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Questions FEB 18 2010 Article ID: 7869 Title: Paranoyd of hiv Name: Paula Yalte Section: Sex &

Beauty Category: HIV !I"S #ue$tion: Than% you for reading thi$& I made a mi$ta%e' i had $ex (ith my )e$tfriend& Hi$ mother died *+ year$ ago from !I"S' He$ )een te$ted many time$' and doe$nt have it& )ut from ,u$t thin%ing of it i thin% i might- .e did u$e a condom )ut for a $hort /art (e didnt' im very $cared&& my left hear and glan$ hurt' i have (o%en u/ in the middle of the night from )ad cram/ing and diarrhea&Im very (orried' im only 0+ and i %no( i $ouldnt ,udge my friend from hi$ mom /a$$ing a(ay from thi$' )ut im ,u$t $cared /lea$e hel/1 !ge: *2304 year$ 5ender: 6emale Current 7edication' 8no(n !llergie$ and 7edical Hi$tory (ere left )lan%& HIV: transmission and testin The initial $ym/tom$ of HIV infection can )e very un$/ecific a$: fever' fatigue' night $(eat$' ra$h' $(ollen node$' $ore throat' headache' oral ulcer$& Infection i$ cau$ed )y the human immunodeficiency viru$ 9HIV:& The follo(ing factor$ are a$$ociated (ith an increa$ed ri$% of ac;uiring HIV infection: <n/rotected $ex' rece/tive anal intercour$e carrie$ a /articularly high ri$%' in,ection drug u$e 9$haring needle$ or drug /ara/hernalia:' occu/ational needle $tic% or )ody fluid $/la$h 9e$timated tran$mi$$ion rate =+&>?:' contaminated )lood /roduct$ 9)efore *2@4 in the <nited State$:&

In your /articular ca$e' if you are not $ure a)out the HIV $tatu$ of your /artner or if you are feeling very $tre$$ out and (orried' it i$ $trongly recommended that you get te$ted& There i$ a te$t that can )e done (ithout u$ing a needle& Thi$ te$t' called the Ara#uic% Ba/id HIV Te$t for Aral 6luid' give$ re$ult$ in 0+ minute$ u$ing $aliva& Thi$ te$t can detect only HIV ty/e * 9HIV3*: anti)odie$& !l$o' a negative te$t re$ult doe$ not mean you are immune to HIV' al(ay$ %ee/ in mind that engaging in ri$%y )ehavior$ 9having un/rotected $exual intercour$e (ith an infected /er$on or $haring needle$ or $yringe$ (ith an infected /er$on: can tran$mit HIV&

Article ID: 7879 Title: HIV (orry Name: Co Co Section: To/ic$ !3D Category: !I"S #ue$tion: Hello' !)out @ year$ ago (hen i (a$ *E' i (ent on a $chool tri/ to london& (e (ere all (al%ing through the city centre (hen a drun% man a//roached u$& (hen he (a$

