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The theory of reincarnation is the core of the Hindu religion. Belief in reincarnation has ancient roots.
This doctrine is a basic tent within the majority of Indian Religion traditions, such as Hinduism and
Jainism. The idea was also entertained by some ancient Greek Philosopher.

During these decades, a significant number of people in the west have developed a belief in theory of
reincarnation. Some researchers such as professors can Stevenson have explored the issue of
reincarnation and published evidence of children’s memories of earlier lives in peer reviewed journals
and elsewhere.

Our great Rishis have considered this earth a place where we bear the consequences of past karmas.
According to the Hindu Religion we can’t be liberated from cycle of birth and death or rebirth until we
bear the consequences of our karmas.

Indian astrology is based on the concept of rebirth. To learn and understanding astrology is very
difficult task without accepting this theory. In astrology the starting point is that a man’s present life is
mirror of his previous life and reflects the accumulated. Karma of that existence. Through astrology
this inters relation between the present and the previous life is understood and explained. Thus
astrology is related to this central aspect of the Hindu Religion. Great Parashar recognized this is
karma-jeeva chapter of Parashar Horoscope.

According to Parashar the fifth house of the horoscope represents the sum of karma of past life of the

Our research team has been testing this rule on a number of horoscopes for some years and has
established the pioneers rule in the field of astrology that past life karma have bearing on delay in
marriage or disharmony in married life of a native. Our research has arrived at a satisfactory result.

Our team thinks that delay or disharmony in marriage is the result of pain or oppression given in
previous life to the life partner, just as astrological combination are found in books of astrology about
problems, resulting from the mistakes of the previous life, faced by children.

Traditionally the married life of the native is considered from the angle of seventh house and its lords.
Our focus is from the seventh house from the fifth house which is linked with the married life in the
previous birth of the native.

Here are the two important rules of this pioneer research.

Rule (1): In the ascendants association of the eleventh house or its lords with the seventh house or its
Rule (2): The associated planets have relation with the bad hales of the ascendants.

Badhak Planet:-
The term badhak means obstruction. The sign in the eleventh from movable sign, ninth from fixed
sign and seventh from dual signs are their badhak terms places of obstruction. The lord of the
badhaksthan called badhakesh is symbolic of Shri Ganesh (Vighneshawara) and becomes the
controller of success / failure.

Now we can prove these important rules by the case studies of the following horoscope:-
This is the chart of a beautiful
girl who belongs to the rich and
influential family. In spite of
that she couldn’t get married. It
is a Scorpio ascendant and its
eleventh house lords are
mercury. Both Mercury and
Badhak Lord Moon are
associated in the ascendant ands
aspect the from there.


In spite of best efforts of her

family and friends this female
native couldn’t get married. It is
a Leo ascendant and the
eleventh house Lord is Mercury.
It is placed in the third house
and is accepted by Jupiter from
the eleventh house. And Mars
aspects her seventh house and
its Lord Saturn. The planet Mars
is the key factor in this horoscope, for not being married.


This native’s engagement has

broken twice ands she is still
unmarried. She had the Leo
ascendant chart and its eleventh
Lord Mercury is associated with
Badhak Lords Mars in the
fourth house. Here Mars aspects
both the seventh and eleventh
house. Mars is the key player in
this horoscope.


In spite of a successful career in

a multinational company this
male native couldn’t get married
so far. Here eleventh house lord
Mars is placed in the fourth
house as accepted by the
Badhak Lord Jupiter from the
tenth house.

This is the horoscope of a well
established lawyer. She herself
rejected several marriage offers
at the desirable age because she
wanted to get settle in her career
first. Here the seventh lord is
Jupiter and Badhak lord is also
placed in the fifth house and has
accepted the eleventh house, which is previous life partner house. The Jupiter fulfilled the desired
conditions in this horoscope.

By Astrologer Rakesh Soni

A-170, Mahesh Nagar ,Jaipur [ Rajasthan ] India