sightings revealed
light phenomena both of contempor- lost on inhospitable mountains and that the light had been hovering in
ary UFO sightings and from folklore moorland. These teams have often the vicinity of Torside Castle — a
and historical sources. This data will been called out in the night to inves- large prehistoric barrow, a place
then be correlated in the search for tigate reports of unknown "lights" where many other sightings have
significant common elements, and and "flares" observed over barren hil- taken place. Bleaklow — reaching its
specifically made available to research- lsides and moor, under the impres- boggy summit at nearly 2,000 feet
ers in the geophysical field. sion that climbers or ramblers were above sea level to the north of the
Project Pennine was the concep- lost or in distress. But more often trans-Pennine Snake Pass road — is
tion of a small group of active UFO in- than not the lights remain unex- the largest area of land in the country
vestigators who were dissatisfied with plained and unaccountable as real which is uncrossed by road, and is a
"conventional" UFOlogy. It was felt distress flares, aircraft lights or other difficult, rugged and inhospitable area
that UFOlogy did very little actual conventional luminosities. with no artificial light sources.
research into the areas in which The mystery of the "Longdendale The mystery lights observed from
UFOs were seen, particularly over Lights" of the High Peak of Derby- Longdendale include a single, power-
long periods of time. In addition we shire is one example of an area of the ful beam, like that of a searchlight,
realised that what are termed "UFOs" Pennine landscape which has a long which has been seen in the area of
comprise largely of purely light-based history of recurring UFO/light phen- Clough Edge and Bramah Edge,
phenomena and not of structured omena. We have received invaluable above the Torside Reservoir. Another
craft — this fact was also being assistance from the Deputy Team kind is a string of wandering, elusive
ignored by the UFOlogical commun- Leader of Glossop Mountain Rescue and eventually fading lights that appear
ity who tended to stress the miniscule Team, Philip Shaw, in our investiga- on the craggy gritstone heights of
number of 'high strangeness' cases at tion of the remarkable light pheno- Shining Clough, further along the val-
the expense of the more consistent mena connected with Longdendale ley to the east. Is it possible that
'ball of light' phenomena. valley. Rumors of various mysterious Shining Clough was so named many
Our final objective is to produce a happenings in this barren yet beauti- years ago because of these mystery
comprehensive catalog of anomalous ful -area situated between the busy lights?
light phenomena from the Pennine Woodhead and Snake Pass roads in David Frith of Hollingworth, 'a
area which cari be freely accessed by the High Peak of the southern Pen- member of Glossop Mountain Rescue
researchers and also made available nines, have been passed down by Team, told a newspaper reporter in
to the scientific community. Con- word-of-mouth over the centuries. 1980 that "there have been frequent
nected with the theoretical analysis Folklore and legends tell of ghostly calls about them to the rescue team
involved in the project, it is also Roman soldiers marching through the ... the last sighting was in October
hoped that skywatches or monitoring night with clanking armor and myste- last year, when they looked like a
of particular regions singled out as rious lights on the windswept moors. string of walkers carrying torches.
areas of high activity may be under- They drifted about and then faded
taken. To this end, the Project report Phantom Lights away. Other times it's been like a
will eventually be presented to several searchlight coming out of the hillside.
University departments in the hope The most persistent stories in Last autumn wardens working for the
that further interest can be attracted recent years have concerned the National Park met someone coming
and hopefully funding and equipment appearance of weird phantom lights down off the hill who said they'd seen
obtained for a full-time monitoring on the remote area to the southside two or three Roman soldiers. And
operation in the Pennines on the lines of the Woodhead Reservoirs on the there's always been a history of peo-
of Project Hessdalen. western flanks of inhospitable Bleak- ple seeing Roman soldiers around
What appears to be the most fruit- low. Several times since the 1960s here."
ful avenue of study in the Pennine mountain rescue teams have been Other areas of the Southern Pen-
area is thorough research into the called out, thinking that hikers must nines where rescue teams have pursued
history and folklore of certain areas be in trouble after sightings of "flares" mystery lights across mountains and
of the foothills which have long tradi- have been reported to the local police moorland are the Kinder Scout pla-
tions of anomalous light phenomena. — only to find that the lights vanish teau, the Roaches of northern Staf-
12 MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988
belief still identifies the heads with
The features which are common to nearly all these "The Old Ones", the ancient Celtic
Celtic head carvings are expressionless faces, deities and spirits of the sky and
prominent elongated eyes, flat rectangular or tri- The features which are common to
angular noses and slit mouths. nearly all these Celtic head carvings
are expressionless faces, prominent
elongated eyes, flat rectangular or tri-
fordshire, and the Axe Edge Moors the Carleton and Addingham Moors, angular noses and slit mouths. Although
near Buxton. The area of moor and the latter being described by Ground they are sculptures, most give a
hill immediately surrounding the spa- Saucer Watch after computer analy- rather two-dimensional, mask-like im-
town of Buxton has generated a sis, as "Britain's first confirmed UFO pression and are often tricephalic
number of interesting low-level UFO photographs". (three-faced). One cannot miss the
sightings since the late 1960s; indeed, Despite the apparent regularity of similarity between these carvings —
it was this very area that the genesis these appearances, the local residents apparent representations of ancient
of the "phantom helicopter" mystery are very reluctant to speak to outsid- gods — and the creatures associated
was created in the years 1973-74, ers about what they believe the lights with UFO/light phenomena. The "Vis-
when police cars pursued maneuver- to be. One Peak Park ranger who itors" described by Whitley Strieber
ing unidentified lights through the spoke to the local farmers in Long- in Communion have a striking resem-
Peak Forest and Hope Valley areas dendale valley shortly after the appear- blance to these ancient elementals;
of Derbyshire. ance of "The Light" — which lit up he also further notes the importance
Another area of the Pennines which the whole valley from mountain-top of the triad or three in the modus
consistently generates a large number to mountain-top — told us that "they operandi of the "Visitors" — the
of UFO/low-level light phenomena wouldn't admit seeing it, and did not three-fold nature of the Celtic mother
are the Craven hills, centered on the even want to discuss the matter. goddess is still a strong belief amongst
north, mid and south Craven fault- Their attitude was that it was some- Pennine farming communities.
