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List of thermodynamic properties

List of thermodynamic properties

Thermodynamic properties and their characteristics
Property Symbol Units Extensive? Intensive? Conjugate Potential? State Process qty.? qty.?

Activity Altitude Chemical potential

m kJ/mol Particle number

Compressibility (adiabatic) Compressibility (isothermal) Cryoscopic constant Density Ebullioscopic constant Enthalpy Specific enthalpy Entropy Specific entropy Fugacity Gas constant Specific gas constant (for a particular substance) Gibbs free energy Specific Gibbs free entropy Gibbs free entropy Grand / Landau potential Heat Heat capacity (constant pressure) Specific heat capacity (constant pressure) Heat capacity (constant volume) Specific heat capacity (constant volume) Helmholtz free energy Helmholtz free entropy Internal energy Specific internal energy Internal pressure Mass [1]

, ,

Pa1 Pa1 Kkg/mol kg/m3

J J/kg J/K J/(kg K) N/m J/K J/(kg K) Temperature (entropic)

J J/(kg K) J/K J J J/K J/(kgK) (entropic)

J/K J/(kgK)

J J/K J J/kg Pa kg (entropic)

List of thermodynamic properties

Chemical potential Volume Entropy

Particle number

Pressure Temperature Thermal conductivity Thermal diffusivity Thermal expansion (linear) Thermal expansion (area) Thermal expansion (volumetric) Vapor quality Volume Specific volume Work [2]

Pa K W/(mK) m/s K1 K1 K1 m3 m3/kg J


Specific properties are expressed on a per mass basis; in some circumstances other dimensions could be used, such as per-mole.

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Article Sources and Contributors

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