(al%ing )y i felt an odd t(inge in my hi/& I /anic%ed a$ i thought that he may have /ric%ed me (ith a needle& I had a chec%' )ut there (ere no mar%$' )lood or )ru$ing /re$ent& i %e/t chec%ing for $everal day$ after(ard$' and $tll there (a$ nothing& The t(inge did not feel li%e (hat a needle u$ually feel$ li%e 3 it didnt $ting' it (a$,u$t an odd t(inge& Becau$e i couldnt $ee any $u$/iciou$ mar%$' i /ut it do(n to a mu$cle $/a$m and ,u$t forgot a)out it& a)out > year$ ago' i noticed a very $mall light )ro(n mar% 9not rai$ed: on the hi/ that i felt the t(inge& thi$ made me (orried due to the convienience of it )eing on the $ame hi/ that i felt the t(inge& I remem)er getting $un)urnt in that area 3 $o i a$$umed that it (a$ $omething to do (ith that& @ year$ on and the memorie$ of that night have $uddenly re$urfaced and im $o (orried a)out it& I have )een loo%ing at HIV $ym/tom$' and although i have had a num)er of cold$ and )ig cold$ during thi$ time' they have )een more genuine one$ 3 $uch a$ one$ that occured during my time at univer$ity $urrounded )y $tudent$' and al$o (hen i (or%ed in a /rimary $chool $urrounded )y young children& I (ould have thought that )y @ year$ on i (ould have had $ome $eriou$ $ide effect$ )y no(& am i right to a$$ume that- I %no( that the only (ay to )e $ure i$ to have an HIV te$t' )ut i am ,u$t $o $cared& !m i ,u$t )eing overally /aranoid )y thi$- Than% you in advance& Co !ge: *2304 year$ 5ender: 6emale Current 7edication' 8no(n !llergie$ and 7edical Hi$tory (ere left )lan%& HIV: !"e #acts$ !round the (orld a//roximately F+ million /eo/le are currently living (ith HIV infection' and an e$timated 04 million have died from thi$ di$ea$e& In the <nited State$' roughly one3third of ne( diagno$e$ a//ear to )e related to hetero$exual tran$mi$$ion& 7ale3to3 male $exual contact $till account$ for nearly half of ne( diagno$e$ and intravenou$ drug u$e ma%e the remaining of the ca$e$& The viru$ doe$ not $/read through ca$ual contact $uch a$ /re/aring food' $haring to(el$ and )edding' or via $(imming /ool$' tele/hone$' or toilet $eat$& The viru$ i$ al$o unli%ely to )e $/read )y contact (ith $aliva' unle$$ it i$ contaminated (ith )lood& 7any /eo/le do not $ho( $ym/tom$ after they fir$t get infected (ith HIV& Ather$ have a flu3li%e illne$$ (ithin $everal day$ to (ee%$ after ex/o$ure to the viru$& They com/lain of: fever' headache' tiredne$$' and $(ollen node$ in the nec%& The$e $ym/tom$ u$ually di$a//ear (ithin a fe( (ee%$& !fter that' the /er$on feel$ normal and ha$ no $ym/tom$& Thi$ a$ym/tomatic /ha$e often la$t$ for year$& The develo/ment of the di$ea$e i$ different among individual$& Thi$ $tate may la$t from a fe( month$ to more than *+ year$& Gven though the /er$on ha$ no $ym/tom$' he or $he i$ contagiou$ and can /a$$ HIV to other$& HIV infection i$ commonly diagno$ed )y )lood te$t$ that detect anti)odie$ the immune $y$tem /roduce$ in an attem/t to fight the viru$& Te$ting for HIV i$ a t(o3$te/ /roce$$: fir$t' an inex/en$ive $creening te$t 9)lood: or oral 9$aliva: i$ done& If that te$t i$ /o$itive' a $econd te$t 9.e$tern )lot: i$ done to confirm the re$ult& In ca$e of dou)t' (orry or if you are un$ure' the an$(er i$ al(ay$ the $ame: get te$ted&

Article ID: 7970 Title: 5olfer$ el)o( Name: Gri% Tanner Section: "iet & 6itne$$ Category: S/ort$ In,urie$ #ue$tion: .hat exerci$e$ can i do to $trenghen my el)o( $o i can /lay golf (ithout the /ain- $hould i try $tretching or (eight$ or (ill that ma%e the /ro)lem (or$e!ge: >H3F4 year$ 5ender: 7ale Current 7edication' 8no(n !llergie$ and 7edical Hi$tory (ere left )lan%& %edial E&icond'litis or (ol#er)s El*o+: ,onser-ati-e !reatment The re/etitive u$e of the el)o( mu$cle$ can /roduce microtear$ in the tendon$' inflammation and /ain and i$ called: 7edial G/icondyliti$ or 5olferI$ el)o(& In <nited State$ i$ one of the mo$t common cau$e$ of el)o( /ain& The con$ervative treatment for the 5olferI$ Gl)o( i$ a$ follo($: /atient education and golf $(ing modification' anti3 inflammatory medication 9$uch a$ I)u/rofen:' /hy$ical thera/y (ith flexi)ility and $trengthening exerci$e$' (ri$t $/lint$ if needed' and for /atient$ that do not $ho( $ignificant im/rovement the cortico$teroid in,ection may )e con$ider&

The /atient $hould )e educated a)out the conditionJ$ contri)uting factor$ and activity modification' avoid el)o( flexion and leaning on the el)o(' (ri$t flexion or any other /ainful movement& In addition' in the immediate term' the /atient $hould /lace ice /ac%$ on the medial e/icondyle for *+3*4 minute$ >3F time$ /er day to decrea$e the /ain and inflammation that occur$ early in medial G/icondyliti$& It i$ very im/ortant $ee% a /rofe$$ional in$tructor for the /ro/er techni;ue and e;ui/ment' and a /hy$ical thera/i$t to $ho( you the exerci$e routine of $tretching and range of motion' u$ing ice /ac%$ )efore and after thera/y& S/ort$ activitie$ are gradually reinitiated after the /ain and inflammation have im/roved&