lines. Low-level moving lights are a thing best left alone. Someone did The above paradigm is only one of
commonplace occurrence in this area, say that they had known it to freeze the avenues of knowledge which have
particularly over the Carleton and young lambs when it came early in been opened by our research into the
Elslack Moors, near a large micro- the year. Also one farmer said that mysteries of the Pennine moorlands.
wave repeater station; and to the The Light had been coming for Project Pennine also hopes to corre-
north of the market town of Skipton, generations but never so close togeth- late sightings of the low-level light
the moors and undulating hills sur- er, usually about thirty or even fifty phenomena with the geological fault-
rounding the Dales villages of Gras- years in between." ing, as well as magnetic and gravita-
sington, Burnsall and Appletreewick One of the reasons for the reluc- tional anomalies of the landscape in
are all regular hotbeds of UFO activ- tance to speak with outsiders is that question.
ity. Local CB-radio enthusiasts, when Longdenale valley — like many other According to Dr. Michael Persinger
asked by UFO investigators about of the Pennine regions where light "the tectonic strain theory can pre-
local UFO sightings, replied "Oh, you phenomena are regular — is one of dict the probable areas where lumin-
mean the flying oranges?", implying the few remaining areas of the British osities should be maintained. They
once again that light phenomena in Isles where whole communities still would be more evident near sharp
this area is regarded "as if it were no believe in the old pagan Celtic reli- shapes (cliffs, towers, etc.) subject to
more than a cow run wild after gion, including the continued worship electric charge collection, and electric
calving-time, or any other usual phe- of the "Earth Mother," the "Horned charge sources (radio towers, high
nomenon of their times..." God" and other dimly-remembered tension powerlines) ... [and] since the
gods and goddesses. The only out- water-levels contribute significantly to
First Photos ward signs of these surviving beliefs the resistivity of subsurface minerals,
are the many carved stone heads factors which increase the resistivity
Local UFO investigator Tony Dodd, (some of which date back to the Iron- (i.e. reservoirs) should increase the
a police officer for over twenty years age) which can be seen throughout likelihood of UFO displays in that
in Wharfedale, has observed numer- the Pennine valleys built into cottages area."
ous examples of anomalous light and road-walls. The association of strange lights
phenomena, sometimes at close-range In remote parts of Cheshire, Derb- with prominent rock outcrops, reser-
and always in the presence of other yshire and Yorkshire, stone heads — voirs, quarries, electricity powerlines
observers, over the moors to the the longest surviving icon of pagan and towers is found again and again
south of Skipton. He believes that Celtic belief — have until recently in the Pennine study. Indeed, one of
real structured flying objects are been used in efforts to cure illness, to the very first "phantom helicopter"
involved, and has obtained impressive encourage fertility and to combat sightings in 1973 described a lumi-
photographic evidence depicting blobs ghosts. In Longdendale valley and nous object rising out of the large
of unexplained light maneuvering above parts of the Yorkshire Dales, local limestone Hillhead Quarry at Harpur
MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988 13
Hill near Buxton! The evidence for this "flap" being determining exactly what the connec-
It appears that areas which sit on of some kind of "earthlights" pheno- tion between light phenomena and
top of areas under tectonic strain mena is quite overwhelming — the landscape really means. It is hoped
may play host to all kinds of luminous close correlation between the move- that common environmental factors
aerial phenomena. When major earth- ments of the UFOs and the layout of can be isolated in an attempt to
tremors do occur, spectacular dis- the geological faulting below has been further our understanding of the
plays can often be expected. For clearly demonstrated by recent research. origin of the unknown energy forms
instance, in January 1974, imme- Whatever the explanation there appears which must logically be involved and
diately after a spate of UFO activity to be ample evidence from the years the processes at work in their inter-
above the Pennine foothills had sub- 1974 and 1984 alone that earth trem- action with human society and per-
sided, there occurred a substantial ors in the North Wales/Irish Sea area ception throughout recorded history.
earth tremor and an "explosion" of a can produce luminous UFO spectacu-
Project Pennine Contacts:
luminous object — thought to have lars over the Pennine hills.
been a huge meteorite — upon the There is no reason to invoke the David Clarke, 6 Old Retford Road,
Cadar Bronwen mountain-range of involvement of extraterrestrial visitors Handsworth, Sheffield S13 9QZ, South
North Wales, and the simultaneous in an attempt to understand the long Yorkshire.
appearance of brilliant flying objects history and baffling complexity of the Andy Roberts, 84 Elland Road,
in the skies of western Britain. UFO phenomena studied by Project Brighouse, West Yorkshire HD6 2QR.
