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Privacy Protection with Data Protection

Asalam alaikum Im Samreen Qaimi and this is my first article as I write it as my experience.

My Sub-topic is !ri"acy and #ata !rotection$ and my main topic is %thical and Social Issues in Information System$. As we all know that nowadays world becomes a blessin& of Information System there is no any boundaries amon& the &lobal "illa&ers but when picture we come to know that by this technolo&y the pri"acy and data protection risk toothere is anyone.'hats the reason( why I selected this we all should know ethical and social issues are backbone in this information system and we pri"acy of oursel"es( or&ani*ations and state. +efore talk about the topic deeply let me tell u what are the !ri"acy and #ata themsel"es.by simple definition !ri"acy is the claim of indi"iduals to be left alone( free from sur"eillance or interference from other indi"iduals( or&ani*ations( or the state. ,'he state claims to pri"acy are also in"ol"ed at the workplaces-$ #ata in contrast are stream of raw facts( representin& e"ents accordin& in or&ani*ation or the physical en"ironment before they ha"e been or&ani*ed and arran&ed into a form that people can understand and use$ .hene"er we drop our any personal or pri"ate #ata anywhere for different purposes whether for any or&ani*ation )ob or proposal( in social media profile( hotels bookin&( online shoppin&( in any hospital record etcwe people become "ery much conscious about our pri"acy and data protection. .e always want to know is there anyone who is conscious about our !ri"acy !rotection with data protection///0es there are so many 1aws and Acts that are workin& in a "ery well mannered way to protect your information to be miss-used by anyone. &lobal "illa&e and by the limitations and we see the other side of we are sufferin& from nothin& safe by sub-topic)ust because work as the base and ha"e to protect the

So( here Im &oin& to make you people know about some of the acts( rules( policies and laws. 2irst of all we are &oin& to talk about the American and %uropean pri"acy law which is based on re&ime called 2air Information !ractice ,2I!- in 3456 that is a set of principles &o"ernin& the collection and use of information about indi"iduals. In 3447 the 2'8 restated and extended the or&ani*ed 2I! to pro"ide &uidance for protectin& online pri"acy. 'he 2'8s 2I! principles are bein& used till as a &uidance to dri"e chan&es in pri"acy le&islation. On October 25 1998, the European Commissions Directive on Data protection went into effect, bounding privac protection in European !nion "E!# nations

$hen 2nd% we discuss !nited &tates '$he (rivac )ct of 19*+,, has been the most important of these federa% government co%%ection use and disc%oser of information- . its 1st amendment guarantee of freedom of speech and association, the +th amendment protect against unreasonab%e search and sei/ure of ones persona% documents or home, and the guarantee of due process0n 1u% 1998 the !-& congress passed the Chi%dren On%ine (rivac (rotection )ct "CO(()# re2uiring website to be obtained parenta% permission on chi%dren under the age of 13 ears-

$he 4erman56each5.%i%e ct of 1999, which repea%s ear%ier restrictions on affi%iations among ban7s, securities firms and insurance companies, inc%ude some privac protection for consumers of financia% services- )%% financia% institutions are re2uired to disc%ose their po%icies and practices for protecting the privac of non5pub%ic persona% information and to a%%ow customers to opt out of information sharing arrangements with non5affi%iated third parties$he 8ea%th 0nsurance (robabi%it and )ccountabi%it )ct "80())# of 1999, which too7 effect on )pri% 1+, 2::3 inc%udes privac protection for medica% records- $he %aw gives patients access to their persona% medica% records maintained b the hea%th care providers, hospita%s and hea%th insurance and the rights to authori/ed how protected information about them se%ves can be used or disc%osed-

&o hope ou a%% en;o ed and now became re%a< regarding our privac and data protection if ou have an 2uestion then p%ease get me 7now 0 wi%% tr m best to ma7e ou satisfied= $a7e care and &ta b%essed

. > &amreen ?aimi