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2010-article name-MALLED IN DELHI

Almost all the shops inside the malls wear Trans-Atlantic, generic look that is least engaging. As we turn our backs on our own indigenous retail aesthetics and structures ,and move towards A desire to create the sleek but bland, stereotypical American mall,I think we fall somewhere the twoand failed at both.

The retail models of the desi market , the bazar and the mandicarry within them an inherently unique typology,but also have their fair share of flaws. Thesewould need tobe revisited,cotextualised and marginallyre-programmed to meet the needs of modern shoppers And to fit the contemporary retail context.

What the bazars and mandies need are : a hygienic disposal system for waste , cleaner and more efficient drainage systems,more space for customers to move around ,and adequate parking.

From a desiogn and visual merchandising point of view theres a great aesthetic in a bustling,vibrant and stuffed-to-the-grills feel about shops and stalls in indigenous retail.Every product is visible ,and every fabric and fruit can be felt,which satisfies the tactile subcontinental method of shopping. These are the shops thatallow every customer ti dig deep into mounds of cloth and crops,to pick out ultimate bargain. The root of this aesthetic and retail methodologyneeds to inform the contemporary indigenous shopping experience,as oppose to the generic form thats taking over the world at present Our subcontinent has always been a melting pot of people and cultures , and the American /middleEastern mall is more than welcome,but I certainlywouldn,t like to see all our prime spaces and buildings blindly move towards uni-dimentional retail horizon that is Dubai,kuala Lumpur and New Jersey.

Bhatia Gautam welcome the buffet of the utterly ordinary thelka august 2006 Nagashima Koichi, glocal approach towards architecture of the future XX UIA Beijing Congress 1999

Architecture time space and people oct 2012 Urban Perspective- Asif R khan

In this context progress should not be a mere imitation of developed counteries advances in terms of infrastructure, imagibility but a contextualy relevant, sustainable and logical solution. A settlement on the whole is usually rich with historical, ethnographic, ideological and architectural outlooks. The urban realm thus formed by intrinsic as well extrinsic juxtaposition of the transformation of everyday life and its needs into habitable spaces conveys a sense of symbolism. It is an iconic vista of delight and confusion which conveys a dialectic process of evolution and transition of form, space and order. Urban realm is a constantly evolving continuum completely interlinked with its user; the total embodiment of function, perception, and sense of belonging. The activity generators associated to it are in a continuous state of interweaving dialogue . Architecture, time and space march 2013 The Murex market sq cassablanca- Dimple Mehta and Dhruv Chandvania The market is designed to create a structure chaos and maintaining the street commerce in such a manner that the visual connectivity and exploration stays intact