Furthermore, immediately following Pennine. Rural tradition clearly asso- Philip Mantle, 1, Woodhall Drive,
a strong earth-tremor which again ciates the light phenomena which our Batley, West Yorkshire WF17, 7SW.
shook North Wales and the north of present technological culture asso- Project Pennine thank the following
England on the morning of July 20, ciates with "aliens" with the natural for valuable help towards the Pro-
1984, all kinds of strange maneuver- — but unfathomable — processes of ject's aims: Philip Mantle, Martin Dag-
ing lights appeared in the skies over our mother planet itself. less, Philip Shaw (Glossop Mountain
West Yorkshire, two local UFO investi- The Pennine UFO phenomena is Rescue Team), Tony Dodd, Granville
gation groups receiving up to 60 unquestionably related to the lands- Oldroyd, Paul Bennett, Jenny Ran-
sighting reports for the night of July cape itself, and the aims of Project dies, David Kelly, and Rodney Howarth.
23rd alone! Pennine are just one step towards e David Clarke 1988

Looking Back resource to free ourselves. It was dif-

ficult to defend oneself, because one
got no real hold on the jellylike
beings. My right arm sank as far as
By Bob Gribble to the elbow deep into one of them,
when I tried to fight myself loose.
FORTY YEARS AGO - Decemb- ed the theory that the green balls When the beings got near to you,
er 1948: Sightings of green fireballs were meteors. they smelled like stale marsh," said
were reported in the vicinity of the one of the men.
Atomic Energy Installation at Los The second witness explained that,
Alamos, New Mexico, on the 5th - *** "At a time all four were on me. It is
8th, llth, 13th, 14th, 20th, and 25th. THIRTY YEARS AGO - Decemb- difficult to explain now in plain words,
Witnesses included various scientists, er 1958: At 2:55 AM on the 20th, but I got the impression that the
Special Agents of the Office of Spe- two male adults were driving near beings read my thoughts. Luckily
cial Investigations (USAF), airline pi- Halsingborg, Sweden, when they spot- enough there was a pole with a camp-
lots, Los Alamos Security Inspectors, ted what they thought was a UFO on ing sign on it just near where I was
military personnel of all ranks, and the ground. They got out of their car standing and I clutched my arms
many others with technical back- and observed an object estimated to around the pole. This was my rescue."
grounds, which the Pentagon repre- be 16-feet in diameter and three feet The two men estimated the struggle
sentatives characterized as "observers high, resting on three legs. While lasted four to seven minutes. One of
whose reliabilities are not questioned." observing the vehicle they were sud- the men finally broke away and ran
The matter was considered top secret denly attacked by four, lead-gray back to the car. He sounded the
by the Army and the Air Force. The Extraterrestrial beings about four feet horn and the ETs returned to their
fireballs were large, often described tall and one foot broad. They seemed craft. As the vehicle lifted off the cor-
as big as the full moon, only brighter, to lack extremities, looking like scones ona of light around it got more
and kelly-green in color. They tra- or skittles, but when they attacked intense and a smell like "ether" or "burn-
veled at terrific speeds at low alti- they had a respectable grasping abil- ed sausage" filled the air, and the
tudes. Dr. Lincoln La Paz, director of ity. "They clutched firmly on to us witnesses were paralyzed by power-
the Institute of Meteoretics at Uni- and wanted to drag us towards the ful, extremely rapid vibrations. This
versity of New Mexico, strongly oppos- craft and we had to mobilize every condition disappeared when the UFO
14 MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988
moved away. Force policy suggested, then why object and the small rocks.)
On the 22nd a group of more than were the Joint Chiefs so serious and
450 top commercial airline pilots, all obviously so concerned about it, and ***
veterans of more than 15 years with why were they going to all that trou-
major companies, blasted as "border- ble? TEN YEARS AGO - December
ing on the absolute ridiculous" the 1978: Shortly after midnight on the
Air Force policy of tight censorship, 6th, an Italian security guard's patrol
brush-off and denial in regard to uni- *** car mysteriously quit running. At the
dentified flying objects. One termed FIFTEEN YEARS AGO - Decemb- same moment he saw four strange
the Air Force policy "a lesson in er 1973: Patrick Thrush was driving lights and stepped outside to investi-
lying, intrigue and the 'Big Brother' in Bradenton, Florida, about 8:50 PM gate with gun in hand. Suddenly, he
I. attitude carried to the ultimate extreme." on the 13th when he spotted a UFO was struck from behind. "I whirled
Each of the pilots has sighted at least over the Braden River. As he pulled and shined my flashlight and saw this
one UFO, the majority several. All his car off the road onto an embank- enormous green being," he recalled.
