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A Trend Following Trading System


Features Of TRADE ALERT The Real Market Expert

A Trend Following System

Highly Reliable Fully Automated Buy/Sell Signals Easy To Understand Even For A Trader Who Has Never Worked On A Chart Or Software (Green/Red/Black Colours Bars For Long & Short, Or Staying Out) Gives Profits Targets When U Open A Position And Expert Also Updates Initial Stops Capture Large Trends Scans The Stocks Which Meet Criteria For Long/Short Or Stay Out Complete Trading System Highly Profitable, Maintains Good Risk To Reward In All Trades Used & Highly Appreciated By Industry Experts Simple To Understand Rules For Opening A Fresh Position Or Closing The Open One Works On Time Frames 5min/15min/60min/Daily Works On Both Bullish And Bearish Market Types Makes Good Use Of The Market Volatility And Generates Good Trades In Equities, Derivatives, & Currencys




Open Your Amibroker Software Version 5.5 or Higher

A Window With A Graph Will Appear On Your Screen After Amibroker Is Opened. Click On Charts On Left Panel Look Out For Folder Name : Custom Double Click Folder To Open Double Click Trade Alert Trading System Afl To Open On Right Window Your Chart Window Should Look Like Next Screen

Our Support Team Will Help You Configure Data Feed (Third Party) If Required


SAMPLE LAYOUT OF TradeAlert Trading System


How To Trade Nifty & Bank Nifty

Trade In Nifty & Bank Nifty Future For 15-20 Points On An Average @ 5min Time Frame Trade In Nifty & Bank Nifty Future For Short Term 1-2 Day for 50-200 Points On An Average 60 min Time Frame If Trading Multiple Lots, Then Book Profits 50% @ Tgt1 25% @ Tgt2 & Rest Trail Till 1st Yellow Bar or Sell Signal For Maximum Returns. If Trading Single Lot Exit @ around Tgt1. Once Trade Is Success, Then Close Trading For Rest Of The Day. Aggressive Traders can Take Multiple Signals But Trade Low Quantity So Profits Earned Are Not Given Away. Stop loss Is Given By System With Every Trade It Helps You To Use Money Management Rules Better So Always Try To Use 1% or 2% Of Capital Per Trade Risk So You Can Make Most Out Of The System. Do Not Jump Between Trades Or Different Time Frame Stick With One Till You Have Not Mastered The System. Never Take Fresh Trade If The Signals Tgt 1 Has Already Been Achieved. For Positional Trading See The Signal in daily chart and build position add on hourly buys to the position example u have a stock given buy signal in positional (blue arrow/blue bar/blue Trend Strength Indicator) Enter long next bar open or in dips and can build to add on in hourly buys avoid its sell signals in 5-1530minutes If only trading short term use hourly and 15min combination if hourly is a buy on last bar use dips of 15minutes time frame to enter and 15min buy signal to add position. Work only on highly liquid counters and large caps which are high beta.


How To Trade Stock Future And Cash

For Trading in Equity, Stock Futures Use 15min For High Beta Counters & Also For Large Caps Like Bajajauto, Heromotorcorp, Infosys, TCS. Etc While Doing Intraday Trading. Always Book 50% Profit @ Tgt1 And Next Exit On Tgt2 With Stop loss Modified Cost. Follow the Trailing Stop Loss & Stop Loss Strictly. To Get Maximum Benefits, Use Daily Chart & If System Is Long In Daily Chart Use Hourly Signals Fresh Buys To Open New Position Or In Adding To Positions. Use Scanner To Scan The Trades Choose From High Beta Stocks, Best Is Fix 4 -5 Counters Where We Have A Trend Strength Indicator Confirmation & Trade Them Fully. Positional Traders Use Daily & Weekly Charts, Short Term Traders Use Hourly Charts, Day Trader Use 15min Charts.

How To Trade Commodities MCX

Trade 5min to 15min for Silver & Gold for short term intraday trading Trade Hourly Time Frame on Copper, Natural Gas, Crude,Nickel Trade Longs Mostly If Daily Signal Is Buy or Bullish Trade Shorts Mostly If Daily Signal Is Sell or Bearish www.tradealert.co

How To Read Signals

Signals Definitions : LONG Bar Colour Blue + Trend Strength Indicator Blue: Bullish Blue Up Arrow + Blue Bar : Highly Bullish Yellow Colour Bar + Buy Arrow + Bottom Trend Strength Indicator Bullish : Play Long Red Arrow On Blue Bar : Ignore Signal or Make Position Only Once Red Bar Appears

SHORT Bar Colour Red + Trend Strength Indicator Red: Bearish Red Bar + Red Down Arrow : Highly Bearish Trend Strength Indicator Red : Bearish Yellow Colour Bar With Red Sell Arrow : Weak Signals Make Less Position Add Once Red Bar Appears or Sell If Trend Strength Indicator Is RED www.tradealert.co

Compounded Gains Over A Period Of 12 Years Trading Just Nifty Future With Minimum 1 Lot And Maximum 6 Lots
System Increased Lot Size After Significant Gains.

Rs 1,00,000 Turned To Rs
Net Profits of 1946.90 %


Only on 3 Time System Returned -10% Return Only on 40 Time System Returned - 5% Return

But Wait Here's The Catch

On 23 Occasions The System Returned +10% Returns On 45 Time System Returned +5% Returns On 9 Time System Returned +15% Returns On 1 Time System Returned +20% Returns On 2 Time System Returned +25% Returns On 1 Time System Returned + 35% Returns On 1 Time System Returned + 40% Returns

Do not look for sure shot ! It Does Not Exists...... Learn to trade rite your stop's should be lower and have good risk / reward ratio only then you can be a winner in stock market trading.


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