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Cheat Codes Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the f ile before

proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "settings.txt" file in the "C:/Users/[user name]/My Games/Runic Games/Torchlight 2/Save/[number]" directory . Look for the following line: console:0 and change it to: console:1 While playing the game, press [Insert] to display the console window. Then, type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding chea t function. Note: Enabling a code could get your account separated from unmodifi ed versions of Torchlight 2. Some may mark you as a suspicious player.

Result Cheat Code

List all console commands help

Toggle God mode god

Toggle God and Speed mode godspeed

Toggle additional speed for player speed

Toggle combat log combatlog

Toggle monster AI aifreeze

Toggle player's pet disablepet

Increase experience to next level levelup

List all belts belt

List all boots boots

List all chest armor chest armor

List all fish fish

List all gems socketable

List all gloves gloves

List all helmets helmet

List all potions potion

List all scrolls scroll

List all shoulder armor shoulder armor

List all spells spell

List all trinkets trinket

List all weapons weapon

List skills skill

Gain no more experience noxp

Gain amount in all stats allstats [number]

Gain skill amount skill [skill name]/[number]

Gain statpoints statpoints [number]

Gain money money [number]

Spawn item in indicated index slot item [index slot number],[amount]

Go down a floor ascend

Go up a floor descend

Identify all items in the inventory, excluding pet's inventory identifyall

Kill all monsters killall

List all quests quests

Monsters ignore player playernotarget

Player always gets critical hits alwayscrit

Reload textures reload

Reset pet's level to 1 resetpetlevel

Reset player's skills resetskills

Reset player's statpoints resetstats

Reset player's level to 1 resetplayerlevel

Reset player's level, skills, and stats resetplayer

Restart current level restartlevel

Return to room player is currently in room

Set quest as completed questcomplete

Set quest to active questactive

Set camera distance cameradistance [multiplier number]

Set game difficulty setdifficulty [number]

Set pet level setpetlevel [number]

Set amount of Fame fame [number]

Set amount of skill points skill points [number]

Set amount of Strength strength [number]

Set amount of Dexterity dexterity [number]

Set amount of Magic magic [number]

Set amount of defense defence [number]

Set time of day settime [time]

Set timescale for time of day settimescale [scale]

Spawn a stash nearby stash

Spawn a shared stash at unknown location shared stash

View frame rate fps

Display current difficulty difficulty

Clear console window history cls

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