have been interrogated by the Air ment the high beams from his car It is the last thing the guard remembers—
Force and most expressed disgust showed a silvery reflecting object in his conscious mind — until 105
and frustration at Air Force methods hovering about 20 feet over the minutes later when he found himself
and conclusions. water. A tube extended from the stunned by the blinding light and heat
"We are ordered to report all UFO object into the water. "I just sat there of a spacecraft blasting off into the
sightings," one said, "but when we do a second," said Thrush, then he dark sky.
we are usually treated like incompe- pulled his camera from the car, ran Two weeks later, a group of experts
tents and told to keep quiet. This is behind the car and snapped a photo- listened in amazement as the 26-year-
no fun, especially after many hours of graph, using a strobe flash and the old guard, Fortunato Zanfretta, recount-
questioning — sometimes all night car headlights for lighting. As soon as ed under deep hypnosis the full
long. You're tired. You've just come the flash went off, Thrush said, the details of his incredible UFO encoun-
in from a grueling flight, anxious to tube, which had been at an angle, ter. Their conclusion was that he was
get home to the wife and kids. But straightened up and began retracting telling the truth. "I believe 90 percent
you make your report anyhow and into the hovering object. of what he said was the truth," said
the Air Force tells you that the thing When the tube disappeared, the Dr. Mauro Moretti, the top medical hyp-
that paced your plane for 15 minutes UFO headed toward the embank- notist and physician who hypnotized
was a mirage or a bolt of lightning. ment where Thrush was standing. He him. And police say they found phys-
Nuts to that. Who needs it?" Another said he heard "several loud clanks" ical evidence to support the security
said he was certain many pilots and a splash, suggesting something guard's story — a large, horseshoe-
"forget" to report UFO sightings dropped into the water. The object shaped burn mark where the space-
rather than undergo Air Force quiz- descended slightly as it came toward craft was supposed to be and a 20-
zing and ridicule. He said he is sure him, Thrush said, estimating it was inch footprint which "could only have
much valuable information is lost as a about seven feet above the hood of been made by a giant foot," a police
result. his car at its lowest point. He heard spokesman said.
Although the pilots expressed them- something hit the car hood, then the Zanfretta, a family man with a rep-
selves freely, they asked that their object changed direction and moved utation for honesty, was making his
names be withheld because in most rapidly to the west. When he got rounds in the village of Torriglia at
instances employers had directed them, back to the car, Thrush said the about 11:30 PM when he saw strange
at Air Force insistence, to say nothing headlights picked out three rocks lights at a client's unoccupied villa.
for publication. In referring to the about one-half inch in diameter. He "As soon as I saw them, the engine,
UFO trackings by Civil Aeronautics gave two to Bradenton Police Patrol- headlights, and radio in my car
Administration radar men stationed man Chris Schmidt. The rocks were stopped working," he recalled. "I
around the country, one of the pilots analyzed as iron pyrite, a substance took my gun and flashlight and went
explained "the Air Force can't afford native to South America. Thrush said to see what was happening. I started
to admit radar is correct without also that each rock was warm and dry. to walk around the house. Someone
admitting its own attitude has been "The edges were rounded and it had pushed me in the back, like a punch.
incorrect from the beginning." This a lava-like appearance to it," he said. I whirled around, shined my flashlight
pilot also pointed to a Joint Chiefs of Thrush estimated the UFO was about and saw this enormous green being.
Staff order giving top radio priority to 25 to 35 feet in diameter and about It is the last thing I remember." "Zan-
UFO reports anywhere in the world 11 feet thick. He judged the object to fretta said the being was about 10
and specifying that any pilot who fails be hovering about 35 feet from the feet tall, with hairy green skin, yellow
to maintain absolute secrecy after- shore. (Editor's note: The June 1974 triangular eyes and red veins across
wards is subject to a maximum of 10 issue number 79 of Skylook [prede- the forehead. In place of a mouth
years in prison and a fine of $10,000. cessor to the MUFON UFO Journal] there was what appeared to be a
If the whole UFO business was to be published an interview with Patrick metallic chain or fence,'" Dr. Moretti
taken so lightly, as the official Air Thrush and photographs of both the recalled. The ET escorted him to a
MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988 15
very large, triangular spacecraft with thousands of civilians, spotted a giant direction and Capt. Lira Bustos and
several portholes and a round or UFO in the sky. Four jets were sent another pilot went into a steep dive
semi-circular base. aloft and, following ground radar to avoid the craft. Comdr. Pratt Cor-
"He said there was brilliant light instructions, picked up the UFO at ona and another pilot, Lieut. Jose
inside the craft and it was very hot," an altitude of 15,000 feet. The craft Fernandez Martin, then took up the
Dr. Moretti continued. "There were rose almost straight up as the jets chase as the Extraterrestrial craft
rows of instruments and control pan- approached, keeping the aircraft about headed skyward again. "I was shocked
els. Inside there were about 10 ET 5000 feet below it. when I first saw it close," recalled the
beings like the one he had met out- "Suddenly it appeared to be head- lieutenant. "As I passed beneath it, it
side. All the beings looked alike and ing right at us," recalled Capt. Lira appeared to be completely static —
they had fingers like ours." Though Bustos. "I was scared. I hit the radio. literally suspended in air. It gave me
they spoke no Italian or any other 'Verify that what I'm seeing is coming an eerie feeling in my gut. It's impos-
Earth language, Zanfretta said they right at us,' I radioed." Another jet- sible that any normal aircraft, with
communicated with him by "light sig- fighter pilot, Cmdr. Javier Pratt Cor- the huge dimensions of the triangle,
nals and sounds" transmitted through ona confirmed the UFO — "an could maintain itself airborne, com-
a helmet placed on his head. The immense triangle with intense lights pletely stabie."
