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Erin M.

Medical, Clinical and Research Qualifications

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Academic focus on Biological Sciences and knowledge gained via pre-medical life and physical science courses. Confidence within medical and research facilities, interacting with patients, physicians and other healthcare providers; EMT experience writing patient care reports, following universal precautions and efficiently obtaining patient vital signs. Understanding of the importance of strong bedside care, sensitivity to patient privacy and confidentiality of records and experience working in sensitive patient situations. Experience following laboratory protocols, data collection, analysis and documenting findings in detailed reports through both collaborative and independent research experiences, laboratory coursework, and research-focused coursework. Proficient in using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, bibliographic software and Internet applications for conducting then summarizing literature searches, editing, data collection, retrieval and analysis, and presentation focused topics.

Research Focused Studies, Activities and Honors

University of Rochester Rochester, NY Bachelor of Arts in Brain and Cognitive Science Anticipated May 2014 Overall GPA 3.63/4.0, Deans List 5 out of 6 eligible semesters, and Deans Scholarship Recipient Completing Psychology Minor and thematically related three-course cluster in Bioethics Medical Emergency Response Team (EMT-Basic), Delta Gamma Sorority (Director of Recruitment Records), Making Music Making Minds, Brain & Cognitive Sciences and Neuroscience Undergraduate council, Psychology Undergraduate Council, Varsity Lacrosse (2009-2010), and Charles Drew Pre-Health Society James A. Chin Jr. Memorial Award, Danish Institute for Study Abroad Scholarship, Rochester National Grant, Deans Merit Scholarship, Falmouth Physicians Scholarship, Sandwich Fire Department Scholarship, and Dartmouth Book Award for academics, character in the face of adversity, community service, and pursuit of a pre-medical education.

Brain and Cognitive Science and Pre-Medicine Courses, Concepts, Techniques and Labs
General Chemistry I and II with lab, Biology I and II with lab, Organic Chemistry I and II with lab, Calculus I and II, Physics I and II with lab, Neural Foundations of Behavior, Foundations of Cognitive Science, Cognition, Introduction to Public Health, Qi Gong Way to Health, Perception and Action, Language and Psycholinguistics, Practicum in Developmental Disabilities, Ethical Decisions in Medicine, Statistics for Biological and Physical Sciences, Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach, Neuroplasticity, Neuroscience of Consciousness, Epidemiology: Register-Based Research Project Through varied labs: Proficient use of gel electrophoresis, spectrophotometry, calorimetry, and titration techniques. Mastered techniques of mammalian brain dissection, compound light and dissecting microscopy, animal and plant tissue dissection, staining, slide preparation, and microbial culturing. Also designed and executed self-designed experiment assessing the efficacy of fitness center sanitation procedures, and gained exposure to bioinformatics analysis. Experience obtaining and analyzing data from nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, and mass spectrometry. Also efficient with various recrystallization and separatory techniques including rotary evaporation, and gas, column, and thin layer chromatography. Via Cognition Studies: Built upon knowledge of general topics in the field of cognition research by exploring specific research papers by experts in the field. Completed a review paper, Atypical Neuronal Circuitry in Autism Spectrum Disorder, which summarized findings from several current original research articles on the topic. Each research teams approach was carefully critiqued, and suggestions for improved future research approaches were provided. Through Introduction to Public Health: Assessed public health literature and policy, and considered interventions to address local, national, and global health issues and disparities. Several group projects were completed, including a research project, which surveyed University of Rochester undergraduates to assess student nutrition. Findings were compared to recent journal publishing about college student obesity.

Research Experience
University of Rochester Rochester, NY

Medical Center Research Assistant January 2013-May 2013 Completed independent study under Andrew Aligne, MD, MPH investigating The Great War and the Great Pandemic: A Public Health Perspective on the Causes of the 1918 Influenza Catastrophe. Paper presents evidence-based perspective to prove that pandemic was not due to deadly shift in influenza virus, but rather environmental factors. Later, continued work to produce a manuscript, The Spanish Influenza: Scandinavian Experiences examining the lowest worldwide excess mortality in Denmark by comparing sociodemographic factors in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Harvard Medical School New England Primate Research Center Southborough, MA
Department of Behavioral Neuroscience Summer Student Researcher Summer 2013 Contributed to two studies of oral ethanol self-administration under Dr. Donna Platt through data collection as well as procedural set-up, maintenance, and monitoring. Independently conducted Novel Object Recognition testing and data collection for use in study examining efficacy of drug interventions in attenuating alcohol consumption in relation to single nucleotide polymorphism.

Erin M. Carroll
Brigham and Womens Surgical Associates Shadowing Experience Under Dr. Douglas Helm

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Health Care Experience, Shadowing and Volunteerism

Weymouth, MA January 2014

Danish Institute for Study Abroad Copenhagen, Denmark Medical Practice and Policy Student Fall 2013 Completed a rigorous biology course, Human Health and Disease: A Clinical Approach, which provided an overview of the diagnosis and treatment of the most important medical diseases seen in industrialized nations. Coursework included writing of several structured medical reports for theoretical patient cases, and defending the rationale for testing and treatment choices. Basic suturing and IV skills were also developed. Went on a one-week study tour in three European countries with contrasting health care systems. Observed facilities, clinical practice, and health care systems at work in each nation. University of Rochester Rochester, NY Practicum in Developmental Disabilities Intern January 2013-present Worked with 3-5 year old children with developmental disabilities and complex or multiple disabilities at Mary Cariola Childrens Center. Classroom goal was to encourage cognitive development, motivate communication, and improve motor skills using variety of personalized techniques. Attended weekly discussions led by Loisa Benneto, Ph.D. examining diagnostic, therapeutic, and various other issues in the field of developmental disabilities. Medical Emergency Response Team Volunteer and Crew Chief Trainee January 2012-present Run all calls on three to five twelve hour shifts every month and additional stand-by shifts at sporting events. Use EMScharts and create narrative style patient care reports. Currently training for Crew Chief and Field Training Officer. Medical Center Volunteer Fall 2011-present Under Elizabeth Diekroger, MD and Rebecca Pratt, MD, assist with Making Music, Making Minds: determining the efficacy of music application in the development of early literacy skill in early elementary students in the Rochester City School Distri ct. Ultimate project goal is to improve lifelong access to healthcare by targeting basic yet crucial literacy skills to help students stay on track in their education and gain life skills to function successfully as adults. Held leadership role responsible for recruiting new volunteers and scheduling. Attended Child Advocacy Resident Education Track presentations in Summer 2012; learning about issues, methodology and research behind each program.

Institute for Emergency Medical Education Sandwich, MA EMT-Basic Certification Fall 2011-present Training included 140 classroom hours as well as eight hours of ambulance ride time and emergency room experience. Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired of Rochester Rochester, NY Volunteer Spring 2010-present Took visually impaired woman and guide dog grocery shopping, completed elderly home visits and assisted with Vision Rehabilitation Events several times per semester. Attended visual impairment sighted guide training program and a session on Sensitivity to Blindness. Massachusetts General Hospital Shadowing Experience Under Dr. Dennis W. Burke Orthopedist Observing Two Full knee Replacements East Ridge Family Medicine Shadowing Experience Under Family Physician Dr. Marc S. Lavender Boston, MA July 2008 Rochester, NY Fall 2012