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Antiquarium 2.

0 --------------by Quadrivium Software (c) 2005 System requirements ------------------Antiquarium 2 will run on any PC starting with Pentium II, with minimum 128 Mb RAM. However the more RAM you have and the faster PC you have (Pentim IV 1.5 GHz recommended), the better and faster performance you will have, especially during global 'all-base' searches. The supported operation system is Windows 2000, Windows XP or higher. Check that the resolution of your display is set at least 800*600 pixels. In the distro package we supply a TrueType font called "Gr_Symbol" which is necessary to display all special symbols correctly. Please install it from this distro. Also check if the standard (Unicode) font "Palatino Linotype" is present in Windows. Antiquarium 2 will not start if it doesn't find both fonts in the system. Installation -----------1. Create a folder with arbitratry name, 'Antiquarium' recommended. 2. Unzip archive ant2demo.zip to this folder. 3. Run antiquarium2.exe from this folder. You can create a shortcut on your desktop for your convenience. 4. If you purchased a full personalized copy of Antiquarium, simply unzip archive files over while replacing the old ones in the folder where your demo version of Antiquarium is located. First run ----------1. Double-click the Antiquarium2.exe file. You get the window with the title "Open TLG/PHI database". 2. Now you should point to the drive, where TLG (or PHI) database resides (CD-ROM or computer folder, where COMPLETE database resides), double-click it. Now you should see the main database file AUTHTAB.DIR. 3. Click on it and click a button "Open". 4. Wait a bit until Antiquarium2 starts (this is only for the 1st time; all consequent runs will proceed immediately). 5. Antiquarium starts. Troubleshooting --------------1. Saving search lists and reports. If you get error messages when you try to save search lists or reports, the possible reason is that you don't have enough privileges to write into the Windows registry. Please ask your network administrator to grant you a privilege to write into the registry section HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Quadrivium. This will fix the problem. 2. Windows XP issues. Be sure to get the latest service pack for Windows XP.

Antiquarium is being continuosly tested with the newest patches from Microsoft installed. Feel free to report bugs to the Quadrivium developer team at antiquarium@eremus.org We are constantly improving Antiquarium, and we are open to any constructive suggestions concerning this world-best TLG and PHI Windows shell. Check Antiquarium news at http://antiquarium.eremus.org