helmet was so tight it gave Zanfretta joining the edges" — had changed
a headache, Dr. Moretti said. Zan-
fretta did not need hypnosis to
remember what happened when the
encounter was over. He recalled:
UFO Cover-up ... Live: Telephone Poll
"The next thing I knew, I was stand-
ing in the dark, feeling groggy. The By Walt Andrus
being was gone. I picked up my flash-
light from the ground and ran toward The Michael B. Seligman Produc- had previously published a majority of
my car. tions "UFO Cover-Up ... Live" two- the disclosures. Since this material is
"As I ran I saw this great, blinding hour TV documentary was aired on now public information, Mr. Lear's
light rise up. It was a UFO. I only October 14th and repeated October hypothesis will be published in the
saw that it was flat, triangular and 16th on the same TV stations at a MUFON UFO Journal for its specul-
white. It was enormous and it gave later hour. The program was distrib- ative value.
off so much light and heat that I uted by Lexington Broadcast Service As a means of taking a public sur-
couldn't see it clearly. When the (LBS) to independent stations, how- vey of the viewing populace, Lexing-
spacecraft was gone, Zanfretta glanced ever, 42 of the 200 NBC affiliates ton Broadcast Service (LBS) con-
at his watch. It was 1:15 AM. He aired the documentary. Without a ducted a telephone poll during and
assumed he had fainted when he first doubt, this was one of the most sig- immediately after the program was
saw the entity and had regained con- nificant UFO programs to be shown aired. Polling was terminated at mid-
sciousness seconds before the craft publicly worldwide, based upon its night on October 15, 1988. Six ques-
took off. Giovanni Cassibba, another informational content. In addition to tions made up the survey. How many
guard, was sent to find out what was the U.S.A. and Canada, it was viewers had experienced a close
wrong and found Zanfretta sitting in broadcast in New Zealand and Aus- encounter of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th
his patrol car, looking dazed. "His tralia, and probably in other English kind, or no experience? The sixth
face was cold but his head felt hot," speaking countries as well. question gave the listeners an oppor-
Cassibba said. "He was in a state of The difficult production problems tunity to cast their vote in favor of or
shock." The guard's boss, Gianfranco filming the program live in the Washing- against conducting a new Congres-
Tutti, said: "I don't believe in crea- ton, D.C. studio, Gulf Breeze, Flor- sional Hearing on the UFO pheno-
tures from other planets, but I do ida, and by satellite from Moscow, menon in the United States. AT&T
believe in Zanfretta..." U.S.S.R. were surmounted. Regard- collected $1 for each telephone call
A huge triangular-shaped object less of the prior UFO knowledge of made in the poll ($73,032).
also chased off two Chilean Air Force each viewer, different degrees of The author contacted Mr. Steve
F-5E fighters at supersonic speeds — information were presented so as to Syatt, LBS representative, who pro-
and then vanished mysteriously into appeal to the public at large. The vided the following statistics on the
the upper atmosphere with other jets controversial revelations of the two telephone poll:
in hot pursuit. After an incredible alleged U.S. government agents, using
chase that ended when he was forced the code names "Falcon" and "Con- Total Telephone Calls Received
to make a "combat dive" to escape, dor," was one of the most significant 73,032
Capt. Lira Bustos declared, "I can portions for viewers knowledgeable in
now believe in other civilizations on Ufology. This testimony was the "ace 1. People Reporting Close Encounter
other worlds." The incident occurred card" promised by William L. Moore Experiences
on the 16th when a platoon of police as a follow-up to the MJ-12 docu- % People
in the town of Calama, along with ments published in 1987. John Lear CEI 66% 30,835
16 MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988
CEII 5% 2,482 new Congressional Hearing on the resolved unless and until at least one
CE HI 3% 1,477 UFO subject. Anyone who viewed other mystery is solved. Though I
CE IV 6% 2,969 the repeat program on October 16th may be blaspheming, it is possible,
No Experience 20% 9,052(19%) did not have an opportunity to even in our extraordinarily enlight-
express themselves in the poll since ened world of science, that we are
Total 100% 46,815 calls the polls were closed. It was rumored missing a tool or two — and maybe a
that the program cost 2 million dol- whole tool kit. But those of us on the
2. Recommendation that a new Con- lars to produce, which explains why it "heights of foolishness" lack paranoid
gressional Hearing be conducted was punctuated with an immense certainty on some of these matters.