Article ID: 7878 Title: <//er )ac% /ain Name: Cohn Sell$ Section: To/ic$ !3D Category: Bac% Pain #ue$tion: I /ulled my )ac% mu$cle @ month$ ago i )elieve it$ the rhom)oid mu$cle& i /ulled it lifting (eight$' i couldnt turn my nec% (hen i (o%e u/ the next morning $o i (aited a (ee% and i felt li%e i (a$ )ac% to normal and tried to hit the (eight$ again and /ulled it again )ut it hurt on )oth $ide$ of my )ac% thi$ time& )oth rhom)oid mu$cle$ felt li%e they (a$ on fire for a)out F month$ i couldnt $lee/ or do anything it (a$ horri)le then it $tarted healing )ut no( @ month$ later i $till have /ain not near a$ )ad a$ (hen i fir$t did it )ut it $till feel$ li%e it$ on fire if i $tand for too long or im 1 doing $omething to /ut $train on it& it$ li%e it got to a /oint that it ,u$t (ont heal anymore& .hen i (a%e u/ in the morning$ my )ac% feel$ really $tiff then it feel$ %inda normal after an hour or $o& I

have had a x ray ta%en and nothing $ho(ed u/ and i have had a 7BI and nothing $ho(ed u/ on that and i have )een to the chiro/racter and that didnt hel/ i have al$o ta%en /hy$ical thera/y and that only hel/ed for a $hort /eriod of time it felt )etter ,u$t for 0 hour$ or $o after the thera/y and (ent right )ac% to hurting i have )een to multi/le doctor$ and they never give me a an$(er and tell me (hat$ (rong !ge: *>3*@ year$ 5ender: 7ale 8no(n !llergie$: doxycycline Current 7edication and 7edical Hi$tory (ere left )lan%& %ec"anical .&&er Bac/ 0ain: ,onser-ati-e !reatment In the vie( of your imaging $tudie$ 9K ray$ and 7BI: are normal' ruling out any other $tructural $/inal cau$e for the /ain' mo$t li%ely you are ex/eriencing a mechanical u//er )ac% /ain' /roduced )y the $training of that $egment of the $/ine' and the fact that you did not have enough time to heal (hen you $tarted to lift (eight$ again added more $tre$$ to an affected area not totally healed& The con$ervative treatment of the u//er )ac% /ain i$ )a$ically relative re$t of the $/inal $egment involved' avoiding all the activitie$ that /roduce /ain or di$comfort' $uch a$ (eight lifting& !l$o very im/ortant i$ the /atientI$ reeducation to %ee/ a good /o$ture at all time$& Control of the /ain and inflammation (ith Ice' tran$cutaneou$ electrical nerve $timulation 9TGNS:' and anti3inflammatory drug$ 9$uch a$ i)u/rofen:& 8ee/ a con$i$tent exerci$e routine (ith $tretching and exten$ion3flexion (hich may reduce ten$ion and $tre$$ to the $/inal ,oint$& ! home /rogram i$ develo/ed (ithin the tolerance and a)ility of the /atient in order to encourage continued exerci$e after di$charge from /hy$ical thera/y& Article ID: 7861 Title: 6i)romyalgia and the (eather Name: Helen Streimer Section: To/ic$ !3D Category: 6i)romyalgia #ue$tion: Can the (eather 9)arometric /re$$ure: affect fi)romyalgia $ym/tom$- !re there any /recaution$ regarding lengthy air travel for individual$ (ith fi)romyalgia!ge: 4H3H4 year$ 5ender: 6emale Current 7edication' 8no(n !llergie$ and 7edical Hi$tory (ere left )lan%& Currently there i$ no medical evidence or medical literature that connect$ fi)romyalgia and )arometric /re$$ure& There are no $/ecial /recaution$ L/er $eM regarding long air flight$ for /atient$ (ith fi)romyalgia' )ut $ome general recommendation$ may )e follo(ed to avoid com/lication$ $uch /ain' di$comfort or even dee/ venou$ throm)o$i$ 9"VT:: every F4 minute$ $tretch the mu$cle$ of the leg$' range of motion movement$ and $tretch of the cervical $/ine may )e done a$ needed' try at all time$ to %ee/ a good /o$ture (hile $itting' you al$o can change /o$ition$ a$ fre;uent a$ needed&