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Fundacin Universidad Del Norte International Marketing Mix Activity: Experience, describe and analyze a service offering in the

local market.

SERVICE EXPERIENCE GYMBOX Objective: To Explore and apply product decisions in the fitness industry in Barranquilla. (Competences: Practical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Team Work, Communication) Mandatory Tasks: Classification of the service according to the Types of consumer products (Competence: Practical Thinking) Description of its branding strategy (Brand, Brand name, brand mark, trademark, service mark) (Competence: Practical Thinking) List of functional features and benefits of the service offering studied (Competence: Practical Thinking) Describe the different types of consumers, reference groups, (sub) cultures, you distinguish in the experience (Competence: Practical Thinking) Analysis of the five types of experiences or strategic experiential modules (SEMs) and the Experience Providers (Ex-Pros) introduced by Schmitt using the Experiential Grid (Competence: Practical Thinking-Critical Thinking) Briefly analyze the five components of Service Quality for Gymbox. Give recommendations to the service provider. (Competence: Practical Thinking-Creative Thinking) Based on the experience you had, if you were a consultant, what recommendations would you give to the service providers to improve the service experience? Would you keep things the same? Why? (Competence: Practical Thinking-Creative Thinking) Develop a new product/service for Gymbox (Competence: Practical Thinking-Creative Thinking) Group Presentation A Group presentation will be given on March 18th- 20th 2014 according to your class schedule. The presentation will be delivered by any of the members of the team. Members can be called randomly to continue with the presentation following the presentation argument. The time for presentation will be of a Minimum of 13 minutes to a Maximum of 15 minutes per group. For evaluation details Refer to Rubric Rubrica Presentaciones Orales Peer-to-peer and self evaluation rubrics SHOULD BE submitted individually, completely filled up, by March 16th 2014 11:00 PM. If the rubrics are not submitted on the date stated the assignment will be considered as incomplete and will have grading penalties according to the class rules discussed the first day of the term. The Group Presentation file should be submitted not later than Sunday March 16th -2014 at 11:00 PM to webCT. Assignments submitted after due date will have grading penalties according to the class rules discussed the first day of the term.

Further Questions? Further Questions? Please contact Andrea Naranjo andrea.naranjo49@gmail.com or Oscar Naranjo naranjodelg@gmail.com. Questions will be received until March 14th 2014.