on the UFO phenomenon. number of commercials. I do not At any event, it seems to me a bit
have access to the potential viewing odd that the redoubtable editor of
Favored 82% audience figures (Nielsen Ratings), Fate would so casually dismiss the
Against 18% however, it could have been several evidence of micro- and macropsy-
million. May we compliment both chokinesis. This carefully and not-so-
Total 100% 26,217 calls Michael Seligman Productions and carefully gathered evidence, going
Lexington Broadcast Service for this back many more years than the short
It is obvious that 73,032 people outstanding UFO documentary. The history of organized ufology, is a
were interested enough to spend one general public has clearly expressed a body of evidence of considerable size
dollar to call LBS and register their concern by their response for a that sober, intelligent, and well-in-
experience or recommendation for a renewed interest in the UFO phenomenoa formed people might consider to be
much more well-attested than UFO-
sightings and the bizarre accompany-
ing claims. There is, for instance,
Letters to the Editor... much more primary physical evi-
dence for micro-PK than there is for
Dear Editor: UFO contact reports are often loaded visitations by extraterrestrial space-
In the most recent MUFON Sym- with psychic references. craft manned by intelligent beings.
posium Proceedings, in his paper, While it is sometimes embarrassing — Dennis Stillings
"The Fall and Rise of the ET Hypothe- — and always inadequate — to have Archaeus Project
sis," Jerry Clark, the editor of Fare, to discuss one unknown in terms of
makes the following comment: another, it is neither foolish nor illogi- Dear Editor:
But (it) is the height of foolishness cal to do so (and no one is claiming Let's hold the presses! No more
to attempt to explain one unknown an "explanation," but is asking that UFO "genetic engineering" abduction
with another unknown — as, for these things be looked at from more stories should be aired over television
example, the continuing effort by than one perspective. I strongly sus- talk shows for the general public to
such postmodernist UFOlogical the- pect that Jerry's accusation that we laugh over! I have witnessed enough
orists as Hilary Evans and Dennis are trying to "explain away" UFOs as ridicule to choke a horse.
Stillings to explain UFO-related phys- psychic — which is certainly untrue, The masses of television viewers
ical effects as the product of macro- and impossible anyway — is derived (including couch potatoes) have no
psychokinesis, when the existence of from his personal need for UFOs to cognition of the crucial importance of
even micropsychokinesis is by no be of extraterrestrial origin. One UFO research, let alone the abduc-
means certain. encounters exactly this reaction when tion aspect. Ungodly stories involving
On my embarrassingly frequent one discusses religious writings in phi- sperm and ova samplings are undoubt-
climbs to the "heights of foolishness," lological and psychological terms with edly a rough and raw introduction to
I have, as a rule, found those heights a believer). It is an important part of Ufology and seem detrimental in
already littered several layers deep scientific investigation to look for generating serious interest by the
with the beer cans, wooden nickels, commonalities among phenomena, ev- uninformed public. Moreover, I've
and boldly waving flags of the ufolo- en if the events being compared are met too many young people living in
gists who have long since claimed both of an unknown origin. Certainly anxiety and pondering the worst. Do
those heights. At more modest heights electricity, a spooky unknown for we need this?
I have found evidence that some of centuries, could not be understood in To clarify two points: 1) I support
Jerry's "foolish people," such as Carl any serious fashion until the advent public UFO education, but first cen-
Jung, I. Grattan-Guinnes's, and oth- of microphysics. Therefore, it was tering upon its milder stages, i.e., a
ers, have speculated that it might well long explained as a "fluid," which was level of respect is prevalent when
be that some UFO phenomena are of a "known," but this was an incorrect credibility of witnesses, government
psychic origin or, at least, have a interpretation in many ways. One cover-ups, UFO landing traces, etc.
large psychic component. There are could multiply examples endlessly, are stressed. Thus the phenomenon
numerous parallels to be found be- and I am sure there are much better tantalizes one's intellect. If individuals
tween UFOs, their peripheral phen- ones. It is quite possible that many feel that their curiosity is heightened,
omena, and psychic events. In fact, phenomena that puzzle us cannot be they can later seek out the heavy
MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988 17
LETTERS, continued
stuff, but at their own accord.
2) I uphold abduction research and
the unprecedented information unfolding.
The Night Sky
I've heartfelt compassion for the abduc- By Walter N. Webb
tees who willingly undergo grueling
investigative sessions, then attempt to MUFON Astronomy Consultant
fathom their experiences, which conjures
up another point. UFO investigators December 1988
give high respectability to witnesses
who haven't been contaminated with Bright Planets (Evening Sky):
UFO literature. They love cases where
the targeted individuals describe their Mars, in Pisces, is high in the SE at dusk. At magnitude -0.4 in midmonth,
experiences running true to the phenom- the red planet travels across the southern sky during the night.
enon, yet are oblivious to UFO stories.
How can this trend continue, if we Jupiter, still in Taurus near the Pleiades, can be seen low in the east at
flood the market with it all? dusk gleaming at magnitude -2.8. The giant planet follows Mars across the
A concerted effort should be made southern sky.
to keep abduction information restricted
within the confines of UFO symposia Saturn is visible low in the SW shortly after sunset early in December.
where the evidence is presented for Thereafter, it fades into the solar glare, finally passing into the morning
what it's worth, and nobody laughs. sky on the 26th.
