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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Many of our forms and conventions are discussed in our repertoire of elements blog post. However this evaluation will be exploring it in depth and comparing and contrasting our opening 2 minutes with my research film Olympus has fallen Stock narrative and themes Our opening 2 minutes used the conventions of Syd Fields 3 act structure. However we developed the conventions of that narrative by using the characters in Propps spheres of action. We used 2 types of narratives and morphed them together to produce a plot that makes sense whilst also creating generic characters. Our narrative challenges the conventions of an action thriller as we did not introduce our Villain into our opening 2 minutes which challenges the good vs. evil narrative from the start of a film found in action thriller films such as Olympus has fallen. Stock Characters To create our characters we used Propps sphere of action as we though their roles fitted our storyline well. We created Ava, a 16 year old girl who is popular and likes to go out with her friends. We used Ava as the hero as there are hardly any films that feature a young girl as the main character for an action thriller film. We wanted to challenge the conventions to give our audience a new experience and also make our film more relatable to our target audience of teenagers. Stock settings We used conventions discussed in the our repertoire of elements. We filmed the first 2 minutes in a low key, suburban area, to create a sense of thriller genre however we did not want to include any violence or explosions in the opening. Instead, to create a sense of action, we had fast paced cutting and our main character running so all sense of action wasnt completely lost. To use the setting convention, we also included an abandon setting. In Olympus has fallen, the action thriller I researched, the establishing shot of the forest shows the isolation of the Presidents house, although it is not abandoned it has the theme of desolation. Similarly, we have a shot of the reaction of our character walking down an empty street which conveys themes of desertation. Styles of presentation and iconography

The iconography of action thrillers include guns; explosions; weapons; deserted buildings; low key lighting and diegetic sound. In our 2 minute opening we have identified 3 of 6 of the presentation of an action thriller. The first 2 minutes has half of the common iconography featured in an action thriller film so the audience are able to identify the genre. However we have planned that the rest of the feature length film would include the guns, explosions and weapons to cement the action thriller genre. I feel like we have used the standard and most common components of action thrillers to create the best opening possible. To make it individual and unique to attract an audience, we also adapted and challenged some stock conventions.