Joan H. Laurino
San Francisco, CA Bright Planets (Morning Sky):

Continued from page 11 Venus rises in the east about 5 AM in mid-December. Shining brightly at
an explanation of the phenomenon as a magnitude -4.0, our neighbor planet becomes difficult to see by month's
whole. A dozen of "normal" phenomena end.
is not responsible for a thirteenth
anomalous one. But at the same time Mars sets in the west shortly after 1 AM in midmonth.
we can come to the final solution of
this problem only via investigation of Jupiter sets in the NW about 5 AM.
such individual cases. How can we
jump from the "local" explanations to Meteor Shower:
the "global" one? Is it really possible?
Apparently, under existing conditions (I The Moon sets about 9 PM on the 13th, and for the rest of the night con-
mean the irregularity of the sensors and ditions should be excellent for the Geminid meteors — especially during
the channel) it is in fact impossible. the early morning hours of the 14th when observers may glimpse about
Only after we have these components one meteor per minut. Although the shower radiates from Gemini the
of the "UFO observation system" some- Twins, watchers should scan the whole sky for these bright, relatively
how regularized, it will be really feasible slow, white streaks which appear some distance from their radiant. (This
to build a strong chain from empirical is true of all meteor showers.)
data and local empirical facts to the
global explanation of the UFO phenome- Moon Phases:
non (although it may be tentative at
first). To do so, it will be enough to Last quarter — December 1
propose a set of hypotheses, able to New moon — December 9 O
explain convincingly the "regularized"
flow of reports, received by scientists.
First quarter — December 16
Full moon — December 23 €O
At present a researcher can even do
something which would be blameworthy
Last quarter — December 30 C
if he dealt with data of a correct The Stars:
scientific observation: namely he may
ignore an inexplicable residue, if it is During midevening hours the brilliant luminaries of the Winter Circle —
small enough. On the contrary, with a Sirius, Procyon, Pollux and Castor, Capella, Aldebaran, and Rigel — rise
regularized system operating, even a above the SE horizon. Meanwhile, the autumn star patterns of "The Sea"
smaller residue would become a sound and the Great Square of Pegasus move into the SW.
basis to seek for explanations outside
the established theories and the most High in the north astride the celestial meridian can be found one of the
respectable hypotheses. most popular objects in the heavens, the Double Cluster of Perseus. First,
18 MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988
look for a twin patch of light with the unaided eye between the "W" of Director so they may be formally
Cassiopeia (the Queen) and the fishhook shape of Perseus (the Cham- nominated. State Directors may nom-
pion). Then focus on it with binoculars or a telescope. The patches inate themselves. This is an opportun-
resolve into hundreds of stars, many of them supergiants a few thousand ity for a dedicated person to help
times the diameter of our Sun. influence the goals and objectives of
MUFON and the future of Ufology.
Balancing on the end of its handle, the Big Dipper finally begins its upward Please give this matter your prompt
ascent from the northern horizon. and serious consideration since only
two nominations have been received
by MUFON in Seguin, Texas as of
MESSAGE, continued November 21, 1988. We hope to have
at least four nominees so there will
osal to the Mutual UFO Network- be a choice of qualified candidates.
Central European Section, which was
authorized by ICUR to join as an
organization independent of MUFON.
Both the J. Allen Hynek Center for
UFO Studies (CUFOS) and the Fund
for UFO Research (FUFOR) are
invited to join the international organ-
ization. Dr. Hynek was the honorary
President of ICUR. until his untimely
passing. Project UNICAT, directed
by Dr. Willy Smith, is another
member organization in the U.S.A.
For those people looking for the
sequel to Communion, the best seller
by Whitley Strieber in 1987, they
now have the oportunity to read his
latest book titled Transformation
(1988) published by Beech Tree Books,
William Morrow, New York. One of
the latest UFO magazines to be pub-
lished is North American SETI Mag-
-i / (
azine, edited and published by How- lina 28092. For an enlarged listing of
ard W. Dudley (Magick Mountain 162 sources of worldwide information, 1897 - 1988
Graphics and Publishing Co.). The send a $5 check or money to Mr. In memory of Major Donald E. Keyhoe,
premier Issue Volume 1, Issue 1 was Fawcett at the above address. U.S.M.C. Retired, Board of Directors,
distributed in August 1988. For sub- Joe Santangelo's term as Eastern Mutual UFO Network and former Direc-
tor, National investigations Committee
scription information please write to: Regional director is expiring. He has on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP)
North American SETI Magazine, R.R.I, fulfilled two consecutive terms, there-
Box 460, Hollister Hill Road, Plain- fore he may not run for reelection Died November 29,1988
field, Vermont 05667. according to MUFON bylaws. Anyone
People interested in learning more living in the Eastern Region of states
about UFO organizations and publi- consisting of ME, NH, VT, MA, CT,

cations worldwide are invited to util- RI, NY, PA, MD, NJ, DE, WV, VA,
ize a UFO service provided by NC, SC, GA, FL, DC, and PR inter-
George D. Fawcett, 602 Battle- ested in being elected to this impor-
ground Road, Lincolnton, North Caro- tant position should advise their State

Calendar of UFO Conferences for 1989

April 14,15 & 16 — Ozark UFO Conference, Inn of the Ozarks, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

June 30, July 1 & 2 — MUFON International UFO Symposium, Aladdin Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada

July 14,15 & 16 — Fifth London International UFO Congress, London Business School, Regents Park, London, England

November 11 & 12 —The UFO Experience, Ramada Inn, North Haven, Connecticut

MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988 19

Director's Message
by Walt Andrus
Congratulations are hereby extend- search Specialist in Computer Science
ed to Michel Bougard, President, and State Section Director for Hamp-
Lucien Clerebaut, Secretary-General den and Hampshire counties; and
of the Societe Beige d'Etude des Robert R. Carle, living in Wyoming,
Phenomenes Spatiaux (SOBEPS) and Michigan, for Barry and Ionia counties.
their host committee for the profes- New Consultants volunteering their
sionally implemented "First European expertise this month are John T.
Congress on Anomalous Aerial Pheno- Burke, Jr. J.D. in Law (Chicago, Illi-
mena: Physical and Psychosocial As- nois); John T. Gille, Ph.D. (Albu-
pects" on November 11 to 13, 1988 in querque, New Mexico) in Theoretical
Brussels, Belgium. The meeting was Physics; David Yaruss, Doctor of
conducted in the beautiful SOBEPS Pharmacy (San Diego, California) in
office, library and conference facili- Pharmacy; Christopher Allen Ful-
ties. Conferees attended from the fol- kerson, Ph.D. (San Francisco, Cali-
lowing countries: Austria 1, Belgium fornia) in Music; and Jo Kopeland
10, England 6, France 8, Italy 5, Stone, M.F.C.C. (Ph.D pd) in Sher-
Netherlands 2, Switzerland 2, U.S.A. man Oaks, California for Psychothera-
5, and U.S.S.R. 1. MUFON foreign py.
representatives present were Jacques Research Specialists appointed dur-
Bonabot (Belgium), Theodore Auer- ing November are Donald McKim,
bach (Switzerland), Patrick Vidal M.S. (Edmonds, Washington) in Phys-
(Netherlands), Edoardo Russo (Italy), ical Anthropology; Daniel C. Pin-
and Vladimir Rubtsov (U.S.S.R.) PATRICK VIDAL chas, M.A. (Gaithersburg, Maryland)
for International Relations; Rex C.
UFO CONFERENCES M.A. in Italy for Centre Italiano Studi Salisberry, M.S. (Navarre Beach,
Ufologica (C.I.S.U.); and the reas- Florida) in Systems Engineering; Carol
Due to the interest in UFO Con- signment of Roberto Pinotti in Italy A. Salisberry, M.A. in Psychology;
ferences throughout the world, a new to represent Centra Ufologico Nazio- and Paul Landers, M.S. (Orleans,
column or bulletin board is being nale (C.U.N.). Before moving to Massachusetts).
initiated with this issue of the Journal Marlton, New Jersey, Donald A.
to keep everyone advised of the date, Johnson, former State Director for ICUR MEETING IN BRUSSELS
name, location, city, and country. Washington, reappointed Robert J.
The theme for the MUFON 1988 Gribble as his replacement. He also The Executive Committee of the
International UFO Symposium in Las recommended Don Olson, Jr., living International Committee for UFO
Vegas, Nevada at the Aladdin Hotel in Bothell, Washington, to be the Research (ICUR) composed of Robert
and Casino on June 30, July 1 and 2 Asst. State Director for Washington S. Digby, Chairman; Walter H.
will be "The UFO Cover-Up." Speak- and Laurence T. "Larry" Childs to Andrus, Jr., Vice Chairman; Ste-
ers presently committed are Donald the post of State Section Director for phen Gamble, Secretary; and John
A. Johnson, Ph.D. and William L. King county. In his new employment, L. Spencer, Treasurer; convened in
"Bill" Moore, author and researcher. Dr. Johnson has joined Dr. David Brussels, Belgium on November 13,
Saunders in Princeton, New Jersey. 1988. The Committee met with repre-
NEW OFFICERS Other new State Section Directors sentatives of Centra Italiano Studi
volunteering this month are Solomon Ufologica (CISU) and SOBEPS to
We are proud to announce the V. Weinstein, J.D. in Southhamp- familiarize them with the goals and
appointment of new officers and spe- ton, Pennsylvania for Bucks county; purpose of ICUR and to formally
cialists throughout the world as Ethan A. Rich, living in Englewood, invite them to consider joining. Both
MUFON continues to grow. New Colorado, reassigned to Arapahoe, groups expressed favorable interest
foreign representatives selected dur- Douglas and Elbert counties; Earl D. and will take official action through
ing November were Vladimir V. Rubt- Willis, residing in Enterprise, Ala- their governing boards. Dr. Auerbach
sov, Ph.D. for the U.S.S.R. and Con- bama, assigned to Coffee, Dale, and promised to present the same prop-
sultant in Philosophy; Patrick Vidal Geneva counties; James D. Bucha-
for the Netherlands; Edoardo Russo, nan (Springfield, Massachusetts), Re- Continued on page 19
20 MUTUAL UFO Network Journal, Number 248, December 1988